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IFF (alerted, defined, marked, known, therapeutic, verified), e.g. this DOMAIN 's contents are installed, e.g. this DOMAIN (BD, CD, DVD, SD, micro SD, USB) System Volume Information is (available, inserted, known, linked) ... : act or process of becoming healthy ones again ... ; Idea Processor (level) instance of recovering ones again ... ; process of return to be normal state ones again ... ;

this DOMAIN 's contents (analysis, idea process, indicate) Recovery, e.g. to be normal from abnormal, e.g. recovery from biological comorbidity; recovery to be healthy ones mean (harmony, peace) WHICH leads to equilibrium; Also see: Physics Law 141, equilibrium;

this DOMAIN 's (dimension, dimensional) is : 10 a.k.a. (2*5), a part of ((2*5), (2*6), (2*7)) ;

this DOMAIN 's recovery directory (folder) is : Desktop\Recovery\*.* /s ; Radical953;


acromioclavicular, also see: 25652021CME;

IFF Address, Recovery of (address, addressable, addressed, Addressing) e.g.

Recovery of IPv6 Address ... ;
Recovery of IPv4 Address ... ;

Recovery of audio patterns ... ;


IFF defined ((antenna, node) station), Recovery of band, e.g. GPS Info, Satellite Info, ... ;

IFF (Graphics, image, picture) Recovery of bit depth ... ;

Recovery of bandwidth (X (t, time), Y (amplitude)) ... ;


2023 design model; Cardiovascular Dx;

2020 October; USA; Tx : IFF Dx is pandemic COVID-19 positive ones, also see: Kaiser Permanente (URL: www.kp.org) e.g. "prone positioning" using gravity ... Recovery     Recovery     Recovery;     Also see: Recovery; using Rx (D e x a m e t h a s o n e and R e m d e s i v i r) antiviral, we've to cure (cardio myopathy and pneumonia) kuru kuru WHILE Tx (COVID-19) because (cardio myopathy and pneumonia) is fatality rate of ꌁCOVID-19ꌁ positive ones; maintain O2 level 98% of Pt; ... ;

Remark: IFF immunological daily diet, e.g. WHEN brewing coffee pot for family breakfast, add 1 pack of Korea ginseng tea; ware ware We've to be immuned ones against COVID-19;

2020; global pandemic, biological hazard : ꌁCOVID-19ꌁ;

Sunday, May 17, 2020; The Modesto Bee newspaper (URL: www.modbee.com) news: Kaiser Permanente (URL: www.kp.org), pulmonary and critical care department, Kaiser Permanente, Central Valley, California, USA, curing COVID-19 with new method called "prone positioning" using gravity to have more O2 (Oxygen) e.g. COVID-19 patient with (40% oxygen level, A R D S (Acute severe Respiratory Distress Syndrome), fever, shortness of breathing), so far 100% Recovery (COVID-19, SARS-CoV2) WHICH means 0 dead, back to normal (98% oxygen level, no fever, normal breathing), because of new method called "prone positioning" using gravity ... ; this DOMAIN 's remark: inflammation means "Red" somehow related to Hydrogen, on the other hand, we need to be equilibrium (peaceful & tranquil) by oxygen (growing, glowing) "Green" ... ; in USA, Kaiser Permanente hospitals provide NOT ONLY public health services, BUT ALSO new methods, new technologies, new procedures, new patents, ... e.g. HOW to cure ꌁCOVID-19ꌁ;

IFF (control, controller, controlling), circuit board, motherboard, Recovery of its user by itself, i.e. self recovering, i.e. self recovery, ... ;


IFF Automotive (drift, drifted, drifting) WHILE auto (drive, driving), WHILE automatic operating, Recovery from the known (drift, drifted, drifting) pairs ... ;


kankyo Environment      environment , also see: Manmade Global Weather (from naturally bad weather conditions to artificially good weather conditions) worldwide ... ;

Recovery of alerted earthquake;

Recovery of earthquake alert ... ;


FILE (New) : folder and its contents, NOT Old ... ;
FILE (updated one) : folder "CURRENT" and its contents ... ;
FILE (Old) : folder "LOST . DIR" and its contents ... ;

IFF (finance, financial, financing), e.g. Bank, composite keys of the (defined, verified) RDBMS can protect (running fallacy, running errand, running pitfall) i.e. marked Recovery ... ;


Recovery of Hidden Network (connection), e.g. unable to map, e.g. unable to pop, ... ;

Symbotic Asimo (insectoid reports to animaloid reports to humanoids report), i.e. HOW (analysis, idea process, indicate) Recovery e.g. to be normal from abnormal; SymboticAsimoRadical344;


IFF DEE, Recovery of defined Inter Active gravity (dot, pixel, point, spot) ... ;

immunization of 2D (2 Dimensional) index cell can protect its Circular Reference (Cell Number) mistakes ... ;

immunization of bio cell can protect its healthy environment ... ; marked bio cells;

immunological, also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;

Recovery from illness and injury ... ;

Recovery of Interface mismatched ... ;


Recovery of (join, joined, joining, joint) problem ... ;


IFF Keyword, Recovery of keywords ... ;


IFF R F C (D D L, D M L), accordance with its Data Dictionary, Recovery of (badge, ballot, ID Number, label, name, tag, ticket) ... ; using jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (badge, ballot, ID Number, label, name, tag, ticket), e.g. ((badge is visible kind of ID), (ballot is more likely to be using for confidential political (vote, voting)), (label is using for pricing in common, on the other hand, using explicitly to define common objects (label) in programming), (tag is using for (package, packet) in common), (ticket is more likely to be using with its related fees)), ... ;

(lapsed time, remaining time), also see: Time;


(member, membership) Recovery of sharing (content, image, picture) ... ;

Recovery from maintenance of machine nonfunctional problem ... ;

Recovery of dysfunctional members (e.g. affinity, family) conflict ... ;

Recovery of verified V M, Virtual Machine (connect, connected, connectivity) ... ;


IFF Manmade Global Weather (i.e. artificially), ASAP, As Soon As Possible, Recovery of  naturally disasters (e.g. bad weather conditions (marked category 4+ storm, known drought, alerted earthquake, known flood, alerted landslide, alerted tsunami, ... ) i.e. to avoid bad weather conditions, i.e. to be avoiding bad weather conditions, ... ; i.e. recovering to be artificially good weather condition ones;


IFF OEM can be verified, Recovery of SYSTEM Number ... ;


(pair, paired, pairing), within limited time period, IFF broken (pair, paired, pairing), do Recovery ... ;

Recovery from (even parity, odd parity) QA IFF data (Hub, Router, Switch) ... ;

IFF verified telecommunication (Network), Recovery of package lost during (Receive, Send) ... ;

( WHEN, WHILE) Play, if Pause for a long time period, the defined Browser (SESSION) R F C requires Recovery ... ;


Recovery of QA, Quality Assurance (problem) ... ;

QA of (attenuate, attenuated, attenuating, attenuation), i.e. Recovery of Repeater Station (Disc, Relay, Tower) ... ;

QA of (Antenna, Node) e.g. Wireless Antenna (Recovery) ... ;

this DOMAIN 's (Idea, Method, Procedure, Technique), using Recovery (to be normal from abnormal) ... ;

this DOMAIN, using QR Code Recovery ... ; Also see: UPC v s RFID;


( Recovery and beings back to normal again), also see: Nanobot Programming ... ;

with NIPPON 's (adjustment of civilization gap, aid, donation, gift, global law enforcement, help, Japanese standardization, regional order, religious regulation, support), from one of the least developing nations (listed infrastructural information of our earth) to one of the most developing nations (listed infrastructural information of our earth), e.g. (Burma, a.k.a. Myanmar) Recovery of Union of Myanmar, also see: International Domains; Reforming Myanmar;

to be normal from abnormal (i.e. Recovery) ... ;


Recovery of (alerted, defined, marked, known, therapeutic, verified) sound patterns ... ;
Recovery of sound patterns ... ;


IFF therapeutic, e.g. from abnormal ones to normal ones (i.e. Recovery) ... ;

IFF therapeutic, e.g. from bad ones to good ones (i.e. Recovery) ... ;

IFF therapeutic, e.g. from unlucky ones to fortunate ones (i.e. Recovery) ... ;

Recovery of alerted tsunami;

Recovery of tsunami alert ... ;


(defined, known, verified) bio marker, cell marker, NGS marker, tumor marker, UDNGS marker (Recovery) i.e. to be normal from abnormal ... ; Also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

Recovery from (toward uncertain logic, toward uncertain logical) a.k.a. heuristic ... ;

Recovery of undefined problems ... ;

using Anti COVID-19 to (attack, cure, demolish, immune) ꌁ COVID-19 ꌁ ;


Recovery of alerted volcanic eruption;

Recovery of volcanic eruption alert ... ;


Recovery of Webpage (session) lost ... ;

within limited time period, (fix, repair) i.e. Recovery of any abnormal (damage, errand, error, lost, mistake) ... ;


Recovery of XML, e.g. Recovery of X Marked up Language compilation error ... ;


Recovery of Y level, e.g. Gravity Dimension Computer (Directional Gravity Pressure) level, ... ;

Recovery of Y level, e.g. SPL (level) ... ;


Recovery of 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index (reversed yellowish variation, yellowish variation), using OLE, Object Linking and Embedding; (embed, embedded, embedding) As Keyword; Also see: Radical693;