; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : March : 27 (Monday) : Updated : Synchronization ;

; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : 3 : 27 : Updated : Synchronization ;

Time . Space . Action (i.e. oriental concept) : our earth's the most advance (method, procedure, technique) synchronization would be: slow-down-time period synchronization ... ; Also see : -time;

true iroColourWaveForm timestamp analysis, jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( AI (scheduling algorithm)) to decide e.g. urgent, higher priority, high priority, low priority, lower priority, ... ;

G bps (i.e. Giga bit per second); ;

Mbps (i.e. Mega bit per second); ;

Kbps (i.e. Kilo bit per second); ;

IFF idea processor, use both SQRT2 (e.g. 4142135623730950488016887242096980 ... ) and SQRT3 (e.g. 7320508075688772 ... ) artificially intelligently (i.e. AI) ... ;

Shakya Synchronization; Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 154, clocks, ... ;

yellowish variation synchronization, commonly beyond human beings livable moons in our universes; ACT3;
Sound Pressure Level ( SPL) synchronization, commonly for levels; ACT2;
graphics pattern synchronization, commonly done by OEM (e.g. logo); ACT1;
timestamp synchronization, commonly for workgroups; ACT1;
zero curvature (surface) X (horizontally) matched distance synchronization; ACT1;

ACT2SYNC3, 23x23 dimensional, Synchronization of 3 human beings livable moons in ACT2 imaginary hyper space, for each (this DOMAIN) imaginary hyper space craft, to do ACT2 level SYNC (e.g. ACT2SYNC3) ... ; 2,3 dimensional naturally ((carbon nano walls vs. parallel moon waves), geo thermal heat, incoming moon waves, "L" shape yellow, yellow core planet like our earth) ... can be further studied ... ; Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 155, ACT2SYNC3, ... ;

Solar Eclipse Synchronization for (2,3 dimensional space crafts AND 3,4 dimensional space crafts) ; WHY Solar Eclipse Synchronization is important? because staple DEE at constellations, because either Lunar Eclipse or Solar Eclipse obeys (2 * 6) momentum in our universe, because 2 is coexistence alike;

IFF (2 * 6) momentum, also see: 4PP complex ion space lengths (e.g. 4 fingers with 1 thumb) ... ; WHY 2 thumbs? 2 has been coexistence alike, Yin and Yang alike, 3 lights are in 2 events of 90° alike; WHY complex ion space lengths (our fingers) are not the same? because numbers 2,4,6 are related to each other but 6 planets' sizes are not the same; Instead of 8, (6 and 5) should be understood; WHY our human beings cannot see our back? because of 1 way DEE, and there is no 2 ways DEE yet except Even Time Horizontal DEE 's universal location can be proved and calculated; Do space scientists need R&D on other momentums e.g. (2*5), (2*7), ... ? Yes, find your own momentum (e.g. structure) because there is no joint venture in space ... ;

2565; 2021; Model; Stock Exchange; Trading; e.g.

( HKE, HKE, HKE), also see: 6hComputer;
( LSE, LSE, LSE), also see: 9lComputer;
( NYSE, NYSE, NYSE), also see: 9nComputer;
( TSE, TSE, TSE), also see: 8tComputer;

2561; Analog Clock e.g. CK oriented computing, doko WHERE Eastern Thought (e.g. Time . Space . Action) classifies WHAT kinds of Action: FN CK functional synchronization, IN CK signal synchronization WHERE raining alike strings should be main line AND (L SYNC R) therefore creating C Sequence Number with TREE structure AND time with energy map ...  ; Also see: Network Design Principles; Network Topology; Replication; System time stamp;

frame     frame     frame;

2557; (JUN, Lunar, JUN) SYNC each other within 24mm Natural Time; Also see: 98; Monbusho level knowledge enhancement; (2*5, 2*6, 2*7) for each surface ... ;


2555; New Briefcase can be created; to do so, F8 to be in Safe Mode 1st; right click on Start >> Explorer >> IT\\Executable Application\no COOKIE >> IT >> Okay >> c:\, then click on IE >> right click, select New, then click on Briefcase; You have just created your own Briefcase to SYNC; double click on it, right click on it, move the directory within your domain system ... ;



_ IFF 26, synchronization (L AND R);
_ IFF 40,
synchronization (L AND R);

_ IFF 3D GUI (hotspot ) MOUSE ... ; L OR R ;     27 Using ... ;

2554; GPS signal synchronization, also see: this DOMAIN 's reduce design WHICH is sqrt2 only, WHICH is in numerological dimension, WHICH is also a part of parallel time development for imaginary hyperspace...; IFF developing dimensions such as: numerological dimension 9, numerological dimension 23, ... , also see:  Hyperspace Parallel Universe Positioning System Synchronization; IFF D Number is available, and then use D Number WHILE developing ... ; IFF Particle Perturbation in light rate, also see: i i d a;


2552; Cell phone time: LG MODEL NO: VX8350R < USB > this DOMAIN; Remark: sticker off; plastic cover off; ground off; battery off; and then, green line, white line, red line, black line attach USB; Because, nowadays cell phone's are made of light rate inside, "light_rate" cannot be seen, unless gravity is thoroughly explained [a Myanmar still cannot classify WHY 24mm Natural Time slow down in ACT3 stage, DEE vs. gravity, heat vs. light, light vs. DEE,  ... ];After testing cell phone time, this DOMAIN gains wide bandwidth without higher dB noise; IFF gravity can be reduced, nowadays cell phones light ... otherwise unseen ... ; this DOMAIN recommends GPS with USB, cell phone with USB, ... for testing ACT2 time, but a Myanmar's hyper-imaginary hyper-spacecraft still cannot SYNC ... ;


ActiveSync [Microsoft's registered usage], a small built-in program to synchronize between handheld computer and notebook computer; In 2007, Active Sync (high speed) and Active Sync (low speed) exist among USB connections;


Application Level Synchronization #APP: Basically, system's data-flow refreshes data between client and server; While synchronizing, synchronization status prompts either failed, succeeded, pending, synchronizing, updated, :, ... ; In a grid, synchronization is essential to do frequently, because numbers of B D C s and P D C s are replicated but not enough to cover all servers simultaneously; Therefore, in a network, while running an application system, all current home-web-pages [In MS OS, active desktop error can occur between the time of #APP and Shutdown, and active desktop error can cause synchronization impossible at Home: About], all offline files, and all offline web-pages must be processed synchronization frequently at its run-time [Also see: Synchronization-time]; Notice the GUI X<Y, Y<X; File level synchronization: *.bat, *.exe, *.i n i, *.p o l, *.r e g, ... ;

regarding Idea Processor, since this DOMAIN 's content compilation version C122 or later versions, the FILE (Synchronization .GIF) has been changed; prior to C122, logical gate was using; after C122 or later versions, the FILE Synchronization .GIF is using to do Idea Processor level matching of nama;

Synchronization .GIF; 108 x 33;

Remark: it is not easy understand above Synchronization .GIF, because it is NOT easy to understand 3rd wave of our universes in ACT3 imaginary hyper space; after understanding 3rd wave of our universes, it is NOT easy to apply HOW that 3rd wave of our universes effect to ACT2 imaginary hyper space; And Then, a little bit of knowledge to know HOW bridge alike p o n s (Also see: Radical994) happen naturally in ACT1 imaginary hyper space (e.g. Gene Therapy System), And Then, 5W1H of truly we human beings' brain vs. Artificial Intelligence, regarding Nama For Humanoid :

WHILE Numerological0 (NIL)

Synchronization   BEGIN

SYNC   List A   List B

IFF   SYNCHRONIZED _CHECK _SUM == OKAY i.e. Also see even parity; odd parity;

And then Replication BEGIN 


Application Level Synchronization: Microsoft OLE DB Row set Viewer >> Row >> ID B A sync c h Status >> ... ;

Application Level Synchronization: Microsoft OLE DB Row set Viewer Data Source >> ID B A sync c h Status >> ... ;

Application Level Synchronization . Re-synchronization: Microsoft OLE DB Row set Viewer >> Row set >> I Row set Re sync c h >> ... ;

Application Level Synchronization with cookies: Dir Sync, active directory synchronization, and Dir Sync control and cookies synchronization, can be deployed in L DAP v.3, 2007; Therefore, ADO .NET v.2, SQL Server 2005 's s q l Dependency while users' Cache do not need to wait long period WHEN query WHERE system uses Microsoft .NET Framework v.2+ with its System .Directory Services .Protocols. Also see: Replication by U S N stamps;

Display layers have been SYNC, so called synchronization among display-layers, among Application layer, OS wallpaper layer, ... ; Also see: NEC display < 5ms;   this DOMAIN recommends NOT to change OS wallpaper WHEN developing system [ also see: sys Development Models .htm ];

Session Level Synchronization: Microsoft OLE DB Row set Viewer >> Session >> ID B A sync c h Status >> ... ;


Instruction Level Synchronization #PHY:

IFF CI  prompts, synchronization begins to count;

All processes in computing, counter at@ first to begin;

Whether READ or WRITE does not matter, must update an integer counter;

Counter is equal to counter minus one cnt := cnt-1, block executing till the counter becomes none cnt = 0;

Mutual exclusion is required, WHILE interlock instruction inside gate i ;

Time is the most important, happily ever after counter vs. gate synchronized event;

WHILE (600), 6  wheel drive Automotive (e.g. vehicle) SYNC;

WHILE (400), 4 wheel drive Automotive (e.g. vehicle) SYNC; Also see: Numbers in Computing;

Logic flows to study, further read the synchronizations to be ... ;

{at (process) counter = integer number  

C: (counter = (Sum (instruction i) : instruction i (instruction i) : 1)) (counter ≠ 0 (instruction i))}

Also see: {TRUE}

process : begin


process i : { instruction i C counter ≠ 0}

instruction (instruction i C counter ≠ 0)

{ ( instruction i ) C counter ≠ 0}

i : counter = counter - 1 { C}

If counter = 0

{ C   counter = 0}


{ C   counter = 0}

End If

{ instruction i C counter ≠ 0}

instruction (instruction i C counter ≠ 0)

{ ( instruction i ) C counter ≠ 0}

End     Remark: process : ends here

{ ( instruction i ) C counter ≠ 0}

For further info, IFF Win XP, i.e. MS Info... >> System Info >> such as S y n COM, S y n T P API, S y n T P Col, S y n T P En h, S y n T P F c s, and  S y n T P L p r are Software Environment's Loaded Modules, from S y n a p tics;

For Monbusho level space engineers only: till 2005, synchronization between 2 clocks cannot be done, because clock on Earth beats normal [also see: natural time], but clock inside an orbiter machine traveling outward of Earth becomes slower and slower; Develop algorithm/method/ ... to synchronize the clocks; Graviton, Anti-graviton particles must be understood before developing the synchronization; Also see: 4 planets prediction, 3-to-1 dimension suggested; 3 for 3 dots in our universe;

IFF ACT2 stage coexistence of closer _distance and farther _distance; 2; also see: D _number;

IFF ACT3 Imaginary Hyper dimensional, also see: Heavenly Wheel Topology;

ProductID:32123-123-5510855-10710; S Y N .txt;

Sign in; Log in; e.g.

      Log on by Synchronization data ... ;
      Sign in to sync data ... ;
      Sign in to synchronized data ... ;

Remark: very very very difficult to (Synchronization e.g. sync, SYNC, Synchronize, synchronized, ... ), because webpage's user data must be verified by remote Server; 3y; 2y;

synchronization destination;

The clock was recently synchronized on %SYSTEM TIME% ;

using artificial intelligence, automatic     update ... ;