; ; ; ; Updated in 2024 : April : 7th (Sunday) : d : Distance ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 7 : 4 : 2024 : distance : distance : distance ;

amount; degree; distance; extent; formula; Radical625;

( distance, range) ... ; Also see: 3dComputer;

distant; far; Also see: d Character; f Character;

e.g. approx. 3.927 kilo meter; approx. 2.44 mile; Radical197;

kyori Distance     kyori Distance     kyori Distance;

close; near; short (Distance); Radical887;

side-to-side Distance measurement of something; Radical717;

to be distant; Radical549;

Anti-Earthquake design model; e.g.

since 03/28/2024, 12:28PM, 18K File, Total Solar Eclipse based . Northern Hemisphere (our earth) . Anti-Earthquake .GIF, i.e. GIF anime, 456 millisecond speed, 108x108 dimensional, for Anti-Earthquake design model .  .  .  .  . of this DOMAIN; Remark: based on 04/08/2024 Total Solar Eclipse (our earth . (North America: Mexico; USA; Canada) . approx. (100, 99) minute, approx. 115 miles Distance); approx. (100, 99) days time period from 01/01/2024 New Year Day to 04/08/2024 Total Solar Eclipse day; Also see: Physics Law 456; Physics Law 567;

2024 April 8, the time for TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE (day time period, also see: Time) . Space (our earth) . Action (e.g. naturally blink 2 eyes) ; Remark: a "Tarzan" Rakhine American's way of thinking: OH!! OH!! our earth blinks also and its "bow tie" (Lexus' emblem in 2020) may stretch 115+ miles ( Distance between the two eyes), kuru kuru WHILE blinking its 2 eyes; Also see: Anti-Earthquake design model, because Parameter e.g. (31+29+31+8) = 99 (nine nine means grandmother, other wording would be "w a j i m a" in Myanmar language), And Then, Plus One would be 100, doko WHERE (100+ Day (concerning 01/01/2024 earthquake), 100+ Minute) is one of the important factors to realize & understand HOW Anti-Earthquake design model ... ;


formulating nuclear medicine for defusing nuclear explosion, also see: Water Clock;

regarding zodiac, Burmese (a.k.a. Myanmar) signs, Indian signs, and Western signs are identical ones, e.g.

Longitude 0 degree (M e i t t h a in Myanmar, M e s a h in Sanskrit, Aries in Latin, observed planet Mars) ... ;

Longitude 30 degree (P y e i t t h a in Myanmar, V r i s a b h a in Sanskrit, Taurus in Latin, observed planet Venus) ... ;

Longitude 60 degree (M e h t o n in Myanmar, M i t h u n a in Sanskrit, Gemini in Latin, observed planet Mercury) ... ;

Longitude 90 degree (K a r a k a t in Myanmar, K a r k a t a in Sanskrit, Cancer in Latin, observed planet Moon) ... ;

Longitude 120 degree (T h e i n in Myanmar, S i m h a in Sanskrit, Leo in Latin, observed planet Sun) ... ;

Longitude 150 degree (K a n in Myanmar, K a n y a in Sanskrit, Virgo in Latin, observed planet Mercury) ... ;

Longitude 180 degree (T u in Myanmar, T u l a in Sanskrit, Libra in Latin, observed planet Venus) ... ;

Longitude 210 degree (B y e i s s a in Myanmar, V r s c i k a in Sanskrit, Scorpio in Latin, observed planet Mars) ... ;

Longitude 240 degree (D a n u in Myanmar, D h a n u s a in Sanskrit, Sagittarius in Latin, observed planet Jupiter) ... ;

Longitude 270 degree (M a k a r a in Myanmar, M a k a r a in Sanskrit, Capricorn in Latin, observed planet Saturn) ... ;

Longitude 300 degree (K o n in Myanmar, K u m b h a in Sanskrit, Aquarius in Latin, observed planet Saturn) ... ;

Longitude 330 degree (M e i n in Myanmar, M i n a in Sanskrit, Pisces in Latin, observed planet Jupiter) ... ;

Sasana calendar, a.k.a. Buddhist calendar may begin ... ; accuracy e.g. 23 minutes 51 seconds ahead of solar year (365.241 days in tropical year);

zodiac leads to season (s) in degree (s), so, notice, realize, and understand that 30 degree diff is similar to ecg Interpretation's Hexaxial Reference System ... ; season (s) lead to Constellations, and among planets, Jupiter prompts higher complexity with many human beings livable moons, and don't forget that human beings livable moons are owned by the Shakya King; our earth's GPS systems are using (30 degree / 2) doko WHERE 15 degree SESSION (s) of Longitude (s) prompt calculation of Distance (our earth only), And Then, SQRT2 As its (regarding 2 is very very unique in many ways) base would be high tech (e.g. directional gravity spots, e.g. Location Awareness Response, e.g. pinpointing kadosei Mobility's location, e.g. stations' reliable  this_DOMAIN_'s_position_Info_with_Timestamp, ... ) WHICH leads to Global Security (our earth only), National Security (our earth only), Regional Security (our earth only), And Then, in addition to the 2, SQRT3 design model becomes one of the top military secrets ... , And Then, in space, there is no joint venture for sure; Also see: Time;

Blood Moon (our earth) ; e.g.

2566; 2022 November 8, F M D, Full Moon Day, and Blood Moon, and full moon lunar eclipse;

600; 50 = (100 / 2) = (600 / 12), and don't forget THAT NIS (National Information System) starts with 50 ... ; Remark: 600 is originally from Eastern Civilization;

400; (400 / 12) = (100 / 3) = 33.333, and don't forget THAT "three ones" are a part of 108 configuration; Remark: 400 is originally from Western Civilization;

Eastern civilization's documentation: a "Tarzan" Rakhine American's wild guess would be: flying dragon (4 eyes creature, mythical ones on the Sun Planet, and look likes a snake) 's head is (heading, moving) in Distance (e.g. Number * NM (Nanometer)) ... ;

full moon lunar eclipse on November 8, 2022, ( Blood Moon) a full moon day, a.k.a. F M D ;

IFF COUNTERS for DNA _Origami, 0.01 = 10 ^-10 meter;

NIPPON . Toyota has been using color code (Red and Silver), i.e. implicit meaningful " Blood Moon" for several decades already since 1990s ... ; Remark: a "Tarzan" Rakhine has been loyal customer (1989 - 2020s: e.g. 5 Corolla, 1 Hi Ace (10 Seat), 2 Lexus (V6, Hybrid), 3 Pro Box (1.3L), 1 Sequoia (5.7L), ... );


visible e.g.  visible from the middle of the Pacific Ocean; visible across (USA (approx. 10 PM if location is Honolulu), (approx. EST 3-7 AM if location is the East Coast)), ... ;

Western civilization's documentation: a "Tarzan" Rakhine American's wild guess would be: inseam (the seam in a pair of the length ... ), in this case, "a pair" of 2 diff locations of the same moon (our earth) ... ;

Also see: Reforming Myanmar; Time (e.g. F M D, Full Moon Day, AND, Blood Moon); Remark: if you're ACT2 level imaginary hyperspace crafts' architects, designers, engineers, and developers, R&D on NOT ONLY 0.01 nm counters for your DNA _Origami (Nanobot Programming), BUT ALSO reversed of ((^-) to (^+)) to prove Anti-Earthquake Programming worldwide (our earth only) ... ; in ACT2, you must apply diff directional gravity spots, variable DEE patterns, yellowish variations, ... and good health & good luck to you !! and in ACT3 level imaginary hyperspace, you're on your own (because in space, there is no joint venture) and remember all human beings livable moons are owned by the Shakya King ;

I wrote: I've a quiz now, ware ware We've been being R&D on Gene Therapy System, Manmade Global Weather, 10000+ MPH Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Nanobot Programming, ..., and WHEN wondering variable DEE patterns, WHICH (item, object, organ, part) of human beings prompt Parameter ( , , ) ?

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! NOT easy to answer, but as (a "Tarzan") 's (pupils, students), ware ware We like to guess THAT answer would be: ( tongue; Radical169) sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; keep your promise (Promissory Note) i.e. NOT to attach viral pathogen to human beings' Protein, and it took approx. 3+ years to figure-out "Nitrogen" bound for antiviral COVID-19 ((2019, 2020, 2021) pandemic worldwide), Umm!! Umm!! I still don't know who created ("unwanted airborne virus") ;

well trained kids!! replied: ware ware We'll be Nanobot Programmers sir ... ;

I wrote: OH!! OH!! way; h o h o (way); way; e.g. way should be (correct, proper) with metta (loving kindness) ... ;

distant place; e.g.

( distant place, in the air, sky, state of mind, the heavens, weather) ... ;

hours; e.g.

23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.09053 seconds, (i.e. our earth's rotation once a day) a.k.a. sidereal period (our earth ( Radical519) 's circumference: approx. 40075 kilometers), also see: Time; Distance;

Also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;

lights' s h i n t o Penetration in Distance As Factor; Also see: Optics;

(25mm Distance), also see: s ECG;

nm; NM; e.g.

NM (Nanometer) e.g. 402nm, 498nm, 500 nm, 571nm, 643nm, ... , also see: Distance; Optics; Schematic Light; this DOMAIN 's Color Codes;

( NM (Nanometer), NM (Nanometer), NM (Nanometer), NM (Nanometer)) ;

Oh!! Oh!! you need to have structural Battery R&D with Audio levels, And Then, those structural batteries should be (laid, placed, set) like t a t a m i Mat ... ; Reminder: don't forget that in biophysics, I've already explained H2O2 vs. H2O, regarding ( kyori Distance     kyori Distance     kyori Distance) between H and O (Remark: thanks to my sister for her knowledge based answer); Also see: Audio;

regarding ( y, Y), ( , , , ) ware ware We've defined

(( Altitude), ( Elevation), ( Height), ( k o d o Altitude), ( k o d o Elevation), ( k o d o Height)) ... ;

the distance to the sea level, i.e. altitude, elevation, and height;
the height of an object relates to the sea level, i.e. altitude, elevation, and height;
the point in relation to the defined sea level, i.e. altitude, elevation, and height;

Also see: Distance; 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle;

21st century & beyond; accordance with Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, distance is measured by yellowish variations, therefore, so called "YELLOWISH VARIATION DISTANCE" e.g. 1 mm yellowish variation distance, 5 mm yellowish variation distance, 10 mm yellowish variation distance, 20 mm yellowish variation distance, ... ;

1 Arc minute As Distance; Also see: "arc" in a Character;

1st to realize and understand DEE refreshes NOT more than 3 times naturally in our universes; Remark: using the ACT3 knowledge based (idea, info), this DOMAIN contents are able to do (no volcanic eruption, no earthquake, ... ) e.g. ... ;

2nd to realize and understand 1 or more Walls i.e. pros-and-cons 1 Z C S structural causes other sides;

3rd to realize and understand 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, along with HOW Idea Processor ... ;

after realizing & understanding (1st, 2nd, 3rd), this DOMAIN contents are able to do invisibility engineering e.g. Manmade Global Weather to do good weather conditions globally;

Half Of Time Distance Adjustment, also see: Physics Law 888, New Energy ... ;

IFF universally, yellowish variation distance and its reversed yellowish variation distance ... ; Also see: this DOMAIN 's PHYSICS laws ... ;


I wrote: one day, I (57+ years old) was visiting and traveling with one of my sisters, and she offered me to drink a bottle of "heavy water" so I asked a question to her i.e. if I'm doing R&D on Water (e.g. OH+, OH+), wondering what's diff between "regular drinking water" and "heavy water" concerning OH Distance?

She replied right away: heavy water's ( OH Distance, OH Distance, OH Distance, OH Distance) should be longer in distance (NM), if compare to regular drinking water; I appreciate her replied answer because I don't have any bio related degree in my 1st life, regarding BIOPHYSICS ... ; since COVID-19 (2019-2022), I've started self R&D HOW "unwanted nitrogen" in 3,4 dimensional bio ... ; Also see: Distance; o Character; o G T S U; Physics Law 198; Water;

2019/2563 model Laser Shield, also see: Weather;

2018/2561; PHYSICS; (law twenty seven): every light has its ending distance WHICH obey C Sequence Number (BF1); Also see: halt; stop; Radical99; e.g. leaf, leaves, fruit, ... ;

Approx. 8 distances available to read, and this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper dimensional hyperspace crafts' horizontal ACT3 gray scale has been in 5 columns [still do not know the cause of WHY gray scale is not even to left and to right], but still calculating parallel time because natural time slows down in ACT3 stage ... ;

IFF 3,4 dimensional imaginary hyper space measurement, distance is measured by iro Colour Wave Form (yellowish variation as distance) ... ; this DOMAIN; we human beings can live on many moons but B L I diff because of ... e.g. yellowish variation;

WHILE measuring 2-sided surface based computing, IFF wormhole distance > device constraint (limit), capture begins; also see: PHYSICS;

1st to understand static 2-point distance, and then understand n-point distance; 2nd to understand non-static distance between hyperspace1 and hyperspace2, without weight; 3rd to understand non-static weighted distance among ACT2 stage Fuzzy S V M s in hyperplane1 AND hyperplane2;

    distance ;          
ri Distance ( position ) ;    
ri Distance ( position ) ;    
I F F 2D , ri distance = S q r t (
( ^ 2 ) + ( ^ 2
) ) ;              
distance = S Q R T (( x^2) + ( y^2 )) ;

2-point distance to n-point distance:

Point P1 and point P2 lie on a line L  ;

If point P1 is called A, and point P2 is called B, and then mathematical distance notation can be symbolized/written as AB;

n numbers of points lie in Euclidean space in ACT1 stage was with n dimensions;

n numbers of points P1, P2, P3, P4, ... , Pn; and those n numbers of points must NOT lie in the same Euclidean space in ACT1 stage was with n - 1 dimensions;

I F F square root of 2 (i.e. SQRT2), also see: 98;

WHERE in x y plane, in ACT1 stage, 1 is abscissa for P1 and 2 is ordinate for P1, 3 is abscissa for P2 and 4 is ordinate for P2. Since point P1 and P2 depend on X Y coordinate' same data type, P1 and P2 can be represented as array in computers as P1[x, y], P2[x, y], a.k.a. 2 dimensional arrays. After understanding space, and then time WHEN concerns, in simulation, we human beings can only have 2D vision [also see: aspect ratio], therefore, incoming Z as time in 3 dimensional array ... ; However in M theory, 10 dimensional strings have been proposed [Also read Prof. K a k u 's Parallel World, for ACT2 and ACT3 stage developments];

I F F AB characteristic is in USB bus testing, for example AB = 10 cm, CD = 14 cm, E F = 24 cm, ... [ testing a port's tolerance by tapping/splitting/sharing/... ] and then notice that USB bus's tolerate distance becomes constraint along with time; Almost all testing boards, bus extenders, modular devices, ... are based on, engineered by distance vs. time, some engineers may say "due to attenuation", some engineers may say "due to resistance", some engineers may say "due to interference", ... , [Time . Space . Action];

spore, I F F iroColourWaveForm (from GREEN to BLUE) WHICH specific spectrum, WHAT is max distance variation of the specific spectrum, WHAT is min distance of the specific spectrum, UPS (i.e. Universal Positioning System) for each location in our universe ... ;

IFF GPS embedded floating poly plastic devices exist,
WHILE calculating triangulation on one surface in the 285 Internet,
for each minute, measure ( direction AND doko location) of each object (i.e. GPS embedded floating poly plastic device),
IFF (abnormal fast) speed, also see: worm=hole

ACT3 Distance Calculation, for this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper craft's parallel time
1st to understand numerical values in numerology; 2nd to understand syntax vs. semantics logic so that only 3 is essential; 3rd to understand homological 2 and 3 solves 4PP + JUN = 6;3*3 ACT3 vectors and their dimensions must be further developed, a new ACT3 dimension must be developed; For ACT3 simulation developers, develop 3*3 ACT3 vectors, therefore this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper dimensional hyperspace crafts can be able to do displacement of number at parallel time. And then, ACT3 distance calculation to prove gray scales simulation scientifically;

Distance Approximation, with (square root 2) model;

if distance approximation, 1st to understand ((1/1), (3/2), (7/5), (17/12), (41/29), (99/70), (239/169), (577/408), ... ) a.k.a. √2 model; 2nd to understand decimal expansion as sequence (e.g. multiples); 3rd to develop C Sequence Number for each distance;

Also read the book: THE SQUARE ROOT OF 2, DAVID FLANNERY, 2006 Praxis Publishing Ltd., Library of Congress Control Number: 2005923268, ISBN-13: 978-0387-20220-4, page 191, chapter 5 (Odds and Ends);

ACT3 Heat Distance Simulation, for this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper crafts' parallel time,

After understanding 4 Planets Prediction, and then JUN time, 1st to understand is 1 stick of light, and then sticks as strings must be thoroughly understood; In this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper dimensional hyperspace craft, 44 sticks need 4 holes to engineer 1 gravity symbol, but heat in distance has not been tested yet, for example: heat in 24 mm natural time might be diff I F F ACT3 hyper crafts went very very very far away from our universe ... ; Therefore, cold and dark room environmental simulation is a must to measure heat in distance, and then ... ; Also read: Oct., 2007 Volume XVII Number 3 LINEAR TECHNOLOGY; Fuzzy Gray Scale Simulation;


Damerau & Levenshtein distance, 1964:

An extension of Levenshtein distance; In addition to Levenshtein distance, additional recurrence has been computed, a.k.a. transposition, and calculated as:


if ( i > 1 AND j > 1 AND string[ i ] = string [ j - 1 ] AND string[ i - 1 ] = string [ j ] ) then

2d_array [ i, j ] := is going to be assigned min (

2d_array [ i, j ],

2d_array [ i - 2, j - 2 ] + cost


Damerau & Levenshtein distance is a.k.a. edit distance. Can be used in natural language processing; Cannot be used in Metric tree;


Damerau & Levenshtein distance between string and string can be written as:

declare integer 2d_array [ 0 .. length_of_string, 0 .. length_of_string ] /*** 2D table */

declare integer i, j, cost /*** defined variable */

integer Damerau_Levenshtein_distance (character_data_type string [ 1 .. length_of_string ], character_data_type string [ 1 .. length_of_string ] )

/*** WHERE d table contains length_of_string + 1 rows AND length_of_string columns */

For i from 0 to length_of_string

2d_array [ i, 0 ]  := is going to be assigned i

For j from 0 to length_of_string

2d_array [ 0, j ]  := is going to be assigned j

For i from 1 to length_of_string   For j from 1 to length_of_string

If string[ i ] = string[ j ] then

cost := is going to be assigned 0


cost := is going to be assigned 1

2d_array [ i, j ] := is going to be assigned min (parameterA, parameterB, parameterC) /*** 3 parameters */ WHERE parameterA is 2d_array [ i - 1, j ] + 1 for deletion, parameterB is 2d_array [ i, j - 1] + 1 for insertion, parameterC is 2d_array [ i - 1, j - 1 ] + cost for substitution

if ( i > 1 AND j > 1 AND string[ i ] = string [ j - 1 ] AND string[ i - 1 ] = string [ j ] ) then

2d_array [ i, j ] := is going to be assigned min (parameter D, parameter E) /*** 2 parameters */ WHERE parameter D is 2d_array [ i, j ] for transposition, parameter E is 2d_array [ i - 2, j - 2 ] + cost for transposition

return 2d_array [return _parameter X, return _parameter Y] /*** 2 return _integer _parameters after function integer Damerau_Levenshtein_distance () is called */ WHERE return _parameter X is length _of _string, and return _parameter Y is length _of _string

/*** also read: invariant correctness, longest common subsequence problem, upper bound and lower bound, ... , for THIS distance; */

{TRUE} ;


Fuzzy distance, Foundations of Soft Case-Based Reasoning, Pal & Shiu, 2004:

WHERE corresponding objects "not subjects" in different coordinates, and those objects' locations can be represented as set of real numbers, and those sets are needed to be ordered [also see: Orbit] therefore must be weighted;

Fuzzy S V Ms' traveling journeys can be collected as {F journey (journey = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ...)  and notice that journey 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ... n can become N Euclidean distances;

Therefore N Euclidean distances can be represented as:

distance _without _weight = { Ed1, Ed2, Ed3, Ed4, ... , Ed N };

For each Ed ith , dimensional vector (n + 1) can be represented as:

Edi = (xyzi1, xyzi2, xyzi3, xyzi4, ... , x y z i N, θ i);

WHERE xyzij corresponds to fuzzy member functions of

Fjourney ( 1 〱= j 〱= n ) AND θi corresponds 〉Dimensional Time.Space.Action's

action ( i = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ... , N);

For each Fjourney  ( 1 〱= j 〱= n ),

Weight Wjourney ( Wjourney Є [ O, 1] );

Weighted distance:

Wd = Wd ( Ed1A, Ed1Ȣ ) = [ journey = 1Σn W2journey (XAjourney - XȢjourney)2  ]1/2

a.k.a. journey = 1Σn W2journey X2journey )1/2 ;

WHERE X2journey = (XAjourney - XȢjourney)2;

Weighted Similarity Measurement:

WSM = 1 / ( 1 + positive constant Weighted distance Wd );

Mapping 〱Fuzzyjourney X Fuzzyjourney 〉[ O, infinity ],

WHERE point pjourney of distance follows:

            point pjourney ( A, Ȣ) = O IFF A = Ȣ;Also see: 2-point distance

            point pjourney ( A, Ȣ ) = point pjourney ( Ȣ, A );

            point pjourney ( A, Ȣ ) = less than or equal to point pjourney ( A, C ) + point pjourney ( C, Ȣ );n-point

IFF A AND Ȣ are real numbers,

point pjourney ( A, Ȣ ) = | A - Ȣ |;

IFF string AND string are intervals,

point pjourney ( string, string ) = maxAЄstring, ȢЄstring | A - Ȣ |;

    { 1     if A ≠ Ȣ
IFF A AND Ȣ are symbols,    point pjourney ( A, Ȣ ) =   
    O     if A = Ȣ

Thus weighted fuzzy distance:

 = square root of √ ( journey = 1Σn W2journey  point p2journey ( Ed1A, Ed1Ȣ ) );


Hamming & Levenshtein distance:

In data communication, WHEN error detection and error correction are needed, Hamming & Levenshtein distance is used.

Levenshtein distance, a.k.a. Edit distance


Jaro & Winkler distance, 1999:

Distance d j = ( m / 3a) + (m / 3b) + ((m - t ) / 3m) WHERE matching characters are m; length _of _string and length _of _string are a and b; numbers of transpositions is t; AND any 2 characters in string1 and string2 must not farther than max (( a, b ) / 2) - 1;

Length of common prefixes l with prefix constant scale factor p prompt Jaro & Winkler distance for string and string can be calculated with weighted as:

dw = dj + ( l * p * (1 - dj ))


k-NN algorithm & k-Nearest Neighbor calculation:


millibar ( distance) GDC, using artificial intelligence ... ;

pore-pore distance, [Progress in Transmission Electron Microscopy 2; Applications in Materials Science; Xiao-Feng Zhang; Ze Zhang; Tsinghua University Press and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg; 2001]

In ACT2 stage, distance has been defined by time and number Eastern Thought must be understood 1st, WHEN time has been 4 planets prediction's 2*7, and JUN time 2*5, WHERE space can be defined by locations, WHAT number has been by depth and structure as [A, B, C, D, E, ... ] numbers; Surface study in material engineering in ACT1 stage, by electron microscopes, silicate ions' circle characteristic in 5nm ~ 6nm, and those circles seem larger if those circles are near/close to particle's surface, and those circles seem smaller if those circles are longer/farther to particle's surface, WHERE pore's axis must be parallel to particle's surface; The285 distance WHICH initializes "those circles seem larger if those circles are near/close to particle's surface" is called/defined as pore-pore distance in ACT1 stage;

Before understanding carbon nano wall, pore-pore distance must be understood; Carbon study such as C60 and above number+ i.e. C70, C76, ... are a.k.a. carbon nano tubes, and ACT3 artificial light, ACT2 gravity7water2, ACT2 gravity2water7, ... must be understood thoroughly.


this DOMAIN 's imaginary ACT3 hyper dimensional distance

Consider the following table, and then draw/draft a fully connected / fully distributed connection, and then whether full moon day, or no moon day, or up JUN, or middle JUN, or down JUN, ... ; For ACT2, ACT3 Monbusho grant awarded developers, develop D number for next generation children, ... ;

C number 2-point D number   Numerology  

108 configuration

U number
1to1 3           3   5
1to2 62           8  
1to3 74           2  
1to4 89           7  
1to5 69           6  
2to1 62           8   3
2to2 3           3  
2to3 26           8  
2to4 69           6  
2to5 89           8  
3to1 74           2   1
3to2 26           8  
3to3 4           4  
3to4 44           8  
3to5 78           6  
4to1 89           8   4
4to2 69           6  
4to3 44           8  
4to4 3           3  
4to5 54           9  
5to1 69           6   2
5to2 89           8  
5to3 78           6  
5to4 54           9  
  5to5 3           3  
1to6   181         1   6
2to6   169         7  
3to6   143         8  
4to6   101         2  
5to6   119         2  
6to6   4         4  

Also see: Inductance;

Above table's (E3, E3, E3) color, also see: Lo S h u 's any direction I F F ... ;

time     time   AND   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ... number  = distance; ACT2 and ACT3 stage parallel time calculation is in progress, also see: 2554; Also see: yojana (distance measured in Pali);

WHICH spectrum of66 location in95 distance, to be 3D Display, without eye-glasses ... ;

For Monbusho level developers, also see: AI global characters IQ;

Develop D number, DEE, Water Clock, ... until ACT3 number 31 can be solved scientifically ... ;

IFF WCS, using GPS ( locating) WCS location, 95 ♯ cm distance direction ... ;

Also see: r i distance;

_ I F F distance in95 time, a.k.a. Quality; 4PP+JUN=6;
_ I F F power at12 distances (♯ c meter; ♯ m meter; ♯ ... ) electromagnetic induction OR magnetic resonance;
solar tree;

one meter, (10^-7) of the Distance (our earth's equator to its poles); Also see: 108 configuration; Distance; 7mComputer; Radical156; Radical731;

500s; e.g.

(( 500s), five hundred second), approx. 8 minute i.e. ( Distance ( Earth, Sun) by optics Light), also see: Distance; e Character; s Character Extension 1; Optics; Time;