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blessing; fortune; luck; wealth; Radical332;

Approx. 28+ browsers available to read;

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( MESSAGE : e.g. word s ) , ( S E R V LET : - )            
    Cyber War ( Browser ) Calendar .Earth .Space .War                

(( 543) + current year in Gregorian Calendar, (i.e. Time, Time) in Buddha Sasana Calendar) . ( Space of Gravity Dimension Computer's Browser : dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural) . Action of Lines (e.g. ( ? q l = 5), ( ? q l = 4), ( ? q l = 3)) ... ;

Remark: I don't know WHO created Buddha Sasana Calendar; Keyword ("Gravity Dimension Computer") has been originally created by this DOMAIN developer; Keyword ("ACTION") has been originally created by SONY, approx. since 2007; line-by-line computing has been since 1980s' batch processing, dot matrix, film, CRT raster lines, 2000s' ZCS Flat Panel Display lines, ... , 2020's airborne Display lines, ... ; "q" might be for Query; "l" might be for Line;







), also see: Anti-Earthquake; avoidingEarthquakeInJapanAndTaiwan; Computer Science; Satellite; Remark: Satellite Browser, n i t o t t e For ethnic tribes, e.g. a "Tarzan" needs GPS based Internet ("changing in elevation") also ... ;

05/17/2023; setup; e.g. this DOMAIN ("Idea Processor") ; p Computer ("Provider") ;

220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTP d [p r i v s e p] [TLS] ----------
220-You are user number ??? of 400 allowed.
220-Local time is now ??:??. Server port: 21.
220-This is a private system - No anonymous login
220-IPv6 connections are also welcome on this server.
220 You will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity.
500 HTTP command: [get]

impact; ten point six zero six six zero one seven two; e.g.





1st to realize & understand 30 degree (Lunar Orbit) e.g. (29, 30) ... ; Also see: Time;
2nd to realize & understand 15 = (30 / 2);
3rd to realize & understand SQRT2 e.g. 15 degree by SQRT2 longitudes; so, GPS can be realized & understood (Distance calculations) ... ; ( impact, impact, impact, impact) ... ;

Also see: IoT; kadosei Mobility; Location Awareness Response; Number; this DOMAIN 's contents are ready for Space War e.g.





since 1998 ... ; e.g.

( 900, 1800), ( 900, 1800), ( 900, 1800), ( 900, 1800), also see: Browser; info; Network Topology (Hidden Network, Unknown); Unmanned Aerial Vehicle; Wireless Antenna;

21st century & beyond (

Add Network ... ;

 Brower means _Radio Specifications; Also see: Physics Law 515;

concerned about; concerned about; concerned about;

( log, log log, log) ... ; Remark: (log-in, log-out) a.k.a. (sign-in, sign-out) ... ;

( motion ,            
  motion ,            
  motion ,            
  motion ,            
  motion ,            
  motion ,            
  motion )            
  ... ;              

システム . Volume . Info, a.k.a. System . Volume . Information, designed & modeled in 2566 (2022), for each Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, for this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather ... ;

( TPM TPM, TPM, TPM) e.g. TPM, Trusted Platform Module, version 2.0, i.e. compatible with PC (Windows11 OS), from Microsoft;

using 9801_Default, IFF SQRT2 (±98) Engineering Notations, DEE, for each browser ;

using Directional Gravity Pressure, IFF Automotive (gravity spots), for each browser;

using √FM, IFF PHYSICS, for each browser ;

using Gene Therapy System, (gene pattern, medical imaging), for each browser  ;

using Gravity Dimension Computer, IFF Computers, for each browser ;

using SPL, ( Gravity Pressure Share Radical, sound pattern), for each browser ) ... ;

for each Time Zone, for each Browser ( channel, radio), do Anti Virus;

Browser's subdirectory; Radical286;

( show position, show position, show position) e.g. geo-location, showing a position Info of the current location, the Browser's Location Awareness, also see: this DOMAIN 's one of the buttons (Show Position) Latitude Number, Longitude Number, ... ;

2566; October 17, 2022; this DOMAIN 's Keywords, e.g.

ad , a.k.a. advertisement (s) ; and ; automatic ;
background ; camera ; clipboard ;     Secured content
; download (s) ; edit , editing ; file ;
font s ; GUI , a.k.a. Graphics User Interface ;
handler s ; ID (s) ;        
    H ID devices ; images ; Java ;
location ; management ; microphone ; motion ; notification (s)
; payment ; pop-up ; ports ; protected ;  
Augmented Reality ( A R ) ... ;
Virtual Reality ( V R ) ... ;
redirect ; script ; sensor s ; serial ; sign-in
; sound ;   a.k.a. Synchronization
    S Y N C ,
; USB device s ;        
    MIDI device s ;        
use , Using ;   your privacy ;    
          your device ;    

Also see: Browser; Router; Remark: world's 1st "sound synchronization" i.e. SPL based the most advance (Method, Procedure, Technique), designed & modeled by a "Tarzan" Rakhine American in 10 dimensional, and this DOMAIN reserves 12 dimensional (2*6), and 14 dimensional (2*7) for you well trained kids!! ... ;

2566; August 11, 2022; this DOMAIN 's ( home) has subscribed https://www.att.com, and www.comcast.net, for years already, e.g. very reliable home phone system, e.g. very reliable home security system, e.g. very reliable TV channel system, ... ; S S ID ((e.g. Ace Jaw .Net), (e.g. America Myanmar .Net)) for its Wide Fidelity (Wi-Fi) Internet access ... ; if hardware routers, once in a blue moon, systems need factory (OEM) Default resets, so, common (Method, Procedure, Technique) are :

. . .    
192 . 168 . 1 . 1 Enter    
. . .      
192 . 168 . 10 . 1      
  Clean   C   S S Router ... ;

2565; 09/23/2021; CT; e.g.

CT, Computed Tomography ... ;
CT, Computed Tomography ... ;
CT, Computed Tomography ... ;
CT, Computed Tomography ... ;
CT, Computed Tomography ... ;

Tomography is a form, in WHICH motion of X-ray (detector, source) are controlled by Computers, And Then, producing (medical images, medical imaging, processed data, radiological info, radiological information) ... ;

2565; 07/28/2021; Wave Brower, Version (Official Build) (64-bit), installed AND tested; regarding this DOMAIN contents, functional browser-able ... ; Analog Clock, SQRT2 (±98) 's 1000 based, functional 3 layered computing ... ; its Basic Calculator is working ... ; its this _DOMAIN _'s _position _Info _with _Timestamp GPS Show Position (Latitude, Longitude) Number does not prompt, however its Time Stamp is working; video based MP4 files are working;

Waves or Software (URL: www.wavebrowser.com ) ... ;

2564; 02/24/2021; February 24, 2021; (W I O (a.k.a. Wattage Input Output); Tool; Switch; S V M (a.k.a. Support Vector Machine); Sensor; Self IE (a.k.a. Self Internet Explorer); Power bank; Classifier; Cable; Board; Battery (a.k.a. Batteries); Actuator) specification, model, design, ... ; Also see: Automotive;

2564; 08/08/2020; August 8, 2020; Also see: kuru kuru WHILE browsing the webpage  Radicals, realize & understand THAT 667% zooming ... , if compare to other browser based computing ... ; HOW could that be 667% ? therefore, before installing this DOMAIN 's contents, please measure your device weights, And Then, this DOMAIN installed ones vs. this DOMAIN uninstalled ones, good luck to you in your browser based computing ... ;

2020/2564; this DOMAIN 's contents are working well with Chromium, Version 63.0.3219.0 (Developer Build) (32-bit);

Remark: tested ((drive letter) \ Default . h t m, (drive letter) \ index . h t m, (drive letter) \ index .html, (drive letter) \ index . s h t m l) and this DOMAIN 's contents are working well with Chromium ... ;


Remark: in 2020, this DOMAIN is trying to cure worldwide (epidemic, pandemic) unwanted Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19ꌁ;

2020/2564; this DOMAIN 's contents are working well with Microsoft Edge, e.g. Version 83.0.478.61 (Official build) (64-bit); And, the Microsoft Edge browser is made possible by https://www.chromium.org 's open source project and others ... ;

(Browser, Date, Device, Location) sign-in activity ... ;
(Browser, Date, Device, Location) sign-out activity ... ;

09/30/2019; this DOMAIN 's contents was developed from "locked" to "unlocked" regarding its Gene Therapy System; because of "unlocked" Gene Therapy System, everyone (users) can edit-and-update freely their own ... ; Remark: Server error e.g. The file "Gene Therapy System \ * . h t m" is checked out or locked for editing by "LAPTOP-GVJ7NLTQ\12096819218"; it took approx. a few hours to debug the Gene Therapy System, from "locked" to "unlocked" and after developing, the system becomes "unlocked" one (Web Site), so everyone (users) can edit-and-update by themselves; Remark: approx. since year 2000, systems have been browser based e.g. ( 56366295 a.k.a. noCOOKIE, or others browser ... );

2019/2563; this DOMAIN browser : edge; Sound Pressure Level ( SPL) based tuple (e.g. (6 surfaced DEE box), 5D, 4D, 3D, 2D, 1D) ... ;

cookie; cookies; e.g.

HTTP Cookie; HTTP cookies (this DOMAIN . triangulation . system) websites ... ;
HTTP Cookie; HTTP cookies (on the user's computer) ... ;

do system configuration e.g. right click on INF, click on Properties, click on Customize, click on Choose File..., browse Desktop\システム\ click on zcs Black to be Opened; And Then, e.g. right click on INF, click on Properties, click on Customize, click on Change Icon..., click on Browse..., at the Change Icon for INF Folder, this DOMAIN 's IT\Icon\ An Orbiter _ The Universe FILE should be Opened; Enjoy network (connect, connected, connecting, connection, ... ) time period, graphics authentication of this DOMAIN 's local (10), remote (100), global (1000), micro SD (10000), and so on ... , IFF internet and network settings (e.g. connect, connected, connecting, connection, ... ) difficulties EXIST, ... ;

2018/2561; regarding this DOMAIN 's readers, Gene Therapy System has been created, defined, designed and engineered, ... ; so that readers (e.g. Browsers' users WHO browse this DOMAIN ... ), can be (Gene Therapy, therapeutic, Tx) kuru kuru WHILE browsing this DOMAIN 's contents ... ; Remark: regarding Idea Processor (this paragraph), intended for the peoples WHO have not installed, registered, ... , because its versions (e.g. as of 2018/2561, compilation C117 or later ones) getting better and better; Remark: in AI (Artificial Intelligence), more good words mean better, more-and-more good words mean better-and-better, and remember Idea Processor: defined by Radicals ... ;

2017/2561; after developing linguistic def, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 229, Linguistic Definition WHICH also leads to HOW Search Engine can be developed;

Because of browser based, computer understands both decimal and hex;

And Then, think that HOW to program Idea Processor; Remark: Idea Processor may be worth more than trillions of US dollars, because, e.g. Manmade Global Weather, e.g. mapping all nuclear related ones, e.g. Nama for Humanoids, e.g. radio analysis for each military grade drone, e.g. Gene Therapy System, and notice that Idea Processor can change civilizations;

IFF A v ant Browser , also see : http://www.avantbrowser.com/ ;
IFF Deep net Explorer , also see : https://deepnet-explorer.en.softonic.com/ ;
IFF Fire fox , also see : https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/ ;
IFF flock , also see : https://flock.com/download/ ;
IFF Google Chrome , also see : https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/ ;
IFF Internet Explorer , also see : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/ ;
IFF max thon , also see : http://www.maxthon.com/ ;
IFF no COOKIE , also see : this DOMAIN 's no COOKIE Application ;
IFF Opera Web browser , also see : http://www.opera.com/ ;
IFF Phase Out , also see : https://phaseout.en.uptodown.com/ ;
IFF Safari Web browser , also see : https://www.apple.com/safari/ ;
IFF Wave Browser , also see : www.wavebrowser.com ;

buffering... ; Also see: dot dot dot;

2017/2560; prior to Microsoft Edge (i.e. Windows 10's IE browser), it was very important to understand user defined browser's home page; this DOMAIN recommends configuration of Home Page as C:\index . h t m (i.e. for old browser), and C:\index . p h t m l (i.e. for Windows 10's Microsoft Edge), because you don't want search engines keep forwarding URL one after another, because you don't want your browser is starting directly to-and-from the Internet either, because you don't want extra cookie for confirmation, assigned by ISP (Internet Service Provider) for browsing Internet ... , therefore, it is good to be starting with INDEX as Home Page; and then, (browsing a.k.a. surfing) in the Internet ... ;

2560; 2016; Windows 10 OS has been redesigned by Pop to be at right side above Task Bar with gray color;

in 21st century, browser is the key HOW Civilization Type (in 21st century, Civilization Type should be measured HOW Z-Index in depth with yellowish variations ("yellowish variations e.g. 5mm diff, e.g. 10mm diff are in facts HOW to measure human beings livable moons in our universes; galaxy in distance; lights bend is TRUE in distance, it means Western Theories are somehow still acceptable in 21st century; even though all human beings livable moons in our universe are all owned by Shakya King)) can be enhanced, remote controlled, ... ; for basic understanding, the most advance 5 has been defined by following table; regarding "Space" , true browser designer can compile left 5 and right 5 as both within 1 browser as application, i.e. to do ACTION ... (ACTION has been all up to you e.g. active vs. passive, e.g. offline vs. online, e.g. dynamic vs. static, ... ) ; Also see: Anti-virus;

  5 ; Directions ; 5 ;
i.e. layer ed surface ;    
Web         noCOOKIE IE
no COOKIE   ( web ) browser
IE ;                
browser crasher ;  browser crusher ; browser helper object ;
war ; cookie ( browser - related file sent
from 1 W W W server ) ; object browser
; reload button ( 65 1 browser ) ; web
- browsing soft ware ; web ;    
  I E browser ;        
A v ant Browser ; Deep net Explorer ; Fire
fox ; Flock ; Go o g l e Chrome
; Inter net Explorer ; Max thon ; Opera ;
Phase Out ; Safari ;          

e.g. this DOMAIN 's multi media devices player, using no COOKIE (i.e. \\IT\ExecutableApplication\noCOOKIE.exe OR56366295.exe) Internet Browser ... ; server;

2013/2557: in November, Microsoft upgraded its browser to proper way e.g. Icon FILE data ... ; As a result, user can drag and drop the browser's icon to Taskbar; Better system security approach, because Icon as GUI, prior to FILE data is correct way ... ;

2013/2556: this DOMAIN 's (no COOKIE) browser is renamed to 56366295 IFF at root directory; also see: EXE;  ;

2010 OR 2554; P M B a k a Picture Motion Browser; SONY; ... ; ... ;


2010 64-bit browser, beyond 88...88, also see: 64-bit Sensor API; ... ; ... ; ... ;


_ IFF Code Page ( Web address), SERVER=this DOMAIN;

 ... ; AND then Microsoft Visual Basic 4 compilation of noCOOKIE browser prompts ... ;

2009 Silver light 3.0, 1st to understand input, media, UI core, X A M L as 4, also see: Retained Mode; 2nd to understand testing "Ready Made Directory" and its unlock for each device, so engineering continue ... ; 3rd to develop by testing hardware vs. software ... and then results will ... e.g. your own device, your own browser, your own communication, ... ; [2009/06/15; e WEEK] current browsers are: Internet Explorer 8 <> Fire fox 3.0 <> Safari 3.2 <> Opera 9.6 <> Google Chrome 2.0; Also use: this DOMAIN 's old style Windows95 ~ nowadays OS executable noCOOKIE browser; HTML by VB6 compilation without printer driver; with common dialog . o c x;- its password is IT, and do not forget to install this DOMAIN 's Publisher . r e g,- NO, so no standard input a.k.a. keyboard input at this stage,- NO create/open/save file, so no hard disk access,- NO multiple sessions by about : tab, so 1 browser 1 session approach, - NO absolute path index . h t m ..., so space ... I N D E X ... does ACTION ... ,- click with 0.2 second cursors ..., and do not change background graphics until project is done, and then functional , and do not forget to install digital-certificate, right click to print ... , it is fast 1 either Intranet OR Internet, whether online OR offline, both wire AND wireless;

2009 OR 2553: Picture Motion Browser, SONY DSC-H10 Cyber-shot, Pi c t Bridge, Photo TV HD, Full HD 1080;  N N N N N N N N N N;

Microsoft Windows 2000Pro SP4; XP SP2; Vista; USB Macintosh Mac OS 9.1; 9.2; Mac OS X (v.10.1-10.5)


Picture Motion Browser a.k.a. P M B

; 2009 [2552]: 64bit Vista vs. 32bit XP; 1st to understand OS scheduling of time t because *ch* vary, for example, a channel to IDE hard disk may vary, IFF compare to GUI based ATA, later so called SATA, and then CDFS with single voltage so called 150x tracks in micro time t, and then DVD FS with dual voltage so called faster and larger than Audio, and then those 150x in embedded nano time t nowadays with S S D "solid state drive" so called USB mass... ; 2nd to understand Info Tip keyword in Windows OS, to do so, open... \\Desktop\desktop . i n i and notice that HOW Info Tip can be store... ; 3rd to understand Vista vs. XP, in XP [remark: also in NTFS Windows Home Server] WHILE program is in run... WHEN mouse pointer over task bar, captured GUI are not prompted, but 64bit does;  So that as a result, AI system such as automatic GUI off IFF user open... a #session without I interactive [ IFF testing a local system, run... a.k.a. double click on usamyanmar . n f o will prompt system info, and then leave the system without | interactive for a few minutes ... ] ;2009: drive letter icon, WHICH has been engineered, therefore WHEN left pane and right pane SYN, OS prompts drive letter icon; IFF drive letter icon testing, before and after running OS Explorer for each PRODUCT [ PRODUCT version C23 or later ], browser prompts diff between system's built-in drive letter icon [ one of the system's icons ] and user defined drive letter icon ... [ also see: 5 kinds of icon ];2008: Adobe, AIR platform provides browser independent web applications ... ; 2008: brother, compact network laser printer, Firefox v.1+ for Windows, Microsoft IE v.6+, and Safari v.1.2+ for Macintosh are web browsers which have been hardware specified by Brother print server, by using HTTP, also equipped with web server, and deployed by BROAD COM's Secure Easy Setup ... ; 2008: Chrome browser, Google, www.google.com/chrome, XP, Vista, in 2008, ... ; Automatically save files into chrome's installed directory [risk no. 1 is old files are been not updated ... but Google solves Time ... ], therefore, up to 12 alphanumeric [ also see: (2+(5*2)) ] intelligent system; WHEN source concerns, WHERE multiple I/O are configured, intelligent system controls string in direction; String At Multiple _ IO _ Browsing _ C W .GIF, andString At Multiple _ IO _ Browsing _ C C W .GIF while processing;     For example 1: changing a W L A N setting from Network Adapter to V P N, so that OS prompts Resolving host..., Resolving proxy..., ... ;     For example 2: sometime Connect to a network, Network and Internet, Network and Sharing Center prompts that "Internet is already connected", but user cannot browse Internet, because user's multiple I/O became messy inside [due to multiple network adapters, due to multiple OS built-in components, due to a bridge has nowhere to link, due to incorrect overwriting/resetting, ... ], Google Chrome has been AI designed therefore if C W does not work, C C W will ... ; Also see: Resolving host...     Resolving proxy...; IFF in research and development, do further research on cache: technique for incoming #sessionres: technique for outgoing #session, Type: technique for researching document vs. media, @file:/// technique for researching file systems, variable&variable technique for researching semi-conductor level source's behavior and functionalities, VPCC vs. Topological Node for global domains, ACT2 time . space . action for global icon-graphics load, ... ; IFF ~temp File . extension, no more of such human mistakes, for example [ human beings mistakes are ]: while prompting file XYZ .doc, by running explore to do copy of the file, the same file to be opened, ... , notice that Google Chrome controls the file by using Type: technique, so that Google Chrome intelligently assist to users at file:/// level 12 alphanumeric ... ; IFF in ACT2 stage 2,3 dimensional space browsing, 3 * 3 * 3 * 3, and notice that one 3 has been hidden ... ; MS-DOS's dos key alike, WHICH means, by clicking on New Tab, and then Show full history ... , therefore, browser's Internet address bar's Internet addresses becomes hyperlinks with *.ico [risk no. 2 is graphic icon similarity, but Google solves Space concept by defining graphic ... ]... ; IFF WHEN BROWSER in Action, handshaking time period such as Working..., Identifying..., Connecting..., ... between browser and Network Adapter, between browser and ISP, [risk no. 3 is default Internet address might be wrong, but Google corrects defined variable, notice that Google solves risk no. 3 by reduce design concept, so no need to handshake ...]; IFF concerning a stand alone system, WHICH means without Network Adapter, without any network components, WHICH also means Machine Code Number only exists, installing Google Chrome may prompt e.g. http://www.google.com/support/installer/?hl=en&errorcode=0x80040801&extracode1=0x00000000&extracode2=0&app=%7B8A69D345-D564-463C-AFF1-A69D9E530F96%7D&guver= and notice that the Chrome intelligent system classifies ( 2 + ( 5 * 2 )) semiconductor source & A H V is beyond a Myanmar's knowledge, and if not online it calls Microsoft OS 's i explore as a shell ... ; IFF ACT3 \\25520\ Parallel Time testing, concerning file:// , compare \\Network Adapter . h t m by hyper linking from \\IT\Note\ Computer Science # Network , and then by hyper linking from \\IT\Note\Note . h t m, and notice that Windows IE prompts icon by file://, on the other hand inside the same OS, Google Chrome does not let user to bypass such file:// ... ; Therefore, Google Chrome is up to 12 alphanumeric intelligent system WHICH also solve online risks by offline design concept [ because online means machine code >> number in computing >> keyword to port number >> protocol >> certificate >> frame ... between < 2 computers > ... ]... therefore, a wild guest is ... << Google Chrome << might be bypassing all online ... ;IFF offline, defined explorer a.k.a. "1 session" cannot F5 [avoiding risk no. 1], because it is a 12 alphanumeric intelligent system [Remark: try to swap M S B 1 and 2 if with 26 alphanumeric W L A N with sample *.v e m, to do so, 1st P r t Sc Sys R q a.k.a. capturing a screen, and then paste into Paint and save as *.gif file, copy the file using USB ... ];2008: Fire fox browser, Intel Macintosh OS X; Fire fox browser, Linux OS; Fire fox browser, Macintosh OS v.9; Fire fox browser, PowerPC Macintosh OS X; Fire fox browser, Windows OS; Fire fox is by M o z i l l a Foundation, v.3 for Windows, English language, a M o z i l l a Internet browser, in 2008; By default, it prompts users to choose and search in Internet are icon e.g. Amazon .com, iconAnswers .com, iconCreative Commons, iconeBay, iconGoogle, iconYahoo, and iconWikipedia;2008: Flock browser, v.2 for Windows, EN language, a Netscape Internet browser; http://browser.netscape.com; Flock browser's Default Search Engine: are Amazon .com, Ask .com, Dig g, eBay, Google, Tech n o r a t i, W i k i p e d i a (en), Wink People, and Yahoo!;2008: IE browser, Internet Explorer, Windows OS, Microsoft; Also see: \Executable Application\Exe . h t m 's no COOKIE .exe; dotdotdot_browser1.GIF,            dotdotdot_browser2.GIF,dotdotdot_Favorites_browser3.GIF IFF IE version > v.5, and notice that 1 calls 2 vice versa 2 calls 1, and then so on... IFF USB port available a.k.a. Flash Drive; To do development, at least @1serial, 4parallel should be matched, used to be known as port, because at 1 time, 5 parameterized options are available ... , click on Open folder to view files will call and most likely to prompt to user browser2 with Favorites constraint; WHEN download, specified file becomes in hyper graphics, because notebook computers are designed for characters with colorful graphics a.k.a. "user friendly" ;IE, Macintosh OS v.9;2008: M o z i l l a browser, Linux OS; M o z i l l a browser, Macintosh OS v.9; M o z i l l a browser, PowerPC Macintosh OS X; M o z i l l a browser, Solaris OS; M o z i l l a browser, Windows OS; Also see: Firefox;2008: Netscape browser, Macintosh OS v.9; Netscape browser, Windows OS; For Windows, in 2008, also see: Flock Internet browser;2008: Opera browser, Intel Macintosh OS X;Opera browser, Macintosh OS v.9; Opera browser, PowerPC Macintosh OS X; Opera browser, Windows OS; Opera, Opera Software A S A, v.9.02, in 2008, without any OS, very fast Internet browsing, and prompted data are Windows NT 6.0; U; en; While batch processing l e n o v o notebook X61's BIOS, by hitting BIOS button [ blue button ], before logon to Windows, notice that Opera browser is also a 12 alphanumeric intelligent system which can browse, which also can save files into existing drives paths, which also can bypass Windows logon; However, concerning multimedia, due to device drivers, if not logon to Windows, user cannot perform multimedia; After logon to Windows, user can perform multimedia; Also see: Open S S L tool kit; IFF NOT logon to Windows OS, and necessary to browse Internet, Opera does very fast Internet browsing;2008: Remark on browsers, WHEN time considers online OR offline [ also see: C W, C C W, ... ], WHERE text can be executed [ also see: Type=Exe;, Type=Document, Type; = ], WHERE ... can be run [ also see: Searching for Content... ], WHERE OS brunches can be detected within 12 alphanumeric intelligent system [ also see: Google's Chrome, ... ], WHERE executable programs [ including global, local, network, ... ] are interfacing  ... ; Do research and development of Browser vs. Explorer; Depending on designers' concept diff [also see: _blank, _self, ... ; also see: __________ ], sometimes within the same browser window, user cannot use left arrow a k a user cannot browse previous page, and then remember to do Ctrl + click once, Ctrl + click twice, Ctrl + click 3 times fast, ... ;   IFF #SESSION concerns among browsers, 5gCellPhoneRedirectTo.htm is available to test whether 1 session or not, by clicking on image's mapped area WHICH is designed with absolute path, therefore parameterized call  _blank does once [a k a single inheritance in programming]... ;2008: Safari browser, Intel Macintosh OS X; Safari browser, Macintosh OS v.9;Safari browser, PowerPC Macintosh OS X; Safari browser, http://www.apple.com/safari/; Safari v.3, in 2008; Its default Internet search engines are Google, or Yahoo!;2008: Sea Monkey browser, Linux OS ;

2008; USB Flash Drive, hardware built-in 12 alphanumeric intelligent systems, beyond __________ ;IF offline XP, USB FD returns Control Panel;                        Pick a Category; IF Vista, SONY USB FD returns                        Hard Disk Drives (N);                        Network Location (N); IF Vista, Simple Tech USB FD returns "" to right pane, thus right pane prompts nothing; IF Vista, Simple Tech USB FD may run Searching for Content..., and then prompt browser as ... ;IFF language, also see: X H T M L;

2000 design model;

spamming toward left;

spamming toward right;

k y u h y a k u Nine Hundred; s e n h a c h i h y a k u One thousand and eight hundred; e.g.

( k y u h y a k u Nine Hundred : ( 900, 900, 900, 900), s e n h a c h i h y a k u One thousand and eight hundred : ( 1800, 1800, 1800, 1800)) e.g. dual band radio pattern ... ; Also see: Browser; Number; PHONE; Router;

Web Extension Logical; e.g.

108x108 Web Extension Logical;