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I wrote: WHAT is a Keyword, representing "Interface" ?
well trained kids!! replied: front of the defined "ro" size (GUI) sir;
approx. 121 interfaces are available to read;

Suggestion: don't forget Sound Patterns (e.g. SPL) also, for representing "Interface" ;

Aqua Navy Type-C : USB ;    

Navy Aqua Type-C : USB ;    
Silver Aqua Type-C : USB ;    
Aqua Silver Type-C : USB      
5 ~ 2050 M H z    
  15 A W G          
    American Wire Gauge ;        
Cable :   Interface ;          

Remark: in 2020s, coaxial Cable (15 A W G) with 5 ~ 2050 MHz ... ;

A C P I; A D S I: Active Directory Service Interface, further info, .. / SDK / .. / Net D s / AD S I / Dev Guide / ..;  Such as browse AD, root D S E, bind GC, bind L D A P, bind SID, bind schema container, bind configuration container, getting domain mode, replication of list (s) to GC, listing of attribute indexes, getting U P N s, displaying canonical names, creating O U s, creating User, creating Group, delegating an O U, creating computer account (s), removing sub-tree, performing A N R search, A N R attribute list for robotic crawler, ... ; Aero interface, 2 graphical user interfaces are basic interface, and aero interface, in Windows Vista OS;  Concerning graphics, from command line MS-DOS non GUI OS to Windows 3.1 GUI OS, and then from 2D GUI OS [such as: 95, NT, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003] to Vista 3D Aero OS;  This information is author's knowledge based content, therefore this undocumented information, and this info might not be 100% true: To engineer 1 Aero, 1st to understand 1 stick of light;  Before understanding such 1 stick of light, dark energy must be understood;  Hole and stick as strings in M theory detail specification is out of a Myanmar's knowledge, and notice that 1 black hole may process 8 bits for 1 stick of light in 32 bit OS;  Aero might be derived from "iro" in Japanese language, WHICH means color; AIM; A I P; API; A S D I; A S I; A S P I; A T N; A U I;

AVS (( heat (e.g. Ampere), Diff Potential (e.g. Voltage), System (e.g. combination of A and V)) e.g. interfaces, materials, processing); Also see: PHYSICS;


B A P I; Basic interface; BMI; Bind Interface; B R I;

CGI; CIP; C L I; C M A D S; C M I P; CPI-C, Common Programming Interface-Communication, by SAP R / 3;  One of the interfaces of SAP, in 1990s; C P I X; C P R I; C S I X; C W I;

D D R S D R A M Interface; DMZ Interface [Security hardware interface]; Dual Fabric Interface; D V I [Digital Visual Interface], also see: HDMI; D X I; smart screen filter display;

E S D I; Ethernet Interface; External Interface;

Fabric Interface; F D D I; F e l i c a / Java Dual interface;  Palm Vein Authentication; F i b r e Channel interface; File system interface; form ... ; Fully distributed nama interfaces, C=(N(N-1))/2;

Gate / Insulator interface is the key parameter for controlling V t h [Also see: NEC's N F E T, P F E T]; G b E Interface; G D I; G G I; GUI ((GP, GUI PART) (ALP, APPLICATION LOGIC PART)) (V M T);

H C I; HDMI [High Definition Multimedia Interface]; H M I; H S S I;

Interface is used for intercommunicating; Interface can be hardware-level (e.g. processors, co-processors, buses, ... ), software-level (e.g. programming languages in O S I layers), and human-understandable-level (e.g. graphical user interfaces to perceive vision, ... ). Systems experts must classify whether programmable-interface, or configurable-interface, doko WHERE programmable-interfaces (i.e. in Windows platform, in VB: Button, Dialog, Font, ... ) belong to algorithms, and configurable-interfaces (i.e. in Windows platform, at command: m s c o n f i g, p o l edit, r e g edit, ... ) belong to fixed-functions; Even though programmable-interfaces are upon algorithms, 100% flexibility is impossible, if (compiler OR interpreter) limits programmable-interfaces; Also see: ConverterMiddleware; Reminder: Time . Space . Action oriental thought is a must, kuru kuru WHILE designing / developing / engineering a system, for example, several bit lines can be represented as words, and then analyzing time a.k.a. multiplexing time will provide channels, if memory cells are concerned;  In 2008, those READ, WRITE operational functionalities are done in very low power, for example, if Space of 5 micro watt per mega hertz for READ, and then driver should be in Action ... ;  Think that whenever a table is used, column and row should be considered as a Space, WHEN time concerns ... , WHICH action should be ... ;

I / O interface; IDE, interface to designer, developer, programmer, software engineer, ... ; IFF numerological dimension, 15 object list 5W1H itemizes all the user interface elements; Basic Keywords; I L M I; interface IN, IN-interface, interface;  OUT-interface, interface OUT, interface;  Also see: Firewall specific services oriented security rules; Router; Internal Interface; I S C S I; I S I interface; I Test Module interface: Microsoft L T M 's COM object testing of (a window (Right, Left, and Menu));  Data Access >> Local Test Manager >> Microsoft L T M >> ... ; IX Bus Interface;

J N D I;


L-Bus-To- P C I -Interface; Line Interface; LSI interface Ultra high speed LSI interface,   L V D S Interface;  One of the Trans meta / Sharp microprocessor interfaces;  x86 multiplatform core;  MMX, Multimedia instruction X set also connectable;

MAC- P H Y W i Media interface, spec. r e l . 1, D W A okay, 2006; MAPI; M D D I; MDI; media interface connector a.k.a. MIC ; Memory Interface Processor's one of the interfaces; MIDI,   m LAN MIDI and Audio Interface; M I I; M U I;

, also see : 1mComputer
multi band radio IC interface e.g.        
A T A D , Analog Tune d Analog Display
, A T A D ( A T A D ) ... ;
A T D D , Analog Tune d Digital Display
, A T D D ( A T D D ) ... ;
D T D D , Digital Tune d Digital Display
, D T D D ( D T D D ) ... ;

Multi Touch Interface, M T I; excluding heat sensing pattern; excluding thermal imaging pattern; drag L; drag R; pinch; spin C C W; spin C W; tap 1; tap 2; tap 3; zoom;

micro SD;

N A S I; NETBEUI; Network Interface; NFC3; NFC2; NFC1; NFC, Near Field Communication; N I C Card; NOR Interface; N P U Fabric Interface; N P U Host Interface; N P U Line Interface;

O C; O C I; O D I; OLE interfaces, 1980s 1990s technology, object linking and embedding, OLE provides GUI interfaces to Microsoft systems' function calls; 2555 Open C L, 15 interface, also see: AMD; on (hybrid processor) ... ; Operating system programming interface; Oracle Forms, application level interface, converts into Java also see: v go software's interface converter;

P C I Interface; P N N I;

Quarters Of Square; Quarters Of Square; Quarters Of Square; Also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol (interface, user) ... ;

S A P R / 3 GUI interfaces, in 1990s, S A P 's software product R / 3 used Microsoft's OLE interfaces, for intercommunicating in client / server model; S A S; SCSI; SDI; S E I;  An interface for Web services, Also see: J S F data tables, Oracle 10g; S A T A interface; Serial ATA interface [a.k.a. S A T A]; Serial I / F AND 4 bit parallel I / F interface, dual V 1.8 [V t h 1.7 ~ 1.95] OR 3.3 [V t h 2.7 ~ 3.6];  Memory Stick Micro [2006];  160 Mbps;  11 pin M2 Adapter;  Serial PROM Interface; S M Bus protocol interface + S D R A M interface + D I M M interface + ... ;  Also see: NEC's 2005 model A M B; S M I I; S Q I, Serial Quad Interface, SST Silicon Storage Technology's flash, 4bit multiplex serial communication, S P I serial peripheral interface architecture based; Sub-microcontroller interface, such as universal remote control handheld device, WHERE microcontrollers are functional designed by LSI chips ... ; Sun Microsystems' usage: Variables, Methods, and Constructors are Members;  Interfaces and Classes are Objects;  Object Browser can classify detail ... ; S U P L interface; System bus interface Processor's one of the interfaces;

micro SD;

T A P I; TAXI; T D I; T D M interface;

U A R T interface, Silicon Labs, www.silabs.com, 2007 model design yourself memory cards by USB to U A R T Bridge;  SD built in as default, but ... ; UI; U N I; USB Audio Interface; USB D W A, high t speed interface;  32 pipes support;  1.5 ~ 3.3 V, Crystal clock 30 MHz, 2006; USB Human Interface; UTOPIA;


WAN 1.2 Interface [Security hardware interface]; wide interface;

X A; x A U I;



Bind Interface:   If OS is different AND needs to network with other OSs via Network Interface, bind interface must be set [parameter value must be set  i.e. bind interface only = yes];

(Ethernet Interface: (10 Base TX) (100 Base TX) (...));  In 2005, Fujitsu's world first biometric network adapter can authenticate fingerprint-authentication between scanner and printer in a LAN;

Filtering interfaces;

H D D S o C: In 2005, NOR Interface is a part of 1Gb One N A N D flash memory in H D D S o C by Samsung and Microsoft;  Prototype stage in 2005

LSI interface:   In 2005, NEC's 12Gb / s ultra high speed LSI interface: 5 times faster than standard P C I Express; 

Network Interface:   While binding Linux Samba server to network with Macintosh, Unix, and Windows, 3 network interfaces are needed;  Also see: bind interface;

Old design: File system interface vs. I / O interface;  Formats were A E S, ANSI C, POSIX, X P G; 
  File system interface I / O interface ...
access; y y    
c h mod; y y    
c how n; y y    
clear e r r;   y y  
close; y y    
close dir y y    
c r eat; y y    
dup; y y    
dup2; y y    
f c h mod; y y    
f c how n; y y    
f close;   y y  
f c n t l; y y    
f d open;   y y  
f e of;   y y  
f error;   y y  
f flush;   y y  
f get c;   y y  
f get p os;   y y  
f get s;   y y  
file no;   y y  
f open;   y y  
f path con f; y y    
f print f;   y y  
f put c;   y y  
f put s;   y y  
f read;   y y  
f r e open;   y y  
f scan f;   y y  
f seek;   y y  
f set p os;   y y  
f stat; y y    
f sync; y y    
f tell;   y y  
f truncate; y y    
f t w; y y    
f write;   y y  
get c;   y y  
get char;   y y  
get s;   y y  
get w;   y y  
link; y y    
l seek; y y    
l stat; y y    
m k dir; y y    
m k f if o; y y    
open; y y    
open dir; y y    
path con f; y y    
p close;   y y  
p error;   y y  
pipe; y y    
poll; y y    
p open;   y y  
print f;   y y  
put c;   y y  
put char;   y y  
put s;   y y  
put w;   y y  
read; y y    
read dir; y y    
read link; y y    
remove;   y y  
rename;   y y  
rewind;   y y  
rewind dir; y y    
r m dir; y y    
scan f;   y y  
seek dir; y y    
set b u f;   y y  
set v b u f;   y y  
sprint f;   y y  
s scan f;   y y  
stat; y y    
sym link; y y    
tell dir; y y    
temp n am;   y y  
t m p file;   y y  
t m p n am;   y y  
truncate; y y    
un get c;   y y  
unlink; y y    
u time; y y    
v f print f;   y y  
v print f;   y y  
v s print f;   y y  
write; y y    


(Operating system programming interface (A E S / OS (Byte array interface) (Character classification interface) (Character conversion interface) (File system interface) (Internationalization interface) (Interval timing interface) (List, tree, and hash table interface) (Math interface) (Memory interface) (Process management interface) (Process attribute interface) (Regular expression interface) (Signal interface) (Standard I / O interface) (String operation interface) (System attribute interface) (Terminal control interface) (Time handling interface) (...))); 

S A S:  In 2005, Hitachi's 15K rpm hard disk drives contain Serial Attached SCSI interface, and 4 G b / sec F i b r e Channel interface;  S A S = Full duplex 3 G b / sec data transfer rate; 

micro SD;

Security hardware interface: Security can be deployed by either hardware or software;  Also see: For t i Gate; 

S U P L, NEC's usage: Secure User Plane for Location, an interface of W- C D M A [www .n e c .co . jp / press / en / 0504 / 2801.html]; 

USB ( interface)

USB Human Interface: In common, a combination of 2 items - one is IR remote control handheld, other is USB compatible IR receiver [external device] WHICH allows user to control PC multimedia such as volume, channel, on / off, home web address, and etc. plug-and-play remotely by handheld remote;  Notice that light spectrum must be filtered in order to communicate between 2 items, basically speaking, if someone open the plastic covers and then those 2 items cannot communicate each other;  Because, the interface is light spectrum filtered  short distance communication device;  IFF system testing to be done, dark room environment is needed;

X A Interface:   To COM+ application developers, a set of programmable-interface which allows X A   relational-resource-managements, X A .queue-messages, X A .transactions, X A .its-N-numbers-of-O O-databases;  Therefore, X A Interface is compatible only with X A compliant databases;

For advance system analysts only: define the differences between interface and adapter;