Radical : Radical : Radical : ( Radical206) eight strokes in Kanji;

dimensional, e.g.

( 2 * 6 ) dimensional imaginary hyper space ... ;

one of the dimensions of this DOMAIN (e.g. (2*5), (2*6), (2*7)) ... ;

directional, e.g.

DEE, Dark Energy Engineering (our moon) IFF day, green ... ;
DEE, Dark Energy Engineering (our moon) IFF night, navy ... ;

yellowish variation may begin IFF our universes ... ;

logical, e.g.

in Hiragana: blue; green; green light;






IFF prefix: immature; unripe; young;

in Kanji: green-blue;

IFF our earth, Homemade Green Gravity (a.k.a. natural water elevator method);
IFF our earth, electronic compass (green line) i.e. directional (north, south) ... ;

numerological, e.g.


structural, e.g.

for more info, regarding ( 2 * 6 ),

IFF Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, also see: idea♯173;
IFF Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, also see: idea♯196;

GREEN-BLUE SOLID; Also see: g G T S U;

in Solar Sail Method (a.k.a. mapping our universe project), yellow background with green string is the only way to collect energy in our universes ... ; Solar Sail Method is one of the highest technologies in 21st century;

iroColourWaveForm ( colors) ... ;

triangulation system (radio analysis) ... ;

ZCS, also see: 3zComputer;
PCS, also see: 2pComputer;
NCS, also see: 9nComputer;

Radical ; Radical ; Radical; Radicals;