; ; ; ; Updated in 2024 : March : 12th (Tuesday) : -time ;


; ; ; ; Updated on 12 : 3 : 2024 : time : Without energy map; Approx. 70+ times available to read;

timeframe; Timeframe; e.g.

( jikan-waku Timeframe, timeframe, timeframe, Timeframe, timeframe), also see: j Usage; Physics Law 100000; Radical693; t Character; -time; Time;

2566; 2022; design model; u a v, UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Manmade Global Weather) :

(For Day) i.e. from sunrise to sunset, other wording would be: from dawn to dusk (a.k.a. all day) ... ;

(For Night) i.e. from sunset to sunrise, other wording would be: from dusk to dawn (a.k.a. all night) ... ;

Also see: Time; -time;



soshin Send; Radical767;

jushin Receive; Radical417;

interval, period of time; Radical952;

Time; Time; Also see: Time;

Also see: Clock; -time; Time; Physics Law 154, clocks;


1 Arc minute UDNGS (color codes) marker; Also see: u G T S U;
1 Arc minute NGS (color codes) marker; Also see: n G T S U;
1 Arc minute C micro RNA marker; Also see: c G T S U;
1 Arc minute RNA marker; Also see: r G T S U;
1 Arc minute DNA marker; Also see: d G T S U;

approx. Time to penetrate 3,4 dimensional bio Physics; Also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;


Remark: ACT3 level imaginary hyperspace knowledge based and ( I, I, I, I) have  my own reasons, so don't change the "approx. Time to penetrate 3,4 dimensional bio Physics .GIF" file (left side is "Black Color" if compare to right side is "Dark Red Color" ); Also see: Time;


Available-time: Also know as up-time;


Binding-time: Time period of a procedure when adding, or subtracting component (s) to deploy the component (s) to become functional (by adding), or non-functional (by subtracting);


Bleeding time: Side effect by Thrombolytics;


Boot time: Not only in Operating Systems but also in Hardware; From the time period of turning a power on Hardware to the time period of Available-time Hardware AND/OR Software; In 1980s, and 1990s, there were 2 kinds of booting times such as cold boot power must be OFF, wait a moment, and then power ON again, and warm boot standard I/O keyboard's combination key for example hitting Ctrl + Alt + Del at 1 time;


after booting (Boot time), in common: load... , loaded... , loader... , loading... , ... ;

WHILE booting, in addition to BIOS, (logo, OEM, Trademark) are marked and read, And Then, OS (Operating System) prompts system number, And Then, devices (e.g. camera, idea processor, IoT, NFC, PC, smart device, ... ) ... ; if Boot time can define (Hello, Hi there!, OK, Yes) local system, warm boot a.k.a. (Alt + Ctrl + Del), as opposed to cold boot, And Then, the local systems initialize to be remote system e.g. cloud (BE, FE), Cloud machine, module, Virtual Machine (VM), and so on ... ; ((exist, EXIST), (not exist, NOT EXIST)) is all up-to-you, if you do good, good results will, ... ;


Cell phone time: in 2009, after testing Cell phone time [without energy map], u s a m y a n m a r .net gains wide bandwidth without higher dB noise; IFF gravity can be reduced, nowadays cell phones light can be seen ... otherwise unseen ... ; u s a m y a n m a r .net recommends GPS with USB, cell phone with USB, ... for testing ACT2 time, but a Myanmar's hyper-imaginary hyper-spacecraft still cannot SYN ... ;Remark: in Myanmar till 2009, to have a cell phone, 1500+ USD for a cell phone, and minutes use as monthly fees, with government's permit; in USA, till 2009, 2 years contract with monthly fees 65+ USD for a cell phone, and approx. 1000 minutes use for free, without government's permit; in Cambodia, in Singapore, in Thailand, ... , prepaid cell phones are available with smart cards ... , so c o m m u n i c a t i o n can be economy way ... ;


Charge-up-time: In n M O S pass transistor circuits, timing by a clock [without clock skew], soft node voltage's logic transfer to 1, assume that zero bias V t h threshold voltage is not used, variation of the n M O S pass transistor circuits voltage's charge-up-time can be realized; Also see: Fall-time;


Clock: Clock; 20x20 dimensional; Also see: this_DOMAIN_'s_position_Info_with_Timestamp; -time; Time;


Compile-time: Time period to compile a program’s source-codes; Time period to compile contents; Generally, source-codes must be compiled into machine readable codes in binary (i.e. bit); Because most computer machines can only be utilized/used in binary [Also see: bit]; [Nippon AI uses fuzzy logic; thus 1-one and 0-zero must be classified …]; u s a m y a n m a r .net AI Operator, using Calculator Key, as a result, compilation time might be faster ... ;


Computer clock time Natural time is out of a Myanmar's knowledge [ seek +3 knowledge for further scientific, especially for southeast Asian ]; Computer clock time might be a ratio of  photon sensor's energy which has been perceived as solar power just enough to transform as electro [not magnetic though] frequency, and then those electro which has been kept inside capacitance just enough to perform several frequencies as calculation process and then have enough power to prompt as output result by LED; i.e. within a clock cycle, solar power calculator prompts square root of 2 as 1.414... ; Also see: Synchronization difficulties between 2 clocks for future scientists ... ;


Connected-time: Windows Server 2003 MMC2 v.5's System _Tool >> Shared _Folder >> Session;


ctime(parameters): To convert time value to string [A E S/OS in C language];


Cycle-time: Microsoft usage: Cycle-time = (RAM’s access time) – (earliest time a new access occurs); “roughly speaking, it may be charging time period of capacitances   ;


Cycle Time: Microsoft usage, [MSDN magazine; Dec. 2007]: the time period between editing code and testing code;


DATE, a command ... ; using multi time lines universally on 1 surface IFF DEE gravity spots exist ... ;


2565; 03/15/2022; As of 2023, eliminating "2-times-a-year" changing of Daylight Saving Time, (USA, United States of America), changing of clocks (

moving forward 1 hour in spring,
moving backward 1 hour in fall

); Remark: in USA, approx. 100+ years of Daylight Saving Time, ended in 2023;


Deferral-time: Every each collision, C S M A/CD tries to retransmit; the time period before retransmitting is called deferral-time;


Delay-time: Hardware usage; Circuit's performance can be judged by its delay-time , logic at V t h [VT], power consumption, and etc.; Also see: Laser trigger;


Delay time: In Smart C O D E C Spec., 2~3 ms to do compression of images, decompression of images as delay time; Therefore, compression time, and decompression time are delay times;


Design Time: In software engineering, design, and then function, and then coding, and then testing, and then documentation; In hardware engineering, design, and then photo-etching, and then pin and adder assembly, and then packaging; Thus, time period of doing design works is called design time;


e.g. in FrontPage, in software >> \\Info\Number\Number.htm >> R. click >> Page Properties... >> Advanced >> Design time control scripting >> Platform: Server: Client: have been designed, Platform : Client (IE 4.0 D HTML)   Server : VB Script   Client : Java Script, and notice that Platform :'s options are Client (IE 4.0 D HTML), Server (ASP), ... , Server : 's options are VBScript, JavaScript, ... , Client: 's options are JavaScript, VBScript, ... ;  


Detection Time: Also see: Single photon per pulse; Optical fiber medium measurement; Quantum encryption;


difftime(parameters)A E S/OS process handling in C language;


Disk-access-time: For drive’s performance measurement: Time period to locate a track of disk/disc by its drive’s read/write head;


Down-time: Time period of a computer system which is not being functional and not being available to use; opposite of up-time;


Electron injection time = memory cell programming time: Less than 10µs; Faster than traditional tunneled programming method; Use in hot electron injection programming; Also see: Hitachi's AG-AND flash memory;


Execution-time: Execution time is measured in the computer-internal-timer’s clock ticks; Instructions are fetched from memory to processor for decoding the instruction’s mnemonics (also called op-codes) and then for executing according to the mnemonics; Execution-time =  (time for decoding)  +  (time for executing) ; 


Face-time: Microsoft usage: dealing time period in person (face to face);


Fall-time: In n M O S pass transistor circuits, timing by a clock [without clock skew], soft node voltage's logic transfer to 0, assume that zero bias V t h threshold voltage is not used, variation of the n M O S pass transistor circuits voltage's fall-time can be realized; Also see: Charge-up-time;


Fetch-time: Also known as instruction-time;


gmtime(parameters): To convert time to U T C time, A E S/OS process handling in C language;


Gravitational graviton anti-graviton time: Out of a Myanmar's knowledge; 1st to understand Natural time, ... ; 2nd to understand 3-to-1, 3-in-1 concept, 4 Planet Prediction, Parallel Time, still in ACT 2, and ACT 3 stages, author's imaginary time, and then might be timeless? , might be Time . Space . Action , ... ;

Idle-time: Windows Server 2003 MMC2 v.5's System _Tool>>Shared _Folder>>Session;

Incubation-time: Also see: PHYSICS, law 145, Incubation Period, ... ;

Instruction-time: Instruction-time is measured in the computer-internal-timer’s clock ticks; Time period, numbers of clock ticks, for retrieving one instruction from memory; Microsoft usage: Instruction-time is also known as I-time; Also see: Instruction Segment;

JUN time, , ACT2 time and ACT3 time, in addition to 4 planet prediction, must calculate Japanese katakana language style 10 days, a period of time, for both full moon day and no moon day, and neither full moon day nor no moon day;   In ACT3 stage, JUN time vs. mathematical inconsistency must be researched and developed, to do so, 1st to understand 3 dots in our universe besides 4 planet prediction, 2nd to understand Time . Space's number 3, 3rd to understand mathematical inconsistency vs. Jun time in 24mm natural time, ... ; After understanding JUN time, and then time to develop parallel time ... ;


Just-in-time: Just-in-time, J I T, an inventory system which demotes costs, and promotes productivity; Originally developed by Japanese, “Kanban” in Japanese;

Link-time: Time period for linking a program;

localtime(parameters): To convert time to local time, A E S/OS process handling in C language;

mktime(parameters): Make time is to convert time to the time since Epoch , A E S/OS process handling in C language;

Natural time, also see: computer clock time; In natural time, in ACT1 stage, without sand, without spring & momentum, without battery, the natural time should be a standard measurement from solar power energy [to understand solar powder, photon sensor, light sensor, 1st to understand CdS, ... , and then 2nd to understand light receiving and light emitting, and then 3rd to understand crystal, nano crystal [beyond f e r r o Fe2O3... i.e. TiO2, ZrO2, ... ] and then 4th to understand crystallization, OSC oscillation, time slicing, 4 planet prediction in lunar calendar, and then do yourself ACT1 stage natural time, ... ] into CK clock ticks such as p s, ns, ms, s second, ... ; However, due to ACT1 stage's heterodyning effect, electro magnetic field effect, sea-level graviton & anti-graviton effect, the natural time might be at risk in ACT2, and ACT3 stages ... ; u s a m y a n m a r .net recommends to print out 24 mm table to do 24 mm design also ... , Eastern Thought's design time . design space . design action, for space, 5 elements must be understood as Space; Natural time vs. Kinetic energy, also see: Takara's swaying plant toy; also see: ri distance;


Parallel Time: this DOMAIN 's imaginary time, after 4 planet prediction, in ACT2 stages, WHEN analyzing 3-to-1 dimension vs. parallel time, WHERE pairs of sticks are going to be categorized into "a pair of sand stone planets as 1 time", and "a pair of diamond planet and water planet as another 1 time", and synchronizing those 2 times might be called Parallel Time ... ; In 2007, after 108 configuration, parallel time has been shifted from 2,3,7,10,22,23,24 to 2,3,7,10,24,108,... for ACT3 stage testing ...,1st to understand 3 * 3 * 3 * 3, 2nd to understand 108, 3rd to develop ACT3 stage parallel time shifts by 108 configuration ... therefore 22/7 is no longer valid in ACT2 and ACT3 stage; 4th to understand GPS in 2 * 5 0; 5th to develop Hyperspace Parallel Universe Positioning System Synchronization by using Parallel Time; IFF SYNC Lunar vs. JUN is in 2*5, 2*6, 2*7, also see: 10,7,10 vs. 7,10,7   WHERE   numerological dimensional Heavenly Wheel Topology has been applied;


Remark: since 2016/2560, stop testing Parallel Time in ACT3 space; because NOT necessary; nearby moons (e.g. green to blue, blue to green) is OK; regarding distance, using yellowish variations in mm as distance;

Partial t h r o m b o p l a s t i n time: Medical laboratory result in second [i.e. 30 sec at N 24 - 36];


Personal: 2563; 2020; CITIZEN (Eco-Drive, SATELLITE WAVE GPS), ANTIMAG.4800, 921051658, F150-S117402, GN-4W-S ( 6G), ... , i.e. this DOMAIN developer Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) 's Personal (band, Clock, GPS, Satellite, -time, Time, Wireless Antenna), ... ; Remark: if you're a web developer WHO needs (Satellite Band (hydrogen), Satellite Band (Nitrogen), Satellite Band (Oxygen)), this DOMAIN recommends CITIZEN (Eco-Drive, SATELLITE WAVE GPS) is a must to have e.g. IoT, NFC, ... ; Remark: if this DOMAIN installed, you should change your own number regarding anti magnetic space environment (our earth) e.g. ANTI M A G.????, ?????????, ????-???????, ??-??-? (?G), ... ;


Photo etching time: In hardware engineering, after design time; A period of time to remove O2; After removing O2, Si provides electron-flow; However, SiO2 based semiconductor technology is no longer a solution for low energy consumption because 0.25W limitation by SiO2;


Point-in-time: Oracle's usage; Point-in-time recovery of database system by using S C N, System Change Number;


Propagation time: The propagation time is used in space engineering; When satellites and orbiter machines telecommunicate among each others, or telecommunicate between ground station and their current trajectory location, signal in telecommunication must travel through space; The time period of the signal travels in space; Basic clocks have not engineered with energy maps and heterodyned indexes; All clocks must be re-designed for space BMD, and space BMI;


Pro thrombin time: Medical laboratory result in second [i.e. 40 sec at N 11 - 15];


QuickTime: A software, developed by Apple; QuickTime provides users to create, edit, publish, and view multimedia contents; QuickTime supports 2D 3D graphics, animation, MIDI, music, sound, text, and virtual reality; a part of MPEG-4;


real-time i.e. actual time of 1 event;
real-time i.e. actual time of 1 process;

Manmade Global Weather,

WHEN rescuing defined regional environment :
for long period of time, using (day, week, month, year) ... ;
for short period of time, using (second, minute, hour) ... ;
Manmade Global Weather, at this present for long period of time;
Manmade Global Weather, at this present for short period of time;
"Real-time" ... ;

((limited time, limited time only) e.g. WHEN category 4+ storm (appears, exists, happens) naturally, we need to be using Manmade Global Weather (limited time only) to do (e.g. define, defining, focus, focusing, map, mapping, ... ) the storm name, then after the storm can be avoided, we need to re-edit the Manmade Global Weather 's (definition, keyword, image, pattern, ... ), therefore, (limited time, limited time only) ... ; (limited time, limited time only) is similar to Real-time, but (limited time, limited time only) should be by hours and next few days;

(limited time, limited time only) e.g. WHEN volcanic eruption is almost to be happening naturally, we need to be using Manmade Global Weather (limited time only) to do (e.g. define, defining, focus, focusing, map, mapping, ... ) the volcano's name, then after the possible volcanic eruption can be avoided, we need to re-edit the Manmade Global Weather 's (definition, keyword, image, pattern, ... ), therefore, (limited time, limited time only) ... ; (limited time, limited time only) is similar to Real-time, but (limited time, limited time only) should be by hours and next few days), also see: Time;


next few seconds; Real-time: In some systems, within a time constraint, an execution must be done, or a transaction must be committed, or a condition must be processed; Such system with time constraint is called real-time system; Also see: real-time 3D M HD simulation / NEC;


flow of real time communication, also see: Cloud;

because of Cloud computing, users like to have more time period e.g. work flow time period, e.g. Number hour, e.g. Number minute, ... ; and notice that more time period means more money, e.g. 5 hours of Satellite DNS System time period would be worth 5 billions US dollar;


IFF airplane's flying take off real time system, airplane's landing touch down real time system, 1st to understand flip-flop, 2nd to understand gravity spots by DEE, 3rd to develop, engineer, simulate future's (defined gravity spots) incoming "flying automotives" i.e. elevating balancing real time system ... by using gravity dimension computer ... ;


Neither 1 nor 0 is 2. Develop 3;

Artificial Intelligence (SQRT2) only for basic understanding ... ;


(i.e. Real - Time Operating System);


next few seconds; WHILE kuru kuru in kinetic, e.g. (on drive) car, (on flight) airplane, (on track) train, (on the road) truck, ... ;


i R T B C A, i Real Time Bio Cell Analyzer, also see: Physics Law 145 Incubation Period, ... ;

sharing real-time (also see: -time) locations ... ;

Real-time molecular biological; e.g.

Anti Virus;

Real-time molecular biological (Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) a.k.a. PCR test),
using (amplification, a m p l i f i e d, amplify) segments of DNA,
WHICH can detect 1 viral genome, from (section of selected DNA, section of selected RNA),
And Then, can indicate vector (e.g. negative to the vector, e.g. positive to the vector);
(indicate, indicated, indicating) PCR test whether positive COVID-19, or negative COVID-19;

Real-time Protein watching ... ;


Remark: Toshiba invented multi systems, since 1980s approx. ;

Reel Time: application, graphic tool indexes history of recently view ... , programmed by TOSHIBA; Win7; Transparency animated bar with icons, options are Everything, Document, Photos, Videos, ... ; If mouse focus on icon, tool tip prompts transparency (DOS) open with i.e. I M E style automatic file filtering ... ; Reel Time (icon) represents ACT2 space idea i.e. 2 identical DEE are 90° to each other to prompt 1 DEE, with gray scale background ... ; Also see: Even Time Horizontal DEE; In Reel Time, DEE might be 180/2, and 270 to 1 way DEE i.e. our location in universe;


Rendering time: A calculating time period to prompt graphics image by rendering onto a display; After rendering, graphics image prompts and then capture the image to print, to save, to edit, ... ;


Response-time: Response-time (time period) = (Time when the data is furnished by either physical memory or virtual memory) - (Time when data is requested by CPU);

In 2004, this time becomes a primary factor of grid-computing;  

In 2004, SONY O LED 's response time is 0.01 milli sec at 25˙C, in displays, time period to prompt to perceive in vision along with temperature T constraint;

In 2007, Fujitsu performs 2 seconds global online transactions, also see: *tier, Server;


Retention-time: Retention time of twin cell array is 3 times longer than single cell array in memories;



capacitance run; directional gravity pressure run; inductance run; SPL run; yellowish variation run; ... ;

Run-time: Run-time (time period) = (Time when software-program is ended) - (Time when software-program is started); commonly, the time while a program is being run is called the program’s run-time;

. . .      
local host run time . . .      


directional gravity pressure run, i.e. this DOMAIN 's Gravity Dimension Computer system ... ; Run-time;

reversed yellowish variation run, and yellowish variation run are for ACT3 imaginary hyper space crafts ... ; Run-time;

SPL run, e.g. sound pattern based definitions ... ; Run-time;


Seek-time: For drive’s performance measurement: Time period to move drive’s read/write head to a specific-location (sector) of a disk/disc; In 2005, 32 instructions N C Q hard disk's seek time = 1.5ms; also see: positioning;


Settling-time: In burst mode, I/O control moves read/write head; the time period which takes to stabilize the read/write head on new allocated space of disk/disc;


Shift-time: Also see: Testing time / test-pattern;


slow-down-time period; slow-down-time period;

well trained kids! wrote: WHAT is "slow-down-time" period sir ? we've never heard of it before, and there is no such definition for "slow-down-time" period in our text books sir; Can you explain a little bit more please ?

i , me , me wrote : 1st to understand USB (1 light stick (approx. 32+ years old info, as of 2018/2561) and it has been worth billions and billions of dollars) AND its architectural design e.g. HOW to spell "light" As Keyword in Kanji would be: light; Radical400; e.g. Directional Gravity Pressure way of refreshing its screen's diagonal size in mm (millimeter); 2nd to understand that your text books might be somehow related to "Big Bang" theory of Western Civilization, and you should notice and realize that this DOMAIN 's contents are more likely to be referring to Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization e.g. BLI (Body Length Index), e.g. DEE, e.g. human beings livable moons, e.g. SPL (Sound Pressure Level), e.g. variable DEE patterns, e.g. yellowish variations, ... ; 3rd, we're very very very smart (Wow! including ACT1, ACT2, ACT3, and explanation of many ways ... ), so, we've adjusted ( second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, 10 years (decade), 100 years (century), 1000 years (millennium)) to civilizations; after understanding (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) 123, slow-down-time period definition would be: any given screen (e.g. ZCS), if its length (a.k.a. displacement) diagonally measured in mm, one screen full (e.g. from-left-to-right, from-right-to-left, from-top-to-bottom, ... ) of time period should be called 1 second; Do you understand very well now, regarding slow-down-time period ?

well trained kids! replied: yes, we understand very well, thank you; we invented DEE sensor via ZCS screen long long ago sir, but we did not write web page like you're ... ; please develop Wall Method sir;

i , me , me wrote : I've never been wondering WHY media companies are buying & installing the latest big & huge screen for company's high bandwidth, rate, services, and etc. and, I'm OK, YES to it i.e. media companies are buying & installing the latest big & huge screen for company's high bandwidth, rate, services, and etc. If you (well trained kids!) still don't understand this explanation, I'll say attahi attano nahto in Pali (in English: you're on your own, if you do good kharma, good results will ... ) ... ; Remark: me too e.g. I've been developing this DOMAIN 's contents by my Toshiba Satellite laptop computer with screen size 17.3" (i.e. in USA, available the biggest screen size I can effort, regarding laptop ZCS, and nowadays' 15.6" is very common in USA (as of 2018/2561)) for several years already; Oh! Oh! I've done with 3 memristor (s) design for (plus, minus) a.k.a. ±98 (e.g. SQRT2 based DVD design); May I ask you a very simple question e.g. how many memristor (s) do you have in your computer (I hope and wish that Toshiba engineers did not do structural memristor design on keyboard for directional purpose), and may I know what is your screen (ZCS) 's diagonal length (a.k.a. displacement) ? another very simple question would be: HOW many layers do you compute for your computing ? if you said flip-flop (binary), I would say Um! 1980s ... ; if you said piano keys in sound patterns, Um! I would say SPL; if you said 3 light sticks (USB3) as instructions, Um! I would say 0mm yellowish variation (Um! getting old and forgetting edges of the light sticks, doko WHERE micro SD structural design begins); and so on, you're on your own ... ; Also see: Display;

slow-down-time period;

slow-down-time period is recommended in imaginary hyper space systems, because, slow-down-time period to do Synchronization to get connected (i.e. Internet);

in 2,3 dimensional space, slow-down-time period to do Synchronization;

in 3,4 dimensional space, slow-down-time period to do Synchronization;


Space-time: In the Einstein's relativity theory, the bending amount of space AND time was determined by the amount of matter AND energy which it contained [Parallel Worlds; M i c h i o K a k u; 2004]; According to relativity, thus, the more bending of space-time, the larger the star is, vice versa , the larger the star is, the more bending of space-time;


SpectrumTime also see: Anti Virus .htm;


Splash Time, R e n e s a s Flash Programmer, i.e. RFP's system startup parameter; IFF ( iroColourWaveForm) blue color, navy color, ... ; 2012/2555 R E N E S A S RL78/G13 Promotion Board; also see: phase;


Standby-time: A time period of when CPU does not access memory; Also see: in 2004, world lowest standby-time current from Hitachi's 25mA/Mb;


Step-rate-time: Time period to move a disk arm (where read/write head is located) among tracks (from one track to the next track);


strftime(parameters): A E S/OS process handling in C language; To convert data and time into string;


Suitable time Unsuitable time: 1st to read Buddha\Book\Abhidhamma in Daily Life, and the most important WHEN; 2nd to read 4 planets prediction, and hyper plane hyper space WHERE; 3rd to understand particles and gravitational on WHICH, and HOW naturally ... ;


Synchronization-time: In networked application systems, before-and-after B D C s and P D C s are been replicated, but in a grid: updates, backups, replications, ... , cannot be done simultaneously, therefore synchronization is needed to data-refresh; Time period of synchronizing between client and server to do data-refresh; Synchronization-time should take less than 1 minute, otherwise manually STOP each synchronization; Note: if IE refreshing [F5 function key] takes forever, do not forget to do synchronization;


System-time: Operating system’s time WHICH has been set by user; Without operating system, C M O S ’s time values are kept alive by battery, so that system time is not volatile; e.g. SHARP system time is 24 hour format as h r : m i n : s e c ; Also see: clock basic; If distribution of system time stamp [e.g.  /idlist,501:1510, ] exists in Intranet, also see security; Do not confuse between system time and system time stamp because ... ; Also see: timestamp;


Test-time: In hardware engineering, combinational circuits are tested by deterministic procedures. Time period to test an algorithm [i.e. D-algorithm, FAN, P O D E M, ... ] is called test time; Also see: Test time / test-pattern;


Thrombin time: Coagulation;


time-lapse, e.g. time-lapse (method, technique), e.g. time-lapse photography (frequency at film frame), ... ;


timeline; Also see: Clock; Physics Law 154; -time; Time; x Character; x G T S U;


time(parameters): A E S/OS process handling in C language;


times(parameters): To get process in wait state [no wait state in Thread v s Multithreaded CPU] to precede as child process time; A E S/OS process handling in C language;


NMR (timing of the applied ones (R F (Radio Frequency) pulse, R F (Radio Frequency) readout signal)) kuru kuru WHILE measuring M R I (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) medical device, medical equipment, medical instrument, ... ; Also see: Physics Law 146, NMR;


Transfer-time: Transfer-time (Time period) = (Time when data transfer is ended) – (Time when data transfer is started);


Turnaround-time: Turnaround-time (Time period) = (Time when job is completed) – (Time when job is submitted); However it is defined differently in communication: while communicating, half duplex mode provides only one direction at one time; the time period of reversing the direction of the half duplex mode is also called turnaround-time; In 2007, Reduce TAT, by NEC's C B I C;


Twisted time, developed by u s a m y a n m a r .net for ACT2 stage because fuzzy set { ... of semi-dynamic, static, and dynamic systems must be developed; WHY naturally blooming, 1st to understand 4 planet prediction, 2nd time & lunar gravitational, 3rd to understand cracks in symmetrical, 4th dimensional hyperspace, a Myanmar in theoretical way ... ; This twisted-time can be used/deployed in genetic engineering, i.e. gravitational diff between no-moon-day and full-moon-day, time diff in 3-in-1 dimensional in hyperspace, parallel time failure in very very very far away in distance, ... ; Twisted-time might be one of the causes to crack in symmetrical ... ; Thermal EMF = Drift, in electronic engineering might also be related to Twisted-time ... , notice the EM variation diff on lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, ... ;  


Up-time: Time period of a computer system which is being functional and available to use; opposite of down-time; In 2004, grid-computing provides almost 100% Up-time;


utime(): To set file access and time modification; A E S/OS file handling in C language;


utime.h: A header file of A E S/OS file handling in C language; [*.h];


water clock: 1st to understand 24mm natural time, and then solar clock can be engineered, and then fuel injector must be understood, and then water clock, a part of DEE, dark energy engineering, in ACT2 and ACT3 ... ; IFF time with energy map, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement; Also see: 4 planet prediction; Clock; Lunar _time 2 * 7, 1 * 12, ... in ACT2 stage vs. JUN _time 1 * 10, 2 * 5, 3 * 10, 52 * 10 ... in ACT3 stage; Second; Time . Space; The most difficult task/job/duty/work ... is engineering time because Eastern Thought conceptual Time . Space . Action's all actions must be understood, and then all spaces must be realized, and then start thinking of 5W1H to do time, if a Myanmar says 22 is ACT 1 stage's time according to thousands years lunar calendar, it might not be a complete one in ACT 2, 3, stages ... i.e. in ACT 2 stage, 1 pair of planets might be having 1 unique time, on the other hand another 1 pair of water planet & diamond planet might be having 1 unique time, and a Myanmar still cannot find the missing stick yet, and the missing stick might be able to find out in ACT 3 stage after analyzing all dark energies density in our universe ...  ; Therefore, all possible time* have been collected in this www page ... ;