; ; ; ; Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 10 : 5 : Constellation (group of stars)     : our earth's night view ;

21st century & beyond, this DOMAIN 's imaginary would be: there are many human beings livable moons, and IFF 2,3 dimensional (13 (e.g. 5 + 8), IFF 3,4 dimensional (46), ... ; IFF (reversed yellowish variation, yellowish variation), also see: DEE, Dark Energy Engineering; FMD, Full Moon Day; NMD, No Moon Day;

2565; 2021; Auto Grow With Heat; Also see: DNA _Origami; Physics Law 131, Auto Grow, ... ;

1 Arc minute; imaginary hyper space craft's camera ... ;

July 2015/2559, NHK news: planet (Pluto) has 5 moons;


Concept/idea, regarding Eastern Civilization: Time . Space . Action; Remark: since Buddha & Buddhism;

approx. every 2 (2*7) days in 2 phase lunar (i.e. Time) in Buddha calendar, IFF planetarium (i.e. Space), 90° directional variation in ( X, Y) i.e. Action; 1/(2*3) momentum of Shakya universe;

approx. every 3 (2*5) days in JUN (i.e. Time) in Buddha calendar, IFF planetarium (i.e. Space), 90° directional variation in ( X, Y) i.e. Action; 1/(2(2*3)) momentum of Shakya universe;

approx. each period of (28, 29, 30, 31) days in 4 phase lunar (i.e. Time) in Buddha calendar ... ; either 1/(2*3) or 1/(2(2*3)) momentum of Shakya universe;

e.g. you define one asterism by yourself or you choose one constellation among 88, and then do not change your planetarium (i.e. your device, your telescope, your location's position), and then view the night sky by Time (e.g. 2(2*7), 3(2*5)), and then notice the ♯° directional variation in ( X, Y) i.e. Night Sky in ACTION; 23 lunar weeks or 32 JUN time period, 72, 180, (5 * 72), Carbon Nano Wall with Complex Ion BF2 Space Length, Day Sky Map, ... ;  Also see: Orbit; Shakya ( Swastika);

Chinese constellation:

Chinese Dipper constellation, one of the 28 mansions (of Chinese constellations); Dipper (Big Dipper, Little Dipper); Big Dipper; dots and cross radical; Radical90;

Chinese Encampment constellation, one of the 28 mansions; Radical966;

Chinese Extended Net constellation, one of the 28 mansions; Radical562;

Chinese Girl constellation, one of the 28 mansions; Radical45;

Chinese Ghost constellation, one of the 28 mansions; Radical230;

Chinese Heart constellation, one of the 28 mansions (of Chinese constellations);

Chinese Horn constellation, one of the 28 mansions (of Chinese constellations); Chinese Horn constellation; Radical181;

Chinese Ox constellation, one of the 28 mansions (of Chinese constellations); Radical114;

Chinese "Wall" constellation, one of the 28 mansions; Radical381;

the Legs mansion is one of the 28 mansions, and a.k.a. White Tiger mansion in Western;

seven mansions of the northern heavens;

star constellation, one of the 28 mansions in Chinese astronomy; Radical462;

... ;

Concept/idea, regarding Western Civilization: Human . Space . Time; Remark: since ancient Greek;

You and your planetarium location and position (i.e. Human), night sky as space (i.e. Space), approx. one month period in Gregorian calendar (i.e. Time);

e.g. you choose one constellation among 88 or you define one asterism by yourself, night sky varies in time period, so called Night Sky Map, and then notice the ♯° directional variation in XY coordinate;

Western Civilization Astronomy's constellation (group of stars) names are listed as English names; Each constellation name has its own abbreviation and original Greek name, e.g. King's abbreviation is CEP and its original Greek name is Cepheus, e.g. Queen's abbreviation is CAS and its original Greek name is Cassiopeia; IFF night sky map pattern is not identical to any among 88 constellations (groups of stars), use asterism as usage; Stars' brightness as magnitude (e.g. -1.5 ~ 4.4) vary among groups of stars;

1 Arc minute Jupiter And Saturn (from-right-to-left (Titan, Saturn, Rhea, ... , (Europa a.k.a. Jupiter II), (Jupiter, Ganymede), (lo a.k.a. Jupiter I), Callisto) ; using ( , ) for each imaginary hyper space craft towards Maroon Colored "Dark" Space ... ; Solar System should be on the (right side or backward side), regarding 1 Arc minute Jupiter And Saturn; Remark: in the Western Civilization Astronomy, 79 moons of the Jupiter (known ones), and Europa is 6th largest moon in our Solar System;

well trained kids! replied: instead of Black Color, WHY did you use Maroon Color, regarding "1 Arc minute Jupiter And Saturn" sir ?
I wrote: We've already defined ( , , ) inside of Schematic Symbols, therefore, instead of Black Color, Maroon Color is used;

well trained kids! replied: WHY Saturn is surrounded by Yellow color, and 2 Maroon colored lines indicate Jupiter, regarding "1 Arc minute Jupiter And Saturn" sir ?

I wrote: I ain't know;

88 constellations in English names are: Air Pump; Altar; Archer; Arrow; Bird of Paradise; Bull; Centaur; Chained Lady; Chameleon; Charioteer; Chisel; Clock; Coma Berenices (Berenice's Hair); Compass; Compasses; Crab; Crane; Cross; Crow; Cup; Dolphin; Dove; Dragon; Eagle; Easel; Fish; Fly; Flying Fish; Fox; Furnace; Giraffe; Goat; Goldfish; Great Bear; Great Dog; Hare; Hercules; Herdsman; Hero; Hunter; Hunting Dogs; Indian; King; Level and Square; Lion; Little Bear; Little Dog; Little Horse; Little Lion; Little Water Snake; Lizard; Lynx; Lyre; Microscope; Net; Northern Crown; Octant; Peacock; Phoenix; Queen; Ram; River; Sails; Scales; Scorpion; Sculptor; Serpent; Serpent Bearer; Sextant; Shield; Ship's Keel; Ship's Stern; Southern Crown; Southern Fish; Southern Triangle; Swan; Table; Telescope; Toucan; Triangle; Twins; Unicorn; Virgin; Water Bearer; Water Snake; Whale; Winged Horse; Wolf;

Regarding night sky map of our earth, information of constellations (groups of stars), galaxies, nebulae (s), star clusters, ... are collected/gathered/organized as IC, Index Catalogue; NGC, New General Catalogue;

between Mars' orbit and Jupiter's orbit, asteroid belt circles the sun; collision risk exists, because asteroids, debris rocks, meteorites (achondrites meteorite, L chondrites meteorite, ... ), and space rocks directional is undefined; Also see: this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space (Satellite) Asteroid Pusher; Asteroid Puller;

Eastern Civilization's measurement e.g. 1 way DEE with BF2, WHERE 1 way DEE is the Sun as momentum AND BF2 is our earth's C Sequence Number's BF for distance with structure AND distance of BF2 may vary depending upon 4PP's spin speeds; In addition to BF2, our earth's location is not Even Time Horizontal DEE, WHICH means IFF naturally, 1 shadow for 1 object is our earth's location in Shakya ( Swastika) universe;

Western Civilization's measurement e.g. 1 AU, one Astronomical Unit (about 93 million miles) i.e. distance between our earth and the Sun;

Eastern Civilization's measurement e.g. Location As Numberkuru kuru WHILE, numbers of floating point > 50 IFF Sqrt2; Also see: GPS;

(2 * 6) momentum has been used for thousands of years already, also see: year-signs in zodiac e.g. (, , , , , , , , , , , ) ... ; The same number 12, but zodiac signs are not by monthly; In Parallel Time SYNC, (2 * 6) is Dimension As Z, doko WHERE (2 * 5) and (2 * 7) can be amplitude e.g. 2 phase or 4 phase, time e.g. Lunar or Jun, ... vice versa ... ;

Regarding directions, 10 directions have been for thousands of years (since Buddha e.g. 2555+ years already);

If modulation of gravity (DEE) is done and fully functional with ( kan Weight AND Millibar) in Shakya universe, fully functional teleportation of (kaya + nama) will be possible  kuru kuru WHILE with 3 location numbers ... ;

Please measure your computers' weight if this DOMAIN 's contents are installed, because implementation of gravity dimension computer prompts variable weights for near future's (elevated or flying) devices OR equipments (e.g. automotives, computers, servers) by using gravity spots (e.g. hybrid automotives' battery's directional momentum with defined structures), 4PP's spin speeds with 2,3 dimensional structure, ... ;

for each Time Zone (i.e. Time), (because of Time) doko WHERE (i.e. Space) e.g. Night Sky Map varies, (because of different Night Sky Map) direction as ACTION to do;

Western Civilization's measurement e.g.

RA, similar to longitude, east-west directional measurement, for position, (360 = 15 * 24) WHERE 15 is arc of 15°, 24 is 24 hours of span, 360 is complete circle around; RA, unit in astronomy;

Dec, similar to latitude, north-south directional measurement, for position, # ' i.e. # minutes of arc, # " i.e. # seconds of arc, measured in degree with ( ' (minute) and " (second) ) of arc; Dec, unit in astronomy;

Western Civilization's zodiac signs are by monthly if compare to Eastern Civilization's yearly zodiac signs; The same number 12, but not in (2*6); Zodiac signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces;

Depending upon WHERE you are (i.e. Human) location (e.g. north, south), Night Sky Map varies (i.e. Space), in different Chart Time (e.g. WHICH month in Gregorian calendar) i.e. Time;

23 ... , 32 ... , Number 12:

In Eastern Civilization, (2*6) number 12 is yearly zodiac signs (, , , , , , , , , , , ), and (2*6) momentum (i.e. Time) causes 1 Way DEE and BF2 (i.e. Sun); Eastern Civilization collects Moon (i.e. Space) e.g. (2*7) as lunar, (2*5) as Jun; There is no ecliptic; Neither 23.5° tilt nor 23.5° ecliptic inclines; 108 configuration and (2 phase vs. 4 phase) in Action e.g. Ying and Yang as 2;

In Western Civilization, number 12 is monthly zodiac signs, and (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces) are located on ecliptic (but in Night Sky); Western Civilization collects Sun e.g. the Sun moves across the Day Sky (i.e. Human's East to West), on a circle WHILE collecting Sun (i.e. Space), during the year (i.e. Time), called ecliptic; Neither 108 configuration nor (2 phase vs. 4 phase) lunar; Ecliptic inclines 23.5° to Celestial Equator; Concerning earth's axis, the same 23.5° tilts from perpendicular to its orbital plane;


Rotating, spinning, turning, ... ; Our earth;

Some people believe our earth is rotating, spinning, turning, ... ; Some people believe our earth is not rotating, spinning, turning, ... ; Some people believe our earth is turning only at eclipse moment; French physicist (i.e. Human) proved earth's rotating, spinning, turning, ... by Foucault pendulum (i.e. Space) in 1851 (i.e. Time), since then, several Foucault pendulum were built, in Western Civilization's nations, and some people believe our earth is rotating, spinning, turning, ... ; Some people (e.g. ancient Greek prior to 1851) believe our earth is not rotating, spinning, turning, ... , because there is no physical feeling of  ... , there is no whirling effects of ... ; Because of different variation in maps, because of physical feeling of whirling effects at eclipse moments, some people believe our earth is turning only at eclipse moment;

Basically, spin speed of our earth is (2*12) 24 hours i.e. 1 day in Western Civilization's documentation;

Basically, spin speed of our earth is Yin and Yang alike (Day and Night) coexistence as 2 in Eastern Civilization's documentation ( has been since 600 BC, a few hundred years after Buddha was born), 1 Way DEE and BF2 is Sun (i.e. day) and without the Sun is night (two? here, you might think doko WHERE is the time (e.g. 1 day), answer would be 24mm Natural Time As Second i.e. only for ACT1 stage (if you are a developer in Eastern Civilization, you should use half second, if you are a developer in Western Civilization, you should use Gregorian Calendar's units (e.g. second, minute, hour) like your ancestors, because everyone likes to have their own systems; However, 1 satellite designer might not use Gregorian Calendar's unit (e.g. second, minute, hour, month, year) also see: Space, but for understanding Western Civilization, for educational purpose, Eastern Civilization nations are still using Western Civilization's Gregorian Calendar); WHY this number (24) has been engineered? also see: Numbers_in_Dhamma); IFF this DOMAIN can prove THAT one and only the Sun As 1 Gravity Spot, WHICH is the largest energy on earth, because there is no way to engineer gravity spots larger than the Sun (not yet but if one day in future (i.e. Time in Buddha Calendar), 2,3 dimensional space is well understood as space (i.e. Space, classified as ACT1, ACT2, ACT3), and this DOMAIN design model can do (i.e. Action, XY to Z, multi layers, surface) gravity spot larger than the Sun, and then can do (e.g. move, navigate, rotate, spin, turn) our earth in our Shakya universes ... ); e.g. 2 gravity spots (of 1mm size) can elevate and lift 10 g, e.g. 4 gravity spots (of 1 cm size) can elevate and lift 10 Kg; Also see: 4PP; If you are biologist or chemist or microbiologist, prove that there is no BF2 at night (WHICH means light is required to grow bio); If you are physicist, prove that gravity causes BF2 within 2,3 dimensional only; If you are genetic engineer, prove that Complex Ion's Space Lengths are not the same WHILE measuring BF2 in space length (e.g. our fingers' space lengths are not the same); e.g. gravity causes light (the Sun As Gravity Spot) and Syntax vs. Semantics (pros and cons, Yin and Yang) logic must apply here because light does not cause gravity;

Regarding both Eastern Civilization and Western Civilization, IFF gray scale hyper space simulation is available, 5 gray sections prompt not the same to left and right, WHAT kind of energy causes such NOT the same, also see: ..\Info\index; approx. 3000+ worldwide planetariums should be this DOMAIN installed IFF satellite DNS system is essential ... ;

IFF constellation is very big planets and very close to our earth and human livable, and then think galaxies are like 2 e.g. Yin and Yang as 1, kuru kuru WHILE (spinning) directions of galaxy might be depending upon 2 's direction e.g. 2/5, refer to DEE 's yellowish color's variation in mm i.e. millimeter for measuring galaxy distance in 2,3 dimensional; AND DEE must be R&D for thousands of years, AND R&D e.g. HOW stars are borne, because of 6 or ..., stars are somehow related to heat (hot spot) e.g. naturally remote heat sensing of our solar system in 2,3 dimensional and they (stars) are essential, because, light (because of water) and some other elements are surrounding to form cloud alike for each star (i.e. refer to our earth's night view only); Large explosion of star is called supernova; supernovas' directions can be calculated, e.g. applying 2,3 dimensional Directional Gravity Pressure, e.g. doko WHERE, refer to (2,3 dimensional universal time) kuru kuru WHILE (rotating) of line is 30 times per 1 second, e.g. 31, think that the smallest one is our earth doko WHERE 1 second has been, from green to blue momentum to each supernova, and then supernova's direction can be measured, sometimes supernova creates Black Hole; New borne stars are essential because environment is similar to statement e.g. we human beings need heat; Therefore, in the early 21st century, Cloud Computing begins ... ; If gravity pressure happens because of 2,3 dimensional planets' momentum and sizes, Heat vs. Light (by dimensional gravity) is global & universal military top secret, info NOT available to public; Stars are also known as fusion; Because of (heat vs. light) slowly, also naturally, if stars are artificially, you are already in ACT2 stage or ACT3 stage space development, and then nothing is out there except 4PP if you look back solar system from very very very far distance in our universes, and then if you look around; In numerological dimension, 65 becomes 11, and then 2; Therefore, 2 is very unique in may ways e.g. 2 claps to worship (Nippon's thousands years tradition), symbol (Yin and Yang) as 2 (Co Ri, Korea's thousands years tradition), notice that dimensions (5,6,7) are all related to 2, male vs. female (i.e. semantics alike 2) and somehow related to 3, even though many collisions exist in our universes but lucky to be as our earth WHICH mean we have shields naturally (e.g. 2,3 ... , WHAT kinds of shield? it might be DEE in specific form, it might be because of one & only the sun); and then, Black Hole as 1/2; (2*5) dimensional (i.e. one of two, center of galaxy); and then, WORMHOLE s are kuru kuru WHILE of iro Colour ... ; and then, at location (Even Time Horizontal DEE) DEE can be faster than light; and then, at location (after 4 lights are gone) i.e. no longer can capture our solar system's lights in (2*6) dimension, and still able to SYNC (e.g. Synchronization Destination) to our earth (with magnet shield naturally, also see: Schematic Symbols, ... ), WHICH means Info (e.g. information) can be faster than light; After understanding 2, develop 3, e.g. WHY 2 events of 3 lights happens in 90° naturally, e.g. (Sqrt 3) with (Sqrt 2) within 1 system as dual binary (i.e. dual bit) ; All moons are natural satellites in both solar system and other universes (i.e. day view from our earth), unlike stars some moons are with frozen water, some moons are with non-frozen water (also see: Plantation On The MOON, IFF Brunching Factor is 2 (i.e. BF2), also see: C Sequence Number) , and our earth might be one of the moons IFF constellation is very big planet ... ; if NOT, think simple 1 way causes (e.g. the one the only the sun causes such we human beings cannot see our back);


Do good karma, good results will ... ;

imaginary our universe, doko WHERE Comets are, doko WHERE Milky Way, ... ;