Last updated on 2018/2561 3 1, a full moon day;     B     b;     bCharacter;     Also see: b Usage;

back; behind; later;

back and forth

backbone; fortitude; spirit; Radical224;

backbone ; spine;


background (Also see: Directions);     background

background image

background image

IFF prefix (e.g. bad * ; non* ; poor * ; un* ), Radical244;

bad      bad

no good

bad, as opposed to good;

Gene Therapy System index, correct genetic disorders (491694591) : abnormality; ail ness; ailment; bad condition; chaos; complication; confusion; disease; disorder; illness; irregularity; malady; mess; sickness; strangeness; untidiness; disorders;


badger; clawed dog; Radical186;

bag      bag

BAHASA language





bamboo ; bamboo; Radical155;


band      band

frequency band      frequency band

band6; band5; band8; band4;

bank; Radical176;

bank      bank      bank      bank      bank      bank

bar      bar

bark; husk; peel; rind; Radical136;

barrier; obstacle; Radical381;

base; basis; foundation; root; Radical118, also see: Radicals;

base      base      kichi Base      base      base



basic science

base; basis; foundation; root; Radical118;

battery      battery      battery      battery



be      was     were     been

be (are, be, been, is, was, were);

be content; coax; pamper; sugary; sweet taste; Radical128;

be glad to

be named

be on target (hit);

be present

be rotten

be worn out

to be; Radical78, also see: Radicals; e.g. to be affirmation; to be location;

beam (directional flow of Particles, shaft of light e.g. ray); Radical400;

beam (e.g. Sound _Beam, e.g. X-ray);

beam      beam


bean; pea; Radical184, also see: Radicals;

bear      bore      born     borne

beat      beat

beat; drum; muster; rouse; Radical248, also see: Radicals;

beat      beat     beaten



beautiful nation e.g. USA, also see: Numerological6;





coexistence, also see: ugly;

become      became      become

become serious, Radical213, also see: Radicals;




before, as opposed to after;

begin      began      begun

beginning ;

beginning; former time; origin; Radical118;

back; behind; later;

being blamed by oneself     being blamed by others

belief      believe

bell      bell      bell


below, as opposed to above;

Benares a.k.a. Varanasi;

bend      bent      bent


advantage; benefit ; profit; Also see: Numerological7;

benefit; chemical; enamel; gun powder; Radical377;


beseech      besought      besought


besides (in addition);

good; better; best;

the best; Radical1, also see: Radicals;

bet      bet      bet

beta i.e. Β, β;

better, and different



bevy e.g. group 66 assembly, e.g. group of company (crowd);


bid      bid      bid

bide      bode      bided

big; great; large; Radical44;

big; gigantic; great; large; Radical149;

big      big

big, as oppose to small;


binary (system)

bind      bound      bound

bio      bio

biological cell      immune cell      biological cell


bird; Radical234;

bird; old bird; Radical204;

birth; genuine; life; Radical129;

birthday      e.g. Nippon Emperor's birthday, in Heisei era, also see: Time;

birthplace (refer to home, refer to house)


Radical181, also see: Radicals;

bit     bit

this DOMAIN, using Artificial Intelligent (AI) to avoid bad words, but you can have your own bad words (e.g. addiction (in common, refer to: alcohol, drug, gambling, multi-sex), asshole, bitch, fatherhood-unidentified-one, fool, fuck, fucker, kill human beings, revenge, shit, shoot, slave); harlot, suck, whore are not bad words (because, common people need sex: including bisexual, gay, lesbian, and straight);

bite      bit     bitten


biz a.k.a. business;

black; Radical241;

black      black

black; deep; mysterious; occult; profound; Radical126;


gain or loss, fame or defame, praise or blame, and pleasure or pain; Also see: mature knowledge;

blank space

bleed      bled      bled

bless      blessed      blest

blessing; fortune; luck; wealth; Radical332;

village; town; street; block ; Also see: Numerological7;

block      block

block elements, also see: AI FONT;

building block (square one at pillar's top); Radical90;


blood; Radical175;

blow      blew      blown

     blue      blue      blue

also see: RGB;

blue sky i.e. azure sky;


also see: mistake;

BMI      BMI , Body Mass Index;

bo-tree, a.k.a. bodhi tree, a symbol of enlightenment;     bo-tree, religious tree in Buddhism;   also see: religious plant in Buddhism;

board      board      board      board

boat; ship; Radical170;

Bodh Gaya, enlightenment place of Buddha, 100km South of Patna, India; Also see: Lumbini;

bodhi      bodhi

Bodhi tree, a.k.a. bo-tree;

Bodhi, also see: Shri Maha Bodhi, in Sri Lanka, in Buddhism;

bodhi (enlightenment);

body      body      body           body & awareness;          body & mind

bone; frame; Radical224;


bone and skin, as opposed to meat;

bone joint, also see: Gene Therapy System;

bone joint infections; Also see: Specialties APM;

bonsai      bonsai

counter for books; Radical150, also see: Radicals;

book      book      book      book      book      book      book

bookmark      bookmark file;

account book; album; notebook; Radical345;

account book; ledger; register;

boot (   boot load;    bootstrap) ...   ;

Also see: AUI;

bore      bored


both     both both

both arms

both countries

both days

both ends

both eyes

both feet

both parties

both persons

both sides

both things

both to be together, a.k.a. couple; coupling; Radical7;

both wings

and also, both ... and, as well as  ;


top and bottom are coexistence alike (top is not opposed to bottom);

bottom ( 5); left (five); right (five); top ( five);


bound, also see: bag; bind;    

boundless; broad; vast; wide;

bow; Radical66;


bow and arrow

box      box


coexistence, also see: girl;


brain      brain      brain ;


2-branch tree; Radical144;


branch; support; sustain; Radical87, also see: Radicals;

Also see: brunch;


break      broke      broken


break up

broken gate; fight; fighting; Radical227, also see: Radicals;

breakfast      breakfast


breed      bred      bred

bridge      bridge

sun and moon are to be bright, clever, light, ... ; Radical294;

bright     bright


bring      brought      brought

bristle; hair ornament; Radical69;

broad a.k.a. wide;

e.g. broadband internet;

brother: elder brother      younger brother ;

brown; Radical299;

browser      browser      browser

brunch e.g. C Sequence Number (BF2, Brunching Factor 2) for 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space ... ;
brunch e.g. BF1 Analysis (BLI, Body Length Index) Gene Therapy System, for 3,4 dimensional imaginary hyper space ... ;

Also see: branch;

brush; Radical164, also see: Radicals;

Buddha      Buddha      Buddha     Buddha

Buddhas, also see: Bodhisattvas; IFF Mahayana: Akshobya; Amitabha; Shakyamuni; Virochana; Buddhism, a religion to practice morality, wisdom, ... more than 2500+ years, in majjhimā patipadā, accordance with tipitaka;

Buddhist countries are:

China [also see: Tao] a.k.a. Zhong Guo a.k.a. PRC,

Cambodia a.k.a. Kampuchea,

Hong Kong, a.k.a. China,

Japan [also see: Mahayana, Shingon, Shinto, Zen] a.k.a. Nippon,




Myanmar a.k.a. Burma,



Sri Lanka a.k.a. Ceylon,

Taiwan [also see: Mahayana] a.k.a. ROC,

Thailand a.k.a. Siam,

Tibet [also see: Mahayana], a.k.a. China,

USA, United States of America (many Buddhist monasteries, peoples, shrines, and temples exist in USA),


... ;

Buddhist priest

Buddhist priest, monk; Radical338;

Buddhist countries were Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, ... ;

Buddhist teaching      Buddhist teaching

bug; insect; cricket; moth; worm; Radical174;

build      built      built

building e.g. amusement park; apartment; auto-shop; bank; car parking; carwash; center; complex; condo; courthouse; dormitory; factory; financial; gym; hall; home; hospital; hotel; house; jail; jetty; laboratory; lighthouse; lot; market; monastery; movie; museum; office; plant; port; prison; public parking; quarter (head-quarter, military-quarter, teaching-quarter, training-quarter); reactor; recycle; religious building; restaurant; school; sewer; stadium; station; storage; store; studio; supermarket; theatre; tower; tunnel; warehouse; waste management; water-treatment; work-shop; ... ; Also see: building;

building block (square one at pillar's top); Radical90, also see: Radicals;

Bukkyokai, also see: Rengokai;


bundle      bundle


Burma = Myanmar;

IFF invisible animaloid (bird), monitor and report WHO trashes illegally (e.g. throwing items on street, throwing items onto backyard), and then report WHO trashes illegally to humanoids, and then mark the illegal trash person in educational program database to be corrected HOW to be hygiene;

burn      burnt      burnt

burst      burst      burst


bus      bus      BUS

business      business      business

business affair

biz a.k.a. business;


Radical130, also see: Radicals;

bust      bust      bust

IFF conjunction: but; however; nevertheless; Radical321;

but      but      but      but      but

but; however; nevertheless; yet; Radical161, also see: Radicals;

IFF butterfly, also see: index HOW the butterfly knows ... ;


buy       bought      bought


buy 購買

buy, as opposed to sell;

by      by      by

by law

by (i.e. by individual person)

by this time

by the way     

by the way ; in passing; in this connection; incidentally;

bypass      bypass

byte e.g. 1GB is 1073741824 bytes;