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E F I Network;

Egypt, video, audio, data, 20;

(Sanyo World Clock) EGY: Cairo ... ; (world time);

SONY time zone (GMT+2:00) Cairo  ... ; IFF Even Time Horizontal DEE, iroColourWaveForm ( Internet) e.g. Green Blue Internet, Green Gray Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, ... universally; (Time Zone) ... ;

ABS, ACC, ACS, AFS, DCM, ECT, EFI, EPS, ESC, HVC, ITS, PCS, TRC, VDM, ... , also see: Automotive ... ;

17 decimal numbers and then, 88...88 WHERE (√2) floating points are, also see: 44...44; √2 a.k.a. SQRT2;

electromechanical e.g. (20 mm retainer, actuator, cord set, DIN-Rail Mount, gold plated contact, IDC, Ingress Protection, insulation displacement, open frame solenoid, photo electronic sensor, Plug-and-Play, rotary switch, Solenoid, switches), also see: electronic;

elevated hybrid ... , elevated structural ... , also see: Gravity Dimension Computer; Automotive;

world time, using World Time Mode (City Code Table) -11 (time zone) ... ;

IFF east, HNL;

IFF west, WLG;

        energy ;      
display energy save r level ; low power mode ,
energy save mode ; quick energy saver ; system energy
saver level ; Star ;          

IFF biological cell, directional gravity's position may vary depending upon human beings livable moons' momentum; e.g. our earth's biological cell structural (no yellowish variation a.k.a. normal yellow) may be peanut shape alike; and then, realize DEE strings WHICH obey sunrise, noon, sunset, night, midnight, ... , along with (full moon day, no moon day) BLI (Body Length Index) growth rate ... ; i.e. all about HOW our earth's structural biological cell, related to energy, and beyond Carbon Nano Wall and Natural Water Elevator;

the most powerful energy in our universes is DEE, and it is transparent, WHEN water exists, light & DEE coexist, and Giga tons of weight (a.k.a. gravity spot's size) are somehow nested (e.g. sunrise DEE, noon DEE, sunset DEE, night DEE, midnight DEE, ... ) by DEE, so called "Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization ... " and all human beings livable moons are owned by Shakya King;

SI based ( J, Joule, N . m) energy in quantity; Also see: UNIT;

DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) IFF (10 dimensions) i.e. dimensional , using Lo Shu any direction addresses DEE Network Topology Gravity Dimension Computer ... ; e.g. ( addresses directional DEE;

equal; equivalent; like; similar; Radical211;

equal sign (=) character in programming e.g. ASCII (61); Radical7, also see: Radicals;

(=) equal sign: in common,

left side of equal sign is value (e.g. VAL), right side of equal sign is reference (e.g. ref);

density, enthalpy, modulus of elasticity, viscosity, yield strength; Also see: for each system, defined table, or figure (relevant value) ... ;

(numbers equal power, issue), also see: Electricity Power Plug; Number;

wire instructions: ABA routing number; account name (e.g. title company name); account number; client (name); escrow officer (name); funds to be sent to (e.g. bank name and its address); OBI (e.g. escrow number); reference address (property address); swift code;

verify ( wireless radio ) ;    
E S N ,            
      Electronic Serial Number ( ESN )
e.g. in digital section , sub section     ,
e.g. ;

ex*, also see: Prefix And Suffix;

FS, File System (format) e.g. exFAT, FAT (Default), FAT32, LFS, NTFS, UDF, ... ;

error; fault; mistake; Radical207;

volcanic eruption is a bad weather condition; therefore, reducing volcanic eruption is necessary; to do so, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 238, reducing volcanic eruption in Japan;

this DOMAIN 's contents will prove e.g. approx. from 8000+ earthquakes annually & naturally to 0 earthquake annually & artificially; Also see: Manmade Global Weather;

( eVTOL, eVTOL, eVTOL, eVTOL), also see: Automotive;