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; ; ; ; Updated on 12 : 2 : 2024 : iro LED :

black; Radical126;

blue; green; green light; Radical206;

dark gray, dark grey, slate color, slate colour; Radical249;

golden color (yellow); golden colour (yellow); Radical200;

red; Radical188;

white; Radical135;

yellow; Radical240;


diode Aqua;


diode Black;


diode Blue;


diode Gold;


diode Gray;


diode Green;


diode Red;


diode White;


diode Yellow;

iroColourWaveForm ( colors name) e.g. aqua; black; blue; Bordeaux; brown; burgundy; charcoal; chocolate; cyan; dark *; dark gray; dark grey; emerald; forest; fuchsia; gold; gray; green; indigo; khaki; light *; lime; maroon; moss; navy *; olive; orange; pearl *; pine; platinum; purple; red; rose; royal *; sandalwood; silver; slate color; slate colour; solid *; suede; teal; turquoise; white; yellow;

colors of the facades;
colour (s) of the facades; Also see: colors;

Blinking LED Animation, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

LED s AND Displays; Also see: Optics;

Blue-gray µSD Card;
Dark red µSD Card;
Gray-25% µSD Card;
Green µSD Card;
Lavender µSD Card;
Light turquoise µSD Card;
Lime µSD Card;
Turquoise µSD Card;

NFC     NFC     NFC;

Using iro LED ( diode Aqua (◊), diode Black (◊), diode Blue (◊), diode Green (◊), diode Yellow(◊)) ... ; LOZENGE ("◊"), a.k.a. Diamond Symbol; Also see: "open" ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: Why diamond shape (LOZENGE) is related to "open" sir?

I wrote: OH!! OH!! you need to realize , also see: Schematic Dimensional ... ;

DEE info WORMHOLE ways, My Imaginary Space, also see: 2 (two) is very very unique in many ways;

IF NOT DEFINE Normal Gravity, DEFINE Normal Gravity as CYAN; Also see: aqua a.k.a. bluish green a.k.a. Cyan a.k.a. light blue;

Color; Also see: Schematic Dimensional;

iro LED

The only 1 is the Sun, 1 way DEE as goes and comes ... ;
2 events of 90°, DEE becomes in 2 ways symmetry ... ;
Multi-dimensions in 5, 6, 7, ... , 3 lights event in 2 * 6 dimension ... ;
BF2 by C Number, structure to be multi-layer ... ;
Take IT for free like iro Blue, things to be with sky do ... ;
iro Red is low power, completing allows iro Green color ... ;
Floating alike directional cloud, iro Silver to be about ... ;
After year 2555, human beings know 5W1H lights ... ,
WHEN lights exist, DEE also co-exists,
"lord of ring" by dark energy,
gravity dimension computer to be, so using iro LED ... ;

A poem, written on 2011/2555 Oct. 28.

WHY do we need Normal Gravity? because, we want to calculate dimensional gravity;

also see: Gravity Dimension Computer (location awareness (location locator)) ... ;

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      model led          
      model led          
      model led          
      model led          

( crayon, crayon, crayon, crayon, kureyon Crayon) ... ;

iro Colour PCS ... ;

kaki Oyster color, i.e. grayish white;

modelled; Also see: Model; modelled, a.k.a. engineered, a.k.a. designed; PHYSICS;

W C G     W C G     W C G; W C G, Wide Color Gamut; Also see: Optics; 6wComputer;


( B O M, B O M, B O M, B O M, B O M), for (coloring AI FONT) e.g. 🌐  ... ;

color; colour; Radical172;

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