Last updated on 2017/2561 10 5, a full moon day;     F     f;     fCharacter;     Also see: f Usage;

face; face guard; Radical212;

face     face        face

face toward

facsimile      facsimile      facsimile      also see: fax;

fact     facts

factor      factor      factor      factor

factory worker; Radical57;


failure      failure

(a.k.a. error)

faith      faith and confidence

fall     fell     fallen

fame; musical note; report; Radical215;

gain or loss, fame or defame, praise or blame, and pleasure or pain; Also see: mature knowledge;

family      family      family     family

family; family ;

family name      family name

also see: name;


fan blade; Radical160;

fare a.k.a. fee;


farm family

fast; finally; follow; here; relate; self; Radical164;

fast      fast      fast      fast      fast

FAST, Fast Aperture Spherical radio Telescope, the largest telescope on our earth, 500 meter aperture spherical telescope, also see: Satellite;


fat      FAT      FAT

fate      fate

father; Radical110;

grand father; grand great father;

coexistence, also see: mother;

faucet      faucet

favorite      favourite

fax      fax      fax      also see: facsimile;


feather; Radical160;

feather stick; Radical6;

face; features; mask; surface; Radical212;

2      February     ;

fee a.k.a. wages


feed     fed     fed

feel     felt     felt

female; woman; Radical45;

female      female     

coexistence, also see: male;

fence; wall; Radical381;

FENG SHUI, Chinese's traditional wisdom regarding health, happiness, wealth, ... ; e.g. fortune symbols: crane, elephant, ... ; e.g. goddess of mercy Kuan Yin; e.g. I Ching (book of changes) mythical antiquity written by Fu Hsi (4500+ years old document, Chou Dynasty, 1150-249 B.C., 64 hexagrams); e.g. important structural doorways, entrances, ... ; e.g. Kua numbers and birth year (also see year-signs: zodiac), Kua numbers and locations ... ; e.g. Lo Shu magic square; e.g. mindfulness chi, ... ; e.g. protection symbols: lion, turtle, ... ; strength symbols: dragon, ... ; e.g. Ying and Yang symbol inside 8 sided Pa Kua compass, Luo Pan compass, ... ;

WHEN do we need Feng Shui? if you think that you're in bad luck, do FENG SHUI to be out of trouble ... , if you think that you need more good luck, do FENG SHUI to be fortunate, to be protected, ... ;


festival car; float; Radical84;

festival float e.g. mounted with decorative halberd; Radical54;


few weeks later

fiction writer

cultivated rice field , also see: Numerological7;

field      field      field

field , also see: oscillation ; vibration

field of medicine

field of medicine (means);

rice field; paddy field; Radical131;

fifteen = 15 = XV;

fifty = 50 = L

fifties = 50 ~ 59;

broken gate; fight; fighting; Radical227;

fight      fought     fought




art; decoration; figures; literacy radical; literature; plan; sentence; style; Radical89;



File server      File server;

fill      fill

film      film

filter      filter

fast; finally; follow; here; relate; self; Radical164, also see: Radicals;


find     found     found






fire      fire      fire

5 elements in your life;

firing from job; Radical220;

e.g. to reduce forest fire , also see: 2fComputer;


first; foremost; Radical1;

1st;     1st     a.k.a. first;     first      1st (first);

A grade; armor; carapace; first class; former; instep; Radical256;

fish      fish

fish; Radical233, also see: Radicals;

conceal; fishhook; hidden; minute; mysterious; secret; small; Radical287;

duplicate; fishhook; latter (the second mentioned); quaint; queer; strange; witty; Radical5;

fit (put together);

five; Radical122, also see: Radicals;

five      five 5     goFive


fix      fix

flag      flag




form flash

flat      flat



flax; hemp; numb; Radical237, also see: Radicals;

flee     fled     fled

flesh; meat; Radical165;


flex      flex

flight      flight      flight

fling     flung     flung


festival car; float; Radical84, also see: Radicals;


flock e.g. birds together (cluster);

flood      flood

this DOMAIN (Satellite DNS System) Manmade Global Weather (directional gravity, gravity spots) keep normal water level i.e. to avoid flood;


fly; scatter; Radical218, also see: Radicals;

fly      flew     flown

flying      flying

to fly;

to take a flight (i.e. aviation);

fly (insect);  if you're having many flies in backyard at home, growing roses and place garbage cans next to the roses, and flies (insects) will be gone; if you're having many flies in a factory with canteen, growing roses in designated area will naturally repel insects flies ... ;

enemy; foe ; opponent; also see: Anti Virus;



follow      follow

fast; finally; follow; here; relate; self; Radical164;


font      font      Font

eat; food; Radical219;




Radical190, also see: Radicals;

for      for

for example, e.g. ...

for the first time; not until ; Also see: Numerological7;

forbid     forbade     forbad     forbidden


force      force

by force

forefront (Also see: Directions);



first; foremost; Radical1, also see: Radicals;




best case, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 234, 5+ Centuries of Brain; e.g. maintaining the iroColourWaveForm (color) to be white, or yellowish as protein color ... ;

WHY do you use "blue highlight" with "green color" font sir ? Well trained kids ! since our universe (there is no plural here) is like that ... , e.g. male's worlds whether you like it or not, so you should NOT betray mankind ... , e.g. kings, e.g. military generals, e.g. monks, ... ; if you're female, and dare enough to challenge this statement, start with your own formula, And Then, you'll realize HOW hard works are (e.g. creating 1 formula) ... ;

worst case, e.g. after grinding by using grinder (i.e. human being's brain) And Then, put it back to the body, And Then, using this DOMAIN 's Gravity Dimension Computer to stimulate cells, And Then, notice that he or she doesn't know at all ... (e.g. I've to make a Mobile Phone calls to assist HOW ... ); regarding our earth, believe it or not, USA (a young nation called United States of America in English language in our Earth) can be demolished within 2 hours (because Architects don't know 17 hours, days), many reasons behind this statements ... ; I practice Metta ... ;

in 21st century, it is essential (more than necessary) to have Buddha statue, and believe in Buddhism truly ... , otherwise, hey, I ain't know WHO design (started with 1970s hole boards become walls in 21st century) ... ; another simple explanation would be, if I'm a monk WHO design all, and I know you're NOT ... ; this remark is beyond trillion of US dollars ... ;

forget     forgot     forgotten

form      form

application form


form is emptiness


format (e.g. file format), also see: Command;

format disk      format disk

format hard disk

formation: *.iasis, plasia;

formation      formation


A grade; armor; carapace; first class; former; instep; Radical256, also see: Radicals;

formula      formula      formula      formula

backbone; fortitude; spirit; Radical224, also see: Radicals;

good; fortune; Radical332;

blessing; fortune; luck; wealth;

fortunate      fortunate      fortune

base; basis; foundation; root; Radical118;

foundation      foundation      foundation

four      four 4     yonFour      shiFour      yoFour


fourteen = 14 = XIV

vulgar fraction (e.g. 1/4, 1/2, 3/4) also see: Radical322;

aroma; fragrance; odor; perfume; redolence; savor; smell; ... ;

fragrant herb; grow; spiced liqueur; spread; Radical228, also see: Radicals;

bone; frame; Radical224;

frame      frame      frame      frame      frame


free; in addition; only; Radical321;

free of charge ;


freeze     froze     frozen

freight a.k.a. goods;

frequency band      frequency band

IFF Solar Sail (band), also see: Band4; Remark: for mapping our universes project ... ;

fresh; Radical129;


friend; Radical83;


green frog, Radical246, also see: Radicals;

accordingly; from; whereupon; Radical36;

IFF conjunction: again; and; from now on; just about; or; soon; Radical344;

from; going; Radical268;

IFF prefix: from ... ; self * ; this (compare to that) ... ; Radical166;

from      from

front (Also see: Directions);     front      front


fruit & vegetable: apple; apricot; berry; coconut; date; fig; lemon; lime; orange; peach; pineapple; watermelon; Also see: Sushi;

like fruits & flowers, above ground, or at top; Radical75, also see: Radicals;

ftp      FTP      FTP

Fujitsu Fujitsu     Fujitsu      Fujitsu

fulfilling perfection

function      function

fur; hide; pelt; skin; Radical136;

fur; short hair; Radical69;


furikake Rice Seasoning, also see: Sushi;

furnish a.k.a. provide for;

also; furthermore; moreover; Radical261;

fuse      fuse      FUSE

future      future

the future

the future

this DOMAIN, using Artificial Intelligent (AI) to avoid bad words (e.g. asshole, bitch, fatherhood-unidentified-one, fool, fuck, fucker, kill-human-beings, revenge, shit, shoot, slave); harlot, suck, and whore are not bad words (because, common people need sex: including bisexual, gay, lesbian, and straight);