Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 9 : 9 : fUsage ;

at Fukui-ken Saiseikai hospital in Japan, robots, owned and operated by airline operator ANA Holdings, for protection and prevention of safe environment, to be hygiene living environment, using robot against biological virus (e.g. Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19); Also see: 3iComputer; Physics Law 144;

because of this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather, fukano Impossible e.g. (impossible drought, impossible earthquake, impossible flood, impossible forest fire, impossible storm, impossible tornado, impossible tsunami, impossible volcanic eruption) ... ;

few weeks later;

for the time being (present perfect continuous tense i.e. past + present); for that time being (past perfect continuous tense); at the present (present continuous tense);

Fu (family name, surname); Furi (name); Osachi (name); Radical832;

 Fu (family name, surname); Hamatsuke (family name, surname); Radical975;

Fua (name); Radical661;

fudoshosuten Floating Point (e.g. (SQRT3, SQRT2)) ... ; Radical960;

Fujutsu magic ;

Fuku (female name, name); Radical332;

Fuku (family name, surname); Haba (family name, surname); Radical717;

Fuku (name); Sakae (female name); Shigeru (name); Radical953;

Fukugi (name); Fukuki (name); Fukushige (name); Radical494;

fukukussetsu Birefringence, (circular, linear) with refraction index ... ; Also see: Optics;

fukumu Comprising, (be made up of, consist of), e.g. <include ... > , ... ; Also see: Optics;

fukutsu Fearless; fukutsu Impregnable; fukutsu Indefatigable; fukutsu Indomitable; fukutsu Inflexible; fukutsu Invincible; fukutsu Invulnerable; fukutsu Unassailable; fukutsu Unbeatable; fukutsu Unbending; fukutsu Unconquerable; fukutsu Unflinching; fukutsu Unshakeable; fukutsu Unsurpassable; fukutsu Unswerving; fukutsu Unyielding;

Funa (i.e. place name); Funazaki (i.e. family name); Radical170;

fureru Touching; Radical892;

jidou furikae (direct debit); kouza furikae (direct debit); furikomi (wire transfer); also see: Biz;

Futsu place; Radical1001;

Fuu (female name); Radical217;

fuwa fuwa, dangling in the breeze, sleeping with soft feeling pillow, ... ;

kaseki Fossil;

Numbers in Dhamma;

four kinds of suffering;     shiku shiku, cry, cry ... ;