; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : November : 4 (Friday) : Updated : Time . Space ;

; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : 11 : 4 : Updated : Time . Space;

2566; 2022; design model; this DOMAIN 's Origin of Carbon Nanowalls, intended for our earth only; Also see: Anti Virus; Teleportation; Water Clock;

ACT1, ACT2, and ACT3 stages ... ;

theory and its strings ... ;

. 1/, Because . which one of the 5 elements; an idea by oriental eastern thought; and then   

\\IT\Note\Space.htm;   \\IT\Note\Satellite.htm;   \\IT\Note\-time.htm;   \\Time.Space\index.htm;

3 * 3 * 3 * 3, and 10, 7, 10 can be 108; In ACT3 stage, prove 108 mathematically; Also see: 108 configuration;

4 planets prediction for orbiter machines' synchronization, in ACT2 stage;

4PP + JUN = 6 for this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper dimensional spacecrafts' path calculation;

7 books, a.k.a. abhidhamma pitaka; Before understanding ACT3 7 [ 3,4 hyper dimensional dimensions, vectors, ... ], ACT2 5.* should be understood ... ;

12 ACT2 times per year, a possible 1D vector unit for ACT2 stage developers ... ;

18 images in Buddhism, somehow explains ACT2 and ACT3 stages in 21st century ... ; But, this DOMAIN still cannot prove scientifically WHEN is going to be parallel world ... ; And, it is too early in time, because accordance with Myanmar lunar calendar, in 5000 years prediction, therefore (5000 - 2544) approx. results <2500 years more time period to wait ... ;

10710/tcp;10710/udp; are system parameters of this DOMAIN, for testing hyperspace's parallel time in ACT3 stage ... ; this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper-spacecraft went very very far in distance [beyond 3,4 dimensional space ... ], due to 24mm natural time slow down problem, still cannot SYNC yet... ;Also see: Monbusho level knowledge development for ACT2 and ACT3 stages ... ;

Antenna from 2dBi to 50 dBi, in 2006;   Artificial light;  

ACT3 parallel time toggle switch, a part of parallel time development in progress ... ;

Beyond 0.25W limitation by SiO2 technology's photo etching, lower the power consumption in m W to p W, seems longer time outward directional travel in space, however still temperature dependent, before artificial energies and lights;

Clock in schematic; For space engineers only: construct geometric strings in a real space time;

Dark energy engineering, DEE, an ACT3 idea ... ;

Defined space vs. undefined space, concerning remote sensing [ holes and strings    in M theory ]... ; Also see: defined conditional variable, undefined conditional variable, ... ;

Delay time for orbiter machine, a thought;

Drove Toyota Corolla cars for more than 333,333 km, but never been 333,333 km distance away from earth, and a Myanmar wonders noise / sound / dB varies in distance, but still do not know because of water? because of Oxygen?   WHY water exists, is there a way to engineer artificial water? Also see: idea  ♯ 157, THE ORIGIN OF SOUND;

Filter: Images vary because filtering technique, method, technology, and use-of-knowledge evolve;

Heat vs. Light, very basic understanding of ... ;

IFF time . space is TRUE, non-static system exists, i.e. galaxy, logically accordance with , if there must be static system also;

Imaginary hyperdimensional ... , this DOMAIN still cannot prove 5W1H of number 31 yet ... ;

Medical related: also see: Gene; Glucocorticoid; SpaceBMD; SpaceBMI; SpaceGene;   Momentum of universe, also see: 4 Planets Prediction's rotating the prediction column;

Noise: Before-noise vs. after-noise in ACT2 stage; Microwave oven approach noise measurement sea-level vs. stages ACT1, ACT2, ACT3, ... ;

Orbits and locations ... , calculating a Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional spacecraft's path 6 = 4PP + JUN, returning back from ACT3 to ACT2, from ACT2 to motherland Myanmar;

Particles, cannot be heard, cannot be seem, cannot be tasted, cannot be touched, but 2 senses of 6 in Abhidhamma can explain ... ;   Plantation on the MOON;

Quiz, pressure machine engine programmers only: In an aspect ratio of 4 minutes image, assume that front view is  X> Y, and rear view is X<Y; In an image, distance between the Moon and the Earth does not change; How fast an orbiter machine's speed? And which direction the machine is heading? [Hint: browse www.sony.net , and gaze the interface for a moment, and then think that you were in outer-space, and seeing the planets are in momentum, and do not forget we human beings can only have, ... ];

Religion vs. Science: Timeless? gravitational graviton & anti-graviton, never vice versa vs. Time . Space . Action gravitational graviton & anti-graviton, please do not combine/mix/put together comparatively because in Buddhism, religion and science have been separated accordance with Buddha Dhamma as "Loki" , "Lokutra" ... ; Therefore, there is no such Dhamma songs [Dhamma + song] exist in Myanmar; However, Dhamma related songs exist, for example: www.myanmarmp3.net/artist.aspx?ArtID=121 ; Artist Name = Hay Mar Nay Win; Album Title = Aung Chin Shit Par;

Set in ACT2 space, develop yourself ... ;

SUN consumes H2; Must classify heat or/and light O; WHERE t-1 · ( Ω0<1 || Ω0=1 || Ω0>1 || ... );



Time .Space . Action, one of the oriental thoughts:   ACT 1, self wonder stage, an earth and human beings; ACT 2, pollution and warfare will soon be ended by gravitational energies, and able to leave our earth (migration to many moons to live; B L I automatic adjustment is not done yet as of 2014/2558);   ACT 3, 3-to-1 dimensional clock synchronization failure/success, due to very very very cold, and artificial energies, artificial lights also fail/succeed due to very very very cold, and very very very far away from our earth, and/or never find the ends ... ; Must learn Chinese a.k.a.  Kanji characters to know ACT 2, and ACT 3;

Time . Space vs. Greece Philosophy: Greece philosophy starts human being as an origin point to search the universe, on the other hand, oriental eastern thought starts time.space . action;

Twisted Time, for better preparations necessary within time constraint period, such as eclipses, 2*6, ... , in ACT1, ACT2, and ACT3 stages;

Vector machine, also see: Fuzzy Support V M;

Water, also see: ACT2 water tank, water based arm, ... ;   WHY orbiter machines' outer-space temperature does not vary;