Manmade Global Weather     Last updated on 2018/2562 12 22, a full moon day;

     kuru kuru of lights ... ;
 Manmade Global Weather;  Weather;  WORMHOLE;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence to do good weather conditions globally ... ;

Time (now), Space (Internet Domain Name: " " , Nation Name: " "), Action (in addition to DEE, using this DOMAIN (Satellite_DNS_Domain) 1 meter gravity spots to reduce the bad weather condition (storm name: " " (pressure hPa, wind gust kph, wind speed kph))) ... ;

earthquake prediction e.g.

on ZCS, C Sequence Number (BF2) endpoints (72, 90, 180), doko WHERE listening low frequency earthquake;
on ZCS, C Sequence Number (BF2) endpoints (72, 90, 180), doko WHERE listening low frequency tremor;

earthquake prediction;

HOW to avoid earthquakes (defined regions), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 273, HOW to avoid earthquakes;


Manmade Global Weather

, , , , ;
nation name , video , audio , data , Number ;


numerological ; number (linear) ... ; noCOOKIE browser based internal address ; Keyword ; purpose ;
1 ; 7954552 ; ; prevent : for preventing ;
7 ; 7962532 ; ; protect ; for protecting ;
2 ; 954335 ; ; reduce ; for reducing ;
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, ,      
for each Time Zone ,          
for each     domain ,      
          Gravity Dimension Computer (  
        DEE ,      
    Schematic Dimensional Directional Gravity Pressure ,  
      Gravity Spot s ,  
        Moon Wave ,    
        Sound _ Beam ,  
        Sound Pressure Level    
        ) ... ;      

to do good weather conditions globally ...

using more than 8+ methods ... e.g. 1m gravity spots as method; Rainbow Method; light as zero curvature method; wormhole way LASER (multi long length neutrino) as Method; ... ;

summer; Radical954;

as result e.g.

-, reduce category 4 storm in our earth;

-, reduce earthquake in Japan;

-, reduce excessive rainfall in Japan;

-, reduce forest fire in California, USA;

-, reduce heat wave in summer;

-, reduce PM2.5 air pollution above cities' sky in China;

-, reduce regional drought in defined nation name;

-, reduce regional flood in Thailand;

-, reduce tsunami in Japan;

-, reduce volcanic eruption in Japan;

Weather can be manmade. rescuing defined regional environment e.g. (( domain name), (International Domains), ( nation name, , , , number));

idea ♯ 266; Radio Specification of Computer System; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3;

idea ♯ 238; reducing volcanic eruption in Japan; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2;

DEE FMD _ Our Earth; HOW Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (Directional Gravity Pressure, directions of STRING), also see: 5dComputer; 5fComputer; therefore,, reduce earthquake in the defined region,, reduce volcanic eruption in the defined region;

Anti Heat Wave; Heat Wave; also see: Schematic Dimensional;

chain; connection; Radical819;

for each human beings livable moon:
IFF summer, using "aqua" color to reduce excessive heat;
IFF winter, using "maroon" color to seal heat i.e. to avoid excessive snowing;

our earth 's normal Yellowish1, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

(, 954335, 2) reduce a.k.a. reduce, reduced, reducing;
(, 954335, 2) reduce bad ones;
e.g. reduce bad ones (i.e. good, goodwill);
e.g. reduce cancers (i.e. abnormal, disease and disorder); Also see: Gene Therapy System;
e.g. reduce price, as opposed to increase price; Also see: Biz; Business; (bargain, discount, sales);
e.g. reduce speed, as opposed to increase speed; Also see: Automotive; Processor;
reduce air pollution (e.g. PM2.5 air pollution above cities);
reduce bad weather conditions;
reduce category 4 storm;
reduce coastal erosion;
reduce cyclone;
reduce drought;
reduce earthquake;
reduce excessive heat;
reduce excessive rainfall;
reduce flood;
reduce forest fire;
reduce hazard;
reduce hurricane;
reduce risk;
reduce seismic hazard;
reduce tornado;
reduce tsunami;
reduce typhoon;
reduce unhealthy environments;
reduce volcanic eruption;
(, 954335, 2) reduce a.k.a. reduce, reduced, reducing;
(, 954335, 2) reduce bad ones;
Remark: is IPv4 address; 954335 is numerological numbers; 2 is logical induction logic number;
Remark: (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), originally invented by NEC (slogan, usage) ... ;


(Seismic Hazard Map, Seismic Hazard Map) IFF seismic hazard map color (code, coding), using (jinko chino Artificial Intelligence) to (, 954335, 2) reduce risk probability color (code, coding) ; Remark: high risk color e.g. red; rather high risk color e.g. orange;

March 22, 2018/2561 NHK news; since March 22, 2018/2561, Japan (a.k.a. NIPPON) nationwide earthquake alert system has started;

the nationwide (i.e. NIS based) earthquake alert system (earthquake definition)

e.g. can detect center of earthquake,

e.g. can measure shock waves' radius,

e.g. its timestamp is second based,

e.g. seismology and scales;

e.g. via ( TV, radio, smart phone), the nationwide (i.e. NIS based) earthquake alert system's info can be ... ;

Also see: this DOMAIN 's IoT via NFC, e.g. (computer) connected to Internet;

Also see:; Japan Meteorological Agency;

Also see:; Japan National Tourism Organization;



my apologies if natural disaster happens naturally; Naturally Weather Log;