; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : February : 28 (Tuesday) : Updated : Location Awareness Response ;

; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : 2 : 28 : Updated : Location Awareness Response;

l; Location;

doko desu ka ? (WHERE is it ? ); this dialog indicates NOT ONLY place BUT ALSO current location; Also see: l Character; locate; located; locating; location; locator; ... ;

concerned about; concerned about; concerned about;


Magnetic Field m T; Remark: Magnetic Field m T (diff, different, varies) among human beings livable moons in our universes ... ; Location Awareness Response ((human beings livable moon, our earth, our moon); momentum; orbiter; (refresh, refreshed, refreshing); suingu Swing-by Gravity Time) ... ; Magnetic Field m T, 150x15 dimensional; Also see: Physics Law 153;

( zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, coordinate, coordinate, coordinate, coordinate, Coordinate) ... ;


a; Awareness;

awareness     awareness     kidzuki Awareness;

Also see: Idea Processor, easy and simple, easy to understand, the one and only Abhidharma based HOW "awareness" can be ... ;

embedded devices e.g. GPS is embedded, i.e. Location Awareness;

facade     facade     facade;

IoT, Internet of Things, using this DOMAIN 's (method, procedure, technique), awareness of embedded devices ... ;

IoT must obey NFC3; NFC2; NFC1; NFC, Near Field Communication;

NFC4, Near Field Communication 4; Also see: Electricity Power Plug; IoT; Remark: Hex={51,51,51} i.e. (Custom Color (Blue 81, Green 81, Red 81); custom color (Hue 160, Lum 76, Sat 0)) ;


r; Response;

answer; reply; response; solution; Radical789;

IFF Browser based computing, also see: Cloud (BE, FE, IoT, V M);

((BE, Back End), (FE, Front End), (IoT, Internet of Things), (V M, Virtual Machine)) ;

IFF Keyword, e.g. (alert, caution, notification, warming) can prompt (S M S message, text, TXT) ... ;


S M S, Short Message System;

TXT, TEXT file extension name;

urgent response; medical response (rescue) team; emergency response; disaster relief response team;

respond; responded; responding; ("response"), also see: ( kharma Action, kharma Action, kharma Action) e.g. good Actions ... ;

("switch" , "switch-able" , "switched" , "switching"), also see: Physics Law 198;

(time-dependent response, equilibrium response) ... ; Also see: Physics Law 567;

using iroColourWaveForm timestamp, also see: Synchronization;

108x203Default, for each

G T S C A_* (Gene Therapy System Chiryoyaku Area)_ ... ,
G T S C A_* (Gene Therapy System Chiryoyaku Area)_ ... ,
G T S C A_* (Gene Therapy System Chiryoyaku Area)_ ... ,
also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

2,3 dimensional ( 2, 3), also see: Physics Law 170, leading 3 naturally, ... ;

dimensional; directional; logical; numerological; structural;

dimensional : e.g.

Amber Alert; Amber Alert; i.e. 15x15 dimensional ... ;

Emergency Alert; Emergency Alert; Also see: phone;

Gold Alert; Gold Alert; i.e. 48x48 dimensional ... ;

directional : e.g.

Bearing; course of action; Direction; geometry directional; Orientation; Way;

direction; way; Radical92;


Remark: approx. 45+ years of R&D everyday, to realize & understand 1 km radius gravity spots in oceans, 1 way DEE, 2 (1 mm ones) gravity spots as embedded device GPS, directional gravity pressure, (hole, string) of Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, moon waves, ... , also see: this DOMAIN 's PHYSICS laws e.g. any moving location of point ... ;

logical : e.g.

Artificial Intelligence; Idea Processor;

Manmade Global Weather : Physics Law 67, Avoiding volcanic eruption, ... ;

mountains are mountain, rivers are river, i.e. Zen way, also see: philosophy;

( position, status) ... ;

Remark: for each human beings livable moon, marked by its river count to define, to solve BLI (Body Length Index) problems, ... ; for each imaginary hyper space craft, measured by its gravity spot count to define, to solve civilizations' problems ... ; Also see: Gravity Dimension Computer   (Gene Therapy System)    ... ;

numerological : e.g.

2555 Nippon Character Writing Strokes Count;

using 108 algorithm ... ; i.e. (( 3, 3, 3, 3), ( 10, 7, 10));
using 108 algorithm ... ; i.e. (( 3, 3, 3, 3), ( 10, 7, 10));
Remark: 108 algorithm, invented by Rakhine American, for 21st century & beyond, e.g. either multiplexing way or adding way is OK ... ;

using I CHING algorithm ... , e.g. a group of 6 consecutive ones, ... ;

using Lo Shu algorithm ... ; i.e. ( 6, 6) e.g. numerological (15) is 6; Lo Shu Magic Square topology, a.k.a. Magic Square topology; Remark: 3 level (s);

using Sudoku algorithm ... ; i.e. ( 9, 9) e.g. numerological (♯, ♯, ♯, ♯, ♯, ♯, ♯, ♯, ♯) is 9, and 9 level is the most advance, the highest technology, achieved, earned, invented by NIPPON; Remark: 9 level (s);

structural : e.g.

place; space; spot; e.g.

(( place, place, place), ( space, space, space), ( spot, spot, spot));

s o n o b a d e In situ, (in the original place, situated in the original place), also see: FISH; i Character; Location Awareness Response; s Usage;

soshin Send; Radical767;

(info, information, message, string) breaking news, headline news, latest news, ... ;

(military science) tactic in 21st century & beyond would be: NOT to happen 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting ... ; Radical344;

( show position, show position, show position) e.g. geo-location, showing a position Info of the current location, the Browser's Location Awareness, also see: this DOMAIN 's one of the buttons (Show Position) Latitude Number, Longitude Number, ... ; Also see: 9pComputer;

reflect; reflection; e.g.

I wrote: doko WHERE ((hansha Reflection, surface (heat, light, sound), throwing back), Reflect, Reflection) ?

well trained kids!! replied: 2 layers of the sea Water 's Color, and environmental "Jelly Fish" are sir;

I wrote: Umm!! Umm!! reminder: moisture vs. water might be a little bit diff;

six surfaced DEE Box, regarding ("our earth") As Location; e.g.

regarding (("our earth") As Location, (, , )) doko WHERE facing toward WHICH direction? 1. East; 2. West; 3. South; 4. North; Also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;

unwanted COVID-19 pandemic worldwide (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022); e.g.

Anti Formaldehyde Chemicals, also see: f G T S U;

Anti NO2, also see: n G T S U;

( Anti PM0.1), ( Anti PM2.5), ( Anti PM5.0), also see: p G T S U; Remark: in Dhamma a.k.a. dharma, (51) fifty one "tsutai" initializes to be a life form, And Then, WHEN ("tezo" (heat) in Pali, "oza" (e.g. gravity wave) in Pali) effects on each (0, zero), the zero populates a new one; (3 (0, zero)) three zero initializes ((begin, began, begun), beginning), also see: Physics Law 141 ... ;

I wrote: I've a quiz i.e. among PM0.1, PM2.5, and PM5.0, WHICH one would be ((begin, began, begun), beginning) ?

well trained kids! replied: PM5.0 is like worm alike, and ((begin, began, begun), beginning) sir;

Anti PM10 (allergens and pollen) ; this DOMAIN 's Anti PM10.4 COVID-19;

I wrote: I've a quiz i.e. regarding PM10 vs. PM10.4, (thorn alike vs. mouth alike), WHICH one would be populating ?

well trained kids! replied: PM10.4, and we've to be immune (d) ones sir;

Anti VOC, also see: v G T S U;

Computer Science;

DEE, Dark Energy Engineering ((DEE _Radio), radio), verify ((foe, friend), (known, unknown), (illegal, legal), (marked, unmarked), ... ) ... ;

IFF Gene Therapy System, e.g. (adding good gene pattern, curing (abnormal, disease, disorder), curing marked oncogene, curing tumor maker, demolishing targeted oncogene, ... ) ... ;

IFF Manmade Global Weather, e.g. (avoiding category >1+ storm, avoiding drought, avoiding earthquake, avoiding tsunami, avoiding volcanic eruption, ... ) ... ;

IFF Network Topology, also see: Anti Virus; International Domains; Internet Connection; Router;

IFF Security (e.g. National Security, Regional Security), indicate illegal drone, indicate illegal missile, indicate illegal ones, ... , using RDBMS (insectoid reports to animaloid reports to humanoids) ... ;

jushin Receive; Radical417;

(any moving location of point, bio cell, dot, spot) ... ; Also see: Physics Law 113;

any moving location of point; Also see: a G T S U;
bio cell; Also see: c G T S U;
dot; Also see: d G T S U;
spot; Also see: s G T S U;

Laser Shield (invisibility-drone 95491929392749655/t c p INVISIBILITY DRONE, invisibility-drone 95491929392749655/u d p INVISIBILITY DRONE), also see: Keyword To Port Number;


Web Extension Logical; e.g.

108x108 Web Extension Logical;