; ; ; Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 8 : 26 : Physics Law 106 ;

(law 106) : our earth's sunlight (4, 5, 6);

I wrote : I've a quiz i.e. HOW many colors these (e.g. DEE _ lines _ horizontal, DEE _ lines _ vertical) can represent ?

well trained kids! replied: very very unique 2, and they are black and white;

I wrote : with or without Water ?

well trained kids! replied: with water would form "eye" sir;

I wrote : you well trained kids! know ZCS _ hole already, in addition, our earth's sunlight (4, 5, 6) means each sunlight must obey (4 colors, 5 colors, 6 colors) e.g.

IFF 4, using 90 ((2, 45), (45, 45)) degree "L" shape method (wormhole);

IFF 5, using 72 degree wormhole;

IFF 6, using 60 degree wormhole;


I wrote : I've another quiz i.e. regarding suingu Swing-by Gravity Time period, if 4_Planets_Prediction (our earth only), WHICH color would you choose among RGB for our earth only ?

well trained kids! replied: R for Red sir ;

I wrote : therefore, we've 1 km hotspots in oceans (our earth only) ... , And Then, after knowing, realizing, and understanding, it is the time to do Manmade Global Weather yourselves, to do good weather conditions globally e.g. avoid regional drought in the defined region, e.g. avoid earthquake in the defined region, e.g. avoid regional flood in the defined region, e.g. avoid tsunami in the defined region, e.g. avoid volcanic eruption in the defined region, ... ;

I wrote : doko WHERE is the R for Red originally come from ?

well trained kids! replied: the sun planet, and regarding suingu Swing-by Gravity Time period, the sun planet must be on the right side sir; we've already learnt our daily sun is the biggest gravity spot (sunlight), and heat comes from the sun planet, in addition, heterodyning of peaceful & tranquil moons' orbital also, because we've already read Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization sir;

I wrote : goody good!, good enough for ACT1 imaginary hyper space knowledge based ... ; I've assignment for well trained kids! i.e. define and picture "Origin of Water" WHICH I still cannot define and picture after 50+ years of learning ... ;

moonlight; Also see: Physics Law 131, Auto Grow ... ; Remark: our earth is one of the human beings livable moons in our universes; suingu Swing-by Gravity Time 's "right side" should be considered as moonlight; for each human beings livable moon, the biggest gravity spot (ones) should be considered as sunlight;