jinko chino Artificial Intelligence;

do good ( action, action) .  .  . ; Reminder: since 2007, SONY created ACTION Keyword in its Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and GPS Level is one of the top military secrets;

do good Kharma (a.k.a. Khamma) ... ;
do good go Karma ( action, ACTION) .  .  . ;

act; carry out; conduct; Radical176;

action of ... ; Radical661;

Digital; Digital; Digital; Digital; Digital; Digital;

( global, global, global, global)  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  ; Also see: g Character; Services;

I r o C o l o u r Wave Form; Also see: Optics;

kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ;                    
Word ;   Word ;   Word ;   Word ;                      

Also see: Action; Keyword; k Usage; Language Translator; w Character;

( , , , ) i.e. Shakya King 's Level6 Military Grade LASER*, also see: Physics Law 678; ;

noise cancellation a.k.a. soundproof, also see: Physics Law 139, ... ;


therapeutic Immune Cells;

Zoom ((Analog, Digital), (Zoom-In, Zoom-Out)) picture actions ... ; Also see: adjusting contemplated characters;

acting as (boundary, lining, partitioning) of the defined organism; membrane, also see: 6cComputer; 8mComputer; m G T S U;

Anti-Earthquake, designed, modeled, and programmed e.g. Action (avoiding earthquake);

, also see: avoiding earthquake in Japan and Taiwan; Remark: 3,4 dimensional;

action of explaining; e.g.

ACTION of explaining, i.e. Explanation, Interpretation, Translation, ... ; kaishaku Interpretation ... ;

(( everyday, everyday), repetition in Kanji Radical292), the cardiac muscle ( Heart), beating approx. (( 100) * ( 1000)) i.e. 100000 times ... ; Also see: Action; COUNTERS; h ECG; h G T S U; Physics Law 100000; Time;

( k h a r m a Action, kharma Action, k h a r m a Action) ... ; Also see: Idea Processor;

activities (day's activities, night's activities) ... ; (summary, summaries) of (activity, activities) e.g. activity tile as view;

Action OR Distribution process of ... ; e.g.

Action, OR Distribution process of (item, object, pattern, state of beings, things) to wider (area, field) i.e. dispersion e.g. Water behaves like substances in argha Holy Water _4D (this DOMAIN . BIOPHYSICS) ... ; Also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; DNA _Origami; structural Amino Acids; Water;

analogy; analogical; e.g.

( analogical, analogical, analogical, analogical) ... ;

( Analogy, Analogy, Analogy, Analogy), comparison between 2 (items, objects, parts, things) ... ;

Anti-Earthquake design model; e.g.

2024 April 8, the time for TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE (day time period, also see: Time) . Space (our earth) . Action (e.g. naturally blink 2 eyes) ; Remark: a "Tarzan" Rakhine American's way of thinking: OH!! OH!! our earth blinks also and its "bow tie" (Lexus' emblem in 2020) may stretch 115+ miles ( Distance between the two eyes), kuru kuru WHILE blinking its 2 eyes; Also see: Anti-Earthquake design model, because Parameter e.g. (31+29+31+8) = 99 (nine nine means grandmother, other wording would be "w a j i m a" in Myanmar language), And Then, Plus One would be 100, doko WHERE (100+ Day (concerning 01/01/2024 earthquake), 100+ Minute) is one of the important factors to realize & understand HOW Anti-Earthquake design model ... ;

OH!! OH!! I've a gift for you, i.e. 20.3+ years or 244-246 (N M D, No Moon Day) ahead for our earth; Also see: avoidingEarthquakeInJapanAndTaiwan; Time;

As Is - No Warranty, e.g. Milky Way As String, And Then, our earth (Anti-Earthquake) Gravity Spots As Hole, because very very very difficult to define HOW Purple Color (Fusion) to Aqua Blue (our earth) in 3,4 dimensional, 2,3 dimensional, ... ;

beyond year 2000s design model (GPS) with 2 (1 mm) gravity spots built-in but in 2020s, As Is - No Warranty WHICH means if you like to have your own gravity spots, you must be thoroughly realize && understood lights;

Also see: Action; Gravity Dimension Computer; Schematic Dimensional;

Causative; e.g.

Acting As 1 Cause, i.e. Causative;
(Dx, Dx, Dx, Dx, Dx) by Causative Genetic Variant; Also see: h G T S U;

Copilot; e.g.

( Copilot, Copilot, Copilot, Copilot), also see: Action; cCharacterExtension1; kadosei Mobility; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle;

DNA _Origami; Nanobot Program; structural Amino Acids; e.g.

(( Electrons), ( ion, ion, ion, ion), ( Water)) doko WHERE

DNA . (( a, A) Adenine) coexist with (( t, T) Thymine) AND
DNA . (( c, C) Cytosine) coexist with (( g, G) Guanine) AND
WHICH (DNA _Origami, structural Amino Acids) Action ( ion, ion, ion, ion) . heavy ion : e.g. ( C a + +, C l -, H +, K +, M g + +, M n +, N a +, O H -, ... ) ... ; 1 Arc minute DNA marker, for antiviral medicine R&D ... ;

select this DOMAIN . Protein Wrapper WHERE antiviral medicine = SARS-CoV-2 pathogen ; Remark: COVID-19 was one of the most powerful biomedical weapons in 2019-2020-2021;

Enzyme; e.g.

(, , ), also see: Enzymes;

Two is very very unique in many ways e.g. ( DEE vs. Optics) doko WHERE ( hikari Light re-Action ( CO2, ( Enzyme, Enzyme), H (Hydrogen), O2, Water) Energy, delivered by the Light, to tsukuru Make (Carbohydrate, Sugar)) a.k.a. photosynthesis, i.e. way of HOW tissues happen ... ; 1 lipid acting like (gate, pore ("opening pore" means allow the gas in)) WHICH ... , also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan; Reminder: because of (Carbohydrate, Sugar), fat, oil, ... may begin, e.g. 1 bio Physical lipid (Fat + Oil) can pass through Biological Cell ... ;

I wrote: Origin of Carbon Nanowalls, And Then, I've a quiz now, i.e. as a result of "Origin of Carbon Nanowalls," doko WHERE ((Yellow Color) . (4 ones' side vs. 3 ones' side)) in 3,4 dimensional, WHAT is going to be look alike ?

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! ware ware We've already learnt THAT IT would be look alike cantaloupe's (husk, skin) sir; "cantaloupe melon vs. honeydew melon," also see: Sushi;

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! ware ware We've already learnt IT because of Yellow Color Single-Bio-Cell Programmable Nanobot, kuru kuru WHILE flip-flopping Silver Color and Navy Color (surrounded by Green Color) sir;

I wrote: Also see: Teleportation; Anti Virus; Yes. correct, proper, sure, thrive, ... and be good Nanobot Programmers ... and do good Kharma a.k.a. Khamma Action, good results will; I believe in Zen Buddhism e.g. mountains are mountain, rivers are river, ... ; You can make "tons of money" with your formula (Nanobots) ... ;

impact; e.g.

( impact, impact, impact, impact) ... ;

I wrote: I'm going write a poem now e.g.

2T and Henry, how that U to be,
marking the DNA _Origami, transforming to be mRNA in laboratories,
p Vector in structural, surfaced inductances interrupt Protein dimensional,
1 way DEE As Comes-and-Goes, its environmental should be closed,
WHILE naturally Nanobots As membranes in ACTION, we're able to be defining the (Closed, Opened) architectures,
using 30 polygons for defining variants, we can do Anti Virus medicines drip/dropping, so called Teleportation ... ;

mitochondrial Action, also see: Riboflavin ... ;


n i t o t t e For Gravity Dimension Computer e.g. (Action; DNS; DOMAIN; Network Topology; this DOMAIN) :

Aqua Gray Type-C;

Aqua Navy Type-C;

Aqua Silver Type-C;

Gray Aqua Type-C;

Navy Aqua Type-C;

Silver Aqua Type-C;

also see: n f c elevation d n a ftp sharing .sys ;

2 nm; 3 nm; e.g.

( 2 nm, 3 nm), also see: Action; IoT; n Computer; Network Topology; Processor; Transistor;

normal Yellowish Variation, designed, modeled, and programmed since 2024; e.g.

normal Yellowish Variation, also see: Japanese . Syllabary . HTML; Physics Law 232 . HTML;

one thousand six hundred; e.g.

( 1600, 1600, 1600, 1600) i.e. Number , (Internal State Size (bits)) ... , also see: Action; NFC IoT; Number; Parameter; Security (computer security, national security, regional security, satellite security) of this DOMAIN, to be healthy ... ;

Payment; e.g.

( shiharai Payment, shiharai Payment, shiharai Payment, shiharai Payment) ... , also see: Action; Biz; p Character; Services; s Usage;

P D C ; P D C ; P D C ; P D C ; P D C ; Primary Domain Controller (P D C);


Also see: Action; Protocol and Port; Security;

(Processor, Server) dimensional 11x15, Using (MOBILE e.g. ( , , )), (NORMAL e.g. ( , , )) ... ;

(( Radical1002), ( Radical294), ( Radical355), ( Radical432)); accountable, accountable, accountable, (of an institution, of an organization, of a person), doing (appointed, dutiful, entrusted, responsible, terms) to be justify ACTION ... ;

Reference; e.g.

                                  m i c r o   s d                                
d o : R e f e r e n c e   # ? ? . ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? . ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 0 0 . ? ? ? ? ? ? ?            
radio                                                   S I M 1                  

Remark: 2009 or later (e.g. 2020s), I F F GPS, Global Positioning System ACTION Keyword (e.g. Navigation) is created, designed, and modeled by SONY, ... ; Also see: Directions; Location Awareness Response;







      Idea Processor base d


Gene Therapy System




Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol

      An Orbiter _ The Universe ;        
      global . T S U K I . info   ;        
        A f r IN IC ;        
      A P N IC ;        
      AR IN ;        
      GOOGLE ;        
      ID NS ;        
      L AC N IC ;        
      RIPE N CC ;        
      Yahoo ;        

I F F (inhibit, inhibiting, inhibitor) Action against pathogen, i.e. medicine; Also see: COVID-19;


S I M; SIMM; e.g.

( SIMM, SIMM, SIMM, SIMM) i.e. Single Inline Memory Module; Also see: Action; Radical960; 5sComputer; s Computer;

( SNA, SNA, SNA, SNA, SNA, SNA, SNA), Systems Network Architecture ... ;

shigeki Stimulate; Stimulate; e.g.

Inoculation, living (antigen, pathogen) into (alive, living) organism to ( shigeki Stimulate, stimulate, stimulate, stimulate, Stimulate) the production of antibodies;

stimulate structural Battery Server ( Gravity Dimension Computer) ... ;

this DOMAIN 's Action; e.g.

this DOMAIN 's Action e . g . Motion
angular ; average ; circular ; 3D ( three dimensional
( ( zoom - in , zoom - out )
with 2D ) ) motion ; effective weight ; harmonic
motion ; momentum and ( balance , balanced , balancing
) : perceiving angular ; linear 1D ( one dimensional
) motion ; logical effect s of ... ; motion
force s ; projectile motion ; sky diving ; sprinter
' s run ; Time graph v s . acceleration
; two dimensional ( 2D : ( x ,
y ) with 1D ) motion ; uniform v
s . non - uniform ; vertical jumping ; weightlessness

this DOMAIN 's Action; e.g. angular; average; circular; 3D (three dimensional ((zoom-in, zoom-out) with 2D)) motion; effective weight; harmonic motion; momentum and (balance, balanced, balancing): perceiving angular; linear 1D (one dimensional) motion; logical effects of; motion forces; projectile motion; skydiving; sprinter 's run; time graph v s . acceleration; two dimensional (2D: (x, y) with 1D) motion; uniform vs. non-uniform; vertical jumping; weightlessness; Also see: Action; Nanobot iPS Cells; Physics Law 198;

TIME OUT; WHEN 2 biggest gravity spots are at the same directional (refreshing) on one of the human beings livable moons, in our universe (Solar System), regarding "our earth," time-out should be; Also see: Action; Server; Time; Walls;

(Global, Local, Remote) Method: Application . Session . TIME OUT ;

using Moon Wave, for each human beings livable moon ... ; moon; Radical96; ( 45, 60, 72) WORMHOLE Parameters ... ;

to graft onto a tree; e.g.

( adjoin, closely touch, to graft onto a tree, to join a contact, to piece together, to set bones) ... ;

Web Extension Logical; e.g.

108x108 Web Extension Logical;