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(A OS, IS AM, SAL, SAR, S ART, S AS, SA U, SL F I), also see: Cloud; IoT; Keyword; Satellite;

scanner; e.g.

scanner ;    
                combo ;

IFF ( Lo Shu, Sudoku) together as combo, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 197, mapping our universes;

e.g. Gene Therapy System ( CT Scanner) SQL data ... ;


necessary; pivot; required; vital point; Radical365;

e . g . C Sequence Number ;  
        Fibonacci ;  
        regulator ;  
      time series  
        analysis ;  
B F 2 , i.e. 2,3 dimensional ;
B F 3 , i.e. 3,4 dimensional ;
    4 . . .  

this DOMAIN AI SYSTEM ( Cloud) sequence our universes universally ... ;

series      with structure, also see: C Sequence Number; e.g. BF2 for 2,3 dimensional space; BF3 for 3,4 dimensional space;

set ;        
U C S , Universal Character Set ; initial link
; numeric code d ; flat constraint ; partial generator
; document character ; partition e d data ;  

♯.♯.9200; ♯.♯.8400; ♯.♯.7600; ... also see: Numbers in Computing; Approx. between years (2010 ~ 2020);

( book; cell; formula; name; sheet; value; ... );

(action; center; clock; indicator; input; network; power; volume; ... );

sheath; shell; wrapping; Radical136;

shell; shellfish; Radical187;

shot, e.g. Cyber-shot ... ; Also see: camera;

show: e.g. show button on 1 row; show button on 2 row;

Singapore, , , , 65;

ASEAN cyber security;

Nama For Humanoid (Solar Sail system) ... ;


IFF 128 (2 ^ 7) bit AND beyond, GPS, radar, radio, solar, sonar, sound patterns, wireless, ... ;

Solar App; Also see: l u x;

one of the Solar Sail methods, HOW this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts are designed, also see: Automotive; Directions; e.g. light as surface reacts to DEE kinetic momentum, as a result, IoT can be controlled remotely accordance with logical (top, left, right, bottom) ... ; believe it or not, all human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King (also see: Swastika);

Solar Sail system (directional), also see: Pivot; Radical365;

Solomon Islands, , , , 677;

this DOMAIN, using sound patterns of electronic piano keys as its system security ... ; key; Radical374;

  sound pattern ;        
sound pattern ;          
  e.g. 1 second clock tic tic tic ;

abnormal sound pattern; normal sound pattern;

sound system (microphone; speaker) ... ;

21st century & beyond ( 1. Bay of Bengal, 2. East China Sea, 3. Gulf of Thailand, 4. Indian ocean, 5. Pacific ocean, 6. Philippine Sea, 7. Sea of Japan, 8. South China Sea), using Artificial Intelligence, Idea Processor (Manmade Global Weather) to do good weather conditions ... ;

good weather condition, e.g. avoiding category >1+ storm;
good weather condition, e.g. avoiding drought;
good weather condition, e.g. avoiding earthquake;
good weather condition, e.g. avoiding tsunami;
good weather condition, e.g. avoiding volcanic eruption;
good weather conditions ... ;

    s p a r c , a processor ,      
e . g . Fujitsu S P A R C 64 X ;
        e.g. Fujitsu S P A R C M 10 ;

S P A R C processor ... ;

speaker ( i.e. a person WHO speak s )
; speaker ( e.g. audio system )
    speaker ;          

speaker; Columns (i.e. 3, 6, 9) with vertical background (e.g. 33mm, 66mm, 99mm) are for flat and thin layer sound system WHICH is beyond magnetic yoke system; As a result, common paper (e.g. letter size) can be speaker, so called flexible light and thin surface speakers;

Special Designation Special Designation a.k.a.
            Special Name ;    
special name s entry ; Also see : UNIT ;

speech radical; Radical182;


SPL; e.g.

SPL, Sound Pressure Level ... ; Also see: Physics Law 888;

this DOMAIN     AI OS        
    Character Number 161 ;        
SPL , Sound Pressure Level ;      
  SPL ;            
kan Weight scroll bar ;    

SPL     SPL     SPL; SPL, Sound Pressure Level; ACT2 space ... , ACT3 space ... ; e.g. 2 claps to worship Buddha & deities, and notice THAT 2 voices are NOT the same, WHICH is similar to true events on human beings livable moons in our universes ... ; i.e. SPL ... ;

Sound Pressure Level ( SPL); Gravity Dimension Computer, using AI OS Character Number 161, ... ; Inner circle is variable at 2 ways WHEN applying resistance; Triangle is light at 1 side only; Light becomes spread able, depending on HOW you apply kan Weight on it (e.g. 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g, ... ); Our location (i.e. Earth) yellow color is for filtering for the triangle alike space; Outer circle is not variable, and then time lines may vary depending on 1 satellite designer's tactical distance (e.g. 42mm, 48mm, 66mm, ... ); THIS symbol ( SPL) is dimensional (e.g. with momentum and specific time line) and directional (e.g. with specific space) WHERE "lord of the ring" must be vertically; DEE flows 1 way only (because of our location Earth's momentum and time line) from filtering side to non-filtering side; Top secret i.e. in ACT2 stage, DEE may flow diff ... ; In ACT3 stage, DEE also may flow diff ... ;

For ACT2 space engineers, find your own structural (momentum and time line) accordance with DEE flows and then engineer teleportation method by applying kan Weight universally;

For ACT3 space engineers, find your own structural (momentum and time line) accordance with DEE flows and then engineer parallel time by applying kan Weight universally, and then prove that parallel time can be SYNC universally by defined UPS (Universal Positioning System) locations; And Then, realize THAT INFO can be faster than light;

2012/2556 model Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system starts with kuru kuru of dots are ... ; Notice that only 1 color prompts because of outer circle, if inner circle with resistance, those kuru kuru of dots might be prompting with variable colors, and then applying kan Weight on it as resistance, and then Gravity Dimension Computer can be starting with multi colors depending on HOW you apply kan Weight ... 2,3 dimensionally ; Think that those kuru kuru of dots are outer circle's filtering triangle's location alike; Because of SPL, those dots' iroColours may vary in the near future's Gravity Dimension Computer, because e.g. 3 layers must be transparency WHEN DEE flows in z-distribution and then each surface must obey directional gravity pressure ... ; Gravity Dimension Computer is not done yet ... still in testing and developing stage for ACT1 level system engineers;

using artificial intelligence ( decibel) i.e. between plus 340 and minus 340;

Gravity Dimension Computer, using AI OS Character number 38 (i.e. ꅹ) for artificial intelligence vibration ... ;

spool ;      
hub ; mail ; new s - ; tape ;

AI OS character number 128 (啸) to spool ... ;

buffer; memory; spool; WHERE method (buffer is more likely to be defined by variable by software, memory is more likely to be defined by hardware, spool is more likely to be defined to output) ... ;

buck; hop; jerk; leap up; prance; splash; spring; sputter; Radical715;

          SQL ;    
S Q L , Structure d Query Language ;  
            my ;  

SQL Server Compact ♯.♯ SP ♯ (x86) LANGUAGE, Microsoft component;

s q r t (2) i.e. square root of two, a.k.a. SQRT2, also see: after 17 decimal numbers, 88...88;

St. Helena, , , , 290;

stack ;      
device ; directory ; driver ; dual i.e. 2
; open ; protocol ; push down list ,
push down stack ; push down storage , stack (
storage ) ; segment ; stack ( able )
hub ; trace , also see : command ;  
queue ;        

staged station; Radical980;

avoiding disaster state; e.g.

Artificial Intelligence n u me ro logical      
14694957 49111259 12125              
avoiding disaster state ;            


Special Radical 253, also see: Radicals;

      to mention ;      


( . Atmosphere, . Troposphere, . Stratosphere, . Mesosphere, . Thermosphere, . Exosphere);


self - support      
          support ;    
A S S I S T , Advance d Service
Support Information System Technology ; D S S , decision
support system ; R M S , Recovery Management Support
; complete ; customer ; full ; group ; kanji
; management support object ; multi lingual ; native ;
on - site ; on - line support center ;
software ; staff ; system ; system aid s ;
technical ; user ; - ware ;      


      this DOMAIN . SWITCH      
          switch ;    

artificial intelligence SWITCH (e.g. kilo, mega, giga, ... ) also see: daisy chain; hub; (e.g. USB Hub);

databases (e.g. IBM DB2, Informix, MS SQL Server, My SQL, Netezza, Oracle, Sybase, Vector wise) also see: Cloud;

Sync Framework SDK v♯.♯ (x64), LANGUAGE, Microsoft component;

sysroot * also see: command;

idea ♯ 250; for each nation ( NIS, National Information System) ... ; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2;

3 3 m m ;  
3 6 m m ;  
4 2 m m ;  
4 8 m m ;  
5 4 m m ;  
6 6 m m ;  
9 9 m m ;  

System is combination of items, or System is combination of things, or ... ;

kuru kuru WHILE ( gene therapy system) e.g. to cure floats and flashes of eyes, e.g. to do treatment of cancel cells, e.g. complete gene therapy go Karma action, using patterns of good gene (i.e. 76647555 in numerological dimension), by plus one algorithm; Also see: Bio Clock vs. Life Span; \\ Space Medicine \ Gene;

"5 rounds of PDC" ... , also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 456, SQRT3, with SQRT2, ... ;

Internet Data Exchange ( IDX) system ... ;

::. i.e. system time as numbers ... ;

HOW to define System Time sir ? well trained kids ! 50+ years of induction logic (also see: philosophy, as of 2017/2561) would be: timeless vs. with momentum, And Then, wondering HOW momentum has been designed, also see: 2Rings inside of Schematic Dimensional e.g. 3 dotted rings are ... ;

user defined (e.g. !) in VBA; system defined (e.g. .) in VBA;

archived; bin; cleanup; defender; download; error; file; internet; log; offline; per; program; recycle; report; setup; system; temporary; thumbnail; update; user; webpage; windows;

this DOMAIN, also see: Mobile System Number;

system info * also see: command;

idea ♯ 201; 2.01, システム System Model; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1;