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  20 40  60  80 100  120  ... 

  50 100  150  200  250  300  ... 

  100 200  300  400  500  600  ... 

(SQRT3 (Also see: 3) with SQRT2 (Also see: 2)); Physics Law 96; ruler;

(2, 4, 8, 16, ... , using SQRT2 design model), (3, 9, 27, 81, ... , using SQRT3 design model), also see: PHYSICS, law 129, duo-binary Gravity Spots, ... ;

Radical162 (3-branch tree); Radical144 (2-branch tree);

2; Radical7;


Remark: 2YSIEZB, 2 Yellow Surface Invisible Engineering ZCS Black; 3YSIEZB, 3 Yellow Surface Invisible Engineering ZCS Black;

IFF result is zero, after function MOD (number, divisor (2)) i.e. even number ... ; Radical260;
IFF result is one, after function MOD (number, divisor (2)) i.e. odd number ... ;

Kanji iteration mark; Radical292;

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ... number ; number ; number ;

2 is very very unique in many ways, since we (male, female) are, And Then, never against by gender, however, since this DOMAIN developer is truly a male kind, NOT Ma Aung Myint Kyaw (i.e. NOT Ms. or Mrs. Aung Myint Kyaw) Remark: in USA, you never know, male kind names can become female kind names, suggestion would be: never against your own mankind, because, in ACT3 imaginary hyper space, lights behave like rejoining interaction (we (female, male)); Also see: PHYSICS (law twenty eight);

2,3 dimensional duo binary; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2; idea ♯ 219;

2, whenever Nippon (the highest Civilization Type in the world) worships,  2 has been as 2 claps for thousands of years; think that WHILE worshipping to Buddha, 2 claps make 2 diff SPL WHICH is similar to SPL diff among human beings livable moons in our universes ... ;

Regarding the most advance theory, 2+ strings must co-exists (in 20th century, a.k.a. Superstring Theory); Think that we human beings must have many of two (s) e.g. eyes, nose, arm, ... ; In 21st century, gravity must be the most powerful (Civilization Type) and gravity is transparency (trans-parent-C); In the early 21st century, many earthquakes, storm, tsunami, ... happened, and WHY? also see: WORMHOLE (basically, lights are kuru kuru WHILE) to reduce, to prevent, to protect, ... ;

Please do not change the SQRT2 design model for thousands of years ... ; If someone knows, take IT for free ... (remark: hardware for sale, software for free, because HARDWARE is harder to build and truly knowledge based with hole-board & pin (a.k.a. doko WHERE defined string can go through) and SOFTWARE is like just to define chip sets' keywords and then use it ... ), because the mantissa point can be defined (e.g. 8K in 2016/2560; the most advance theory @ 4K of floating point in 2010s, gravity might have been defined 50 floating point and beyond since GPS); 8K technology's 2-sided surface based computing can prompt human beings blood veins & vessels in detail, therefore, real time Gene Therapy System is recommended WHILE watching 8K TV (invisibility deployment) ... ;

(2^2) a.k.a. 4, (2^3) a.k.a. 8, (2^4) a.k.a. 16, (2^5) a.k.a. 32, (2^6) a.k.a. 64, (2^7) a.k.a. 128, (2^8) a.k.a. 256, (2^9) a.k.a. 512, ... truncating points (mantissa point) are, a.k.a. floating points of square root 2;
(3^2) a.k.a. 9, (3^3) a.k.a. 27, (3^4) a.k.a. 81, (3^5) a.k.a. 243, (3^6) a.k.a. 729, (3^7) a.k.a. 2187, (3^8) a.k.a. 6561, (3^9) a.k.a. 19683, ... truncating points (mantissa point) are, a.k.a. floating points of square root 3;

Question: WHY do we need mantissa point? answer would be, we like to solve problems of infinity; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 178, Distance Approximation with C Sequence Number, Math approach;

I F F distance approx. using log2,

6.633249581 ... = 2√11   = √44;
21.07130751 ... = 2√111 = √444;

9.38083152 ...   = 2√22   = √88;
29.79932885 ... = 2√222 = √888;

therefore, 2 is very very unique in many ways ... ;

2 has been defined as Rejoining interaction, and/or, Splitting interaction, in strings, in M Theory as:

    Rejoining interaction, where fuzzy set {..... of the Turtle Egg may become Turtle and Turtle Egg;
    Splitting interaction, where fuzzy set {..... of the Turtle Egg may become a male turtle, therefore ... ;

2 has been deployed as 2v, v2, ... to be w, for example file:///w can be 1hole among 3holes/5holes 2kinds of  computer systems, also see: \\25???\*.* and net set up to understand basic inside hardware semiconductors; also see: regedit32 command, and notice that starting value is 2; e.g. 3v/5v can be set as 6w system;   Setting up @, |s, |S, A H L, A H V, ... inside *.d l l, *.exe, ... files are military top secret, therefore not available to public, because trillions dollars in trading, a Myanmar may be bluffing ... ;  

2 identical voices ... , among languages in Asia ... ; I F F nippon ... ;

2 kinds of DEE are artificial DEE (e.g. DEE modulation, DEE radio, ... as a result: DEE can be faster than light like info), and natural DEE (e.g. sunrise of our earth, naturally bloom, ... as a result: DEE rate in slow motion can be further studied); 2 kinds of wormhole are artificial wormhole, and natural wormhole; ...  therefore, 2 (two) is very very unique in many ways e.g. pros and cons, Yin and Yang, ... ; Also see: My Imaginary Space; lyric to remember: DEE info WORMHOLE ways, My Imaginary Space;

logic; reason; Radical598;

2 (categories, kinds, methods, types, ways) of logic are (deduction logic, induction logic), doko WHERE deduction logic (form), also see: Radical669; induction logic (whole), also see: Radical399;

2 is similar to a pair, bi*, co-existence, dual, ... ;

22 is somehow related to 2 and 2. How 24 mm natural time slices prompt 22 times as 1 is out of a Myanmar's knowledge      , however number 7 for 7 days involve when calculating full moon day, and no moon day;

2....2    ♯88...88    2.2 , also see: div/2;

I F F 2.2., e.g. BF2, co-existence, concurrency, internal address, Moon Wave ( net .net ) also see:;

2,3 dimensional idea: 5W1H, e.g. WHY the most intelligent our human beings have 2 eyes AND WHEN 1 eye moves, another eye follows the same direction; 1st to understand 2,3 dimensional space in our universe (i.e. diff orbit, diff momentum); 2nd to understand 3,4 dimensional space in our universe (e.g. 4 planets prediction i.e. 2500+ years old document); And Then, 3rd to realize THAT 2 moons alike planets are consecutively one after another ... ; One of the moons is our earth; and another moon is owned by Rakhine (also see: Plantation On The MOON) in 21st century (i.e. one of the six planets we human beings can live); And Then, do it yourself universal momentum e.g. 3 planets prompt 90° WHEN ... and doko WHERE ... ; After Parallel Time can be proved SYNC (Synchronization) scientifically, this is your universe, also see: shakya a.k.a. Swastika ... ; In Buddha's scripts, there has been Shakya King, therefore, there will be Superpower Shakya King ... e.g. invisibility, teleportation, ... ;

WHY 1 eye moves, another eye moves the same direction; The reason, HOW a Myanmar's way of understanding would be ...  Please read the above paragraph's 2,3 dimensional idea, and think that 2 moons are on the same orbit and consecutively one after another (that is the reason WHY we human beings have 2 eyes and WHEN 1 eye moves another eye follows the same direction);

(Gene Therapy System), IFF 2 cells are moving into the same directions and consecutively one after another ( on the same orbit), X ( time line) synchronization to the moon, Y ( level) analysis of patterns, Z ( layer) Distribution as Z-Distribution, among systems i.e. this DOMAIN ( Gene Therapy System) to cure diseases, to manage healthy, to maintain good health, ... (since early 21st century); to do BLI (Body Length Index) auto adjustment, 1st to understand yellowish variations;

(2 + 2) = 4, think that 4 lights are square event, in 2,3 dimensional; Water;

2 * 2 is 4.   Buddhist calendar 2544+ years old 4 planet prediction must be understood in lunar time and JUN time. And then try to understand 2 as rejoining interaction, and/or splitting interaction, in strings, in M Theory, therefore the most advance ACT2 and ACT3 stage worm=holes can be further studied. In ACT2 and ACT3 development, a Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional spacecraft in hyperspace has had problems such that still cannot define scientifically 2 * 2 is whether syntax or semantics?;

2 * 2 vs. 3, also see: meta analysis in numerological dimension;

2 * 2 vs. 3, also see: diff colors must exist to begin 3D Display; AND then, cell path's positive vs. negative; active vs. passive; ... ;

2 * 3 = 6; e.g. 6 surfaces of cubical 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm, also see: w Usage; micro satellite;

2 * 6 can also be considered as 2 years, IFF in Lunar time + in Jun time;   2 * 6 cannot be considered as 2 years in Gregorian calendar;  Eastern Thought vs. Western Thought Reminder;   Also see: zodiac;   J A X A has solved WHY 2*6 = 1 year, therefore, 2*5 = 1JUN has been solved, therefore 4PP+JUN = 6 can be further studied, ACT2 ACT3 data are classified, not available yet to public ... ;   The following image has been copied from www.jaxa.jp, pasted and edited at a developer's local machine as ( ../../ Time . Space/2007Nov.JAXA.KAGUYA.380000kmDistance.OurEarthPosition_only2times_per_year.GIF );

2 * 7, a.k.a. Lunar _Time, also see: Lunar phases ... ;

2 * 50, also see: GPS; SYNC; S Y N satellite . this DOMAIN reduce design SQRT2 only; NOT triangulate; Synchronization;

2 * rotor angel in sine, also see: torque calculation;

2 H+, 2 hydrogen ions;

2 kinds of citta, listen the dhamma in Myanmar at http://www.minthila.com/ashinnyaneithara.htm;

2,2,2 ACT2 vector, because head and torso [must understand genetic engineering in ACT1 stage] happens naturally in natural time in 4 planet prediction, natural heat happens because of 3's direction in ACT2 research and development [must understand 2 and 3 in ACT2 stage] as 1 G string and notice that head happens because of 2,2,2 ACT2 vector; 2,2,2 ACT2 vector might be very helpful as a factor to plantation on the MOON;

lunar eclipse   2
solar eclipse  

2 phase vs. 4 phase, also see: full moon days; JUN time; Natural Time; Parallel Time;

2nd backup system, redundant loop, but programming necessary to do so sometimes, because if time slow downs problem occurs even after adjusting time lines i.e. 12mm, 6mm, 3mm, ... ; Consider the following, which return surface of 5*2, 6*2, 7*2, ... ; Notice that 2 behaves syntax alike, also see: 2 events of 90°, I F F engineering Universal Positioning System, and then 5, 6, 7 behave semantics alike;

( )    
  = ;          
IFF ( ( MOD ( , * ) )
      == re e ) {      
          = Jun ;  
IFF ( ( MOD ( , * ) )
      == re e ) {      
          = Year ;  
IFF ( ( MOD ( , * ) )
      == re e ) {      
          = Lunar ;  
            } system ...  

Remark: without using remainder division operator i.e. mod, the same system value might be able to prompt, also see: Time Line Surface;

2point distance based D number must be furthered developed in ACT3, until ACT3 number 31 can be scientifically solved, ... ;

6 = (( 2) * ( 3)) i.e. any direction, also see: Lo Shu magic square;

12 1 time, IFF page load ( x, y, ... ) 2 dimensional begin ... ;

20 water drops alike writing characters in primary voices, also see, Nippon Syllabary; WHEN worshiping or praying, 2 times of clapping might be for co-existence ... YIN and YANG alike; 20 might also be for middle JUN  ... for middle path ... ;

88...88; a.k.a. USB;

ACT2 stage coexistence of closer_ distance and farther_ distance; 2; also see: 4PP+JUN=6;

Among languages in Asia ... , 2 identical voices or 2 repeated sound patterns are used ADJECTIVE alike ... ; 2 identical voices or 2 repeated dialog patterns are also used ADVERB alike, WHERE VERB is emphasized ... ; Concerning usage, NOUN, in action, not in action, ... can also represent 2 ... ;

AND gate makes sure 2 incoming values both are TRUE, especially in computer engineering;

average = (max + min) / 2; average = (summation of each item's value) / ( specified items' count); AI to decide WHICH average (e.g. average OR average);

Base2 binary system has been used when dealing with zero (s), and one (s) as: e.g. 0101, also see: Toggling Mode for Humanoids; WHERE 1 circle in 2π has been further classified into 2π mechanical toggle;

IFF kichi Base ( 2 ) , e.g.
2 ^ 100 is 1267650600228229401496703205376 , i.e. ,  
2 ^ 90 is 1237940039285380274899124224 , i.e. ,  
2 ^ 80 is 1208925819614629174706176 , i.e. YB ,  
2 ^ 70 is 1180591620717411303424 , i.e. ZB ,  
2 ^ 60 is 1152921504606846976 , i.e. EB ,  
2 ^ 50 is 1125899906842624 , i.e. PB ,  
2 ^ 40 is 1099511627776 , i.e. TB ,  
2 ^ 30 is 1073741824 , i.e. GB ,  
2 ^ 20 is 1048576 , i.e. MB ,  
2 ^ 10 is 1024 , i.e. KB ;  

because of lights and (EM, EMI), e.g. , , functional group (molecule) has valence of 2 (number of chemical bonds to be formed) a.k.a. valency; Also see: divalent group;

binary i.e. based 2, also see: mode;

BF2 in Numerological Dimension, also see: Numerological Dimension C Sequence Number TREE;

Brunching factor of 2 represents a structure ... also see: C sequence number; G systems in strings water7gravity2 AND water2gravity7;

coexistence (e.g. YIN and YANG): Big Bang theory (i.e. Western Civilization's theory) and Nested theory (i.e. Eastern Civilian's theory); in Big Bang theory, binding energy holds (atom & molecule) 's structural; in Nested theory, 2,3 dimensional DEE doko WHERE peaceful and tranquil human beings livable moons obey yellowish variations in mm, HOW gravity spots can be defined ... ; Remark: if you like to be very very very advance person (e.g. global commander, e.g. global weather creator, e.g. universal space system programmer), you must learn oriental languages e.g. this DOMAIN 's Mini Dictionary ... ;

Conceptually diff between and ;

consider the coexistence ( day, night) and then think that light as surface at top (the one and only sun), on the other hand, night exists with constellations, ... ; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 200; IoT Directions;

diff of 2 circles is called eccentric circles, without Time ... ;

Div/2 has been formulated to calculate fully distributed connections; Consider brunching factor ...; Also see: Nama for humanoids, Fully_ distributed a.k.a. (♯(♯-1))/2 a.k.a. div/2;

Double as 2, e.g. IFF silicon, Moore's law states that computer power doubles every eighteen months; also see: atom and anti-atom inside particles;

double entry (ledger) e.g. 5 columns in left side (debit entry at left), at the same time, 5 columns in right side (credit entry at right); Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 231; Advanced AI Accounting;

dual-band e.g. (900 MHz, 1800 MHz) ... ;

Remark: in 1990s, we did not realize & understand THAT using iroLED for defining location awareness (location locator) ; in 2010s, this DOMAIN developer's a wild guess (without wireless specification) would be: 2.4GHz is approx. 80 miles radius, and 5.0 GHz is approx. > 100 miles radius, regarding location awareness (location locator) ... ;

Fuzzy Set [ 2, 2 ], [ 3, 3, 3 ] can be developed for solving 2,3 dimensional D Number, so that Parallel Time can be SYNC ... ; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement .h t m # Fuzzy [2,2] [3,3,3];

IFF 2 electrons vibrate in unison with distance, i.e. co here n c e, in wavelike synchronization; If either 1 is off, transmit Info to other, a.k.a. quantum entanglement; In 21st century, if 2 computers are connected with distance, if either 1 is off, transmit Info to other, i.e. web entanglement;

IFF co here n c e, Info to others, available to chat ... ;
IFF in co here n c e, Info to others, unavailable to chat ... ;

Info travels faster than light? If it does, old theory "speed of light" might be wrong; IFF Info (blue light, green light, gray light, red light, yellow light, ... ) artificial intelligence ... , also read Pg. 62, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, Michio Kaku, 2008;

IFF 3 is the least number to be, regarding fully distributed topology (Also see: Network Topology), And Then, 2 is very very unique in many ways e.g. (MAX sequence, ... , MIN sequence) numbers are: ((300, 276, 253, 231, 210), ... , (21, 15, 10, 6, 3)) i.e. very very unique 2 sequences (from 3 to 25, 3~25, 3-25), fully distributed topology (connect, connected, connecting, connectivities, connectivity, connector) nodes, nuclear plants, volcano (s) ... , also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 256, String Connector; so called "minus-the-node-number" algorithm;

IFF 3,4 dimensional ( 7) distance between 2 WORMHOLES (7.50) orbit lines are 2 WHERE the (earth AND sun) is, direction to 2,3 dimensional ... ; Universal Positioning System , measure time lines i.e. (24mm, 12mm, 6mm, 3mm) ... ; measure surfaces i.e. (JUN 5*2, Year 6*2, Lunar 7*2) ... ; object (17) ... ; Gray Scale Simulation, remember WHEN light exists, dark also exists ... ;

In computing, IFF 2 in qualitative, 3 in quantitative, also see: WHILE running noCOOKIE sessions;

In Eastern Thought's writing concept, 2 strokes do not have much meaning;

In mathematics, 2 inconsistencies are problems of infinity and problems of "cracks" WHICH kill symmetries;

In Western Thought's numerology, numerological number 2  has been believed for destructive;

JUN time is related to 2 * 5 WHERE ACT2 and ACT3 stage parallel time calculating is in progress for further clock synchronization, WHEN calculating both full moon day and no moon day, and neither full moon day nor no moon day;

(kaya AND nama) as 2; kaya and nama should be symmetrical in 24mm Natural Time; In 2,3 dimensional e.g. Even Time Horizontal DEE naturally, and then, light direction may vary, B L I (Body Length Index) growth rate may vary, ... ; e.g. in our Earth, if you graphically connect Chinese nama to Indian kaya, you child will be Indian look alike, vice versa, if you graphically connect Indian nama to Chinese kaya, your child will be Chinese look alike; If you bear/deliver child in "green" planet (e.g. 3 times bigger than our Earth) your child will be approx. 3 times bigger than you are ... ; scientifically so called dimensional gravitational growth rate for gravity dimension computer i.e. 1 Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional space in our universes ... ; In Buddhism, nama is more important than kaya, for thousands of years ... ; In the near future, people will be able to simulate nama by computer and then artificial nama can be kept for thousands of years as document;

linkage; linker; SQRT3 (3 dots to be the same); SQRT2 (2 dots to be the same); Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 59, ... ;

Male and female, Pros and cons, Yin and yang, ... are co-existence, and co-existence defines 2;

cause and effect, actions and events;

Neither 1 nor 0 is 2. In computing, if not Boolean data type, all non-zero numbers are true;

(pairs of (1&1), pairs of angles, pairs of Bluetooth speakers, pairs of chromosomes, pairs of complementary colors, pairs of corresponding angles, pairs of digits, pairs of directional gravity pressures, pairs of (DNA, RNA), pairs of electrons, pairs of elements, pairs of entities, pairs of eyes, pairs of factors, pairs of floating points, pairs of functions, pairs of genes, pairs of headphones, pairs of homographs, pairs of household items, pairs of instructions, pairs of integers, pairs of ionic bonds, pairs of isomers, pairs of isotopes, pairs of items, pairs of jacks, pairs of kings, pairs of lamps, pairs of linear angles, pairs of lips, pairs of lungs, pairs of mirrors, pairs of names, pairs of numbers, pairs of objects, pairs of (one and one), pairs of opposites, pairs of parallel lines, pairs of parts, pairs of perpendicular lines, pairs of plugs, pairs of quadratic dimensions, pairs of quantities, pairs of resonances, pairs of rings, pairs of shorts, pairs of supplementary, pairs of tickets, pairs of things, pairs of boots, pairs of used jets, pairs of vectors, pairs of vertical angles, pairs of vertical lines, pairs of walls, pairs of wings, pairs of words, pairs of xy, pair of you, pair of zero, pairs of zodiac signs) IFF pin dropped ... ;

P vector direction in 2 pairs [AT pair; CG pair], P vector varies along with mutation, somehow since year 2000, human and humanoid coexists; in common, gene codes are film's negative alike WHERE distance among "dark" , "gray" , and "silver" are color coded like barcode, so called gene codes;

SQRT2; e.g.

IFF SQRT2 (a.k.a. square root 2) design model,

98 is like (plus, minus) one after another (e.g. +98, -98) similar to flip-flop alike doko WHERE base 10 (e.g. 10,100, 1000, 10000, 100000, ... ) obey sequence value (98), therefore,

Engineering Notation (e.g. (101), (102), (103), (104), (105), ... ) obeys 98;

decimal expansion e.g. ((1/1), (3/2), (7/5), (17/12), (41/29), (99/70), (239/169), (577/408), ... );

mantissa points (i.e. doko WHERE floating points are truncated) solve problems of infinity; also see: Mathematics;

IFF Square Root (2) also see: decimal; Also known as system 2; Develop system 3;


SQRT3, with SQRT2, also see: Physics Law 456, ... ;

Square root of 2 (i.e. SQRT2) is 1.414213562373095048801688724209 ... ;

Universal Serial Bus ... ;

SQRT2, also see: sequence number; 98; Also read the book: THE SQUARE ROOT OF 2, DAVID FLANNERY, 2006 Praxis Publishing;

SQRT3 (3 dots to be the same); SQRT2 (2 dots to be the same); Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 59, linkage,  linker;

stereo audio, IFF 2 ( white and yellow )Audio (stereo) ... ;

Swastika; Yin and Yang; cause-and-effect, pros and cons, ... ;

System 2;

System 4 is not recommended, because zero (s) defaults IFF SQRT 4; Instead of system 4, System 5 should be developed;

Thousands of years, at 1 time, diff of 2 circles' centers have been eccentric circles calculated such that 2 circles must exist;

Two Events Of 90 Degree, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

two plus one; two plus two; i.e. beyond one plus one technique in computing;

Two plus three is five; Prior to 20th century (20 is middle Jun), around the globe, people believed that nothing is faster than light; But, in 21st century, DEE can be faster than light (e.g. galaxy distance in yellowish color's directional variation), Info can be faster than light (e.g. a Myanmar's imaginary space crafts' camera can no longer perceive lights, but our earth's location can still be measured), ... ; In order to prove (e.g. all senior human beings must be cloned 1st) WHICH means THIS information is beyond Civilization Type; WHEN civilization changes, millions of people must be changed also ... ; Because, this DOMAIN still cannot explain WHY usage (bell vs. drum) has been for thousands of years e.g. in Eastern Civilization, bells are intended for peaceful & tranquility, on the other hand, in Western Civilization, bells are intended for been attacked & danger; this DOMAIN still cannot prove many thousands years old information e.g. 4PP yet, 108 configuration yet, Yin and Yang as coexistence (i.e. 2 only), WHY 2 claps to worship (i.e. Nippon's thousands years tradition), and so on ... ; Therefore, in 21st century (e.g. year 2013 in Gregorian Calendar (year 2557 in Buddha Calendar), this DOMAIN developer still cannot prove 5; Non Western Civilization information e.g. IFF 6 5, think that 6 is for water and human livable, 5 is for non-water and human cannot live there, and in numerological dimension (6 + 5) = 11 and become 2 WHICH is unique e.g. 2 claps to worship for thousands of years, e.g. Ying and Yang symbol, ... ; In 24, 11 has its own meaning, after 10, and this DOMAIN developer still cannot explain WHY 2 4;

Two ways DEE , WHERE similar idea e.g. 2 events of 3 lights are 90° ... ; IFF space BLI, also see: Even Time Horizontal DEE; Basically, WHERE 2 shadows of 1 object co-exist symmetrically and naturally, without the Sun, in universe; 1 way DEE is our location in universe i.e. WHERE as 2, and naturally WHERE 2 eyes' distance, 2 hands' distance, ... are symmetrical space BLI to each other ... ;

In ACT3 stage, due to Natural Time slow down problem, and space BLI problem, this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space craft's interior design should be re-designed with space BLI method ... , in addition to for adjusting natural time ... ;

this DOMAIN 's developer still cannot scientifically solve WHY 2 times tidal waves daily; Question is whether because of water, or because of graviton from 2, or because of graviton by 4  WHERE syntax vs. semantics behaves 4 as syntax, and 2 * 2 becomes semantics;

very very far away (Distance) in our universes can be defined by : 2 is very very unique many ways : e.g. Begin Audio Y; e.g. Structural Equilibrium Of Light in ACT3;

very very unique 2 patterns (center oriented (nucleolus), circumference oriented (membrane)) only; Also see: Gene Therapy System; P vector direction;

X Y coordinate, a.k.a. 2 dimensional, a.k.a. 2D, ... ;

I wrote: if I say 1.384114728, WHAT would that be related to mathematics? hint: SHIFT 3√ ((15 * √2) /2) ;

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! regarding 2, and 3, IT could be related to 108 configuration sir, e.g. (18) is equal to (2 . 3 . 3), doko WHERE √18 = √ (2 . 3 . 3) = √ (2 . 9) = (√9 . √2) = 3 √2 so, 13 (your hidden system) = 18 - 5 (each edge) ... ; Umm!! Hmm!! also see: 2; 3; 108 configuration; Mathematics; Time; if we SQRT2 (1.414213562) 1st, And Then, multiply by 3 would be 4.242640687 (√18), and we're very careful WHEN dealing with sign ("="), and "2 times of square roots" should be considered as Usage ("SHIFT") sir; Remark: we've already learnt 1=1+1 bugs since 1980s; basicLogic5 has already solved such "bug" (1=1+1) e.g. right side cannot go through left side, if we apply basicLogic5;

I wrote: mochiron of course; be careful with (2 (- , -) keys, 2 Alt keys, 2 Dot keys, 2 Down keys, 2 Enter keys, 2 Left keys, 2 Right keys, 2 Shift keys, 2 Up keys), and I've recommended Time . Space . Action (Oriental Though) should be applied to avoid bugs; Also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan, And Then, try to realize & understand Nanobot Programming, And Then, realize & understand THAT 2 groups of 3 , and 4 are simplified like 1.384114728; so, you may R&D Anti-Earthquake engineering design model (our earth only), you may also R&D Nanobot Programming (our earth only), ... ;

Also see: 3;