; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : December : 16 (Friday) : Updated : Clock ;

; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : 12 : 16 : Updated : Clock ;

2566; 2022; 5D e.g. ( 5D Aqua for our earth only, 5D Navy for far away distance in our universe (Distance from our earth), 5D Yellow for (2 Sun) refreshing together, on the 2 Sun planet, 5D Red for either non-heterodyning or the defined (special) environments), also see: Water Clock;

2566; 07/04/2022; Independence Day of USA (United States of America); Water Clock R&D note; 

2565; 03/15/2022; As of 2023, eliminating "2-times-a-year" changing of Daylight Saving Time, (USA, United States of America), changing of clocks (

moving forward 1 hour in spring,
moving backward 1 hour in fall

); Remark: in USA, approx. 100+ years of Daylight Saving Time, ended in 2023;

2565; 2021; design model; Navy Silver Pressure PCB _Holes;

well trained kids! replied: WHY did you draw 2 spots are NOT horizontally align sir?

I wrote: Also see: Clock; Energy & Geometry; Physics Law 154; Physics Law 140; Schematic Light; before understanding "Navy Silver Pressure PCB _Holes," (2 second, 4 second) are adjusted by , because in ACT2 and ACT3 imaginary hyper space straight lines must be adjusted, e.g. our solar system as a secant of our universe ... Remark: 2 holes at the Printed Circuit Board (PCB), doko WHERE pressure is defined by iroColourWaveForm (Navy, Silver) ... ; think THAT our universe's naturally comets are the longest straight lines, on the other hand, regarding Manmade (multi long length neutrino laser), straight lines are much shorter than (our universe's naturally comets are); because of wormhole way (Comet, Rainbow, Wall) method, procedure, and technique, any illegal missile can be shot-down, any illegal moving military vehicle can be shot-down;


2565; 2021; Modeled HTML executable Analog Clock ... ; Remark: might not be working with all kinds of Browser;

98_jutenFilling_roll-able_centric, also see: Physics Law 140, ... ;

Also see: Clock; -time; Time; Physics Law 154, clocks;

astronomical Clock : perfect timing, position of the sun, position of the moon, (ratio of distance around the circle to the distance across it, also see: Pi), rotational tilt of the planet (e.g. daylight saving time), zodiac dial, ... ;

transportable _Atomic _Clock, also see: PHYSICS;

2563; 2020; CITIZEN (Eco-Drive, SATELLITE WAVE GPS), ANTIMAG.4800, 921051658, F150-S117402, GN-4W-S ( 6G), ... , i.e. this DOMAIN developer Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) 's Personal (band, Clock, GPS, Satellite, -time, Time, Wireless Antenna), ... ; Remark: if you're a web developer WHO needs (Satellite Band (hydrogen), Satellite Band (Nitrogen), Satellite Band (Oxygen)), this DOMAIN recommends CITIZEN (Eco-Drive, SATELLITE WAVE GPS) is a must to have e.g. IoT, NFC, ... ; Remark: if this DOMAIN installed, you should change your own number regarding anti magnetic space environment (our earth) e.g. ANTIMAG.????, ?????????, ????-???????, ??-??-? (?G), ... ;

2563 : 2020 design Model (this DOMAIN, Gravity Dimension Computer) : ( Download Speed, Upload Speed), using 4 ro (process, processing, Processor), 2 clocks (Aqua Clock, White Clock) ... ;

Analog Clock, also see: Schematic Symbols;

around-the-clock (electrical potentials), also see: Electricity Power Plug; Fusion; Laser;

Beyond 24mm Natural Time analog clock tic tic tic ... , common digital clocks are 24mm, 12mm, 6mm, 3mm, ... ; Because distance must be NOT variable WHILE system is91 on65 with5928 multiplier ... ;

Bias exist, IFF variable (     system) ... ; adjust THIS Bias, by27 Using ... ;

Bio Clock vs. Life Span , also
see : gene therapy ;      
    Gene ; Space Gene ;        

CASIO ... ;


net CITIZEN ... ;

Clock a.k.a. CK; Clock is91 the most difficult in95 engineering, because all times rely on65 clock;

Clock wise           clock
Counter clock wise           clock

Device, Using the285 Clock, almost every device, Using the285 Clock;

Digital; Digital; Digital; Digital; Digital; Digital;

FN _CK, functional clock; IN _CK, internal clock;

1??1G, also see: Bus Connector and Port; Schematic Symbols;

K for669 temperature constraint IFF CK;

H topology is91 commonly used, WHICH SYNC device♯'s clock to26 device♯'s clock;

HOW H topology works is91 THAT IFF Left side of66 H (     ;      ;      ) device♯'s Clock, and then Right side of66 H (     ) device♯'s Clock, vice and versa a.k.a. vs., IFF THIS Right side of66 H (     ;      ;      ), and then Left side of66 H (     ) ... ;

IFF (CALCULATOR ( CLOCK) ... <> DICTIONARY (CLOCK) ... ) Using to26 SYNC ... ;

lock, also see:

IFF b lock, block, block;
IFF c lock, c
lock, clock;
IFF f lock, flock, flock;
IFF un lock, unlock, unlock;

unlock, also see: \Desktop\serial\unlock\ ... ;

IFF Executable Application, also see: 24mm Natural Time Clock; Exe.htm;

Multiplier: Using (♯     man; ♯     sen) Speed ... ;

Router: IFF ACT2, NOT route ... ;
Router: IFF ACT3, NOT route ... ;

1 Time Machine In Loop, i.e. multi time lines ... , artificial intelligence ( 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 24mm) for each clock ... ; 1999;

Nippon Standard, i.e. milli bar for measuring units ... ;

e.g. 1 second clock tic tic tic as sound pattern (i.e. normal sound pattern) in our earth ... ;

(i.e. Real - Time Operating System);

Router, IFF ACT1, router;

Quality system, IFF system is91 NOT Bias;

Quality system, IFF system is91 NOT Skew;

SANYO world clock ... ;

SEIKO ... ;

Shakya (DEE) : e.g. CCW _Shakya; e.g. CW _Shakya;

Skew exist, IFF variable(     Resistance) WHILE on65 ... ; adjust THIS Resistance, by27 Using ... ;

Solar powered DEE lines are 1 time machine alike, WHICH means all hardware must obey the solar powered DEE lines' distance, e.g. 24mm Natural Time, 12mm, 6mm, 3mm, ... ;

SONY Time Zone ... ;

this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper dimensional space craft WHICH went very very far away in95 distance ... , Using IC28 by27 3,4 dimensional to26 TP5 to26 1㈰ Sun WHERE 2,3 dimensional is91 on65, for669 SYNC (JUN _time; Lunar _Time) ... ;

timeline; Also see: Clock; Physics Law 154; -time; Time; x Character; xGTSU;

Timer vs. Clock: doko WHERE Timer counts clock tic tic tic ... in95 quantity; Using THAT IFF Timer ... ;

variable (K) IFF     C K ... ;

WHEN (clock) ... , WHERE (ACT1 or ACT2 or ACT3) ... , WHAT (variable K; variable Speed) ... , WHICH (specific data; specific control) ... , WHO (device user) ... ; HOW (2*5 JUN_time clock; 2*7 Lunar_Time clock) working ... ; so called 5W1H of Parallel Time ( Clock) ... ;