Last updated on 2018/2562 12 22, a full moon day;     T     t;     tCharacter;     Also see: t Usage;

*th a.k.a. Ordinals, e.g. 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th, ... ; Also see: Number;

tab      tab

tab (character);

Tab key;

table e.g.

common salt; table salt; Radical698;

table (Tab♯);

table      table      table ;

IFF Keyword : under table, text free and names are waiting ... ;

tablet      tablet      tablet


tag      tag      tag

tai                    also see: Sushi;

Taiwan (Geographical domain: (.tw)); Taiwan ;

take; taken; taking; took; e.g.

accept; comply; get; have; take; Radical417;

delude; taking a form of ; Radical661;

take      took      taken ;

take delight in ;

take out ;

taking form; taking form

to take ;

tako                    also see: Sushi;

tale; Radical811;

ability; capacity; skill; talent; Radical388;

function; gift; talent; Noh (traditional Japanese art theatre); Radical388;


talented ;

chat; conversation; speech; story; talk; Radical811;



expensive; high; tall; Radical225, also see: Radicals;

tamago                    also see: Sushi;

tamago, jade, precious stone;

Tao, a religion in China; also see: Buddhism; also see: Chin dynasty's shendao; also see: Japan's Shinto;     Taoism   , a.k.a. Tao; also see: Swastika; shakya;

tap      tap

e.g. double-tap;


tap ;

tapping ; ;      tapping ;

tape      tape


target target a.k.a. aim;

bitterness; sour; tart; Radical493;


task, Radical130, also see: Radicals;

task a.k.a. process;

care; desire; heart; liking; mind; taste; Radical898;



med  hot;


sweet taste; Radical128;

tasty      tasty ;

((experiment; test; try; Radical765), (food; foodstuff; meal; Radical219)) shishoku Tasting;

Idea Processor (one of the fives (form): 1&1; tasting (1&1)) ... ;

chic; romantic; spicy; tasty; the second mentioned; witty; Radical5;

drink ; smoke; take; Also see: Numerological3;

tau i.e. Τ, τ;

duty; tax; Radical612;

taxi      taxi      taxi

tea; Radical299;


teach      taught      taught

teacher       teacher       teaching     

teachings of Buddhist ;      teachings of Buddhist;

teaching of Confucian ;      teachings of Confucian;

tear      tore      torn

   tele      tele  


telegram; telegraphy; Radical535;

telemetry      telemetry

wire (e.g. telephone line );

telephone e.g.

telephone book a.k.a. telephone directory;

telephone instrument; Radical535;

telephone a.k.a. phone (landline, mobile (Also see: PHONE));

teleportation      teleportation      teleportation

telescope      telescope

television, a.k.a. TV;

tell       told      told

tell ; 

tell fortune ;

temper; Radical174, also see: Radicals;

temperature      temperature      temperature

a.k.a. heat;

angle degree, scale, temperature degree, ... ; Radical653;

storm; tempest;


temple      temple      temple  

Temple of Heaven;

temple, also see: pagoda;


tempura                    also see: Sushi;

ten; Radical27;

ten      ten 10     juuTen

ten quadrillion; 10^16; 10,000,000,000,000,000; Radical316;

ten thousand undecillion i.e. (10^40); Radical567;



Tendai Buddhism, also see: Shingon Buddhism; Nippon Buddhism;

IFF suffix: mood; style; tendency; Radical611;

air; appearance; manner; method; Shi Jing folk song; style; tendency; way; wind (one of the 5 elements); Radical217, also see: Radicals;


muscle; sinew; tendon; Radical382;

curtain; net; tent; veil; Radical345;

dotted tent; Radical134;

tenth      1/10

Tera tera-      tera-


term e.g. ima nan desu ka ? ; doko desu ka ? ... ;
term e.g. What time is it now? ; Where is it? ... ;

term e.g. Do you believe in Buddha?

Terman, unclassified name; Terme, place name; also see: t Usage;



place; territory; Radical519;

area; domain; field; regime; region; ryoiki; territory ;

territory      territory      territory ; translator's writing style: territory; online dictionary's writing style: territory;

experiment; test; try; Radical765;

text e.g.


Text Box;

textbook (world (our earth) 's the 1st electronic textbook system (education system)), also see: electronic;

Team Foundation Server (TFS) i.e. Microsoft platform ... ;

Thailand      Thailand     Siam

IFF GPS ( location) is Bangkok regional area in Thailand, Manmade Global Weather (directional gravity, gravity spots) keep water level of rivers 1 meter lower than normal water level i.e. to avoid regional flood;



goodbye, goodnight, thank you; Radical5;

that      that

that one over there, also see: kudasai Give Me;

that is, i.e. ...  ;

that is;

that is not;

carapace; grade A; instep; shell; the 1st party; Radical256, also see: Radicals;

the absolute

the instance

the moment

the other     

the past     

the people (citizens);

The Times

the way of proper conduct      

the way of proper conduct (dogma);

the world      the world

theatre director




Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization,
Big Bang Theory of Western Civilization, also see: 1tComputer;

therapeutic; therapies; therapy;  e.g.

chiryoyaku Therapeutic; chiryoyaku Therapeutic Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

in Hiragana: chi* (e.g. chiryoyaku Therapeutic) ... ; Radical959;

therapy      therapy      therapy; ;

Theravada Buddhism, in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, USA, ... ;

there; there, physically distant (e.g. over there, that place, there is) ... ;

there be



theta i.e. Θ, θ;

they      their      them



thing e.g.

any (component, device, item, object, part, thing) WHICH ;

thing      thing   ;

things  ; ;

IoT, Internet of Things ;

things a.k.a. item; things a.k.a. object;

things to offer to do dāna ;

counter for long and narrow items (e.g. candle, gun, hoe, ink stick, oar, scissor, spade) ... ; Radical260;

think      thought      thought ;

suru : ( to be; to be sensed (noise, smell, etc.); to color; to cost; to decide; to do; to feel; to file; to frost glass; to judge; to lose a match; to pass elapsing time; to pick; to place; to print; to rub; to serve; to think; to transform; to use; to wear ) ... ;

third = 3rd Ordinals, e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, ... ;

thirteen a.k.a. 13 a.k.a. XIII ;

thirty ;

30; thirty; Radical264;

this e.g.

IFF prefix: from ... ; self * ; this (compare to that) ... ; Radical166;

IFF prefix: present; this; Radical662;

this ;

this, also see: kudasai Give Me;

this is ;

this is not ;

this month ;

this week ;

this year ;


those days


feelings; thoughts; Radical898;

thought       shisōThought

thought (idea);

thousand      thousand 1000     senThousand

string; thread; yarn; Radical157;


short thread; Radical61;

three      sanThree      three 3


3-in-1;     3-in-1;

three; Radical69;

three kinds of dāna

come; plough; three branch tree; Radical162;

thrive      throve      thrived

to come through; to penetrate; to pierce; to skewer; Radical711;

through (a.k.a. via);

throw       threw      thrown

throw away;

throw up ;

thrust      thrust      thrust



dot; tick; Radical3, also see: Radicals;

ticket      ticket

darn; fix; groom; mend; patch-up; repair; tidy-up ; trim;

bind; fasten; join; tie; Radical592;


tier;      mid tier;


also see: zodiac;

tile; Radical127;


time e.g.

attitude; consider; degrees; times; Radical653;

clock time;

hour; jikan;

hour; time; Radical501;

period, phase, season, stage, time ;

tempo; time; Radical611;

time , stage, season, phase, period;

time ;     time      time      time      time ;



time machine;

time zone; ;


times ; comeback; repetitions;     times      times ;

timestamp      timestamp

( Bio Clock) timestamp, also see: Idea Processor;

timetable a.k.a. schedule;

many devices (collecting, sharing, timing) data i.e. IoT;

tin can;

tin can; Radical158, also see: Radicals;

child; miniature; tiny; Radical184;

*tion , suffix to be noun; also see: *sion;




call; item; name; nickname; number; pseudonym; title; Radical299;

title      title      title      title

*tive , suffix to be adjective; also see: *ed;

to       to  

also see: destination;

to and fro ;

to be; Radical78, also see: Radicals; e.g. to be affirmation; to be location;


Todaiji Temple, world's great bronze statue of Buddha, also see: Nara;


tofu, bean curd;     also see: Sushi;

together e.g.

many; several; together ; various;

IFF suffix: together; Radical692;

together ;

Toggle Button of Power; a.k.a. on/off button; Also see: Schematic Symbols;

diligent; toil; Radical566;

hardship; toil; trouble; Radical698;

token      token      token      token

Tokyo Bay

acceptable; fair; passable; tolerable; Radical328;


tomb, also see: imperial tomb;

tome; Radical150;

tomography      tomography ;

tomorrow     asu Tomorrow


ton; Radical123;

ton      ton      ton;

musical key; pitch; tone; Radical611;

tone       tone

tongue; Radical169;


too      too much

ability; container; implement; instrument; receptacle; set; tool ; utensil; vessel; Radical317;

tool      tool      tool      tool      tool      tool


tooth; Radical245, also see: Radicals;

top      top

bottom and top are coexistence alike (bottom is not opposed to top);

bottom ( five); left (five); right (five); top ( 5);

like fruits & flowers, above ground, or at top; Radical75;

topic      topic      topic

motif; project; subject matter; theme; topic;

topology      topology      topology      topology      topology     topology

tortoise; turtle; Radical238, also see: Radicals;

Toshiba      TOSHIBA



IFF prefix: in total; total of; Radical731;

sum of money i.e. exact amount of certificate, envelop, invoice, receipt, slip, ... ; Radical78;

fureru Touching; Radical892;


chakuriku; landing ; landing ; touchdown ; touchdown ; e.g. Landing;


toward uncertain logic, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3; idea ♯ 265; Logic;


towards ;

cloth; towel; Radical59;

village; town ; street; block; Also see: Numerological7;

community; town; Radical119;

town (quarter);

townspeople (citizen);



origami; paper toy;

trace      trace

line; track; Radical955;

( line, track);     track      track      track



avenue; commute; pass through; traffic; Radical711;

trail; Radical765;

train      train      train

train station;

training e.g.

drill; exercise; hands-on training; practical training; practice in the field; training ;

training; Radical340;


trans      trans      trans      trans      trans      trans      trans      trans


transform      transform      transform

suru : ( to be; to be sensed (noise, smell, etc.); to color; to cost; to decide; to do; to feel; to file; to frost glass; to judge; to lose a match; to pass elapsing time; to pick; to place; to print; to rub; to serve; to think; to transform; to use; to wear ) ... ;

translate; translated; translating; translation; e.g.

embedded; Radical693 (translator) ... ;

IFF suffix e.g. translated version; Radical951;

NAT (Network Address Translation), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 266, Radio Specification of Computer System;

translate      translate

translation ;

translator      translator      translator;

translator based codes: e.g. archive; configuration; format-converter; linker; loader; manager; package; tool; ... ;

sending; transmission; transmit; transmitting; Radical767;

transparency      transparency


marine transportation, also see: maritime;

magic; plot; stratagem; trap; trick; Radical298;

travel e.g.

to drive; to travel; Radical189;

to travel along; Radical711;

travel       traveled      traveled

travel time;


tread      trod      trodden


controversy theory; disputable essay; treatise comment; Radical301;

treat; treated; treating; e.g.

treatment ;

treatment; Radical959;

trick or treat (i.e. usage especially using on Halloween);

tree e.g.

2-branch tree; Radical144;

any beech tree (chinquapin a.k.a. chinkapin); Radical859;

tree      tree ;

quake; shiver; tremble; Radical938;


change; development; fluctuation; motion; move; movement; trend;

trespass      trespass

trespass ; ; violation of rights, crime;


triangulation (      on one surface in the Internet) triangulation;

magic; plot; stratagem; trap; trick; Radical298;

darn; fix; groom; mend; patch-up; repair; tidy-up; trim ;

clip; pick; pinch; pluck; summarize; trim; Radical258;

tripod; Radical229, also see: Radicals;

eulogy; hymn; paean; song of praise; triumph;



trouble e.g.

difficult; laborious; troublesome; Radical224;

hardship; toil; trouble; Radical698;


truck      truck      truck      truck , Also see: track;

true e.g.

present; real; true; Radical662;

through meditation, finding true, truth, ... ; Radical333;

true      true;     TRUE;

true word in Buddhism, a.k.a. mantra;

true word in Buddhism;



arrangement; justice; truth; Radical598;

reality; truth; Radical791;

truth      truth      truth

experiment; test; try; Radical765;

tsunami      tsunami

pipe; tube; Radical555;

to pull; to tug; to lead a horse; Radical815;

Gene Therapy System, using Our Earth Based Tumor Remover, to remove tumors;

turbo      turbo

tui Joyous; (lake);

investigate; meter; musical key; prepare; tone; tune; writing style; Radical611;

serial number; turn; Radical534;


elapse; turn into; Radical752;

turning point; watershed; Radical957;

turquoise, also see: aqua;

tortoise; turtle; Radical238, also see: Radicals;


TV a.k.a. Tele Vision e.g.

Television, a.k.a. TV; e.g. 8K, also see: 1kComputer; e.g. 4K, also see: 6kComputer;

TV      TV;



  twelve a.k.a. 12 a.k.a. XII

20; twenty; Radical64;

twenty ;

twill      twill

determined; pinch; twist; wring;

two      two      two      two 2     niTwo

champion; magnate; master; tycoon; Radical117;

kind; sort; type; Radical86, also see: Radicals;

type      type      type