; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : March : 1 (Wednesday) : Updated : Similarity ;

; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : 3 : 1 : Similarity : True Not False alike : approx. 187+ similarities available to read;

adjusted; alike; equal; Radical211;

alike; equal; similar; Radical251;

10 days, a period of time, one of the Japanese katakana language styles = both full moon day and no moon day, and neither full moon day nor no moon day = 4 planets prediction 2*7 time period times either full moon day or no moon day by 3 = ... (mod (2*7) * 3) / 2 = ... , for ACT2 and ACT3 stage development a.k.a. JUN time;

. Dot / \ Root directory My Computer Folder Element Document . Element ...     also see: file:///   ;

* . c f g *.conf Configuration;

--i minus minus i i-- i minus minus ... , i-- means i is going to be assigned i minus one for each control flow's condition is true; ++i plus plus i i++ i plus plus ... , i++ means i is going to be assigned i plus one for each control flow's condition is true; In common, in programming, control flow's conditional looping, by adder ... ;

! not this not in the same direction not on the same line false value;

0 to 255 decimal 00 to FF hexadecimal 00 to FF hex 8 bit machine code 00000000 to 11111111 binary number;

64bit: IA64 X64 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Hardware Specification Requirement;

168 pin, 2 cut-outs physical memory module SD RAM module D I M M; note for upgrading memory;

184 pin, 1 cut-out; physical memory module D DR SD RAM D I M M; Dual 64 bit interface at 200MHz IBM Rainier; Midrange LAN Ethernet switch: Charm vs. Rainier?

2-tier application client-server application Systems architecture;

3-tier application distributable application Systems architecture;

3/32; 3/16; 3/8; 0.09375; 0.1875; 0.375; Notice that high precision depends on where the floating point is going to be truncated; And, also notice that 3/8 is similar to 0.375 ... ;

5-WAY CONTROLLER cell path + ; e.g. Amazon kindle, Apple i pad, ... ;

.Net business logic Data library in Assembly .Net platform flexibility, portability;

.Net Enterprise Server BizTalk 2000 Exchange Server 2000 SQL Server 2000 B2B e-commerce, data storage in relational calculus/algebra, e-mail deployment;

A : B A / B A ratio B A by B A to B Ratio; Where A or B can be either constant or variable; If A and B are constant, ... ; If A and B are variables, ... ; Not similar to division; Ratio is mostly non-Coefficient;

Abstract computing machine Turing machine Automata computer machine Automata theory;

Accumulator Special purpose register; N connections are available to 1 operation; [www . n e c e l . com/en/channel/vol_0055/vol_0055_1.html] ;

Active Thread Running Thread Microsoft usage Sun Java usage;

ActiveX controls .Net native controls Also see: .Net Migration;

ADO .Net Dataset binding Native HTTP support by .Net + Export filter Via X COPY, export-filter with native-HTTP by .Net can stream * . x l s, *.rtf, * . p d f, *.html, * . h t m, *.tiff, * . t i f files over WWW without temp-file * . t m p in hard-disk; Also see: Data Dynamics;

Aggregation Fold Reduction ...  , in programming, after computing N parameterized input values which produce only 1 output; For example, to compute 1 max value, N parameterized input values as xyz( ... , ... , (v1, v2) => v1 > v2 ? v1 : v2) ; i.e. data-type max = function _name( ... , ... , (v1, v2) => v1 > v2 ? v1 : v2) in which 3 parameterized input values produce 1 output as its array's maximum value as max;

Allocation unit size Block size Volume label AND file system format co-exist along with block size; Block size: default, 512 Byte, 1024 Byte, 2048 Byte, 4096 Byte, 8192 Byte, 16K Byte, 32K Byte, 64K Byte, ... ; Note: different blocking size of files might prompt different result in software-testing; Block size are mostly/commonly used to test software thoroughly;

Amorphous state High resistance 1 [www .hitachi .com/New/c news/051213.html]; Also see: Crystalline state; Heat? in UNIT;

AND a.k.a. カ;     a.k.a.     a k a     カ;     a.k.a., also know as;

Application *.exe driver *.sys macro executable program; In Vista, if not digitally sign, if not trusted publisher, and then UI will prompt U AC; Notice that other executables are *.bat, *.com, * . d l l , * . c o n f i g , * . i n i , ... , but within a local;

Atmospheric pressure Sea level standard pressure Pressure causes T varies;

Authenticated Users Primary access control group's Users Win 2003;

Back-ends Back-bones Internet-cores Tiers [also see: 2-tier, 3-tier, ... ] Servers;

Band gap Energy band Fujitsu's usage: if semiconductor's band gap is large, the semi is called wide band gap;

Base class Super class Class in programming;

BI / Sybase IQ v.12.5 BI / Microsoft SQL Server Accelerator v.1.2 Accelerated RDBMS performance; In 2003, 12TB> ; In the near future, Microsoft will have (XML+ Office2003 + SQLserver2000) compatible BI;

Biometrics Bioinformatics Computer software engineering + computer hardware engineering + optical engineering + relational database management + biological data + medical data + AI expert + ... ;

BL voltage Bit Line voltage Recording voltage in memory cell ; Also see: Word Line voltage;

Block-terminator delimiter separator s q l-terminator terminator; Editors are commonly based on character to indicate different entity;

boot: step by step [for better understanding WHAT is step by step, also see: BASIC .HTML], OS runs its source, as a result, software begins ... ; IFF Microsoft Windows, Boot . i n i = BCD EDIT .exe; WHERE Boot . i n i , XP or earlier version; BCD EDIT can modify Vista's boot options ... ; DEE from Safe mode to Normal mode, WHERE from characters to graphics; IFF via taskbar, its application layer begins, otherwise system can be platform independent OS ... ; IFF OS developers, 1st to understand stage by stage, step by step, ... ;

Box Cube Dice;

B P E L XML Workflow Definition Language XML1 XML Schema W SD L Web Services;

Brightness White Luminance c d / m2;

C number with brunching factor 2 = H tree clock distribution network with clock generator [Chip I/O; CM OS; Sung-Mo Kang, Y u s u f L e b l e b i c i; McGraw Hill; 2004];

C1DataObjects Component One Data Objects for .Net ADO .Net helps .Net Database application;

C1DataObjects in single-project locally direct-client-configuration Component One;

Cautious Default deny Policy of firewall; Also see: strict;

c g s centimeter, gram, second system Measurement unit; c g s (centimeter, gram, second, degree Celsius ≈ -273 Kelvin (s), ampere, candela, mole, ...);

Chassis Box Physically made of metal, plastic, ...; PC;

Cluster name Server name N nodes can be gathered to manage as a 1 cluster;

IFF 1D, cluster is similar to eccentric circles in human being's aspect ratio ... ;
IFF 2D, cluster is similar to free-form selection of graphics ... ;
IFF 3D, cluster is similar to z-distribution's layers of eccentric circles ... ; ... ;
IFF 4D, cluster is similar to different time line
(e.g. 24mm, 12mm, 6mm, 3mm, ... ) ' selected regions ... ;
IFF 5D, cluster is similar to 2,3 dimensional (5) at 2*6 axis ... ;

Clock signal quality Jitter Clock timing fluctuation; Also see: NEC;

Co-modulation technology Amplitude AND phase modulation Multi-level optical modulation In 2004, Hitachi develops 8 signal levels to 16 signal level modulation/demodulation; Optical;

Code name Project name Corporations' development; Also see: Code name . h t m;

Code-page Character-set IBM, Microsoft;

Compact Flash Memory Stick San Disk vs. Sony; Also see: memory . h t m;

Concurrent connection Session i.e. Avalanche 220 from S pi en t Communication www.spirentcom.com can generate 60,000 sessions and 10,000 request/sec while HTTP 1.1 handshaking; [Francis C h u, e Week Magazine, June 23, 2003];

Connectionless Stateless no handshake no acknowledgement Protocol; i.e. U D P;

Current gain Dynamic current amplification Amplification of current among transistors;

Cut-out of slot Female of module Molded plastic structure of memory module; Design to fit in with notch of slot; i.e. D DR SD RAM contains only one cut-out, one notch; Also see: Notch of slot;

Crystalline state Low resistance 0 [www . h i t a c h i .com/New/c news/051213.html]; Also see: Amorphous state;

6.37 cu. ft. (cubic feet) 180.39 liters; Radical141, also see: Radicals;

Dark room Black room Black box environment No moon night alike environment Visible light spectrum filtered environment Environment for testing solar power quartz clocks, solar power calculator, USB Human Interfaces, USB IrDA devices, and ... ;

decimal numbers numbers of floating point floating points; (e.g. SQRT2) i.e. system 2; (e.g. SQRT3) i.e. system 3;

default constructor no argument; also see: Java; J V M;

defined  known  verify with ID; as opposed to e.g. (undefined, unknown, unable to verify, without ID); 

Dielectric Insulating material Electrical insulator; Metal oxide; Sometimes dielectric layer is SiO2 layer;

Directory Folder OS file system;

Dispersion compensation repeater In electron based telecommunication, when signal attenuates, repeater is needed; In optical fiber, after dispersion compensation, signal becomes stronger, noise becomes lesser; Similar behavior in reconstruction of signal but use of particles are different; Also see: Hitachi's 40Gbps optical transmission;

Display Monitor Pixel (x axis, y axis) in basic system; Also see: TV; Visual systems; Vision systems;

Also see: Dissimilarity .h t m;

Domain model Process model; Similarity is both models are systematic and structural; Different is requirements, and specifications; To deploy/engineer/implement a Process model, specification becomes superset of the Process model, which means within the specification, the Process model must be accomplished; On the other hand, specification is subset of a Domain model;

Dot Net .NET Platform;

Double Firewall Firewall with NAT and S P I Firewall;

Displacement Linear dimension Numbers in displacement;

D WD M Sing Tel Giga Wave www.singtel.com ; 2004;

Dyadic Two-fold 2 packet-engines by one D PP U chip, IBM;

dynamic ro ≡ continuous ro variable ... ;

E beam Electron-beam Lithography; Computer hardware engineering's fabrication;

each person's individual's one's single entity's ;

Electrostatic Static electric Static electricity;

Engines Logic blocks Coprocessors: classification engine, hash engine, policy engine, search engine, ...; Also see: Packet engine; DMA engine;

Epoch Coordinated universal time January 1, 1970 0 hr, 0 min, 0 sec on 1/1/1970; A ES/OS;

Fermi potential Surface potential Φ F; Φ S; Band gap energy; Energy band;

file:// page file space $p $g WINNT \TEMP\ TEMPORARY _FILE _NAME . h t m; Because {NTFS U page file .sys U #app's temp file _name U ...}; To test: make a drive full of storage [Must have only c:, because if any other physical drives exist, OS will automatically create another virtual storage space], right click on a drive and property will prompt blue color as whole pile; And then in a network application system, print a page, and notice the page file space, virtual storage space, application layer temporary file allocation, and etc.; In MS OS, disk clean up utility tool is recommended;

file:// file... Open an existing file... URL... Import from a URL... protocol://domain _name i.e. IFF [off line], USA Myanmar .net disc runs with IE browser as file:///c:/index . h t m WHERE file:// + /drive letter: + . , i.e. IFF [on line] ... , [MAC layer, and then OS layer are prior to file://, and USA Myanmar .net recommends not to know all... , because trillions dollars businesses ... ] ;

file:///w right click, IFF w* ;

fix (ed) a.k.a. NOT variable;   _ IFF base (CALCULATOR): calculator with post fix notation logic ... ;

float everything NOT > 1 not bigger than one not more than 1 what you see is real real number;

floating points of square root 2 ≡ decimal expansion ≡ problems of infinity a.k.a. SQRT2;
floating points of square root 3 ≡ decimal expansion ≡ problems of infinity a.k.a. SQRT3;

problems of infinity, solved by this DOMAIN 's mantissa points, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 178, Distance Approximation with C Sequence Number, Math approach;

Formula Equation ((Coefficient = specific number) (Constant) (Variable) (...)) Formula can be categorized into coefficients, constants, variables, and ... ; Equal sign "=" is used to express; In C programming language, equal sign "=" is assignment operator;

fps foot, pound, second system English system Measurement unit; fps (foot, pound, second, degree Fahrenheit, ampere, candela, mole, ... );

Framed IP address IP address assignment WHEN: server supplies OR client requests OR server-setting determines IP address assignment OR Previously assigned static IP address;

from above ground to be on the surface ≡ from above ground location onto ground zero location, e.g. airplane's landing touch down real time system; also see: collector-coupled flip-flop;

from surface to be above ground from ground zero location into air, e.g. airplane's flying take off real time system; also see: collector-coupled flip-flop;

fuzzy a.k.a. 1 AND O; in common, 0 ~ 1 with % WHERE less % is considered 0, more % is considered 1;

gravity dot  gravity spot;

H. Position Horizontal Position Graphics monitor display hardware spec. usage; Also see: V. Position;

half-lives half life period (t1/2) stability; Also see: Chemical Elements;

Hands free voice input microphone free voice input NEC speech translation; In 2004, in research stage;

Hops Series of network (s); Shorter the millisecond, faster the hopping; Faster the hopping, higher the bandwidth speeding ... ;

HTTP server I MAP server POP3 server Incoming mail; Note: SMTP is for outgoing;

human beings livable moons (100000)  ≡ yellowish variation (100000);

Idle time out Time period Server _can _remain _idle _before _it _is _connected Measured in minutes; Microsoft usage; While editing dial-in profile; To do dial-in constraints;

IFF If and only if;

I List Source Interface Dataset + Data Table + Data View Data source in software-development environment; Also see: Active Reports from Data Dynamics;

Inheritance in C++ Extends in Java; Implementation of get method, set method, ... seem very easy however get/set method causes high complexity;

Inline frame floating frame Netscape Navigator v.2 introduced first; 3G cell phone cannot browse inline frames features by its embedded internet browser till 2003;

Input filter Inbound filter In Microsoft Routing and Remote Access by RAS, IP filters can be classified as either inbound or outbound; Also see: I AS>>Edit Profile>>Edit Dial in Profile>>IP;

Interconnection through-hole electrode, [www.hitachi.com/News/cnews/050601.html];

IP/PBX phone Hybrid phone Phone system becomes not only voice, but also IP availability; Hybrid phone circuit PBX circuit + IP port circuit;

kuru kuru of lights WORMHOLE;

(45, 60, 72) are wormhole parameters of this DOMAIN, WORMHOLE WAY is the most advance Method, Procedure, Technique, ... , for 21st century & beyond ... ;

WORMHOLE way laser is dynamic alike; on the other hand, motor way laser is static alike;

(2*6) momentum (this DOMAIN 's one of the momentums for traveling in our universes ... ), Solar Sail, Solar Sail Method i.e. the most advance to perceive energy to prosper in our universes ... ; a part of mapping our universes project;

JSR77 J2EE Management Java;

JSR88 J2EE Application Deployment Java;

kan Weight ≡ 3.75 kg ≡ 8.3 lb;

Latency Lag time period propagation a l delay delay time read-speed Satellite data communication; Radio signal's traveling time;   In hardware, latency can also be considered as a delay time because built-in registers' CRC check, self test, ... , cause latency;   In semiconductor memories, read-speed is also known as the memory's latency;   Propagation a l delay is caused by air, attenuation, solar wind, and ... ; Delay time is caused by circuit's design;

Legacy software Third party program;

Leveled words in RAP music usage Conditional variable in programming languages ... ; USA MYANMAR NET recommends playing and listening music while programming to avoid craziness ... ;

Library, created by Microsoft Silver light in .NET v3 DLL, library created by multi-platform C OLE, previously created by Microsoft for object linking Sun's Applet/S e r v l e t executable/reusable library Microsoft C L R reusable code library ... ; Documents in library exist as space, along with time, those space's documents can vary such as reference only, reusable, ... , therefore if ones in Action, try to be in Space, if ones in Space, try to be in Time, if ones in Time, try to be in Nirvana ...... ;

Line card Blade LAN port, WAN port, ...; Cisco's usage: Line cards are also known as interface processors to C x Bus; High-end systems G b E Line-card for AS IC, F PG A, ...;

Local system's names of servers Server names of Name Servers property AND Name Server class's list Meaning of "local"; If client-applications require information-access from name-servers, and the name-servers cannot retrieve from System .Net .D n s class, and then Mabry DNS/Net Component v.1 is recommended to use;

logically, "not true" does not mean 100% absolute false; "not false" does not mean 100% absolute true; Since 1 + 1 = 1 can be mathematically proven by algebra, what is "=" 5W1H ?

Look-up IP addresses Polynomial keys Hash-engine in SRAM to route packets;

LSI hardware PC computer hardware antenna <> decoder <> CPU <> (audio + video + text) <> ...  ;

M-theory String theory Unified field theory [Gabriele V e n e z i a n o; M a h i k o Suzuki] K-Theory and D- b r a n e s [A t i y a h; G r o t h e n d i e c k; H i r z e b r u c h; Singer; 1960s] ;

Metal 2 Metal Two Second level metal CM OS inverter deposition; Usage; Metal-1 is first level metal;

Minus Negative - Electrical polarity; Also see: Plus;

m k s meter, kilogram, second system metric system International System SI S y s t è m e International Measurement unit; Also see: fps, c g s, ... ; SI (meter, kilogram, second, Kelvin = degree Kelvin, ampere, candela, mole, ... ); Also see: http://physics.nist.gov ;

mol mole molecule;

Motherboard Main board Basically, processors, memories, buses, ports, slots, BIOS, power supply, display-card, disk controller, pointing-device controller and ... are connected on a board where the board must be configurable by multiplexing AND the board must be programmable by OS;

Motorola C-Port S i t e r a Packet Engine MIPS 1 + Modified Bit-set + Modified Byte-extract;

MT U Max Packet Size In 2005, recommended broadband MT U is 1200~1500; Recommended DSL MT U is 1492;

nama n e u r o 6 in a b h i d h a m m a;

N A N D flash memory Non-volatile memory [Storage + memory]; Also see: Compact flash, Memory stick, and etc.; Format may vary;   www .t d k .co .jp / t e a a h 0 1 / a a h 14100 . h t m;

Not active thread Blocking thread Microsoft usage Sun Java usage;

Notch of slot Male of slot  Molded plastic structure of memory module; Design to fit in with cut-out of memory module; i.e. SD RAM contains 2 notches, 2 cut-outs; Also see: Cut-out of slot;

NTSC ratio Color gamut O LED;

Null Nothing "" None Empty No value in programming; Neither one nor zero;

Output filter Outbound filter In Microsoft Routing and Remote Access by RAS, IP filters can be classified as either inbound or outbound; Also see: I AS>>Edit Profile>>Edit Dial in Profile>>IP;

Packet engine channel processor micro-engine pico-engine Optimized network processor;

Palette indexed color color index color lookup table color table Color map to display; Chrominance Color;

Payload Plus (F PP + RS P + AS I) Lucent Age r e;

Photo 4" x 6" 1600 x 1200 Estimated equivalent of resolution vs. photo image printout size;

Photo 8" x 10" 2272 x 1704 Estimated equivalent of resolution vs. photo image printout size;

Photo poster 3264 x 2448 Estimated equivalent of resolution vs. photo image printout size;

Photovoltaic source Solar cell Photovoltaic energy: 400 MW/year in 2004; 1.1 G W /year in 2005; By Sharp, in Japan only till 2004;

physical structure structural;

Plus Positive + Electrical polarity; Also see: Minus;

Polymorphism in IT Common genetic variant in Medical [J A M A; Nov., 2006];

Power conditioner inverter www .t e p c o .co .jp/en/energy/custom/new e n e/power-e .html ; After converting from photovoltaic energy to electric energy, DC is inverted into AC;

Power Q u i cc (CPU + Ethernet Interface) Motorola;

Predication Conditional executing instructions IBM Rainier's packet-engines provides predication and 2 executing-threads by zero cycle switch; Predication eliminates brunch-instructions; RISC processors did not above features;

Public Key Cryptography standard S/MIME v.2 standard Encryption, Decryption;

Qualified subordination cross certification P K I; In separate hierarchies, Cross-certification establishes trusts among CA s; P K I lets key-achieve-for-private-keys makes easier to decrypt encrypted-files/encrypting file system; P K I lets key-achieve-for-private-keys makes easier to decrypt encrypted-emails/S MIME; Remark: if swapping Method, swap (C K) IFF P C I and P K I are defined ;

Quick Launch Area Desktop Windows platform interface;

Realm name @ USA Myanmar .net Windows server 2003: Connection manager admin kit wiz; Also see: * . p b k, * . p b r;

RFID Wireless IC tag Application deployment;

S-matrix Scattering matrix A series of numbers Subatomic physics information;

Scan path serial shift registers At test mode, by using m u x, any P C V or M C M values can be scanned, and then 2D, 3D, 4D characteristics can be analyzed;

Security edge gateway Firewall Proxy server's determination;

Semaphores 1960s' put and take 1960s' P and V; A data structure which uses counting [for example: count in Count down Latch] and supporting two operations; Incrementing count by 1 WHEN putting, and then decrementing count by 1 WHEN taking, and then WHEN count == null, semaphore will block/lock/wait to take [for example: Blocking Queue]; Remark: if semaphore causes any blocking/locking/waiting to put, which should be considered as wrong design, computer system analysts should know and avoid such wrong design;

Session time out Time period Client _can _be _connected Measured in minutes; Microsoft usage; While editing dial-in profile; To do dial-in constraints;

Sing Net Business Broadband Dynamic IP sing t e l .com;

Sound-beam direction-dependent human perceivable dB omni direction-dependent dB; Sound-beam is invented by S h i n s h u university, Japan (a.k.a. NIPPON), in 2005; Specific directional nominal attenuation along with its dB source, and notice that nominal attenuation had been used only in cabling; Omni direction sound-beam's nominal attenuation must be calculated by its vector direction; After year 2005, nominal attenuation must be classified into 2 different categories such as wire OR wireless; Global maxima [Also see: Kinetic energy ] becomes specific sound source AND global minima become Asimo 's current location;

Sound oriented a.k.a. Voice oriented a.k.a. Audio In a.k.a. Audio Out a.k.a. prior to Font a.k.a. AI OS Ȣ; also see: audio ;

Spin chip-revision In AS IC development, after design, wafer is fabricated; If bugs exist, spin has to be done;

Spin Tiny magnet In physics, in applied materials, in semiconductor chip, in microelectronics, when electron moves Spin Hall Effect can be observed; Magnetic field sensing;

SQRT2 Tunnel Calculator based NOT > 1, floating point parameters; e.g. 1.41421... WHERE one is whole number, and 41421 is floating points; therefore, if tunnel, NOT bigger than one is floating point... ;

SQRT3 Tunnel Calculator based NOT > 1, floating point parameters; e.g. 1.73205... WHERE one is whole number, and 73205 is floating points; therefore, if tunnel, NOT bigger than one is floating point... ;

Starter kit Development kit Hardware + Software testing tool;

S trick No routing; Proxy only Policy of firewall; Also see: cautious;

Strong Arm processor chip master host processor Hardware: only in high-end systems; Not in low-end systems;

Stuff It Zip tar [Compress files by Macintosh = Compress files by Windows = Compress files by SUN = ];

Stylus On screening tapping pen    , commonly use in handheld Palm, PDA, pocket PC, ... ;

Substrate S i P type bulk semiconductor p type doped S i One of the MOS structures; Where VB substrate voltage exists;

Synopsis syntax A E S / OS; Also see: Syntax vs. Semantics;

T a b i t s u Automatic speech translation software 1999, 2001 NEC;

Time Ticks .exe, also see: Exe; "lord of the ring" no frame with lock prior to taskbar;

Times multiplication 4 x 6; (4) (6);

triangulate a.k.a. locate a.k.a. location a.k.a. locating; triangulation by distance (i.e. 2 point distance) 's degree angle;

Tri ole Triplet (network + server + storage) In German language; Also see: Fujitsu-Siemens;

line; track; Radical955;
tuple ≡ row ≡ line;

Two dimensional coordinate Cartesian plane rectangular coordinate xy plane Graphics axis, 2D;

Type 2 J DB C driver O C I driver Systems configuration;

undefined  unknown  unable to verify without ID; as opposed to e.g. (defined, known, verify, with ID);

IFF any type ( object) is undefined, unknown, unable to verify, without ID, and then (pinpoint and locate) the object on a surface, using half second ... ;

Unidirectional Full Duplex Data communication;

Unisys Business Blueprinting Service HP Adaptive Enterprise Strategy Service Fujitsu IT Optimization Service Data center services and consulting; 2003;

unwanted ≡ NOT wanting ≡ NOT wanted ≡ no thank ≡ no need;

V. Position Vertical Position Graphics monitor display hardware spec. usage; Also see: H. Position;

Video oriented a.k.a. Video In a.k.a. Video Out a.k.a. Ć O Ć O... ;   IFF Ć O Ć O, Anti Virus Ć O Ć O;   IFF Ć O Ć O, Anti Virus Ć O Ć O;

Virtual Dir Remapping of physical Dir Virtual directory by Virtual Folders; Windows platform testing purpose;

Visual Studio .Net Net Weaver Studio Microsoft vs. SAP; USA vs. Germany; 2003; Net Weaver is for Web services;

V M ware WS4 MS Virtual PC Recommended virtual machines as testing tools for migrating from Win 2000 to 2003;

white color backlighting white screen (available to do juten Filling, available to fill) ;

(available to do juten Filling, available to fill), also see: f Computer; Similarity; Walls;

Widget channel Intel's Can more x86 So C Internet TV = CE3100 = [ ... + Comcast + Intel + Motorola + Samsung + Sony + Toshiba + Yahoo! + ... ] ;

W i F i Wi-Fi Wide Fidelity ;

W i F i Single Chip 802.11b  + Base-band processor + Media access controller  W LAN; In 2003, 802.11b radio up to 2.4GHz; Broad com Air Force One Chip is W i F i single-chip, size smaller than 20mm X 25mm X 3mm; 70% less power consumption than Intel C e n t r i n o;

Win What Where True Active Company name;

Windows Vista OS' Ease of Access similarities are Filter Keys = If I press keys repeatedly, ignore extra presses; High Contrast = See more contrast in color; Magnifier = Make items on the screen larger; Narrator = Hear text on screen read aloud; On-Screen Keyboard = Type without the keyboard; Sticky Keys = Press keyboard shortcuts one key at a time;  

without direction ≡ heuristic ≡ wander to whatever place ≡ wandering whithersoever;

W L, Word Line Control Gates Cell level semiconductors;

W L voltage = Word Line voltage Control voltage into memory cell, [www .h i t a c h i .com/New/c news/050615.html]; Also see: Bit line voltage;

WS Serialized XML + HTTP Between computer A and Computer B;

x D S L Unknown DSL Unknown digital subscriber line NAS port type by I AS by Win Server 2003;

zipped compressed File contents, Content of files;