; ; ; ; Updated in 2024 : February : 1st (Thursday) : i Character ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 1 : 2 : 2024 : i : I :     i Character;     Also see: i Usage;

i; i; i; i; I; I; I; I; e.g.

; ; ; ; a t t a (i.e. in Pali);

(( I, I, I, I, I), ( me, me, me, me)) e.g. ... ;

; ; ; ; i ; i ; i ;

; ; ; ; I ; I ;

; ; ; ; I; me; myself; Radical129;

; ; ; ; I; myself; Radical31;

; ; ; ; I ; me; oneself;

; ; ; ; I (OR me) oneself;

; ; ; ; I've got ... ;

; ; ; ; me      me;

; ; ; ; mine;

; ; ; ; my;

; ; ; ; one of the trigrams of I C h i n g (mountain, northeast); Radical171;

; ; ; ; I appreciate if you're working on your "right" i.e. common (Method, Procedure, Technique), And Then, I'll have sentences for you HOW healthy ... ; Also see: Cloud Computing; Remark: very very very limited peoples (approx. 11 persons in our earth) know exactly HOW paragraph with graphics, i.e. beyond sentence, and this DOMAIN contents are beyond words ... ;

; ; ; ; i ;

; ; ; ; Remark: I'm very busy with HOW adding and defining good gene patterns, avoiding Category >1+ storm, avoiding earthquake, avoiding tsunami, avoiding volcanic eruption, creating new antiviral (antibodies e.g. hot brewed ginseng tea) medicine against COVID-19, ... , nowadays, and also very very very busy with (6 surfaced (e.g. DEE Box)) vs. (3 parallel planes (e.g. with parallel planes or without parallel plane)), because I like to travel to human beings livable moons nearby ones ... ;

i.e., that is ... ; ;

* i a ;

* i a s i s ;

* i a t r y ;

I b u k i ;

IC (i.e. Integrated Circuit)     IC ;

* i c ;

ice      ice ;

* i c l e ;

icon; iconic; icons; e.g.

icon      icon      icon      icon ;

Iconic     Iconic     Iconic;

ID Number; e.g.

ID     ID     ID;

ID Number; Also see: Number;

using jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (badge, ballot, ID Number, label, name, tag, ticket), e.g. ((badge is visible kind of ID), (ballot is more likely to be using for confidential political (vote, voting)), (label is using for pricing in common, on the other hand, using explicitly to define common objects (label) in programming), (tag is using for (package, packet) in common), (ticket is more likely to be using with its related fees)), ... ;

idea; ideas; e.g.

attention; desire; feeling; idea; sense; thought; wish;

chance; hope; idea; look at; see; visible; Radical180;

c h i e n Creative; imaginary production of original ideas; Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

embedded; Radical693 (idea processor) ... ;

idea, a.k.a. opinion;

idea      idea      s h i s ō Idea ;

( Idea Processor, Idea Processor, Idea Processor) ; Idea Processor; content development (idea processor) ... ; Idea Processor ( DEE, the most powerful energy) must be using for peaceful & tranquil purpose only; zahyo Coordinate ... ;

idea (thought);

idea; thought; Radical898;

identification      identification ;

identity ; ;

idiot ;

if; IF; IFF; e.g.

if ;

IFF, a.k.a. IF-AND-ONLY-IF, equivalence operation;

IFF, a.k.a. if and only if, fixed condition;

IFF (i.e. IF-AND-ONLY-IF) e.g. matched dimensional, matched directional, matched logical, matched numerological, matched structural, ... ;     IFF;

ignite ;

IIS      IIS      IIS ;

i k a, also see: Sushi;

I K A R O S      I K A R O S ;

Gene Therapy System index, correct genetic ( disorders (491694591)) : abnormality; ail ness; ailment; bad condition; chaos; complication; confusion; disease; disorder; illness; irregularity; malady; mess; sickness; strangeness; untidiness; disorders;

Asian calligraphy; Aztec symbol; Chinese calligraphy; comic inspired emoji; distinctive illustrative; Egyptian hieroglyphics; Emoji; illuminated manuscript; personalized Emoji; pictographic script; Rebus; Sumerian cuneiform pictographic; Sign & Symbol; symbolic alphabet; symbolic form of expression; symbolic visual artistry;

illumination (light or lighting); Radical400;

illusion of the reality of matter ; ;

i m * ;

image; images; e.g.

body; counter for images; object; reality; substance;

counter for Buddhist images; Also see: b Character; COUNTERS; Image;

figure; image; picture; portrait; statue; Radical793;

image  ; ;     image  ; ;     image ;  ;     image ; ;

imaginary ;

imitation; e.g.

mock; imitation; copy;

immature; unripe; young; Radical206, also see: Radicals;

immediately ;

immortal ;

immune; immunization; immunize; immunized; immunizing; I m m u n o h i s t o chemical; e.g.

immune cell      immune cell      immune cell;

(immunoassay, occult blood, stool) Dx results (negative, positive) ... ; Also see: b G T S U; i G T S U;

immunological, also see: Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;

immunological antibodies for each unwanted virus, using 1080 nm, also see: Gene Therapy System; PHYSICS;

m e n e k i s o s h i k i k a g a k u I m m u n o h i s t o chemical; Also see: MD; Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ; Physics Law 145, Incubation Period, ... ;

therapeutic Immune Cells, also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol; immune d cells, part of the immune system (specific antiviral) THAT fights (disease, disorder, infection, virus); in common, immune d cells are developed from stem cells (of the bone marrow) to be white blood cells; Also see: Anti Virus;

ware ware We've to be immune d ones to survive ... ;

i m m u n * ;

impact; e.g.


  impact of a projectile
  landing of a missile
e.g. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle   Striking ;    

(2019-2020-2021) unwanted airborne virus COVID-19 was an impact on civilizations in our earth;

if (language code: ENGLISH (EN), Language Translator EXIST ), start with Keyword "impact" ;

Ukraine-Russia War impacts many USA companies closed investments in Russia; 2022-202? ;
USA-China Trade War impacts chip shortage worldwide (our earth only); 2018-202? ; Also see: Stock, e.g. USA de-listed 101+ China companies in 2023 ... ;

impairment ; ;

; ; imperial; e.g.

dragon; imperial; Radical231;

heavens; imperial ; sky; in Buddhism, Y a m a is one of the heavens, also see: y Pali;

IFF The Empire Day , also see: Time;

imperial capital e.g. Kyoto; Radical316;

imperial era Heisei , 125th Emperor Akihito;

imperial era : Reiwa era of Japan ;

imperial palace ; imperial palace ;

imperial prince ;

imperial princess ;

imperial residence  ;

imperial we; majestic plural; Radical639;

tomb e.g. imperial tomb; imperial tomb, 660BC 1st Emperor J i m m u a.k.a. K a m u y a m a t o I w a r e b i k o ~ 1989AD 124th Emperor Showa a.k.a. Hirohito; Imperial tombs, 11+ ancient emperors' graves are not available to public, however limited access is available to researchers since 2007;

; ; imperial;

imperishable; e.g.

abiding; deep-rooted; durable; enduring; everlasting; good resistant; firm; hardwearing; heavy-duty; imperishable ( j o b u Imperishable); indestructible; industrial-strength; long-lasting; long-term; permanent; persistent; secure-and-stable; strong and sturdy; tough; undying;

impetus ; ;

ability; container; implement ; instrument; receptacle; set; tool; utensil; vessel; Radical317;

( Implant, Implant, Implant, Implant), also see: i Character; i G T S U;

by medical surgery (fix artificial object, fix tissue, insert artificial object, insert tissue) i.e. ( Implant, Implant, Implant, Implant), to WHOM; Also see: Dental Implant; Specialties GS;

implement ; ;

implicit; tacit;

Contents; detail; import; matter; subject; substance;

important , also see: Radical289;

impossible; e.g.

because of this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather, f u k a n o Impossible e.g. (impossible drought, impossible earthquake, impossible flood, impossible forest fire, impossible storm, impossible tornado, impossible tsunami, impossible volcanic eruption) ... ;

impossible, as opposed to possible;

( Impossible Earthquake Structural, Impossible Earthquake Structural 1, Impossible Earthquake Structural 2), also see: PHYSICS, law seventy nine ... ;

impossible i.e. (NOT able to exist, NOT able to occur); very difficult to deal with;

f u k u t s u Impregnable; Also see: f Usage;

emblem; evidence; imprint; mark; seal; signpost; souvenir; stamp; symbol; target; trademark;

alter; change; check; correct; examine; improve ; inspect; mend; reform; replace; revise;

advance; development; improvement; progress; Radical796;

improvement ; ;

impudence; Radical129, also see: Radicals;

in; e.g.

by the way; in passing ; in this connection; incidentally;

free; in addition; only; Radical321;

in addition      in addition (besides);

in advance ; ;

in anticipation ; ;

in, as opposed to out;

in connection with ; ;

in (e.g. login);

in front; Radical496;

in* *   in* ;

in      in      in ;

in the world (on earth);

n i HIRAGANA preposition : in ; in ; in ; (at , in , into , on , to , upon );

n i HIRAGANA preposition : into ; into ; into ; (at , in , into , on , to , upon );

n o n a k a d e Among; n o n a k a d e In;

two (2) is very very unique in many ways e.g. (Able, Disable), (abnormal, normal), (acceptable %, unacceptable %), (approved, NOT approved), (assemble, disassemble), (Bad, Good), (begin, end), (Bias, Neutral), (cheap, expensive), (clinically proven, clinically NOT proven), (close, open), (constant, variable), (Constructive, Destructive), (Core, Shell), (countable, uncountable), (day, night), (DEE, lights), (defined, undefined), (Dead, Live), (Directional, Heuristic), (do, don't), (down, up), (echo readable, echo unreadable), (expected, unexpected), (Explicitly, Implicitly), (FALSE, TRUE), (Female, Male), (first, last), (focused, un-focus), (foe, friend), (Hard, Soft), (hardware, software), (healthy, unhealthy), (High, Low), (Hyper, Hypo), (Illegal, Legal), (increasing, reducing), (inner, outer), (invisible, visible), (inward, outward), (interior, exterior), (joining to be together, splitting to be apart), (known, unknown), (Left, Right), (light-weight, heavy-weight), (local, remote), (lock, unlock), (Long, Short), (Manmade Global Weather, natural global weather), (marked, unmarked), (matched, mismatched), (Minus, Plus), (mono, stereo), (Negative, Positive), (no, yes), (non-standard, standard), (nothing, something), (Old, Young), (one way, many ways), (Opaque, Transparency), (project-able, un-project-able), (receive, send), (safe, unsafe), (seen, unseen), (setting, unsetting), (SQRT2, SQRT3), (wire, Wireless), (with metta, without metta), (within limit, without limit), (Wrapped, Unwrapped), (zoom-in, zoom-out), ... , also see: jinko chino Artificial Intelligence;

(condition, state) of being wrong in conduct;
error; errors; inaccuracy; inaccuracies; miscalculation; miscalculations; mistake; mistakes;

using Blue Gray Directional Gravity Pressure Error Handler to fix inaccuracies;

incandescent light bulb; light bulb; Radical535;

incense; perfume; smell; Radical221;

incense     incense : since 1575, www nippon k o d o com, in 2009 available fragrances: amber, cedar wood, cinnamon, fig, gardenia, green tea, iris, jasmine, lavender, lotus, mimosa, musk, patchouli a.k.a. Tamil p a t c h a i, pine, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, and y u z u a.k.a. Japanese citron;

Also see: incense fragrance environmental engineering;

Also see: Physics Law 230, (aroma, fragrance, odor, perfume, redolence, savor, smell) ... ;

(centimeter, centimeters); (inch, inches); (pixel, pixels); (point, points);

include; included; including; inclusive; e.g.

attached to; furnished with; included with; Radical975;

( crowded, in bulk, include, mixture) ... ;

IFF suffix: including; inclusive of ; with; Radical628;

include      include      include      include      include ; ;

WHICH includes all current;
WHICH includes previous changes;

income; incoming; e.g.

get pay; income; obtain; reap; to receive supply; to store; Radical622;

( income, Obtain, Pay, Reap, store, Supply);

incoming e.g. devices initiate the connection; also see: outgoing;

increase; increased; increasing; increasingly; e.g.

all the more; increasingly; more and more; Radical1004;

expand; extend; increase ; lengthen; stretch; Also see: Numerological7;

increase      increase      increase      increase ; ;

bizarre; dazzling; excellent; extraordinary; fantastic; incredible; magical; magnificent; marvelous; outstanding; plausible; sensational; splendid; superb; unbelievable; wonderful; wondrous; Also see: Radical263;

incubate; incubating; incubation; e.g.

Incubation     Incubation     Incubation; Also see: Gene Therapy System; i G T S U;  Remark: Font Color (Automatic) ... ;

Incubation Period, also see: Physics Law 145; Gravity Dimension Computer (-time, Time) ... ;

f u k u t s u Indefatigable, persisting tirelessly (of a person's efforts, of a group's efforts) ... ; Also see: f Usage;

independence ;

indestructible; e.g.

abiding; deep-rooted; durable; enduring; everlasting; good resistant; firm; hardwearing; heavy-duty; imperishable; indestructible ( j o b u Indestructible); industrial-strength; long-lasting; long-term; permanent; persistent; secure-and-stable; strong and sturdy; tough; undying;

indestructible concentration;

index; indexed; indexing; indexes; ... e.g.

index INDEX    index      index      index ;


monastery a.k.a. temple; Also see: Monastery INDEX ... ;

India (Geographical domain: (.in)); India;

आ : second vowel in Hindi language;

(Bay of Bengal, East China Sea, Gulf of Thailand, Indian ocean, Pacific ocean, Philippine sea, Sea of Japan, South China Sea), also see: 5bComputer; 8cComputer; 1gComputer; 6iComputer; 2pComputer; 6pComputer; 7sComputer; 2sComputer;

indicate; indicated; indicating; indicator; indicators; e.g.

indicate ; ;     indicator ;


BF2 Indigo, also see: PHYSICS, law 82; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

individual; individually; e.g.

counter for articles; individual; Radical588;

individual      individual      individually;

individual ; individually ;

individual soul;

(individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), also see:  ..\..\..\ Domain \ Gene Therapy System \ WHOM.txt; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

f u k u t s u Indomitable; Also see: f Usage;

Indonesia      Indonesian language ;

inductance ;


2 (categories, kinds, methods, types, ways) of logic are (deduction logic, induction logic), doko WHERE

deduction logic (form), also see: Radical669;
induction logic (whole), also see: Radical399;

Also see: philosophy;

industrial; industrialist; industries; industry; e.g.

abiding; deep-rooted; durable; enduring; everlasting; good resistant; firm; hardwearing; heavy-duty; imperishable; indestructible; industrial-strength ( j o b u Industrial-Strength); long-lasting; long-term; permanent; persistent; secure-and-stable; strong and sturdy; tough; undying;


industry; Radical246, also see: Radicals;

inevitable climate change, also see: Naturally Weather Log;

inexperienced; Radical129;

infections; Also see: Specialties A P M;

infer     to infer ; ;

deduction; inference ; suiron Inference;

inference knowledge, also see: 2 kinds of v i p a s s a n ā knowledge;

Anti Inflammatory, as opposed to inflammation; Also see:   Gene Therapy System;

(reducing, removing) inflammation, also see: c G T S U;

f u k u t s u Inflexible; Also see: f Usage;

inflict ; ;

influence e.g.

change; enchant; influence; Radical661;

influence; power; Radical400;

influence ; ;

( FLU, i n f u r u e n z a Influenza), also see: i G T S U;

inform ; ;

( info, info, info, info); Info ; info      Info ;

    DEE is faster than light ... ; INFO is also faster than light ... ;  


information      information ; ;

living organism's constituent of chromosomes (self replicating), carrier of genetic info, also see: DNA;

infra* ;

infrared ;

infrastructure ; structure;

ingredient; material; Radical118;

inhabit; e.g.

dwell; inhabit; live; reside;

inhabit ; ;

inhale; e.g.

( Imbibe, inhale, sip, suck);

inheritance; e.g.

( Blue-gray _Incubation Period Inheritance, Mendel _Inheritance, this DOMAIN _ Protein Inheritance); Also see: i G T S U; Physics Law 145; Protein; P vector direction; Remark: * Inheritance, developed during COVID-19 pandemic worldwide (2019-2022), because defined virus COVID-19 's (mutate, mutated, mutating, mutation) patterns are known as variants (e.g. Delta, Omicron), so defining & knowing of the usage "Inheritance" ... ;

begin; come; commence; derive; emanated; embark; emerge; flow; initiate; issue; originate; proceed; something abstract but perceptible spread out from a source; stem; undertake; Also see: Physics Law 145, ... ;


file's name type (e.g. *.i n i ) initialization; I N I, also see: 5iComputer;

injustice; mistake; negative; Radical207;

inlet ; ;

inline; e.g.

inline frame, also see: Physics Law 140, (roll-able, ZCS, flat panel, screen, CRT) Resolution, ... ;

innate immunity (antigen) THAT (attacks, fights) foreign cells; Also see: immune _cell; immunological;

inner strength;

inner strength; spirit; vitality; Radical83, also see: Radicals;

innocence; Radical135;

innovation ; ;

Inoculation, living (antigen, pathogen) into (alive, living) organism to ( shigeki Stimulate, stimulate, stimulate, stimulate, Stimulate) the production of antibodies;

input      input      input      input      input ;

input logical value;

input: analog;

inquire ; ;

inquiry carefully; Radical851;

insatiable desire for more ;

insect; insects; e.g.

bug; insect; cricket; moth; worm; Radical174;

(insectoid reports to animaloid reports to humanoids) ... ;

insect without leg; Radical186, also see: Radicals;

moth, insect related to butterflies; Radical588;

inside; within; Radical512;

in situ; e.g.

In Situ     In Situ     In Situ; Also see: 2iComputer; i G T S U;

s o n o b a d e In situ, (in the original place, situated in the original place), also see: FISH; i Character; Location Awareness Response; s Usage;

alter; change; check; correct; examine; improve; inspect ; mend; reform; replace; revise;

admit; install; pull; quote; refer to; Radical815;

install      installed      install ;

carapace; grade A; instep; shell; the 1st party; Radical256, also see: Radicals;

instinct      instinct ;

because of "Light Instinct" , our body's bio (items, objects, things, ... ) are gathered to be together; in ACT2 imaginary hyper space (e.g. 2,3 dimensional, inner ring of our universe, inside-of-nested-area), regarding Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (Gene Therapy System index), since (heat and light) are at the same location (only in our earth), and our earth is without yellowish variation and yellow core planet, and iroColourWaveForm (lights' intensities) e.g. color codes, color coding, colorful, ... can be defined; (approx. since 2010)  our body's bio (items, objects, things, ... ) obeys NOT ONLY iroColourWaveForm (lights' intensities), BUT ALSO (approx. since 2000) C Sequence Number (BF1) growth rate, this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System has become able to cure (Also see: ..\..\..\MD\MD) all kinds of bio disorders in ACT1 imaginary hyper space (e.g. our earth's human beings) by its Method (e.g. Directional Gravity Pressure, e.g. Gravity Dimension Computer, e.g. gravity spots, ... ) i.e. via PHYSICS way ... ; therefore, in order to survive in 21st century and beyond, hurry up and have Buddha (also see: ..\..\..\Buddha\index) statue at your home, ... ;

instruction; instructions; e.g.

book of instructions (i.e. manual) ... ;

explanation; instruction; Radical350;

instruction      instruction ;

instruction; procedure; process; protocol; sequence;

instrument; instrumental; instrumentation; instrumentations; instruments; e.g.

ability; container; implement; instrument ; receptacle; set; tool; utensil; vessel;

control; wind-instrument; jurisdiction; Radical555;

in Hiragana as suffix: device; container; instrument; vessel; Radical317;

instrumentation      instrumentation ; ;

instrument e.g. device, equipment, machine, object a.k.a. things, tool, ... ;

stringed instrument; Radical313;

integer      integer ;

integer logic, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3; idea ♯ 265; Logic;

Integral; Also see: Physics Law 133;

i n t e g u m e n t a r y, also see: MD;

c h i t e k i Intellectual     c h i t e k i Intellectual;

intelligence; intelligent; e.g.

artificial intelligence      artificial intelligence ; jinko chino;

bright; clever; Intelligence; smart; wise;

intentionally; e.g.

cause; circumstances; consequently; especially; happenstance; intentionally; reason; the late, therefore;

inter* ;

interact; interacted; interacting; Inter Action; interactive; Inter Active; e.g.

cipher ; code ; password ; e.g. IO (Input, Output) interactive ... ;

interact; interacted; interacting; interactive;

t a i w a Dialogue; t a i w a s u r u (Inter Active) ... ;

intercede; Radical60;

interception ; ;

Interface;     interface      interface      interface ;

e.g. connect on interface;

interfere; Radical60, also see: Radicals;

interior; e.g.

(interior (inner side), if compare to exterior (outer side)), also see: Keyword;

interior     interior     interior; interior (items internally relating to the inside, inside, inner side, inner part) ... ;

internal ;

international      international      international      international ; international Band, also see: International Domains;

Internet e.g.

   internet      INTERNET      internet  

INTERNET     internet

power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

(comprehensible; logical to be; reasonable to be; to operate between (running between)); Radical711;

interpret; interpretable; interpretation; interpreted; interpreter; interpreting; e.g.

ACTION of explaining, i.e. Explanation, Interpretation, Translation, ... kaishaku Interpretation ... ;

interpret ; ;     interpretation ; ;     interpreter ; ;

to interpret; to translate; Radical951;

t s u y a k u Interpreter;

interval; e.g.

interval ; interval ;

( interval, interval, interval, interval, k a n k a k u Interval) ... ; Also see: Time;

P-to-P Interval; Also see: i ECG;

RR interval (a.k.a. R-R interval, R-to-R Interval); Also see: r ECG;

the intervening period (e.g. z a n t e i Interim), also see: Time;

intestine; e.g.

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (enter a.k.a. intestine)), also see: C ph T Root Words, ... ;

next to stomach, 1st part of small intestine, to jejunum; i.e. duodenum, also see: C ph T Root Words;

rectum (final section of large intestine (GI)), also see: r G T S U;

prefixed to a name for showing intimacy; Radical1003;

closely related; friendly; intimately; Radical887;

intra* ;

introduction ;

invariant ; ;

inverse; INVERSE; e.g.

INVERSE, also see: Physics Law 181, DEE Box vs. DEE Donut;

inverted; opposite; reverse; wicked;

( inverter, Inverter, inverter, Inverter) ... ;

abandon; discard; give up; hurl; invest in; join; launch into; sell at a loss; throw;

investigate; investigation; investigations; e.g.

investigate ; ;

investigate; meter; musical key; prepare; tone; tune; writing style; Radical611;

because; by means of; in view of; Radical594;

f u k u t s u Invincible; Also see: f Usage;

invisibilities; invisibility; invisible; e.g.

IFF our earth ( invisibilities1, invisibilities, Laser Shield), also see: Invisibilities; Invisibility;

invisibility      invisibility      invisibility ;

military grade (invisible to radar), also see: PHYSICS (law fifty seven) ... ;

Remark: invisibility engineering, one of the highest technologies in 21st century & beyond; invisible; invisible; System variables (HTTP-EQUIV) : Name (i Oriental) = Value (invisible); System variables (HTTP-EQUIV) : Name (Time . Space) = Value (Invisibility);

Remote Nama Reading (one of the invisibility engineering deployments) i.e. insectoid reports to animaloid reports to humanoids ... ; Remote Nama Reading RDBMS; Remark: long long time ago, whenever dealing with (invisibilities, invisibility, invisible), we had to do (matching rpm, matching speed, matching timing) ... ;

invitation; invitational; invite; invited; inviting; e.g.

call; call out to; invite; Radical313;


invitation      invitation ;

f u k u t s u Invulnerable; Also see: f Usage;

ion; ION; ionic; ionize; i o n i z a b l e; ionized; ionizing; ions; e.g.

Calcium Binding Protein ( C B P), e.g. muscles binds calcium ion ( Ca^2+) a.k.a. Ca2+; Also see: c G T S U;

covalent bonding; ionic bonding; metallic bonding;

C Sequence Number Natural Cell Path Battery e.g. C Sequence Number Natural Cell Path Battery ( electrolyte) ... , using natural structural method, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

Coconut Electrolyte Ionizable, also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

(electron optics, electron and ion optics, ion optics, ion and electron optics); Also see: Optics;

( ion, ion, ion, ion) ... ;     ion      ion;

ionic repulsive equilibrium; Also see: Battery; Physics Law 141;

i o n i s a t i o n; Ionization ; Ionize ; Ionized ;

ionize     ionize     ionize; Also see: Radical661;

i o n k a Ionization;

500 nm (ION FLOW (CCW directional, CW directional)), (Minus Ion), (Plus Ion), ... , also see: DNA _Origami;


i O S ;

i o t; IoT; IOT; e.g.

IoT;     IOT, Internet of Things; IoT; Autonomous Decentralized System;

IoT     IoT     IoT;     Also see: IoT .HTML;

iota i.e. Ι, ι;

i p s; iPS; e.g. 

iPS; Also see: Nanobot iPS Cells;

i p s Cell      i p s Cell ;

IPv6; IPv4; e.g.

IPv6 e.g. eight groups of 16 bit each :

IPv6     IPv6     IPv6      IPv6     IPv6      IPv6;

IPv4; IPv4, also see: (ability to cope; Radical86); dot dot dot;

IR; i r; e.g.

IR Box; Also see: FISH;

IR, Infrared Radiation, a.k.a. Infrared light;
IR (Infra Red) barrier detector, flame detection, Non-Contact IR Thermometer (temperature), remote control, sensor, spectroscopy, thermometer, ... ;

IR     IR     IR ; ((uncommon, e.g. 1080 NM), (common, e.g. 700-800 nm)) ;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (ir a.k.a. iris)), also see: C ph T Root Words, ... ;

iron; Iron; e.g.

iron content; Also see: Iron;

metal iron (26) e.g. Fe, F e r r, Ferro, Iron, 55.8; Radicals200, also see: Radicals;

is      is       was      were ;

are on; is on; Also see: Radical888;

is not;

is      is ;

is not      is not ;

kyoketsusei Ischemic;     ischemic Stroke, also see: s G T S U;

IFF suffix: e.g. * i s h; Radical692;

island      island      island ;

islets of L a n g e r h a n s, also see: p G T S U;

*ism ;

i s o * ;

distant; faraway; isolated; remote;

Isotope; Isotopes; e.g.

( Isotopes, Isotopes, Isotopes, Isotopes) ... ; isotopes: Elements . Atom (same Number of ( P, Protons), diff Number of ( N, Neutrons)) . variable   weigh ( kan Weight); Also see: Antiviral Schematic;

Remark: Using Blue Screen, And Then, ("C") must be attached naturally at 4 diff (corners, edges), since (in this case (antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA), we don't need "Silver Color" ones, next to "Green Color") SO, this DOMAIN defines Highlight ((none {E3,E3,E3} Color), (none Gray Color), (none Silver Color), (none White Color)) to its Isotopes, i.e. HOW antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA;

( isotype, isotype, isotype), also see: a G T S U; d G T S U; e G T S U; g G T S U; m G T S U;

issue; Issue; e.g.

edition; make; model; number; issue; Radical299;

Radical299; issue ; ;

itch; itchy; e.g.

(blister, bumpy, itchy patches, Red Color ones, scaly, welts), also see: Physics Law 89, hada Skin ... ;

it; IT; its; e.g.


it      it     IT, Information Technology;

s o n o Its (context, geo location, producer, unit, URI) ... ;



item; items; e.g.

any (component, device, entity, item, object, part, piece, thing, tuple) WHICH ;

article; clause; item; Radical925;

call; item; name; nickname; number; pseudonym; title; Radical299;

class of students; group of people; set of items; Radical366;

counter for folds; counter for food items; Radical663;

counter for long and narrow items (e.g. candle, gun, hoe, ink stick, oar, scissor, spade) ... ; Radical260;

directional (biological structure, body part, item, object, organ) position, also see: Directions;

item; quality; stock; Radical222;

item     item     item      1 item      item      item ;

item (in list) ; ;

item of business ; ;

( items / Time period), also see: this DOMAIN ... ;

( Wrapped, Wrapped) are very very important symbols of this DOMAIN (component, device, entity, item, object, part, piece, thing, tuple), because these symbols can protect NOT ONLY individual BUT ALSO whole defined region ... ;

( * i t i s Suffix indicates inflammation); * i t i s ;

I T U      I T U ;

* i u m ;

B x, a.k.a. medical biopsy; Dx, a.k.a. medical diagnosis; F x, a.k.a. fracture (e.g. bone); G x, one of the medical radiological standard M R I symbols; Hx, a.k.a. medical history of the patient (Pt); I x, a.k.a. medical investigation; M x, a.k.a. medical pathological metastasis; Nx, a.k.a. medical pathological (no evidence of lymph node metastases); Ox, a.k.a. medical toxicological oxidizing agent; Pt, a.k.a. medical patient; Pt P x, a.k.a. medical patient physical examination; Rx, a.k.a. medical prescription; S x, a.k.a. medical sign and symptom; Tx, a.k.a. medical treatment; V x, a.k.a. medical pathological vertex presentation; W x, a.k.a. medical Dx wound; Also see: Gene Therapy System; MD;