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Also see: Monbusho_level_knowledge_enhancement_1;

IFF computer, there is only one book in our earth, therefore, correct self ( AI, Artificial Intelligence) if a tribe (ethnic) of Union of Myanmar's idea is wrong ... ; 1 time machine in loop; WORMHOLE; 24mm; 12mm; 6mm; 3mm; ... ; lights as instruction ; for developing gravity dimension computers ... ; 1 Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional, with C Sequence Number structure; SYNC parallel time IFF 2,3 dimensional, also IFF 3,4 dimensional; So, develop gravity dimension computers ... 。Regarding Southeast Asians, from 3rd world to the 1st approach, after earning a Masters degree and age <= 35 year, Monbusho helps 5 years [approx. US$1800+/month with tuition waiver and benefits] full grant to earn a Ph.D. from one of the selected universities in Japan;  this DOMAIN encourages be back to motherland after R&D ... because HR for 3rd world to the 1st quickly;  For ACT2 and ACT3 development, must learn oriental language ...

idea ♯ 176; Solar Tree's voltage;

1st to understand one of the Schematic Symbols (e.g. Diff Potential) WHEN green vs. green (SYNC a.k.a. Synchronization), others e.g. blue as data, yellow as data, ... , doko WHERE red dot vs. red line can represent Diff Potential (different potential), and notice that time line can define potential differences horizontally ( on X), and also notice that vertical distance between red dot and red line can define electricity density e.g. higher the voltage, longer the AB distance vertically ( on Y);

2nd to understand red dot vs. red line ( X, Y) can be variable; now AB distance (a.k.a. 2 point distance) can become 2D (to be on screen, WHICH can be mapped later), and the Schematic Symbol (i.e. Diff Potential) has been 108x108, so that ratio (proportion) is needed to represent real world (e.g. Electricity Power Plug) 's electrical power lines; in common, distance vertically ( on Y) is designed for avoiding electro magnetic interferences (a.k.a. distortion), and distance horizontally ( on X) is designed for attenuation (because of resistance);

3rd to develop Solar Tree (Network Topology) based on defined location's voltage as specified item; 5W1H of Solar Tree as remote device (e.g. monitoring), and then the newly designed (e.g. new model) infrastructure will enhance Civilization Type ... ;

idea ♯ 175; "tic tic tic" vs. "" ;

2 is very very unique in many ways, e.g. 2 kinds of sounds are: "tic tic tic" (short form e.g. "toc toc toc") a.k.a. planet's tone noise caused by Time, on the other hand, sound "" (long form) a.k.a. planet's (dialog pronunciation alike e.g. "a u n") noise caused by Orbit; Believe it or not, all human beings livable moons have "a u n" (long form) and "tic tic tic" (short form) regarding planet's sound;

aye, yes as Keyword i.e. to connect, to network together, e.g. yeah, WHERE "ah" can be Ethernet header;

IFF ACT2 stage development of earthquake prediction in our earth, 1st to understand 2 kinds of sounds are; 2nd to calculate periodic, e.g. 14 days in 2 phase lunar calendar, e.g. 10 days, 20 days, 30 days in 4 phase lunar calendar, e.g. ecliptic symbols for defined month in Gregorian calendar, ... ; 3rd to predict variable degree (°) angle in 2D coordinate, 3D coordinate, polar coordinate, ... , along with Tidal; and then, earthquake prediction can be i.e. in addition to eavesdropping echo; and then develop calculation of % (i.e. prediction of earthquake) WHEN and WHERE;

17 is a factor in this DOMAIN 's numerological dimension; in programming, attaching string (a.k.a. string concatenation) "5" to 17 means a factor with five is like handshake (e.g. RFC) to be, a.k.a. day time configuration of gravity from 5 (also see: Eastern Philosophy e.g. 5_elements_in_your_life); JP in EN (numerological dimension) is 17, and then 8;  Remark: thousands of years, Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon has been maintained by "8" character in Myanmar language;

Directional Gravity has been defined by 5 diff colors, if necessary, define yourself more colors for gravity directions along with Orbit and Tidal; and then creating DNS Satellite System (Gravity Spot) to reduce earthquakes (Remark: please do not create gravity spot bigger than the sun); Also see: WORMHOLE; this DOMAIN contents do good (e.g. good Karma a.k.a. ACTION), good results will ... ; develop HOW to reduce earthquakes in our earth, using Directional Gravity;

idea ♯ 174; Directional Gravity; Physics, defining 5 iroColour ... ;

1st, gravity is somehow can only be defined by lights and DEE; and then, gravity can be the universal super power gun (please do not create Gravity Spot bigger than the sun), WHICH is similar to manmade global weather, therefore, this info must be top classified and military top secret, for thousands of years;

2nd, for basic understanding of HOW Gravity Dimension Computer, developed by Rakhine (an ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar) e.g. Directional Gravity can be defined by creating Schematic Symbols, easy to understand, right to the point, ... ; Because, Satellite designers know exactly "graphics" can only be both i.e. hardware and software, therefore physicists (also see: physics) are smarter than hardware engineers and software engineers; (if you are hardware expert, dealing with patterns to prompt DEF functional results, on the other hand, if you are software expert, dealing with words to prompt DEF functional results); Only very very very limited & few peoples (may be <100 people in our world) can do both (refer to hardware and software);

3rd, develop, base on iroColourWaveForm, directional gravity (e.g. blue Directional Gravity, green Directional Gravity, olive Directional Gravity, red Directional Gravity, yellow Directional Gravity) ... ; and then, prove THAT there are many human beings livable moons in our Shakya (a.k.a. Swastika) universes ... ; and then, prove THAT BLI (Body Length Index) automatic adjustment can be achieved (e.g. Gene Therapy System), and, as a results of decades of R&D, we human beings can live on moons with approx. Normal Gravity space environments;

Therefore, capacitance (a.k.a. capacitive; notice THAT this Capacitance3 symbolizes capacitor's value by   iroLED) to OS should be defined and then ... ;


idea ♯ 173; 10 a.k.a. Up JUN, a part of Parallel Time development (e.g. 10,7,10);

, , , , ... ;
dimensional , directional , numerological , structural , ... ;
49455196513 , 49953296513 , 5345963679313 , 1293323913 , ... ; , , , , ... ;
7 , 2 , 1 , 9 , ... ;
, , , , ... ;

If you're Monbusho level elite WHO earned Ph.D. and who likes to develop systems, and then you should develop 12 (a.k.a. 2*6 dimension), or 14 (a.k.a. 2*7 dimension) WHICH has been reserved (notice that Sqrt 2 design only, because 2*5, 2*6, 2*7, and approx. beyond 8K floating point numbers in 2015/2559) for you ... ; Also see: Command, e.g. select dimensional, directional, numerological, structural from this DOMAIN 's ... ; this DOMAIN 's 10 (a.k.a. 2*5 dimension) is copyright, all rights reserved and intellectual property of Rakhine (an ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar) Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw); Reminder: 10, 7, 10 is a part of 108 configuration, WHERE 2 phase lunar vs. 4 phase lunar, and HOW ( JUN time and Lunar time) SYNC a.k.a. Synchronization ... ; on the other hand, C Sequence Number (BF3) is this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts in very very very far away in distance in our universe ... ; C Sequence Number (BF2) a.k.a. 2,3 dimensional hyper space WHERE we human beings can live on many moons (also see: BLI automatic adjustment) ... ;

Therefore, develop 10, 12, 14, ... ; to do so, e.g. 1st, create 10 icons (directory) as 10 dimension, 12 icons (directory) as 12 dimension, 14 icons (directory) as 14 dimension; e.g. 2nd, develop 12 dimension with 12 column tables within defined domain, or, develop 14 dimension with 14 column tables within defined domain; e.g. 3rd, ... merely manipulate there "strange looking characters" ... , and then, have your own system, truly true word (a.k.a. keyword) ... ; Therefore, develop 10, 12, 14, ... ; Also see: Address, e.g. WHY do we need gravitational keywords ... ; Notice that ASCII ♯ (42) i.e. asterisk (also see: PreSchoolEnglishTyping) sign WHICH is used for multiplication, multiplier (e.g. either 10^2, or 2^10), multiplexer, multiplexor, mux, wildcard, ... doko ... WHERE hardware people ref. mux, software people ref. multiplication (a.k.a. multiply) method, user people ref. wildcard; WHAT are many parts, and HOW ... ; Have you ever counted how many columns (a.k.a. vertical lines) in original window? if you've done so, you may notice that taskbar has its constraint to handle limited icons, similar to desktop has its constraint to prompt limited sessions, ... ; modern OEM designs have been integrated with not only vertical lines, but also horizontal lines, and then, curvature method (e.g. 0, minus, plus) should be called surfaces in the Internet ... ;

2015/2558 Martin Luther King Day (1/19/15); idea ♯ 172; Numerological Dimensional Parity

1st to understand AI electronic brain a.k.a.  AI electronic mind (IQ of computer) e.g. parity 1 for calculator, parity 2 for dictionary, parity 3 for translator, ... , so that devices can be leveled;

2nd to understand parity has been 0, 1 (e.g. even parity, odd parity), and notice that Boolean logic (FALSE, TRUE) is applied; numerology has been 1 ~ 9 (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) nine quantities of TRUE, with none of 1 ~ 9 would be ... ; Also see: meta;

3rd to develop numerological dimensional parity, to do so, numerological word e.g.

"verify" is 459967, and its induction is 4;

"tadasu" is 214113, and its induction is 3; also see: 2555 Nippon Character Writing Strokes Count;

since Numerological Dictionary (also see: idea ♯ 169) with composite key has been developed, "verify" word will prompt English language as Composite Key, and "tadasu" word will prompt Hiragana language as Composite Key; notice that in addition to "numerological" , dimensional e.g. composite key, ... ; therefore, develop Numerological Dimensional Parity; As a result, parity bit will be truly duo binary i.e. combination of binary and numerology together; IQ of Computers ... ;

idea ♯ 171; Full Duplex Characteristic;

Even Time Horizontal DEE doko WHERE DEE (e.g. shade) is not 1 way DEE like our earth; 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space;

IFF Active Z, both ways e.g. (from background to forefront) OR (from forefront to background); Z ... ;
IFF Active Y, both ways e.g. (from bottom to top) OR (from top to bottom); Y ... ;
IFF Active X, both ways e.g. (from left to right) OR (from right to left); X ... ;

RectangularArrayOfNumerologicalCharacter_171; RectangularArrayOfSymbol_171; Matrix;

17 is a factor to be (2*5), (2*6), (2*7) WHERE JUN vs. Lunar can be understood, and (2*6) as 2 times momentum from 2,3 dimensional to 3,4 dimensional ... ; two a.k.a. coexistence is the key, therefore please do not change Sqrt 2 design's floating point numbers for thousands of years ... ;

Symbol () i.e. full duplex; at 1 time, multi ACTION; 2 ways;
Symbol () i.e. half duplex; at 1 time, single ACTION; 1 way only;

Notice that full duplex and half duplex are Syntax vs Semantics alike, doko WHERE full duplex is Syntax alike, if compare to half duplex is semantics alike;

NIPPON (Japan) 's geographical domain name is j p, and its numerological dimensional number is 17, and North America's geographical domains (e.g. ca, com, gov, net, org, us, ... ) and its (i.e. North America) defined number is 1, therefore, 171 is very important number; AI OS character 171 is 唃;

Develop 3 dimensional full duplex characteristic ... ;


idea ♯ 170; Artificial Wormhole vs. Natural Wormhole;

17 = ? ; a Myanmar's imaginary method would be: ((2 * 5), (2 * 6), (2 * 7)) i.e. our universe, and universal ... ;

Basic understanding of WHAT is wormhole is that WHEN lights are kuru kuru in ACTION, wormhole begins; kuru kuru WHILE lights are in dimensional, directional, (e.g. C C D technology) lights as surface can be IFF defined by structural method (using multi time lines);

Since power can be generated from combustion engine, power can be generated from fuel cells, power can be generated from solar panel, power can be generated from ... , artificial wormhole vs. natural wormhole can be further studied depending upon planets' momentum, power source's structural and so on ... ;

Therefore, develop both artificial wormhole and natural wormhole; Remark: gateway (also see: laser beam, sound beam, ... ) through wormholes should be either plus or minus, in 2,3 dimensional ... ; In 3,4 dimensional space, a Myanmar's imaginary space crafts prompt BF3 (also see: C Sequence Number), and very very very difficult to create interior artificial wormhole, and DEE becomes naturally parallel (e.g. no sound, a.k.a. origin of sound), and so on e.g. 4PP (4 Planet Prediction is thousands years old document in Buddhism) ... ; Also see: water a.k.a. a.k.a. a.k.a. H2O; because (artificial wormhole vs. natural wormhole) can be defined by water's pull characteristic or push characteristic, so called gravity in dimensional and directional; Also see: Hayabusa; Develop Ion Engine;


idea ♯ 169; Numerological Dictionary;

for scientific data modeling, for numerological dimensional numbers, for literature & IT development, numerological dictionary should be;

TIME: timestamp for each data collection;

SPACE: transcription word in Hiragana, transcription word in Kanji, transcription word in Katakana, transcription word in Pali, transcription word in ... ;

ACTION: to compile numerological dictionary with numerological index numbers; ACTION to compile numerological index numbers with its defined words;

to do so, numerological index numbers e.g. 2341119 is kudasai, and then its induction (whole) is 3 (i.e. within 1 ~ 9); if numerological index numbers as Primary Key, and then its induction (whole) number (i.e. within 1 ~ 9) should be Foreign Key; Composite Key can be designed by attaching SPACE e.g. 21212151 is Katakana, e.g. 7139 is Pali, e.g. 795795 is Pin Yin, ... ;

after designing meta data for ACTION, notice that keys (e.g. Composite Key, Foreign Key, Primary Key) can represent any word in our world; Remark: this project may require many people, many languages skill, ... and NOT 1 person's work; therefore, do create / design / develop world's 1st Numerological Dictionary, and earn Ph.D. in literature, IT, ... ; In addition to Ph.D. degree, if you can embed data into electronics, you will be one of the founders of search engine companies ... ;

2014/2558 Christmas Day; idea ♯ 168; Invisibility; Visibility;

WHEN lights glow or reflect  ( visibility) , on the other hand, WHEN lights disappear or no reflection ( invisibility) ; we human beings eyes perceive vision with limited refreshing rate, IFF moving, e.g. >20 c/s (Hz) static characteristic, on the other hand, IFF moving, e.g. < 20 c/s (Hz) dynamic characteristic; coexistence e.g. ( negative, positive) iroColourWaveForm for each color, and notice THAT reflection is somehow related to visibility, and then, no reflection is invisibility; also see read: idea ♯ 145; Rainbow vs. Wormhole; WORMHOLE method, doko WHERE C C D tech alike light as surface can be created via wormhole i.e. kuru kuru of lights with 3 or more timelines (those timelines should be on toward 1 direction but with variable length i.e. variable time periods) and then light as surface can be projected WHILE kuru kuru of lights with 3 or more ... ; RAINBOW method, diff if compare to wormhole; in 2,3 dimensional space, like full moon days, the most growth rate, the most visibility exists, and then coexistence invisibility e.g. 4 moons are formed almost on one tangent; light pulses a.k.a. rainbow doko WHERE lights spread consecutively; question would be e.g. have you seen (visibility) rainbow on a full moon day? if you do (if it does) i.e. a rainbow exists on full moon day, the rainbow must be rare one and the strongest lights pulse naturally;  Parameter (invisibility, visibility) is also related to Constellations as planet (very very huge) THAT causes (one of the factors) our human beings cannot see our back naturally; 2,3 dimensional momentum (e.g. 5 moons in day configuration) and 3,4 dimensional momentum (e.g. 4PP from very very very far away in distance) cause (invisibility, visibility) as coexistence; therefore, develop WHAT kind of ( type of) light (e.g. yellow light vs. blue light) and then WHICH curvature prompts (invisibility, visibility) doko WHERE structural must be defined ... ; After developing blue vs. yellow, it is the time to develop touch sensor on 1 surface by using toggle method, also see: M T I (Multi Touch Interface);

idea ♯ 167; Laser as Gun vs. Lights Screen Surface as Shield;

In 2014/2558, USA's Navy demonstrated, since then Laser as Gun has deployed; Laser is classified info;

Basic understanding of how laser ( lights) screen surface as shield can be: e.g.

L A S E R laser                          
          laser   shield ;                      

laser shield must capture laser direction; In 2,3 dimensional space, # mm yellowish variation as distance; Yellow is the key to deal with power, heat, ... ; Up to aung myint kyaw (1985-86, Secretary of Physics Student Association, Yangon University, Union of Myanmar) 's basic knowledge, the only way to shield common type laser is by creating directional (blue and yellow) as rainbow method; Believe it or not, in 1985-86, 1st laser beam in Union of Myanmar, invented by Rakhine, and one of the teachers (Ph.D. from NIPPON) of aung myint kyaw; Because of blue vs. yellow, many laser products e.g. laser printers started in 1990s and still top military secret in 21st century HOW ... ; this DOMAIN developer notice that 1980s' motor way's of static laser becomes variable laser as dynamic gateway through wormhole in 21st century; Next generation Monbusho elites should know kuru kuru with multi time lines (structural method) WHILE generating WORMHOLE and then gateway through the wormhole will be world's super power e.g. navy ships' laser guns ... ;

Basic understanding of HOW laser direction can be: e.g.

L A S E R laser      
          laser   direction ;  
        Laser   Direction Up ;
        Laser   Direction Left ;
        Laser   Direction Down ;
        Laser   Direction Right ;
          Direction Up ;    
        Direction Left ;      
      Direction Down ;        
    Direction Right ;          

Therefore, develop both laser as gun, and then develop lights screen surface as shield; To be global military super power, map all nuclear plants as global energy map (e.g. Satellite DNS System), and then be ready to release laser (beam) as gun into each nuclear plant; Prove that nuclear plants can be exploded one after another IFF war i.e. by deploying global energy map with laser beam; do good go Karma (ACTION), good results will ... ; war is not good; Metta is the key to be peaceful ... ;

Laser was not variable, but after 30+ years of R&D, laser can be variable e.g. pipe method, e.g. lens method; to do global energy map, 1st, to test laser's characteristics inside microwave environment (e.g. room) because *sphere (plasma cluster layer, air's levels above as sky) in our earth are somehow related to microwave radiation; 2nd, location as specified item and then define intensity of the (dot, pinpoint, tip) of laser beam prompts heat (heat can be explosive); 3rd, WHILE kuru kuru, 4 corners with green define yellow with wave length, so called laser beam as gun; Therefore, develop global energy map i.e. to map all nuclear plants in our earth, if worst case (e.g. world war happens) and then prove that nuclear plants can be exploded one after another ... ; Get advance e.g. navy ship can focus < 20 miles, on the other hand, satellites can focus > 200 miles; Don't worry, be happy, there will be laser screen surface as shield; Ace Jaw is common civilian and nothing to do with laser and military, therefore, this laser concept may not be 100% truth; Beyond Global Energy Map, there are 2 projects going on (only top classified kids are allowed to study), i.e. 1. Universal Energy Mapping, 2. Lighting Our Universe; to do so, please read basic understanding of WHAT is Stretch ... ;

idea ♯ 166; Regional Flood Prevention;

After understanding 3 gravity spots on a tangent line in the sky with synchronized moon waves e.g. 2 moons on the same orbit, and then plasma cluster can be defined (e.g. air's direction) by 3 gravity spots as Specified Items; Air flow cannot define rivers' water flow, because directional energy to surface cannot define whole volume e.g. water as plate; Every coastal area in our earth has 2 times daily tidal, and approx. 1 meter variation as water levels (down water level, up water level); Regarding Directional Plasma Cluster Method, creating gravity spot is somehow related to wormhole method, a part of DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) ; Since water as plate must be defined, and then Ln X to water's tidal waves must be overwritten to reduce, to prevent, to protect water as plate;

1st. IFF in raining season, WHEN raining, limit rain drop (define number in cm) to the region; projecting sound beam into the cloud prompts rain, vice versa, projecting laser beam into the cloud prompts no rain, therefore limit rain drop by defined number (you define number # here) in cm, for each raining season, for each region, i.e. by using ( Time Zone) ;   pin pointing clouds' location as screen surface, and then limit rain drop (i.e. to avoid flood); do no flood;

2nd. limited volume of waterway (e.g. rivers) 's slow water flow causes flood; In order to do MANMADE GLOBAL WEATHER (i.e. to be good, e.g. to avoid regional flood) waterway (e.g. rivers) must be fast water flow; To to so, using World Line, and focus 90° angle variation (i.e. Ln X method, NOT wormhole method) to tidal waves' direction WHERE location as particular item (e.g. the nearest bay area, e.g. the nearest coastal area); WHILE in raining season, pin pointing location (e.g. bay area, e.g. coastal area) as screen surface, and then directional gravity (Ln X, 90° angle variation) focus to either the bay area water or coastal area water i.e. to do fast water flow from rivers; do no flood;

Develop regional system with defined time zone (Time) with defined location (Space) with defined number of rain in cm (e.g. limit rain drop), with defined fast water flow (e.g. directional gravity), (also see: Protecting the environment worldwide...i.e. inside of index), and prove THAT starting from 2015/2558, no flood, e.g., reduce flood in Thailand, by neither heavy rain nor slow water flow in the region will do better living conditions ... ; Also see: Weather, to do good ... ;

idea ♯ 165; Directional Plasma Cluster;

Because of coal as energy, particle pollution (e.g. PM 2.5, e.g. PM 10) in the atmosphere;

IFF Particles Pollution in the air (e.g. PM 2.5, e.g. PM 10) exists, pin pointing plasma cluster's location as screen surface;

using Gravity Dimension Computer ( 3 gravity spots) approx. 1 meter size WHICH must be consecutive each other on a tangent line (e.g. World Line alike) in the sky, AND 2 moons are on the same orbit must do Synchronization to the 3 gravity spots, because 2 events of 90° in 2,3 dimensional momentum (3 gravity spots as 3 planets), and then the plasma cluster's Directions can be defined;

Directional: e.g. particle pollution as plasma cluster (e.g. air flow) toward the nearest ocean; and then rain above the ocean doko WHERE the Plasma Cluster Location is i.e. HOW to reduce particle pollution (e.g. PM 2.5, e.g. PM 10) in the atmosphere;

Develop global system e.g. Satellite DNS System (also see: Protecting the environment worldwide...i.e. inside of index), and prove THAT starting from 2015/2558, no PM (2.5) pollution, e.g., reduce PM2.5 pollution in China, breezy air in the cities will do better living conditions ... ; Also see: Weather, to do good ... ;

  idea ♯ 164; Stretch ;

In both (2,3 dimensional and 3,4 dimensional) lights' length (depth) vary; We human beings bio things (objects) vary; Therefore, near future's Monbusho elites should understand 5W1H of stretch;

Think that in DEE (Dark Energy Engineering), DEE itself does not stretch in our universe; and then WHAT makes such stretch? e.g. gravity, light, momentum, sound, ... ; basic DEE starts with lighting candle at 1.5 V diff potential, since 2000 a.k.a. Millennium; Hint: HOW to make very basic DEE starts with lighting candle at 1.5 V diff potential? 2 surfaces' L characteristic momentum i.e. basic yellow gravity ;

Develop stretch; Also see: solar physics doko WHERE DEE as hole board (i.e. reverse engineering, and the most advance technology (classified, therefore detail info NOT available to public); Stretch is one of the very important factors in BLI (Body Length Index) automatic adjustment development;

In , , , theory, basically either hole or string exists; e.g. IFF dynamic lights behave eccentric circles alike i.e. basic WORMHOLE begins; e.g. IFF static lights behave parallel to each other i.e. origin of sound begins;  Therefore, start R&D with HOW stretch can be understood thoroughly, e.g. momentum is not variable (e.g. 2,3 dimensional, e.g. 3,4 dimensional), therefore your own (dimensional, directional, numerological, structural) model must be variable;

idea ♯ 163; Pixel's p Parameter;

In 1980s monochrome era, pixel was defined as p (x, y); a.k.a. X Y coordinate;

In 1990s color monitor era, pixel was defined as p (x, y, z) and then p (x, y, z, c); a.k.a. screen;

In 2000s flat panel era, p (x, y, z, c) can be understood e.g. x as Time Line, y as Level, z as Layer, c as iro Colour;

In 2010s 3D display era, p (x, y, z, c, d) where dimension d can be understood e.g. depth, (background vs. foreground) with ACTION layers to be defined by dimension d;

Since light can be projected, depth can be (either minus or plus) where display as surface whether screen surface or projected surface; Therefore, develop p (x, y, z, c, d, s) where s as surface, also see: curvature;

Regarding gravity spot (dot), p (x, y, z, c, d, s, g) where g as gravity, and gravity g can be defined by kan Weight; Therefore, develop p (x, y, z, c, d, s, g); approx. 5 AND logic to compute e.g. x AND y and then z, e.g. z AND c and then d, e.g. c AND d and then s, e.g. d AND s and then g, e.g. s AND g and then "you've just solved the gravity dimension computer's pixel parameter" ... ; Also read (Rainbow vs. Wormhole) idea ♯ 145, and then develop Pixel's p Parameter  (Intentionally written e.g. notice that Katakana character "ta" is in broken style of writing, because parameter can be null, void, ... ); As a result (not only earning Ph.D. degree but also ... ), pixel p can be defined by gravity g;


idea ♯ 162; Dimension = Non-dimension;

Dimension Non-dimension
dimension as value; non-dimension as reference;
dimension and non-dimension are Yin and Yang alike coexistence; dimension and non-dimension are Yin and Yang alike coexistence;
momentum with repetition, e.g. 1 way DEE and one and only the sun (Day), monthly sign (zodiac), eclipse (2*6) twice a year, ... ;    no momentum, no repetition, e.g. planet collisions;
constellation (approx. 31 times bigger than earth) and many human livable moons are in peaceful orbital; very dangerous space because of no orbital, a.k.a. other side of constellation planet; 
our earth is one of the moons; no moon to control gravitational equilibrium;
gravitational equilibrium e.g. daily 2 times tidal because of 2 moons are on the same orbit; no gravitational equilibrium;
DEE can be as specified item; unknown e.g. other side of constellation planet;
our Shakya universe with dimensional; our Shakya universe with non-dimensional;
dynamic; goal; integer; linear; multilevel; multi objective; multilevel; nonlinear; toward uncertain;
2,3 dimensional; 3,4 dimensional; since no orbital, dimensions must be developed here; e.g. at this point on that screen surface timestamp;
structural e.g. C Sequence Number's BF2 environment; HOW to design non-dimension as structural BF?

Since gravity is somehow related to DEE and light, develop lighting our Shakya (also see: Swastika) universes; Develop parallel universe e.g. using timestamp WHILE Synchronization and then, do ACTION based on the defined timestamps;

And then, prove that Non-dimension can be assigned and calculated based on Dimension's known timestamps; e.g. still can handshake (timestamp) 10 years ago, still can handshake (timestamp) 20 years ago, still can handshake (timestamp) 30 years ago, ...  WHICH means you've just solved parallel universe development; WHAT is timestamp? e.g. in space development, (timestamp) 1 second ago is not much useful; in global military systems, (timestamp) 5 seconds ago is very powerful trace (e.g. trace drone, trace missile); in global weather systems, (timestamp) 1 hour ago can be very preventive (e.g. weather conditions 1 hr ago as prevention); in global weather systems, (timestamp) 10 hours ago can be very protected; regarding global news channels' video streaming, (timestamp) 1 day ago can be unbreakable program; within time zones, (timestamp) 0.5 second ago might be now, and very fast (reaching mantissa point closer to M S B, and beyond 50) Satellite web might be ... ; Therefore, develop TIMESTAMP with energy map ... ; Also see: true iroColourWaveForm time stamp;


idea ♯ 161 ; B L I, Body Length Index;

In common, there is BMI only, e.g. BMI (25) is okay, i.e. neither too fat nor too slim; WHY do we need B L I then? because, in 21st century, human beings' knowledge are beyond gravity, and realized THAT gravity causes growth rate; Without B L I automatic adjustment, we human beings become abnormal; Therefore, B L I (Body Length Index) is very important factor to understand;

1st to understand one the the Schematic Symbols e.g. Even Time Horizontal DEE; 2,3 dimensional space; doko WHERE DEE behaves full duplex characteristic (i.e. NOT 1 way DEE like our earth's the one and only the sun as momentum);

2nd to understand DEE patterns; both 2,3 dimensional space and 3,4 dimensional space;

28 is holly number in Buddha & Buddhism; 52 weeks per year (i.e. adjusting to Gregorian Calendar); (28 days, 7 * 4), there is a full moon day (2 phase lunar); Every 4 weeks (4 phase lunar), 2 phase (e.g. 4.?????) adjust to 4 phase lunar (i.e. sāsana years in Lunar Calendar), therefore 280 is easy number to compute; 280 ≡ (52 * 21.5??) / 4.???, i.e. (our earth's full moon days) are NORMAL growth rate to be (normal fully grown human beings); approx. in Eastern Civilization's calendar; 20 (a.k.a. mid JUN) years is normal growth rate; approx. in Western Civilization's calendar; Civilization Type as Number;

Develop B L I automatic adjustment;

 Remark: IFF BMI > 25, health risks exist; Also see: Space B M D; Space B M I; After B L I automatic adjustment, we (human beings) will be immigrating to another planets, planting (e.g. Plantation On The MOON; don't forget Shop For SEED), traveling to another planets, ... ; Every ethnic (tribe) should have their own villages for sure ... ; IC28 ... ;


According to stories in the Buddha & Buddhism (2500+ years old info in 2014/2558) , deities life span expectancy starts from 500 years; In 21st century, some collected or restricted people realized THAT cloned human beings start in 21st century; TRUE is started in 1995 in Gregorian Calendar; This idea is NOT intended to be used now, because, the most advanced DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) human beings (e.g. architect, designer, engineer, professor, ... ) cannot explain DEE patterns in our universe (refer to 3,4 dimensional ... ); Gene Therapy System has been designed and implemented, but NOT in common, but NOT scientifically proven to public yet; IFF cloned human beings, problem is your brain, question is THAT? is this Kaya OR Nama? if KAYA, HOW to maintain physical equilibrium accordance with planets' momentums is a 500+ years old question, on the other hand, if NAMA, HOW to maintain generation of scripts e.g. as mandra in the Buddha & Buddhism; In 21st century, the most challenging question to any doctor would be: variable DEE patterns, and HOW to maintain both Kaya & Nama together (e.g. a person looks the same, the same brain, the same body (Kaya), the same mind (Nama), the same & the same for 500+ years like deity ... ; Therefore, develop variable DEE patterns ... ; WHY 6 senses in Abhidhamma? ... ; WHY (2 * 6) is a dimension in this DOMAIN? e.g. Z axis ... ; In Western Civilization's documentation, there are only 5 senses [also read the book: THE FUTURE OF THE MIND; MICHIO KAKU; 2014; ISBN 978-0-385-53082-8]; In a tribe (ethnic) of Union of Myanmar's documentation, there are 6 senses accordance with Buddha's Abhidhamma; If you are nama developer, decide yourself whether 5 or 6;


Gateway (global address, local address, universal address), like a door way doko WHERE come-and-go, also see: Router;

Several time zones prompt the same address, so called global address ( is no COOKIE IE 's global address, regarding in this DOMAIN, defined by its numerological dimension number 736213 (i.e. global)); Unknown address in several time zones, and within a defined time zone, so called local address; Universal address is defined by highly advance organizations (e.g. JAXA, NASA, ... ), in common, font + graphics with I C C ID + logo, to address among devices, so called universal address;

Local machine; Remote machine;

Shakya universe, also see: Swastika; WHY do we need to define "global address" to do manmade global weather? because, global weather involves several time zones; variable weather conditions can be pinpointed by ( time zone + global address) and then WHICH surface in the Internet ... ; Do good karma (a.k.a. khamma) ... ;

Therefore, develop gateway for gravity machine;


Design, and software engineer, and develop global weather model, i.e. to do good climate conditions, i.e. to do good weather conditions; ( ACT1, and ACT2) 2,3 dimensional environment only;

this DOMAIN 's manmade global weather model (e.g. Weather . H T M L, its Page Properties) is designed with aqua color background, and Gravity_machine_in_act2_stage.GIF is marked as both Background picture and Mark it a watermark; Because, this DOMAIN developer guesses / predicts THAT there are 5 layers at least to compute ... ; Aqua color as background is 1 layer; Gravity_machine_in_act2_stage.GIF as another layer; defined table is also a layer; defined table 's cell 's background can also be layer; Of course, font is also a layer; Therefore, 5 layers must be understood, to design, and software engineer, and develop global weather model;

If you like this DOMAIN 's model (i.e. 10 dimensional model), copy *.* (thousands of items as content) into your machine; Define yourself with "strange looking characters" ... ; Test it yourself; Do it yourself; And then, realize the gravity yourself, and reminder: you can own planets like Rakhine, a tribe (ethnic) in Union of Myanmar ... ; In early 21st century, bad weather conditions happened quite often beyond common human beings' knowledge; Therefore, it is a time to do design, develop, software engineer, ... global weather model i.e. to do good climate conditions, i.e. to do good weather conditions, ... ;

Known objects are:

coconut head (24mm natural time's 1mm hole (a.k.a. analog clock tic tic tic) can be very big like human head size doko WHERE you don't want your head to be as strings go through), since 1990,

DEE Radio (e.g. XM (screen based), X Modulation, beyond X axis' multi timelines), after 2020, a.k.a. DEE radio,

directional gravity (regarding Buddha & Buddhism, 10 directional metta to transmit and all directional Shakya symbols have been for thousands of years, e.g. earthquake, e.g. homemade green gravity, e.g. volcano eruption), PLEASE DO NOT CREATE GRAVITY SPOT BIGGER THAN THE SUN, since 2010, also see: WORMHOLE,

eccentric circles on surface (beyond X axis modulation, beyond contour mapping on flat surface, e.g. eccentric circles can define any curvature also see: surface), since 2010,

gene therapy system (computer to do neither hyper nor hypo WHILE using bio clock, e.g. life expectancy can be longer), since 2015, WHAT is diff between B L I automatic adjustment and gene therapy system ( question would be),

laser beam (light can be projected, and intensified, e.g. you don't want broken windows glasses & costly repair; if location as specified item, you don't want your building's steel beam frames become melted inside), light as surface has been proposed to be protected automotives' interior, office's exterior, since 1980, a.k.a. dubbing strings (in common, heat as particular item),

modulated radio (2 nodes' omni non-directional, 3+ nodes' directional), since 1965, a.k.a. AM, FM, XM,

nama for humanoid (spy agencies deploy their "robo" systems to their agents or related people, e.g. kaya (e.g. physical present) is there at that time because of "robo" system's one of the functional modules, e.g. nama (e.g. mindful decision) can be by variable environment conditions, 3 kinds of beings are clone human beings, genuine human beings, humanoid human beings), since 2005,

plasma cluster (air quality vs. defined gas types, HOW gas moves in nature, HOW winds blow in momentum, e.g. global wind direction, e.g. local wind direction), e.g. our earth's air is the thinnest WHERE lighting candle prompts the least distance, e.g. because of momentum, lighting candles prompt NOT the same light direction (do not forget DEE here), e.g. snail character formation above ocean (a.k.a. storm, because gravitational pressure becomes pivotal), since 2005, a.k.a. ion kichi Based,

remote heat sensing (a.k.a. snaky pattern, not only cloth but also bra and underwear can be off, in common WHERE camera's defined room temperature's variation to defined person's body temperature (beyond infrared radar)), since 1970,

solar energy (perceiving light to capacitance to potential diff to electricity), since 1975, a.k.a. positive vs. positive,

sound beam (3+ nodes' directional, if projecting into sky WHERE clouds are, and then rain can be manmade), since 2000,

SPL , Sound Pressure Level (injection method is in common Y, similar to camera's Z tech e.g. zoom (in or out) to perceive), since 2005,

spread spectrum (structural (i.e. X, Y, Z) e.g. linearly consecutively one after another, structural e.g. in number with BF), since 1985, a.k.a. lights,

teleportation method (the same bio (beings) can be at another location, generating the same bio (beings) by using code sequence, beyond cloning), basically TIME (e.g. period of bio availability) . SPACE (e.g. bio things) . ACTION to be the same code sequence, (think reversely here e.g. if same DNA & RNA, bio things like ourselves (using directional gravity: cell to molecule to tissue to bio parts to body self), IFF at the same time (you've just solved teleportation method)), after 2020,

World Line (a.k.a. cloud's formation in the sky artificially, since 1995), prior to sound beam, 3+ nodes' directional radio wave can carry NOT ONLY defined frequency BUT ALSO defined energy, a.k.a. negative vs. negative (because positive as frequency already),

 ... ; Therefore, weather can be manmade; So called MANMADE GLOBAL WEATHER; law of nature ( physics) for each object (e.g. coconut head, DEE Radio, directional gravity, eccentric circles on surface, gene therapy system, laser beam, modulated radio, nama for humanoid, plasma cluster, remote heat sensing, solar energy, sound beam, SPL, spread spectrum, teleportation method, World Line, ... ) do good climate conditions, do good weather conditions, ... ; do good go Karma (ACTION) ... ;

After knowing all kinds of known objects, it is good to be plugging off things (devices) in your living environment if not in use, you'll be healthy for sure, otherwise, good luck with medications, ... ; IFF some people know exactly the energy & its directional, and then, sleep mode might be okay if not in use (knowing exactly means NOT ONLY strings, BUT ALSO its hole boards ' dimensional directional numerological structural ... ); Welcome to our earth in 21st century e.g. China's 25  new nuclear plants & dimensional & directional & structural constructions (2010  ~ 2020) ...  (think here, e.g. 1.5V diff with 24mm Natural Time can create 1mm hole to do analog clock tic tic tic, and then e.g. 1.5GV (in common, AC are e.g. 110V, 220V, 440V, ... , DC are e.g. 6V, 12V, 24, ... therefore, 1.5GV is imaginary ... ) diff with 6mm time line can create ????? therefore, please do not create gravity spot bigger than the sun IFF structural can be understood thoroughly); Many unknown objects exist, e.g. animal o id s, e.g. drones, e.g. remote nama reading, ... ;

idea ♯ 157; THE ORIGIN OF SOUND; ; approx. 30+ years old tech in 2014/2558; 3,4 dimensional imaginary hyper space's one of the facts ... ;

1st, to understand energy can be parallel (e.g. as X , as Y); 2nd, to understand DEE strings' dimensional collisions; 3rd, to develop and prove (the origin of sound);

To do so, read DEE (Dark Energy Engineering); and then read Schematic Dimensional; and then realize (e.g. Begin Audio X, Begin Audio Y) HOW the origin of sound (here, refer to "in our shakya universes"; beyond EM; beyond plus 340 ~ minus 340 dB definition; beyond 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space) ... ;

WHY do we need to know the origin of sound? because, sound is one of the very important factors in science, and sound can be a tool (e.g. sound beam; e.g. SPL); Similar to WHY do we have 2 eyes are already explained by 2 MOONS on the same orbit; But, this DOMAIN developer still does not understand WHY do we have 2 ears? is there the same snail ( lemniscates) e.g. in 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space; e.g. in 3,4 dimensional imaginary hyper space, obeying r2=2a2 cos Θ regarding 2 ears; Also see: 2nComputer; Schematic Symbols;

IFF the DEE areas of the lemniscates (the origin of sound), can we define left and right in our shakya universes? HOW do we know sound is from front or rear (back)? if a tribe in Union of Myanmar says because of DEE 's collisions, sound happens ... ; Still, this DOMAIN developer cannot prove WHY 2 ears do we have? therefore, develop THE ORIGIN OF SOUND; e.g. if sound can be defined by numerological numbers with defined levels ... ;

Do BLI auto adjustment, in 2,3 dimensional, also in 3,4 dimensional; Because gravity is somehow directly related to not only DEE, but also the origin of sound; From now on, to do BLI auto adjustment with both DEE and THE ORIGIN OF SOUND; After BLI auto adjustment is done, since many moons can be livable, owned, plant able, ... , and then good bye to earth ... ; Also see: BLI automatic adjustment, SpaceBMI;

After the keyword e.g. THE ORIGIN OF SOUND (Begin Audio X, Begin Audio Y), analysis of HOW the sound spreads (also see: C Sequence Number) i.e. 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space environment, because of planets' momentum and symmetry; C Sequence Number might not be TRUE IFF 3,4 dimensional imaginary hyper space ... ;

After understanding the origin of sound, it is a time to do reverse engineering e.g. noise cancellation as surface (also see: Automotive); 1st, start with C Sequence Number, because the one and only structural number available to you; 2nd, positioning ( battery, battery) 's location (position) must be structural; 3rd, from heterodyned to parallel means you've just solved e.g. noise cancellation; Gravity's dimensional, directional, numerological, structural, ... are top military secret, therefore, do it yourself ... ; Because, after all, you can own planets like Rakhine; After B L I automatic adjustment, it is a time to immigrate together to another planets ... ; Instead of 100% noise cancellation by gaining 100% DEE parallel, gray scale results similar to parallel WHICH means 100% parallel is not necessary to be cancellation of noise IFF in ACT1 and ACT2 stages (i.e. 2,3 dimensional space environment), however, IFF ACT3 (i.e. 3,4 dimensional space environment), it is necessary ... ;

idea ♯ 156; Reinventing Lo Shu magic square with Sudoku;

1st to understand, any direction IFF addition method (result) 15; Why do we need any direction algorithm? because, beyond Sqrt 2 's floating point numbers (e.g. 50) HOW GPS can be defined ... ; Defining those floating point numbers closer to MSB means more and more AI and system becomes more and more intelligence itself ... ;

2nd to understand, numerological, e.g. Sudoku algorithm, i.e. 9 and 9; and then, 6 and 6 (here you decide whether 15 or 6); Lo Shu 's magic square numbers e.g. ((492, 294), (357, 753), (816, 618), (438, 834), (951, 159), (276, 672), (456, 654), (258, 852)) can define levels e.g. (816, 618) as level 1, (357, 753) as level 2, (492, 294) as level 3; and then, any direction (e.g. fill) can be defined by Lo Shu 's magic square numbers ... ; If any direction filling, also see: Algorithm;

3rd to develop, e.g. any direction Lo Shu Magic Square Network Topology with any direction numerological (e.g. Sudoku algorithm) dimensional Network Topology ... ; To do so, write math algorithm and then program and then testing ... ; Prove that Syntax vs Semantics logic can be applied regarding (Lo Shu and Sudoku) ... ; IFF finding AI (Artificial Intelligence) way among numerological dimensions, 1st to understand 9x9 (a.k.a. 21st century Nippon's invention) and then 2nd to understand 2005 B.C. China's Lo Shu ( 15) a.k.a. MAGIC SQUARE and then simple logic e.g. this DOMAIN 's number must be as specified item, e.g. previously distributed (e.g. Distribution) numbers can also be defined as detail item, both inside ((either Lo Shu or Sudoku) OR (15 or 9x9)) ... ;

idea ♯ 155; Reinventing numerological dimensional numbers; approx. 30+ years old technology in 2014/2558;

123 is to be starting alike; 5 is half way alike, to handshake, to GO TO, IFF 1.5; 5 is layered camera alike, IFF 2.5; 9, 99, 999, ... are giving alike doko WHERE TV 's video streaming tech in common; (1 and 1) has been to assure quality of products in automotives; (9 and 9) has been known as Sudoku numerical games; 2.01, 2.09, 2.19, ... are compression algorithms' file systems to be alike; Regarding global networking, ((333, 444, 555, ... ) OR (234, 345, 456, ... )) are stateless vs. state through alike; 1 and only the sun, in our globe, it behaves like 1 way DEE, and unique ichi One is Boolean logic TRUE alike (i.e. every system requires 1);

ima Now, this DOMAIN 's (Sqrt 2 with Sqrt 3) has been testing for dual binary bits among systems; Remark: in order to test "dual", you must have "tri" 1st, this is the idea HOW "tri" can be built;  IFF Sqrt 2 is never ending floating point numbers, AND IFF Sqrt 3 is also never ending floating point numbers, we (future's next generation Monbusho scholars) should test another method: e.g. plus (a.k.a. adder method) should also be tested for future's (smart and quality) products ... ;

To do so, research and develop and prove that by adding e.g. ((Sqrt 2) + (Sqrt 3)) = never ending floating point numbers ... ; Remember: left is Val. alike, and right is Ref. alike; As a result, 3 pipelining (a.k.a. 3 tunneling) will be available for future's ( IC, Integrated Circuit, e.g. IC28 ) devices ... ; Think that Sqrt 2 is one pipelining (tunneling), Sqrt 3 is another 2nd pipelining (tunneling), and then, IFF (((Sqrt 2) + (Sqrt 3)) = never ending floating point numbers) i.e. 3rd pipelining (tunneling) therefore three pipelining (tunneling) will be ... ;

To do so, research and develop and prove that by adding pi i.e. Π, π (22/7) = never ending floating point numbers ... ; And, HOW "tri" can be tested if "qua" ; As a result, 4 pipelining (a.k.a. 4 tunneling) will be available for future's ... ;

If you can create your own numbers (refer to "never ending floating point numbers"), it is the time to do (global and universal) design ... for your nation, for your people, for yourself, ... ; Also see: Testing; Therefore, redevelop numerological dimensional numbers ... ;

 Remember: reuse is one of the methods; MSB (Most Significant Bit) is the mantissa point doko WHERE those never ending floating point numbers is truncated; Like JIT (Just In Time) logistic system (in common, use of color coded card/ticket/token to control ... ), (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) method/system is originally created/invented by NIPPON;

idea ♯ 154; Reinventing the Moon Wave; approx. 20+ years old technology in 2014/2558;

1st, to understand the moon wave was invented in mid 1990s; After 20+ years, reinventing the Moon Wave with diff people will prompt diff idea, diff method, ... ; 2 moons are on the same orbit and toward the same direction and consecutively one after another WHICH causes our eyes e.g. 1 eye moves, another eye moves toward the same direction, 2 times tidal, ... ;

2nd, to understand IC (IC, Integrated Circuit; WHAT is IC? e.g. a chip, obeying Sqrt 2 can be integrated easily, e.g. a chip, obeying Sqrt 3 can be integrated easily, i.e. IC) design e.g. kuru kuru WHILE (in common a.k.a. counters, iterations, interrupts, ... ) chip sets' ri Distance defines time lines (e.g. 99mm, 66mm, 33mm, ... ); Also see: Processor;

3rd, e.g. Moon Wave (5 vs. 5) to adjust and SYNC (i.e. Synchronization) 2; If left is at front, right (rear) has to SYNC to left; If right is at front, left (rear) has to SYNC to right;

IFF 2,3 dimensional, develop auto adjust to 3 (e.g. 2 events of 90°); IFF developing universal Internet (e.g. green blue Internet, gray blue Internet, ... ) reuse moon wave; IFF developing gravity dimension computer, try to SYNC (2,3 dimensional and 3,4 dimensional) by reinventing Moon Wave; This idea ♯ 154 is for next generation Monbusho scholars WHO should know HOW moon wave was invented long long time ago ... ;

IFF lighting our universe project (i.e. beyond our solar system), minus (propagation delay time) between 2 space stations, because if left is at front ... , or because if right is at front ... , notice that those 2 stations' propagation delay time ... ;

Therefore, redevelop moon wave ... ; Remember: reuse is one of the methods; Like JIT (Just In Time) logistic system (in common, use of color coded card/ticket/token to control ... ), (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) method/system is originally created/invented by NIPPON;

idea ♯ 153; 3D computer AND 3D computing ... ;

1st, to understand (X, Y, Z) as dimension, e.g. time line as X, level as Y, layer as Z;

2nd, to understand (digital camera and heat sensing) e.g. background vs. foreground, ACTION layers between those 2 (i.e. background and foreground);

3rd, after digital camera circuit can be embedded into computer circuit, computing frames (e.g. ro) can be defined in Z doko WHERE cell path should be the same like sheet, but, interface (e.g. mouse, MTI, ... ) should not be in Z dimension;

4th, digital picture files should be researched and developed (e.g. \\Personal\Photo\*.*), HOW compression prompts as file (doko WHERE compression parameter as attribute), doko WHERE zoom in to WHAT layer, doko WHERE zoom out to WHAT layer, and then WHICH algorithm should apply among layers as aspect ratio to prompt to human beings as 2D (X, Y) also known as keyword flat (screen) display, where "flat" is control keyword prior to (screen) display; Think here is that keyword (flat) is for common printer, screen, display; Think here is that keyword (round) is for 3D display, 3D printer, ... ; If keyword is "projected" since light can be projected, keyword (projected) is also for 3D display, 3D printer, ... ;

5th, complexity region should be within kuru kuru WHILE (( X, Y, Z) as dimension) for each interrupt, green gravity dimension should be used because WHEN light exists DEE also exist ... ; DOMAIN 's 10 folder (directory) as 10 dimension, notice that each folder (directory) is each dimension (i.e. 1D for each layer) and then 10 layers computing can be further studied including its content, data, ... ; Like DOMAIN, analysts, designers, engineers, scientists, technicians, ... should create 10 folder (directory) as 10 dimension 1st, and then each defined icon (user defined ICO file) as layer in ten dimensions; IFF kuru kuru WHILE (( X, Y, Z) as dimension)   users will be computing 3D ... ; Ten is a good number, a.k.a. UP JUN, also known as dassa ("DES" usage might derived from Pali long long time ago), and ten is a part of 4 phase lunar calendar, and ten is 2 parts of 108 configuration;

6th, do not forget ( 1 and 1) method (i.e. commonly used technique in Automotives), and then (2 and 2), and then (3 and 3) as 3D computer AND 3D computing; If you can design (9 and 9) a.k.a. (numerological and numerological) e.g. Sudoku numerical game, you can twist and turn any dimension within your science, therefore, develop 3D computer AND 3D computing ... ;

7th, (3,3,3,3, 10, 7, 10, a.k.a. 108 configuration) in our universe (space programming), like 10, 7 is a part of Parallel Time development, also see: Parameter; e.g. IFF plus, e.g. (7+10) 17 is very important factor ... ;

8th, think that dimensional light (e.g. laser, light ray, ... ) can be projected; Therefore, keyboard should be redesigned to do dimensional lights toward display for each local machine (WHICH is beyond 3D computer AND 3D computing; 1st to understand USB with degree); Also see: Wireless;

idea ♯ 152; DEE Filter for Gravity Dimension Computer ... ;

Develop DEE filter;

To do so, 1st, to understand BPF, EMI filter, HPF, LPF; 2nd, to test each filter WHEN DEE is applied; 3rd, characteristics (e.g. dBm; e.g. SPL; ... ) of DEE and its density along with planets' momentum e.g. 2,3 dimensional, e.g. 3,4 dimensional, ... ;

AI ( use layers) , filters pass particular items e.g. for nama ... , for micro multimedia ... , for imaginary hyper space networks ... , ... ;

As a result, kuru kuru WHILE (think that all circuits are designed by iterations with counters, therefore, so called kuru kuru WHILE ... ) DEE filter is applied, IFF bio, there must be BF (Brunching Factor, also see: C Sequence Number), growth rate, ... , IFF computer, there must be kan Weight AND its associated location awareness; Develop DEE filter;

WHY filters are needed? idea is similar to (LSB and MSB) floating points doko WHERE mantissa points define HOW advance the device is (e.g. universal products define 1 floating number more for each coming year i.e. 50 numbers in 2014/2558, and then 2015/2559 with 51 numbers, and then 2016/2600 with 52 numbers, and so on ... ); idea is also similar to 2 as coexistence, WHEN 2 diff co-exists, lower and higher must be defined HOW level in defined time line (think that time line is X, level is Y, layer is Z, ... ); idea is also similar to define constraints WHEN programming is (e.g. DEF); WHAT e.g. (minus 340 ~ plus 340) dBm has been defined (Also see: SPL); Therefore, develop DEE filter;

   IFF 3,4 dimensional space (i.e. beyond our solar system a.k.a. 2,3 dimensional space), Adjust SPL at 3 ... ;  

e.g. smart screen filter ... ;

Early 21st century (2014) in Gregorian Calendar, 2558 in Buddha Calendar,   idea ♯ 151; light;

1st, we human beings went through 2 diff potential as ( minus and plus) , doko WHERE minus is also known as ground, lower potential, ground less, ... , on the other hand, plus is also known as higher potential, short circuit to be prompting heat, light, ... ; Those 2 diff as 2 moons' orbit e.g. diff time slice (i.e. on the same time line) might be very high tech and advance (e.g. our human beings' eyes alike, 2 moons are on the same orbit) ... ; i.e. 2,3 dimensional environment must be fully understood 1st ... ; e.g. 2 clocks' diff time slice may prompt devices like calculator, dictionary, translator, GPS, smart phone, ... ; IFF Space Medicine, if thyroid problem exists, eyes may not be the same, WHICH means to be the same eyes, thyroid must be understood 100% ... ; To do reverse engineering, start with 2 events of 90° (ears, nose, mouth) and then try to adjust the 2 moons natural momentum (e.g. 2 eyes), you will be solving thyroid problems WHICH causes uneven eyes, hyper thyroid causes faster heart beats, hyper thyroid causes fever alike heat (body temperature), ... ;

2nd, if a Myanmar says, 2 event of 90° (i.e. refer to 3), and there are many villages already built on the moon (refer to 2); WHAT should we do beyond high quantity of floating points ... ; If stone-age Myanmar says, 1 light might be seen IFF 5 (i.e. 2,3 dimensional) and it is a time to develop 3,4 dimensional e.g. 4 lights as 4PP (i.e. 2500+ years old 4 planets prediction); 4th factor has been proved scientifically already, therefore, many modern devices e.g. LED lights with 4 nodes (very highly advance e.g. heat vs. light can be explicitly defined WHERE light does not require heat like 2 diff potential) ... ; Also see: magnet;

3rd, to develop light e.g. human beings' eyes' visible light's length may vary depending upon gravity (i.e. dimension and HOW big the planet is), e.g. iroColourWaveForm because blue and green might be naturally but other iroColours might not be naturally; Very highly developed nations in our globe have started GREEN vs. GREEN for approx. 1 decade already ... ; Develop BLUE GREEN Internet, GREEN BLUE Internet, ... ; How DEE structure should be defined in 2,3 dimensional? How photo synthesis with variable time lines must be defined? e.g. 2 moons' time line (i.e. orbit) is fixed (NOT variable) and then how other 3's characteristics? , vice versa, e.g. 3 planets' time line is fixed (NOT variable) and then how 2 moons' characteristics? Prove that we human beings can be genuine and natural only on our earth, WHY? (question: WHY human beings NOT existed, NOT initialized on the other MOON, if a stone-age Myanmar says i.e. because of minus and plus alike co-existence i.e. 2 ... ); Develop DEE structures (e.g. Sqrt 2 alike, e.g. Sqrt 3 alike) ... ; If minus as female alike recurring WHERE water may flows top to down, on the other hand, plus as male alike splitting doko WHERE water may flows (NOT same like our earth) ... ; Develop Sqrt 2 and Sqrt 3 should obey universal momentum e.g. 2 moons are on the same orbit, e.g. 2 events of ... ; Develop gravity LED light naturally WHILE structure (e.g. gravity dimension) should be built & designed by 5 ( 2, 3) so called 151 light naturally ... ; After creating gravity LED light, using 2,3 dimensional idea, and then develop 3,4 dimensional ... ;

Early 21st century (2014) in Gregorian Calendar, 2558 in Buddha Calendar, idea ♯ 150; IFF Sqrt 2 design ...  (Sqrt 2 's been since 1980s);

In domains (e.g.,, 's numerological dimension, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 are induction (also see: philosophy) alike, and each number can be SYNC (also see: Synchronization) at its associated levels e.g. also see: Schematic Symbols, and NOT (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) must be zero and it behaves like default, no, non, none, not, ... ; Numerological dimension is 2500+ years old document, it should not be patented (WHICH means use it if you know HOW e.g. changing icon of your own, ... );

Notice that ( 1 AND 1) method can be developed e.g. 2 and 2, 3 and 3, ... ; Therefore, develop durability, reliability, ... based on 1 and 1;

IFF 2 moons are consecutively one after another on the same direction and on the same orbit WHICH causes our eyes naturally ... , on a surface e.g. Directional Gravity Pressure (think that DEE line is the orbit WHICH prompts 2 moons' universal momentum), and then, HOW DEE line character's universal time line characteristic behaves between 2 moons; If you are hardware designers, propagation delay time should exist between 2 moons' distance;

By using directional gravity, IFF MOON wave can be designed on the moon, and then, naturally 2 times tidal waves' WAVE LENGTH can be measured globally;

In the near future, if someone can prove THAT universal momentum is somehow related to tidal waves (similar idea: e.g. 5mm yellowish diff in distance), and then water behave like cushion to Gravity Dimension; IFF water really behave like cushion, earthquake resistance water aqueducts, water tunnels, ... can be man-made (building more water aqueducts, building more water tunnels, ... can be more secure & protection to earthquakes; Notice THAT earthquakes rarely happen next to rivers, because water behaves cushion alike to gravity; therefore, in Japan (NIPPON) this DOMAIN recommends building more water aqueducts, building more water tunnels, ... ); Therefore, design a structure for testing 2,3 dimensional gravity (like hole boards, and the same method e.g. hole board's location must be variable WHILE strings exist); After testing 2,3 dimensional gravity, directional gravity can be achieved, earned, and invented, and then prove THAT universal momentum is somehow related to tidal waves; Prove that WHAT are the diff 2,3 dimensional vs. 3, 4 dimensional;

Challenging information: e.g. text books of both Easter Civilization and Western Civilization's astronomy, there is no 2 moons are on the same orbit; Therefore, this DOMAIN 's info is NOT 100% true (unless above paragraph is scientifically proven by higher civilization type people in the future); Because, you don't need to know that there are many villages on the moon already; Because, gravity is neither combustion nor high ampere (WHICH means you must find your own structural dimension e.g. green gravity 1st; WHICH means you must find your own momentum e.g. 1 second clock tic tic tic; WHICH means you must have your own hole board to ref. (i.e. time & direction); Civilization Type must be defined by 5W1H of your own ... );

This DOMAIN developer is Rakhine (an ethnic of Union of Myanmar) and Civilization Type might be one of the lowest (s) in the world in 20th century (because of not having fast trains, because of not having enough tar roads distance km, because of not having enough electricity supply, ... ), but you (i) never know e.g. consider the number 150, in numerological dimension; 50 is the sequence number to match Sqrt 2 design (e.g. pipelining of mantissa points, tunneling with each defined mantissa point) floating points' val., if 1.50, 2.50, ...  (Remark: in 2010s in Gregorian Calendar, 4K quantity of floating points already if Sqrt 2) i.e. UDF file format you use almost everyday in your life in early 21st century e.g. CD, DVD, BD, ... , i.e. laser disc (where information can be calculated by time period; doko WHERE information can be categorized and located by its location because of if system matches to the mantissa point to 50 ); If a Rakhine asks WHAT is the time period in 2,3 dimensional doko WHERE 2 events 90° (i.e. refer to 3) and 2 moons' diff propagation delay time period on a surface in the Internet? a Myanmar's non-scientific answer would be another question e.g. is this in blue - green Internet, or blue - gray Internet? OR ...  ; Also see: GPS;

7/4/2014/2558, USA Independent Day; idea ♯ 149; Bedrock, Water, Well, ... ;

1st to read Meta (well meta data) doko WHERE info of wells can be understood; In USA, all wells must be approved and documented (e.g. unique index number) by Water Dept; Myanmar government should do the same; 2nd, to understand bedrock vs. well water e.g. flood risk water of Samutparakun area in Bangkok, Thailand have been solved by deeper bedrock's ground water can be pumped (i.e. to avoid flood) since 2000; Up to this DOMAIN developer's knowledge, in Bangkok, Thailand, there is no landfill extension (like Singapore) yet to protect lands (i.e. waste management can be designed to be landfill either horizontally or vertically);

After analyzing all wells information, notice that depths vary depending upon bedrocks' slope angle; Also notice that GPM (Gallon Per Minute) may also vary depending upon time period; Develop (bedrock vs. water level) HOW related to global momentum, time period (full moon day vs. no moon day), weather, energy, ... ;

In 2,3 dimensional, also read 2 (WHY one eye moves, another eye moves the same direction) a Myanmar's non-scientific guess would be: hey, human beings livable 2 moons are on the same orbit (the same direction, the same way), moving consecutive one after another i.e. WHY we human beings have 2 eyes, and WHEN 1 eye moves, another moves the same direction; Now, this is a time to develop HOW global gravity is related to wells' water; 1st to gather wells' depth, possible GPM (results may vary depending upon time period (e.g. full moon day, no moon day); 2nd, to analyze HOW gravity and water has been (e.g. on our earth, water flows from top to down, but NOT all planets do the same); (2 ears, 2 eyes, 1 nose but 2 sides with 2 holes) are somehow related to 90°, therefore, another non-scientific guess would be: hey, there might be 2 events of 90° (i.e. refer to 3);

Develop the best possible time period to pump wells' water (i.e. after mapping underground bedrocks' slope angles, possible water vol.) for each location; This is a big data, to be calculated (Remark: super computer is needed); A part of Water Clock development; After Water Clock development, analyze global tidal prediction (also see: 2000 model IT\Executable\Tidal.exe), ... ; After Water Clock, prove that WHY water flows from top to down on our earth, on the other hand, prove that WHY water flows from down to top on a planet; HOW water flows & universal direction is related to distance (e.g. 5 mm yellowish diff) IFF light; And then, analyze water, light, DEE, noise (ESP. Echo), ... , and then universal energy, and then Universal Energy Map should be invented ... ; Remark: please do not create gravity spot bigger than the sun, because if our earth shifts, un-natural momentum can occur ... ;  

Drought in California (2012 ~ 2014), USA can be solved by water from NORTH, because man-made water supply pipe lines are connected among cities and states; Also see: WORMHOLE has been written for global energy protection ... ; WHAT is wormhole? 1st to understand water, light, DEE, noise (Esp. echo), ... , 2nd to understand momentums (e.g. 2,3 dimensional, 3,4 dimensional), 3rd to understand 5W1H of gravity, gravity dimensions, gravity spots, ... ; If 1st, 2nd, 3rd cannot be defined, un-certain programming method should be applied to each wormhole (e.g. each pixel's color cannot be defined on a surface WHEN dimensional gravity is applied; e.g. each pixel's color cannot be defined on a surface WHEN multi time lines are applied to layers; e.g. each pixel's color cannot be defined WHEN applying DEE; ... ); Projecting sound-beam into the clouds will rain, but man-made rains ... ; WORMHOLE is more sophisticated and difficult to define ... ;

4/4/14; idea ♯ 148; do self Quantum Corrections ... ;

 1080 was the 1st Quantum Correction in 21st century, also see: Display; 10 dimensional pixel can be in 360°;

In a Myanmar's imaginary hyper space, one and only the sun is the biggest gravity spot; 7;

Bigger the planet, more powerful gravity is; e.g. HOW DEE density can be indexed, measured, ... ;

WHEN developing Gravity Dimension Computer, powerful gravity is needed;

Develop & design from bigger gravity (on constellation as device) to smaller gravity (on earth as device) ... ;

IFF time period is > 1 day, for each pixel as specified item e.g. recognized person's biological cell as dot, analysis and do good go Kharma ... i.e.  this DOMAIN   Gene Therapy System in 10 dimension ... ; e.g. to be in good protein form World's no. 1 imaginary ... ; do more quantum corrections ... ;

kuru kuru WHILE Sun Power LASER _Fusion _Electricity (also see: Schematic Symbols), develop gravity density index; To do so, 1st to understand basic e.g. IFF (constellation as 1 WHICH is 30K times our earth, and then naturally human livable 5 planets cause the Sun as 1 way DEE and BF2) vice versa IFF (naturally human livable 5 planets cause the sun as 1 way DEE and BF2) and then constellation as 1 WHICH is 30K times our earth; 2nd to understand basic e.g. HOW both (Day Configuration and Night Configuration) behaves as DEE (e.g. in day time, DEE is easy to be located as shade, but in night time, DEE is NOT easy to locate); 3rd to understand basic e.g. DEE can be defined by 5mm Yellowish color's variation as distance in our universe; NOW is time to develop i.e. gravity density index ... ;

 WHY do we need gravity density index? because, Gravity Gun will provide unique power ... ; Military power with Gravity Gun will change civilizations ... ; Therefore, do more quantum corrections ... ;

idea ♯ 147; 3 stars on a tangent line;

1st, to understand WHAT is constellation (e.g. night views with ecliptic monthly view of northern sky and southern sky);

2nd, to understand 108 configuration (e.g. 3, 3, 3, 3, 10, 7, 10) i.e. 3 has been a part of sequence number (108 has been thousands of years old document);

3rd, to develop a factor e.g.

In the period of Aries (late March ~ mid April), if you mark 3 stars as tangent line; Aries is one of zodiac signs of Western Civilization, and Aries is one of the ecliptic monthly signs ... ;  Since you have been in 10 dimensions (i.e. accordance with Buddhism's thousands of years document) directions; You tangent line should be upward above of you (IFF you are in northern); Since you have a tangent line, you (yourself) become a circle also see: Eccentric_circles, and realize that you are a small circle and compare to very huge planet like constellation as big circle (remark: in Western Civilization's info, constellation is NOT planet); Think that you are standing on the earth, and your left hand and right hand are parallel to ecliptic line (think that your fingers are pointing toward East and West); The 3 stars are between CASSIOPEIA and ANDROMEDA in Western Civilization's Constellations info, AND those 3 stars are this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts' three active volcano s in 2,3 dimensional space;

Now is the time to develop Gravity Clock based on variable DEE, variable light, ... obeys as momentum; e.g. red gravity cannot be with blue gravity; e.g. blue gravity can be with green gravity; In 1970s, WHEN this DOMAIN developer was a child and looked at analog clock's 2 strings' spin as EMF toward a hole WHICH caused clock tic tic tic ... (e.g. 24mm time line); In 1980s, WHEN this DOMAIN developer was student and looked at digital clock's LED and realized that WHEN light exists DEE also exists; In 1990s, WHEN this DOMAIN developer realized solar power clocks (e.g. 12mm time line) ... ; Therefore, based on 3 stars as tangent line, HOW small circle behaves related to big circle (using only DEE and harvested gravity) i.e. Gravity Clock; based on reversed engineering of earth as one of the moons; Remark: in Western Civilization info, earth is planet rotates to sun and moon rotates to earth; On the other hand, inside of this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts, gravity clock is needed WHILE developing Gravity Dimension Computer by Rakhine, and the one and only sun is the biggest gravity spot naturally, the 1 way DEE with BF2, the momentum, and approx. 7 gravity spots exist on our earth;

IDEA 1 4 7; 21st century & beyond, please do not create gravity spot bigger than the sun, because momentum should be naturally ... ;

2014/2557 March 3; idea ♯ 146; Super Symmetry;

1st, read the book: Pg. 121, BEYOND EINSTEIN, Michio Kaku and Jennifer Trainer Thompson, Anchor Books, 1995;

2nd, super symmetry (e.g. a * b = - b * a) can be understood; Consider 2000s' C Sequence Number and then think THAT "a" as point doko WHERE BF2 begins; Therefore, plus and minus can be understood; IFF gravity's vector can be proved, you're already in directional gravity;

3rd, develop z e.g. super symmetry @ Z-distribution, for each layer ... ;

IFF * = * i.e.
  x * y = - y * x ;
IFF * = * i.e.
  y * x = - x * y ;

Notice THAT Monbusho scholars (future's scientists) may add Z into above table, regarding development of Z ... ; Above table's (E3,E3,E3) color seems flowers alike something related to super symmetry;

IFF 3,4 dimensional space environment, test HOW 24mm Natural Time can be adjusted to be super symmetry, also test WHERE light's variable lengths and variations, also test WHICH characteristic of light in ACTION (e.g. applying Rainbow, applying Sound Beam, applying Wormhole, ... );

and then prove THAT Gravity Dimension Computer can solve universally Time . Space . Action ... ;

and then accordance with super symmetry's gravity e.g. heavier weigh, lighter weight, ... , define devices by weight;

But, consider tree roots (i.e. BF2) and notice that there is NO light and gravity might go through and NOT super symmetry (e.g. a * b ≠ - b * a) i.e. left and right NOT the same) naturally;

But, consider mountains (many layers are almost parallel to each other) and notice that there is NO light and gravity might NOT go through and NOT super symmetry (e.g. a * b ≠ - b * a) naturally;

Therefore, DEE and its shapes e.g. dot char, line char, polygon char, sphere char, surface char, triangle char, ... and so on; IFF DEE are coming from our universe, if there is a light, there must be DEE, however if there is NO light but DEE are still there;

understand explicitly HOW DEE vs. gravity? e.g. because of DEE, gravity exists, OR because of gravity, universal DEE exists;

Consider common human beings' 2,3 dimensional Space BLI and its growth rate (e.g. bone, skeletal system) and notice that left and right are almost the same (i.e. super symmetry e.g. a * b = - b * a) naturally because of day and night as coexistence, because of gravity can go through;

Therefore, develop super symmetry WHILE Z-distribution for each layer; And, notice that super symmetry is very complicated e.g. BF2, coexistence, DEE, gravity, light, surface, ... ; Also see: distance for basic understand; this DOMAIN has been using 24mm Natural Time line AND multi time lines for billions of devices ... ;

aesthetics (also see: philosophy) e.g. super symmetry but within defined depth (i.e. C Sequence Number's depth), e.g. my Toshiba computers' the same kan Weights (e.g. been elevated to be lighter ... ) within defined globe (e.g. earth) and notice THAT aesthetics is beauty of HOW (superstrings vs. super symmetry) in higher dimensions (e.g. , dassa, 10) ... ;

this DOMAIN developer cannot explain HOW "das sa" became "De Su" thousands of years ago;

USA's President Day 2/17/2014; idea ♯ 145; Rainbow vs. Wormhole;

IFF rainbow can be created, or found or seen, only on our earth (i.e. in 2,3 dimensional environment), rainbow is an unique iroColourWaveForm 's (spread spectrum) e.g. lights are parallel to each other; Lights are consecutively next to each other e.g. 345 nm, 456 nm, 567 nm, also see: swap;

Remember: WHEN light exists, DEE also exist; Also see: 2 as coexistence; lightly rain in the sky, rainbow happens naturally and lights bend arc character alike;

Regarding wormhole, doko WHERE lights are kuru kuru (e.g. Eccentric circles) but, NOT parallel to each other;

For space engineering development, analysis (5W1H) of rainbow vs. wormhole should be R&D; And, solve that universal weather can be man-made ... ;

IFF WORMHOLE is a gateway to another universe,

HOW gravity spot can be defined by both rainbow (lights as stick, lights as arc character) and wormhole (lights as eccentric circles)? Prove that the one and only the sun is the biggest and largest gravity spot on our earth (e.g. 7), and then HOW many gravity spots exist in our universes?

IFF artificial rainbow on our earth can be designed and engineered e.g. dimension of the light spectrums, light source, rain alike water falls, ... , on the other hand, artificial wormhole on our earth can also be designed and engineered e.g. kuru kuru of lights, ... ; and then, gravity spots' characteristics e.g. directional gravity;

After designing and engineering directional gravity (e.g. Gravity Dimension Computer) , it is a time to do "flying" automotives ...  e.g. 2 directional gravity spots for airplanes, 4 directional gravity spots for cars, 6 directional gravity spots for ships, 8 directional gravity spots for trains, 10 directional gravity spots for transmitting metta (i.e. thousands of years, regarding directions in Buddhism) for this DOMAIN installed computers artificial intelligently (e.g. AI) ... ;

Military top secret because (Gravity and IT) as gun will be the most powerful ... ; Also see: fusion;

1st, create light as surface; 2nd, project either rainbow or wormhole into the surface; 3rd, you are on your own dimensional, directional, numerological, structural, ... e.g. GDC; And then, program AI (global) wormhole, AI (universal) wormhole; Very easy like IT, on the other hand, very difficult like gravity, because momentum is somehow related with gravity, gravity is somehow related to weight and Space BLI, and so on ... ; Also see: Space BMI;

idea # 144; Universal Atomic Signal;

1st. to understand Gravity Harvest Power Antenna (i.e. neither AC nor DC) ; Beyond 0.25W silicon CMOS circuits; Beyond natural heart beat by light (in window frames, also known as center and middle area of screen);

Purpose: short distance interrupt (options) ... ; Method: embedded design ( component) ... ; Network Topology: Fully Distributed, or Smart Grid;

2nd. define your own inductance so that you will have your own radio frequency (RF) in defined ♯c/s or ♯Hz;

e.g. sample @ 44 kilo cycles per half second (kHz), data rate @ 65 Mega bit per second (Mbps); also see: old style wrapping wire inductance choke; also see: inductanceGasBalunTransformer (i.e. variable RF band) doko WHERE amplitude dimension can prompt RF pattern along with time dimension;

3rd. after developing (global) atomic signal (e.g. 15926, 31196, 3929855) , also see: \\ IT \ sasana year (i.e. Buddha Calendar year) + 0\ SYN.txt if not defined yet (ifndef); it is a time to develop Shakya (universal) atomic signal (e.g. 10 directions for transmitting metta, 108, Numbers in Dhamma) ; e.g. Shakya symbol + numbers, for universal atomic signal;

      15926 ,        
      31196 ,        

2014/2557 January, NHK news, Wind Power is more reliable than Nuclear Power; Wind Power is the cheapest and natural resource;

This DOMAIN predicts that in the near future, Gravity Harvest Power (also see: Electricity Power Plug) ... ; The most reliable because of naturally; The most difficult because dimensional, directional, structural, ... must be known and defined 1st; Fusion concept must be thoroughly understood 2nd; Because of gravity, all human livable moons and planets are owned by atta and IFF plantation on the moon projects are successful (because almost daily moon is a little bigger than our earth, and the least BLI problems, compare to IFF so huge like constellation or other planets, BLI problems WHICH means can grow plants but so huge size will be ... ), and then whole global human beings might be having foods for free ... ; Also see: Systems;

IFF (global AND universal) towers transmit Gravity Harvest Power Antenna ( pattern) as  specified items e.g. 15926, e.g. 31196, e.g. 3929855, ... ; and then, depending upon embedded designers' chip designs 5W1H of ... e.g. adding more components (capacitors, counters, inductors, microcontrollers, resistors, ... ); Beyond multi time lines, timeless development without power, ingredients all you can have are DEE, Gravity, lights in iroColourWaveForm, SPL, ... ; There is no power consumption e.g. WHILE 0.01234 milli Watt (mW) because there is no heat, no short circuit, ... ; In common, Radio Frequency (RF) designs are based on power consumption e.g. 5W for 23 miles radius (also see: Eccentric circles), e.g. 1 mega W for several kilo meters, ... aka radio range; Question: how many kilo meters range by how much power consumption inside of this DOMAIN 's Satellite DNS System; A Myanmar's imaginary would be 0.01234 mW for 4465 km radio range, and then uncommon statement; Because, neither AC nor DC, good luck to you ... ; Hint: ingredients all you can have ... ;Therefore, develop Shakya Universal Atomic Signal ... ;

idea # 143; hour (5, 6, 7) as our earth, HOW tilted degree vs. time period in Gregorian Calendar;

Regarding our earth, 23.5 degree tilted prompt (5, 6, 7) hours variation of light naturally within 1 year (IFF Eastern Civilization, 1 of the 12 of zodiac signs regarding years; IFF Western Civilization, 12 zodiac signs regarding months) e.g. in USA, winter time period is approx. 9 hours of light if compare to 14 hours of light in summer, therefore, 23.5 degree tilted prompt (5, 6, 7) hours variation of light naturally ... ;

Since the number (2*5, 2*6, 2*7) has been a Myanmar's imaginary hyper space crafts' dimension and momentum e.g. 2*5 as JUN, 2*6 as year, 2*7 as Lunar, and WHILE calculating Parallel Time in ACT2 space and ACT3 space, 2*6 has been z-index, and please understand 2, and then 5, 6, 7; If PARALLEL WORLD, please read Prof. Michio Kaku's PARALLEL WORLD book (think that almost daily moon and our earth are parallel worlds alike, and think that almost daily moon might be a little bigger than our earth);

Our earth's variation of light has been within the number 5 ~ 7, and 108+ moons (also see: thousands of years old document 108 configuration) exist in our universes, and human livable all 6 planets are owned by Rakhine, and WHILE developing Gravity Dimension Computer, and then develop and design HOW variation of light as specified items ( hours) for each moon in our universes cause BLI vs. DEE, i.e. to solve teleportation, to provide gene therapy to this DOMAIN users, ... ;


idea # 142; Bio Clock vs. Solar Clock;

WHAT are the diff between Bio Clock and Solar Clock?

Solar Clock has been designed and engineered (since 1980s to present in the early 21st century) by using solar energy, converted into electrical energy as power to do clock tic tic tic ... ; Bio Clock is beyond 2,3 dimensional (beyond ACT2 Space) idea WHICH means HOW BLI growth rate must be understood, HOW cells are grown accordance with 4PP's Complex Ion as Energy Strings, and then using bio cells' energy WHILE dimensional gravity is applied, so called Bio Clock; NOT available yet to public, because a Myanmar's hyper imaginary space crafts are not able to SYN in ACT3 stage; Basically, Bio Clock is for teleportation in our universes; Another example, e.g. in our earth, beings are somehow related to constraint called light (345, 456, 567) nm; The same idea, there are constraint in BLI, depending upon WHICH planets the beings are located ... ;

Develop Bio Clock, in addition to Solar Clock (also see: formula doko WHERE time lines can be defined in distance as 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, ... ) , in addition to Digital Clock (2 strings level with ADC knowledge), in addition to Analog EM Quartz Clock (2 strings level);

azure, THINK that in our earth, night time means dark; some other planets might not be the same, WHICH means e.g. dark blue is azure;

After Bio Clock development project is done, develop Teleportation (2535769212965) Software; Prove that DEE is faster than light; Prove that gravity is faster than light; Prove that info is faster than light;


idea # 141; Center All;

1, to understand LED, e.g. 1 as Left String, 4 as (ro Box OR ro Square), 1 as Right String; The most advance and latest technology e.g. LED can prompt formula (DEE line) as String i.e. in 2,3 dimensional; Think THAT you have a lab top computers or notebook computers, made of LED indicators, and also think THAT distance between those LED lights are designed to be specific high precision ( specified items) ... ;

2, to understand GPS location awareness, after initialization, for each ro (i.e. window); camera; zoom;

DEE as Box; DEE as Square;

vice versa;

DEE as Box; DEE as Square;

Think that computing screen's (1 & 1) WHICH is similar to green vs. green, and then 4 as boxes, 4 as squares are lines alike ACTION ... ; layers and z-distribution; Graph Theorem for surfaces (all curvatures) as ACTION layers; in common ACTION layers should be excluding background and foreground;

3, to develop Center All, and notice that Majjhima Way (i.e. middle path) is the best way in computing (e.g. Cloud in the early 21st century); Prove that OFDMA 's ( Left vs. Right) can be using for pinpointing each gravity spot (e.g. 1mm gravity spot, 3mm gravity spot, 6mm gravity spot, 9mm gravity spot, 12mm gravity spot, 15mm gravity spot, 18mm gravity spot, 21mm gravity spot, 24mm gravity spot, 27mm gravity spot, 30mm gravity spot, ... AND one and only the Sun as the biggest gravity spot); Browser based method should be similar to smooth;

4, if military systems, after mapped & pinpointed location, (lock vs. unlock) should be developed; For each pinpointed location, develop Shield to Drones method; If you (military software system engineers) can define "lock", you are already unlocked; Also see: mark , because mapped, pinpointed, ... are somehow related to mark;

5, if space systems, after (lock vs. unlock) pinpointed locations, contour map alike specific layer must be measured by iroColourWaveForm; Develop Contour Map alike specific layer as Surface ( to do so, layer as specified items, and then each specified item as surface); Therefore, develop Center All in Majjhima Way;

Honestly, really, sincerely, WHO can prove the statement "all nuclear locations have been pinpointed already globally" e.g. using asteroid from ACT2 Space toward nuclear location on ground in the globe would be "stone throwing" method; Develop ACT1 Space 's orbit, trajectory, and then calculate HOW asteroid as stone can be exactly onto each focused and specific nuclear location globally; HOW much time period to do such "stone throwing" deployment; Reverse simulation of orbit and trajectory must be understood 1st; Asteroid Puller vs. Asteroid Pusher, regarding HOW gravity spots (e.g. adjustment of blue vs. green) 2nd; after pinpointed, lock, launch, confirmation via verify each object 3rd; Calculate HOW much time period to shield such incoming asteroids as stone from ACT2 Space;

1st, to understand LED ... ; DEE as spot, DEE as line, DEE as surface, ... until you find your own gravity spots ... ; and then dimensional gravity, directional gravity; and then you are welcome to get "land use" lease permit because Rakhine has owned  6 planets already hee, hee, hee, ... ; Ethically and hopefully, in the future (e.g. 21st century and beyond ... ) human beings will NOT create gravity spot bigger than one and only the Sun, because our earth's momentum might change if creating gravity spots bigger than one the only the Sun; Therefore, royal families' members' democratic votes are very important to decide 5W1H of time to STOP creating bigger and bigger gravity ... ; Gravity is ACT2 stage restricted & top secret info; Somehow Rakhine (ethnic tribe in Union of Myanmar) can explain a little bit of ... ;


idea # 140; Global Signal;

1, develop broadcast technique;

Eastern Civilization's global signal (e.g. KDDI, NTT, ... ) designer might be engineering (2 ^ 16, 2 ^ 20, 2 ^ 24, 2 ^ 28) as max quantity as port; Universal Standard e.g. multi systems by Toshiba since 1980s;

Western Civilization's global signal (e.g. AT&T) designer might be engineering (65536) as max quantity as port; US Standard e.g. "C" with main() in main.h 's TYPE DEF predefine value since 1970s;

2, broadcast is similar to radio WHICH means without confirmation (handshake) IFF compare to video with confirmation (e.g. browser's captured items) ... ;

3, network engineers and technicians, using method called PINT WHILE configuring networks; PINT ( P for ping, I for ipconfig/all, N for ns lookup, T for trace route) also see: commands;

3 kinds of common networking methods among OEM devices e.g. router, software method, switch, ... , are:

crossover (1236< AI>3612),

state through (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88)  WHERE states (11, 22, 33, 44) are known as practical, and states (55, 66, 77, 88) are known as experimental,

roll over (18273645) WHERE Ethernet Cable's heads as pin number;

IFF 65536 as max quantity of port, within 1 second, bottleneck would be 65536 devices to do ACTION; Concerning Global Signal, 65536 devices per second is very slow ... ; Therefore, install this DOMAIN; Because, AI (numerological dimension e.g. formula) WHICH means 2 ^ any number (any number should be less than aggregate count numbers of floating point (e.g. decimal) WHICH is upon local machine's calculator's quality bit e.g. 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, ... ); IFF dimensional gravity, 2 ^ any number as kan Weight; IFF directional gravity spots, 2 ^ any number as variable locations'  SPL also see: millibar pressure; Remark: developer Ace Jaw becomes 50 years old man with "white" hair and denture, therefore, no more 2, and developing system 3; Believe it or not, some advance systems are using state through e.g. 111, 222, 333, 444;

Therefore, develop max number of ports, as a result, your Global Signal will be very fast ... ; e.g. within half second, you can broadcast millions of HOME instead of having bottleneck 65536 ... ;

Therefore, develop stateless e.g. 123456789; Develop stateless e.g. 23 vs. 32, 34 vs. 43, ... ; i.e. in addition to state through; Also see: STATE;

Test this DOMAIN installed vs. others, regarding bandwidth, max quantity of port, speed, ... ; Prove THAT 2 ^ any number is Working ... (e.g. 4K numbers of floating point IFF Sqrt 2) is the highest and latest design in the world regarding 2013/2557 SONY 's ACT1 Stage 3D HD TV ... ; Prove THAT Global Signal is Working ... very fast e.g. within half second (0.5 second), millions of uchi HOME can be reached because of 2 ^ any number, and then develop System 3 ... ; Good luck to all governments around the globe (ACT1 Stage and ACT2 Stage only), regarding communication AND information ... ;

idea # 139; Lock vs. Unlock;

Hardware designers like to lock, on the other hand, software designers like to unlock; Hardware engineers think that designing hardware is real (e.g. Sqrt 2) hard work, on the other hand, software engineers think that designing software is real (e.g. developing system 3, based on Sqrt 2) easy work (e.g. 1 line of code with several parameters can be 1 browser);

Software designers try to define keywords via chip set's TYPE DEF, or jisho Dictionary's indexes, on the other hand, hardware designers try to define patterns via multi time lines; Notice THAT 2 "try" are like 2.2 concurrency alike, therefore, you need 2 "catch" ... ; e.g. 22132, if someone asks WHAT is THAT 22132? this DOMAIN sincerely says "hey! i don't know exactly", and then someone asks WHY only 5 numbers? this DOMAIN sincerely says "hey! i don't know exactly", 5 numbers might be related to address ... ;

Regarding Mingala System (higher IQ of Computer), you like to be using electronic circuits by unlocking (e.g. better and faster way); In global military systems, "lock" means prior to "launch", "lock" also means functions are within limited usage regarding "handle"; Honestly and sincerely, you don't want to be using "lock", therefore, develop "unlock" ... ; To do so, you must know negative vs. color images (WHICH means, regarding keywords e.g. job, process, "service", "task", ... , all color images must be processed negative first); WHAT is negative? negative was film based, and tape based; But, in the early 21st century, negative becomes "Gray Scaled" (i.e. 2,3 dimensional hyper space usage); You have been very accessible and very easy to do clicking buttons, as a result (30+ years old info; THIS document is dated on 2013/2557), color seems very easy; Reality is very difficult to engineer "color" WHICH means Color As Semantics (i.e. in addition to negative); In the early 21st century, if a Myanmar says multi layers with z-distribution, you would say i.e. imaginary ... ; If someone says plus (+) is for light's depth, minus (-) is for hologram alike projection, you might say WHAT?

Develop Lock vs. Unlock; Remark: please do not forget idea #136, so be beyond Zero Curvature; Because, before foldable computer, before roll able computer, before wear able computer, Lock vs. Unlock must be understood thoroughly for all curvatures; WHEN roll able computers become available to you in global market places, think THAT curvature might be either one of (minus -, or plus +, or zero) ... ; WHAT are the diff between 2,3 dimensional vs. 3,4 dimensional (i.e. ACT3 stage question) regarding Light as Surface; If someone says because of GDC (Gravity Dimension Computer), all those curvatures are possible functions, and then you might think THAT doko WHERE the Gravity Spots are ... ; For ACT2 stage developers only, starts with DEE ... ; For ACT3 stage developers only, starts with dimensional, directional, numerological, structural, Gravity Spots ... ; Good luck to you; Remember, the one and only the Sun is the biggest Gravity Spot (i.e. our earth, on the other hand, 1 way DEE with BF2);

Develop roll able computer for 21st century; WHICH means limited people know exactly Light as Surface, and then surface can be dimensional surfaces; Since lights can be fetched as instructions, roll able computers ... ; Difficulties levels are you (designers) must know HOW (Lock vs. Unlock) for all curvatures ... ; Welcome to you to develop in ACT2, and in ACT3 levels (i.e. world's the most advance Monbusho level knowledge) ... ;

idea # 138; Mingala;

Numbers in Dhamma (38) refers to Mingala in Pali, also see: Mingala Sutta; Basically e.g. blessing alike, fortune alike, luck alike, ... all good things can be aggregated as one word i.e. mingala; In Buddhism, many numbers exist, and Numbers in Dhamma .htm is a small collection of HOW numbers are basically;

1st, be healthy is mingala e.g. 100+ years of Life Span (i.e. long period of life) and healthy, also see: Gene Therapy System;

2nd, bad and good are coexistence alike, also see: 2; Calculator, if System 2 i.e. Sqrt 2;

3rd, to be having good words is mingala; this DOMAIN does not know exactly HOW to handle bad words; jisho Dictionary has been designed and indexed with all kinds of words, but you need good words only (i.e. mingala); Also see: Keyword;

4th, IFF Theory of Everything is Working ... , i.e. a kind of Mingala; To understand WHAT is everything, all languages must be known (i.e. Translator alike);

In the early 21st century, software defines hardware, and functional implementation of Idea Processor HOW better and faster majjhimā way ... ;

5th, Develop Mingala System, also see: your; e.g. your location is protected and shielded by Gravity as Surface or Light as Surface (i.e. to avoid unwanted remote sensing to you) as a result, safety ... ; If Mingala System is Working:

e.g. your computers do gene therapy to you, as a result, your life span will be longer ... ;
e.g. your computers become higher IQ computers, as a result, your computers know environmental security and self security, ... ; Also see: AI;
e.g. your computers do good go Karma (ACTION), as a result, Mingala ... ;

Mingala System should be dimensional, directional, numerological, structural, and also see: formula;

idea # 137; Shield to Drones;

For basic understanding of WHAT is Remote Sense, also see: Schematic Dimensional; And, notice that remote sensing can be harmful to human beings e.g. Basic Remote Sense Y = Ln X;

Therefore, develop Gravity as Surfaces to shield all kinds of Remote Senses;

e.g. drones can be shielded by light as surface;
e.g. drones can be shielded by gravity as surface;

After 2011 Fukushima nuclear explosion, this DOMAIN develops WORMHOLE to prevent, to protect, to reduce, ... ; Concerning global energy testing (e.g. weather shield, layers holes, energy beams), also see: reduce (e.g. reduce bad weather globally, reduce earthquake, reduce flood, reduce noise, reduce storm's eye pressure, reduce tsunami) ... ;

Case Study 1: IFF abnormal echo occurs or plate happens in the sea, and then trigger tsunami alarm WHEN the plate will arrive to shore (i.e. depending on WHICH level of the echo's noise); the only way to prevent tsunami is THAT gravity spots as holes next (prior location) to the plate's direction; at least 5 meter gravity spots are required to create by Satellite DNS System to fetch next (prior location) to the tsunami (plate); WORMHOLE to do ... ;

Case Study 2: because of 4PP ( complex ion's space lengths), several air layers' directions become variable, pressure and temperature can be measured via Satellite DNS System (infrared pinpointing method); WHEN storm's eye pressure is building up in circular direction, fetch artificial gravity spots next to the storm's eye, and notice that BF2 (i.e. C Sequence Number) root will be changing, and then the storm's eye pressure can be reduced; WORMHOLE to do ... ;

Case Study 3: sound beams with particular (e.g. dB . m) to cloud will be raining; flood happens because of heavy rain; now (at this present) the only way to prevent flood is THAT river's water flow direction toward sea (i.e. ocean) should be faster; to do so, Satellite DNS System measures the bay area's water temperature and sequence the water temperature (e.g. cool, normal, warm) at the defined location to prevent flood (cool should be outer side, warm should be inner side); Or create artificial wind at grounds' (i.e. soil) level with direction should be parallel to the river to promote water flow faster and ground level wind's direction should be toward bay area (i.e. ocean) along with river's water (i.e. ground level wind's direction should be from river to the sea); WORMHOLE to do ... ;

Case Study 4: WHAT are the diff between 2,3 dimensional and 3,4 dimensional? a Myanmar's imaginary hyper space study in our universes ... ; this DOMAIN developer is nothing to do with global energy testing; Above Case Study 1, 2, 3 and below Case Study 5, 6, 7 are imaginary contents, and there is no man made weather; if it is 100% true man-made weather, it is out of a Myanmar's knowledge; Believe it or not, in our earth (i.e. globally), all nuclear locations are mapped (i.e. pinpointed) already ... ; To do ACTION, for each GPS number as location can be ... ; With metta, do good go Karma (ACTION e.g. fusion) ... ;

Case Study 5: IFF locating (DEE) at specified items ( location) e.g. pinpointed by Satellite DNS System; DEE goes outward (temperature cold is gathering) vice versa DEE comes inward (temperature hot is gathering); If bed rocks or hard rocks are pinpointed as location, earthquake happens; WORMHOLE to do ... ;

Case Study 6: Drought, Fire, ... ; pinpointing above grounds, in the air, clouds by adding (i.e. heterodyning) DEE to be inward, droughts happen; pinpointing onto soil, using laser as gun, fires happen;  WORMHOLE to do ... ;

Case Study 7: beautiful and young zombies (since 1997) as clone human beings (i.e. look alike); remotely reading nama (e.g. Nama For Humanoid) by invisible flies, and then prompt each person as DATA surface in the Internet; AI to decide whether bad person or good person, using GDC ( SQL query) ... ; WORMHOLE to do ... ;

In 2,3 dimensional, strings' direction, holes' location can be pinpointed by expert engineers, expert scientists, and expert technicians; For human rights purpose and humanity purpose, Gravity as Surfaces to shield all kinds of Remote Senses; Too much damage already, no one wants b $ damage, t $ damage; everyone wants peaceful and tranquility environment; no one wants living environment with all kinds of sensors around either;

Before developing Shield to Drones, radio analyzer must be understood, e.g. some Internet browsers deploy their own radio pattern (i.e. to avoid bottleneck, to avoid latency, to avoid pattern analyzer); After year 2000, computing & IT becomes browser based (i.e. WHAT kinds of window frame the browser is using), WHICH means antenna technology and wireless technology must be analyzed; developer must know WHAT kinds of computer systems are initialized (e.g. some people know WHITE, some people know BLUE, some people (like me hee hee hee) initialized with GREEN vs. GREEN, and so on ... ) and then developer might be able to shield the drone's system; Therefore, develop "Shield to Drones" and then via foreign ministers' military tie method, do military exercises as IT (e.g. whoever wins "shield to drones" will be owning the unknown drone, because either wireless forking or wireless tapping will be able to overwrite "the unknown drone" 's system, and then will be owning the unknown drones) remotely ... ; Do ... everyone wants peaceful and tranquility environment; But, challenges in engineering and IT should exist as military exercises e.g. WHO can win the unknown drone remotely ... ; ASEAN nations should do the unknown drone competition as military exercises;

If you are in very well developed nations (e.g. G7 nations), or if you are in developed nations (e.g. for all time zones), you neighbors might not be plugging off all electronics WHEN they sleep; Because of remote sensing, you might be a victim WHO cannot sleep well, or WHO cannot have sound sleep; If THIS Case Study is true, WHAT you should do is THAT install this DOMAIN into your lab top computer (notebook computer);  And then WHEN ever (also WHERE ever) before you go to bed, you put your computer into sleep mode, and then place its ( whose computer) LED lights toward the wall (your sleep mode computer should be next to the wall) doko WHERE you sleep (think that you are making a shield to your bed ... ); Have a nice sleep peacefully; WHY? because light can be as surface to shield ... ; WHY? because Rakhine (with 103 ethnical codes, but still does not know HOW to design Gravity as Surfaces, but still does not know HOW to engineer Light as Surfaces, e.g. time, dimension, numerological structural to do modeling of surfaces to protect environment to be safety places, ... ) has owned 6 planets already in our universes ... ; If you believe in Numbers in Dhamma, 37 or 137 is somehow related to deities (gods) ... ; The next idea #138, somehow related to 38 "Mingala" (good luck; fortune); Develop "Shield to Drones" ... ;

idea # 136; Gravity as Surfaces;

1. dB.m must be understood basically;

2. those 2 () are on 1 surface (e.g. in common, circuit boards are designed on zero curvature) doko WHERE "global world line" can be defined between those 2 (e.g. if those 2 () are on X, and then the "global world line" behaves Y as Ln X);

3. directions can be defined by functional another on the same board;

4. lights behave blue, yellow, green, red, ... as Spectrum (e.g. 345); Also see: Swap;

5. SPL behaves similar to specified items (e.g. light);

6. since 6 planets (human livable) are owned by Ace Jaw (Aung Myint Kyaw), curvatures are (Negative, Positive, Zero) everywhere in our universes ... ; Therefore, develop

Gravity as Negative Curvature Surface;
Gravity as Positive Curvature Surface;
Gravity as Zero Curvature Surface;

7. reminder: (2*7) as 1 dimension in Parallel Time development; e.g. (2*5) as Jun, (2*6) as Z momentum, (2*7) as Lunar; A Myanmar's imaginary hyper space crafts still cannot SYN due to very very very far away in distance (might be because of diff gravity, or because of structural dimension diff e.g. 3,4 dimensional environment, or because of displacement of "global world line" vary, or ... ); WHY 7 biggest gravity spots exist only on our earth? HOW one and only the Sun as the largest energy? Can human beings create energy which is larger than the Sun? HOW many gravity spots diff among planets in our universes? Top secret, hey! i don't know exactly;

8. reminder: this DOMAIN has been "green vs. green"; WHICH means using 2 green; Also see: C:\ColdBoot.ini; Think THAT 2 green Y IFF those 2 are on X and parallel to each other on Zero Curvature circuit board; But, if circuit board design is changed to any type WHICH means all 3 curvatures, e.g. incoming foldable computer, roll able computer, wear able computer, ... , "green vs. green" must also be Working ... ;

Develop Gravity for any type ( surface) ... ;

9. reminder: numerological dimension; Also see: Numerical values in numerology;

Develop any type ( surface) ... ; As a result, "flying automotives" in the near future;

10. Believe it or not, in the early 21st century, Gravity Dimension Computer is developed by Rakhine with thousands of years old 103 ethical codes;

idea # 135; specific distance calculation;

Reminder: if your age = 35 years, this is your last year to apply Monbusho scholarship, and don't mind if been refused or rejected, because you might not know (e.g. "red tape" people above you, your nation's mailing system, your local embassy's local decision, your government's policy); Therefore, if you really like to apply Monbusho scholarship, go to the embassy in person and submit your application, please don't mind if been refused or rejected; Because, everyone likes to know HOW (knowledge is power) ... ;

z must be detailed specific, e.g. plus one (i.e. PlusOne) algorithm;

IFF Sqrt 2:

numbers of floating point < 128 and then level 1 layer 1,
numbers of floating point < 256 and then level 2 layer 2,
numbers of floating point < 512 and then level 3 layer 3,
numbers of floating point < 1024 (i.e. 1K) and then level 4 layer 4,
numbers of floating point < 2K and then level 5 layer 5,
numbers of floating point < 4K and then level 6 layer 6,
numbers of floating point < 8K and then level 7 layer 7,
numbers of floating point < 16K and then level 8 layer 8,
numbers of floating point < 32K and then level 9 layer 9,
numbers of floating point < 64K and then level 10 layer 10;

After Z-Distribution is defined, DEE must be defined for ( x, y) e.g. 5mm variation of (Yellowish1 and Yellowish2) is 50000 km long distance; On the other hand, 1/50000 km is short distance;

Develop specific distance calculation for Shakya (e.g. Swastika) universes; Develop (( for each layer in z) and remote sensing), as a result e.g. gene therapy system by computers; Until 2013/2557, no one is able to put all 17 into 1 aspect ratio in ( X,  Y) altogether yet, therefore develop specific distance calculation; Regarding specifications, please do not change Sqrt 2 design and its numbers of floating point for another 100+ years, for basic understanding of HOW ... ;

detailed specific Distance calculation in ( X, Y) with Layers As Z; ( OR OR truly needs humanoids' assistances worldwide, because this DOMAIN developer is getting old (lots of "white" hairs with some tooth are missing, but Sake (made of rice, and rice liquor, Nippon calls it Sake) is still very delicious), and takes much longer time period when dealing with (levels and layers) altogether ... ;

Develop mathematical Graph Theorem, HOW XY is related to Z WHEN dealing with layers ... ; To do so,

1st, variable ( X,  Y) as surface with zoom ... ;
2nd, detailed specific distance for each ( X, Y) as z-distribution;
3rd, implement mathematical Graph Theorem, and then, Idea Processor level humanoids (e.g. 2013/2557 KIROBO) can assist to human beings with very fast solutions worldwide;

e.g. IFF computer is this DOMAIN installed, recognize user's face pattern by surface in the Internet and then using plus one algorithm (i.e. adding good gene patterns) for all layers (e.g. blood, bone, fat, flesh, hair, liquid, muscle, nama i.e. brain, organs, skin, vein, ... ) as gene patterns to do Gene Therapy WHICH means IFF normal (i.e. no need to do gene therapy but IFF life span increases and then do gene therapy), IFF abnormal (e.g. Dx and Rx exist, either hyper or hypo conditions exist, on going Tx but doctors are given up i.e. not able to cure) and then do cure (i.e. increase life span) to be NORMAL, ... ;

e.g. non-binary-star calculation of Night Sky; Concerning night sky map, WHEN 2 stars are very close together but those 2 stars might not be near each other, however those 2 stars are truly together, they are called binary star systems; Also see: Constellations; If those 2 stars might not be near each other, and then HOW z must be detailed specific ... ;

e.g. from XY to Z to multi layers to surface; XY to Z in 3D might be easy; and then for each layer (either XY as functional plus, or XY as functional minus) might be Working ... ; and then HOW several (e.g. 123 as green, or 456 as red, or 789 as blue, or ... ) layers (dynamic OR static) can triangulate WHILE kuru kuru Z-Distribution so called surface in the Internet; Develop Graph Theorem;


idea # 134; using GDC;

IFF dimensional and directional and numerological, fully functional gravity spots elevate heavy weights, as a result of green vs. green to be synchronization, WHILE kuru kuru in kinetic, e.g. (on track)   train can be faster and the fastest;

The same concept and idea can be applied to design airplanes e.g. (on flight) airplane can be (higher altitude with faster speed); In the early 21st century, some Nippon companies are designing and engineering flights e.g. Mitsubishi, Honda, ... ;

Since, fully functional gravity spots elevate heavy weights, using gravity dimension computer to test run for 1000 times and then develop dimensional and directional and numerological flights ... ; So called Gravity Machine (on flight) airplanes ... ; Also see: Automotive;

Heavy Industries e.g. airplane builders, multi layer huge complex building builders, ship builders, train builders,  ... should install this DOMAIN gravity dimension computer system (AI OS) and test run (i.e. elevating heavy weights) for 1000 times and then ... ;

idea # 133; Teleportation ;

In the early 21st century, network system number, remote links (i.e. update here and update there), biological cell to DNA to gene codes, ... have done;

Since Gene Codes As Number can be understood, the gene codes can be remote linked between 2 diff locations (i.e. AB distance);

Reverse engineering e.g. gene codes to DNA to biological cell can be developed; Implementation of both (Forward engineering vs. Reverse engineering) will be functional teleportation ... ;

But, in the early 21st century, teleportation of whole kaya is not done yet, still in R&D; Therefore, develop Biological Cell Teleportation;

In addition to artificial intelligence Gene Therapy System, because of teleportation method, among Dx, Rx, and Tx, GoodGene (76647555) and its internal address will provide remote gene therapy via computer systems;

Therefore, develop Biological Cell Teleportation 1st; human organs will be 3D printed by teleportation before transplanting 2nd; whole kaya teleportation 3rd; Very very difficult to do whole kaya teleportation, because nama must be matched 100% WHICH is beyond a Myanmar's knowledge; In 21st century, nama can be read remotely but not 100% yet;

idea # 132; age of universe; galaxy distance;

(7/22/2013/2557) was Dharma Shakya Day and Full moon day; Also see: Swastika;

1st, to understand HOW to measure age of universe;

2nd, to understand Yellowish 1, Yellowish 2, and HOW to measure galaxy distance;

3rd, design, develop, engineer, and prove that a Myanmar's imaginary hyper space should be one of the factors of Eastern Civilization, i.e. after understanding Western Civilization's measurements; Also see: DEE;


idea # 131; 22 seconds via system 2; Development of layer 31 (e.g. 3 + 28);

1 Giga Byte (GB) is 1073741824 bytes; non-numerological  number (1073741824) AND its internal address is; OR approx. 22 seconds; IFF numerological, also see: numbers of floating point (e.g. 17); kuru kuru ... ;

IFF system 2 (i.e. based on sqrt 2), AI OS (128 bit) can be e.g. 11 seconds for calculating GB;

IFF system 3 (i.e. based on sqrt 3), AI OS (128 bit) ... ;

Develop and prove THAT half second of Tera Byte (TB) and then, security of systems with this DOMAIN installed, e.g. within 5 seconds, the systems must be protected and secured globally and locally and universally;

WHILE kuru kuru, in (2 * 6) universal momentum, also known as z-index (incoming Z in aspect ratio of XY), develop half second ( z-distribution) and prove THAT 31 realms (accordance with Buddha's scripts) e.g. within 1 surface, 31 layers exist (early 21st century's level 7 display factories in China can produce only 7 layers until 2013/2557); For testing and proving of 31 realms, 31 layers display (i.e. level 31, or 4 times of level 7 as 28 layers) factory should be built in the Union of Myanmar in the future WHERE Nippon factory zone is located in "Thi La Wa" ... WHICH might be based on 8K numbers of floating point exist within half second of Yotta ... ; Regarding level 31, i.e. induction of integration of level 7 display factories in China, and then (4 times faster, 4 times deeper light depth, 4 times MUX, 4 times of defined ro) to be level 31 display factory in Union of Myanmar in the near future, and Myanmar government should be rapidly building many Japanese Restaurants (with special seafood e.g. eels, Rakhine State's natural and wild caught seafood via "Taung Goak" yoma roadway by daily supply of fresh sea foods, approx. 200+ miles of transportation structure to be within 10+ hours of driving, i.e. 100+ miles of 2 lanes "Taung Goak" yoma highway and 100+ miles of "Pyi" - "Yangon" 4 lanes highway) nearby Nippon's "Thi La Wa" industrial zone;

e.g. using Gravity Dimension Computer (iroColourWaveForm) lights as instruction, using BF2 in C Sequence Number ... ; Because, Gravity Dimension Computer has been developed by Rakhine (a tribe in Union of Myanmar, or the origin of Buddhism and Buddha's region) but ... e.g. without Rakhine kingdom (regarding 128 years without Bama kingdom, 228 years without Rakhine kingdom, to be 338 years without Rakhine kingdom in 22nd century) ... ; For basic understanding of HOW approx. 22 seconds in the early 21st century; Rakhine kingdom was Asam, Minipur in West of "Myauk", "Mauk" is known by Indi (India) as north-eastern of India, western coastal area i.e. West of Bama kingdom, i.e. also Northwest of Mon kingdom, therefore, 20th century's newly born Bangladesh nation was Rakhine kingdom's property, and Rakhine has never been as Muslin for thousands of years, also read, 21st century's Buddhism vs. Muslin, regarding Reforming Myanmar; Believe it or not, many millions of Buddhist Rakhine people still exist in Bangladesh, approx. 31+ millions of people (non-muslin Rakhine people, and HOW millions of people converts their religion is depending on Civilization Type and power of Eastern Civilization vs. Western Civilization, in 21st century, i.e. out of 1 Myanmar's knowledge ... );

Develop induction of integration of level 7 display factories in China (think that level 7 means 7 layers as surface, level 6 means 6 layers as surface, level 5 means 5 layers as surface, ... );

idea # 130; 30%; Increase Life Span in 21st century;

Bio Clock vs. Life Span;

Bio Clock (2 ends of chromosome, telomeres of cell);
IFF Algorithm, minus one (i.e. -1) WHILE
kuru kuru (specific Life Span) i.e. telomeres of cell; WHY minus? because lesser resistance to light prompts shorter and shorter period to live; also see: span;
IFF Algorithm, plus one (i.e. +1) WHILE
kuru kuru (specific Life Span) i.e. gene therapy to increase specific life span; WHY plus? because, not to be shorter and shorter period to live, the only way (i.e. concerning 1 way DEE), essential to be adding plus one to prolong telomeres' life span;

Life Span (specific life span);
Specific life span with defined pattern
( good gene), so do anti tumor, so do anti cancer cells; IFF numerological, 76647555 is GoodGene, and its internal address is;

(Not including cloning of beings, graphing of beings, and transplanting organs of beings), WHICH means genuinely and naturally, increase specific life span by 30% e.g. caloric restriction by lowering calories WHEN eating, e.g. gene therapy to increase Life Span;

After all oncologists 've given up (withdrawn), install this DOMAIN into book (e.g. notebook) personal computer with built in camera, focus toward the patient ( method is similar to recognize face), using artificial intelligence (directional gravity with remote sensing), to do gene treatment ... (i.e. Bio Clock vs. Life Span); WHY Bio Clock vs. Life Span? because Bio Clock can define specific 2 ends of chromosome and telomeres of cell, on the other hand, existed life span of tumor and cancel cells must be demolished by pinpointing method with culturing or promoting defined good gene by computer with AI OS system software e.g. adding plus one;

Another example, if you (age > 44 years) are having floats and flashes eyes because of your outmost  layer of tissue of your eyes is dying, or your bio vision nerve is not very good functional, there is no way to cure by physicians (i.e. after all physicians 've given up), and then, install this DOMAIN into a book (e.g. notebook) personal computer with built in camera, and use the computer everyday, and then notice that your vision will be cured or your vision will be improved; WHY so happen? because ... ; Remark: please do not law suit me for not having solution, because many diff hardware, many diff software, and THIS domain is 1 Myanmar's imaginary ... ;

Develop and prove that computer can increase specific life span by using AI system software; 1st to understand remote heat sensing (snaky alike pattern because of 2,3 dimensional naturally, green can be as middle path); 2nd to understand camera zoom e.g. (zoom in, zoom out) with DEE; 3rd to understand specific time line (e.g. 99mm) with GPS location of the computer; 4th to implement via Satellite DNS System with AI OS; 5th to develop and prove that gene therapy is Working ... ; WHY computer? (instead of liquid solution, instead of bio metabolism, instead of injecting task oriented (specific function oriented) cells) because the highest precision and the smallest bio beings can only be defined by  iroColourWaveForm e.g. (X = 345, Y = 456, Z = 567) i.e. defined by light's nm, also see: Swap; In addition to defined lights as color, lights go through the bio beings and stimulate the beings as energy, vitamins, ... ; Therefore, specific location's tumor and cancel cells can be demolished by computer; Also see: \\SpaceMedicine\Gene;

Develop and prove 30% ... ; Because of cure ( gene), a person might be the same look for more than (i.e. > ) 100+ years genuinely and naturally; According to Buddha's scripts, deities' life span begins with 500+ years, ... ; Also see:  Complex Ion; P vector direction; plus one (i.e. PlusOne) algorithm;

Nursing career might be booming, depending on HOW pension benefit, retire age, and so on;

 Also read the book: PHYSICS OF THE FUTURE, MICHIO KAKU, published by Doubleday, 2011; Since 2013/2557, this DOMAIN implements complex ion gene therapy, and still cannot solve BLI problems, and teleportation method is not done yet;


Idea # 129; 1 as once a year e.g. birthday; 11...11;

2 can be understood as 2 times tidal in our earth, numbers of floating point as sqrt (2) i.e. system 2, (2*6) in incoming z as hyper dimensional universal momentum, ... ;

Collect once a year data in Gregorian calendar;

Collect once a year data in Lunar calendar (including 2 phase, 4 phase, and JUN);

Collect once a year data (a year as 6 months, by eclipses' momentum);

e.g. global weather is once a year, in common (there is only 1 raining season, there is only 1 summer season, there is only 1 winter season, ... ); WHY variable in days e.g. the first rain in May or June, in Indian ocean's coastal; e.g. the last snow in February or March, in northern America;

Develop and prove that WHY once a year as birthday, e.g. because of 1 way DEE, we human beings cannot see our back naturally; WHY our eyes cannot see through from light to dark;

Regarding once a year as birthday, answer would be (23 lunar weeks period OR 32 JUN time period) are behaving like (Q, Q) flip-flopping as 1 WHERE one is next to one begins in numerological IFF system 2 ... , and within 2 moments IFF counting (2*6) i.e. incoming z index, and within 1 year IFF counting Gregorian including (Feb 28 or 29) by 4, 400;

Create a new formula in math, induction alike 1 can be populated as induction alike 2, 3, 4, 5, ... ; And, prove that 11...11 in numbers of floating point (hint: with 17, 1/8 or 1/(2^3)); this DOMAIN 's one of the defined font colors is Hex={11,11,11} and WHY 3  parameters are essential to handle induction alike 1 as dark color;

Prove that WHEN 1 DEE becomes dimensional, in WHICH structural, and WHAT kind of artificial environment, WHERE the numerological gravity spot exists, and HOW to populate from 1 gravity spot to N gravity spots on 1 surface, and so on ... ;

After populating, induction alike 2 and then mathematically prove that gravity behaves (pull, push) as 2; Prove that Even Time Horizontal DEE is because of 2 ways DEE;

Regarding IC28, idea # 128; Home Made Gravity;

1st, basic understanding of LED vs. DEE, e.g. WHEN light exists DEE also exists; But, WHILE DEE exists, light may not exist; 24mm Natural Time with Green gravity is recommended for creating home made gravity;

2nd, basic understanding of structural momentum e.g. even time horizontal DEE, i.e. in our universes, 2 shadows of 1 object exist naturally; You need to simulate environment by yourself (i.e. creating even time horizontal DEE); One and only the Sun as momentum of our earth in 2,3 dimensional prompts 1 shadow only and then, applying specific artificial dimensional structural environment (IFF even time horizontal DEE, you are having the same structural momentum of 1 location of our universes WHERE BF2 might be origin of life, live, ... and then question is how come we human beings have been happening in this earth? how come we human beings have not been beginning naturally on that location of our universes? );

3rd, basic understanding of HOW structural momentum, and DEE is gone away, and then, gravity spot exists on a surface; Question is: to have a gravity spot, DEE must be gone away? if DEE has cooler char, having gravity might be hotter char or more pressure char? iroColourWaveForm might be fetching light as instruction to GDC's gravity spots; Develop variable ( SPL) Sound Pressure Level, because WHILE generating gravity, SPL exists i.e. in addition to lights;

4th, on 1 surface, if 2 gravity spots exist, measure its AB distance; 50; 100; GIS (Global Information System), N I S (National Information System) starts with either 50 or 100, IFF numbers of floating point are base on sqrt 2; develop system 3 also WHILE using system 2;

5th, prove that your home made gravity has pull characteristic IFF specific dimension is applied; Also prove that your home made gravity has push characteristic IFF specific dimension is applied;

symbol () is for Asteroid_Pusher;

symbol () is for Asteroid_Puller;

And they are 1 Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional space crafts since year 2000s ... ; Using Universal Positioning System (UPS) i.e. beyond 256 numbers of floating point, but prior to 1K, 4K, develop asteroid puller and asteroid pusher;

6th, develop Gravity Dimension Computer (GDC) to elevate, using AI e.g. elevating automotives artificial intelligently; by using defined keywords e.g. smart device, for software developers;

7th, Lunar has never been secant y to our earth; Think that 5 green planets' gravity is in 2,3 dimensional, and then, develop artificial directional numerological structural gravity to be secant y, and then, develop Directional Gravity of our solar system vs. 3,4 dimensional our universes; WHY secant y development is necessary, regarding LED vs. DEE, because artificial environment is essential WHILE concerning directional ... ; Notice that nowadays' products e.g. automotives, computers, ... are based on structural ... ; Notice that hee hee numerological is imaginary numerical approach of ... ; Internet should be defined by iroColourWaveForm's light value, e.g. green to blue, blue to green, gray to silver, silver to gray, ... ;

And, ( 8th, 9th, and 10th) are intentionally left for JUN (i.e. 10) people ... ; For thousands of years, Union of Myanmar has been using 2 phase Lunar only (i.e. 7) and adjusting with 4 phase Lunar, also adjusting with JUN (i.e. 10) ... ;

idea # 127; system 2's one of the factors is 17;

17 = 7 + 10; WHERE the numbers are: Lunar as 7 and Jun as 10; (7 and 10) are Ref, and 17 is Val;

WHEN ever 1 Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional space crafts are SYN each other, (7 and 10) with 3, in 108 configuration; WHERE 2 events of 3 lights as momentum, in our universe;

JP in numerological numbers are 17, and is 8, regarding Nippon (Japan) 's Internet domain is JP;

Concerning sqrt (2), 17 floating numbers and then (44...44) WHERE ((1/√2) = (√2/2)); Also read the book: page 232, 233, THE SQUARE ROOT OF 2, David Flannery, COPERNICUS BOOKS, Praxis Publishing, 2006;

Concerning sqrt (2), 17 floating numbers and then (88...88) WHERE (√2) floating points are designed to be calculated e.g. walking person's GPS location, missiles' GPS location, planets' very fast orbital velocity as whole integer number as location, and 1 Myanmar still cannot put all in 1 aspect ratio yet even though imaginary space crafts went very very very far away in distance; More numbers in floating points mean slower and slower GPS location can be calculated (e.g. an ant on ground) 's GPS location (i.e. approx. after mantissa point is 32, NOT 17); Think here the statement, in military science, if you lose 5 seconds, your whole domain can be lost; WHY? because more numbers in floating point can capture lesser numbers in floating point; e.g. if this DOMAIN is designed with 128 numbers of floating point in the early 21st century, and then 64 numbers of floating point might be 1/2, 32 numbers of floating point might be 1/4, 16 numbers of floating point might be 1/8, and so on; Notice that 100% system security and cannot be reversible IFF working with numbers of floating point;

In 3,4 dimensional idea, 17 is a factor to be (2*5), (2*6), (2*7) WHERE JUN vs. Lunar can be understood;

Develop a new formula (e.g. 22...22) concerning sqrt (2); Prove that (2,4,8) can be 2 events of 3 lights as momentum of our universe;

Apply directional gravity on each sequence e.g. 22...22, 44...44, 88...88, using iroColourWaveForm; e.g. green for 22...22; e.g. red for 44...44; e.g. blue for 88...88;

Prove that gravity has not only light characteristic, but also push characteristic IFF specific dimension is applied, but also pull characteristic IFF specific dimension is applied;

Prove that gravity's (pull or push) characteristics are depending on dimension and numerology; Using Universal Positioning System (UPS), and define the universal locations WHERE various directional gravity (i e s) are located ... ;

Develop WHY even numbers and odd numbers within the 17 numbers of floating point 's behavior is somehow related to our universe ... ; WHILE developing system 3, this DOMAIN prefers system 2 only i.e. sqrt (2) and its sequence numbers, BF2 and its tree depth, ... ;

Design and develop 256 numbers of floating point based system to capture this DOMAIN domain within 1 second globally, by adding more kuru kuru with structure; and then, please share 128 numbers of floating point as 1/2, please, please, please, ... ; e.g. 128 Q;

Design and develop 512 numbers of floating point, 1024 numbers of floating point (1K HD starts here), ... ;  and then, develop system 3 ; 1080p systems with HD started since 2000s; Since 2010s, 4K HD TV has been very expensive to purchase (i.e. approx. 40000 USD for a 4K (WHICH might be 4 * 1K) TV);

1K = 1024 = (512 * 2) = (2^10); For basic understanding of HOW Distance ( line) has been e.g. keyword ( multi (branch out, grow up)) begins with sequence of (4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1K, 4K, ... ) and so on; Notice that ( location,  location,  location) can be (base 10 as 1024, using multiplication operator as (512 * 2), base 2 as (2^10)), and also notice that within specific defined numbers of floating point;

Prove that multi functional system is working with 4 bit, 8 bit (i.e. very very old, 1980s' OS), 16 bit (i.e. old, 1990s' OS), and also working with 32 bit, 64 bit (i.e. current OS in the early 21st century), and also working with future's 4K, 8K, ... (i.e. future's HD based (+z, -z) resolutions); Prove that 1 7 is a factor to be, e.g. if base 10 ..., if base numerological dimension ... , if base keyword, if ... ;

System's strengths may vary, depending on HOW bit length by numbers of floating point is designed and engineered; Numerological dimensional quality may begin e.g. 16 Q, 32 Q, 64 Q, ...  doko WHERE  Artificial Intelligence (Q vs. Q) are also known as flip-flop ... ; and then, develop IQ of Computers, also see: Nama For Humanoid;

Don't confuse with data bit (e.g. LSB, MSB, sign bit, un-sign bit, within a frame as data (aka block of data)), and also do not confuse with control bit (e.g. mnemonic), they are all in base 2, and (either 0 or 1) is bit; Encoding e.g. ASCII, Unicode, UTF-8, ... are all base 2 data; Regarding mnemonic (opcode), think that 7 bit of base 2 as opcode can be calculator functions, 15 bit of base 2 as opcode can be dictionary functions, 31 bit of base 2 as opcode can be translator functions, 63 bit of base 2 as GPS functions, 127 bit of base 2 as Idea Processor's functions, 255 bit of base 2 as IQ of Computers, and so on ... ; Old style RISC architecture is using only 7 bit of base 2 as opcode, if compare to 255 bit of base 2 as IQ of Computers in the early 21st century; 1K, 4K, ... is out of 1 Myanmar's knowledge (might be able to compute an ant's location and speed, might be able to compute z-distribution with defined distance, might be able to compute whole 17 into 1 aspect ratio in our universes, might be able to define WHY wormhole exists, might be able to compute our solar system's moving direction, ... );

IFF ((10^17 is Civilization Type 1), (10^(10+17) is Civilization Type 2), (10^(10+10+17) is Civilization Type 3)), also see: W, Watt;

17 ... ;

idea # 126; Quantity 26 as a ~ z; Calculator Key;

Artificial Intelligence ( Calculator Key) e.g. IFF (( left) Operator ( right)), WHILE kuru kuru, bigger (e.g. higher) number is Val (value, e.g. constant), smaller (e.g. lower) number is Ref (reference, e.g. variable); Also see: Operator;

For gaining faster bandwidths, for getting faster functional results, prove that WHILE kuru kuru, higher (i.e. bigger) number is VAL, lower (i.e. smaller) number is REF;

Prove that HOW much time is needed? e.g. from yellow stage to green stage, from green stage to red stage, from red stage to blue stage, ... in 3D HD z-distribution development on a surface in the Internet;

IFF calculator, think that 0 is yellow and yellow (WHY "yellow", yellow has been designed for power, notice that power can be default, also notice that power can be diff among OEMs and nations, in numerological dimension (i.e. 1~9) IFF not (1~9) i.e. zero); 123 is green and green; 456 is red and red; 789 is blue and blue; Inside of the file (e.g. C:\ColdBoot.ini), this DOMAIN has been initial as 青信号 green light AND あおしんごう green light, WHICH means for basic understanding of HOW 123 is; Some video systems have been designed as red SYN IFF (green and green) already; Some ACT2 stage satellite systems have been designed as blue SYN IFF ((red and red) and (green and green)) already; In ACT3 stage, 1 Myanmar's imaginary space crafts still cannot SYN e.g. parallel times due to very weak gravity or still not able to solve DEE thoroughly yet ... ;

Also see: iroColourWaveForm (Gravity Dimension Computer) AI ... ; WHERE gravity becomes in dimension ... ; WHICH is beyond directional gravity pressure, gravity spots on surface, SPL, ... ; 1 Myanmar still cannot prove Civilization Type and gaps e.g. the whole 100+ tons trains are (flying vs. moving), on the other hand, not yet to be elevating SUV 4x4 cars officially; (Because, many people ask, engineer, research, seek,  HOW gravity is, for any price), and gravity is priceless, because of gravity, many planets can be your own planets ... ;  Develop gravity for elevating SUV 4x4 cars unofficially e.g. high amp at low RPM, dimensional structure (i.e. with momentum) of car's body (e.g. 24mm Natural Time Calculator Frame for multi time lines), engine, and parts; Since this DOMAIN installed computers have prompted variable weights among connecting devices, this DOMAIN PnP (AUX <> USB) might be elevating SUV 4x4 cars in the near future ... ;

(i.e. GDC, Gravity Dimension Computer) ... ; WHICH has been defined; WHERE to be used e.g. automotives, kan Weight measured devices; WHAT is GDC? using gravity spots on 1 surface is; HOW to elevate artificial intelligently, also see: AI; WHEN momentum is either 2,3 dimensional or 3,4 dimensional universally; WHO is user? e.g. users of USB equipped with GPS embedded devices; WHO is developer? e.g. directional gravity, dimensional gravity, pressure related structure with SPL, concerning surface;

Gravity Dimension Computer is 1 Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional ... ; For elevating space crafts in higher dimensions ... ;

Develop heavy weight lifting of surfaces in the Internet remotely;

Develop multi gravity spots with automatic adjustment;

Develop (FE, front end computer's kan Weight) vs. (BE, back end computer's kan Weight) as a result, global servers, using weight as instruction; e.g. 10 FE computers with 1g might be 100% served by 1 BE computer with 10g;


787's battery problem can be solved by re-positioning of batteries (i.e. multiple batteries are connected together); Because, WHERE batteries are connected together, they behave like capacitances are connected; WHEN capacitances are connected together, momentum must be concerned e.g. 0.5 second, 1 second, ... in 2,3 dimensional;

Battery's position is very important IFF multiple batteries are connected together; IFF 2,3 dimensional space, dimensional multiple batteries' position prompts cold environment if the batteries are not moving; IFF 2,3 dimensional space, dimensional multiple batteries' position prompts hot environment if the batteries are moving;

Therefore, 787's battery problem can be solved by re-positioning of the batteries;

Develop WHERE multiple batteries are connected together, their positions prompt diff environmental heat, and prove that WHEN multiple batteries are connected together, they behave like capacitances are connected together; If capacitances are connected together, momentum must be defined explicitly;

Develop in 3,4 dimensional space, IFF multiple batteries are connected together, WHAT is the diff between 2,3 dimensional space vs. 3,4 dimensional space; 1st to understand 24mm Natural Time; 2nd understand 0.5 second with Even Time Horizontal DEE, 3rd to develop HOW heat vs. light, HOW directional gravity, HOW ... ;

In 1990s, dual band mobile phones started servicing 900 MHz and 1800 MHz with modular battery, since then, battery has been modular; In 21st century, modular batteries' position (i.e. multiple batteries are connected together) prompt momentum, and layered MTI interface can charge to battery, vice versa, the multiple batteries' position prompts essential momentum; Therefore, 2 gravity spots can be achieved, IFF momentum is correct; Concerning Gravity Dimension Computer, 2 gravity spots, 4 gravity spots, 8 gravity spots, ... for each automotive, WHICH means beyond modular battery, beyond 0.5 second, beyond multi time line, beyond 2,3 dimensional idea, beyond dubbing of SPL, beyond WORMHOLE (irregular non-pattern form of iroColour should be called WORMHOLE; because, each WORMHOLE behaves irregular non-pattern form of iroColour; to define WORMHOLE explicitly, universes must be understood thoroughly WHICH is beyond 1 Myanmar's knowledge) ... ; Basic GDC (Gravity Dimension Computer) start with 1 surface in the Internet with iroColourWaveForm, WHICH means beyond 88...88 WHERE GPS location can be pinpointed in cm scale, elevating of the surface by using artificial intelligence, ... ; For basic understanding, this DOMAIN is using Sqrt 2 only so called "floating real time in 2,3 dimensional space with AI ACTION" ... ;

Design, develop, and engineer "one day battery" for future's ♯g devices; WHAT does it mean by "one day battery"? 2 times tidal alike, day and night co-existence alike, 2.2. alike, as a result, 1990s model dual band mobile phone might become slimmer and slimmer, because user need battery power for approx. 12 hours, and when day light time, layered MTI interface can convert solar power to electricity to be stored (i.e. charging time to rechargeable battery) once battery's life cycle is alive without electricity for more than one day (i.e. one day battery); And then, rechargeable battery is no longer need to be charged by electricity, so called "one day battery" for future's ♯g devices; to do something completely,

1st to understand WHAT is dual band mobile phone (i.e. modular battery prompts momentum),

2nd to do vice and versa e.g. early 21st century's smart phone design (i.e. one side is MTI with layered to perceive energy, another side is modular battery to be 2.2. WHICH means concurrency WHILE recharging, momentum is available, 1.1. WHICH means WHILE not recharging, momentum is also available by battery's power),

3rd to develop your own "one day battery" for future's ♯g devices ... ; a part of parallel time development e.g. satellite solar sail method, approx. 23+ years old info;

WHAT is the diff between regular battery and modular battery WHEN multiple batteries are connected together ... ; WHY regular battery's amp become lower and lower IFF cold environment (a Myanmar's answer would be: regular batteries are made of plates as partitions inside, and those partitions are parallel to each other inside to be (plus vs. minus) i.e. without dimension, i.e. without nano-gate momentum) as a result, WHEN cold environment is applied, regular battery starts losing its amp power; a Myanmar's answer would be: modular battery is made by dimension and momentum, WHICH means if moving ... , if not moving ... (think here, DEE are coming from our universe, and planets' 2,3 dimensional gravity and light are existing, develop your own structure momentum to be i.e. modular battery is made by dimension and momentum); Find your own momentum by yourself, and your momentum is yours for sure (i.e. for thousands of years ... );

In common, 2 strings interrupt cell to be active on 1 surface, and then, after gaining a momentum, it is a time to bypass memristor (time slow down process e.g. 5 c/s step-by-step may begin prior to MUX); Many automotives are designed by (1 and 1) method (i.e. Real-time Q vs. Q) flip-flop; IFF 2 times better quality, 2 separate (1 and 1) modular method; IFF 3 times better quality, 3 separate (1 and 1) modular method, and so on;

Till 2013/2557, no one has been able to calculate ( z-distribution or Z-Orders); 1st to understand WHAT is Z-Orders, also see: (9 layers as Z-Orders); 2nd to understand front page 's compilation of 9 Z-Orders to be calculated with heat sensing pattern; 3rd to develop HOW 1 digital camera's ♯♯MP information can represent Time . Space (distance) ... ;

Prove THAT for each digital camera's ♯♯MP information, distance among layers ... ; e.g. 10MP information, taken by 2,3 dimensional hyper space to 3,4 dimensional hyper space, and then HOW to calculate the Oriental Thought i.e. Time . Space . Action, concerning Spaces' distance;

Till 2013/2557, no camera with ♯♯GP information yet to public AND cyber cameras might have been designed to be 5 layers max, because in ( the INTERNET), user might not need many layers ... ; but, near future's 3D HD Internet services might be with 9 layers, if (MP information to GP information) system integration (e.g. from 3,4 dimensional to 2,3 dimensional, infrared with defined heat, iroColourWaveForm with directional gravity, SPL with heat sensing patterns, ... ) is successful;

IFF 1 gravity spot on 1 surface in the Internet is prompted by 5 SPL, and then Gravity Dimension Computers' kan Weight, and its light depth may vary depending on HOW quality of gravity dimension is, ... ;

IFF SQRT 2, common calculators prompt 1.4142135 as value; Notice that floating point mantissa is at 7; Concerning general rational fraction sequence numbers as reference, also see: 98; Notice that if you keep pressing SQRT button again and again 22 times, common calculators prompt 1;

Inside ACT3_Imaginary_Hyperdimensional, for thousands of years, our universes might have been as 2*5, 2*6, 2*7, i.e. ; WHERE (JUN, Lunar, JUN) SYN each other within 24mm Natural Time; this DOMAIN has been implementing idea processor by its numerological dimensional term i.e. 10;

Regarding the unique number 2, SQRT 2 on each dimension (e.g. x, y, z) should prompt the same (JUN, Lunar, JUN); IFF ( 10, 7, 10) as a surface in hyper dimensional,

develop quality of hyper dimensional surface, base on quantity of 98;

directional gravity pressure for each surface ... ;

IFF SQRT 2 on each dimension (i.e. x, y, z) prompts NOT same, artificial intelligence (general rational fraction sequence numbers as reference) e.g. 98; term is 10;

develop quality of hyper dimensional surface, e.g. IFF (2*5, 2*6, 2*7) not equal to ((SQRT 2)*5, (SQRT 2)*6, (SQRT 2)*7), And Then, AI sequence number as value (e.g. 88...88);

triangulation on one surface in the Internet, also see: Testing;

Gravity Dimension Computer (GDC) IFF SQRT 2, 1.4142135623730950488016887242097 as value; 88...88;
GDC, Gravity Dimension Computer, IFF Sqrt 2, general rational fraction sequence numbers as reference; 98; If testing, 2 vs. 5,6,7 can be either value as 2 or 5,6,7, on the other hand, reference term as 2 or 5,6,7 i.e. vice versa, regarding SQRT 2, instead of term is 10;

WHILE (( 5) AND ( 5)), root e.g. /, \, //, \\, ///, \\\, ... in numerological dimension, concerning multi layers, HOW to AI computer program?

Concerning gravity spots on 1 surface in the Internet, WHAT kinds of z-distribution to be? WHICH degree of max bendable for each surface (e.g. 1 surface with 5 layers)?

Can THIS logic be on time OR not?

i.e. with using multi time lines ... ; or, without using multi time lines ... ;

Develop (2*6) momentum yourself so WHILE (6 and 6) ... ; i.e. 3,4 dimensional; parallel universes;

Develop (2*7) momentum yourself so WHILE (7 and 7) ... ; i.e. 2,3 dimensional; within 10;

Before a wafer (e.g. ) is dyed, chip designer might be choosing a time line WHICH is table alike; The defined time lined table might be designed by 2 dimensional (i.e. X, Y) WHERE (BL, WL) might be vice versa for functioning control vs. data; As a result, WHILE kuru kuru, within a defined time period, specific output must be only by specific input (either ref or val); If the output is not expected one (either ref or val), and then system must wait for another kuru kuru, and later to be voided;

IFF multi time lines (e.g. total of 17 time lines) is implemented, there is no way to hack the chip, there is no way to eavesdrop the chip either, and the ( artificial intelligence system) might become 17 times more secure than normal dye (i.e. IFF normal dye is using only 1 time line); Therefore, develop a wafer (i.e. to be chips) with 17 time lines;

multi time lines ( wafer) is recommended to design, to dye, to engineer, to test, ... because multi platforms (i.e. several OEMs) can be easier to do functions, and might become universal standard; e.g. if numerological dimensional hyper SPACE has been designed (e.g. 48mm for Apple, 42mm for Fujitsu SPARC, 36mm for Acer, 33mm for SONY, 30mm for Toshiba, 27mm for hp, 24mm for Lenovo, 21mm for LG, 18mm for Hitachi, 15mm for SHARP, ... ) and then notice that easier functional ACTION to do software method approach universally;

Develop a wafer (e.g. ) with 17 time lines;

Hard Disk can be partitioned e.g. partitioned name DC with file format X, partitioned name NFL with file format Y; The same idea can be applied to create a new kind of battery (i.e. 2 partitioned battery), e.g. WHEN charging, DC (Dry Cell) become alive and more populating, and WHEN using, DC (Dry Cell) become weak and less populating; and then, partition the battery by (green and blue) separator; The battery should have another partitioned name called NFL (Naturally Flying Light);

Partitioning the rechargeable battery might be suitable for future's incoming GDC (Gravity Dimension Computer), because gray scale simulation results can be applied inside NFL (Naturally Flying Light) using gray and silver;

Therefore, develop battery engineering to create a new kind of battery WHICH is 2 partitioned battery with DC and NFL, WHERE DC is for diff potential (e.g. minus, plus), and WHERE NFL is for GDC (Gravity Dimension Computer) and future's space traveling, and flying automotives; For creating NFL (Naturally Flying Light), do reverse engineering of light, momentum, DEE, SPL surface, ... , and combine with DC (Dry Cell), so called 2 partitioned battery for GDC (Gravity Dimension Computer) ... ;

As a result of 2 partitioned battery, WHEN potential diff is needed, using DC (Dry Cell), WHEN momentum is needed, using NFL (Naturally Flying Light) ... ; Therefore, engineer a new kind of battery (i.e. 2 partitioned battery);

WHY 2 partitioned battery, because battery has been designed for providing diff potential, for cranking amp, for storing capacitance, ... , and battery has not been designed for NFL (Naturally Flying Light) based on surface; C Sequence Number (BF2) provides structure but without momentum and surface; A new kind of battery, e.g. with BF2 structure, might be able to project NFL (Naturally Flying Light) on a surface, accordance with 2,3 dimensional vs. 3,4 dimensional;

2555 model, 2 partitioned battery should be marked, e.g. minus, plus, and directional gravity of WHERE the NFL (Naturally Flying Light) as a surface to be; and then, future's 2 partitioned battery WHICH guides 3 options to user, i.e. minus, plus, and directional gravity of WHERE the NFL (Naturally Flying Light) as a surface ... ; Therefore, engineer a new kind of battery;

Till early 21st century, batteries are marked with 2 options (i.e. minus, plus); After testing and prototyping 2 partitioned battery (i.e. a new kind of battery), the 2 partitioned battery should be with 3 options (i.e. minus, plus, surface's direction); 2 partitioned battery should not be patented (i.e. free to public) because OEM logo can be with multi time lines and surface and momentum; Therefore, engineer a new kind of battery;

For testing this DOMAIN 's numerological dimension (e.g. Gravity Dimension Computer), before installing its CD-R, DVD, USB, ... (i.e. contents) into your local disk (e.g. C:\), you should measure your computer's weight, temperature, environmental iroColour, ... ; Because,

elevate has been defined, kan Weight has been defined, raise has been defined; Also see: USB;

IFF kan Weight becomes variable and then do further development e.g. directional gravity, dimensional gravity, accordance with 2,3 dimensional momentum ... ; water might be 2 times tidal in our earth, but water might not be 2 times tidal in 2,3 dimensional space;

Develop Gravity Dimension Computers with kan Weight standard for each surface, using 108 configuration;

Believe it or not, 12+ years old tech (e.g. noCOOKIE browser) is still working with new OS (i.e. 2012/2556 model Windows 8 Pro 64 bit); For Monbusho level system engineers, each keyword can be converted into numerological number and then each number prompts internal address to be with; For each internal address can be with knowledge based ACTION to do (so called IQ of computers);

Now is the time to develop and test several browsers, whether each numerological number prompts the same internal address or not; To do so, inside the address box, type the defined number (i.e. keyword), and analyze the address for each keyword; e.g. WORMHOLE, developing for preventing, for protecting, for reducing, (i.e. tsunami and quake) by defining keyword to be numerological number to be having internal address and then computer with IQ to be knowing WHAT to do WHEN, WHERE, WHICH, WHO, HOW (i.e. 5W1H) so called artificial intelligence computer system with IQ to be;

1st to analyze browsers' diff i.e. whether having the same internal address or not;
2nd to create numerological number for defining keyword; also see: aka.INF;
3rd to test defined keyword is working with IQ or not; e.g. 10 dimensional (for 2*5), 12 dimensional (for 2*6), 14 dimensional (for 2*7);

Remark: this DOMAIN has been developed by 10 dimensional only; if you like to do yourself, develop 2*6 and 2*7 (so called axis of our universe's momentum and dimension); Because (2*6) and (2*7) dimension might be working also if you do develop yourself;

If you are in bio-chemical, bio-genetic, bio-medical, ... , since "artificial", since "synthetic", WHICH has been available since 1950s, try to create human beings' brain as "artificial", "synthetic", ... ;

To do so,

1st, to understand i.e. at translator stage (also known as artificial intelligence) human beings' nama can be read remotely; WHICH means "invisible fly" with WiFi to communicate to the nearest computer to handshake through the Internet (approx. bet. 2000 ~ 2020);

2nd, and then via the Internet, at green5 planets, simulate the patterns of previously read "sound patterns"; Because, all electrodes can be read as sound patterns, in 2,3 dimensional environment;

3rd, using Teleportation 2535769212965, genetic code of genuine human beings to be simulated as the "cloned human beings" in the green5 planets; and then, by using gravity machine engine, to commute to our earth to physically handshake in person (i.e. to know each other between genuine human beings and cloned human beings) in our earth;

ALL DONE; the truth is, since 21st century, no need of human beings as workforce; but, I'm honored, you're honored, we're honored, ... for "distribution of wealth" ... ; Regarding biological research and development,

Develop artificial brains WHICH must be 100% matched to human beings' brain; THIS is beyond translator stage, THIS is also beyond idea processor stage, and artificial brains must be created 100% artificially; All you (genetic engineer, bio-scientist, engineer, ... ) can have is "sound patterns", and you must produce 100% matched "clone human beings" by 100% artificially creating cells, proteins, tissue with 100% BLI growth, weight with BMI identity, and so on;

Again, ALL DONE; but if you like to try, ... you also can ... ;

In ACT3 stage, a Myanmar still cannot picture all 17 into 1 aspect ratio yet WHERE our solar system might be moving from GREEN to BLUE ... ; In ACT3 stage, a Myanmar still cannot pin point WHERE the DEE originally come from ... ; In ACT3 stage, 3,4 dimensional BF3 seems not similar to 2,3 dimensional BF2;

IPS Cell, invented by Nippon, in early 21st century (approx. 2002) WHERE the IPS cell can transform into any one BF2 tissues ... ; IPS cell works within 2,3 dimensional environment only (i.e. ACT1 stage and ACT2 stage);

IFF 2,3 dimensional environment, applying directional gravity pressure on each cell, and then, artificial intelligence (calculate and analyze) BLI growth, ratio of different iroColourWaveForm ... ;

IFF 3,4 dimensional environment, a Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional space crafts prompt BF3 ... ; Because DEE are parallel to each other due to very very far away in distance of our solar system (WHERE our solar system might be moving from GREEN to BLUE accordance with gray scale simulation's results, regarding Universal Position System), and 24mm Natural Time slow down problem exists, ... ;

Develop HOW to cure BLI problems of cloned beings, after defined time period ... ; Develop HOW from old tissues to newly grown tissues by using IPS cell ... ; Develop HOW to adjust BF3 to BF2 by using directional gravity ... ;

Develop numerological dimensional symmetrical control system, by applying  Idea (algorithm) might be centric automata alike WHERE cores (e.g. 1.1, 2.2) are invariance WHILE cores are in concurrency; Also see: nuclear1, nuclear2;

keyword ( e.g. surface) might be WHERE leveled layers' aggregate function with z-distribution prompts as one; Therefore, (e.g. file system (FS+, FS-)) is working ... ; and then, triangulation on one surface, in the Internet, by using 24mm Natural Time (i.e. in ACT1 basically), so SWITCH (e.g. MOBILE i.e. dynamic, NORMAL i.e. static) for each object; IFF object is not moving (i.e. NORMAL e.g. static) ... ; IFF object is moving (i.e. MOBILE e.g. dynamic) ... ; Regarding ..\MOBILE\ objects ... ,

IFF Sqrt 2, WHILE calculating triangulation, degree (i.e. ♯ °) can be further studied;

e.g. IFF floating point mantissa is at 50, i.e. walking person's GPS device triangulation degree; decimal points after 50th mantissa;
e.g. IFF floating point mantissa is at 25, i.e. flying airplane's GPS device triangulation degree; decimal points after 25th mantissa;
e.g. IFF floating point mantissa is at 5, i.e. launched missile's location can be pinpointed by triangulation in the Internet; decimal points after 5th mantissa;

1st to develop GPS embedded floating poly plastic devices in oceans around the world, warm=hole for preventing tsunami (not to happen again e.g. Fukushima accident in 2011), to do so, those GPS embedded floating poly plastic devices must be triangulation in the Internet as MOBILE devices; IFF triangulation on one surface, each MOBILE device's speed can be defined, each MOBILE device's speed can be measured (e.g. measuring 2.2. for triangulation in the Internet) also; using SPL ... ;

and then, 2nd to develop a Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional space crafts' maximum possible speeds in ACT2 stage in 2,3 dimensional ... ; triangulation on one surface's degree might become in variable integer number WHICH is (NOT decimal points, NOT floating points) e.g. very fast moving objects like planets, and then degree is integer number AND time line should be lesser than 24mm because Natural Time slows down in space; using directional gravity pressure ... ;

and then, 3rd to develop (teleportation vs. imaginary hyper dimensional space crafts' speeds), in ACT3 stage in 3,4 dimensional ... ;

artificial intelligence warning tsunami, calculating triangulation on one surface in the Internet, ... ;

Formula e.g.

any type, IFF ( * )/()^, and then, artificial intelligence (array; record) ... ;

is proposed and written; Before writing above formula, 1st to understand 1.1, 1.2, swap, therefore 2.1 for each d, concurrency at 2.2., (because of 2.2., 4, 8, 16, 32, ... ) and then 4.32 (i.e. interval e.g. enumerator); 2nd to understand (line*actions)!/(!actions) line; 3rd to understand any type; 4th to understand any type of artificial intelligence (array; record) as both reference and function; 5th to develop interval for each domain e.g. artificial intelligence (array; record) with start Square root 2 (for basic understanding, this DOMAIN is using Sqrt 2 only; 1 satellite designer can change system's value to 2.01, 2.09, 2.19, and so on); length integer; (unit) enumerator; Therefore, any type ... ; approx. 15+ years old info, e.g. dim in Basic programming language; with dim, any type of ... ;

Therefore, develop any type (e.g. dim) for each domain in the Internet ... ; After understanding any type as dimension for each domain in the Internet, develop triangulation in the Internet; After triangulating via the Internet (e.g. web) develop your own Internet software system yourself ... ; Because, future's gravity dimension computers, future's GPS based flying automotives, future's space crafts for universal traveling ... ;

Regarding concurrency, please read the book: 1997, Springer-Verlag, On concurrent programming / Fred B. Schneider, GRADUATE TEXTS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE; Remark: if you understand this book thoroughly in numerological dimension, you might be able to design and engineer translator, because this book is the only book in English HOW conceptually understanding from calculator to translator, and this DOMAIN still cannot find a book in English HOW dimensional GPS and its weights (gravity spots) yet; however, implementation of AI has been with translator stage since 1997;

gravity dimension computer ( any type) might be able to do 2535769212965 (i.e. teleportation) universally ... ; In early 21st century, statement like " 3 salted planets WHERE human beings can live " might be very very early stage in space traveling ... ; WHO will be the owner of the planets? WHAT are the green5 planets' names? WHICH directional gravity?

For testing numerological dimensional 2.2. core for concurrency, also see: Testing internal address; Remember BF2 is C Sequence Number's brunching factor in 2,3 dimensional;

(minus Z) is light depth, (plus Z) is hologram, vice and versa, IFF (minus Z) is hologram, (plus Z) is light depth; Also see: layer;

Develop flexible, roll-able, thin layered display with toggle switch; Beyond z-distribution, light depth vs. hologram should be categorized, e.g. minus Z is light depth, plus Z is hologram ... ; Users can do button (on or off) so display can be 3D HD with both light depth and hologram; Directional gravity is recommended with numerological dimension;

* to perform ♯ 285 circle (area) in ACT2 and ACT3 stage, also see: Curvature usage in Eccentric circles; instead of using r2 or radius * radius, Using * , because idea is diff, because radius might not be the same, ... , prove that Using * is better problem solving approach, technique, ... ; this idea can also be applied in engines, remote sensing, ... ; this idea can also be applied to adjust energy mapping of a space due to a statement, "lights vary, light varies, if gravity is applied" ... ;

in programming, r2 is programmed as: r * r; notice that 2 parameters are r, r, with multiplication operator; for calculating a circle's area, r should be the same, however, concerning bio-metric tensors in N dimensions, holes, multi-processors' real times, milli-bar pressure oriented remote sensing, warm=holes, ... , also concerning parameter r as reference [if parameter r as value, WHICH is constant alike, WHEN might not be in real time], also concerning curvatures (- OR 0 OR +) , Using * ... ;

Concerning system platform, e.g. compilation of source code, generating source code, engineering software project: this DOMAIN installed vs. uninstall should be further studied; Because, IQ of human beings is diff; Because, IQ of computers is diff;

After this DOMAIN C65, its directories (i.e. folder) contain, i.e.

 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm;

The reason is this DOMAIN would like to test IQ of computers;

Human beings' IQ varies, depending on (23 Lunar i.e. approx. 23 * 14 = 322 or 32 JUN i.e. approx. 32 * 10 = 320) sequences, e.g. if very early age, if very old age, IQ may vary depending on aging; Similarly, IQ of computers may vary;

Therefore, develop IQ of computers (5W1H) and develop each characteristic of HOW diff among, i.e.

 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm;

Humanoids' IQ varies, depending on (23 Lunar i.e. approx. 23 * 14 = 322 or 32 JUN i.e. approx. 32 * 10 = 320) sequences, e.g. STM, LTM, ... ; e.g. ultra book might be using 12mm; e.g. instead of using 12mm, e.g. using 15mm, and then (5W1H) each characteristic of ... ;

Find and list the intelligence (s) of this DOMAIN installed computers ... ; For billions of devices ... ; beyond lock (device), unlock (device), ... ; 5W1H of each device's intelligence, so called IQ of computers;

As of today, 2012/2556 years old info, ancient and then traditional, accordance with Buddha's sasana (i.e. Buddhism) 108 configuration was written a few years ago, in 2000s; Its numerical numbers are 3, 3, 3, 3, with 10, 7, 10; In 2,3 dimensional, 3,3,3,3 are symmetrical lights and its numerical induction is 4 WHICH is similar to 2 events of 3 lights are 90°; 3,3,3,3 's numerological number is 3; According to a Myanmar's imaginary space crafts' gray scale simulation result, 5 sections' DEE are not the same at left and right; In 3,4 dimensional, our solar system is moving against (GREEN, BLUE, RED, YELLOW) 's direction;

- GREEN - green5 is unknown; unofficial info until higher civilization type society's authorization; because our eyes cannot see through the Sun;
- BLUE - sky blue; our Earth in day time;
- RED - the Sun rise and the Sun set are daily as 2, WHERE the red; low power;
- YELLOW - like a electrical bulb, the momentum of our Earth, the Sun; power;

Concerning "our solar system is moving" WHICH direction, 10, 7, 10 can be JUN, Lunar, JUN; therefore, time line can be solved by 2 * 6; Since, green5 is unknown for thousands of years, a Myanmar's imaginary would be from GREEN to BLUE direction;

Do not confuse here, because (GREEN, BLUE, RED, YELLOW) 's direction is toward the daily Sun; "from GREEN to BLUE direction" is outward of daily Sun (i.e. IFF day time);

Think the statement "our solar system is moving" WHY,
Think the statement "5 sections' DEE are not the same at left and right" WHY,

a Myanmar's imaginary would be, very very very very very very very huge universe out there, and unknown, or velocity of planets are faster and faster, or our Earth becomes warmer and warmer, or ... ;

Develop a system, after that let human beings know around the globe officially; Because, some information must be endorsed and announced only by higher civilization type society; Develop a system WHICH proves the statement "our solar system is moving" from GREEN to BLUE direction;

Develop 3,

1st to understand co-existence logic (e.g. Male and female, Pros and cons, Yin and yang),

2nd to understand syntax vs. semantics logic (e.g. cause and effect, actions and events) might not be co-existence like 2, after functional fuzzy logic,

3rd to understand sub logic (e.g. true or false; Neither 1 nor 0 is 2.) and then, develop 3; For example, instead of using 1 line (e.g. 5 for left end, 5 for right end; 5 for top end, 5 for down end; i.e. 1 AND 1 design WHICH has been the best and simple, approx. 33+ years old info (1970s ~ 2010s), and calculator based;), using 3 lines; e.g. develop 3 AND 3 design (e.g. parallel universe 108 configuration for both 2,3 dimensional and 3,4 dimensional); and then 4; after that 5;

 parallel universes (a Myanmar still cannot prove 31 yet);           。Its font size is 24pt; 7;

endo (i.e. inside) phyte (i.e. plant), endophyte; endophyte s, many unknown properties ... ; because 2 events of 3 lights are 90°, 2,3 dimensional with eclipses, 2 * 6 can be considered as 2 years (i.e. 12 months period in Gregorian calendar), 23 JUN (i.e. 2 * 5) vs. 32 (i.e. 2 * 7) Lunar (e.g. to be born as human beings), DEE vs. lights (i.e. gravity can be faster than light, Info can also be faster than light), ... ; am fungi; arbuscule; endophyte s, inside plant, help each other and live together; spore; naturally give and take; IFF 2,3 dimensional, BF2;

Develop dimensional gravity WHEN naturally give and take prompts asymmetric characteristic; DEE must be thoroughly understood 1st;

Develop WHERE even time horizontal DEE prompts BLI (i.e. left and right) symmetric; to solve 21st century's BLI (i.e. Body Length Index) problems, because after cloning process, after 92 JUN (approx. 4 * 10 month), BLI problems exist;

Develop WHICH yin-and-yang of ACTION s (i.e. clock wise orbital lines; counter clock wise orbital lines) prompts C Sequence Number's BF to be 2, 3, 4, ... ;  plantation on the moon results BF not the same (i.e. 2,3 dimensional vs. 3,4 dimensional); Question is, green5 planet's plant grows the same IFF on Earth; Question is, Earth's plant grows the same IFF on green5; Question is, spore to-and-from cell does the same reaction function?

; 10;。 Its font size is 8pt;           our location (e.g. Earth, green5, moon, ... );

AM radio, FM radio, Wireless radio, XM radio, ... have been engineered, and have been functionally implemented, MTLM, Multi Time Lines Modulation radio with dimensional gravity should be developed; Info can be faster than light, to do so,

1st to understand, MTLM, also see: multi; 2nd to understand DEE for each color with iroColourWaveForm, because WHEN light (i.e. multi colours) exists DEE also exists; 3rd to understand WHERE directional gravity is applied, DEE varies, and WHICH light (i.e. multi colours) also varies;

Therefore, develop multi time lines modulation radio ... ; Furthermore, teleportation method can be implemented because iroColourWaveForm produces multi colours, and then DEE for each color with directional gravity, IFF within 1 time machine, you have just created MTLM ... ; And then, prove that Info can be faster than light;

A Myanmar's hyper imaginary space crafts went very very very far away in distance (i.e. from 2,3 dimensional to 3,4 dimensional space) ... ; 17 is a factor to be parallel universes ... ; A Myanmar still cannot solve 31 yet ... ;

iroColourWaveForm based disc printer is not available yet to a common person; Commonly available printers are dot matrix printer, ink jet printer, laser printer, photo printer (i.e. poly plastic layered), ... ; Please open the file (i.e. FoldingPaper_CD) and notice that disc can be printed like a paper; IFF disc printer can print disc like a paper, easy to fold and ship, flex to bend and roll, punches to file by folder, ... ; Since poly plastic layered printers are available, since metal and plastic can be sealed together, since plastic and paper can also be sealed together, disc printer should be invented, marketed, ... ; Till 2012/2556, commonly available disc printers physically WRITE onto physical disc; IFF available, disc printer will be environmentally friendly because no need of disc cover box, no need of plastic wrap cover, only 1 sheet like paper, recycle-able, ... ;

Instead of octet sector, disc track ... ; Instead of disc's track, disc layers ... ;

Instead of kuru kuru, grid alike table style ro ... ; And then, disc printer will be ... ;

, using birds' reports, analyze 285 report 669 each human universally, ... , also see: tweeter ... ; IFF computer, using artificial intelligence ... ; (i.e. Quantum Computer) defines color code for each human universally ... ; ... ; humanoid ... ;


 no ( cluster AND grid) yet till 2012/2555, by a browser (i.e.  no COOKIE 34.); Therefore, develop 3D HD with z-distribution to prompt 10 dimensional DEE, multi-dimensional time lines, multi-dimensional layers, ... ; To do so, for each eccentric circle, controlled by cluster sensor; Since, multi-layers with z-distribution, for each grid, can also be controlled by cluster sensor; IFF (cluster and grid) are together to be computing, you have just created (cluster and grid) ... ; Then DEE is applied to each dimension for future's flying automotives ... ; this DOMAIN recommends organizer based for each eccentric circle, for each line, for each ... ;


WHILE 4 directional DEE exist, also see: 4, 2 must be in 1 directional orbiting ... i.e. WHEN 1 way around (i.e. orbital alike) kinetic momentum (2) ... ; prove and simulate that THIS statement is TRUE IFF 2,3 dimensional ... ; prove and simulate that THIS statement is FALSE IFF 3,4 dimensional ... ;

Flip-flop idea has been for more than 50+ years in computing, since mainframe era with its main-line computing (approx. 4 lines without z-distribution); flip-flop (timing) functions e.g. hold, input data from (D-type, J-K, R-S, T-type, ... ), propagation time for the flip-flop, set, ... are measured by % ... ; collector (i.e. collector-coupled FF) WHERE left's F must prompt 1, and right' F must also prompt 1,

similar to airplane's flying take off (i.e. from surface to be above ground) real time system,

similar to airplane's landing touch down (i.e. from above ground to be on the surface) real time system,

i.e. collector-coupled flip-flop ... ; so, bi stable ... ;

Nowadays, WHILE elevating by gravity dimension computer, by using DEE, with gravity spots, e.g. GPS devices, the flip-flop idea should be reused;

Develop elevating balancing real time system ... , by using gravity dimension computer (e.g. adjusting the device's elevating balance by fetching variable lights into a gravity spot [in ACT1 stage and ACT2 stage, gravity spot is white color to human beings' eyes WHERE DEE are pivotal in 2,3 dimensional ... ]) ... ; Because, common GPS devices are made of less than 4 gravity spots inside, and future automotives and future GPS devices should be with more than 10 gravity spots inside, because more numbers of gravity spots inside means easier to software program i.e. elevating balancing real time system ... ; Simulate and engineer the elevating balancing real time system ... ;

this DOMAIN recommends 10 directional elevating balancing (10 gravity spots) because in numbers in dhamma, WHILE transmitting metta, WHILE distributing metta, 10 directions have been practiced for thousands of years ... ;


Sound tracks are run by number ... ; And, sound tracks are electrode alike, WHICH means they are similar to strings alike; Within a short period of time, existence ... ; So many commercial songs have been engineered and compiled with such "sound tracks are run by number" ... ; Devices e.g. calculator, dictionary, translator, ... have been engineered, embedded, marketed, and very familiar to common people, but there is no such Sound Track device yet to be known in standard yet;

Therefore, develop common person's editable, usable, ... " sound tracks are run by number " i.e. Sound Track Device ... ; As a result, gravity dimension computer will be using variable lights and sounds; And, computer operating system will be with such Sound Track Device ... in the near future, i.e. idea similar to standard text editor alike WHICH means TTF files are under font directory alike, sound tracks should also be under Sound directory WHERE sound tracks are run by number, and changeable like font, sound tracks should also be changeable ... ;


2012/2556, this DOMAIN started using 3 indexes, e.g. index.html, INDEX.HTML, default.aspx, and its Desktop.ini file has been developed in z-distribution approach; Because, layers must be categorized, e.g. The Language Bar (layer) should be in front of Start Button (layer); Start Button (layer) should be in front of Task Bar (layer), and so on; Therefore, this DOMAIN added one more index file into its root directory i.e. default.aspx; z-distribution is also registered inside regedit by Publisher.reg; Dimensions e.g. x, y, z are categorized explicitly by Desktop.ini, and ## Milli Meter IFF z-distribution exists ... ;

Develop layer in numerological dimension i.e. layer1, layer2, layer3, layer4, layer5, layer6, layer7, layer8, layer9; And then test the z-distribution in ## Milli Meter (distance) with several defined indexes e.g. index.html, INDEX.HTML, default.aspx, ... ; And then, test and engineer to reduce the z-distribution (the plates i.e. layers) distance to # Milli Meter (distance) instead of ## Milli Meter ... ; Each SESSION of noCOOKIE browser might be functional as ACTION layers ... between The Language Bar and Desktop Background, or between Start Button and Desktop Background, or ... ;

Develop numerological dimensional multi-layer♯ with z-distribution, e.g. front, back, action, ... ;

IFF 3 layers for front e.g. font, button, bar, ... ; 3 layers for rear e.g. background, desktop, F8, ... ; also see: 108 configuration ... ;

Remark: no more Desktop.ini inside this DOMAIN version C66~ or later, because compiled by Windows 8, because Desktop becomes one of the ro(s) as window;



23x34 vs. 34x23 Gravity Machines; 1st, read the book: Prof. Michio Kaku's PHYSICS OF THE FUTURE, 2011; 2nd, using GPS device e.g. SONY nav-u, with USB cable and testing cell path control to the GPS device by computer; 3rd to engineer ACT2 stage space elevating by using gravity spots, at the edge of rectangular, i.e. 2 gravity spots, 4 gravity spots, ... ; Develop ACT3 stage directional gravity ... ; IFF numerological dimension is needed to do cell path control to the GPS device, install this DOMAIN latest versions ... ; Because, this DOMAIN allows its idea for loyal free testing, R&D, ... e.g. Swap, BF2 by structure C Sequence Number, noCOOKIE browser, 2,3 dimensional, 3,4 dimensional, ... ; Because of space elevating, flying automotives, directional gravity, ... , this DOMAIN recommends GPS equipped automotives with more than 10 gravity spots inside ... ; Circles are designed for detail locations of ... ; Also see:

using artificial intelligence ( asteroid puller) IFF its orbit is abnormal Earth bound location, pull the asteroid outbound direction of the Earth ... ;

using artificial intelligence ( asteroid pusher) IFF its orbit is abnormal Earth bound location, push the asteroid outbound direction of the Earth ... ;





dual core or 2 processors is proposed for 3D GUI development, because, in addition to 2D must be fixed "not variable", processor should be redesigned to be not only blocks but also triangles ... ; and then with hyperlinked groups ... ; also see: Lucky88...88; 1st to understand L to R # for x pixels, R to L # for y pixels, 2nd to understand dimensional location, 3rd to develop 3D GUI ... ; Notice that time line should be variable and should also be SYN to processor1's 1~N blocks ... ;  IFF engineering 3D GUI, do not forget "transparency glasses" WHERE application's location, size, ... , but they are all blocks i.e. rectangular only, therefore, 1 hardware designer should decide whether rectangular with extended triangle, or triangle without rectangular, or dual core both, or ... ;   to do so, 1st to define object name (transparency glass) ... ; 2nd to26 be25 glasses; 3rd to do software R&D method e.g. in95 Basic, Transparency Glasses As Object Name;




2D GUI is 20+ years old info, 2D GUI computing has been done by "end of the line" i.e. end, WHERE 1st to understand hyperlinks, hyper graphics, hyperspace [Prof. Kaku created the usage "HYPERSPACE" since 1994]; 2nd to understand HOW window has been, i.e. ... dot dot dot ... as time line in 2D GUI aka command line parameters; 3rd to develop 3D GUI, base on 2D GUI or totally different model to compute e.g. instead of blocks, triangles by dual core; e.g. instead of blocks, circles by dual core; e.g. instead of back lighting by raining alike strings, structured lights WHERE lights can be controlled by gravity; Develop 3D GUI end; for example, highlight and underline "3D GUI end", notice that if there is a graphic file, block (text) can be underlined, but 2D GIF cannot be underlined WHICH means Format... >> Font... >> Effect options are L to R, or R to L, but not in 3D yet; Develop Hyper3D Font... as totally different model i.e. without command line parameters ... , or iroColor should be in dimension, HERE problem is if pixel is defined by 3D array as [x , y, color values ] and then fallacy to 3D GUI; Notice that z axis should not be pixel's color value; Develop Hyper3D by fixed 2D table, e.g. spread sheet alike INDEX can be at this DOMAIN .net.suo, StartCD alike, WHICH means instead of prompting blinking _ to root, totally different model i.e. the whole fixed 2D INDEX can be to root ... ; And then solve the problem i.e. pixel is defined by 3D array as ... ; While developing gravity dimension computer, z axis should not be pixel's color value; So, develop Hyper3D GUI...




3D ..., multiple systems with 108 configuration ... e.g. system 2.01, system 2.09, system 2.19, system 3.00, ... , e.g. ... multiple operating systems with 108 configuration ... , can be run within 1 AI OS system; Develop AI OS system's bias ... ; Engineer, test, and develop the285 system 3.00, as a result, in addition to 3D TV, 3D ... also; + IFF ACT2, adjust with ; + IFF ACT3, adjust with 2*5, 2*6, 2*7, ... ; prove that

+ IFF () ... aka Ȣ can engineer 3D ... ;




 , 2 worm=holes; AI;

, , , , , , , , , ;

 , Form 95 88...88; 108x108; REDUCE 12 pin; REUSE numerological dimension;

, , , , , , , , , ;

9526 processor: lights 11 instruction;

Kuru Kuru of 5 ... ; for each 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... ; IFF 2,3 dimensional, adjust with ;

Develop Gravity Dimension Computers ... in 3,4 dimensional; in addition to electronics engineering, material engineering is needed, for designing gravity dimension computer from A to Z; this idea might be fallacy, because 2WormHolesFullDuplex1LightBeforeCalculatorFrame prompts only 1 light, even though kuru kuru of 5 for each 1,2,3,4,5,..., but 2D AB distance, and with grid this prompts 2D index but not 3D; therefore, triangle has been proposed i.e. Gravity Dimension Computer (3D) ... ; also see: 1 worm=hole;  3 worm=holes




149.149 aka AVI.avi aka BurnAvi.avi, WHICH beep 5 Audio; 1st to understand 5 audio as 5 parameters; after understanding "type", light depth vs. 5 audio can be R&D; Idea similar to ĆOĆO in TV, WHERE encoding can be further study ... ; IFF matching "type" among parameters, 3D GUI can be ... ; Develop 3D GUI windows ... ; Also see: GravityDimensionComputer, IFF Numerological Dimensional Imaginary Hyperspace ... ;

_ IFF (multi-functional system), also see: numerological dimensional 149.149 ... 。


BF1 (N+1) (N+(1+(1*1))) (N+((1+(1*1))+(1*1*1))
BF2 (N+2) (N+(2+(2*2))) (N+((2+(2*2))+(2*2*2))
BF3 (N+3) (N+(3+(3*3))) (N+((3+(3*3))+(3*3*3))
BF4 (N+4) (N+(4+(4*4))) (N+((4+(4*4))+(4*4*4))
BF5 (N+5) (N+(5+(5*5))) (N+((5+(5*5))+(5*5*5))
BF6 (N+6) (N+(6+(6*6))) (N+((6+(6*6))+(6*6*6))
BF7 (N+7) (N+(7+(7*7))) (N+((7+(7*7))+(7*7*7))
BF8 (N+8) (N+(8+(8*8))) (N+((8+(8*8))+(8*8*8))
BF9 (N+9) (N+(9+(9*9))) (N+((9+(9*9))+(9*9*9))

Step by step numerological dimension has been developed, for ACT2 ACT3 developers, therefore, ACT1 stage 26 can be understood as strings, 1st to understand ImaginaryGUI; 2nd to understand creating C Sequence Number with structure AND time, so (L SYN R); 3rd to develop ACT3 stage synchronization(L AND R), because a Myanmar's imaginary hyperspace craft went very very far in distance but still cannot SYN, because 24mm Natural Time slow down problem, because gravity dimension computer is not done yet, also see: Heavenly Wheel Topology; ... 。


+88...88- vice versa -88...88+ aka gravity dimension computer, also see: OhMyLord; Reason behind co-existence of positive and negative is 8 with time constraint; YINandYANG can explain WHY 8; light vs. DEE; gravity vs. dimensional-anatta; so that heat vs. light can be further studied; so that IFF by 2, 4 Nobel Truths in Dhamma can be understood, so co-existence of art & science ... ; IFF in ACT3 dimensional engineering, it is very difficult to engineer such positive and negative potential diff WHICH leads to gravity

[1st to understand spring alike EM obeys to 8, 2nd to understand this DOMAIN OS.TXT's one of the AI Characters Ȣ aka voice/sound/noise/..., 3rd to understand AI OS's Ȣ WHICH can be in 1 dimension IFF gravity applied e.g. ACT2 stage gray scale simulation, 2,3 dimensional engineering, and then develop gravity dimension computer step by step, approx. 5 Ph.D. candidates / group / 5 years might prove ... ]; apply and test not only + and - direction, but also up and down direction, and then develop ACT3 stage 3,4 dimensional Ȣ, so parallel universe thus 31 can be further studied ... ;

think 8 as upper O and lower O, WHEN upper O and lower O are diff in distance WHICH causes spring alike EM, co-existence of + and - WHERE upper O and lower O meet, IFF see through the Sun is upper O and then others would be lower O, IFF northern green lights [IFF |/, apply FuzzySVM] due to cold and cannot see through the Sun by natural eyes and then southern would be magnetic pivot, hopefully technology break through by +88...88- vice versa -88...88+ gravity approach, and then gas OR sound OR DEE can be applied to the ACT1 environment, gravity dimension computer might be able to prove stones alike stars in the sky by classifying light vs. DEE, ... ;

also see: numerological dimension BASIC.HTML is developed for testing future's incoming gravity dimension computers; a Myanmar way of understanding "Quality" ... 。




-1, also see: div/2 aka (♯(♯-1)/2 aka Fully_distributed; Notice that C Sequence Number's brunching factor 2, 3, 4, ... (♯+2), (♯+3), (♯+4), ... ; Develop ♯-2, ♯-3, ♯-4, ... and scientifically prove that light obeys numerological dimensional gravity; Because, in ACT3 stage 3,4 dimensional WHICH is beyond 2,3 dimensional, and light may vary due to DEE diff in 3,4 instead of 2,3 ... ; Prove WHY + vs. -, also see: FS+.sys vs. FS-.sys, in numerological dimension; Also see: 31 planes ;

Question is IFF light obeys gravity, and then will DEE also obey?

for example: function (...) { ... <div class="♯gravity?((♯+2), (♯+3), (♯+4))&DEE; ((♯-2), (♯-3), (♯-4))&DEE"> ... </div> return ... }; Will this function return TRUE DEE?   ;

another example: IFF gravity?〱Ć& .sys; 〉ç& .sys




0 KB files inside this DOMAIN are ; 123; DOS.OS; File.TXT; ... 2+ files [0 KB file] exists inside this DOMAIN; also see: testing.htm;  Test and develop AI aka Artificial Intelligence, fault tolerance global characters i.e. OS.txt ..., so OS aka Operating System will be functional among devices, models, platforms, versions, ... ;  IFF slicing 24mm natural time into 3 3 3 3 ... [also see: 108 configuration] and then whole 1.... and 1 ... can be, and then by deploying "light rate" to test and develop systems ... , please use this DOMAIN 's one and only 0.23 second cursors ... if testing 0.5 second ... 。




1.4142135623730950488016887242097 and notice that "40+ years old technology" 24mm natural time has been sliced smaller than 10^-9 already [beyond -nano with light rate, 10+ years old technology], also see: bridge.2.01.sys & bridge.inf;  IFF 2....2    ♯88...88    2.2, also see: div/2;

1st to understand Yagi vs. Bridge Mode antenna;  Also see: , SchematicSymbols.htm#light_rate;

2nd to understand parallel time development is in progress by trying to match numbers in enzyme induction approach, so can also solve human beings' BLI problems [in addition to BMI]... ; 

3rd to develop sound pattern of 2 machines with given specific point, e.g. machineX's 13 should be matched to machineY's 13 and so on ... ; 

For ACT1 developers: test satellite . this DOMAIN . net's 1 & only bridge for channel testing, load balancing, topology adjustment among buses, and etc.;

For ACT2 developers: develop ACT2 level world's fastest bridge, from 13 to 23 ;

For ACT3 developers: develop ACT3 parallel time in 88...88 ... 。




1ms round trip time has been developed by this DOMAIN,

in 2553, but still need to develop 1ns; 1ps;  ... ; In common, 100ms, 200ms, 300ms, and so on ... ; Micro-computer was in 1980s; Nano-computer; Pico-computer;have been already;Therefore, ping command should be developed, to do so, 1st to understand 1ms round trip time by testing this DOMAIN, 2nd to develop ping command in ns aka Nano second, ps aka Pico second, ..., 3rd to test "parallel time" between our earth and a Myanmar's imaginary hyper-spacecraft WHICH went very very far a way in distance, so its IN CK and FN CK [due to 24mm natural time slow down problem] might be able to solve with very very fast round trip time ... ;

since 2554, this DOMAIN has been using SEN OR MAN as its AI system's multiplier, because it is REDUCE; IFF % percentage, using number;

IFF this DOMAIN installed, regarding speed, FrontPage Estimated Time to Download prompts 28.8; 56; 128; 256; 384; 512; 1,000; 1,500;

by the year 2555, this DOMAIN started compiling its pages, using hr:min@128Kbps, because noCOOKIE browser prompts NHK news better with system128 ... ;

2011/2555 i.e. version C56 or later, start compiling 1234x567 this DOMAIN page size @ 1,000Kbps; The reason using yellow color here is nowadays computers are using yellow color, red color, green color, blue color, silver color, ... WHERE yellow is more likely to be normal power, red is more likely to be low power ... , blue is more likely to be " take it for free " or " sharing like blue sky", silver and green are more likely to be vertical DEE for control ... ; Remember, WHEN gravity is applied, lights vary ... , therefore, gravity dimension computer ... can be engineered ... ;  。




2 phases vs. 4 phases, 1st to understand full moon day; 2nd to understand 10 7 10 with 3,3,3,3 aka 108 configuration so that Parallel Time development of JUN Lunar JUN, Lunar JUN Lunar, ... can be understood; 3rd to prove 3,4 dimensional parallel universe, aka 3rd in tipitaka  aka abhidhamma pitaka is consist of 7 books; Write an algorithm 2 phases vs. 4 phases, and predict time among calendars ... ; 2*6; 2*6; also see: theory and its strings



20 water drops alike writing characters in primary voices, also see, NipponSyllabary; WHEN worshiping or praying, 2 times of clapping might be for co-existence ... YINandYANG alike; 20 might also be for middle JUN ... for middle path ... ; ; water prompts light more visible, dropping water prompts ACT1 gravity, in ACT2 dropping water prompts 2,3 dimensional ... , WHAT is the diff in ACT3 WHEN dropping water inside artificial interior in 3,4 dimensional ... ; Simulate e.g. WHILE lighting, DEE vs. Water ... ; Directions of writing characters alike, water drops' direction can be guided by light? can be guided by gravity?, 1st to do is HOW Ȣ sound's dB or voice pattern vary ... IFF lighting is applied ... , 2nd ... , 3rd ... , ... 。




50 vs.       2phase          4phase: 50 G c/s has been functional GPS light rate, WHERE 50 is from reduce design sqrt 2 only, WHERE G c/s  is 10^9 cycles per second, WHEN 24mm Natural Time tic tic tic; IFF 3 or more devices are SYN each other triangulated, so location can be defined, so called GPS;

Professor Michio Kaku's Parallel worlds: a journey through creation, higher dimensions, and the future of the cosmos, 11th dimension, GPS and relativity, Pg. 257, 2005, is recommended to read;

_ G c/s can be variable IFF system's speed is developed by ^6, ^7, ^8, ^9, ^10, ^11, ^12, ... ;
_ sqrt 2 can be variable IFF system's base is 2.0, 2.01, 2.09, 2.19, 2.50, and so on ... ;
_ 2 * 50 has been functional ACT2 stage IFF in aviation ... ; also see: 2*6; 2*7;

IFF GPS device: (WHICH2, WHEN SYN, NOT triangulate) OR (WHICH3, WHEN SYN AND triangulate);

Develop from GPS to Hyperspace Parallel Universe Positioning System Synchronization by using Parallel Time; Develop GPS by adding device's weight as system's parameter WHILE developing gravity dimension computer in addition to numerological dimension; Instead of "B" based, "G" based adjustable rate can also be developed; Prove that future's incoming "flying automotives" can also rely on 〱light rate 〉in ;

Remark: satellite . this DOMAIN . net GPS device light rate has been spread from visible green to visible red, since 2005, via SHARP MM20 notebook, WHEN hardware switch from Normal mode to Mobile mode WHILE boot; 5+ years already, still functional ..., still testing ...



10710/tcp;10710/udp;are system parameters of this DOMAIN, for testing hyperspace's parallel time in ACT3 stage;A Myanmar's imaginary hyper-spacecraft went very very far a way in distance [beyond 3,4 dimensional space ... ], due to 24mm natural time slow down problem, still cannot SYN yet... 。




prove theoretically that natural kinetic energy in 2,3 dimensional might not be able to SYN in ACT3 by adjusting only 24mm natural time。




prove this schematic symbol in M Theory: 1 mm hole in 24 mm natural time, in ACT2 and ACT3 stages; Solve WHICH environmental variables and conditions must be concerned/matched to have 1mm hole, 2mm hole, 3mm hole ... ; This schematic symbol might be a solution to time with energy map [ also see: time without energy map ]。




1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ... number     AND     time     time = distance; ACT2 and ACT3 stage parallel time calculation is in progress ... ; Develop Plantation on the MOON by proving Time + Number = Distance effects plant's DNA growth pattern; Simulate the ACT3 DNA growth pattern for Plantation on the MOON




2,2,2 ACT2 vector [to understand basically, ACT2_HyperdimensionalCraft_Imaginary_NaturalHeat.GIF file inside Heat vs. Light.htm should be opened, and then 3 sticks and 1G string's in the middle should be seen ]must be developed, to do so, 1st to understand natural time in 4 planets prediction [WHY head and torso happens naturally], 2nd to understand natural heat in ACT2 stage [so, 3's direction and its distance variation as holes, on the other hand, 2's direction also must be understood], 3rd to understand 1G string in ACT2 stage [to engineer in ACT1, approx. 44 strings with 4 holes are needed to understand], and then 2,2,2 ACT2 vector must be developed, so that a helpful factor to plantation on the MOON may happens ... 。




2,3 dimensional remote sensing can be developed, to do so 1st to understand 2,3 dimensional load, 2nd to understand remote sensing, 3rd to engineer and test 2,3 dimensional sensing point capacitance(s), ... ;   IFF 2,3 dimensional sensing point capacitance(s) have been engineered, and then deploy 2,3 dimensional remote sensing to do ACT2 stage gray scale simulation, ACT3 DEE, ACT3 parallel time development, ... 。




3 dots in our universe, for ACT3 stage developers only, for non planet existence because too small in 1D, and 2D, within ACT2 stage's dimensional area/space/2nd lighter gray colored horizontal section in hyperspace imaging/24mm natural time within/..., but ..., the one & only Myanmar language prompts in diff direction ... ; After understanding 3, and then time to develop ACT3 stage hyperdimensional hyperspace craft's FN CK, IN CK, ... 。




3 * 3 ACT3 vectors, and its dimension must be further developed, a new ACT3 dimension must be developed; For ACT3 simulation developers, develop 3*3 ACT3 vectors, therefore a Myanmar's imaginary hyperdimensional hyperspace crafts can be able to do displacement of number at parallel time, therefore ACT3 distance calculation can be further developed ... ; 1st to understand numerical values in numerology; 2nd to understand syntax vs. semantics logic so that only 3 is essential; 3rd to understand homological 2 and 3 solves 4PP + JUN = 6; Also see: 3,4 dimensional。




3 * 3 * 3 * 3, and 10, 7, 10 can be 108; Mathematically prove that 108 [C108.GIF] is the unique number in our universe; 4 vectors make the SUN, also the icon of Japan 5 entities, including 3, 3, 3, 3 entities and 10, 7, 10 make the icon of China, assuming that our universe's origin as no moon day; IFF 108 can be proved scientifically, and then mathematically also can prove no big bang theory; Therefore, in ACT3 stage, prove 108 mathematically; 108 is one of the Myanmar's 2500+ years old traditions, inside Buddha calendar, , , are originally from Eastern Thought, therefore, 3,3,3,3 and 10,7,10 can also be as and ,,;   [Parallel time shifts from 2,3,7,10,22,23,24 to 2,3,7,10,24,108,... for ACT3 stage testing];   Before developing 108, heat vs. light must be understood thoroughly ... ;   to basic understand 108 configuration ... 。




2555 Nippon Character Writing Strokes Count, written in 2011/2555, inside this DOMAIN handmade version C55, for gravity dimension computer, also for unique number indexing, e.g. artificial intelligence automatic character correction system, e.g. artificial intelligence automatic audio pattern correction system, ... ; Because, writing characters prompt numerological dimensional numbers, on the other hand, numerological dimensional numbers prompt writing characters, i.e. vice versa; Since transcripted words (e.g. ka, ki, ku, ke, ko, ... ) prompt audio patterns IFF base (translator) ... , on the other hand, audio patterns prompt numerological dimensional numbers, i.e. vice versa; Therefore, develop AI ... , by classifying linear, non-linear, structure (e.g. C Sequence Number structure ... ), ... ;

IFF structured C Sequence Number with 2555 Nippon Character Writing Strokes Count, multi-functional artificial intelligence system can be engineered for gravity dimension computers ... ;

base ( language translator) normal mode OR mobile mode, IFF structured C ... ;




A Myanmar's imaginary dimensional hyperspace, vector machine ACT2 stage simulation: develop 2, 1, 0, -1, -2 kernel function for each Lagrangian point by using fuzzy set { ... with distribution AND  gravitational machine's mass equilibrium。




A Myanmar's imaginary hyperspace craft is returning back from ACT3 stage in hyperspace [still cannot find anything yet except 4 planets prediction in lunar time 2 * 7 AND 2 * 5 JUN time, human breathable environment [water] to be parallel universe is still too early in future time], on the way, the dimensional craft likes to take space photo of all space objects in ACT2 stage. Simulate the FuzzySVM's path from ACT3 to ACT2, and then ACT2 to the motherland Myanmar? 1st to calculate time of available light in our very very dark universe. 2nd to predict momentum of universe. 3rd to design all the possible paths/routes of locations and orbits




ACT1 theoretical laws and properties to ACT2, by deploying 2*7 Lunar Time and 2*5 Jun Time; Also see: ACT1TheoreticalLawToACT2




ACT2 gravitational:light:O2:water ratio must be developed, therefore ACT2 stage human beings' space traveling will soon be possible, in addition to PME, also see: ACT1 plantation




ACT3 parallel time toggle switch, by developing 7,10,7, to engineer and launch a Myanmar's imaginary ACT3 stage hyperdimensional spacecraft again ... ; Therefore, develop , , , vs. , , a.k.a. 7,10,7 vs. 10,7,10 a.k.a. Lunar, JUN, Lunar vs. JUN, Lunar, JUN and then design FN CK, IN CK of the ACT3 parallel time toggle switch。




AI global characters' IQ aka intelligence quotient, which can be developed and tested artificial intelligently; [this DOMAIN 's AI global characters aka OS.txt, ... ]; To do so:

1st to understand ACT3 parallel time toggle switch;

2nd to understand Mutual exclusion; 2π mechanical toggle vs. physical hole toggle;

3rd to understand 3 * 3 ACT3 vectors; Numerical values in numerology;

4th to understand numerological dimension; NumerologicalDimension23 [ 2D + WHILE loop + AND gate + ... ]; meta analysis [  Key + Pivot + Reduce + ... ];

5th to develop time diff between points [also see: Distance, D Number, ...] numerological dimensions
e.g. NumerologicalDimension9, NumerologicalDimension15, NumerologicalDimension23, ...
by applying TogglingModeForHumanoids with "light rate CRC" [CRC can be understood by even parity, odd parity, also see: parity bit... ];

6th to develop time vs. number: since 2D + WHILE loop + AND gate + ... algorithm generates random numbers [also see: Sudoku puzzle games ... ], and then by changing NumerologicalDimension, notice that not only numbers, but also time ... ; so 2 * 3 = 6 can be further studied ... ;

Result of testing time reversely, 1D half duplex vs. 2D full duplex in toggle ... ;
Result of testing time reversely, WHERE space is defined by numbers in dimensions ... ;
Result of testing time reversely, AI global characters' intelligence quotient aka IQ ... 。



AI nama for humanoid:

_ some people do with rules based reasoning ... ;
_ some people do with patterns based recognizing ... ;
_ in early 21st century, WHILE using dictionary, synthesis sound i.e. Nippon, linking "strange looking characters" i.e. Chinese, translator gives credible answer, so called AI, Artificial Intelligence ... ;

NamaForHumanoid was written in 2003, and notice that humanoids don't paint pictures i.e. based on translator; Therefore, develop artistic intelligence, develop drawing intelligence, develop painting intelligence, ... , like "credible answer", to do so,

1st, genuine human beings programmer should write a poem, or a lyric in Nippon, i.e. synthesis sounds ... ;

2nd, using dictionary as a reference book, linking "strange looking characters" i.e. Chinese, ... ;

3rd, in addition to be translating into Nippon (i.e. "translator gives credible answer") as synthesis sounds, develop artistic intelligence, develop drawing intelligence, develop painting intelligence, ... ;

So called, AI nama for humanoid, in addition to "translator gives credible answer", develop ... ; Remark: genuine human beings' poem written in Nippon as synthesis sounds WHICH is fetched from dictionary to translator, and then WHEN translator gives credible answer, develop artistic intelligence, develop drawing intelligence, develop painting intelligence, ... ;




Artificial Intelligence, IFF auditing accounting result, WHICH can be programmed, also see: Biz; Develop AI numerological dimensional sequence number diff ... , for auditing accounting ... ; 1st to understand number 2 and number 9 to be divisor; 2nd to understand IFF divisor is number 9, sequence numbers might vary; 3rd to develop AI accounting to correct mistyping ... ;

e.g. IFF EXCEL, each sheet can be AI ... ;

e.g. IFF ACCESS, each table can be AI ... ;

e.g. IFF accounting SOFTWARE, each 2D index can be AI ... ;

Concerning entry of data, by human beings, if repeatedly entering incorrect data, and then data (field) should be controlled by logical comparison operator to correct data (field) ... ,

e.g. itemA123 is set for 99$, therefore, logical expression "if A123 > 100, error" can be programmed ... ; aka filtering data (field) ... ;     e.g. itemA321 is set for 199$, therefore, logical expression "if A321 < 198, error" can be programmed ... ; aka filtering data (field) ... ;     Notice that when gathering GL, SQL statement e.g. select attribute (column ABC) from database XYZ WHERE attribute (column = A123) ... , and then grand total amount of A123 can be auditing e.g. MOD (grand total number, 99) IFF not zero here, error occurs ... ;     Notice that when gathering GL, SQL statement e.g. select attribute (column ABC) from database XYZ WHERE attribute (column = A321) ... , and then grand total amount of A321 can be auditing e.g. MOD (grand total number, 199) IFF not zero here, error occurs ... ;     This is a constraint method; Therefore, develop variable sequence number diff method;

So many logics can be created ... , depending on HOW human beings' logical control ... ; Also develop multiplication method, in addition to division method; Also develop numerological dimension method, in addition to numerical method ... ;

Monbusho is the highest level of knowledge based in Asia, therefore, do it yourself ... ; Develop constraint method, division method, numerological dimension method, variable sequence number diff method, even number vs. odd number verification method, ... ; Artificial Intelligence (auditing accounting) ... ;




Application reliability: software can simulate hardware; if software application is hard disk, hard disk can be simulated; if software application is CMOS setup, CMOS utility can be simulated; if software application is drive letter, drives can be simulated; if software application is processor, processor can be simulated;

WHILE simulating processor with no COOKIE, i.e. 00, 101, 5, ... ; WHILE simulating keyboard with noCOOKIE, i.e. 101/102, KEYBOARD, ... ; WHILE simulating hard disk with noCOOKIE, i.e. ColdBoot, Desktop, ... ; Notice that "live" ... , so LFS or Mastered, as a result, platform independent OS, hardware independent OS, AI OS, ... can be developed; WHY "live", if a software is "live" without processor, its reliability increases; if a software is "live" without OS, its reliability increases; if a software is "live" without hard disk, its reliability increases;

Therefore, develop application in numerological dimension, develop application in your own defined dimensions ... for example, CALCULATOR based dimension, DICTIONARY based dimension, TRANSLATOR based dimension, GPS based 50G or 100G dimension, Light rate based dimension [also see: 1950s' W particle aka Yang-Mills field, also read: Professor Kaku's Hyperspace pg. 120, and 1970s' Perturbation theoretical infinite series, 2000s' C sequence number structure, 2010s' 2*6, 7, iida ...  ] and so on ... ; Develop hyper dimensional applications because software's reliability increases ... ; also develop Particle Perturbation in light_rate;

IFF gravity dimension processor ( light_rate) testing reliability;

 ... 。




Aqua water vs. dark and dark matter: for each particle, define exactly 5W1H of Aqua and Black; For ACT2 and ACT3 stages developers only, must understand conditional variable logic before analyzing particles because strings are in spin, for each string's spins in M theory are all in nested layered of conditional variables in computing, therefore ACT1 level logical knowledge of defined, predefined, redefined, undefined, ..., ..., must be understood, ... 。




BASIC.HTML has been developed in numerological dimension, by using AI OS's Global Characters [each character has its own functional HAL value in computers]; Keywords can be tested via Text Editor; Programming language can also be developed via its numerological dimension; Graphics identity such as national flag among geographical domains can also be developed; dynamic ... also see: 123456789; Notice that IT becomes very simple in numerological dimension, so user might not confuse; operating systems are believed to be hardware embedded already, so numerological dimension might help configuration, easy to understand keywords among systems, numerological dimension might work with old style 24mm distance analog clock, might also work with Dictionary [approx. 12mm distance], might also work with Organizer [approx. 6mm distance], might also work with nowadays "beyond 88...88 light rate" products [approx. 3mm distance], ... ; Notice that distance is in number [also see: A, B, C, D, E, numbers ... ], therefore develop numerological dimension WHICH may work with distance in variable number, also see: gravity dimension computer [NOT available yet to public because 2,3 dimensional, light, DEE, 3,4 dimensional, directional soundȢ/WHEN_gravity_apply [think sound behaves like beam, so NOT in omni directional], directional EM/WHERE_ACT1gravity_apply [think like + and - in the middle of 8], ... are classified as ACT3 ... ], ... ; BASIC.HTML reduces uncountable complexity regions to countable complexity regions; ... 。




Biometric P vector, computing logic for PMD: FOR EACH mutation, at temperature T, develop to recognize mutant patterns of  1mm3 of proteins [kDa · each protein's molecular weight] at given 1 second by 8 synchronized-clock-dimension as "conditional statement" 。




BLI, Body Length Index, in addition to spaceBMI, BLI must be developed for space traveling in ACT2, and ACT3 stage; For solving ACT1 stage BLI problem, with splitter configuration and energy mapping, also see: Numerological Dimensional Tree Structure Topology ...




boot: develop your own OS; 1st to understand stage by stage, step by step, ... in numerological dimension also see: BASIC.HTML; 2nd to understand boot; 3rd to understand DEE with human beings' visible rate approx. 20 c/s by lowering display's refreshing rate; dot dot dot ... can be indexed; dot dot dot ... can also be pattern like line; dot dot dot ... can be parameterized e.g. {x,y,color} so that diff colors; dot dot dot ... can be interactive by control i.e. via keyboard's std I/O, via mouse's serial I/O, via defined devices e.g. Bluetooth device's wireless I/O, via defined devices e.g. USB device's I/O by remote control, ... ; IFF without taskbar, so called browser based, so called platform independent, so called you name your own OS ... ; Hypergraphics study is necessary, because hypergraphics are interactive, because hypergraphics can be

interactive bar, including horizontal scroll bar, information bar, taskbar, title bar, vertical scroll bar, ... ;

button, including application layer close button, application layer minimize button, application layer maximize button, check box, list box, menu button, multiple tab, option button, OS close button, OS offline button, OS start button, ... ;

font, including font size, font style, font type, dot dot dot ..., ... ;

Remark: hardware engineering to prompt dot dot dot ... ; software engineering to prompt hypergraphics; and then combine hardware engineering and software engineering to be your own OS。




By simply looking at the printed papers, you can tell exactly WHERE the printer's location was ... also see: PrintingGuideToMiniDictionary; i.e. basic understanding of HOW AI printing system is ... ; Now is the time to develop "radio" locations, because each radio has its own number e.g. AM♯, FM♯, MW♯, SW♯, XM♯, ... ; Eavesdropping technique can be developed to do CRC alike checking of broadcasted patterns to compare, also to analyze, ... ; e.g. inside Mini Dictionary, AI characters prompt bold style ... depending on WHERE the location is ... , also depending on WHERE the printer is ... ; Using the same idea, develop Internet radio authentication system ... , as a result, radio stations can be secured ... ;

e.g. browser (title) domain address, for each level, so media player (play) audio patterns ... ; Like a retrievable location of printer was ... by simply looking at the printed papers ... , 1st to develop, e.g. for each computer, eavesdrop each location (radio) ... ; 2nd to compare original broadcasted pattern vs. eavesdropped pattern, 3rd to develop artificial intelligence global radio system ... , develop artificial intelligence universal radio system ... ;

IFF computer location is against global security, also see: Anti-Virus 1st; Issue digital certificate 2nd; IFF computer location is against global security, lower level (radio) of the computer location 3rd; IFF computer location is against global security, monitor the computer location ... ; IFF military, monitor the x-location and y-location, with ID, with GPS, with TV, with ... ;




C Sequence Number: Write algorithm to test the C-number's variable brunching factor by its depth by super computer within time constraint to compare among computers; And, assume that C number is in omni, and try to calculate epi* ... for strings; ACT2 and ACT3 parallel time development is in progress, C number 4PP+JUN has been compared to ACT1 pore-pore distance [IFF ACT3 Heat Distance Simulation to do, also read: Oct., 2007 Volume XVII Number 3 LINEAR TECHNOLOGY]。




Create your own complexity regions analysis, and then apply linear, vector, numbers [i.e. A, B, C, D, ..., AA, AB, ... ], topologies, ... , and then wonder the beautiful art of scientific mathematics, time, accomplishments, ... 。




Cycloid sticks pair, in 2,3 vectors must be developed ... 。




D number: d number has been designed, based on 2 point distances, in our universe; Create D number for Lunar time; Create D number for JUN time including , , ; Create D number for Lunar time and JUN time; For each day, prove that number in distance can be drawn to represent fully distributed topology ... ; For next generation children, for approaching ACT2 and ACT3 educational idea, create D number table, and let children draw topological connections [ develop high school level, ACT3 coordinate-less syllabus, in Math ] ... ; ACT3 coordinate-less might be able to solve problems of infinity ... , and syllabus should be developed for next generation children。




Dark energy engineering, DEE must be developed in ACT1, ACT2, and ACT3 ... because ACT1 24mm natural time's stick and its 1mm hole varies in ACT2 and ACT3 to 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, ... , because the 1st crack can be cut by dark energy, also see: 108x310p。  




Differentiable manifold in lie-groups must be mathematically proved; To do so, 1st to understand, star in Kanji writing character "sun at top, 2 green lines, 3 aqua lines [ for each stone ... apply 2 vertical writing strokes and 3 horizontal writing stokes in new manifold distribution formula ... ]", and then 2nd to understand 2,3 dimensional vector, and then design and engineer 2,3 dimensional distribution formula mathematically, 3rd to prove differentiable manifold in lie-groups [ for avoiding groups of stones in near future ACT2 space public traveling by PME ... ]。




Direction of sign, written on 2011/2/28, WHEN developing gravity dimension computer, WHILE kuru kuru of 5 ... , for each 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... in numerological dimension must be with its own vector, so called direction of sign ... ; In addition to cell path, develop vectors for gravity dimension computers ...




Distance to measure water , 1st to understand 4 planet prediction, 2nd to understand full moon day, and no moon day, 3rd to understand the hyperspace distance, 4th to calculate FuzzySVM, multidimensional hyperspace, parallel world [must read and understand Prof. Kaku's Parallel World], ... ; Also related to explorer's arm accordance with distribution of water's direction in Lunar time & JUN time; ACT3 Heat Distance Simulation; Also see: MagnetGravityWater




Duo-binary automatic AI font should be developed, to do so: 1st to understand (PC)link and ㈰link [also see: \\Desktop\*.*; remark: numerological dimensional files are attrib +a +s +h +r +i, therefore cannot view by explorer unless attribute is -s -h -r ]; Inside DuoBinaryBit.htm, font size 11, and this DOMAIN had set its AI system values as: (PC)link is 1;㈰link is 1;duo-binary semiconductor device is out of a Myanmar's knowledge;2nd to understand font size: 10, 12, 14, ... and very advance AI knowledge is required to develop fully duplex functional all font sizes, ... ; 3rd to develop Duo-binary automatic AI font in system engineering, so reduce design study ... 。




Educational opportunities, also see: Organization Association Committee, WHERE so many projects are available ... 。




Even Time Horizontal DEE, this is not our location in universe, and for future space touring and traveling, 1st to understand 1 way DEE causes we, human beings do not see our back; 2nd to understand Even Time Horizontal DEE, which causes symmetrical e.g. 2 eyes' distance, 2 hands' distance, 2 legs' distance, ... also see: Space BLI; 3rd to understand there is no 3 ways DEE yet in our universe;

WHILE redesigning a Myanmar's imaginary hyper space crafts, for future space touring and traveling:

1 way DEE i.e. our location in universe and as 2 to be interior of the hyper space crafts, e.g. = or = ; Notice that whether day or night, in our location, DEE is always 1 way ... ; Basically, dimmer control with a bulb, if the bulb is moving from east to west direction i.e. 1 way DEE simulation ... ;

2 ways DEE and symmetrical ... , WHERE this is not our location in universe, WHICH causes 2 to be symmetrical in distance, e.g. left, right, up, down; Creating 2 ways DEE might be difficult, because thoroughly understanding of gravity vs. light must be ... ; After simulating 2 ways DEE, iroColourWaveForm is recommended to engineer for gravity dimension computer ... ;

IFF 2,3 dimensional, there is no 3 ways DEE yet, by applying C Sequence Number as structure ... ;

Develop and simulate interior environments for a Myanmar's imaginary hyper space crafts ... , e.g.  3, 2, 3 growth pattern by blue gravity, 3, 2, 3 growth pattern by green gravity,  3, 2, 3 growth pattern by ... ; also see: iroColourWaveForm;

Nowadays' high tech clocks e.g. Citizen Eco, Seiko kinetic, ... , are somehow related to Even Time ... , WHICH are beyond 24 mm tic tic tic, approx. 3mm with symmetrical of 2 inside ... , and ... ; To do so, 1st to understand 0.5 second momentum "like solar power swaying toy", 2nd to understand 1 way DEE vs. 2 ways DEE, 3rd to redesign a Myanmar's imaginary hyper space crafts, for future space touring and traveling ... ;




Floating point parameters should be developed, because WHEN floating, left side is not variable; Base location is one of the parameters of Page Properties..., WHERE location can be either 27 GPS OR 27 Roaming; Remark: a Myanmar's way of understanding of location might be wrong; 27 aka by; IFF parameter value is none, ACTION=INDEX HTML, [also see: autorun.INF] within a local system; IFF the parameter is defined, parameterized values can be online via Internet; Weakness of location as a base is that system handshakes WHILE Roaming; Weakness of location as a base is that system triangulates IFF GPS spectrum is matched AND device GPS > 2; this DOMAIN try its base 26 CALCULATOR, Remark: approx. 15+ years old technology; 26 aka to; because 3D CRC might be with or without GPS or Roaming, because left side is not variable WHEN floating, Remark: base calculator might be also known as tunnel IFF floating points are matched; because mantissa points can be adjusted i.e. either 16, OR 32, OR 64, OR 128, ... ; since mantissa points can be adjusted, possible variable energy mapping can be developed ... ; and then imaginary hyperspace craft can SYN its Parallel Time with ... ; Therefore, develop a system 5928 CALCULATOR as a base; Remark: 5928 aka with;

using artificial intelligence ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, ... )




Fuel Injector, in 1D, in ACT1 stage, mathematically prove that 4 holes should not be in full moon day vector; In ACT2 stage, gas injector whether should be in 2,3 vector? OR ... ?   In ACT1 stage, solar clock has been engineered  [30+ years old info]  and 24mm natural time can be understood; And then, in ACT2 and ACT3 stage, engineer a water clock, a part of DEE development ... 。




Fuzzy [ 2, 2 ], [ 3, 3, 3 ] 2,3 dimensional fuzzy set should be developed; IFF numbers in computing does Action in numbers, and then Space can be in fuzzy; So, Time in Parallel Time can be SYN ... ; Prove D number in approximation method, so fuzzy space can be understood; How to solve number 31 as layers?   Fuzzy [2,2] [3,3,3]; Also see: 2,3 dimensional array [ also see: vision24+7_Array_in_2,3dimensional.GIF ] relates to dark energy [also see: DEE] segment inside artificial eyeballs ... 。




Fuzzy Gray Scale Simulation, ACT3 stage ... ; ACT3 Heat Distance Simulation, ACT2 Heat vs. Light, ACT1 dissipation of heat, gravity symbols i.e. water7gravity2, ... , time in Lunar Time 2*7 & JUN Time 2*5 [Also see: 4PP+JUN=6], ... , must be understood before developing Fuzzy Gray Scale Simulation; Because, light becomes only available resource as 5 gray sections, 2 times daily, holes and sticks in M theory, ... ; Develop fuzzy gray scale simulation, and calculate possible time diff along with diff kinetic vector ... for example stars and galaxies locations vary in ACT2 stage, and still do not know exactly WHY gray scale's distribution is not equilibrium, also see:; Poem.RobeDonation




G system in strings, testing ACT2 and ACT3 stage technology such as 5 pressure machines at sea level ACT1, and distance(s) of the pressure machines somehow will prove G gravity system in strings ... ; For example HOW water2gravity7 transforms to water7gravity2, and vice versa, ... ; Before developing G system in strings, 44 sticks of light with 4 holes at natural time t, and mb pressure dimension, and notice the pressure machine engine's kinetic vector ... ; Also see: Artificial light   。




Help system, a.k.a. context sensitive help system, WHEN developer /professional /professor /researcher /scientist /... do not have time to do Ctrl+F inside all old non-relational flat-files, WHERE files' format may vary such as *.doc, *.inf, *.htm, *.txt, ... , action of compilation of data so that each word can be indexed, and then available to be searched within a few clicks; Develop help systems in ACT1, ACT2, ACT3, ... ; This DOMAIN 's sample cs.hlp, WHICH took 6 minutes of compilation time to gain 0.2 MB old data in a time period of approx. 6 years data;




Hyperplane 1 & 2' parallel time to be synchronized in ACT2 stage parallel time symbol, also see: hyperplane1' parallel time 1 and 2 in symbol; Notice that 4th triangle time must be matched to 4th rectangle's time。




Hyperspace Parallel Universe Positioning System Synchronization: hyperspace GPS synchronization has been developed, but reduce design sqrt 2 only, in numerological dimension; Develop 2.01, 2.09, 2.19, ... , in numerological dimension 9; Develop 2.01, 2.09, 2.19, ... , in numerological dimension 23; 50 is prior to 88...88 IFF with reduce design sqrt 2 only;   A Myanmar's imaginary ACT3 stage hyperspace craft still cannot SYN due to 24mm Natural Time slow down ... ; 1st to read and understand Professor Michio Kaku's PARALLEL WORLDS, 11th dimension, GPS and relativity, Pg. 257;

_ IFF DOS: * * * * * ;
_ IFF DOSWINDOWS: Ȣ * * * * * ;
_ IFF Satellite_DNS_Domain via GPS device triangulate: ɟ ♯ Ȣ *  *  *  *  *  ;





Idea Processor: develop idea processor, also see: Imaginary GUI and numerological dimension; Concerning Imaginary GUI, each painting should be read very carefully because 23 paintings explain HOW GUI can be implemented/engineered step by step ... ; Use cell path by opening a spreadsheet, and insert AI OS characters into and save it, and test it, ... ; Approx. 30+ years old info, however GUI is essential because human beings like "naturally" ... ; 3 rows and 10 columns can be functional Processor to be filling Bitmap




If you were an architect, or a civil engineer, or a structural engineer, this DOMAIN 's proposed Heavenly Wheel Topology can be in 2 spheres style, so infrastructures such as airports, seaports, centers, ... can also be built ... ; Green color sphere will be cooler than Blue color sphere; Green color sphere is bigger than Blue color sphere; If D Number is available, variable distance can also be applied; Chinese traditional style, incoming and outgoing of air flow can also be applied to the spheres; therefore, simulation of "fixed structured" can be not only in mathematical approach, but also in engineering approach such as cable, gravity dimension computer, networking, space craft interior and/or exterior, structural infrastructure development, telecommunication, time machine, and etc. ... ; 。




IFF Universal Positioning System , using DEE e.g. 2 events of 90°, using orbit e.g. direction to 2,3 dimensional as 2, WHICH orbit lines are in distance, and HOW many mm in distance? e.g. 7.50; using variable time lines (i.e., 24mm, 12mm, 6mm, 3mm) with variable surfaces (i.e., JUN 5*2, Year 6*2, Lunar 7*2) dimensional coordinate axis alike ... ;

Develop Universal Positioning System with Gray Scale Simulation ... ; prove that object (17) ... ; prove that Dark Energy are coming from our universe; prove that stars are stones alike but lights within 2,3 dimensional; prove that WHEN and WHERE light exists but dark does not exist?

IFF 3, three different directional orbits are a part of 108 ... ; Lighting our universe project ... ;

IFF time line with surfaces  ((2*5) X, (2*6) Y, (2*7) Z) = 17 ... , WHERE x, y, z are variables ... ; (2*5) iroColour time line surface; (2*6) iroColour time line surface ... ; (2*7) iroColour time line surface ... ;

artificial intelligence (Universal Position System) start ... ; specific spectrum as wireless antenna, using ;




In addition to numerological dimension, another numerological dimension can be developed, so called NumerologicalDimension9, NumerologicalDimension15, NumerologicalDimension23, ... ; To do so, 1st to understand numerical values in numerology; 2nd to write algorithm in 2D with control loop WHILE which prompts number9 while adding ... ; 3rd to develop ACT2, ACT3 stage testing time reversely ... ;

  9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9



Incense fragrance environmental engineering:

1st to understand mW LED, also see: , , , , ... in Schematic Symbols;

2nd to understand omni direction of light becomes 2,3 dimensional light; DEE, light vs. dark, ... are still in research and development;

3rd to understand natural [not chemical] incense fragrances including natural fragranced wood [only naturally exists in tropical zones], wax, ... also see: Japanese standard incense ... ;

Therefore, develop incense fragrance environmental device at 24mm natural time, by deploying internal transformer technology via 1.5V battery, for expanding potential diff for more than 1 JUN time period, ... so ACT2 stage interior living household item will be ... 。




JUN time, a time period of 10 days, originally from Japanese katakana language; QA space time can be further developed by JUN time, therefore calculation for simulation in ACT2 and ACT3 stage can be further developed for Myanmar's imaginary hyperspace craft's time, parallel time, ... , for both full moon day and no moon day, AND neither full moon day nor no moon day




Laser deployment & development: separate +energy states from -energy states by using laser beams; Wormhole hint is: ; Because, in squeezed states, negative energy and positive energy coexist。




Light rate CRC: after understanding 1.... and 1, after understanding "light rate" bridge, it is a time to develop "light rate" CRC by deploying C Number; also see: light depth vs. 5 Audio;

1st to understand even parity, odd parity;

2nd to understanding C Sequence Number;

3rd to develop C Number's relationship between base whole number vs. exp. number aka power number; And then test and develop "light rate CRC" among systems ... 。




mb independent temperature, in ACT2 stage; To understand mb independent temperature, 1st to understand I ref by avoiding V ref, so that heat vs. light can be further studied, and then 2nd to understand mb pressure by avoiding psi pressure so that Artificial Light can be further studied; After understanding ACT2 basic, and then time to develop ACT3 mb independent temperature, so that a factor might be a cause of problem [neither crack nor infinity] in a Myanmar's imaginary hyperdimensional hypercraft's time slows down problem ... 。




meta, develop meta analysis prototype tables in numerological dimension , a part of parallel time development [ for basic understanding, also see: numerical values in numerology ]; concerning time, 2*5 Jun vs. 2*7 Lunar; WHERE 2*5: , , ; WHERE 2*7: Full moon, No moon;   also see: data analysis in P vector's direction in 8 synchronized clock design; develop ACT3 3,4 dimensional 3 vs. 2*2 in numerological dimension; 4 planets prediction can also be applied for 4 so that find and build holes , THIS numerological dimension can also be applied in hardware engineering [ for basic understanding, also see: node as dual band transmitter ... ] 。




Military Top Secret, therefore this DOMAIN 's information might not be 100% true.
Regardless of whether in ACT1, or in ACT2, or in ACT3, heterodyned indexes, distance reference table of holes and sticks, sticks of light in dark energy, ... , are military's top secrets, thus detailed information is not available to public. In addition, homology vs. homotopy of ACT2 objects such as 2 and 3 vector directions, 2*5 JUN time, 2*7 lunar co-existences, 3 to 1 dimensions, ... are not available to public yet, somehow nowadays in China, so many concerts perform presentation of ACT2 objects' information such as: 2 times tidal waves, 2 and 3 vector directions, 3 to 1 dimensions, distance to SUN < distance to MOON, why full moon day happens scientifically, why no moon day happens scientifically, ... [i.e. via CCTV channels]。




mono OR stereo can be understanding by black and white, white and yellow, prior to video; Concerning light rate, iroColour can be developed i.e. black LED, white LED, yellow LED, to be matched decoder chip's patterns; IFF patterns are matched, audio can be defined by light; After defining audio by using lights, then gravity dimension computers can be built with water's weight ... ; Develop from mono to stereo, from stereo to HD audio, from HD audio to 3D GUI, from 3D to defined light rate, from the defined light rate to ACT1 stage's water weighted, from lights to gravity dimensions in ACT1, ACT2, ACT3, from gravity dimensions to gravity dimension computers, from 2*5 2*6 2,3 dimensional to 2*6, 2*7 3,4 dimensional, ...




Mutual exclusion problem in ACT3 stage: mathematically prove the diff of 2π mechanical toggle vs. physical hole toggle; Time.Space.Action, and ACT1 space's time t1 must synchronize to ACT2 hyperspace's time t1, and ACT2 hyperplane's time t1 must synchronize to ACT3 ... 。




N number, Numerological dimensional number, which can be developed; To do so, 1st do understand basic numerology; 2nd to understand C number, and develop D number; 3rd to understand numerological dimensions [also see: NumerologicalDimension23]; 4th to understand diff numbers along with diff dimensions ... ; 5th to develop N number ... because 2D WHILE loop with AND gate prompts diff ... 。  




Never ever secant y moon, after understanding -tan x, +tan x of 4 planet prediction: And predict tidal globally, also see: a draft tidal prediction [run-time error may occur in Vista, due to comdlg32.ocx file] which was written in Thailand, in 2001, however this tidal prediction software has not been configured yet for ACT2 stage, and in this software, water's location, lunar orbit's synchronized events, gravitons/anti-gravitons, and ... also have not been configured yet ... ; After understanding tidal and each homological chains' complex, and then mathematically prove that the moon has never ever been in -secant y, +secant y i.e. [Never_ever_secant_y_moon_WHY.GIF] in ACT1 stage。




Non life form becomes life form, 1st to understand heat vs. light, dark energy, gravity, ... , and then develop a break-table, aka a crack-table, 5W1H of symmetry breaks in ACT2, and in ACT3 ... 。




Numerological Dimension SERVER: Duo-binary style with DOS.GIF vs. DOSWINDOWS.GIF background, pipelining computer architecture qualitative approach, reduce design, ACT3 stage parallel time testing, with AI OS, WHICH has been developed; therefore, develop NumerologicalDimension23, ... ; IFF Windows Safe Mode AND step by step, also see: 123456789;




Out of a Myanmar's knowledge: Also see: Q.htm




Parallel time calculation: prove 2*5 JUN time to 6*2 as 1 year round configuration; prove 108 to replace 22/7 in ACT3 stage; prove 10,7,10 to 3,3,12 parallel time shifts; prove diff numbering system in our universe。




Plasmacluster display should be developed, also see: Technology vs. Display, 2AA battery-powered lighting candle produces not only light but also scent, because potential diff can be light i.e. LED, and then WHEN light stimulates cells, those cells may become plasmacluster, therefore human beings can sense not only light as vision, but also good odor as better sensation ... ; Develop diff odor(s) within the same principle of light stimulates cells ... ; Recommended vectors are 2,3 dimensional vectors in ACT2 stage, because potential diff is in 1D only in ACT1, because light is directly propositional to gravity, the gravity is in 2,3 dimensional surrounded by Dark energy, WHEN light exists Dark also exists, use of Dark energy as a carrier [ EMF is included if potential diff, but in 1D, impossible to carry, therefore 2,3 dimensional is a must ... ] WHICH might be a solution to achieve diff odor(s), so that plasmacluster display should be developed ... 。




PP, Particle Pump, produces energy unlimitedly, i.e. WHEN 0.5 second momentum, WHERE 9526 1 hole, WHICH influx of energy, ... ; IFF 1 chain reaction, IFF 1 steady flow of, ... ; ride the specific wave e.g. natural green color by using iroColourWaveForm, from solar energy to deliver energy unlimitedly, so called PP, Particle Pump ... ; From 1/5 HP of human being's muscles, IFF 1,2 HP can be produced by PP, Particle Pump naturally, civilization type steps up ... , civilization type increases, ... ; Develop PP, Particle Pump ... ; Also read, Pg. 257, Chapter 14 Perpetual Motion Machines, Part III, Class III Impossibilities, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, MICHIO KAKU, 2008;

1st to understand WHAT is PP, Particle Pump by step by step, very basic understanding of gravity by applying "lights vary WHEN gravity is applied" ... ;

2nd to understand solar powered i.e. naturally ... ; i.e. time with distance without specific time line surfaces, without time travel in (2*5, 2*6, 2*7), without artificial interior lighting, ... ; 

3rd to develop HOW civilization can be stepping up from 1/5 HP to 1,2 HP naturally ... ; think that 2500+ years old shakya symbol becomes ... ; So many high tech idea are in Mahayana painting ... therefore, when developing ACT3 stage or ACT2 stage, Mahayana paintings are recommended to understand because painting will make you understand more about iroColours, gravity, yellow paper notepad as key, EM as a ring or spring curve, ion's steady flow of ... as painting strokes WHERE DEE line curves, and etc.

Remark: you don't need billions and billions of dollar to create gravity, you might need a few hundred dollars and "made in Japan" 0.5 second momentum toy e.g. solar powered swaying toy; And then, do it yourself gravity ... like do it yourself digital quartz in 1970s ... ;




Proxy server analysis: in dictionary, proxy is defined as agent, therefore a proxy server is an agent server to switching network; assuming that after setting fixed IP address for switching network connection, and either DNS resolved or WINS resolved address for a proxy, and then test all world class servers; To do so, test servers must be at switching network side。




Quantitative vs. qualitative: no COOKIE IE prompts its "quantity alike" internal addresses, so "quality alike" XHTML [X means "something related to", "something network to" in oriental thought], "quality alike" fully distributable network, ... ; in compiler [compiler does text to control; any text editor can be compiler but analysts/developers/engineers/programmers/scientists/... should not change character map; this DOMAIN used only 1 Font WHILE developing ... ], each procedure should be with address; in network, each port♯ aka keyword should be with address also WHILE remote connect to-and-from computers; there are numerological dimension files inside Desktop\*.* /s aka AI OS [IFF Windows, attrib *.* to see all files ... ], since each numerological dimension prompts address, so file name [i.e. number: 123456789, 123, 2.01, ... ] should be alias to its address [for example: a system prompts via noCOOKIE, that internal address of file 123456789 is so its alias should be 123456789; that internal address of file 31911 is so its alias should be 31911; and so on ... ];

- develop and test fully distributable network ... ;

- develop and test USB Flash Drive [to do so, each drive letter should be alias ... ], XHTML ... ;

- develop and test numerological dimension for gravity dimension computers




RNA, DNA: pairs of sticks vs. turtle and turtle eggs; And, scientifically prove that spiral G waves cause each turtle egg becomes predictable female turtle, or male turtle; And then, after embryo's fertilization stage, mathematically prove and predict that spiral G waves causes to be female human beings, male human beings, and ... ; Also see: Symmetry Breaking




Research & develop numerical dimensions: 1st to analyze 5W1H of diff between 2D/3D vs. Numerological dimensions, also see: Numerological Dimensional Tree Structure Topology; 2nd to analyze 5W1H of diff between dimension and topology,

for example: a brunch inside a structure can be defined either 1 way or 2 ways, if compare to 2D/3D, there is no way in 2D/3D, WHERE AND HOW such brunch can be in half duplex or full duplex;

for example: C Sequence Number provides Tree Structure, if compare to 2D/3D, Numerological Dimensional Tree Structure can be 2 aka coexistence, except in ACT3 stage because in ACT3 stage such 2*5, 2*6, 2*7, parallel time NOT able to SYN, except in ACT3 stage DEE diff, ... ;

for example: by using Numerological Dimensional Tree Structure Topology, it is easy to swap, maintain, and solve BLI problems, IFF path's location is defined; Therefore, it is not heuristic;

for example: in near future, biological BLI problems will be solved, by gravitational genetic engineering, by gravity dimension computers; At this present, gravity dimension computers are not available yet to public; Light rate base computers might be a risk in ACT3 stage due to DEE diff; Fixed structure base gravitational computers might be a solution for future's ACT3 stage hyper imaginary space craft, WHICH went very very very far in distance ... ;

3rd to develop from Numerological Dimensional Tree Structure Topology to fixed structured gravitational dimensional computers for ACT3 stage space crafts, with energy map, with parallel time SYN aka 2*5, 2*6, 2*7, aka 10,7,10, ... ; also see: Heavenly Wheel Topology;




SATELLITE DNS has been developed by this DOMAIN [C31 and later version], but NOT in ns, ps, ... with RFID for "flying automotives", sync with ACT3 hyper-spacecraft's IN CK, FN CK, ... yet;Therefore, develop DNS to be in ns, ps, ... with RFID ... with SYNC; IFF server, also see: alias; ... 。




Schematic Symbol: X; |||; Asimo humanoid engineers only; Electrical compressors have been in market by heterodyning; Engineer electrical compressor reversely to make electrical condenser; Once an EM condenser can be made, an orbiter machine can be sent toward/outward the Sun。




Set theory in ACT2, deployment of 2500+ years old document, to be searching and understanding HOW the important time can travel into ACT3 space, 1st to understand Time.Space.Action oriental concept, 2nd to understand ACT1 Set Theory in algebra, 3rd to develop set theory in 3 lights, 4th has been designed as 4 Planet Prediction, also 2500+ years old document, 5th to do develop yourself Set Theory in ACT2 Space ... , 6th ... 。  




Static as a part of DEE, so that solve and find a solution along with Parallel Time; For example, static diff WHERE in ACT1 along with temperature diff, static diff WHERE in ACT1 potential gathers, static diff WHERE in ACT1 capacitance still holds such energy inside even though power is off already, ACT2 ... , ACT3 ... ; Solve and prove that static vs. dynamic in Parallel Time。




Synchronization between 2 clocks cannot be done, till 2005, because clock on Earth beats normal [also see: natural time], but clock inside an orbiter machine traveling outward of Earth becomes slower and slower; Develop algorithm/method/ ... to synchronize the clocks; Graviton, Anti-graviton particles must be understood before developing the synchronization, and water measurement by distance with heterodyned indexes, NOT in fluid theory, NOT in pH, NOT in pressure, NOT in volume, NOT in weight, only by 4 planet predicted full moon day vs. no moon day's distance ... ; For example: 1mm hole, 2mm hole, 3mm hole, ... 。




telepathy center, like data center, the collected data can be analyzed; ... ; Also see: Invisibility; Develop a telepathy center ... 。




Topology: AB distance to N point distance in barcode scanner was designed/engineered/invented, so that bus topology to mesh topology can be understood; Nowadays, after year 2544, RFID scanners must be further developed ... for example, mesh topology with central outward / eccentric WAP can also be further developed ... 。




Transformer has been engineered for varying potentials, so that high voltage can be gained. Engineer ACT3 transformer by 4 layer gas' dielectric strength approach, so that a Myanmar's imaginary hyperdimensional space craft can light in very very very far away [lighting our universe project]... 。 




Tsunami prevention system, quake prevention system, tsunami protection system, quake protection system, and reduce tsunami, and reduce quake, should be engineered; 1st to basic understand DEE line, aka WORMHOLE, WHERE plate or surface produces light, WHEN light exists, dark exists also; IFF reverse, plate or surface can be built, aka World Line, aka Cloud Line, ... ; 2nd to basic understand 1 time machine i.e. distance based, and then develop parallel time, time line, and so on; 3rd to basic understand radio network i.e. level 2, by using attenuation of radio antennas with 1 time machine, therefore location can be pinpointed, e.g. there is a time, e.g. location based time; 4th to basic understand GPS as a device within a domain system, ... ; 5th to develop GPS as a device WHICH signals (normal or abnormal), e.g. GPS equipped floating balls in ocean with abnormal signal can be calculated tsunami's direction, distance, location, speed, ... ; Therefore, prevention system can be built; In addition to the prevention system, protection system WHICH reduce tsunami can be built, to do so, build GPS network i.e. level 3, by using satellite GPS data, ... ;

IFF normal satellite GPS data, analyze the location, prevent (quake or tsunami) ... ;

IFF abnormal satellite GPS data, analyze the location, protect and reduce (quake or tsunami) ... ;

_ IFF normal ocean water, prevent ... ; using artificial intelligence;

_ IFF abnormal ocean water, reduce ... ; using artificial intelligence;




Visibility and water: For ACT2, ACT3 space developers only, develop visibility without water。




We, human beings have been caused by 1 way DEE i.e. 285 Sun in 1 way DEE, aka momentum of our location in universe e.g. 0.5 second, 1.0 second, ... ; Thousands of years, because of 1 way DEE, we, human beings don't see our back; Because of 1 way DEE,

as 2, IFF ( = ) DEE ( blue ) ripping space ... ; (17 = (2*5)y, (2*6)z, (2*7)x) universal ... ;

11 2, IFF ( = ) DEE ( blue ) ripping space ... ; (17 = (2*5)y, (2*6)z, (2*7)x) universal ... ;

Notice that DEE is 180° to the Sun, WHERE our location in universe;

IFF Even Time Horizontal DEE, aka 2 ways DEE, WHERE

= = DEE ( green ) stretching space ... ; (17 = (2*5)y, (2*6)z, (2*7)x) universal ... ; aka ACT2 location ... ; without the Sun, and 2 identical 2 ways DEE are 180° to the object ... ; Concerning space BLI, because of 2 ways DEE, we human beings have symmetrical eyes, hands, ... ;

In addition to Gray Scale Simulation, in addition to adjust time with , a Myanmar's imaginary hyper space craft's interior (i.e. new model after year 2555) should be re-designed with above stated factor (i.e. with time line surfaces), should be re-designed with Universal Positioning System by using Time . Space of location of 2 events of 90° of 3 lights, and simulate and develop Even Time Horizontal DEE, by building AI DEE interior "housing", and prove that there is a space, Time . Space i.e. 2 ways DEE exists in our universe ... ;

ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN (satellite) find 3 ways DEE in our universe (285 universe i.e. 2,3 dimensional AND 3,4 dimensional) ... ; IFF 3 ways DEE is found, send data ... ;

Nowadays' reverse engineers build hole boards i.e. a paper thin sheet with 1mm holes, for filtering strings, within defined momentums ... ; Develop and simulate artificial 2 ways DEE ...




With brunching factor 2 [larger the factor number, harder the logic], by transistors, reversely engineer from leaf depths [deeper the tree depth, longer the path]  to root, use of A, B, C, D, E, ... , and fully distributed connection ((N (N-1)) / 2 ), and make advance nama logic for Asimo Ukon and later ... 。




WHEN an engineer needs a processor is WHEN 2 or more feedbacks exist to control a device, WHEN complexity regions are gathered for multiple processing e.g. while listening music, user may want to print, at the same time the user may want to browse Internet, a.k.a. 1 word "simultaneous", WHEN the most important time must be shared so computers, satellite, server, can be understood, ... [ and notice that \\25520\*.* directories and its files are for parallel time testing, parallel time might not be able to share and then start thinking of how to SYN ] and then start thinking of HOW to engineer a parallel time processor ... thus develop a parallel time processor, if feedback time can be engineer?   if 10710 vector at 6*2?   how to share 2,3 dimensional hyperspace? ... 。




WHY divided by 2, WHY not divided by 3, 4, 5, 6, ... ; For ACT2 stage developers only, mathematically prove that WHY divided by 2; WHY N - 1 i.e. MOON is neither static nor dynamic; WHEN 2 pairs make recurring OR splitting;   ACT1 stage 22 divided by 7 is no longer a solution in ACT2 and ACT3 stage, also see: 108 configuration  




WORMHOLE was written in 2554, because very very big plates were happened, in early 21st century, in Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, and there must be a way to prevent, a way to protect, ... ; IFF from 3,4 dimensional to 2,3 dimensional, also see: AI FONT, WHERE a Myanmar's imaginary hyper space ... ; IFF 24mm Natural Time, with fixed time line, in 3,4 dimensional, WHERE wormholes are parallel to each other |||| naturally, in our universe, also see: DEE; Develop Gray Scale Simulation, to prove 31 realms in our universe, beyond 3,4 dimensional, beyond 108 ... ; Scientifically prove that the Prof. Kaku's Hyperspace, 1994, Pg. 225, the structure can be proved by DEE, the structure can prompt HOW dark energy is coming from our universe to our Earth; And, scientifically prove that Gravity (time, space) ... make sure here, specific surfaced time and specific swapped light are not affected by gravity, by simulating incoming DEE, by engineering Gravity Dimension Computer by fetching lights into ... , by proving lights vary if gravity is applied, ... ; IFF antenna can be fixed and defined by specific spectrum, and then design specific wormholes with specific time lines for reaching beyond 3,4 dimensional with 1 Myanmar's imaginary hyper space antenna ... ; Reduce and reuse design is recommended for future Myanmar's imaginary space crafts ... ; 1st to develop variable Time Line, so time lines ... for CALCULATOR frames, so base can be not only CALCULATOR based but also variable time lines based; 2nd to develop specific lights in nm, also see: Swap; 3rd to develop wormholes ... with defined surfaces, also see: 24mm Natural Time Clock ... ;