; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : April : 30 (Saturday) : Updated :  : Command ;

Nama For Humanoid, for each command, Radicals are for Idea Processor (e.g. advanced AI, AI, Artificial Intelligence), And Then, handle the defined commands in this page, and notice that many commands are system databases' view;

Nama For Humanoid, for each command, Keywords are defined by NIPPON (JP) language's Katakana language (e.g. Romaji), And Then, handle the defined commands in this page, and notice that commands are hardware embedded ones;

Artificial Intelligence (AAI, AI, AIA) and its idea (logical), images, phrases, symbols, and texts;

command; decree; Radical1010;

IFF Command Line Parameter with Idea Processor e.g. kuru kuru "Contents Presentation" ... ;
IFF Command Line Parameter with Enter Key e.g.
NOT NOW IS ... ;

power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;
power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

kuru kuru not now 91 ...
  kuru kuru NOT now is

.. (i.e. extension connector); 2O00; MOVE 1 level up; a.k.a. extension connector; X dimension only;

? (i.e. shift + question); 2O00; Display help; more info;

: (i.e. left as Val; right as ref); Y dimension only;

/ (i.e. slash parameter); a.k.a. division method operator;

+ (i.e. shift + plus); a.k.a. addition method operator;

- (i.e. dash); a.k.a. minus method; a.k.a. subtraction method operator;

* (i.e. shift + asterisk); a.k.a. multiplication method operator; IFF (find, search, select, ... ) a.k.a. wildcard character;

\ (i.e. back slash); a.k.a. root; a.k.a. sub folder, e.g. x\y means y is sub folder of x; a.k.a. sub directory, e.g. z\p means p is sub directory of z; pixel p, on screen surface can be defined e.g. p (x, y, z, c) where x as Time Line, y as Level, z as Layer, c as iro Colour, And Then also see: Distribution HOW; Z-Distribution, invented by NIPPON, for 21st century and beyond;

In common, commands are based on command line parameter (doko WHERE parameters are called by characters); there are nested commands as paragraph but this DOMAIN recommends easy to understand and simple way i.e. command line parameter and line by line; WHAT is command? functional kichi Base on michi Way ... ;

Using AI (artificial intelligent logic) for all STRING; MULTI; kuru kuru, but not now is ... ; approx. 334+ external commands and internal commands are available 26 ... ; Remark: IFF a command prompts more than 1 screen, and then use pipe more method, e.g. in XP OS, c:\assoc | more ; IFF need help, and then use parameterized method / ?, for example, c:\mkdir / ?   ; Also see: Keyword to Port Number, IANA 2O07 standard; Operator; Executable parameterized functionalities are commands, e.g. in 98: Start >> Run... >> type cmd, and then click OK, ... ; if condition then command endif, for example, a script might be written with internal keywords and commands as: if TRUE = $SUCCESS then goto LOGON endif; also see: Method;


Remark: if you're database system (RDBMS) engineer, operating system (OS) engineer, software analyst, then define your commands in this page;



add alias 2O00; Adding an alias to a command; Also see: delete alias; show alias;

add helper 2O00;

address address base at address, datestamp address -*.sys; also see: Web address;

alarm 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

alert; alert; alert;

e.g. Amber Alert; Amber Alert; Remark: 15x15, dimensional;

e.g. Gold Alert; Gold Alert; Remark: 48x48, dimensional;

in common, alert Command is used WHILE emergency (event, location, situation) ... ; in common, using system's (MSG Box, message box), using Short Message System (SMS) WHICH means embedded (text with emoji) only, i.e. alert Command; alert; alert; alert;

answer the lines, i.e. one of the keywords, after OEM logo is read; Also see: Oh My Lord (e.g. auto restore) ... ; 5W1H;

Anti-Earthquake (this DOMAIN), also see: Idea Processor ( Anti-Earthquake) ... ;

Anti-Volcanic Eruption (this DOMAIN), also see: Idea Processor ( Anti-Volcanic Eruption) ... ;

appcmd WinServer2O08; IIs7 / Win08, iiS Management; Also see: net setup, because @ A H L |@ <> s <> file:/// v v ... ;  

arp NT; 2O00; Vista; Address Resolution Protocol; Ethernet physical address(es), Token ring physical address(es), ... can be displayed; arp -a can prompt addresses whether dynamic OR static;

assoc XP; Vista; Windows 8; Association with, Open with, Run by, ... ; File extension;

at NT; IFF *.bat, also see: 123.bat;

attrib NT; Vista; Windows 8; File Attributes;


backup NT;

basicdc: 2O00; predefined security template; Domain Controller;

basicsv: 2O00; predefined security template;

basicwk: 2O00; predefined security template;

bcdedit Vista; Windows 8; Control mnemonic of boot loading, inside boot database, properties can be set;

SQL (e.g. begin DBMS . table name); end; PL/SQL;

break NT; XP; Vista; Windows 8; Ctrl + c stops extended sets;

bye 2O00; a.k.a. exit; a.k.a. quit;


c:\="CompanyName VersionName i.e. Microsoft Windows" for this example, previously initialized in [boot loader] as default=c:\ ; $p$g in DOS; also see: drive (i.e. c:) ... ;

cacls NT; XP; Vista; Windows 8; ACL DACL SACL; Access Control List can be displayed, also can be modified; Also see: icalcs;

calc calculator; and then dictionary; and then translator; ... ; to do so, e.g. IFF Win7, Start >> inside Search programs and files, type in calc >> enter; IFF XP, Start >> Run >> type in calc >> enter; ... ; also see: base;

call XP; Vista; Windows 8; Among batch programs, executable *.bat files in a run time, to-and-from one to another;

cd DOS; NT; 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows 8; a.k.a. chdir; Change directory; Display current directory; cd: ;

cecoff 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

cecon 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

certmgr, e.g. www.usamyanmar.net.cer.p7b;

chcp XP; Vista; Windows 8; Active channeled code page number, can be displayed, can also be set;

chdir NT; 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows 8; a.k.a. cd; Change directory; Display current directory; chdir: ;

OEM; to skip disk checking, also see: UPC vs RFID; WHILE booting Windows 10;

WHILE booting a system, prior to login, sign in, ... , OEM's 3D barcode is read (i.e. ID, verify); normally the OEM's 3D barcode is hidden; abnormally logout, abnormally sign out can cause system crashes; in this case, to skip disk checking;

chkdsk NT; 2O00; XP; Server2O03, Vista; Windows Home Server; Windows 8; Check disk; Disk's status report can be displayed; chkdsk: ;

chkntfs XP; Vista; Windows 8; Check NTFS file format; In boot time, disk can be checked, displayed, modified;


cipher 2O00, by default cipher [switch] [path] stop IFF error in FS; Switches are / a / d / e / f / h / i / q / s ... for example, cipher / a this DOMAIN:\info.txt, thus, parent directory AND the file is encrypted;

cliconfigMicrosoft SQL Server Client Network Utility command;

cls NT; XP; Vista; Windows 8; Clear screen;

cmd NT; 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows 8; Command; Instance; Command interpreter;

            license key, private key, and public key are filed as *.txt, inside MSDN >> Code >> DRM >> WMRMKey.vbs >> ... and then WSHShell.Run   cmd, so that cmd can be a parameter ... ;

            cmd = "command.com / C echo " + seed + " > seed.txt" ;
            cmd = "command.com / C echo " + privkey + " > privkey.txt" ;
            cmd = "command.com / C echo " + pubkey + " > pubkey.txt" ;

            > is a.k.a. fetch to create a file; whenever " " is used, inside should be string only; + operator is well known in VB and VBScript, reserved character of interpreter, notice that + is not OS's source reserved character;

cmdlet; a.k.a. cmdlets; Windows7; a.k.a. Power Shell; ... ;


color XP; Vista; Windows 8; Can set background color, foreground color;

comapatws: 2O00; predefined security template; compatible workstation;

command /? Windows 8; to enable 16-bit application support; to disable 16-bit application support;

To do so, click on Start (i.e. focus MOUSE to (bottom + left) and then click on Start, or focus MOUSE to (bottom + right and then high light Start and then click on Start) >> WHILE Start interface, focus MOUSE to (bottom + right) click to zoom out >> right click on the Start interface and then click on All apps >> move the MOUSE to right end >> click on Command Prompt and then, type cd\ >> command /? , you will be able to do enable 16-bit ... ; 5 and then for z-distribution ... ; Because 3D HD Internet will be available in the near future; You have 101 SESSIONS within 1 application, all you need is 3 sessions or 5 sessions to browse 3D HD Internet;

commit 2O00; in common, commit transactions in the Internet, and then RDBMS data are posted, updated; IFF approve, transaction can be committed; IFF decline (e.g. without appr#, without auth#), transaction cannot be committed; IFF in offline mode, any changes make are committed;

SQL (e.g. commit);

comp XP; Vista; Windows 8; Compare; 2 files' contents can be compared; 2 files' sets can also be compared;

compact XP; Vista; Windows 8; In NTFS, file compression can be displayed, and file compression can be altered;

con e.g. copy con autoexec.bat for batch processing ... ;

control / userpasswords2; ... ; Windows7; IFF Instant Search ... ;

convert NT; Vista; Windows 8; Except current drive:\, can convert volume from FAT to NTFS;

convlog NT; Convert log;

soft copy ;  
hard copy ;  

copy DOS; 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows 8; Can copy file from one location to another; copy: ;

copy, And Then, paste;
cut, And Then, paste;
compiler based paste options are keep source formatting, and keep text only;

after selecting, IFF keyboard, using (Ctrl + c) combination key to copy;
after selecting, IFF mouse, using right click to copy;

correct genetic disorders ; Also see: Gene Therapy System index; this DOMAIN 's ... ;

create ; create ... ;

SQL (e.g. create or replace directory as ' path ' / );

create index ... Oracle SQL;

create table records (column names, ...) Oracle SQL;

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION name (parameter for the function) ... IS ... Oracle SQL;

copy, And Then, paste;
cut, And Then, paste;
compiler based paste options are keep source formatting, and keep text only;

after selecting, IFF keyboard, using (Ctrl + x) combination key to cut;
after selecting, IFF mouse, using right click to cut;


date ;    
( 285 ) date ;    
date AND time ;    
calendar date ;    
expiration date
expiry date indication ;          
ordinal date ;    

date DOS; XP; Vista; Windows 8; Display date; Set date;

dedicadc: 2O00; predefined security template; dedicated domain controller;

default=c:\   boot.ini's [boot loader] ; while booting [boot loader] initializes [operating systems] therefore ARC path AND LUN number can be displayed;

e.g. c:\dir default /?
e.g. c:\dir /?

del DOS; NT; 2O00; XP; Vista; Win7; Windows 8; Windows 10; a.k.a. erase; e.g. Delete file (s); del: ; Delete folder;

IFF Keyboard, also see: DEL;

also see: user cannot delete System Folder;

delete 2O00; ...; delete: ;

delete alias 2O00; Deleting an existing command's alias; Also see: add alias; show alias;

delete helper 2O00; ... ;

deltree NT; ... ;

directory; dir DOS; NT; 2O00; XP; WinHomeServer2008; Vista; Win7; Windows 8; Directory = Folder; dir: ; Also see: NTT; directory;

dir command /? ; windows 10 ( 5 a.k.a. five, 5 a.k.a. five) home; And Then, its parameters are: /4 ; /A ; /B ; /C ; /D ; /L ; /N ; /O ; /P ; /Q ; /R ; /S ; /T ; /W ; /X ;

disable 2O00; disable serviceName; disable:   Also see: enable; start;

describe table name ; Oracle SQL; This command will prompt meta data of the table;

diskcomp XP; Vista; Windows 8; 2 floppy disks' contents comparison; drive to compare (e.g. c: vs. d: , f: vs. e: , m vs. n);

diskcopy XP; Vista; Windows 8; Among floppy disks; Similar to CD, DVD, BD, ... , disc exactly burn; ... ;

diskpart Vista; Windows 8; Disk partition property can be displayed; Disk partition property can be configured;

diskperf NT; ... ;

disks 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

dism Windows7;

e.g. dism     / online     / get-features     / format:table;

e.g. dism     / online     / enable-feature     / featurename:<name>;

... ;

doskey DOS; 95; XP; Vista; Windows 8; By using push and pop algorithm, can create macros [a group of commands is called macro]; Commands can be gathered, and those commands can also be recalled, command lines can be edited; Prior to script, scripts, scripting, doskey was used, and DOS was for Disk Operating System, and key was for creating and using batch processing by macros;

driverquery Vista; Windows 8; Status and property of each device driver [currently use] can be displayed;

dump 2O00; WRITE configuration (s) to a text *.txt file;

dxdiag; Vista;


echo DOS; XP; Vista; Windows 8; In common, commands have been designed to echo e.g.

IFF echo on (i.e. from the executing command, to display message ) ... ;
IFF echo off (i.e. from the executing command, not to display message) ... ;

eject 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

elevating, also see: Algorithm;

enable; 2O00; Starting a service; enable: ;

endlocal XP; Vista; Windows 8; also see: setlocal; Environmental system variables can be changed by *.bat batch file, so that ending of localization can be done;

erase ;        

erase NT; XP; Vista; Windows 8; a.k.a. delete; Files can be erased;

exec 2O00; Executing netsh commands by running script (s);

exist; Radical888;

exist; Radical761;

exist 2.2. ; MS-DOS; PC-DOS; Artificial Intelligence (OS) ... ; e.g. Apple, Linux, Sun, Unix, Windows; exist;

exit 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

exit DOS; 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows 8; Windows' initiated instance has run, thus command interpreter window prompts [DOS style, keyboard's stand I/O speed is slower than mouse], so called *.PIF [ |iɟ ] by running cmd.exe, and exit command stop / end / ... current running command (s); Nowadays, in GUI, it is easy to click on exit button [ X button at top and right side, of a window]; a.k.a. bye; a.k.a. quit; exit: ;

expndsym, platform's directories AND its symbols ... ;

Port can be debugged as _OSname_DEBUG_PORT = ♯;

Telecommunication AND networking speed a.k.a. rate can be debugged as _OSname_DEBUG_BAUD_RATE = ♯;

Declared / Defined / Shared path can be debugged as _OSname_DEBUG_SYMBOL_PATH = ♯;

Path to directories AND files can be debugged as _OSname_LOG_FILE_OPEN = ♯; ... ;

remote / s "platform debugger" -v debug, also see: mode;


fail 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

fans 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

fc XP; Vista; Windows 8; File comparison; After comparing, it prompts differences;

fdisk 2O00; Disk partition management; fdisk: ;

find XP; Vista; Windows 8; Inside ƒile(s), text (s) can be searched; Ctrl + F; ... ; also see: ;

findstr XP; Vista; Windows 8; Find string; Inside file (s), string (s) can be searched;

finger NT; Vista; Fingering a computer name; Fingering an IP address; Also see: ping; Remark: after Find is available, d might become g, so Fing... ;

fixboot 2O00; Fix boot WRITE new boot sector; Writing a new boot sector in x86 platform machines only; fixboot driveletter:; fixboot: ; IFF AI, NOT1 ? ɟひ♯ᅍ, ... ;

fixmbr 2O00; Fix master boot record; Repairing x86 platform machines only; fixmbr: ; IFF AI, NOT1 ? ɟひ♯ᅍ, ... ;

flush 2O00; IFF in offline mode, any changes are discarded;

for DOS; XP; Vista; Windows7; Windows 8; ... ; For each file, can run specified commands; IFF AI, ɟOR; ... ;

FS, File System (format) e.g.  Apple, exFAT, FAT (Default), FAT32, LFS, Mac, NTFS, SPARC, UDF, ... ;

Gravity Dimension Computer (Directional Gravity Pressure); human beings livable moons;
SPL, Sound Pressure Level; this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts;
Millibar pressure; i.e. pressure specification in electronic;
our earth's sea level pressure; PSI, Pounds per Square Inch; compressed air pressure;

format NT; 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8; Windows 10;

this DOMAIN is protected by its AI (Artificial Intelligence) adjustable base ... ; Also see: Anti Virus, because, format is one of the very important factors to protect systems; long long time ago, in electronic (computer circuit), capacitance's pressure defines patterns (accordance with user's defined bout rates e.g. 16 kilobyte, 32 kilobyte, 64 kilobyte, 512 byte, 1024 byte, 8192 byte, default allocation size, ... ); after understanding EM Pull, flat panel can be; And Then, DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) on zero Curvature (flat surface) based Directional Gravity Pressure is the highest technology (e.g. this DOMAIN 's Gravity Dimension Computer) at the present (as of 2017/2561) in the early 21st century; believe it or not, all human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King;

Windows platform format; Therefore, NOT Mac; NOT UNIX; NOT Sparc; formatting disk (s); format: ; Also see: (computer) format;

fsutil Vista; Windows 8; File system utility; File system's property can be displayed, and can also be configured; also see: FS; ... ;

ftp ;              
  FTP ;            
ftp e.g. ; ! ; ? ; append ; ascii
      ; bell ; binary ; bye ;
      cd ; close ; delete ; debug
      ; dir ; disconnect ; get ;
      glob ; hash ; help ; lcd
      ; literal ; ls ; mdelete ;
      mdir ; mget ; mkdir ; mls
      ; mput ; open ; prompt ;
      put ; pwd ; quit ; quote
      ; recv ; remotehelp ; rename ;
      rmdir ; send ; status ; trace
      ; type ; user ; verbose ;

ftp NT; File Transfer Protocol; ftp IP address; user name and password needed; anonymous FTP;

ftype XP; Vista; Windows 8; File type; Can be displayed; Can be configured;


goto DOS; XP; Vista; Windows 8; In a batch program; also in a macro; also in a script; goto directs previously marked / labeled line to process;

Gpedit.msc Vista; Start >> Run... >> Gpedit.msc ; 9 UAC settings are Admin Approval mode for the Built-in Administrator Account, Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval mode, Behavior of the elevation prompt for standard users, Control Switch to the Secure Desktop when prompting for elevation, Detect application installations and prompt for elevation, Only elevate executables that are signed and validated, Only elevate UIAccess applications that are installed in secure locations, Run all administrators in Admin Approval mode, Virtualize file and registry write failures to per-user locations; UAC is a new OS feature which binds file system, system variable, user, ... , together;

gpresult Vista; Windows 8; Group policy result which can be displayed for each machine; Group policy result which can be displayed for each user;

graftabl XP; Vista; Windows 8; Graphics mode; Extended characters can be displayed;


halt; stop; Radical58;

halt 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

help 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

help DOS; 95; 2O00; XP; Vista; Win7; Windows 8; Commands' information; help: ;

_ IFF remote assistance needed in Win7, Start >> type in help >> click on more ... ; ASSIST;

Using ( Complimentary Ticket OR Invitation Card) ... ;

hisecdc: 2O00; predefined security template; highly secure domain controller;

hisecws: 2O00; predefined security template; highly secure workstation;

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE e.g. regedit\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\
RasMan\PPPoE\ControlProtocols\BuiltIn\User Identity
RasMan\PPPoE\ControlProtocols\BuiltIn\Default User Identity
RasMan\PPPoE\ControlProtocols\BuiltIn\User Identity
RemoteAccess\Policy\Override User-Name


hostname NT; 2O00; hostname displays authentications: rcp, rsh, rexec, ... ; Also see: lmhosts;

hybrid; hybrid computer system ... ;


icacls Vista; Windows 8; ... ; Also see: cacls; Directories AND files are allowed to access by ACLs, and those ACLs can be backed up, displayed, modified, and restored;

if DOS; XP; Vista; Windows7; Windows 8; Conditional process; if and only if, a.k.a. IFF ... ;

_ IFF |COMhyper-v(1KB, 2KB, 3KB, 4KB, 5KB, 6KB, WHICH, aka.INF);  

_ IFF ㈰sparc(1KB, 2KB, 3KB, 4KB, 5KB, 6KB, WHICH, aka.INF);

IFF a, b, g, WiFi, n, also see: wireless ... ; 2014/2558; this DOMAIN;

ifstat 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

install     install , also see: mount;

iostats 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

ipconfig NT; 2O00; XP; Vista; ... ; Internet protocol configuration; TCP / IP;  

IFF administrator, registering to DNS server, ipconfig / registerdns;  

IFF administrator, getting info of DNS server, ipconfig / flushdns and wait for another 30 minutes if negative caching exists;  

IFF all interfaces, ipconfig / allcomparments / all ipconfig / allcompartments / renew;  

IFF release old configuration and obtain new configuration, ipconfig / release ipconfig / renew;

... ;  

ipxroute NT; IPX / SPX protocol route;

iSCSI Initiator Vista; ... ; IFF DOS, \\system32\iscsicpl.exe; computer device + connect network; NOT USB; ... ;


jbod 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

jetpack NT; ... ;


Kernel Debugger commands in Win2O00 are:





!process 0 0;  




!trap<trap frame address>;   




Intel x86 platform kernel debugger commands are running by i386kd.exe, ... , and 4 commonly available platforms are Alpha, i386, MIPS, PPC, ... , and platforms and their symbols can be prompted by expndsym command;  

kill UNIX; ... ;


label 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

label DOS; XP; Vista; Windows 8; A disk can be volume labeled;

landing, also see: Algorithm;

list 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

logon 2O00; Logging onto an OS; logon: ;

lpq NT; 2O00; LPD's print queue; lpq -s server Name;

lpr NT; ... ;


make cer t | basic extend ed option s  
_ s  k < key Name  > ;    
  _ p e ; _ ? ;    
    _ s  s < store > ;  
      _ s  r < location > ;
_ < number > ;  
  _ # < number > ; _ ! ;
    _ $ < authority > ;  
_ n  < X 509 name > ;    

make 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

makecert; Win7;

map 95; 2O00; Mapping drive letter (s); map: ;

mask 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

md DOS; NT; 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows 8; a.k.a. mkdir; Make directory; Creating a folder; md: ;

mkdir NT; 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows 8; a.k.a. md; Make directory; Creating a folder; mkdir: ;

mklink Vista; Windows7; Windows 8; Hard link (s) can be created; Symbolic link (s) can be created; ... ;

mode XP; Vista; Windows 8; Also see: mode; System's device can be configured;

more DOS; 2O00; XP; Vista; Win7; Windows 8; also see: more;

1 screen at 1 time; In common, pipe more method is c:\command | more ; Display a text file; more: ;

mount , connecting OEM (s) logo (s) is called mount, also see: boot;

IFF numerological dimension, ( 5 and 5) can be 1 mount;

move XP; Vista; Windows 8; From 1 directory to another, file (s) can be moved;

msconfig; XP; Vista; Win Home Server; ... like Control Panel, system can be configured;

msdt; Win7; remote assistance passkey WHILE installing OS; Start >> type in "msdt" ;


nbtstat NT; 2O00; NetBIOS table statistics; IFF Bnode broadcasts -n parameter; WINS may be other node type; ... ;

net accounts NT; ... ;

net computer NT; ... ;

net config server NT; ... ;

net config workstation NT; ... ;

net continue NT; ... ;

net file NT; ... ;

net group NT; ... ;

net help NT; ... ;

net helpmsg NT; Network help message;

net localgroup NT; ... ;

_ IFF netlist, also see: RTL to26;

net name NT; ... ;

net pause NT; ... ;

net print NT; ... ;

net send NT; ... ;

net session NT; ... ;

net share NT; ... ;

net start NT; ... ;

net statistics NT; ... ;

net stop NT; ... ;

net time NT; ... ;

net use NT; ... ;

net user NT; ... ; also see: user;

net view NT; ... ;

netmon NT; Network monitor; also see: network demon;

netsh 2O00; Vista; Network shell; window = shell = interface = dialog; netsh commands are:

            aaaa add / delete / show radius-client-acctsecret ;
add / delete / show radius-client-acctserver ;
            aaaa add / delete /
show radius-client-authsecret ;
            aaaa add /
delete / show radius-client-authserver ;
set / show accounting ;
ras add / delete / show authtype ;
            ras add / delete / show
link ;
            ras add / delete / show
multilink ;
            ras add / delete / show
projection ;
appletalk set / show access ;
            ras appletalk set / show
negotiation ;
            ras appletalk set / show
user ;
ip set / delete show user ;
            ras ip set / delete / show
pool ;
            ras ip set / show
access ;
            ras ip set / show
addrassign ;
            ras ip set / show
addrreq ;
            ras ip set / show negotiation ;
ipx set / show access ;
            ras ipx set / show negotiation ;
            ras ipx set / show
netassign ;
            ras ipx set / show
nodereq ;
            ras ipx set / show pool ;
            ras ipx set / show user ;
netbeui set / show access ;
            ras netbeui set / show negotiation ;
            ras netbeui set / show user ;
            ras set / delete / show
callback ;
            ras set / show
authentication ;
            ras set / show
domainaccess ;
            ras set / show
registeredserver ;
            ras show
activeservers ;
... ;

netstat NT; 2O00; Ethernet stat. can be displayed by -e -s parameters;

noCOOKIE IE browser command, typing keywords in the address box prompts ... ; in addition to numerological dimension files WHICH prompt internal addresses, e.g. typing 123456789, 149.149, some keywords behave like commands; for example, WHILE browsing Internet with noCOOKIE IE, typing e.g.

search engine ; search box ;

this DOMAIN 's name ; satellite . this DOMAIN 's name; Satellite DNS;

any directory path within , for example, c:\IT\25580\Certificate\www.usamyanmar.net.cer.p7b;

CTRL + ALT + DEL, IFF Windows, WHEN Task Manager is running, in the noCOOKIE IE address box, e.g. c:\56366295.exe; Notice that manually populating its task ..., because sometimes, user likes to have diff SESSION with one task, another SESSION with another task, ... ;

drive_letter:\Desklop; click on , click on this DOMAIN 's name, notice that in the Task Manager, Task this DOMAIN 's Status Running ... ; so, system is running ..., by manually step by step ..., manually SESSION by SESSION, manually Task by Task, ... ;

so many applications can be tested by clicking on New Task... >> Browse... >> operating system's *.exe, *.sys, ... ; Due to technical difficulties, if noCOOKIE IE is not Working, and then void it;

nslookup NT; 2O00; DNS server query results;

ntbackup NT; ... ;


offline 2O00; set current mode to be offline; Also see: online; ... ; set;

offline 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

online 2O00; set current mode to be online; Also see: offline; ... ; set;

online 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

openfiles Vista; Windows 8; File (s) WHICH has/have been opened especially for sharing, by remote user (s), and those file (s) can be displayed; also see: Open File ;

SQL (e.g. select column name from table name, order by (i.e. column name)) desc;


passwd 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

copy, And Then, paste;
cut, And Then, paste;
compiler based paste options are keep source formatting, and keep text only;

after copying, IFF keyboard, using (Ctrl + v) combination key to paste;
after copying, IFF mouse, using right click to paste;

after cutting, IFF keyboard, using (Ctrl + v) combination key to paste;
after cutting, IFF mouse, using right click to paste;

path DOS; XP; Vista; Windows 8; In a boot time, executable files' location such as directories / folders must be defined as system's environmental variable (s), [e.g. %PATH%=f:\applicationXYZ\app.exe], therefore, for example, *.exe executable file can be run as external command; also see: path; way;

multi time lines, artificial intelligence ( path) ... ;

pathping 2O00; Vista; No. of query / hop, default is 100; pathping domainName, for example: pathping this DOMAIN 's name e.g. URL address;

pause XP; Vista; Windows 8; While a batch file is processing, [commands are written inside of the batch file], and process can be paused; Think that as shifting a running thread to a wait stage;

pax NT; ... ;

perfmon /report; Windows7;

ping NT; 2O00; XP; Vista; Pinging a computer name; Also see: finger; ping is more likely to be in connectivity testing, if compare to finger; IFF to specify TOS, ping -v;   IFF connectivity testing, ping is aka loopback address;   IFF DNS connectivity testing, ping computer Name;   IFF general connectivity testing, ping N . N . N . N;   IFF firewall blocks ICMP, pinging functional cannot work properly; IFF to test absolute path vs. relative path, also see: redirect; round trip time 1 milli-second;

popd 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows 8; pushd somehow saved directory, so that popd can restore previously pushed's value; Pop a context from a stack;

power 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

prefer  e.g. konomu Prefer; Radical665;

press [ esc] to exit ... ;
press [ ESC] to EXIT ... ;

prevent e.g. WORMHOLE PREVENTS (QUAKE OR TSUNAMI); WWW; IFF noCOOKIE IE, 56948635 prompts; 7954552 prompts; ... ;

print UNIX; XP; Vista; Windows 8; Windows 10; Printing a text file, similar to DOS's command c:\type filename >prn ; Printing a iro Colorful FILE, (Ctrl + p) to print; right click to print IFF no COOKIE IE i.e. Browser;

SQL (e.g. PROCEDURE process table name (attribute name) IS column name (define type) BEGIN column name := table name . column name (the attribute name)); END;

prompt DOS; XP; Vista; Windows7; Windows 8; In DOS, prompt was %$p$g% so that system entity prior to command before window;

using artificial intelligence,

IFF (measure) Average, prompts Measured Average ... ;
IFF (measure) Max, prompts Measured Max ... ;
IFF (measure) Min, prompts Measured Min ... ;

protect e.g. WORMHOLE PROTECTS (QUAKE OR TSUNAMI); WWW; IFF noCOOKIE IE, 56948635 prompts; 7962532 prompts; ... ;

psr Windows 7; Windows 8; command prompt >> psr Instant Search launch recorder >> actions to recreate problems >> clicks will be recorded screens and steps ... >> PSR compile to MHTML file >> and then zip, and then e-mail to network admin for analysis ... ; IFF AI ᅍ{...}; ... ; also see: pressure e.g. SPL (Sound Pressure Level) can be defined and then can do analysis e.g. global manmade Weather;

pushd 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows 8; Save current directory, and then changes to the directory; Push context to a stack;

pwd UNIX; Print Working Directory;


quit 2O00; a.k.a. bye; a.k.a. exit;


rasadmin NT; RAS and DUN technology; Telephony; approx. 24+ years old tech; ... ;

rasautou NT; ... ;

rasdial NT; ... ;

rasphone NT; ... ;

rcp NT; ... ;

rd DOS; 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows 8; Windows 10; Remove Directory; a.k.a. rmdir; rd: ;

rdisk NT; ... ;

reboot 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN; reboot ... ;

recover XP; Vista; Windows 8; A disk's file system might become corrupted, a disk's physical rpm speed might become defective, a disk's sectors might become bad, therefore recover "readable information";

reduce, also see: (system reduces quake), (system reduces tsunami), ... ; WORMHOLE way is the most advance and the highest knowledge based method, technology, method, ... ; Remark: WORMHOLE way is beyond static motor way, and to realize and understand WHAT is WORMHOLE way, knowledge of HOW to fetch ZCS light sheets is a must (i.e. very Basic (concept, info, knowledge)) ... ;

regedit 95; 98; NT; 2O00; XP; Vista; Registry editor; Key management at application layer; Because starting hives is registering containers at top level #7 in OSI; Run >> regedit will prompt current system data; Also see: *.reg;

regedit32 NT; 2O00; Key management at application layer, start value is= 2;   2v ~ v2 .w after s or S, also see: netsetup to understand |A H L, A H V| inside hardware semiconductors with @file:/// holes, at least 3 holes to be understood;

release 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

rem DOS; XP; Vista; Windows 8; Windows 10; Remark; Commenting inside of a macro file, inside of a batch file *.bat, inside of a configuration config.sys file, ... ; Especially, command line parameters' parameterized commands are executed via command interpreter, and while executing / processing executable file, a code line starts with rem will not be executed / processed;

remove 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

ren DOS; 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows 8; a.k.a. rename; File (s); Folder (s); ren: ;

rename 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows 8; a.k.a. ren; File (s); Folder (s); rename: ;

replace 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

replace XP; Vista; Windows 8; File (s); ... ;

resetdisk 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

restart ... ;

restore 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

restore NT; ... ;

resume ... ; also see: resume; e.g. ref to last known timestamp; and then AI ( WHICH X point) to play;

rexec NT; ... ;

rmdir 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows 8; Windows 10; Remove directory; Remove folder; a.k.a. rd; rmdir: ;

DEE _ Therapeutic Removing Tumors ; Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;
DEE _ Therapeutic Removing Tumors

rmspare 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

robocopy Vista; Windows7; Windows 8; Directory trees and files can be copied; Time based technology;

route NT; 2O00; ... ;

rsh NT; ... ;


sc Vista; Windows 8; Services can be configured; Services can be displayed; And, those services must be background processes; 1st to understand syntax vs. semantics logic, and then 2nd to understand online vs. offline, thus 3rd to understand and configure services, for example: IFF online, offline and online can be both, on the other, IFF offline, offline and online cannot be both;

OEM; scanning and repairing drive, also see: UPC vs RFID; WHILE booting Windows 10;

WHILE booting a system, prior to login, sign in, ... , OEM's 3D barcode is read (i.e. ID, verify); normally the OEM's 3D barcode is hidden; abnormally logout, abnormally sign out can cause system crashes; in this case, scanning and repairing drive;

schtasks Vista; Windows 8; Schedule tasks; Therefore, specified commands can be executed on time, e.g. e-mail;

securedc: 2O00; ... ; predefined security template; secure domain controller;

securews: 2O00; ... ; predefined security template; secure workstation;

Secpol.msc Vista; Start >> Run... >> Secpol.msc;

SQL (e.g. select attribute (i.e. column name) from table name);

select attribute1, attribute2, attribute3, ... (i.e. column names) from table name Oracle SQL; This command will prompt selected column only from the table;

select count (*) aggregate functions from table name;

select mount, file name, bytes, case when (logical operator) then 'OK' else 'statement' end; ...

select substr(), round (BETWEEN (TRUNC));

select SYSDATE;

SQL e.g. select * in to table name from table name WHERE column name = user defined data;

cable select
fast select

set (a.k.a. setting) e.g. this won't take long; taking care of a few things; setting up your apps; getting windows ready; don't turn off your PC; ... ;

set XP; Vista; Windows 8; Window system environmental variables can be displayed, ..., removed, set;

set audit-logging 2O00; Also see: show audit-logging;

SQL (e.g. set autotrace traceonly explain); Oracle SQL; ... select;

SQL (e.g. set feedback on);

SQL (e.g. set lines number);

set loglevel 2O00; Also see: show loglevel;

set machine 2O00; Also see: show machine;

set mode 2O00; offline OR online;

setlocal XP; Vista; Windows 8; also see: endlocal; In a batch processing, via *.pif AND |if , system's environmental variables can be locally localized, so that begin;

shelf 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

shift XP; Vista; Windows 8; In common, commands are executed by line by line, top to down, left to right, in which mean, so called "parameterized", and those parameters inside hardware latches can be bitwisely shifted; Therefore parameter position can be shifted; Complexity of program becomes very difficult to understand, if parameters are shifted bitwisely;

show alias 2O00; Also see: add alias; delete alias;

show audit-logging 2O00; Also see: set audit-logging;

show helper 2O00; ... ;

show loglevel 2O00; Also see: set loglevel;

show machine 2O00; Also see: set machine;

show mode 2O00; Display mode;

show netdlls 2O00; Display netsh DLL dynamic link libraries;

show version 2O00; ... ;

shutdown Vista; Windows 8; (Shutdown of a machine remotely AND shutdown of a machine locally) can be done properly;

sigcheck 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

slmgr.vbs -dli WinServer08, to check evaluation period;
slmgr.vbs -rearm WinServer08, to reset evaluation period; http://support.microsoft.com / kb / 948472;

slotled 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

smartdisable 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

smartenable 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

sort XP; Vista; Windows 8; Sorting inputs;

sos 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

spare 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

95 26 285 micro - USB        
special _ function _ key ;        
black screen ; cut ; home ;      
inter nation a l key board ; keyboard hide ;
keyboard show ; mute ; next track ;    
    paste ; pause ; play ; previous track
; search ; slide - show ; volume down ;
  volume up ;            

 this DOMAIN, in numerological dimension ...

SQL SQL (e.g. select column name from table name where (logical operator) and (logical operator) order by column name);

e.g. SQL> SELECT dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural FROM this DOMAIN 's AI system ( tables) doko WHERE 10 = 49455196513, AND gravity = 49953296513, AND Numerical values in numerology = 5345963679313, AND your own electronic (e.g. OEM) = 1293323913; if you're Monbusho level elite WHO earned Ph.D. and who likes to develop systems, and then you should develop 12 (a.k.a. 2*6 dimension), or 14 (a.k.a. 2*7 dimension) WHICH has been reserved (notice that SQRT2 design only, because 2*5, 2*6, 2*7, and approx. beyond 8K floating point numbers in 2015/2559) for you ... ; this DOMAIN 's 10 dimensional system is copyrighted (if you really a.k.a. truly do design space, you don't need copyrights because human beings livable moons are already owned by Shakya King) and all rights (refer to civil rights, human rights, intellectual property rights); Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement; on human beings livable moons in our universes, OEM logo (s) have been NOT defined, i.e. a new type of civilizations are being built ... ; Katakana language must be standard ones; therefore, if you're ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar, it is truly worth to learn Oriental Languages, also see: Mini Dictionary;

SQL     SQL_general     SQL; Also see: oracle;

start ;        

start P X E over IPv6; e.g. Windows 10;

start NT; 2O00; Vista; Win7; Windows 8; Start a *.pif |iɟ window, so that command interpreter can be run; Also see: enable so that SERVICE_AUTO_START, SERVICE_BOOT_START, SERVICE_DEMAND_START, SERVICE_SYSTEM_START, ... ; start;

IFF affinity ... ;

halt; stop; Radical58;

stop Stop STOP 2O00; For example: stop message address i.e. stop message 0x0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0001 0002 0003; stop message address and address; stop message address on a new installation; stop message address on an existing installation; stop: address (address, address, address, address) mode;

subst XP; Vista; Windows 8; A drive letter + a relative path, therefore association become easier; Mapping to each drive might be needed, prior to subst;

sync 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN; synchronization;

syslog 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

sysroot; 2O00; System root, 1 dot a.k.a. period a.k.a. / a.k.a. \ ; 1st to understand $p$g, default, ARC path and its LUN number, path, ... ; systemroot: ; also see: Anti Virus;

system reduce quake; 2557; 2558; 2559; WORMHOLE (REDUCE QUAKE);   WWW; IFF noCOOKIE IE, 56948635 prompts; 954335 prompts; ... ;

system reduce tsunami; 2557; 2558; 2559; WORMHOLE (REDUCE TSUNAMI); WWW; IFF noCOOKIE IE, 56948635 prompts; 954335 prompts; ... ;

systeminfo Vista; Windows 8; System's information, including specified configurations and properties ... ;


                                  time field                 ;
                                  imaginary hyper space               ;
                                  ACTION                   ;

notice that above table is using 33mm and 42mm for time field, 9mm and 12mm for imaginary hyper space, 24mm and 66mm for ACTION; within this DOMAIN, total of 17 multi time lines have been designed & developed, for 21st century and beyond ... ; 28 columns design, for calculating yellowish variations on human beings livable moons in our universes ... , also see: Radicals;

/T i.e. one of the commands of Windows 10 e.g. dir command /? And Then, time field (a as last access, c as creation, w as last written);

Tab a.k.a. 9 a.k.a. 0409 a.k.a. ... NOT Enter;

taskkill Vista; Windows 8; Kill / Stop currently running application / process / ... ;

tasklist Vista; Windows 8; Currently running services, tasks, ... can be displayed;

telnet NT; ... ;

temp 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

tftp NT; ... ;

time DOS; XP; Vista; Windows7; Windows 8; System's time can be displayed; System's time can be set; ... ; dual; GPS; ... ; e.g. ♯♯:♯♯:♯♯.♯♯, i.e. hour : minute : second . number;

also see: (i.e. JUN time); (i.e. LUNAR time);

IFF 24mm Natural Time slow down, WHEN parallel times among a Myanmar's imaginary hyper space crafts, using to adjust ... , with 2 * 6 time line; UPS (i.e. Universal Positioning System) location of shakya;

title XP; Vista; Windows7; Windows 8; WHILE running cmd.exe; *.pif |iɟ, a window prompts, and the window which has been prompted can be considered as a session IFF in OSI layer in networking; If so many windows are being connected, and then each window may have each title; also see: OS.TXT index IFF HTML, MHTML, XHTML, *ML, ... aka Global AI Character ; ... ;

trace MSDN; Win7; aka MFC-ATL Trace Tool; Start >> type in "trace"; name (file; function; message; process; ... ); New ATL MFC Trace Tool settings file can be created; to do so, please read Synchronization 1st, and then do the same as New Briefcase ... ; trace;

tracert NT; 2O00; Trace route; tracert N . N . N . N;

translator level voice recognition ... ; Also see: 3tComputer;

tree XP; Vista; Windows 8; Either a path which has been mapped, or a drive which has been known lettered, and their structures can be displayed;

type DOS; 2O00; XP; Vista; Windows7; Windows 8; type filename, texts can be displayed; IFF to print, use >prn i.e. type filename >prn; type: ; also see: Type vs. Font; In addition to Character Set as Encoding a.k.a. character / font / text / ... , at command line, type 149.149, and notice that audio can also be encoding as beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, ... ; also see: OhMyLord.htm#149.149;

type 149.149; to do so, IFF Windows, at the command line prompt, e.g. cd c:\Desktop\; type 149.149 ; prompt type 149.149; Now is the time to test 5 Audio; Test all commands ... ; Notice that functional numerological dimension among systems i.e. ..\\Desktop\*.* either ..\\hyper-v\*.*, or ..\\space\*.*; All numerological dimensional files can also be tested ... ;


update 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN; Also see: automatic update;

scheduled job, plan, task, update, ... , also see: schedule;

SQL (e.g. update table name set attribute (logical operator) where the attribute is null);

update IFF outdated ... ;

using artificial intelligence, cell path details (e.g. computer, favorites, libraries, network, ... )

IFF details (computer) e.g. devices with removable storage, hard disk drives, network location, ... ;
IFF details (favorites) e.g. desktop, downloads, recent places, ... ;
IFF details
(libraries) e.g. documents, music, pictures, videos, ... ;
IFF details (network) e.g. category, name, network location, workgroup, ... ;


ver DOS; XP; Vista; Windows 8; ... ; Version; V E R S I O N; IFF AI, 〩{♯}; ... ;

verify XP; Vista; Windows 8; WHEN WRITE into a disk, file (s) can be verified whether written correctly or not;

vlan 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

vol DOS; XP; Vista; Windows 8; Volume label, and serial number can be displayed;

when 2O11; CEC; Ethernet; SAN;

where Windows 8; also see: doko; (GPS); location;


SQL (e.g. select column name from table name where (logical operator) order by column name);

whois NT; UNIX; ... ;

whom ; ../../Domain/GeneTherapySystem/WHOM . txt, a FILE for Gene Therapy System to verify (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user) ... ; Remark: for each (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), this FILE (..\..\Domain\GeneTherapySystem\WHOM . TXT) should be instructed and modified, by simply open the FILE (WHOM . TXT), And Then, type in ... , And Then, save it;

winnt NT; ... ;

winnt32 NT; ... ;

winrm   mailto:@file:///システム64/ OR @file:///システム128/ ,     winrm g[et]   -?,       winrm   s[et]   -?,       winrm   d[elete]   -?,       winrm   d[numerate]   -?,       winrm   i[nvoke]   -?,       winrm   id[entify]   -?,       winrm   quickconfig   -?,       winrm   helpmsg   -?,       winrm   help uris,       winrm   help alises,       winrm   help config,       winrm   help remoting,       winrm   help auth,     winrm   help input,     winrm   help switches,     winrm   get RESOURCE_URI,       winrm   get wmicimv2 / Win32_service?Name=spooler,       winrm     set RESOURCE_URI,     winrm     set winrm/config @{ ... },    winrm      set winrm / config / Listener? Address=*+Transport=HTTPS@{ ... },     winrm     create RESOURCE_URI,     winrm     create winrm / config / Listener? Address=IPv6+Transport=HTTP,     winrm     create shell / cmd   -file:shell.xml   -remote:domain_name e.g. this DOMAIN' s URL address, also see: autorun.inf, desktop.ini, ...,      winrm     delete RESOURCE_URI,     winrm   delete winrm / config / Listener? Address=IPv6+Transport=HTTP,     winrm   enumerate   RESOURCE_URI,   winrm   enumerate   winrm / config / Listener,   winrm enumerte wmicimv2 / Win32_Service,   winrm enum wmicimv2 / * -filter:""select * from win32_service where startMode=\""Auto\"" and State=\""Stopped\"" """,     winrm enum shell / cmd -remote:domain_name,     winrm   invoke   ACTION RESOURCE_URI,   winrm   invoke   StartService wmicimv2 / Win32_Service? Name=spooler,   winrm   invoke   StopService wmicimv2 / Win32_Service? Name+spooler -file:input.xml,     winrm   invoke   Create   wmicimv2 / Win32_Process @{{file:///0} this DOMAIN / autorun.inf"";CurrentDirectory=""\\25580\ testing ACT3 parallel time synchronization""},     winrm   identify   -remote: this DOMAIN 's name e.g. URL address, ...   Remark also see: winrm.vbs;

wmic Vista; Windows 8; ... ; c:\wmic default prompts wmic:root\cli> [global SWITCH] commands are / aggregate:off   / aggregate:on   / append::=clipboard   filename   / append::=stdout filename   / authlevel:call   / authlevel:connect   / authlevel:default   / authlevel:pkt   / authlevel:pktintegrity   / authlevel:pktprivacy   / authority:AuthorityType   / failfast:off   / failfast:on   / implevel:anonymous   / implevel:delegate   / implevel:identity   / implevel:impersonatedefault   / implevel:impersonate default  / authority:AuthorityType   / interactive:off   / interactive:on   / locale:LocalIdentifier   / namespace:SwitchValueRepresentedBySpecialCharacters   / node:machine id list WHERE machine id list::=@filename | machine id | @filename | machine id,machine id list   / output::= stdout | clipboard | filename   / password:THIS #session password characters   / privileges:disable   / privileges:enable   / trace:off   / trace:on   / record:filepath   / role:namespace   / user:domainName\userName   and notice that wmic:root\cli> disable internal commands, separate executing region, therefore exit to cmd.exe;

World's 1st Idea Processor based jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( HTML) program (webpage (avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan)), designed, modeled, and programmed by Rakhine American, and intellectual property of the United States of America; Also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;


xcopy DOS; NT; UNIX; XP; Vista; Windows7; Windows 8; Also see: Replication; Copy directory tree (s) AND its context (FILE); XCOPY (via 285 command prompt) OR (OS Explorer) ... ; IT's;


yellowish variations exist on human beings livable moons in our universes ... ;


IFF (zoom in, zoom out), also see: Radical38; Radical39;

DEE box, Dark Energy Engineering box is one of the highest technologies in 21st century and beyond HOW ... ; Gravity Dimension Computer;

Using artificial intelligent logic for all STRING; MULTI;

Remark: if you're database system (RDBMS) engineer, operating system (OS) engineer, software analyst, then define your commands in this page;

舰㠂आ蘪虈෷܁ꀂʂ〩ʂȥā1ରआ蘪虈෷܁ꀁʂ」 ʂ〉 Ƃꁶȃ ȁဂꛑё栻꼍Ꝍ軐퓱ꅹरԆหȃԝㄘ〖ؔ唃ഓ摁業楮瑳慲潴ひᜠ」〹ㄲ㄰㐷〱娲༘ㄲ㤰㄰㜱㜱ㄴ㈰ずㄘ〖ؔ唃̄ഓ摁業楮瑳慲潴ひ龁ര आ蘪虈෷āԁ̀趁要脂沥ꀟ☟贊囇囬乿넵髇쯶㨃麙蛸蔜솙踠㰳㾡⊦潎쯮O밍ギ怆啸푍黟䔂揀䋉織녙ꦂ䨘氶��띍謄ᅍ埭ꅭ擺혛��臨缸᠏��偏熂ഥ䂮♯紏ࡷ袝ᔢⓄ姠攜֣̂ꌁずじؕ唃┝คర ਆ ث Ё舁਷Ѓ㐰ᵕБꀫة⬊Ć Ą㞂Ȕꀃఛ䄙浤湩獩牴瑡牯啀䅓奍乁䅍R र̆ᵕ Г。 ̎ᴂ 脃ꊉ煌듼ﺎ⟲捦胎ᶧ쀘䵯䪠ꮱ㵸㑠钨㖃須춹ꄆꥉ諓㽑䀰˅ꜭ貕賄㔲㿄旐츧䠔ɟ큻์癸뽣娜릫惧뼤宬桦㷒ʐ㮉섮祑ȝ㬢椖娘ᖅϩ왱㉷Ȣ⹴1