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( HKE, HKE, HKE), also see: 6hComputer;
( LSE, LSE, LSE), also see: 9lComputer;
( NYSE, NYSE, NYSE), also see: 9nComputer;
( TSE, TSE, TSE), also see: 8tComputer;

The usage - Replication has been deployed especially in Microsoft Windows platform's domain controllers [BDC, Backup Domain Controller; PDC, Primary Domain Controller; ... ] to do backup, to do files/directories copy, to do testing of file system integrity, and etc. Also see: AD SI replication;

Assume that Replication .bat file is executed manually at command line prompt c:\Replication.bat <enter>

乁:NT _DIR _REPL   ;

x copy   \\BD C _number \repl$\..\   \\PDC\admin$\..\;


x copy   \\BDC_number\ re pl $\..\   \\PDC\admin$\..\;


乁:x copy   \\BD C _number\re pl $\..\   \\PDC\admin$\..\;

echo   NTFS directory replication is successfully done manually.   ; Remember: @echo off ;

Note: above reverse loop backward %SHARE% shows that intersection of %shared_$% must be synchronized among domain controllers;

If \\BD C _number\repl$\..\   \\BDC _number\admin$\..\   and then consider as redundant for several testing ... ;

Also see: Network Design Principles; S B R; Synchronization;

/*****                    ...                    *****/

Active directories are stamped by 64 bit US N, for further info also read msdn2.microsoft.com/ms677626.aspx; By stamping US N, unique identification of replication possible; Also see: Directory Synchronization;

IFF Sensor, replicates interfaces;


using artificial intelligence, automatic     update ... ;