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Green Color for Default 3D C6; Also see: structural Amino Acids;

cable; cabling; e.g.

          cable select ;    

cache, also see: memory;


_ IFF ASP .NET, 2812 run s 95Web browser;

_ IFF computer;

call e.g. ( telephone ) call ;
call e.g. ( telephone ) ring ;
via Wireless phone ;        
GPS PHONE ;          

camera is the longest distance router in our world & in our universe (e.g. camcorder, cyber shot camera, digital camera with zoom, ... ), also see: GPS; Router;

      DEE _ Radio ;    
cyber shot ;          
            camera ;  
CAM , IFF P M B , also see : USB ;
CAMERA ;              
web ; digital still ; Digital Video ;    
        aperture ;      

IFF digital, 1st to understand WORMHOLE (think that WHEN lights are kuru kuru, wormhole begins) to capture image (e.g. C C D technology) i.e. beyond negative film; 2nd to understand above table's CAMERA symbol WHICH symbolizes Normal Gravity (also see: Gravity Dimension Computer's poem) as filter; 3rd to develop DEE vs. layers (e.g. ACTION, background, foreground, ... ) for each human beings livable moons' momentum and variable DEE patterns ... ; Our world's best cameras are designed & made by NIPPON; ethnic tribe (e.g. Rakhine) in Union of Myanmar can basic understand HOW camera is ... ;

WHAT is the diff between "flying camera" and imaginary hyperspace craft? blah, blah, blah, ...  you might need conferences to do so ... blah, blah, blah, ... ;

Canada, video, audio, data, 1;


; captcha , complete l y auto mat ed public
t u ring test 26 tell computer s and
human s 1 part ;          
    dictionary ( OEM ; level ) cryptography
and security ;            


      IFF USB ... ;    
      slot ;        
accelerator ; adaptor ; aperture ; cage   ; cage
extrusion ; card - type data base ; daughter ;
debit card service ; deck ; display ; e -
mail ; feed ; graphics ; hopper ; image ;
inter face ; line ; magnetic card storage ; memory
; memory expansion ; mezzanine ; Mini t u r
e ; modem ; NIC , network interface card ;
path ; prepaid telephone ; processor ; punch ; punch
e d ; quadrant card slot ; raiser ; reader
; service s ; slot ; sorter ; sound ;
stacker ; video ; video display ;      

carry out

C A S I O  
Casio , company ;      
      31196 clock ;        

IFF satellite:
... 36473259 with 3644154 ... ; hidden network (i.e.
this DOMAIN) using network topology ... ;
... computer 5928 command ... ; hidden network (i.e. this DOMAIN) using network topology  ... ;

back up set ; property  ; set ; spec

catch     catch     catch;

cause; circumstances; consequently; especially; happenstance; intentionally; reason; the late, therefore;

(e.g. C B R) constant bit rate;

C D    
        compact disk , CD    

C D M A GPS, starting navigation ... ; also see: F D M A; G S M; T D M A; ... ; i.e. phone;

CE, one of the brunch-able keywords in Cloud Computing;     CE;

C D V , cell  delay variation ;    
C  L P , cell loss priority ;    
G C R A , generic cell rate algorithm ;
P C R , peak cell rate ;    
S C R , sustain able cell rate ;  
active ; ( cell ) encapsulation delay ; animation ;
array ; assembly and disassembly        
; assembly AND disassembly ; base d ;
buffer ; discard i n g ; encapsulation ; header
; inter - arrival time ; loop back test ;
loss ; loss priority ; loss rate ; loss ratio
; octet ; path ; pointer ; process i n
g ; rate algorithm ; relay ; relay service ;
scrambling ; split t i n g ; switch i
n g ; switch i n g capacity ; character
; ( computer ) storage ; con form i n
g ; con version in 26 cell s ; discard
ed ; fix ed length ; lay out ; low
priority ( e . g . cell ) ;  
pay load ( 66 1 cell ; packet ) ;
peak cell rate ; storage ; storage element ; sustain
able cell rate ; tag g ed ( 11 in
a tag g ed cell ) ; total cell count

cell path; Also see: Directions; Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 245; iroColourWaveForm based Cell Path;

     セ        ス    
       ル    バ        
         cell path          
       ル   バ         
    セ         ス      

IFF directional gravity, using artificial intelligence ( direction) ... ;

1990s style cell path: Remark: it should be called non-solid-state-cell-path; non-solid-state-cell-path, as opposed to all-solid-state-cell-path;













WHAT is all-solid-state-cell-path sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand 1990s' static LASER e.g. whenever structural 4 nodes are set, remote heat sensing (in "black color area"; also see: Schematic Dimensional) can be located a.k.a. 4th factor of lights; 2nd to understand 2000s' C Sequence Number (BF) doko WHERE growth rate (e.g. BLI) can be defined by sequencing number; 3rd to understand 2010s' yellowish variations (Origin of Sound) doko WHERE gravity spots can be defined by natural ways (e.g. 1 way DEE, Even Time Horizontal DEE, variable DEE patterns); And Then, for each parallel sections, cells can be stimulated (a.k.a. charged) i.e. all-solid-state-cell-path; Remark: approx. 34+ years of everyday hard work (R&D) results "all-solid-state-cell-path" using Directional Gravity Pressure naturally ... ; don't forget, WHEN charging, device's weight may be heavier, WHEN using C Sequence Number Natural Cell Path Battery, device's weight may be lighter; i.e. beyond gravity spots: gravity devices, gravity machines, gravity VM, ... ; welcome to ACT2 and ACT3 imaginary hyper space ! doko WHERE IoT can be flying without combustion and also without jet engine; Remember: all human beings livable moons are owned by Shakya King; without Shakya King's approval permit, space pirates will capture all space programs ... ; as result, commuting with hybrid Automotive can be longer and longer in Distance;

WHY blue color background sir ? well trained kids ! since 1990s, old style keywords are like that i.e. "blue color" background, and based on defined language (font); e.g. MS-DOS and PC-DOS are still using in 2010s, retrospectively since 1990s; so, computers' quality may vary, depending upon HOW many embedded devices are already built-in as ichi One Book ... ; many system extensions EXIST , depending upon WHAT kinds of group e.g. commercial, education, government, imaginary hyper space, media, military, religion, ... ;

C Sequence Number Natural Cell Path Battery, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

Remark: some human beings livable moons are with EM because of yellow as core; some human beings livable moons are without EM because of there is no yellow as core inside; therefore, C Sequence Number Natural Cell Path Battery is intended for planet with EM; since our earth and our moon are flip-flop alike between blue and green (e.g. regarding our earth, electronic green line prompts north naturally), WHILE DEE is coming from our universes, after yellowish variation is applied to a zero curvature surface, BLI (Body Length Index) and its growth rate obeys yellowish variation in mm (millimeter) As Distance; regarding sections of hybrid system (Automotive) battery, natural structural method ... ; a part of gray scale simulation's result, way of stimulating of cells may vary e.g. using directional gravity pressure, using sound beam, ... ; it is not easy to charge sections of hybrid system (Automotive) battery, using kuru kuru of lights in natural structural method ... ;

cell loss , also see: cell path;

cellular     cellular     cellular;

Center : call center; center line; center node; computer center; data center; design center; service center; Toll Center; also see: action ; online support center;

(centimeter, centimeters); (inch, inches); (pixel, pixels); (point, points);

certain      certainly

Certificate Authority, WHEN a desktop to be trust... , among International Domains WHILE DNS servers resolve domain names beyond zone, also see: ../../../IT/ Buddha S a n a n a year/Certificate/this DOMAIN Certificate . h t m;

all purpose;

Computational Fluid Dynamics ( C F D) ... ;

change management;

Channel number, also see: Location (Channel ♯, Target ♯, L u n);

channel (-♯♯) (IFF applicable);

character, also see: Characters;

check     check     check;

chemistry     CHEMISTRY;


China, , , , 86;

plasma cluster (breezy air) in China's cities (i.e. to avoid air pollutions in China); beyond nuclear power;
unlock radio in China; beyond nuclear power;

C H U W I, www.chuwi.com, Core Box, Laptop, Mini PC, Tablet, ... ;


circle: (r Computer * r Computer) = (x Computer * x Computer) + (y Computer * y Computer) a.k.a. 2D; _ IFF numerological dimension, also see: C Sequence Number (hyper sphere) ; Eccentric circles;

  C I S C , Composite Instruction Computer
C I S C , Composite Instruction Set Computer  

net Citizen; Seiko; Casio;

net i Zen    
          Net citizen    
              3929855 clock ;
        citizen ;      


Class; e.g.

( Class, Class, Class, Class) e.g. Class of organic compounds e.g. fatty acids or organic derivatives (insoluble in water) soluble in organic solvents, e.g. oils, steroids, waxes, ... called "Lipid"; Also see: Schematic Lipid;

class ;          

digit; grade; ID; positioning 66 decimal point; quality; unit;

class, blue print of an object WHERE the object is the instance of the class (i.e. 1 class) e.g. form with s "forms" is form class; e.g. table with s "tables" is table class; e.g. report with s "reports" is report class;

class (module) only form and report; the rests are standard module;

Also see: nippon Usage;

C L R;

click; double click; mouse over; page load; ... ; also see: event ... ;

Client ID

climate; season; weather; e.g.

climate, also see: c Manmade Global Weather;
season, also see: s Manmade Global Weather;
weather, also see: w Manmade Global Weather;

clip art  
        media clip ; sound clip ;
collection ; indicator ; rectangle ;        

Clock : system clock; master clock; clock source; clock track; clock speed; clock cycle; clock track; clock rate; clock tick; bus clock; clock; clock up; also see: Volume; Network ; Power; Action Center;

( action; center; clock; indicator; input; network; power; volume; ... );

(book; cell; formula; name; sheet; value; ... );

C L S ID     C L S ID;

clockwise vibration; EMC; sphere;

  system Location type        


Cloud Computing Technology Interoperability Standardization shared


operating procedures 285 business case service catalog    
_ IFF infrastructure ( cloud ) resource storage

CLOUD S L A ... ; cloud strategy; Also see: nature;

c Manmade Global Weather;

cmd let, also see: Windows Power Shell Modules;

CM OS, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor; also see: MOS;

Computer Numerical Control (C N C); e.g.

C N C     C N C     C N C ;

C N C, Computer's Numerical Control;
C N C, Computer's Numerical Control;

cipher; code; password; e.g. IO (Input, Output) interactive ... ;

code; code ; code set position; coded character set; coded set;


Code Page , _ IFF bloomy AND fruitful hardware, critical regions () THIS ... ; code;

keisu Coefficient, (factor, multiplier) for measuring property, (numerical, numerological) constant WHICH multiplies variable ... ; Also see: Optics;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (c o l a.k.a. colon)), also see: C ph T Root Words, ... ;

cold boot, also see: Cold Boot;

collection     collection, e.g. collection of services;

Colors ((Popup Background; Popup Text; Screen Background; Screen Text); Selected Color Values (Blue; Green; Red)); Font; Layout; Options;

com     com;

combined link

combo e.g. SQRT2 system model with SQRT3 system model; combo; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1;

Physics _Comet _Method, also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 183;

huge comma design; Radical124, also see: Radicals;

comment field ( 1 b log);


compass, also see: digital sensor; (i.e. weather) 5928 ... ;

compatibility mode              
/ ; binary level compatibility ; EMC a.k.a. electromagnetic
compatibility ; compatibility issue ; interoperability test ; upward compatible
;     upward compatibility ;        
window s 95 ; window s 98 ; window s
Me ; window s NT 4 . 0 ( Service
Pack ) ; window s 2000 ; window s
XP ( Service Pack ) ;      
window s Server 2003 ( Service Pack ) ;
  window s Server 2008 ( Service  Pack )
;   windows Vista ( Service Pack ) ;
Setting s ( Run 95 256 color s ; Run
95 640 x 480 screen resolution ) ;    
Privilege Level ( Run THIS program 11 95 administrator  
_ IFF system ( NOT Windows ) \ Desktop
/ hyper - v ;          
_ IFF system ( NOT Windows ) \ Desktop
/ s p a r c ;              

compatible with PC & Mac, also see: Number, e.g. ( 20, 86) common ... ;



  supplement ;    
base ; diminish ed radix operator
    radix - minus - one complete

compliance; e.g.

cluster compliance, also see: Physics Law 115, ... ;

complimentary ticket      also see: invitation card;

component     component     component;

address ; basic ; Component software ; composite ;  
conditional ( C ) ; system ; signal ;  
  C T M , component transaction monitor ;  
mandatory ( M ) ;  factor ; external ;  
  type ; member ( data structure ) ;  
discrete ; Distribute d Component Object Model ; structure ;
element  ( 95 array ) ; optional ( O )
; ultimate ; path name ; principal component analysis ;
item ( 95 list ) ;        

Directional Gravity Pressure component ... ;
HDMI component ... ;
(parallel, serial) component ... ;
( R G B (Red, Green, Blue)) component ... ;
(R W Y (Red, White, Yellow)) component ... ;
SPL (Sound Pressure Level) component ... ;
USB (Universal Serial Bus) component ... ;
(yellowish variation and its reversed yellowish variation) component ... ;
( ZCS, PCS, NCS) component ... ;

structural component, also see: Protein; Remark: like ginger, WHEN "Amber" is surrounding, "Yellow" prompts at its core;

COMPUTER     Computer;  

Regarding computer, barcode programming, numerological computing number programming, ... are top military secret, and not in text books; On the other hand, in text books, char-based (e.g. 1 letter C, 1 letter 2 symbol C++, 4 letters dictionary defined word Java, ... ) programming languages exist but no solutions (If solution, computer programming can be worth tons of gold, ... );

(computer) application , a software to do access... / load... / run... specific functionalities;

(computer) format , (computer) format ; format disk ; format hard disk ; base on time t, the disk will be with a new file system volume, so that old data, old directory & file will be gone; formatted disk means the disk has been already formatted by OEM, so called OS dependent, by manufacturer; IFF NOT (IDE a.k.a. octet in sector, sectors in track) [ 1985 ~ 1995 ], and IFF migrating from single V CD FS [1995 ~ present] to dual V DVD FS [2000 ~ ], BD... , S SD... , while installing OS, the disk will be automatically formatted; IFF Windows OS, also see: format;

basic format; comma format; data format; file format; format check; format conversion; format file; frame format; free format; numeric format; Symbolic LinK format; text format; zoned format;

(computer) process , functional module WHICH does specific computing, a.k.a. process OR task;     child process ; child process ;

(computer) systems administrator ;

P C      
  PC , person a l compute r    
  3 D          
note book PC      
  computer  ;

computer graphics , based on display technology, graphics may vary; 1st to notice that "computer graphics" is not written as "(computer) graphics", because graphics may vary ... ; for example, - C compiler graphic mode pixel [x, y] is no longer a solution in layers of LCD; DB9 pin serial CRT port {hex, hex, hex} is not a solution to DB15 pin Video Out; 640 x 480 VGA resolution with STD IO is no longer a solution in 1024 x 768 USB; Inside HDTV systems, so many filters exist, and those graphic filters WHICH have been designed in TIME . SPACE . ACTION oriental concept, therefore if a computer graphics is in ACTION, which SPACE should be concerned, and if SPACE can be understood, and then which TIME should be ... ; If graphics can be bypassed, it is the time to do your own OS; Test 0.2 second transparent cursor 1st, and then test \\Desktop\font* in frequency 2nd, and then 3rd to develop *.sys i.e. USB system WHERE 3-in-1 must be understood thoroughly; in LFS 2.01 default, system's TIME base Screen resolution is 1024 x 768 x 32. and its Current Bits Per Pixel 0., P e l s width 0., P e l s Height 0., ... while Advancing stage 1 step 1, inside USB; Notice that IPv6's t : N : N : N : N : N : N WHERE Time . Space . Action oriental concept has been already applied; Also see: v o x e l, doko WHERE curvatures (i.e. surface) as layered computer graphics ... ;

composition; typesetting; Radical366;

Connected; Saved; Also see: (Wireless, Network Topology) ... ;

connection     connection;

connector     connector;

connector; BNC connector; cable connector; connection cable; connector cable; connector point; connector receptacle; edge connector; external file connector; feature connector; female connector; file connector; grill -mounted connector; grill -mounting connector; internal file connector; intra -facet connector; male connector; media interface connector; MIC; parallel connector; pin connector; printer connector; ring terminal (connector) ; serial connector; this DOMAIN 's SQRT2 connector; this DOMAIN 's SQRT3 connector; using AI (Artificial Intelligence) locally, globally, remotely, universally, ... ;


contact; contacted; contacting; e.g.

antiviral contact-tracing app (OEM, smart phone) against COVID-19;

contact-less a.k.a. non-contact; contact-less power supply, also see: TDK, C E A TEC JAPAN 2010;

_ IFF power supply (electromagnetic induction) contact-less power supply; solar tree;
_ IFF power supply (magnetic resonance) contact-less power supply;
solar tree;

Container; e.g.

Document Library Cabinet   Container  
Document . Library . Cabinet . Container ;
  Library . Cabinet . Container . Database ;
;   Database   Form    
  Database . Form . Object ;
Database . Report . Object   ;
  Sheet . Object       ;

Also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;

adjusting contemplated characters ... ;

content     content;

be content; Radical128, also see: Radicals;

context     context

dynamic ( as opposed to static  )    

contour     contour;


( Blood Pressure Control, Blood Pressure Control, Blood Pressure Control), also see: b G T S U; c G T S U; p G T S U;

Conversation ID

A D , analog - digital , A D C
; analog - to - digital converter , A D
C ; code ; D A , digital - to
- analog , D A C ; data ; file
; parallel - serial converter , serial i z e
r , dynamic i z e r ; scan ;
serial i z e r , parallel - serial converter
, dynamic i z e r ; static i z
e r , serial - parallel ;      
using artificial intelligence , IFF text converter ... ;  

cookie (browser-related file sent from a WWW server);

coordinate; Coordinate; e.g.

( zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, coordinate, coordinate, coordinate, coordinate, Coordinate) ... ;


coordinate axis     coordinate     coordinate axis     coordinate;

copy, also see: command;

copy vs. link: copy makes original file alone; link, auto update alike, if you update over here, it will auto update over there also; HOW, copy, and then paste special, choose link;

(Copy, Define, Menu, Search) More actions ... ;


cordless     cordless;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (c o r n e a.k.a. cornea)), also see: C ph T Root Words, ... ;

( count, count, count, count, count, count, count, count, count, count) ... ;

central  processing unit ; CPU        
          CPU ;      
chip set ; double speed CPU ; Processor ;  

Please do not change the above table background color, because approx. Aqua color (Normal Gravity) ... ; Also see: Gravity Dimension Computer's poem;

CRC, also see: 3D_CRC;

        create ;      
26 create ;      
to establish        


CS, one of the brunch-able keywords in Cloud Computing;     CS a.k.a. Computer Science;

system ; web ; matrix ;    
C S H T M L c s html      
C S S c s s            

Cascade Style Sheet ( C S S) cascade style sheets; client-server system; HTML♯;

(c t r)

CTRL , also see , key      
AND DEL a.k.a. warm _ boot      
IFF NOT ( warm _boot ) Cold Boot    

abbreviation; contraction; curtailment ; reduction; shortening;

cursor, also see: Cursor;

curve ;

iro Colour Wave Form ( cyan ) Normal Gravity
        CYAN a.k.a. aqua color ;  
        cyan a.k.a. turquoise ;    

C W D; e.g.

C W D, Current Working Directory, e.g. this DOMAIN 's current working directory is C:\Windows\System256, since 2563 : year 2019 ;

cyber; Cyber; Cyber Knife; e.g.

cyber; customize e.g. (customize access, customize bar, customize quick, customize tool); customize; custom e.g. custom sort; curve; create e.g. (create office, create outlook, create sheet, create task); create; copy; content; contact; constrain; compare and merge; command button; comma; combo e.g. (active x control, drop-down-edit, form control, list); combine character; com add ins; colour; color; close e.g. (close all, close window); check e.g. (check box, check for update); change e.g. (with changes, without changes); change; cell e.g. (by column, by row, on enter); cell; camera; call e.g. (called, calling, callout); call; calculator; calculate e.g. (calculate full, calculate now, calculate sheet);

for each location   do
Anti Virus ( e.g. Cyber ) ;      
cyber squat ;  
cyber ;               security

cyber     Cyber ... ;

( Cyber Knife, Cyber Knife, Cyber Knife, Cyber Knife); Cyber Knife, i.e. medical equipment; Also see: c G T S U; k G T S U;