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Analog Clock;

Bio Clock;

digital clock e.g. digital style; if "focus" And Then "ring" (cursor, mouse) is captured; IT \ Executable Application \ 時 Time Ticks . exe ; visible "second" is advantage, for local (10) system time, for system programmer, ... ;

transportable _Atomic _Clock (1 way DEE, atom timekeeping, our earth, portable, time zone) ... ; 98_jutenFilling_roll-able_centric;

well trained kids! I've a quiz i.e. among 10000+ items in this DOMAIN, I like to be using only 1 picture, to be clocking for our imaginary hyper space crafts in our universes, so WHICH one would you like to choose, and WHY?

well trained kids! replied: Umm! thinking ... ;

I wrote: OK. take your time and I'll give you 1 week to think for answering my quiz;


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