; ; ; Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 11 : 11 : Physics Law 141 ;

(law 141) : equilibrium;

in Dhamma a.k.a. dharma, (51) fifty one "tsutai" initializes to be a life form, And Then, WHEN ("tezo" (heat) in Pali, "oza" (e.g. gravity wave) in Pali) effects on each (0, zero), the zero populates a new one; (3 (0, zero)) three zero initializes ((begin, began, begun), beginning); WHILE populating, each (0, zero) can subset to (4th, 5th); in the time period of (1 week, 2 week), 10th, 11th, and 12th begins (("ahara" , "ahaya" ) eat, inhabitance, to be energetic), And Then, equilibrium (neither populating nor decreasing); Also see: Idea Processor ... ;

as of 2564 in Buddha Calendar, 2020 in Gregorian Calendar, this DOMAIN 's developer still cannot solve HOW ware ware We human beings' growth rate different on human beings livable moons, regarding BLI (Body Length Index) different human beings; Also see: Radical9; the next generation well trained kids! will be able to solve HOW ware ware We human beings' growth rate different on human beings livable moons, ... ; Remark: Buddha's Abhidharma based Idea Processor should be thoroughly understood, And Then, the next generation well trained kids! will be able to solve HOW e.g. (color exchange diff, DEE _mouth diff, gas color code diff, gravity diff, momentum diff, planet size diff, refreshing diff, river count diff) ... WHICH leads to ACT3 imaginary hyper space level (reversed yellowish variations with variable DEE patterns) ... ;

(harmony, peace); Radical545;
Equilibrium     Equilibrium     Equilibrium;
Scale     Scale     Scale;

Equilibrium     Equilibrium     Equilibrium; Also see: e Computer; Mathematic;

(balance, equalisation, equalization, equilibrium, even scale) ... ; Remark: pronounce "eikou" , "heiko" ;
heiko Balance     heiko Balance     heiko Balance;
heiko Equalization      heiko Equalization      heiko Equalization;

neither hyper nor hypo is normal; Also see: MD; PHYSICS; Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;

before realizing & understanding WHAT is equilibrium, we've to (learn, realize, study) iroLED (green, red);

this DOMAIN 's ACT3 and ACT2 imaginary hyper space crafts prompted THAT Red color is somehow related to our earth and its Solar System, on the other hand, Green color is somehow related to (out, outer, outward) of our earth and its Solar System;

blue; green; green light; Radical206; e.g. (North Pole aurora, South Pole aurora), one of the equilibriums (our earth) ;

( diode Green (Green color), diode Red (Red color)) ;

red; Radical188; e.g. (North Pole aurora, South Pole aurora), one of the equilibriums (our earth) ;

using iroColourWaveForm (color code) ;

before realizing & understanding WHAT is equilibrium, we've to learn and study Keyword (s) linguistically (Def, definition) of comparison e.g. equal vs. equation; e.g. equal vs. equilibrium; e.g. equation vs. equilibrium; so, well trained kids! I've a quiz i.e. WHAT are linguistically understanding of (equal vs. equation, equal vs. equilibrium, equation vs. equilibrium) ?

adjusted; alike; equal; Radical211;

alike; equal; similar; Radical251;

equation; expression; formula; Radical992;

well trained kids! replied : equal is general usage, equation is mathematical usage with = (EQUALS SIGN), and equilibrium is structural usage sir ;

I wrote : Yes. please don't forget THAT IFF mathematical usage with = (EQUALS SIGN), then left side is (Val, Value), and right side is (Ref, Reference) ;

I wrote : I've another quiz i.e. WHY do we need to (learn, realize, study) Equilibrium As Keyword ?

equilibrium a.k.a. stable point (flow of ... ), also see: Physics Law 184, ... ;

well trained kids! replied : structural prompts functional sensors sir ;

I wrote : mochiron of course; designing & modeling sensors (begin, initialize, start) with 5W1H of (component, device, entity, item, object, part, thing, tuple) 's expected equilibrium ((exist, not-exist), (false, true), (off, on)) ... ; Remark: if you've (created, designed, found) your own equilibrium (s), please don't tell anyone, keep IT for yourselves;

surface; Radical212;

act; ion; action;
inter; acting; interacting;
inter; action; interaction;
inter; active; interactive;
inter; face; interface;

IFF Idea Processor based surfaces, e.g. 6 ZCS (s), also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, doko WHERE ZCS sensors may (begin, initialize, start) ... ;

neither hyper nor hypo is normal,

Recovery, e.g. to be normal from abnormal, e.g. recovery from biological comorbidity; recovery to be healthy ones mean (harmony, peace) WHICH leads to equilibrium;

well trained kids! replied: Umm! Umm! we've realized THAT if we define between Red color and Green color, by knowing "Red" is for Solar System, and "Green" is for (out, outer, outward) of our earth and its Solar System, and we've learnt "Red" is somehow related to Hydrogen, "Green" is somehow related to Oxygen, "Silver" is somehow related to Nitrogen, so THAT we can prove our Gene Therapy System (individual, patient, person, Pt, user) to be healthy ones sir ?

I wrote: mochiron of course, please do good ( go Karma a.k.a. khamma a.k.a. kharma) Action, good results will ... ;

well trained kids! replied: HOW can we define immunological antibodies as gene patterns sir ? so that we can cure NOT ONLY comorbidity (referring to biological abnormalities, diseases, disorders, ... ) BUT ALSO antivirus.

I wrote: IT is very difficult question to answer because immunological, medical, microbiological, optical (Optics, Optics, Optics), pathological, pharmaceutical, pharmacological, physical-chemical, radiological, RDBMS (big data), structural (gene pattern, genetic code), ... must be together as induction logic, also see: Idea Processor ( immunological antibodies) ... ;

I've another quiz i.e. if you're designing & modeling (equilibrium based sensors, equilibrium based sensors), how many color codes would you like to define?

well trained kids! replied: we've already learnt i.e. (from HEX={00,00,00} to HEX={99,99,99}) as our own top secret "can't tell" color codes, for each sensor sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; "attahi attano nahto" in Pali language (Pali, holy language in Buddhism) means DEPENDING SELF, DO IT YOURSELF, SELF INDEPENDENT, YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN, ... ; go Karma ... ;

Oh! Oh! I've another quiz i.e. HOW do you define human beings livable moons in our universes ?

well trained kids! replied: for each human beings livable moon, counting river count for each planet naturally, and bone count for each beings on the planet naturally, and believe it or not, for each beings, if comparison (bone count vs. intelligence), more bone count seems better intelligence sir; we (human beings) seems the highest quantity of bone count among living beings, and we still cannot solve BLI (Body Length Index) and growth rate, for each human beings livable moon sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; "attahi attano nahto" ... ; Remember: in Buddhism, 31 realms of beings exist ... , also see: Numbers_in_Dhamma ; it is NOT easy to understand bamboo stem's variations ( BSV, Bamboo Stem Variation) As Factor;

well trained kids! replied: WHAT is the diff between "momentum" and "equilibrium" sir ?

I wrote: momentum is more related to (orbit, orbiter, orbiting, orbits) Time, and equilibrium is more related to peaceful & tranquil (blending, fusion) of Optics, Space, ... ; Also see: Monbusho _level _knowledge _enhancement _3, idea ♯ 269, momentum, ... ;

ionic repulsive equilibrium, also see: Battery;

Structural Equilibrium Of Light;

Structural Equilibrium of Light in ACT3;

(time-dependent response, equilibrium response) ... ; Also see: Location Awareness Response; Physics Law 567, Manmade Global Weather ... ;

using ( , ) to do quality healthy air, doko WHERE ((Aqua vs. Maroon), (Green vs. Red)) should be equilibrium artificially; Also see: Anti Virus; Physics Law 144;

zoomed 25% e.g.

DEE_lines_horizontalZoom25%; 40x40;

DEE_lines_verticalZoom25%; 40x41;

very smart Browser, because originally (Black and White) only e.g. Monochrome Bitmap, but if closer look at IT, automatic adjusted to its (associated, related) ones ... ; Also see: DEE;