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Updated in 2024 : July : 4th (Thursday) : MD ;

Updated on 4 : 7 : 2024 : Medical (e.g. medicine) information contents;

cure; heal; Radical959;



  A r t i c l e s                            
  B i o m e t r i c s                        
  C o l l e c t i o n                        
  H y p o t h e s i s                        
  M e a s u r e m e n t                      
  M i n i   D i c t i o n a r y  


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approx. 300+ years as life expectancy; Radical238, also see: Radical ; Radical ; Radical ; Radicals;

started in May, 2023, for human beings livable moons, mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D, ... ;

( Gene Therapy System, Gene Therapy System, Gene Therapy System) index ... ; Also see: define yourself WHOM .txt FILE ... ;

  a G T S U b G T S U c G T S U d G T S U e G T S U f G T S U g G T S U h G T S U I G T S U
j G T S U k G T S U l G T S U m G T S U n G T S U o G T S U p G T S U q G T S U r G T S U s G T S U
t G T S U u G T S U v G T S U w G T S U x G T S U y G T S U z G T S U      

be healthy; be healthy ones; stay healthy; stay healthy ones;

for nearby human beings livable moons (including our earth), Gene Therapy System should start with 3 lights of 90° e.g. ;

well trained kids!! replied: doshite Why 1 Yellow Color is intentionally hidden at the (bottom, left) sir?

I wrote: regarding ACT2 level NCS (Negative Curvature Surface) computing, to be surrounding circle alike "at the (bottom, left)," this Method is the one and only way ... ; if you're knowing, realizing, & understanding ACT1 level ZCS (2000s design model Zero Curvature Surface, a.k.a. flat panel in 1990s) already, you're very smart already, but in ACT2 level imaginary hyperspace, you need R&D HOW NCS ... ; Umm!! Umm!! in ACT3 level, you must be on your own because in ( cosmos, space, universe), there is no joint venture for sure (e.g. BLI (Body Length Index automatic adjustment)), (e.g. beyond Origin of Carbon Nanowalls), ... ; Remember: the Shakya King owns all human beings livable moons in our universes; in 2020s, Nanobot Programming ... ((e.g. immunological * ), (e.g. retrospective genetic reconstructions), (e.g. Protein powder for Anti Virus)) ;

I wrote: I need to QA (Quality Assurance) well trained kids' knowledge, so I've a quiz i.e. regarding ( 60 years (Time), 103x28 dimensional Invisibility (Space), for formulating medicines to (cure, heal) human beings on Jupiter (Action)), can we use "Origin of Carbon Nanowalls"?

well trained kids!! replied: No. Sir. because we need to use Parallel (DEE) Method for formulating medicines to (cure, heal) human beings on Jupiter sir;

I wrote: Yes. correct, proper, right, sure, thrive, ... , be beyond ("Origin of Carbon Nanowalls" (DEE) our earth only) ... ; be ready for another round e.g. "H bound" instead of "N bound" concerning unwanted airborne virus;

Origin of Nama;
Also see: Idea Processor; MD; Nama For Humanoid; n G T S U; n Pali; Schematic Dimensional;

21st century & beyond : imaginary hyperspace :

Antiviral Schematic; Remark: be beyond "H" bound" , "N bound" , ... ;

Anti Virus; Remark: be beyond "N bound" airborne ... ;

Biometric recognition and RFID based systems;

C D G W T, using C Sequence Number, using DEE, using Gravity Dimension Computer, using Walls, TEST (e.g. Blood Test, WHOM) ;

CT, Computed Tomography; Remark: 1 CT is equal to approx. 500+ X-ray, therefore, MD decides whether necessary;  

Dental Implant;

DNA Origami; Remark: be beyond Carbon Nanowalls, nano worlds, ... ;

Dx, a.k.a. medical diagnosis; Remark: for each (individual, patient (Pt), person, user) ... ;

Dx, e.g. Cardiovascular Dx; a "Tarzan" Rakhine American 's imaginary ... ;

Dx, e.g. Oncological Dx; a "Tarzan" Rakhine American 's imaginary ... ;

Dx, e.g. Orthopedic Dx; a "Tarzan" Rakhine American 's imaginary ... ;

ecg Interpretation; Remark: still developing, NOT completed ones yet ... ;

Energy & Geometry; Remark: be beyond ZCS (Zero Curvature Surface) ... ;

Enzymes; Remark: Water behaves like substances, and be beyond gas levels ... ;

FISH; Remark: be beyond 5 kinds of bio-markers ... ;

Nanobot iPS Cells programming (DNA, RNA, ... ) ; Remark: be Nanobot Programmers ... ;

Nanobot Programming, for (defeating, demolishing) unwanted virus;

Nanobot . Programming . Mapper, for defining (10^-9 meter) nanobot samples;

PHYSICS; Remark: be beyond directional gravity spots, ... ;

Physics Law 789, Gene Therapy System; Remark: be beyond 1990s model samsara machine;

Physics Law 234, (core, edge); Remark: sheet-by-sheet in ZCS computing is approx. level 4 ... ;

Physics Law 169, immunological; Remark: be beyond "T" biological cells ... ;

Physics Law 146, N M R; Remark: be beyond light Blue Color and Silver Color ... ;

Physics Law 145, Incubation Period; Remark: be beyond Space . Action ... ;

Physics Law 144, Anti-Virus Interior; Remark: be beyond UV range ... ;

Physics Law 143, medicine; Remark: be with programmable nanobots ... ;

Physics Law 131, Auto Grow; Remark: be beyond every (item, organ, part, things) has its own meaning ... ;

Physics Law 113, any moving location of point; Remark: be beyond cm scaled GPS ... ;

Physics Law 89, hada Skin; Remark: be beyond dermatological layers ... ;

Physics Law 85, our heart; Remark: be beyond (muscle, tissue) e.g. AI heart ... ;

Physics Law 82, origin of branching factor; origin of brunching factor; Remark: be beyond (core vs. edge) numerological ... ;

Physics Law 32, medical physicist; Remark: be beyond our earth only ... ;

Physics Law 1, C Sequence Number (BF2); Remark: be beyond (year 2000s model) e.g. 2 is very very unique in many ways ... ;

Protein; Remark: be beyond protein powder + WHAT liquids, mixtures, solutions, ... ;

Schematic LipidRemark: be beyond HOW to penetrate the defined cell by using "fat" ... ;

structural Amino Acids; Remark: be beyond (pure water vs. heavy water) 's OH+ Distance ... ;

this _ DOMAIN _ 's _ structural Sample; a "Tarzan" Rakhine American 's imaginary ... ;

Water Clock, a note to think HOW to design & model ... ; Remark: be beyond OH+ Distance ... ;

2565; 01/15/2022; Kaiser Permanente (the largest Health Care Provider in USA (also in our earth)) starts its own (Clinic, Distribution, Facility, Formula, Hospital, Logistics, Manufacturing) C micro RNA marker level (customized ones, generic ones, non-customized ones) health care i.e. antiviral COVID-19 medicine ASAP, after 3+ years of R&D (during 2019-2020-2021);

yokatta desu (citation for excellence, in the office, saying "bravo" alike, say yokatta ...) congratulation!!! to Kaiser Permanente ( URL: www.kp.org) medical professionals; world's 1st Health Care Provider's own antiviral COVID-19 medicine; Remark: antiviral COVID-19 medicine e.g. Capsule, IV, Pill, Tablet, ... ; antiviral COVID-19 medicine e.g. dermatological Jell, Lotion, and Ointment are not yet;

Teleportation . RDBMS (Form) ... i.e. HOW to do own (Clinic, Distribution, Facility, Formula, Hospital, Logistics, Manufacturing) C micro RNA marker level (customized ones, generic ones, non-customized ones) health care ... ;

2565; January 10, 2022; Reuters News; in Chicago, USA, genetically modified pig heart as human heart transplant medical surgery, performed by a team (University of Maryland Medicine), and successfully genetic medical procedure (patient recovery, from terminal heart disease); Remark: currently 110000+ Americans are waiting for organ transplants;

Specialties A D L;


Specialties ADP;


Specialties AI;


Specialties ALI;


Specialties AN;


Specialties A P M;


Specialties AR;


Specialties B B K;


Specialties C C A;


Specialties C C M;


Specialties C C P;


Specialties CCS;


Specialties CD;


Specialties C F S;


Specialties C H N;


Specialties C H P;


Specialties C N;


Specialties C P P;


Specialties CRS;


Specialties D;


Specialties END;


Specialties E T X;


Specialties FP;


Specialties GE;


Specialties GS;


Specialties HEM;


Specialties HO;


Specialties ID;


Specialties IM;


Specialties MG;


Specialties M G P;


Specialties N;


Specialties N E P;


Specialties N E P analyte;


Specialties O B G;


Specialties ON;


Specialties O P H;


Specialties O T O;


Specialties P;


Specialties P C C;


Specialties PMG;


Specialties Skeletal;

your own "numerological" Number here;

your own (biological, biomedical, pathological, virological) here;


the largest Health Care Provider of the United States of America (USA) and also in our earth, also see: Kaiser Permanente (URL: www.kp.org), in 21st century & beyond ... ; Remark: this DOMAIN recommends Kaiser Permanente;

Recovery     Recovery     Recovery;     Also see: Recovery; Anti Virus . COVID-19;


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