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Ka (family name, surname); K a s h i k o (family name, surname); Radical84;

Ka (family name, surname); Kasumi (name); Radical954;

Ka (name); Radical236;

... ka 5W1H ... ? Are ... ?; Do ... ?; Does ... ?; Had ... ?; Has ... ?; Have ... ?; Is ... ?; Question ... ; also see: ... ka?

K a d o (family name, surname); K a k u (family name, surname); Radical181;

K a d z u s a (female name); Kazue (female name); Kazushi (name); Radical731;

((waters; Radical635), (horse; Radical223)) k a i b a Hippocampus; Also see: Specialties N;

k a i h o Japan Coast Guard, also see: Automotive;

k a i s e t s u Diffraction, record (s) of diffracted light (across 1 edge, narrow aperture, pinhole image) WHICH beam ... ; Also see: Optics;

ACTION of explaining, i.e. Explanation, Interpretation, Translation, ... ; kaishaku Interpretation ... ;

K a i s h u (Regular script), also see: Script;

Kaiun (place name); Also see: maritime;

kaki Oyster color, also see: iro LED;

K a k o i (family name, surname); Radical323;

Akira (female name); K a k u (family name, surname); Satoshi (male name); Radical454;

k a k u Each;     each;     each;     each;

kakuigaku Nuclear Medicine     kakuigaku Nuclear Medicine     kakuigaku Nuclear Medicine;

Kan (family name, surname); Kana (family name, surname); K a n g u (family name, surname); Radical597;

Kan (name); Kanji (name); K u r u r i (female name); Radical915;

K a n a e (female name); Radical388;

K a n a e (place name, family name, female name, surname); Radical247;

K a n a y a (family name); K a n e k a t s u (name); Kim; K i m u (family name); Radical200;

k a n k e i Relation, (corresponding reference, relevance Ref.), the way in WHICH (2, 3, or more) concept, idea, interconnection, objects' linking, thing's effect, ... ; Also see: Optics;

k a n k e t s u Brevity, concise and exact use of words;

K a n n a (female name); Radical27;

k a n o Possible;

k a n o j o She;

K a n o u (female name); Radical257;

k a n p y o roll, also see: Sushi;

k a n r y o Done; Also see: Radical288;

Kaori (family name, female name, surname); K o r o n (female name); Radical221;

karamu Column; Also see: tuple;

k a r e He;

kariumu Potassium; Also see: p G T S U;

K a s a j i m e (place name); K a s a k u r a (family name, surname); Radical326;

K a t a (family name, surname); Keiichi (name); K e i z o u (name); Radical537;

K a t a s h i (name); K o n o n a g a (name); Radical171;

onomatopoeic in linguistic, for example, sound of clock can be expressed as: e.g. d i d a in Mandarin Chinese, e.g. k a t c h i n k a t c h i n in Japanese, e.g. tick tock in English, e.g. t i k t i k in Hindi, ... ; Also see: nippon2IdenticalVoices;

K a t s u (family name, name, surname); Radical261;

katsuekihoen Bursitis in the elbow, katsuekihoen Bursitis in the knee, katsuekihoen Bursitis in the shoulder; Also see: e G T S U; k G T S U; s G T S U;

Kayo (female name); K a y o i (place name); Radical711;

K a z a (place name); Radical217;

keibu Cervical; kyobu Thoracic; yotsui Lumbar; senkotsu Sacrum; bikotsu Coccyx; Also see: b G T S U; Physics Law 198;

k e i k a k u Plan ;

k e i r y o Lightweight;

k e i s o k u Metrology, (R&D of, study of) measurement, ... ; Also see: Optics;

keisu Coefficient, (factor, multiplier) for measuring property, (numerical, numerological) constant WHICH multiplies variable ... ; Also see: Optics;

k e i t a i g a k u t e k i Morphological, also see: Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Physics Law 145; morphological, (form, structural) of bio cell living organisms' relationships between their structures, (e.g. genetic variation) of the bio cell;

k e k o u d e s u, in office, paper work is done, say k e k o u desu ... ; WHILE drinking, politely refuse to drink more, say k e k o u desu ... ; WHEN signing a delivery, no problem and done, say k e k o u desu ... ;

K e n s a k u (name); K o y o m i (female name); S a k u (family name, female name, surname); Radical699;

heart; ki Feeling; mind; spirit;

Ki (family name, surname); Radical919;

Ki (family name, surname); K i s u k i (name); Kizaki (family name, surname); Radical97;

K i b i (family name, surname); Radical242;

functional k i c h i Base on m i c h i Way, also see: Command;

awareness     awareness     kidzuki Awareness;

K i f u (place name); also see: donation; contribution;

k i kan Term;

kiko Climate     kiko Climate     kiko Climate;

Using to do good climate; Also see: k Manmade Global Weather;

belt; kimono sash; obi; region; sash; zone; Radical629;

E i (family name, surname); G a (family name, surname); Kin (family name, surname); Radical562;

Chika (female name, family name, surname); Kin (family name, surname); K o n (family name, surname); Radical887;

Kin (name); K i n j i (name); Radical59;

k i n i Proximal, also see: Directions; Gene Therapy System;

k i n i t s u Even; Radical414;

K i n o t o (family name, female name, surname); Radical5;

K i n u i (family name, surname); Radical57;

k i o t s u k e t e, be careful ... ;

A k a r i (female name); K i r a (female name); K i r a m e k i (female name); Radical462;

k i r a k i r a, lights reflect on water, jewels sparkle, ... ; ;

K a m e j i (name); K a m e t a k a (family name, surname); K i s a k i (family name, surname); Radical238;

IFF Gene Therapy System : NOT statistically independent (orthogonal populations) bio (cell, genetic) e.g. t a i r i t s u i d e n s h i Alleles (at the same place on 1 chromosome, a.k.a. each k i s e k i Locus (k i s e k i Locus : defined (particular, particularly) place, point, position, space, ... )) alternative (e.g. ±98) forms of (cell, genetic) a.k.a. mutation; Also see: Optics;  by the way, "allele" definition is regarding the defined gene (e.g. COVID-19 variants, e.g. RSV's variable "San-Say-Shin" (S), e.g. seasonal Flu variants ("H" Number "N" Number)), because of mutation, alternative forms happened, and can be found at the same place on the defined chromosome (DNA's one of two), or more alternative forms ... ; Remember: Water behaves like Substance ... ; other wordings would be: at the same place on the defined DNA molecule, the same sequence of nucleotides, variation happens e.g. color codes are changing, directional flow is changing, variable locus (e.g. locus and its alternative DNA sequences) ... ; a "Tarzan" 's wild guess would be: "allele" because of Action, Space varies e.g. my siblings look diff ... ;

k i s h o g a k u meteorological; k i s h o g a k u meteorological; Also see: Manmade Global Weather;

K i y u u (name); Radical81;

E d a (name); J o u (family name, surname); K o e d a (family name, surname); Radical925;

K i z u n a (female name); K o n z a k i (family name, surname); Radical592;

toward the back ( k o b u Posterior), also see: Directions; Gene Therapy System;

k o c h o h a Harmonic, (fixed interval) ... ; k o c h o h a Overtone, (fixed interval) ... ; Also see: Optics;

k o d o Altitude; k o d o Elevation; k o d o Height; e.g.

(( Altitude), ( Elevation), ( Height), ( k o d o Altitude), ( k o d o Elevation), ( k o d o Height)) ... ;

the distance to the sea level, i.e. altitude, elevation, and height;
the height of an object relates to the sea level, i.e. altitude, elevation, and height;
the point in relation to the defined sea level, i.e. altitude, elevation, and height;

Kodo Matsunami; Also see: Referenced Books;

WHILE (production of antibodies), WHICH k o g e n Antigen (foreign substance, toxin), inducing I m m u n o h i s t o chemical response; Also see: Physics Law 144;

kogitte (checks), also see: Biz;

( koji Substance (ceramides i.e. lipid molecules), malt, yeast) ... ;

K o k o (female name);

K o k o r o (female name); Radical633;

K o k o r o (name); Radical898;

kuchu Aerial; Also see: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle;

k o k u j i; e.g.

8.5 lb K o k u j i Bundle Paper Measurement; Also see: measure;

k o k u j i; Radical340;

k o k u j i; Radical986;

K o n o m i (female name); K o n o m u (family name, surname); Kou (female name); Radical665;

k o n o m u Prefer;

( kontororu Control, kontororu Control, kontororu Control) ... ; Gene Therapy System for each ((individual), (patient (Pt)), (User)), also see: index;

Chi (family name, surname); K o o c h i (family name, surname); S h o u c h i (family name, surname); Radical519;

K o n (place name); Radical156;

koseiyoso Constituent (being a part of whole), also see: Physics Law 567, Manmade Global Weather ... ;

k o s h i Photon (Assembly of photons), photon's quantum b e h a v i o u r, (photo-electric effect a.k.a. photon with matter) ... ; Also see: Optics;

Koshi (family name, surname); Koshisaki (family name, surname); Koshitaka (family name, surname); Radical897;

kotai Antibody ((blood protein counteracts to specific antigen), (blood protein responses to specific antigen)) ... ; Also see: Optics; Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ; Physics Law 145, Incubation Period, ... ;

Kotau (name); Radical751;

Koto (instrument); Radical313;

Koto (i.e. female name); Kotoba (i.e. female name); Kotoha (i.e. female name); Radical182;

kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ;                    
Word ;   Word ;   Word ;   Word ;                      

Also see: Action; Keyword; k Usage; Language Translator; w Character;

Kotoha (female name); Radical598;

kotsuban Pelvic, also see: Pelvic;

kouso enzyme; Also see: Physics Law 145;

kouza furikae (direct debit), also see: Biz;

Koyanagi (family name, surname); Radical49;

koyujotai Eigenstate (state, stated, stating) quantum-mechanical corresponding (eigenstate value of the defined wave) ... ; Also see: Optics;

kudasai, please give me ... ; at restaurant, pick up a menu, point and say kore kudasai ... ; simply want something, pick up THIS item, say kore kudasai ... ;  in office, to get a sign on a document, bring the document, say hanko kudasai, or say "sign" kudasai; WHILE answering phone, if say, meta denwa kudasai, so hang up the phone, WHICH means "call me back" ... ; also see: how much ikura ... ;

Please give me ...  
... that one over there.


are kudasai
... that.  
sore kudasai
... this.  
kore kudasai

NOUN +  instead of "o" , pronounce "wa" + , please give me the NOUN;

Kuma (name); Radical81, also see: Radicals;

Kumi (family name, surname); Takagumi (family name, surname); Radical366;

kumikaee Recombinant, formed by recombination of (cell, genetic material, organism) e.g. DNA of recombinant (ꌁARDSꌁ, ꌁCOVID-19ꌁ, ꌁMERSꌁ, ꌁSARSꌁ, ꌁSARS-CoV-2ꌁ) revealed no signs of instability;

kumo Cloud; Also see: Physics Law 567 ... ;

Kura (family name, surname); Uma (family name, surname); Umasaki (family name, surname); Radical223;

kura kura, top is spinning, windmills are spinning, winding a ball of yarn, ...

Kurou (family name, surname); Radical126;

kuru kuru WHILE ... ;

kusaibo Phagocyte; kusaibo Phagocyte; kusaibo Phagocyte; Also see: pGTSU;

Kusaridao (place name); Radical819;

kusha kusha, crushing paper, messy hair style, ... ;

kussetsu Refraction, (density, pressure), interface-medium ... ; Also see: Optics;

Kutsuwa (name); Radical865;

keibu Cervical; kyobu Thoracic; yotsui Lumbar; senkotsu Sacrum; bikotsu Coccyx; Also see: b G T S U; Physics Law 198;

kyogen mask; Radical212;

kyoketsusei Ischemic, also see: sGTSU;

kyori Distance     kyori Distance     kyori Distance; Also see: Distance;

imperial capital e.g. Kyoto; Radical316;

Kyou (family name, surname); Radical957;

Kyouji (name); Radical994;

kyoyusuru Sharing; kyoyusuru Sharing; kyoyusuru Sharing;

kyu Emergency; Radical839;

kyushinsei Centripetal; Also see: Optics;

(hosharitsu Emissivity, kyushusei Absorptivity) approx. proportional, also see: Physics Law 567, Manmade Global Weather ... ;

kyushusokuteiho Absorptiometry . Absorptiometry; Also see: bGTSU; CT;