In space, Myanmar rather have more questions than answers...  


WHILE developing gravity dimension computers, HOW to classifies lights? e.g. drag no COOKIE browser to left, right, up, down, ... and notice that "glasses" WHERE to be assigned, however, HOW gravity classifies lights in gravity dimension computers? Can fetch light into processor as instruction? I F F universal positioning system can be built, can all global IT transactions be transformed and processed as lights? Can infrastructure time be SYNC (ACT1, ACT2, ACT3) by using gravity dimension computers, ....... ..... ..... ?


In 372 years, how many existence of "the day" (full moon day AND eclipse) ... ? HOW once in 372 years, related to time period? Does light spectrum as color in ACT1 vs. light spectrum as color in ACT2 the same? also see: WHO will count eclipse by generations ... ?


In material engineering, what is the diff, ACT2 material vs. ACT1 material?  i.e. in 2010, H A Y A B U S A explorer brought 1500+ particles from ACT2 space to our Earth, the world's 1st ACT2 space info available to public ... ; Due to light vs. DEE diff for long period time, material might have been transformed diff ... ; How 50+ types of ACT1 space's bio "n u c l e n o"  survive in the ACT2 space's materials? in 2010, Nagoya University and Tokyo University announced that energy can be created from heat to electricity by material engineering technical breakthrough; How to structure heat, for dubbing strings into hole without using potential diff, reversely at the beginning ... ?


In computer engineering, how to make LETTERS to be WORD within embedded chipsets? ..\\Desktop\*.* e.g. 2.01.ini, OS .txt, ... contains functional AI global characters, and 5W1H of each character? How to implement ACT2 space systems? How to connect any computer in the global within 5 seconds via satellite? How to engineer "light rate" bridge?


Time with energy map vs. Time without energy map: also see: 1mm hole in 24mm natural time schematic symbol; HOW to SYNC parallel time in numbering such as 2*5 vs. 2*7 a.k.a. JUN vs. Lunar; HOW to SYNC parallel time WHEN traveling in ACT2, ACT3 space; Can THIS schematic symbol be a measurement in environmental variables and conditions?


Inside a help system, in common, words were indexed a.k.a. octets, and then available to be searched, but only within a local OS, later OS versions with 40 alphanumeric + (2+5*2) no longer deploying such Win95~2000 style octets, so able to pinpoint global as ACT1; the same files WHICH have been uploaded into Internet and tested; Notice that indexed words can not be complied for multi-user and multi-session; How to compile $s=$S context sensitive for multi-|?


Fuel Injector, in 1D, in ACT1 stage, 4 holes have been designed in no moon day vector. HOW to prove mathematically that 4 holes should not be in a full moon day vector?


In ACT2 stage, dynamic system, semi-dynamic system, static system, and whenever eclipse happens, how to calculate time gain, time lost, vs. Earth E M variation?   How eclipse time period, and earth's movement relates to human beings' face [WHY human beings' face cannot turn 360degree, but only 180degree?], how many years caused/made such human beings' head to be rounded in gene? For example: if 1 minute gain at every eclipse moment happens, due to earth's movement, and then how to genetically retrospect human beings' DNA RNA in evolution?   Can our Earth's E M variation be calculated as ACT2 transform?


In ACT2 stage 108configuration, how to analyze 10,7,10 parallel time vs. 3 days such as: PRE-FULL-MOON-DAY, FULL-MOON-DAY, POST-FULL-MOON-DAY?


5W1H of diff I F F a plant's DNA and its growth pattern on the MOON, vs. a plant's DNA and its growth pattern on the Earth [sea level], vs. a plant's DNA and its growth pattern under deep water? Growth pattern diff I F F plantation on the MOON in ACT3 stage begins? So that time + number = distance can be further research? 5 horizontal gray sections, ACT3 gray scale shows that distribution of our universe's light has not been even between left and right, thus, HOW to simulate Plantation on the MOON 's possible DNA growth pattern? WHAT are the diff between full moon day and no moon day? WHICH particle makes 4 planets prediction's vector diff between our Earth location and the MOON location?


HOW far distance in kilo meter between a full moon day and a no moon day? HOW to classify water by pressure? by temperature? by fluid solution? BY DISTANCE?   After understanding carbon n an o wall, in ACT2 stage, how to engineer artificial water?   Is there any other energy such as gravity, dark matters, ... , so that human beings can travel in hyper dimensional but nothing out there OR ...... ?   Does thousand years old S h w e d a g o n pagoda's architecture distance relate to the distance between a full moon day and a no moon day?

At early morning in TIME, where in our universe SPACE, ACTION of images taken from ACT 2 stage stations, after 35+ years old information, if a Myanmar wonders, why unofficial ... because knowledge is power ... because some information are ageless, priceless, ... because ACT2 and ACT3 stages are incoming ... because parallel time has not been synchronized yet ... because the information is commercially no value; If a Myanmar asks, 5W1H of the Sun? A villager would answer 93 millions miles away, a space engineer would ask the time? the 1st crack? a direction to outer bound? a light source? a heat source? a visible resource of anti-graviton? how long the length of visible red? how many particles inside the Sun?


At night time, in person practical knowledge lets a Myanmar wonders beach M with so many stars in the sky, on the other hand, beach L with no star in the sky, but in the same globe; Environmentalists may say pollution causes such diff; Some people say global warming causes such differences; Satellites imaging and geotechnical engineers may say very thin gas layer's conditional factors such as temperature, humidity, ... [Earth-crust-composition: Al 8.2%, Ca 4.2%, Fe 5.6%, O 46.4%, Others 7.4%, S I 28.2%, ... ]; Is there any technical term for 1/2 water? Is there any particle WHICH does not release energy, so that causes no hydro-reflective-stage? Humanoids' space images from space station prove that lighting only exists from our universe Earth bound direction, outward of Earth out there is all dark, scary, and cold, very cold, very very cold, very very very cold, ... ; How to engineer artificial energies to have hydro-reflective-stage at beach L? How to engineer artificial lightings in the very cold stage? Pairs of sticks vs. turtle & turtle eggs logic might not be helpful ... in ACT2, 3, ... ;


If anyone asks WHY heart beats inside human beings, someone may answer i.e. electrodes cause mussel's stimulation and mussel's inhibition, along with distribution of oxygen inside blood to flow, and then WHY only heart beats, and other organs don't beat, and then WHY only "soft" inner side is the location to beat, WHY only "hard" outer side is not the location to beat, and then question seems out of logic, however, question becomes having reasons if space concerns; For example: in space, 3 outer side conditions must be met, in order to beat one full moon day at 1 inner side; Assume that a normal life time human can beat 2 billions naturally, how many full moon days will Lunar calendar users will have, how many full moon days have already been in the past, humanoids, human clones start in 21st century, therefore parallel world existence possible in the future?


WHAT is visible, WHEN visible becomes invisible? If someone says faster than 20 cycles per second, human cannot perceive vision clearly, or if someone says visible because object releases energy, or ... ; WHICH particle does not produce energy at all to become invisible? How non-airborne relates to airborne? In 2006, location-wise 3 ways viewing to 1 plasma LCD, and have 3 different channels can be seen by 3 different persons at 1 time, has been already in prototype, but a Myanmar still does not know each pixel releases energy in diff vectors, HOW? If someone says scary, a Myanmar would say WHAT a lonely planet Earth;


HOW to engineer a radio telescope of an orbiter machine, I F F "a b c" string evolutes "XYZ" string, should a b c to the pivotal axis to the arc of disc? HOW to collect N radio waves from the outer universe into 1 disc, either by adjusting the height of the pivotal axis, or sine ±90 degree of point "c" to the disc's arc? Will radiometer still be functional?, assuming that an orbiter machine is 7 years in distance from the Earth? as of 2021, answer would be: camera 's latches in Distance ... ; Remark: approx. in 2020s, smart (I o T, N F C) camera (s) are with several lens i.e. for calculating layers of the camera's latches in Distance ... ;


What is room temperature? If someone says at this moment, at this location, at this atmosphere, at this environment, at this mercury scale, at this bio living condition, at this air-conditioned air volume, ... , at this sensor's calculated value, ... ? Is this close _space, or open _space?


Assume that artificial gravity G exists in space station; After understanding of E M theory, Binding energy, Solar energy, Heterodyned indexes, Backlighting, ... , and then how to reversely engineered such gravitational force in vector [F=mg where g is measured toward electromagnetic core, however in space, g's vector is no longer toward the Earth], and Myanmar wonders how such artificial gravity G whether in omni direction, whether in vector direction in coordinates, whether in ambient binding, or ... ?


Assume that specific sound-beam's global maxima is the location of sound source AND A s i m o 's current location is global minima; If sound source moves, how to calculate the variable global maxima?


In space medicine, while traveling in space, how to control [Space BMI, B M D, ... ] bone calcium and phosphorus loss in space?


Assume that A and B are on x axis; Anti-particle is measured at y axis; Random variable at a point can be characterized by probability density function [Noise parameter's random vector therefore called joint probability density function, and can be mathematically represented by f (random vector) = 1 / (σ ((random vector)(√2Π))) exp[-1/2 (((random vector) - (random vector)0) / (σ (random vector)) )2] where σ is non-vector wavelength value [Also see: Statistical Gaussian distribution]; Since A, and B are on x axis, one dimensional f (A, B) = 1 / (σ ((A, B)(√2Π))) exp[-1/2 (((A, B) - (A, B)0) / (σ (A, B)) )2] for representing anti-particle at y axis; How to write 4th vector in mathematical solution at Heterodyne X, heterodyne Y, and non-heterodyne Z?


Without using jet fuel, assuming that 24G cycles of cesium atom oscillating time period T, and advanced photo-etching makes "Oxygen free" at front nose, heterodyned E makes NnumberHnumber at rear, if deploying against "the same day", how fast human beings can travel in air? Can photo-etching define density of air as a unit?


In the universe, energy goes through; Assume that E = mC2 binds at atomic energy E; In vector, assume that m's vector is sine 90° at global ferromagnetic core AND Fourier transform starts along with m vector's direction; If m can be created OR C2 can be modified, and then mass m will no longer directly proportional to energy E; Reversely at constraint m, if C2 can be modified, E varies to change weather conditions, material temperatures, location's g, and ... ; How to measure variable energy's vector direction? Can Myanmar design automatic heterodyned E for orbital machine by using Optical computing recovery algorithm to pinpoint Black Holes?


If light can be horizontally polarized AND vertical polarized, how submarines can hide under water? Can a machine deflect vertically polarized EM?


Modulating/demodulating has been deployed for converting between analog and digital. And, multiplexing has been deployed for multiple-simultaneous-signal-communication. How to define precisely modulating and multiplexing within the same bandwidth. How to code/decode spread-spectrum-drivers whether in modulating / demodulating / multiplexing?


Kinetic energy: E k= (mv2)/2; and where its E mini, and E maxi ; How to find global minima and maxima, and then how to convert the kinetic energy to electric potential energy, and then keep the electrical energy for several years [i.e. 4 years] while tracking/synchronizing with atomic clock?


MP, Mega Pixel: In theory, bigger the MP, larger the photo print-out size is; In theory, a photo realistic image's each pixel can be represented by 24bit, in which mean 8 bits for each R, G, and B; In a dual optical and digital system, how to measure the photo-sensitive diodes' density for its digital zoom, and how to buffer lookup a mechanically one dimensional lens-adjustment for its optical zoom; How to make multi-format multi-function high resolution C CD/MP non-volatile memory device drivers ?  


Newton/linear-meter to measure Amp; where a force 2*10-7 new tons/straight-linear-m in vacuum between conductors, in theory; How to define such new ton/linear-m;


Number as point on line, and its origin at zero point; how to displace the number; whether in 21/2, or  meter/m k s, or e sec. length of time, or ...;


Parameterized function-call: in computing, compiler parses each function's value [AND OR] reference at compile-time; at run-time, passing value to function-call cannot be changed, and passing reference to function-call can be changed; In the program's heap at run-time, how to classify whether memory address either in static-memory or in random-memory;


RDBMS: in 1 to N relationship, where 1 container to N db(s), each 1 db to N table(s), each 1 table to N column(s), and so on; finding a R-factor of TB RDBMS


Signals attenuate while traveling through medium. In wire-systems, attenuation is caused by resistance regardless of inductance L  (or/and) capacitance C , and unit dB/m provides nominal attenuation measurement. Purification of materials reversely proportional to attenuation of signal. But in wireless-systems how to precisely define and measure such signals' attenuation in omni directions; In omni directional signaling, how to measure attenuation along with variable Earth atmospheric pressure, variable surface temperatures, and where is global ferromagnetic core?, and whether signals attenuate "the same attenuation" in 21% Oxygen O, or in Nitrogen N, or in Carbon Dioxide CO2, or in Hydro Carbon, or in etc., or omni directional attenuation varies along with real-time 3D M H D; In materials, how to make O F C with 100% [Not 99.999,999,999%] copper to reduce E M interference, R F interference ?


WAVE? A sample sinusoid wave's general function is y ( x, t) = A sin [ (2Π / λ) (x- v t) ]; A sample sinusoid wave's classic function is (d2y / dx2) = (1 / v2) (d2 y / dt2) ; velocity v at time t, and amplitude A can be on one plane [Not really on 1 axis]; But, where are N waves' vectors along with disturbances?  Within a λ, how much energy human being's can create?


Wavelength in nm can be read by spectrophotometer, but glasses opaque UV, while spotting DNA RNA micro-array, how to define spectrums in what kind of dimension; And, how to measure the glass's intensity and density, and ...;


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