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wafer; e.g.

wafer ; silicon wafer ; wafer - scale integration ;
669 - n m ;      
processor ; processor ;        


Wait ! for a while matte kudasai    
  Wait! 669 1 WHILE          
    matte WAIT          
wait state

Physics _Wall _Method, also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 183;

wallpaper; background image; desktop image;

warm a.k.a. CTRL + ALT + DEL; warm boot , a.k.a. ((Ctrl + Alt) + Del);

+IFF boot (NOT power) also see: Cold Boot; 00; 101; 102; 106; 109;

+IFF boot (AND power) warm boot ;

Remark: notice that + is more likely to be with hardware, on the other hand, _ is more likely to be with software;

warning message 1.1 , also see : Schematic Symbols ;

(warning tsunami) also see: worm=hole;

IFF pattern is (abnormal echo) warning quake with abnormal echo message ... ;

Also see: measure; WORMHOLE;

to warp 26 curve;

Impossible Earthquake Structural; Also see: e Manmade Global Weather;

way     way     way;

W b / A (i.e. inductance), also see: 4iComputer;

W b / m2 (i.e. magnetic flux density), also see: 6dComputer;

WCS, Wireless Charging System (i.e. from specific vibration to electricity power) ... ;

climate; season; weather; e.g.

climate, also see: c Manmade Global Weather;
season, also see: s Manmade Global Weather;
weather, also see: w Manmade Global Weather;

      weather ;        
climate ;      
    weather ;    
weather measurement station

Also see: altimeter; barometer; compass; thermometer; ... ; WHICH (world time mode) ... ;

web; Radical320;

      Web ;    
  Web ;
  Web address
ア  ド  ス  Web address  
Web address              
Web 網             
File-name OR Web address ( http : / / )
も  う  web      
web form  
web form  
web form              
Web server    
Web server  
noCOOKIE IE ( Web ) browser
( web ) browser  
Web address OR            
http : / /  ァ
 名 file-name file-name
name ;           LIVE
camera ;              
108 x 108 Web Extension Logical ...    

( web AND information) ... ;     e.g. mobile hotspot;

(the Internet) web site, e.g. http://global.tsuki.info;
(the Internet) web site, e.g. www.aungmyintkyaw.yolasite.com;

( webpage, Webpage, webpage, webpage) ... ;

Microsoft Office 3 6 5          
Apple ' s i OS 5        
V M ware v Sphere 5        
Go ogle +              
Fluke Air Check              

Normal Form; Mobile Form; Web Form;

IFF detail keyword (documents) Webpage, White balance, Width, Word count, Writers, ... ;

Web server      
Web server ;  
            server ;  

for each object, weigh     weigh; and then AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do (e.g. elevating, landing) ... ; mark each things a.k.a. object (e.g. device) with its own weight;

weightlessness, i.e. zero gravity; Radical360;

W E P, Wireless Equivalency Privacy;

wet; e.g.

( wet, wet, wet), also see: Physics Law 789; w G T S U;

WHAT     what     what     WHAT;

WHEN     when     when     WHEN;

when * also see: command;

doko WHERE     WHERE;

whereabouts, also see: address;


kuru kuru WHILE     WHILE;

Gray White Antenna, also see: Wireless Antenna;

white-space radio ... , e.g. (TV AND radio), M2M, using 66 285 available spectrum, ... ;

who; whom; whose; e.g.

    who ;          
      whose ;    

in English language (EN), "whom" is passive voice usage, and "who" is active voice usage; Also see: Gene Therapy System (WHOM) ... ;

somebody; someone; who; Radical586;

this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System has been designed and programmed with WHOM .txt FILE, and the WHOM .txt file is editable, and you ( user) need to define (providing information of the Pt As User) all possible info inside the file: .. \ .. \ .. \ Domain \ Gene Therapy System \ WHOM .txt;


whois * also see: command;

whole number      a.k.a. integer;

wide;  boundless; broad; vast;

      width ;        
F W H M , full width half maximum ,
        spectral ;        
full width character ;            
half width character ;            
double width character ;            
          bus ; character ; double
width size ; fix ed - width font ; gap

also see: fill;

width, also see: 3D; positioning; breadth; bus width; character width; double width character; double width size; fixed-width font; full-width character; gap width; half-breadth character; breadth 66 character;

High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, also see: H D C P;

Wi-Fi, Wide Fidelity, a.k.a. Wi-Fi, one of the ways to the Internet, e.g. www; 802.11; also see: radio;

a b g Wi Fi n e.g. wire less
a b g Wi Fi n i.e. wireless ;
                802 ;

Wi-Fi, Wide Fidelity, also see: Address;

IFF prefix: wild; Radical54;

wildcard character     wildcard character     e.g. *.*;

    character ;      
          e.g. * . * ;

defined, known, with ID, ... Also see: verify ... ;

(icons, menus, pointers, windows) ... ; 2D (i.e. two dimension) GUI without z-distribution; 3D (i.e. three dimension) GUI with z-distribution;

(window frame)     (window frame)     (window frame)     (window frame)     (window frame) ... ; Also see: noCOOKIE;

  Window s  

IFF F11, alternative 26 Step 9526 button;

IFF Alt + F7, 26 Switch between open tools 26 scroll 95 1 forward ... ;

IFF Alt + Shift + F7, 26 Switch between open tools 26 scroll 95 285 reverse ... ;

IFF F5, 26 Compile and run 1 program;

IFF F4, 285 Properties window;

IFF F1, 26 get Help information WHILE working 95 285 Code Editor;

in 2012/2556, Microsoft® Windows® 8, working with hardware (HDMI), interface (M T I), wireless (W i F i), ... ; Also see: 149.149;

Microsoft Windows 8 operating system is working with Wide Fidelity wireless, multi touch interface i.e. Display, HDMI interface i.e. Hardware, ... since 2012/2556;

w i n n t * also see: command;

wire frame model;

with endophyte, good living environment;

with start up Authentic 8 's cloud service , ...

without endophyte, bad living environment; therefore, add more endophyte s into the environment, to be good;

w Manmade Global Weather;

w m i c * also see: command;

word; wording; words; e.g. 

IFF a word is not in dictionary, also see: acronym ... ;

(language, word), (language, word), (language, word);


word     word     word     multi word     multi word;     IFF calculator, Word (variable numbers) are 0000     0000     0000     0000     ~     1111     1111     1111     1111; D word; Q word; Byte;

work e.g. (work art, workbook); work; wizard e.g. (pivot, pivot chart, pivot table); wizard; wire; window e.g. (window frame, window IoT, window location, windows); window; web e.g. (this DOMAIN, world wide web); web e.g. (this DOMAIN, web domain, web options..., web page, web page..., website, WWW); web;

work book ;  
      i . e . EXCEL ;
exercise book ; problem collection ; question collection ;  

working ; working set;

workload; workloads; e.g.

( workload, workload, workload, workload);


(World Time Mode) ... ; clock;

IFF 〩 (WPF Interoperability) Element Host; Pointer; ...

Wireless Sensor Networks, WSNs;

wrapping text on computer screen, also see: Katakana ( chorus) ... ;

          w w w  
          www       ;
  W W W , World Wide Web ;  
      W W W , World Weather Watch
;       wormhole     ;
          GPS ;   automatic
;         Automotive ;   AUTOMATIC
; 3 s 26 285

this DOMAIN 's www _ links;

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