Updated in 2565 : on 2022 : 3 : 31 : chiryoyaku Therapeutic : Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol : 21st century & beyond, regarding Gene Therapy System, the following basic symbols are defined, designed, developed, engineered, and presented for therapeutic ways ... ; Remark: regarding Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, ... ;

counter for people; human beings; mankind; ware ware We; Radical9;

medical     medical     medical ;

  a G T S U b G T S U c G T S U d G T S U e G T S U f G T S U g G T S U h G T S U I G T S U
j G T S U k G T S U l G T S U m G T S U n G T S U o G T S U p G T S U q G T S U r G T S U s G T S U
t G T S U u G T S U v G T S U w G T S U x G T S U y G T S U z G T S U      

be healthy; be healthy ones; stay healthy; stay healthy ones;

cure; heal; Radical959;

approx. 231+ gene therapy system basic symbols are available for curing (abnormalities, diseases, disorders) by using ((high precision (e.g. cm (centimeter), e.g. mm (millimeter)) scaled please ... )

comet method (e.g. circle, cycle, Eccentric _circles, momentum's directional),

remark: think THAT a string hits Walls (medium), it is forming hole ... ,

( component     component     component) method, procedure, technique

( e.g.

Directional Gravity Pressure component ... ;
H D M I component ... ;
(parallel, serial) component ... ;
( R G B (Red, Green, Blue)) component ... ;
(R W Y (Red, White, Yellow)) component ... ;
S P L (Sound Pressure Level) component ... ;
USB (Universal Serial Bus) component ... ;
(yellowish variation and its reversed yellowish variation) component ... ;
( Z C S, P C S, N C S) component ... ;

) ... ,

cone method (1/2 fish design model, projected area as defined location, projector as resource),

remark: think THAT destination's area is larger than source's area,

directional gravity pressure method (1 mm gravity spot, 5 mm gravity spot, 10 mm gravity spot, mil lib a r),

remark: think THAT every side-by-side (2 lights) has its growth rate and weight,

FISH method,

remark: think THAT 2 is very very unique in many ways e.g. (I R Box, U V Box),

heterodyning method (nesting strings toward (defined environment, defined location)),

remark: think THAT (static way, wormhole way) WHEN fetching,

natural water elevator method (F M D, N M D),

remark: think THAT we've to keep 1 meter lower than normal water level mark in flood risk regions,

NFC4, also see: Location Awareness Response, 5nComputer,

remark: think THAT using NFC? in IoT for communications, connectivities,

rainbow method (air based, iroColourWaveForm, light as sheet, open space),

remark: every light has its own characteristics, WHEN lights EXIST, DEE also coexist,

remote heat sensing method (Display (AR, CRT, IoT, smart phone, TV, VR) based),

remark: CRT is 90° diff to ZCS, and SQRT2 (±98) classifies plus and minus ways,

reversed yellowish variation method ((growth rate (BLI) and its weight) based prosperous thriving),

remark: naturally travelling in our universes, of course, knowledge must be beyond gravity,

sound beam method (AVI, DB.M, moisture to water droplet, SPL based),

remark: variable resistors' way to adjust pressure at capacitor (in basic, capacitor is Origin of Oscillation),

wall method ((exterior, interior) doko WHERE gravity spot can be defined),

remark: strings' directional can be defined only by hole board, and 1970s' hole board become wall in 2010s,

wormhole parameter i.e. (45, 60, 72) As Method,

remark: in addition to static way, wormhole way can define directional, edge, other side, side,

wormhole way method (capture method begins at the end of the defined wormhole (Wrapped), kuru kuru of lights, projection based),

remark: in addition to static way, wormhole way can define directional, edge, other side, side,

yellowish variation method (DEE based, growth rate (BLI), human beings livable moons' distance in mm),

remark: a.k.a. gravity (device, IoT, item, machine, object, VM), Solar Sail Method,

ZCS method (edge, flat surface, side-by-side),

remark: a part of (NCS (Negative Curvature Surface), PCS (Positive Curvature Surface), ZCS (Zero Curvature Surface)),

... ) ... ; Remark: this DOMAIN 's (Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol) contents are NOT clinically proven and without FDA approval; therefore, IT 's imaginary ... and (ad-hoc, educational), (art, science), (can be, can't be), (illegal, legal), (nonreligious, religious), (true, untrue), ... are all up to you e.g. if you like IT, download and use it, if you don't like IT, just beat it;

Nama For Humanoid, using jinko chino Artificial Intelligence:

directional (biological structure, body part, item, object, organ) position : ((away from the midline (yokohoko Lateral)), as opposed to (toward the midline (uchigawano Medial)); eni Distal, as opposed to kini Proximal; kini Proximal, as opposed to eni Distal; (toward the back (kobu Posterior)), as opposed to (toward the front (zenbu Anterior)); (toward the front (zenbu Anterior)), as opposed to (toward the back (kobu Posterior)); (toward the midline (uchigawano Medial)), as opposed to (away from the midline (yokohoko Lateral))) ; Also see: Directions;

e.g. DEE _ Jitter _ Adjustment, for each (x, y) ...  (Remark: 1990s style circuit boards' jitter adjustments),

e.g. each 108x108 represents 1 ZCS among 6 surfaced DEE box in Z-index (Remark: (2*6) momentum),

e.g. ( opaque vs. transparency) e.g. each circle is somehow related to (90) string IFF opaque (Remark: think that WHEN a colorful light string travel and hit a flat wall, then immediately forming a circle at its end point; Comet Method),

e.g. ( opaque vs. transparency) e.g. each transparent string is somehow related to C Sequence Number (BF1) Distance (a.k.a. growth rate) (Remark: DEE medium causes attenuation in our universes),

e.g. (item, object, organ, part, thing) coexistence: ( hard, soft) ...  (Remark: C Sequence Number (BF2)),

e.g. SQRT2 (±98) means (plus-and-minus behaves flip-flop alike) kuru kuru WHILE floating points are ... (Remark: calculator must be matched regarding embedded devices),

e.g. wormhole parameter means (45, 60, 72) (Remark: regarding 2-sided computing, end points of wormhole way is doko WHERE capture method begins),

e.g. ZCS (Zero Curvature Surface) obeys (90) to other ZCS As Wall (Remark: if Rainbow method, human beings livable moon's momentum, yellowish variation, ... must be defined),

 ... ;

(embed, embedded, embedding); (embed, embedded, embedding); Radical693;

hoshasenka Radiology     hoshasenka Radiology     hoshasenka Radiology, also see: Gene Therapy System;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( gene therapy system (using following basic symbols (108 x 108, 100 x 100, 23 x 23, GIF File, JPG File))), therapeutic ways : e.g.

very easy and very simple, e.g. install this DOMAIN 's contents into a computer with camera, And Then, locate the computer toward (distance should be less than 5 meters within) WHOM (WHOM.txt file should be defined e.g. (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user) should be defined, edit the WHOM file for defining yourself Gene Therapy); because, camera can be NOT ONLY "the longest distance router" BUT ALSO scanner and sensor; because ZCS screen can be using NOT ONLY heterodyning method BUT ALSO wormhole way method depending upon architects & designers' tactic of doko WHERE memristor (s) are to be; if possible, TV with HDMI (power apps) connected to the computer is better therapeutic way because TV 's ZCS screen is more powerful than computer's ZCS screen; Also see: this DOMAIN's Color Codes;

hiku Pull;     pull     pull     pull;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ((ability to cope; Radical86), ...♯ ) And Then, be able to correct, fix, systems... ;

(two; Radical7) weeks time period to be recovery;

舰㠂आ蘪虈෷܁ꀂʂ〩ʂȥā1ରआ蘪虈෷܁ꀁʂ」 ʂ〉 Ƃꁶȃ ȁဂꛑё栻꼍Ꝍ軐퓱ꅹरԆหȃԝㄘ〖ؔ唃ഓ摁業楮瑳慲潴ひᜠ」〹ㄲ㄰㐷〱娲༘ㄲ㤰㄰㜱㜱ㄴ㈰ずㄘ〖ؔ唃̄ഓ摁業楮瑳慲潴ひ龁ര आ蘪虈෷āԁ̀趁要脂沥ꀟ☟贊囇囬乿넵髇쯶㨃麙蛸蔜솙踠㰳㾡⊦潎쯮O밍ギ怆啸푍黟䔂揀䋉織녙ꦂ䨘氶��띍謄ᅍ埭ꅭ擺혛��臨缸᠏��偏熂ഥ䂮♯紏ࡷ袝ᔢⓄ姠攜֣̂ꌁずじؕ唃┝คర ਆ ث Ё舁਷Ѓ㐰ᵕБꀫة⬊Ć Ą㞂Ȕꀃఛ䄙浤湩獩牴瑡牯啀䅓奍乁䅍R र̆ᵕ Г。 ̎ᴂ 脃ꊉ煌듼ﺎ⟲捦胎ᶧ쀘䵯䪠ꮱ㵸㑠钨㖃須춹ꄆꥉ諓㽑䀰˅ꜭ貕賄㔲㿄旐츧䠔ɟ큻์癸뽣娜릫惧뼤宬桦㷒ʐ㮉섮祑ȝ㬢椖娘ᖅϩ왱㉷Ȣ⹴1

chien Creative ; imaginary production of original ideas;
kun Receptive ; accepting new idea and suggestion willingly;
chen Arousing ; awakening of (emotion, feeling, response); awaken from sleep;
sun Gentle ; characteristics of kind and tender temperament;
tui Joyous ; with happiness & joy;
ken Mountain ; naturally elevated surface a.k.a. hill, e.g. in Zen, mountains are mountains, rivers are rivers, ... ;
kan Abysmal ; extremely bad e.g. very deep like DEE Wall WHERE no light and orbital exist;
li Clinging ; (hold-on tightly) adhere closely to something;
0_ Default Light And Its Weight ;    
1H2A2L , 1 Head 2 Arms 2 Legs ;      
1 Way DEE _ Sealing Heat ;    
2 Heat Sensing Pattern ;        
2,3 dimensional Basic ;          
  2,3 dimensional Basic Negative ;      
2,3 dimensional Default Green and Brown ;    
2,3 dimensional Default Red and Green ;    
2,3 dimensional Laser Pointer ;        
2,3 dimensional Location ;          

1mm Hole By24mm Natural Time ACT1 ACT2 ACT3 ;
100 Percent Transparency DEE Box ;      
  DEE Back ; DEE Back ;  
  DEE Bottom ; DEE Bottom ;  
  DEE Front ; DEE Front ;  
  DEE Left ; DEE Left ;  
  DEE Right ; DEE Right ;  
  DEE Top ; DEE Top ;  
重力 次元 コンピュータ 一
Gravity Dimension Computer














































































































3 Black square ones ;        
3 Blue-gray square ones ;        
3 Brown square ones ;        
3 Dark red square ones ;        
3 Gold square ones ;        
3 Gray 25 percent square ones ;        
3 Gray 50 percent square ones ;        
3 Green square ones ;        
3 Indigo square ones ;        
3 Lavender square ones ;        
3 Light turquoise square ones ;        
3 Light yellow square ones ;        
3 Lime square ones ;        
3 Orange square ones ;        
3 Purple square ones ;        
3 Red square ones ;        
3 Rose square ones ;        
3 Turquoise square ones ;        
3 White square ones ;        
3 Yellow square ones ;        

64 Aqua Cells ;          
108 x 108 Nesting Default ;      
9801 _ Aqua ZCS ;        
9801 _ Default ;          
98MWL , i.e. 98 Motor Way Laser ;          
  98MWLU ; Also see: PHYSICS, law 127, therapeutic LASER ... ;          
  98MWLR ;          
  98MWLD ;          
  98MWLL ;          
Air ;              
Another Way To Define 1 Way DEE ;  

    Anti COVID-19 ;        
  Anti viral COVID-19 ;        
Anti viral   COVID-19 ;        
anti FLU ;            
Anti Heat Wave ;          
anti   Influenza ;          

Anti viral COVID-19 ;          

Anti viral COVID-19 ;          
aqua  blue  Therapeutic  Hormone  Receptor ;      

Auto Grow ;            
      background aqua to nervous system ;  
      background {E3,E3,E3} to cardiovascular system ;  
Basic Remote Sense Y = Ln X ;  
Begin Audio X ;          
Begin Audio Y ;          
BF2 Blue gray ;          
  Blue - gray EM Pull ;    
BF2 Brown ;            
  Brown EM Pull ;        
BF2 Dark red ;          
  Dark red EM Pull ;      
BF2 Gold ;            
  Gold EM Pull ;        
BF2 Green ;            
  Green EM Pull ;        
BF2 Indigo ;            
  Indigo EM Pull ;        
BF2 Lavender ;            
  Lavender EM Pull ;        
BF2 Light turquoise ;          
  Light turquoise EM Pull ;      
BF2 Light yellow ;          
  Light yellow EM Pull ;      
BF2 Lime ;            
  Lime EM Pull ;        
BF2 Orange ;            
  Orange EM Pull ;        
BF2 Purple ;            
  Purple EM Pull ;        
BF2 Red ;            
  Red EM Pull ;        
BF2 Rose ;            
  Rose EM Pull ;        
BF2 Silver ;            
  Silver EM Pull ;        
BF2 Turquoise ;            
  Turquoise EM Pull ;        
BF2 White ;            
  White EM Pull ;        
BF2 Yellow ;            
  Yellow EM Pull ;        
Also see: PHYSICS, law eighty two, ... ; Origin of  BF2 Black ;  
Origin of  BF2 Gray ;  
Bio Clock ;            
Blood Flow ;            
Blue tooth For 99 PTP ;      
Bone Formation ;            
CCWRW ;              
  CCWRWN ;            


Also see: Physics Law 138, microscopy Default, ... ;          
Chinese Traditional Lucky Bamboo ;        
        Coconut Electrolyte Ionizable ;  
CWRW ;              
  CWRWN ;            

2DEE boxes representing 2 lungs ;

Also see: PHYSICS, law eighty five, ... ;


dubbing 2 or more ZCS holes as heart beats ;          
dB . m ;          
DEE  Density  Default ;      
DEE _ Fan _ With _ Handle ;  

DEE _ secant to a flower ;    
DEE Handle 1 ;

Also see: PHYSICS, law seventy five ... ;

DEE Handle 2 ;  
DEE Handle 3 ;  
DEE _Jitter _Adjustment X , also  see: DEE ;  
DEE _Jitter _Adjustment Y  
DEE _ Radio ;          
DEE _ Therapeutic Removing Tumor s ;    
DEE _ Therapeutic Removing Tumor s ;    
DEE _ Without _ Direction ;      
DEE _ lines _ Causing To Left ;  
DEE _ lines _ Causing To Right ;  
Defusing Remote Heat Sensing ;        
Defusing Remote Heat Sensing ;        
Digital Sensor ;            
Directional Gravity Pressure ;          
Directional Gravity Pressure toward east ;      
Directional Gravity Pressure toward west ;      
Earth Based Medical Sensor ;        
enshu Circumpolar ;            
  enshu  SPL  Yellow ;        
  enshu  SPL  White ;        
  enshu  SPL  Turquoise ;        
  enshu  SPL  Red ;        
  enshu  SPL  Indigo ;        
  enshu  SPL  Green ;        
  enshu  SPL  Gray ;        
  enshu  SPL  Gold ;        
  enshu  SPL  Blue - Gray ;    
  enshu  SPL  Black ;        
Five Triangle s ;          
  F I S H ;      
Gene Therapy System ;          

geriatric strengthening muscle ;          
        gland ;        
GPS ;              


Green Default ;          
green  Therapeutic  Hormone  Receptor ;        
hair Growth Inhibitor ;          
Heat Wave ;            
horizontal Beating Form ;          
Instance Of Vibrating ;          

Integral ;              

I P C 2 3 D ;    
iro Colour Wave Form ;        
Kinetic Energy In 2,3 dimensional ;      

conceal; fishhook; hidden; minute; mysterious; secret; small; Radical287;

2 L DEE ;          
Light Blue For Yellowish Therapeutic ;      
Light Green For Yellowish Therapeutic ;      
Light Red For Yellowish Therapeutic ;      
Medicine ;              
Medicine ;              
  medicine ; Radical377 ;        
Moon Wave ;            
Natural FMD Water Elevator ;        
Natural NMD Water Elevator ;        
negative Curvature ;            
  Our Earth Based 45 Degree Default ZCS ;
Our Earth 's Dermato logical Thrive ;    
Our Earth's Protein Bound Toward East ;    
    Our Earth Based Tumor   Remover ;  
Our Moon's Protein Bound Toward East ;    
Our Earth's Structural Equillibrim Blue ;    
Our Earth's Structural Equillibrim Green ;    
our earth's equinox (climate) BF2YellowWithTail ;    
our earth's equinox (climate) BF2YellowWithTailReversed ;    
Parallel Moon Waves' Green Spot ;      
Parallel Moon Waves' E3E3E3 Spot ;      
plasma cluster Sensor ;          
Plus One Algorithm , for adding good gene ;  
positive Curvature ;            

prior  to  BF2 ;          
Quarters  Of  Square ;          
Quarters  Of  Square ;          
Quarters  Of  Square ;          
Remote Modulator Timing ;          
report ;              
report ;              
reversed heat sensing way ;        

CT scan report;

CT scan report;

ECG   Report;

EKG   Report;
MRI scan report;
MRI scan report;
PET scan report;
PET scan report;
Ultrasound   Report;
Ultrasound   Report;
X-ray   Report;
X-ray   Report;
Screen (s) e.g.              
    Blue Screen ;          
    Green Screen ;          
    Red Screen ;          

Yellow Screen


SDMMD; Also see: Physics Law 138, microscopy Default, ... ;          

sogaizai Inhibitor - COVID19 ;        
SQRT2 WORMHOLE ;            
  Two Side d Handler ;      
  Two Side d Handler ;      

Structural Equilibrium Of Light ;        
base d on DEE _ Mouth ,    


for circuits ; Radical510 ;
      counter for laps ;
therapy ; therapeutic ;            
FMD Based Therapeutic Germ Free ;      
NMD Based Therapeutic Germ Free ;      
therapeutic   Cardio logical ;        
therapeutic Eyes On White Light ;      
therapeutic Gastro enter o logical ;      
therapeutic     Head   & Neck ;  
therapeutic Immune Cell s ;        
therapeutic Migraine Headache ;          
therapeutic   Musculoskeletal   Logical ;      
therapeutic Nervous System ;          
therapeutic Nervous System ;          
  circle ; Radical777 ;


((equation; expression; formula; Radical992); font; idea; (IFF suffix: condition; situation; state; Radical692));

- 6 surfaced DEE box in Z-index;
- 6 ZCS based DEE box in Z-index;

- from abnormal cardiovascular system to normal circulatory system;
- from abnormal cardiovascular system to normal circulatory system;

- from abnormal density to normal density;
- from abnormal density to normal density;

- from abnormal heart rate to normal heart rate;
- from abnormal heart rate to normal heart rate;

- from abnormal growth rate to normal growth rate;
- from abnormal growth rate to normal growth rate;

- from abnormal neurological disorder to normal nervous system;
- from abnormal neurological disorder to normal nervous system;

- from abnormal pressure to normal pressure;
- from abnormal pressure to normal pressure;

- from abnormal protein bound to normal protein bound;
- from abnormal protein bound to normal protein bound;

- from cancerous tumor to non-cancerous tumor;
- from cancerous tumor to non-cancerous tumor;

- from necrosis (injured cell, tissue) to autolysis (healthy living, tissue);
- from necrosis (injured cell, tissue) to autolysis (healthy living, tissue);

- maintaining brain (central nervous system) by its healthy living color (e.g. white rice color);
- maintaining brain (central nervous system) by its healthy living info (e.g. green tea color);
- maintaining brain (central nervous system) by its healthy living protein bound (e.g. fresh tofu color);
- therapeutic central nervous system from (brown, dark gray, dark grey, olive color, sun tan color) to its healthy living colors;


  IFF asthma, therapeutic Asthma ;      
  IFF stroke, therapeutic Hemorrhagic Stroke Left ;  
  IFF stroke, therapeutic Hemorrhagic Stroke Right ;  
  IFF stroke, therapeutic Ischemic Stroke Left ;  
  IFF stroke, therapeutic Ischemic Stroke Right ;  
T K L W W ;      
USB  handled   1 line on ZCS; Also see: PHYSICS ;        
vertical Beating Form ;          
              Vibration ;
  With   out   Water ;    
With Water ;            
  Wrapped ;            
  Wrapped ;            
xy _ Ultrasound _ Capturing ;      
xy _ Ultrasound _ Default ;      
Yellow Green Either Way ;        
ZCS _ Camera _ Sensor ;      
ZCS _ hole ;          
ZCS _ hole Red Handle ;      
ZCS _ Percentage   SpO2 ;      
ZCS _ resolution ;          
zero Curvature ;            

Zoom ;              


          Gene Therapy System ;  
          Dx Cultivation ;    
        location Awareness Therapeutic Antibiotic ;