; ; ; ; Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 8 : 3 : Physics Law 131 ;

(law 131) : Auto Grow;

Auto Grow; I F F (our earth), bio cell ... ; Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

( airborne, airborne, airborne) e.g. Airborne Anti Virus;

I F F 2 eyes only, i.e. Default (our earth) ... ;
I F F (3,4,5) eyes forming naturally, it means closer to the sun;

Remark: "Auto Grow" is with Water; in 3,4 dimensional, we've to classify with water, or without water;

Cold _or _Hot _Universally; (108 x 108) dimensional; within our Solar System only (2,3 directional) ... ; apply BLINK momentum (If and only if (I F F) location is our earth) ... ; Remark: ACT2 level imaginary hyper space knowledge based;

Mussel _v s _Scallop; Also see: Schematic Dimensional;

solar sail; solar sailed; solar sailing;

plasma cluster Sensor, also see: Physics Law 178, plasma cluster Sensor, ... ;

well trained kids! replied: may we realize and understand WHAT is the different between Auto Grow and Mussel _v s _Scallop sir ?

I wrote: the diff is environmental and structural; accordance with Buddhism's documentation, regarding 31 realms of beings in samsara, life expectancy (Time) period may vary; (harder or softer) hada Skin may also vary depending upon HOW far away in Distance space e.g. 5 mm yellowish distance, e.g. 10 mm yellowish distance, ... ;

well trained kids! replied: WHY 2 eyes happen naturally sir ?

I wrote: we need to realize and understand 2 moons are on a same orbit, and we need to realize & understand parallel moon waves are coming naturally, And Then, think that parallel moon waves are strings, because of naturally coming, there must be holes form naturally also, remember 2 is very very unique in many ways (hole, string), also see: Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization;

Remark: human beings (cloning, grafting), rebuilding back to normal, regenerating to be alive again, restructuring to be normal again, zombie (i n g) from dead to alive, ... , started since 1990s ... ;

I wrote: I learnt from NHK news stated THAT we've 36 billions cells alive to be a human beings, and regarding (band, callout (cloud, oval, rounded rectangular), curve, DEE As String, diamond, down arrow, five point star ( 72), four point star, Energy-In-Way, hexagon, left arrow, line, oval, pentagon, polygon, rectangle, right arrow, right triangle ( 45), rounded rectangle, six point star ( 60), triangle, up arrow, wave (e.g. tidal waves), ... ) in Graphics, WHICH one would you like to choose WHILE programming Auto Grow 's lower (Ref., Val.) for your imaginary hyper space environments ?

well trained kids! replied: we'll choose 1/2 hexagon like I CHING 's algorithm sir;

I wrote: regarding 3x3 GUI, 4x4 GUI, WHICH Algorithm would you like to choose to (mark, map, note, tag) WHEN programming directional and numerological ?

well trained kids! replied: we'll choose Lo Shu, and Sudoku sir;

I wrote: may I know WHAT are your approx. dimensional, regarding Lo Shu and Sudoku ?

well trained kids! replied: Lo Shu seems graphical 20-23, if compare to Sudoku seems graphical (5,6,7) sir;

I wrote: did you use my 2000 design model C Sequence Number, for remote heat sensing, regarding 3x3 GUI, 4x4 GUI ?

well trained kids! replied: Yes! we've copied IT already sir ;

I wrote: HOW to implement functional "slow down time period" R&D, regarding (B L I, growth rate) for each human beings livable moon ?

well trained kids! replied: camcorder a.k.a. video recorder's slowly retrospective replay way sir ;

I wrote: mochiron of course, well trained kids! are very very smart ones already, i.e. goody good; sure do!!; Oh! Oh! I've a quiz i.e. is this (Auto Grow) with Water, or without Water ?

well trained kids! replied: with Water sir ;

Zero Curvature Surface : for each Z C S, using : e.g. (( c/s (coefficient √FM cycle per second)), ( Hz (coefficient √FM Hertz))) : e.g. input noise, noise floor, noise on a surface, ... ;



Aero ;        
      D C S D D ;        
      plasma cluster Sensor ;    

; ; ; with Water, kuru kuru WHILE (Auto Grow) ... , think of Idea Processor 's aroma, odor, scent, and smell (1&1), nioi Smelling (1&1); Radical646, ... ; Remember: in sasana calendar 2564, Gregorian calendar 2020, plasma cluster Sensor is designed & modelled for good wills purpose, to do good Action ... ; Also see: PHYSICS;

Origin of 2 Eyes form naturally, because of 3 parallel moon waves, mochiron of course with Water; Also see: Physics Law 789 ... ;

Automatic; e.g.

jido Automatic     jido Automatic     jido Automatic; Also see: a Character; j Usage;

directional green, also see: Physics Law 136, ... ;

Nanobot Programmer; e.g.

Nanobot Programmer, also see: DNA _Origami;

sunlight; Also see: Physics Law 106, our earth's sunlight (4, 5, 6) ... ; Remark: our earth is one of the human beings livable moons in our universes; suingu Swing-by Gravity Time 's "right side" should be considered as moonlight; for each human beings livable moon, the biggest gravity spot (ones) should be considered as sunlight;

ware ware We've to be immuned ones to survive ... ; since the ꌁCOVID-19ꌁ virus is transported by air (airborne), antiviral medicine must be airborne also (e.g. air-to-air missile alike, airborne antiviral medicine to the ꌁvirus COVID-19ꌁ);

Gene Therapy System; Also see: DNA _Origami;

leading 3 naturally; Also see: Physics Law 170 ... ;

Auto Grow; Also see: Physics Law 131 ... ;

origin of branching factor; origin of brunching factor; Also see: Physics Law 82 ... ;