; ; ; ; Updated in 2023 : May : 12th (Friday) : w G T S U ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 12 : 5 : 2023 : w : w G T S U, w Gene Therapy System Usage:  ... ( A, C, G, T) ... , also see: Medical Doctor (MD (for each (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), genetic code)), using ( Gravity Dimension Computer, Gravity Dimension Computer, Gravity Dimension Computer) G D C gas exchange (our earth, our moon), using (( iroColourWaveForm ( 5 Color, Color Codes)), label (98, 87, 76, 65, 54, 43, 32, 21, 10), ( Physics, Physics, Physics), (Radicals (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural)), ( SPL (( Layer, Layer, Layer), multi layers, sound beams))), ... QR Code:   QR Code: QR Code : to correct; to cure; to fix; to heal; to repair; Radical959;

w* ; W* ;

    moon wave ;        
    moon wave ;        
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R&D (moon wave), n i t o t t e For (Anti-Earthquake, avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan, m Character; m G T S U; w Character; Weather; w G T S U) ... ; think that C Sequence Number (BF2), 2 eyes happen naturally, human beings livable moons (Body Length Index (BLI) problems exist e.g. Left and Right are not the same in equilibrium), our earth's moon (other side), parallel navy blue color on Jupiter, 2 suns refresh on one of the human beings livable moons, and ware ware We R&D (moon wave) e.g. regarding Yellowish Variations (YV: especially Australian kangaroo's gene code should be defined ones ( doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why) 2 arms vs. 2 legs are not the same in equilibrium (our earth only)) ... ; Remark: ACT2 and ACT3 levels' hyperspace info are military top secrets, because our earth is not simple like WHAT I think;

(( te) 1st life, ( za) 2nd life, ( tsu) 3rd life, ( ne) 4th life, ( ma) 5th life, ( bu) 6th life, ( san) 7th life, ( na) 8th life, ( vi) 9th life, ( wai) 10th life), colloquial "short-form usage" representing samsara (life-after-life) in Buddhism; Also see: (DNA _Origami, Eccentric _circles), because Biological Cell (s) are like beings in samsara ... ;

beyond Keyword e.g. (directional, NOT heuristic), (NOT local, remote), (mapped, NOT unmapped), (zoom in, NOT zoom out), ... , this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, using Method e.g.

remote burning fat method,
remote burning tumor method (e.g. to be free-of-tumor),
remote drying inter nasal holes method (e.g. to be good and healthy (inhale, exhale) passage),
remote freezing wart method (e.g. to be good and healthy skin),
remote gravity spot allocating method (e.g. to be normal ones by avoiding neither hyper nor hypo),
remote heterodyning of strings toward abnormal BMD location method (e.g. curing osteoporosis),
remote projecting sound beam method (e.g. to be normal fluid of joints),
remote removing unwanted fluid method (e.g. curing asthma),
remote strengthening muscle method (e.g. to be normal musculoskeletal),
remote Walls method (e.g. data set of (genotype, phenotype), this DOMAIN 's Dx),
remote ZCS method (e.g. to be normal brain color, to be normal protein bound),

... ; to be healthy ones ... ;

water; Water; e.g.


water; Radical106;

water     water     water;

( water, Water, water, Water) % e.g. approx. ( 65) percentage Water in (kaya a.k.a. body), And Then, approx. ( 75) percentage Water in muscles, And Then, approx. ( 80)  percentage Water in blood; Also see: index;

I wrote: I need to QA (Quality Assurance) well trained kids' knowledge, so I've a quiz i.e. among 3 states of water (Gaseous State (e.g. steam)), (Liquid State (e.g. drinking water)), (Solid State (e.g. ice)), WHICH state prompts NO Hydrogen Link?

well trained kids!! replied: at the Gaseous State (e.g. steam), there is no hydrogen link sir, regarding 3 states of water; Umm!! Umm!! you forgot to mention crystalline state like snow sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course (Gravity Spot, milli bar atsuryoku Pressure, Temperature) ... ; Will you R&D "unwanted nitrogen" at the crystalline state of water ? Remark: during antiviral COVID-19 medicine (2019-2020-2021), from very very cold state to room temperature but coconut water like a Tarzan's Method after all ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: Oh! NO. gas exchange becomes very complicated with complexity regions sir; Also see: structural Amino Acids; Water;

( WBC, WBC, WBC) e.g. shape shifting protein (its constituent amino acids, specific sequence), the protein prompts stable 3D structural, and the stable 3D structural (defined ones, a.k.a. folded protein) responses to (gas, pH, temperature) environmental conditions, so (either close or open) channel of the cell (Protein) As Walls Method may begin e.g. shape shifting protein ... ;

Remark: ((one-fold, protein-folded, protein-refolded, protein-unfolded, two-folds), a.k.a. protein-fold-conformations) complexity regions (molecular sequence) obey WHAT kind of (bonded-network a.k.a. metamorphic characteristics) gas ... ; (dimensional, directional) protein directs White Blood Cell ( WBC) WHICH kills (bacteria, fungal cells, marked viruses, targeted infections) ... ; in common, proteins start with 2 shapes; blinking momentum (e.g. 1 second) is recommended regarding (dimensional, directional, structural), it means kuru kuru WHILE 4 must be constant ones, 1 must be variable like blinking momentum (Protein Data Bank) ... ; yokatta desu!!, wow!!, bravo!!, ware ware We've got COVID-19 Vaccine ... ; Also see: Protein; Walls;

( WBC, WBC, WBC), White Blood Cell; (blood, bone marrow, lymph tissue), related to WBC; Leukocytes a.k.a. WBC; WBC is a part of the immune system; WBC types are (( B Cell, T Cell) Lymphocytes), M o n o c y t e s, ((N e u t r o p h i l s, E o s i n o p h i l s, B a s o p h i l s) Granulocytes), ... ; Also see: c G T S U; Physics Law 169; 1wComputer; w G T S U;

website; e.g.

website     website     website;

prior _to _WORMHOLE _way _LASER (location: our earth only, doko WHERE heat and light are at the same location) ... ; Remark: also see: (Laser, Physics Law 127, Physics Law 789) ... ;

well trained kids! replied: can we change it (prior _to _WORMHOLE _way _LASER) to other colors, e.g. instead of "Brown" can we use gold? e.g. instead of "Green" can we use blue? e.g. instead of "Yellow" can we use navy?

I wrote: No. in this case (prior _to _WORMHOLE _way _LASER), do not change its colors; because its negative prompts our universe's universal truth (e.g. purple to dark blue to light blue);

Also see: Magnetic Field mT, and Magnetic Field Scan, inside the Physics Law 153 ... ;

well trained kids! replied: WHAT are the diff between DEE _ Fan _ With _ Handle and Magnetic Field Scan sir?

I wrote: you well trained kids! need to realize and understand "metal" vs. "non-metal" e.g. some "beep" , "beep beep" , "beep beep beep" electricity "hot" line detectors (a.k.a. non-contact indicators) are modelled by ("metal" vs. "non-metal") sensor WHICH prompts ("light" to "metal" and "no light" to "non-metal") if its 1.5V battery is off, i.e. a part of naturally rechargeable battery Method; similar idea can be applied, with DEE is like "naturally rechargeable battery" if compare to "Magnetic Field Scan" is like with 1.5V battery is on; regarding imaginary hyper space, ware ware We've to be with naturally rechargeable battery way; HOW much do we realize and understand "gravity" , "gravity spot" , ... e.g. circuit is alive without power because naturally rechargeable battery is charged naturally by using structural "gravity" , "gravity spot" , ... ; Remark: beyond SPL (e.g. "beep", "beep beep" , "beep beep beep") programming, naturally rechargeable battery engineering WHICH leads to invisibility engineering products (e.g. invisible insectoids report to invisible animals report to invisible humanoids);

well trained kids! replied: arigatoh gozaimasu, thank you;

I wrote: remember : all human beings livable moons are owned by Shakya King;

(Dry, Wet) Gene Therapy System; e.g.

( wet, wet, wet), also see: Water; w Character ;

(( dry, dry, dry), ( wet, wet, wet)), also see: d G T S U; Physics Law 789;

Whey protein concentrate; Also see: Protein; w Character; w G T S U;


WHOM .txt, a file you need to write and save it (edit the .. \ Domain \ Gene Therapy System \ WHOM .TXT FILE), so your patient info is defined; if you like to record your Gene Therapy System (Gravity Dimension Computer) WHICH has been suggested to be connecting with a TV WHERE this DOMAIN recommends THAT the TV should be (located, placed) in front of the patient; this DOMAIN 's one of the Web Pages, i.e. this DOMAIN 's position Info with Timestamp, special designed & modeled for recording your patient's position information with timestamp; Remark: attrib -a -r WHOM .txt file;

world's 1st Est. body Fat % (indicator, medical device), also see: T a n i t a body fat mass ... ; Remark: it is not easy to exclude bone's weight;

wrapper; e.g.

( protein coat, protein coat, protein coat), a.k.a. ( Protein Wrapper, Protein Wrapper, Protein Wrapper) ... ; Also see: Protein;

using to cure (crumpled, disheveled, dishevelled, wrinkled) ... ;

wrist (l u n a t e, radius, s c a p h o i d, s l i l, ulna);









Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Gene Therapy System; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;