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drip; drop; Radical259;

fluid; liquid; Radical310;

ocean; sea; waters; Radical635;

river; stream; Radical55;

water; Radical106;

water fountain; Radical632;

( with fresh water, with salt water) doko WHERE correct Calcium, also see: Nanobot . Programming . Mapper ; Water;

Remark: DEE _Mouth may begin ... , And Then, taste, tasty, ... ; Hmm!! Umm!!

(2 Kg weight, boiling at 100°C) e.g. Water ... ;

water pills, a.k.a. diuretics, Tx for high blood pressure; IFF Comorbidity ... ;


regarding Water R&D, using ((Green Color, Purple Color) . ( pH, pH)), And Then, also see: Nanobot . Programming . Mapper . HTML ; Swastika;

AI for fresh water or salt water, doko WHERE Akoya pearls prompt ((Circle if Salt-Water), (Oval if Fresh-Water)) ... ;

p H pH            


many ( Bromides, Chlorides, yokamono Iodides) are soluble in water, except (lead, mercury, silver) e.g. silver chloride, lead (II) chloride, ... are insoluble in water;

Quiz would be: have you ever R&D snail with H2O (Water) vs. D2O (heavy water, approx. 10% denser than H2O) before ? Remark: inside of a "Tarzan" 's jungle, many snails exist naturally;

Also see: Water Clock's Distance (longer, shorter) ... ;

e.g. each bamboo stem ( hard, soft), doko WHERE Water is like "Soft," on the other hand, its outer part is "Hard" like wood, also see: mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D ... ;

algae and plankton, also see: DNA _Origami;

R&D (Marimo (Algae ball) vs. Fish) in a lake (fresh water) HOW reproductive lives ... ;

All Purpose Water Elevator * ; e.g.

( All Purpose Water Elevator Top, All Purpose Water Elevator Left, All Purpose Water Elevator Down, All Purpose Water Elevator Right) ... , also see: Directions; 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; Water; Water Clock;

Remark: all purpose water elevator can be using for Gene Therapy System, kadosei Mobility, Manmade Global Weather, nanobot programming, PHYSICS, structural Battery, UAV, ... ;

2566; 2022; 5D e.g. ( 5D Aqua for our earth only, 5D Navy for far away distance in our universe (Distance from our earth), 5D Yellow for (2 Sun) refreshing together, on the 2 Sun planet, 5D Red for either non-heterodyning or the defined (special) environments), also see: Water Clock; Independence Day of USA (United States of America (July 4th); Water Clock R&D note;  ( H2O, H2O, H2O, H2O), a.k.a. Water ... ;

I wrote: one day, I (57+ years old) was visiting and traveling with one of my sisters, and she offered me to drink a bottle of "heavy water" (D2O) so I asked a question to her i.e. if I'm doing R&D on Water (e.g. OH+, OH+), wondering what's diff between "regular drinking water" and "heavy water" (D2O) concerning OH Distance?

She replied right away: heavy water's ( OH Distance, OH Distance, OH Distance, OH Distance) should be longer in distance (NM), if compare to regular drinking water; I appreciate her replied answer because I don't have any bio related degree in my 1st life, regarding BIOPHYSICS ... ; since COVID-19 (2019-2020-2021), I've started self R&D HOW "unwanted nitrogen" in 3,4 dimensional bio ... ; Also see: Distance; o Character; o G T S U; Physics Law 198; Water;

keep well-hydrate with "Aqua Color" Collagen, e.g. ( Collagen, Collagen, Collagen, Collagen) because, ware ware We like to be healthy ones without any (abnormal, disease, disorder) ... ;

antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA; 2565; May 18, 2021; NHK News; Vaccine (Antiviral COVID-19 medicine) 's storage temperature (e.g. (((minus 25°C) to (minus 15°C)), OK for frozen), 2-8°C is OK for 30 days prior to administer vaccine shot); Lipid (coat, coated, coating);

antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA . unwanted Nitrogen; Also see: Antiviral Schematic;

Auto Grow With Heat, also see: Physics Law 131, Auto Grow, ... ;

e.g. Class of organic compounds e.g. fatty acids or organic derivatives (insoluble in water) soluble in organic solvents, e.g. oils, steroids, waxes, ... called "Lipid"; Also see: Schematic Lipid;

Two is very very unique in many ways e.g. ( DEE vs. Optics) doko WHERE ( hikari Light re-Action ( CO2, ( Enzyme, Enzyme), H (Hydrogen), O2, Water) Energy, delivered by the Light, to tsukuru Make (Carbohydrate, Sugar)) a.k.a. photosynthesis, i.e. way of HOW tissues happen ... ; 1 lipid acting like (gate, pore ("opening pore" means allow the gas in)) WHICH ... , also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan; Reminder: because of (Carbohydrate, Sugar), fat, oil, ... may begin, e.g. 1 bio Physical lipid (Fat + Oil) can pass through Biological Cell ... ;

lipid, organic compound (fatty acid and its derivatives, (insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents)) ... , also see: l G T S U; Physics Law 789;

2565; May 2021; PHYSICS TODAY Volume 74, Number 5; Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc (URL: www.shimadzu.com) 's TOC1000e Organic Carbon Analyzer ... ;

highly purified water, (can be measuring high precision 0.1 µg/L) for beverage & food, pharmaceutical, precision equipment manufacturing, semiconductor, and it is with mercury-free e x c i m e r lamp (wavelength: 172 nm), its Active Path technology can be (transferring energy from the mercury-free e x c i m e r lamp to sample), using UV light to oxidize organic, inducing (light) dielectric barrier discharge, so called TOC1000e Organic Carbon Analyzer (highly purified water) ... ; E x c i m e r State (energy, ( geometry, geometry, geometry, geometry, geometry)) formation of molecules ... ;

I wrote: there are many human beings livable moons in our universes, and for thousands of years (e.g. yellowish variations to the left, yellowish variations to the right) and DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) is much more space if compare to our universes, and I've NOT able define (1965-2020, 55+ years of my life) "Origin of Water" in our universes but I've a quiz i.e. regarding ..\ ..\ Domain \ Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol _files \ BF2*.GIF, ware ware We've drawn many pictures, and among them, WHICH ones would you like to choose to define (e.g. yellowish variations to the left, yellowish variations to the right) many human beings livable moons in our universes ?

well trained kids! replied: BF2 Purple, BF2 Lavender, Origin of BF2 Black, ... sir in ACT3 imaginary hyper space;

I wrote: I still cannot define "Origin of Water" at the age of 55+ years old, and this is your time to define HOW "Origin of Water" should be picture; Remark: I'm not against your pictures (BF2 Purple, BF2 Lavender, Origin of BF2 Black), and I've noticed & realized THAT "Red" and "Green" are hidden whether with water or without water; after understanding ("with water" , "without water"), And Then, try to understand Cold _or _Hot _Universally, ... ; And Then, "Bamboo stem factor" can be realized and understood; And Then, B L I (Body Length Index) automatic adjustment, 500+ years (in Buddhism, deity's life expectancy starts from 500+ years) life expectancy, ... ; difficulties level (yellowish variations) in ACT3 imaginary hyper space, and it is NOT easy understand "Origin of Water" ... ; Remark: I don't assign any project to ACT2 level imaginary hyper space (architect, designer, engineer) because it is very very very difficult to realize and understand HOW to define "Origin of Water" ... ;

21st century & beyond, with water (3 colors, Origin of Live Form) universally, also see: PHYSICS, law one hundred, ... ;

Action, OR Distribution process of (item, object, pattern, state of beings, things) to wider (area, field) i.e. dispersion e.g. Water behaves like substances in argha Holy Water _4D (this DOMAIN . BIOPHYSICS) ... ; Also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; DNA _Origami; structural Amino Acids; Water;

water     water     water; Also see: Gene Therapy System;

21st century & beyond, with water (e.g. water flow gene therapy system), also see: Physics Law 789, Gene Therapy System ;

(aroma, fragrance, odor, perfume, redolence, savor, smell), also see: Physics Law 230 ... ;

humanoid Argha, for analyzing HOW (Blue-gray, Indigo, Light turquoise, Turquoise) to do good weather condition worldwide (our earth) e.g. unwanted category 4+ storm's path can be adjusted by using (, ), and there are many restricted information NOT ONLY (Blue-gray, Indigo, Light turquoise, Turquoise) BUT ALSO (Gold, Gray, Lavender, Light yellow, Purple, Silver, Yellow, ... ) ... ; Also see: Manmade Global Weather; Remark: humanoid Argha, created in 2021/2564;

water well; Radical119, also see: Radicals;

water purification system; if you like to do your own water purification system, 1st you do fermented beans called nato bacteria, 2nd apply the nato bacteria as layer on paper (so called filter), 3rd let the water (from higher pressure to lower pressure) flow through the filter (nato bacteria as layer on paper), then notice and realize that you're getting pure clean drinking water, i.e. very easy and simple water purification system; Remark: NHK news' knowledge based information, as of 10/2018 /2562;

, , 2500+ years tradition of Myanmar, regarding Buddha dhamma ceremonies, Myanmar makes good khamma (a.k.a. karma) by dropping (dripping, sprinkling) water drops "pronounce Y a e Z e t", at the moment of very ending time period of dhamma ceremony, for the purpose of having some good wills connection in the next coming lives ... ; Therefore, 1 water drop should be consider as a constraint to Earth years as average longest living life time people ... ; WHEN ever WHERE ever people meet each other, Myanmar believe that there must be existence of "Y a e Z e t" (drops of water) such cause of meeting to each other, ... ; 2500+ years tradition of Myanmar, WHEN ever WHAT ever objects/beings shall be in good luck by spraying holy water drops onto objects/beings, ... ; 2500+ years tradition of Myanmar, annually celebrating water festival, in days, the purpose of cleaning/cleansing/erasing bad khamma (bad actions), just before a New Year Day, in lunar calendar, ... ; Almost at the same days, in China, in Y u n a n, for defeating demon, water splashing festival has been held for thousands of years with elephants, fireworks, racing dragon boats, peacocks, ... WHICH event festival somehow proves that lunar calendar has been the same;

AI OS character number 182 (i.e.  ̆ ), find water drops alike characters inside Nippon Syllabary, and notice that 182 is aggregate of ܁

(20) a.k.a. middle j u n,(23),(23),(21), 1 (14),(58); artificial intelligence ( systems) ... ; WHICH energy causes water for thousands of years ... ; I F F DEE And Then, HOW lights behave if gravity is applied ... ; G D C;

( with water; without water), also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol; Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 281, we're human beings;

***** |    

2018/2562; in our earth, less than twenty (<20) nations have nationwide tap water (drinking water) supply system installed as of 2018/2562;

2015/2559, approx. iroColourWaveForm (Aqua) i.e. Normal Gravity; WHY do we need Normal Gravity? also see: written poem in Gravity Dimension Computer;

2015/2558, ( pull characteristic of water a.k.a. a.k.a. a.k.a. H2O, push characteristic of water a.k.a. a.k.a. a.k.a. H2O) ; this DOMAIN 's Gravity Dimension Computer ( gravity measurement) ... ; our world's the most advance water as gravity (gravitation measurement) for 21st century and beyond ... ; Believe it or not, water flows upward in some moons IFF compare to water flows downward in our earth; therefore, pull characteristic vs. push characteristic must be understood before developing ACT3 stage; For ACT2 and ACT3 stage development, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement;

Satellite; Also see: NIPPON . JAXA . H A Y A B U S A;  ACT2 stage, in 2,3 dimensional ... ; H A Y A B U S A 's gravitation measurement will provide HOW B L I automatic adjustment can be done, and then we human beings will be migrating to another planets (i.e. moons) ... 21st century, and beyond;

2012/2556, artificial intelligence ( 2,3 dimensional carbon nano wall, 3,4 dimensional carbon nano wall) for each surface, using iroColourWaveForm (Thermal Imaging Camera) analyze the Heat _v s _Light ... ; IFF surface (metal) WHERE surface is not vacuum, also see: electron; Remember, vacuum lets electrons flow easy; IFF 2,3 dimensional space, Even Time Horizontal DEE, WHERE 1 object prompts 2 shadows (equally left and right) symmetrical space location; artificial intelligence ( 2,3 dimensional carbon nano wall, 3,4 dimensional carbon nano wall) for each surface ... ; A Myanmar's imaginary space craft (gravity dimension computer) using Thermal Imaging Camera, to analyze DEE, to analyze Heat vs. Light, ... ; HOW many planets we human beings can live? [ 3 jewels are Buddha, Dharma, Sangha ] WHO will be the owner of the GREEN planets? WHICH P M E to do transportation of grown plants' fruits and vegetables? 


2011, in addition to water WHICH makes audio or noise or sound, its string vibration should be studied, because in 21st century, very big and very strong quake, very high and very wide tsunami happen; There must be a way to prevent, to protect gravitational vibration of strings ... , also see: WORMHOLE ;


2010, February 18, The Modesto Bee daily newspaper; at Yosemite National Park; 3 conditions are clear sunset sky, in late February, water fall; Aglow of blazing glory, vantage point, Yosemite Valley;    Naturally Filtering Spectrum To Red Orange Yellow At West Bound Water Falls .GIF;

IFF (radio;#), also see: GPS Spectrum;

IFF Artificial _Light, also see: DEE;

*_*_*_*_*_ ; Naturally, also see: eye-glasses ;


(1/2) O2 + 2 H+ + 2 e-   -> H20, water, produced by ( hydrogen ions H+ AND electrons absorb O oxygen from air). WHEN from anode side Hydrogen ion migrates to cathode side through separator a.k.a. cellophane, WHILE extracting electrons and hydrogen ions from glucose C6H12O6 by enzymatic oxidation as   glucose -> g l u c o n o l a c t o n e + 2 H+ + 2 e-  . Also see: 50mW bio battery, bio electrochemistry, Kyoto University, Japan, 2007. Mediator vitamin K3, and cofactor N A D H is anode, mediator potassium f e r r i cyanide is cathode; Electrode is porous carbon; V is 0.8V; 0.4 M glucose in 1M sodium phosphate butter, pH7 is glucose solution. 40cc volume; 39mm x 39mm x 39mm dimension;

IFF H hydrogen as input, also see: Automotive;


1 of the 5 elements of Chinese, one of the 4 elements of Myanmar, ACT 1 and ACT2 and ACT 3 entity, an essential to all beings, the water, ... ;


20 water drops alike writing characters in primary voices, also see, Nippon Syllabary;


40 cancer vaccines available: Gravity AND water, 1st to understand 4 planets prediction, 2nd to understand time by 2*7 i.e. lunar time, 2*5 i.e. JUN time, 3rd to understand Gravity AND water schematic symbols, and then do you own cancer vaccines, ACT2 and ACT3 stage robotic arms, ACT3 stage horizontal sections' gray scale simulation, ... 40 types of vaccines available; absolutely/entirely/totally, vaccine shrinks cancer growth; effective & successful cancer vaccine discovery; [Uni. of Tokyo, Japan; NHK news Oct. 3, 2007 ]; A Myanmar way of understand Gravity AND water schematic symbols are [60x50 pixel *.gif]: [filename is Water2gravity7.GIF], and [filename is Water7gravity2.GIF] for full moon day & no moon day.


ACT2 stage clock synchronization ... , water must be measured by distance ... ;   ACT2 water tank, , notice that gray color space is for 4 planets prediction, aqua color is for water, black color is for dark energy, ... ;


ACT3 stage, IFF our universe's origin as No Moon Day, IFF 7 can be defined as 3,4 dimensional, and then a Myanmar wonders HOW could that be some ice planets out there ... .... ; 2500+ years ago, according to Dhamma documents, Buddha was asked by monks, one of the questions was HOW our universe exists, Buddha did not answer one of the mathematical inconsistencies, and notice that one of the essence of Buddha Dhamma is focusing present; IFF the ACT3 statement is TRUE, and then ACT2 stage bio-genetic researchers/engineers/... need to prove that our human beings cells shrink at aging time period, and then there is a way to maintain our cells NOT to shrink WHICH might brings solution to ACT1 longer life ... ;


air bubble water; bubble density; fine bubble water (more oxygen); nitrogen bubble water (e.g. keeping fresh fish); ozone (O3) bubble water; sea water;

bubble water is a technology; inserting e.g. air, nitrogen, oxygen, ozone, ... into water, by using pump in common; results e.g. fish inside bubble water tank can become heavier IFF tank has been fine bubble water environment; BLI (Body Length Index) related R&D environment; bubble water technology (environment) can be using for medical treatment;

Develop a water clock ... , a part of DEE development ... ;

water a.k.a. a.k.a. a.k.a. H2O;


Anti Virus (this DOMAIN) fights against COVID-19;


AI ( World Time Mode) analyze the environment, e.g. ( IFF units: c f u / m l (Hetero t r o p h i c Plate Count, ... ); m g / L i.e. number of milli grams in 1 liter of water (Chlorine, ...); n t u i.e. n e p h e l o metric turbidity (Turbidity, ... ); p C i / L i.e. pico curies per liter (Gross Alpha (i.e. radio active), Uranium (i.e. radio active), ... ); ppb i.e. parts per billion (Arsenic, Chromium, Iron, Lead, Manganese, P C E (i.e. Tetra c h l o r o ethylene), Selenium, T C E (i.e. Tri c h l o r o ethylene), Total Halo acetic Acid, Total Tri halo methane, ... ); p p m i.e. parts per trillion (Aluminum, Barium, Chloride, Copper, Fluoride, Freon, Hardness (e.g. CaCO3), Nitrate, Sodium, Sulfate, Total Dissolved Solid, ... ); p p t (D B C P (i.e. D i b r o m o c h l o r o propane), ... ); µ S / cm i.e. micro siemens per cm (Specific Conductance, ... ); unit (Odor, pH, ... ); ) WHICH GPS (Location) indicates abnormal (e.g. location, condition), using Network Topology (e.g. line connection) smart grid ... ; radio (e.g. gadgets, Internet radio, weather stations, wireless, ... ); Name, , , , ♯; IFF 2,3 dimensional, using teleportation ... ; IFF 3,4 dimensional, using teleportation ... ;


Before engineering a ACT3 artificial energies, ACT3 artificial lights, water must be understood thoroughly, and water is very very very important; Because, water, the only entity WHICH expands, ... ;


Don't you ever think that we "planet earth" are losing water into very dark universe, however the water with/without gravitational effects in which existence form is concerned in ACT2 stage ... ; From ice age to warm age, no one can predict how much water have been lost, how many years more to go, when is going to be parallel universe possible, ... ; In ACT2 stage, water related biometric measurement/testing 5W1H of leaves of trees such as falling due to cold, falling due to hot, ... , water related biometric artificial lighting with water and artificial plantation, ... , ACT2 stage artificial green house effects including artificial-plantation-produced O2 level, B M D ratio of lost weight due to water, and ... ;


Flood prevention, 1st to understand WORMHOLE, 2nd to understand gravity drums a.k.a. gravity boxes WHICH might be a cause of world line to be water block, 3rd to avoid gravity drums under water by using radar especially in bay area, river's underground floor, ... ; Because global energy testing should be aware of, because global energy testing should be with well preparation a.k.a. prevention, because Remark: in 21st century, very big and very strong quake, very high and very wide tsunami happen; If 1 plate can be created by 1 space system, by reverse engineering of worm hole, there must be a way to protect such quake or tsunami, There should be law and serious restriction not to drop any drums into underwater area, i.e. sea floor, bay floor, river floor, ... ;


Gravitational effect onto cells, C60H20 water, ... ;


Heat expands metal (s); In ACT1, Heat and Light can be classified/categorized; But, in ACT2, also in ACT3, natural time based heat and light become risk factors; For example, outer bound outward from earth, orbiters can be lost due to natural time based heat and light; Space really causes Action, if bad, good will happen ... ;

argha Holy Water _ 4D ;      
argha holy water ;      
    water offer i n g to Buddha

argha Holy Water _4D, also see: structural Amino Acids;

( mizuaemono Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate) ... ;  diff classes of hydrates EXIST (((substance THAT contains (constituent element, Water)), i.e. hydrate), (water molecules are chemically bounding i.e. hydrate)) ... ; Also see: DNA _Origami; 9hComputer; Physics Law 113; Protein; Water;

hydro; e.g.

hydro means HOW (H, O) are, e.g. Water is H2O, in addition, H2O2 is a.k.a. heavy water; Also see: Dx;

hydrogen ... ;

I wrote: I need to QA (Quality Assurance) well trained kids' knowledge, so I've a quiz i.e. among 3 states of water (Gaseous State (e.g. steam)), (Liquid State (e.g. drinking water)), (Solid State (e.g. ice)), WHICH state prompts NO Hydrogen Link?

well trained kids!! replied: at the Gaseous State (e.g. steam), there is no hydrogen link sir, regarding 3 states of water; Umm!! Umm!! you forgot to mention crystalline state like snow sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course (Gravity Spot, milli bar atsuryoku Pressure, Temperature) ... ; Will you R&D "unwanted nitrogen" at the crystalline state of water ? Remark: during antiviral COVID-19 medicine (2019-2020-2021), from very very cold state to room temperature but coconut water like a Tarzan's Method after all ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: Oh! NO. gas exchange becomes very complicated with complexity regions sir; Also see: structural Amino Acids; w G T S U;

I F F 1 water drop, also see: C p h T Household water drop; Water drop can be used not only in ..\\MD\, but also in ..\\IT\ as gravity dimension computers' spectrum testing, speed vs. light rate, weight vs. DEE, ... ;

IFF l e m n i s c a t e, r2=2a2 cos Θ, also see: l e m n i s c a t e; IFF rectangles, also see: ACT2 water tank;


Inside deep water, human visible light does not exist but heat exists; In ACT2 stage in space, in earth bound direction only [also see: 5 horizontal gray sections, in ACT3 stage], human visible light exist but heat does not exist; In ACT3 stage in space, human visible light "our earth" becomes the only source to retrospect; How gravitational weight blocks the human visible light, for example light can goes through high pressure water, and then light becomes nothing to do with high pressure, and then WHAT makes no light inside deep water? If light attenuates only with water, and then how far distance in ACT3 space the light can be retrospective?   A Myanmar still cannot classify heat/light/weight/gravity/... for example pressure is weight? weight is pressure?   For example, 2 spin strings into 1 hole, another 2 spin strings into the same hole, another 2 spin strings into the same hole, and then at 1 time, 5W1H?


Magnet AND Gravitational AND Water, Magnet Gravity Water .GIF 105x105 pixel, and approx. 44 sticks with 4 holes to make 1 stick of gravity in a dark environment, and adding magnet and water to simulate in ACT2 stage; One of the ACT2 simulations related idea without distance, without m b pressure, without ... ;  

                    1st to understand 4 planets prediction therefore 2 sticks as strings can be understood;

                    2nd to understand JUN time to understand neither full moon day nor no moon day 2*5 AND lunar full moon day and no moon day 2*7 calculations;

                    3rd to understand 2 and 3, and then i.e. engineering pressure machine engines, ACT2 distance calculations, ACT3 simulations, ... ; Reference table of distance, heterodyned indexes, ... are out of a Myanmar's knowledge ... ; Notice that North and South are horizontal means vertical ACT2 ... ;

Iron; e.g.

iron content; Also see: Iron;

minerals; e.g.

( Minerals, Minerals, Minerals, Minerals) : minerals inside of the soil provide Protein (in our earth), And Then, other bio molecules (photosynthesis: CO2, New Tissue, O2, sunlight, Water), also see: m Character; Optics;

Nested Theory; e.g.

21st century & beyond : Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, ... ;

ocean water, using satellite GPS data, analyze the location, (normal or abnormal) ... ;

IFF normal ocean water, prevent ... ;

IFF abnormal ocean water, reduce ... ;

osmosis; e.g.

osmosis means diffusion of (gas mixture, liquid mixture) spread-out evenly distributed WHICH (material, object, part) naturally;

osmosis means movement of the liquid (across, through) semi-permeable membrane;

osmosis means WHAT kind of Water is transported (into the defined cells, out of the defined cells), doko WHERE the defined cells are (in coconut water, in fresh water, in hypertonic solution, in salt water);

Also see: 1oComputer; o Character; o G T S U; Physics Law 108, (with water or without water) is one of the very important factors of this DOMAIN; Physics Law 145, Incubation Period; Physics Law 184, G D C Gas Exchange (DEE _Mouth); Walls; Water;

Q&A: I wrote: regarding medicine R&D for (Anti Virus . COVID-19), to defined unwanted nitrogen (SARS-CoV-2), WHAT kind of Water is transported as TRUE Parameter in nanobot programming?
Q&A: well trained kids!! replied: coconut water as TRUE Parameter in nanobot programming sir;

s h i n t o Osmosis (causes, prompts) larger volume of Water on 1 side (NOT on the both sides);

  Osmosis stops WHEN the mixture's concentrations become even on the both sides of the membrane;

Osmosis : Keyword (diffusion) : from higher concentration to lower concentration;

Oxygen for the one and only the sun, western civilization's chemical name O2 vs. Eastern civilization's ACT2 stage knowledge ... [for example: the distance to the Sun is shorter than the distance to the Moon, IFF heterodyned index table is available the Sun as ... ]; Yin & Yang with water; Is there any way to test local sun from ACT2 stage station by using photo etching technology to do without O2 for certain time period, so that no sun exists in the local area ... ?

Photo etching vs. C60H20:   Photo etch to oxy out, electrons flow faster about, was an era of combination, heating and the lighting; However in 21st century, 0.25 W is not solution to be, classifying heating and the lighting, carbon nano wall to begin; Far beyond a Myanmar's knowledge, just blah blah bluffing can exist, when graviton pushes ... ;

present of green algae ( tissue) to obtain energy;
present of green algae ( tissue) to obtain energy;
present of green algae ( tissue) to obtain energy; Also see: Physics Law 567; t G T S U;

salt; ganen Salt; e.g.

naturally (a type of salt, ( halite, Halite, Halite, Halite, ganen Halite), seawater) compound, and it is (colorless, crystalline) e.g. Sodium chloride ... ; Also see: h Character; sCharacterExtension1 (salt); s G T S U (Sodium chloride); Sodium; Water;

Sodium chloride; e.g.

Sodium chloride will break-down if adding into Water (ions of sodium and chloride), And Then, neither sodium nor chloride reacts to the water, And Then, (changing in volume, NOT changing in pH); but chloride causes corrosive, And Then, the water's pH levels may become lower;

The very beginning, WHEN space causes existence of pro bio tics, WHICH space causes existence of "n u tri no", WHERE space to be bacterial bank;

(U l v a, seaweeds, S a r g a s s u m, marine brown algae, kelp), live in tropical surface ocean water, also live on the ocean floor; under water forest;

Under sea, WHERE nearby underwater volcano, pH may vary (e.g. antimony, stibnite, sulfur, ... ); a.k.a. boiling locations in ocean;

world time mode (i.e. Time), under sea (i.e. Space), measure;

underwater lake: hyper saline (no O2, Oxygen NOT EXIST), 6000+ ft deep, 2.6 Sq. Km (1 Sq. Mile), our earth;

Vaccine, also see: v Bio Chemical Physical Similarity . h t m; gravity;

Visibility and visible spectrums are somehow related to our water ... , and water is lesser and lesser along with time, ... ; For ACT2 and ACT3 stages space developers only, develop visibility without water, Also see: Visibility and water;

Simulation of distribution of water  vs. in lunar time + jun time, in ACT2 stage basic water's directions such as:

  ... because water's directions vary accordance with 4 planet prediction, because parallel world will exist, because 1st to understand spin & string in physics [Remark: Western civilization's theoretical physics is okay to learn], 2nd to understand lunar time and Jun time, 3rd to understand pressure machine engine [Remark: i.e. can fly without combustion & wind, only use of gravity, very very limited information, military top secret] and vision of planets' moving direction [Remark: not in Western civilization's theoretical physics theories & languages; ACT2 stage planets' directions are only available in Eastern civilization's theoretical physics theories, therefore Myanmar must learn Chinese language 1st], 4th to calculate possible combination numbers, 5th to do simulation of distribution of water, 6th to understand Buddha Abhidhamma, and then be ready to do ACT3 stage artificial energy and artificial light; In ACT2 stage, rotate, flip the possible combinational numbers to simulate, and further develop ACT2 stage explorer's arms ... ;

water cycle (human beings livable moons, imaginary hyper space craft, our earth); Also see: Physics Law 567, Manmade Global Weather ... ; Physics Law 171, (refresh, refreshed, refreshing, refreshes) ... ;

water droplets;

Water is a d i a magnet; Pg.14, FORCE FIELDS, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, M I C H I O K A K U, 2008;

Water 's surface , mirror , ... reflect
object 's image ; IFF ( 2 / 3 )
i.e. 0 . 66666 66666 66666 66666 66666 66666
66666 66666 66666 66666 66666 66666 66666 66666 66666 66666
66666 66666 66666 66666 66666 66666 66666 66666 ... ;

six; 6; ; ; r o k u; ; ➏; also see: Number;

( water, Water, water, Water) % e.g. approx. ( 65) percentage Water in (kaya a.k.a. body), And Then, approx. ( 75) percentage Water in muscles, And Then, approx. ( 80)  percentage Water in blood; Also see: b G T S U; m G T S U; w G T S U;

WHY 2 times tidal waves exist daily; Does tidal wave really relate to water?   To do ACT2 and ACT3 stage developments, 1st to understand 2 * 7 lunar time, and 2 * 5 JUN time;   Eastern Thought vs. Western Thought Reminder: 2 * 6 can be considered as 2 years, IFF in lunar time + Jun time; 2 * 6 cannot be considered as 2 years in Gregorian calendar;

in 2,3 dimensional (tidal waves') distance to each other consecutively one-after-another in 1 direction; 2 times per day (upward tide, downward tide) vertical ... ; idea ♯ 192; Manmade Global Weather ( service) ... , also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1;


After understanding ACT1 plantation, water is the essential resource, and ratio to be further study [by deploying available automotive O2 sensors, by building O2 tank, ... ], because WHEN plants perceive light, how much water the plants consume?   After consuming water, how much O2 oxygen the plants produce? And then, gravitational, light, O2, water,  ratio can be further developed ... in ACT2, and ACT3 ... ;

wells' water, also see: well meta data; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement (Idea # 149);

waterway; e.g.

using Artificial Intelligence to handle (airway traffic, commuting traffic, fluid flow traffic, gas traffic, manufacturing logistic flow traffic, network traffic, NFC (IoT) traffic, power line traffic, public parking traffic, public walking traffic, production logistic flow traffic, R F C protocol traffic, roadway traffic, train track way traffic, waterway traffic, ... ) ... ;

with Water, "Physics _Comet _Method" (e.g. ), also see: Physics Law 183, reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique) ... ; Remark: IFF yellowish variation as Distance in space, NOT Yellow Color (with Water) ... ; Jellyfish Physics _Comet _Method is for 2,3 dimensional space environment only, and designed & modelled for self (charge, charged, charging) Battery ... ; believe it or not there is human beings livable moon with Yellow Color water; so, Water content % is very important factor for developing self (charge, charged, charging) batteries ... ;

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