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proportion; ratio; Radical102;

Approx. 36+ ratios available to read;  Also see: Natural time Ratio & Proportion;

Ω0, a ratio of actual density to critical density at very long time ρ0;  IFF energy related, Ω0 = Ω sum _of _matters AND dark energy ΩΛ;  Ω0 = (<1 || 1 || >1 || ...);  Close space;  Open space; 

Algebraic quantitative ratio: Fraction;  Within time, in basic, fraction is expressed by x/y [x by y] where x, AND OR y are variable, AND OR constant;  Also see: mantissa in floating points;

Aspect ratio, Display's width by height;  Natural vs. artificial;  If dot s is in distance Z inward, vector processing is neededSpace images: assuming that X>Y as front, and X<Y as rear;  After understanding of frames of X>Y frame, X<Y frame, viewer's location, object's location, distance between object and viewer, ... , and then study each symmetry at each dimension in M Theory;

IFF 3D GUI, 1 aspect ratio with N layers ... ; In addition to color, font, screen resolution, % can be applied to layers ... doko WHERE Time . Space . Action oriental concept can be understood as, within 1 Time (2*5, 2*6, 2*7) 1 Space of 1 aspect ratio with N layers, Action of location of objects by noCOOKIE browser ... ; Try... triangle1 at 1 end, triangle2 at another end, IFF layers can be connected together, ...Catch as 1 Handle ... ;

Capacitance ratio: n numbers of variable capacitances along with constraint diodes can be tested;  Also see: www.renesas.com; 

Charge to mass ratio: e/me physical constant of electron = 1.7588 x 1011 C/kg;

Compression ratio: In 2006, Fujitsu's Smart CODEC spec. is 1/3 fixed ratio of YUV 720x480 at rate of 55 Mbps by 30 fps;

Compression ratio: Microsoft's usage;  File & directory compression utility is compact;  In 2006, depending on file sizes, compression ratio will differ while managing files in SONY Micro Vault

Contrast ratio: In 2005, LG produces brightness 1000 cd, and contrast ratio 10000:1 single scan;  In 2006, Sharp produces 1500:1 in-vehicle shock-proof water-proof out-door LCD, the highest industrial standard display;

Cost-to-performance ratio;  Medical;

Driver-to-load ratio: Pipeline's stages;  Also see: Pipelining;

Gain ratio: Gain ratio;

Graviton ratio: Measurement of graviton, not available yet to public;

gravitational, light, O2, water, ratio: gravitational:light:O2:water ratio is a Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional ACT3 spacecraft's one of the testing features;  BLI may vary due to gravitational;  If 5 elements concept is applied, ... ;     Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement;   

gyromagnetic ratio, also see: gGTSU; j Usage;

Hazard ratio, measure in % confidence interval CI [Resident & Staff Physician;  Vol.51;  No.4];

_ IFF rate , also see: rate; %; ...

(hosharitsu Emissivity, kyushusei Absorptivity) approx. proportional, also see: Physics Law 567, Manmade Global Weather ... ;

ARDS IER, Inspiratory to Expiratory Ratio; common (Inspiratory : Expiratory) is between 1.00000 and 1.33333; Remark:  ventilator, a medical device (inspiratory (inhale), expiratory (exhale)), and IER is one of the Ventilator Parameters e.g. (assisting volume, IER, PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure), respiratory rate, tidal volume (7 mL per Kg) and arterial pH (7.33333)) ... ; Also see: Gene Therapy System (1080nm AntiVirus: unwanted COVID-19); iGTSU; [AMERICAN FAMILY PHYSICIAN; Vol.101; No.12; June 15, 2020];

INR, International Normalized ratio [The American Journal of Medicine;  Vol.118;  No.2] ; Also see: INR in *cardio; 

IRR, Incidence Rate Ratio [JAMA;  Vol.293;  No.22];

kW:vol:kg;  A ratio for HTS motor powered naval submarines;  Unit not available yet to public;  Also see: Sumitomo;

LH/FSH ratio: LH/FSH ratio [Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey;  Vol. 60;  No.4];

Light lost ratio [a Myanmar's imaginary hyperdimensional spacecraft's ... , not in text yet]: ACT3 stage, OEL engineering [medical biometric engineering + optical electronic engineering], along with 2,3 vector, 2,6 vector, in DEE, ... also see ACT3 light vs. Our universe;   

m/z ratio: mass to charge ratio, by SELDI-TOF-MSOBG
Plasma Vector: toward Sensor / Detector   Genetic biometrics pap smear Mass' travelling time  
Laser beam Ion source Protein chip Flight Of Path Sensor/Detector
    Mass spectroscoping time period
Computational calculation time period [time vector: left to right]

MR ratio; www.nhk.or.jp/strl/publica/rd/index-e.html;

OR: (OR, Odds Ratio (Women vs. Men) (...));  i.e. OR 6.5;  99% CI, 2.2 - 6.6;  Where 2.2-6.6 is CI variable;

_ IFF percentage, also see: %; rate; ...

Quantum charge ratio: h/e physical constant = 4.1357 x 10-15 J · s/C;

Ratio of circle's circumference to its diameter: 3.14159 ... Pico, ... , 10-24;  Π, π;  22/7;  Also see: Circle;

Ratio of circle's circumference to its radius: ... also see: quantum charge ratio, strings in M Theory, ... ;

RR, Rate Ratio;  i.e. RR 2.2;  99% CI, 1.8 - 2.8;  Where 1.8-2.8 is CI variable;

S/N ratio, Signal to Noise;  S/N ratio may vary according to vendor spec. ;

SDR, Software Defined Ratio, in 2007, Altera's 65nm Cyclone III FPGAs perform <0.5W static power waveform integration in hardware, with ASIC and/or ASSP programmable logic by Quartus II Web Edition v.7 software, therefore hardware can be defined [also see: conditional variable] by software as measured as ratio ... ;

Shade ratio = Contrast ratio of black & white;  5000:1 inside 40" world's largest OLED by Samsung in 2005;


Th1/Th2 ratio:  Th1 /Th2 ratio = Interleukin 4;

Time reduction ratio: In 2005, NEC's world first security system firewall-IDS can perform 1:3400 which can detect computer security problem [i.e. after handshake, ftp not monitored] within 3 minutes [compare to 170 hr to any system administrator who has not deployed the latest computer security system];

Waist-hip ratio [Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey;  Vol. 60;  No.1];

WHILE object is moving, ( object ( speed) : sound ( speed)) mach ... ;

W/L ratio, Width/Length ratio, nMOS µm / pMOS µm;  Also see: Cload;    Do not confuse between W/L and WL;

Wn / Wp ratio: MOS inverter Vth;

Zoom-in ratio, Astrophotography by Canon;  Remark: