; ; ; ; Updated in 2024 : June : 3rd (Monday) : variable ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 3 : 6 : 2024 : variable : Variable, NOT being constant ;

We've learnt ( henka Changing, variable, henka Changing),

e.g. (Yellow, Yellow) goes away in DNA Origami, kuru kuru WHILE flip-flopping (Blue, Silver), Origin of Carbon Nanowalls in Nanobot Programming, (so, therefore, thus) I've decided that the only way to define "normal Yellowish Variation" is by (defining, identifying) Japanese . Syllabary . HTML; Also see: Physics Law 232;

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Hmm!! very easy, free-of-error, and simple sir;

WHAT is variable sir ?

according to Buddha Abhidharma (a.k.a. Abhidhamma), 24 pisayo must be variable; Also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index;

henka Changing ... ;

keisu Coefficient, (factor, multiplier) for measuring property, (numerical, numerological) constant WHICH multiplies variable ... ; Also see: Optics;

( NFC ELEVATION, NFC ELEVATION), also see: e Character; e Computer; Gravity Dimension Computer; variable; Remark: if this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyperspace crafts, approx. 45 degree diff (est. Yellow Color) between our earth and planet Mars;

regarding Location Awareness Response, variable ( kyori Distance, kyori Distance, kyori Distance) ... ; Face _ID is variable among smart phones;

( Density, Density, Density, Density), degree of compactness, (e.g. densities) : biomedical sample's density; bone density; (fruit & vegetable) 's density; gemstone's density; (metallic bonding) 's density; Object's density; population density; substance's density; tissue density; tooth numbering system . defined tooth's density; ... ; Also see: CT; d Character; variable;

I wrote: if you've designed && modeled "TIME . SPACE . ACTION" As 500 ms AND 3.3V AND 500 mA, And Then, WHAT would be variable parameter at your embedded devices?

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! ( (Coulomb), (JOULE), (kilogram), (meter), (OHM), (tesla), (WEBER) ) As Inductance sir;

well trained kids ! easy & simple examples would be :

../../Domain/Gene Therapy System/WHOM . txt, a FILE for Gene Therapy System to verify (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user) ... i.e. variable;

(name, value) are variables in HTTP-EQUIV system, therefore, in RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), composite keys are designed & engineered for defining uniqueness;

regarding cm scaled GPS location awareness, two (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user) cannot be at the same Location, i.e. variable, and another high tech key wording definition of ("Ref", "v a r", "variable") would be: Real-time (also see: -time) data; Reminder: don't confuse with Val (Value) regarding Parameter ... ;

Remark: for each (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), this FILE (..\..\Domain\Gene Therapy System\WHOM . TXT) should be instructed and modified, by simply open the FILE (WHOM . TXT), And Then, type in ... , And Then, save it;

      v r ;      
VARIABLE ( computer programming , program
i n g ) variable ;        
  variable ;    
S V , start i n g variable ;  
V B R , variable bit rate ;    
analog variable ;          
basic variable ;      
built - 95 variable
dummy variable ;      
environment variable ;  
external variable ;      
f o o bar - style name 669 1 dummy
variable , h o g e ;      
global variable ;    
global variable ;  
local variable ;      
local variable ;    
local variable ;  
loop variable ;          
instance variable ;
numeric variable ;      
permanent variable ;  
pre define d variable
record variable ;    
register variable ;    
scalar variable ;      
share d variable ;
shell variable ;      
static variable ;    
string variable ;        
structure d variable
sub script ed variable
switch i n
g variable ;              
temporary variable ;  
bit rate ; declaration ; function generator ; initialization ;
length record ; name ; occurrence data item ; -
point representation system ; spacing ; substitution ;    
vvt-i i.e. variable value timing with intelligence ;  
Variable Trajectories ;            

hensu Variable.second.Dimension.39419.LiDAR .sys; Also see: Physics Law 39419 ... ;

variable, designate location in memory, a place in memory, is called variable; data types are variable, but variant data type is the only one WHICH can change data types, e.g. integer is not variant, e.g. string is not variant; If NOT declaring variable, it becomes a variant, and the variant is changeable among data types ... ;

any type, IFF ( * )/()^, and then, artificial intelligence (array; record) ... ;

Before writing above formula, 1st to understand 1.1, 1.2, swap, therefore 2.1 for each d, concurrency at 2.2, and then 4.32 (i.e. interval e.g. enumerator); 2nd to understand (line*actions)!/(!actions) line; 3rd to understand any type; 4th to understand any type of artificial intelligence (array; record) as both reference and function; 5th to develop interval for each domain e.g. artificial intelligence (array; record) with start Square root 2; length integer; (unit) enumerator; Therefore, any type ... ; approx. 15+ years old info, e.g. dim in Basic programming language; with dim, any type of ... ;

i = i + 1, i.e. increase method;  i = i - 1, i.e. decrease method; WHERE i is a defined variable; And, notice that based10 number one is not variable; Compiler dependent based10 number one is very interesting because number in displacement might vary with time ... ; counter (e.g. count) and conditional statement (e.g. operator) can control WHICH method (e.g. decrease method, increase method) ... ;

Variables can be classified into dependent variable AND independent variable; In xy plane, in rectangular coordinates, X axis' abscissa can be plotted as independent variable AND Y axis' ordinate becomes dependent variable; In polar plane, radius r from origin can be plotted as independent variable as distance AND angle q becomes dependent variable;

variable light, also see: photo chromatics;

For ACT1 level system experts only: precisely pin point and find a wrong design of a system by comparing conditional variables, flags, invariants, m u t e x e s, semaphores, ... , for example, if locally semaphores cause any blocking / locking / waiting to put, which should be considered as a wrong design; Notice that conditional variables a.k.a. leveled words RAP music usage = "leveled words" can be classified into defined / predefined / redefined / undefined / ... / ... ; Also notice that semaphores can be classified into binary semaphores, duo-binary semaphores, split binary semaphores, ... ;

IFF ACT3 Imaginary Hyper dimensional, NOT variable as C Sequence Number, also see: fixed structured Heavenly Wheel Topology;

IFF dual core or 2 processors, time line should be S Y N to processor1's 1~N blocks ... ; also see: 3D GUI ... ;

IFF (green line or blue line) intersect perpendicularly at center, also see: l e m n i s c a t e; ;

IFF variable (heat) electricity ... ;

IFF variable occurrence data item ... ;

IFF continuous a.k.a. dynamic, also see: static;


Time . System Variable,   Approx. 61+ system variables are available to read;   Also see: Security;

where N - 1, N - 2, N - 3, ... , for computer security; Notice that 4 parameters values are classified by commas; If subnet mask exists, 2nd parameter must be AND [E Q] to $f; Control comma Data parameterized call refers Control for instruction op code, and Data is mostly within the instruction op code's memory reference addresses; i.e. 1 relation of %S M S ID% may contain N referenced addresses of %S M S DATA% ; Understanding of Control and Data provides developers to change any existing systems' OS I layer easily, for example, IE based application system's application layer and presentation layer can be transformed into [Non-IE based] S M S e-mail _system based application; However, after year 2000, ||| ... ;


%*.ini!ALIAS% ; Parameterized system variable by * . i n i file; Notice that ! exclamation character is used as separator among parameters;

%*.ini!FontSubstitutes% ; Parameterized system variable by * . i n i file;


%BIN% ; Mostly machines [i.e. RISC, Alpha, X86, S P A R C, ... ] are assigned into %BIN% because machines' instruction sets are similar [such as sign / un sign, op codes, data bits, and etc.] to each other, but internal architecture varies;   DOS vs. NT;

%Com Spec% ; i.e. %Com Spec% = C:\WIN_OS_name\System_numbers\cmd.exe ; In Sharp system, Com Spec is variable name, and its variable value is %システムroot%\system32\cmd .exe;

%Default% ; \\Printer\spool's driver dependent; Also see: %Forms%;

%Dx, a.k.a. medical diagnosis% ;

depending upon (healthcare provider (healthcare system), knowledge, MD, OEM (medical equipments), skill), variable Dx, a.k.a. medical diagnosis (Info, Report) exist, therefore, if NOT (cured, Recovery), seek other alternatives, options, ... ;

$FAILURE; Predefined variable, Boolean data type, NT; also see: $SUCCESS;

%Forms% ; \\Printer\spool's driver dependent; Also see: %Default%;



%INFORM I X DIR% ; i.e. %INFORM I X DIR% = C:\Informix ;



%JAVA _HOME% / j r e / lib / ext, Sun's JP D A, Java Platform Debugging Architecture;

%LANG% ; Proportional, non-proportional fonts, Character mapping, ... ;   DOS vs. NT; LANG;

language code (♯♯♯♯) name of the language, also see: Language Translator;


%log on server% ; log on server;


mechanics; e.g.

( mechanics, mechanics) i.e. forces are producing motion in Action, e.g. ( 9801_AquaZCS, 9801_Default) 's results may be variable, depending upon HOW you define your ( location of light-source and view-of-the-camera (zoom)); Remark: usages e.g. quantum mechanics, thermal dynamic, two groups of moving objects in 3,4 dimensional, ... ;

%M IF ENTRY% ; DOS vs. NT; m if entry;

%NET WARE% ; DOS vs. NT; net ware;

%NUMBER _OF _PROCESSOR% ; i.e. %NUMBER _OF _PROCESSOR% = 8 ; In a Sharp notebook system, NUMBER _OF _PROCESSORS is variable name, and its variable value is 1;

on human beings livable moons, rocks' density, trees' density, ... may vary depending upon human beings livable moons' sizes ... , and as of 2020/2564, BLI (Body Length Index) problems still exist, in addition, suingu Swing-by Gravity Time vs. 2,3 dimensional Solar System (Red), if compare to very very far away outward of (Solar System) our universe (Green), and HOW Fusion of lights accordance with universal equilibrium is still unknown, and the most advance (Algorithm, Method, Procedure, Technique) would be 1 way DEE and its variable DEE patterns i.e. as of 2020/2564, ... , also see: PHYSICS;

%OS% ; i.e. %OS% = Windows _OS _name ; Else, %WIN BOOT DIR%; In Sharp system, OS is variable name, and its variable value is Windows _NT;

%O s 2 L i b Path% ; i.e. %O s 2 L i b Path% = C:\WIN_OS_name\System_numbers\OS2\dll ;

$PASSWORD; Predefined variable, string data type, NT;

%Path% ; C:\...\\; ... is applications; ... is systems; Mostly use for OS I transport layer and above; In Sharp system, Path is variable name, and its variable value is %System Root%\system32;%System Root%; %System Root%\System32\W be m; C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel; C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Bin\.;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Bin\WinNT\.  Notice the one dot here;

%PATH% ; Since MS-DOS, PC-DOS era in 1990, %PATH% has been used to initialize especially for sharing / limiting of directories within a file system; Volumes and drive letters are partition dependent, and notice that "partition dependent" provides file system independent [which mean diff file format, diff file system]; System management skill and knowledge can really make vulnerable to any working environment because important / classified / private / public / top-secret levels of working data are all within the system variable; To protect such %PATH% system variable, OS provides several containers with do (s) and don't (s) ... ;

%PATH EXT% ; i.e. %PATH EXT% = *.file _extension ; Mostly use for OS I data link layer; In common, executable file extensions such as *.bat, *.com, *.exe, *.sys, ... ; Rarely use file extensions are *.doc, *.h t m, ... ; Understanding of Control and Data must be classified here ... ; In Sharp system, PATH EXT is variable name, and its variable value is user's defined file extension [i.e. .COM; .EXE; .BAT; .CMD; .VB S; .VB E; .JS; .JS E; .W SF; .W S H; .RE G;]

%P CM% ; DOS vs. NT;

%PROCESSOR _ARCHITECTURE% ; i.e. %PROCESSOR _ARCHITECTURE% = x86 ; Notice that x86 has been used since 1990 till 2006; Refer to 8086 4 bit processor was used; After year 2000, larger pin count design makes higher complexity; After 2005, larger pin count design with duo-binary makes highest complexity ... ; In Sharp system, PROCESSOR _ARCHITECTURE is variable name, and its variable value is x86;

%PROCESSOR _IDENTIFIER% ; i.e. x86 Family_model_8_stepping_1, Authentic AMD or Intel ; In Sharp system, PROCESSOR _IDENTIFIER is variable name, and its variable value is x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 4, GenuineTMx86;

%PROCESSOR _LEVEL% ; i.e. %PROCESSOR _LEVEL% = 6; In Sharp system, PROCESSOR _LEVEL is variable name, and its variable value is 15;

%PROCESSOR _REVISION%; i.e. %PROCESSOR _REVISION = 0801; In Sharp system, PROCESSOR _REVISION is variable name, and its variable value is 0204;

%Program Files%; Vista O S's new feature such as U A C must be understood thoroughly, because Only Elevate UI Access Applications That Are Installed In Secure Locations, inside U A C, Enabled by default, therefore, system variable %Program Files% is bind e d by U A C; For example, c:\Program Files\application XYZ 's user interface may not be functional if move to d:\testing\application XYZ; Also see: H K L M\Software, %Win dir%, ... ;


%REMOTE _CONTROL _386% ; DOS vs. NT;



%SHARE% ; In a network system, drive and directory can be shared by configuration; Control list controls shared drive and directory by setting configuration's rights Do (s) and Don't (s); Also see: Policy editor;

%S M S% ; Singapore airline served the first on-flight S M S system available to passengers since year 2000;

%S M S _LOCAL _DIR% ; i.e. %S M S _LOCAL _DIR% = C:\WIN _OS _name ;

%S M S _LOCAL _DIR _USER% ; i.e. S M S _LOCAL _DIR _USER% = C:\WIN _OS _name ; User;


%S M S ID%


$SUCCESS; Predefined variable, Boolean data type, NT; also see: $FAILURE;

%system root%  

%System Root%   is variable value, and its variable name is win dir;

%SYS VOL% ; System's volume sharing;

%TEMP% ; i.e. %TEMP% = C:\WIN_OS_name\TEMP; In common, %System Root%\TEMP is variable value, and its variable name is TEMP;

For example, a SHARP notebook's temp folder is  C:\DOCUME~1\USAMYA~1.NET\LOCALS~1\Temp   WHERE Make a copy in the directory: "directory image" WHEN Save backup, one of the Preferences... options;

also see: file:///;

%T M P% ; i.e. %T M P% = C:\WIN_OS_name\TEMP; T M P is variable name, and its variable value in common is %System Root%\TEMP;

transition; transition?; Transition; e.g.

Transition; Move; Change;

( transition, transition1, transition2, transition3, transition4, transition5), also see: Physics Law 126 ... ;

%Update Control% ;


$USER ID; Predefined variable, string data type, NT;

%USER NAME%; User; i.e. S-1-5-21-1234567-123456789-0123456789-... shall be a.k.a. myan0101 [last name + 4 digit]; Notice that S-1-5-21 belong to OS' SID, and the rest number is G U I D, and etc.


%USER PROFILE%; inside desktop .ini file, a sector a.k.a. a brunch such as [.Shell Class Info] may have been cached a.k.a. cache: as U I C L S ID = { 32 alphanumeric }; And notice that in 2008, beyond 12 alphanumeric such as file:///, %USER PROFILE%, ... have already prompted at the same level ... ;

%USER PROFILE% ; i.e. %TEMP% = %USER PROFILE%\Local _Settings\Temp; %T M P% = %USER PROFILE%\Local _Settings\Temp; User;

var , variable in programming language; It is almost impossible to know all, and u s a m y a n m a r .net recommends not to know all, because trillions dollars businesses in computing ... ; v a r variable may vary along with wafer design, pin level design, compilers' character mapped algorithm design, and so on. Therefore, v a r is variable in common, but somehow in wafer level system programming v a r might not be variable [ for example: consider the system level Java code such as var Trigger=Nav Yes&&! O p r ? P a r : B o d ] so that some codes cannot be changed ... ; RAP music's usage = "crunching numbers" ;

%Version% ; DOS vs. NT;

%WINBOOTDIR% ; Else, %OS%;

%win dir% ; i.e. %win dir% = C:\WIN _OS _name;

%WIN DIR% ; Because, %BIN% is machine dependent; If %BIN% is machine independent and non-Windows system, protocol must exist to use the system variable;

%Win dir% ; In Vista OS, concerning U A C, also see: %Program Files%;

%YELLOWISH _VARIATION% ; yellowish variation is measured in mm (millimeter) and yellowish variations define distance among planets; IFF Dark Energy Engineering ( DEE), yellowish variation indicates not only distance, but also directional ... ;

in the early 21st century, yellowish variation is one of the highest technologies WHICH has been a.k.a. Solar Sail Method; this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts went very very very far away in distance in our universes, and already mapped not only our earth, but also our universes;

regarding water can be elevated naturally, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 202; Natural F M D Water Elevator vs. Natural N M D Water Elevator;

yellowish variation and its reversed yellowish variation, also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index;

%XYZ% ; {XYZ$ .i n i} ∩ {$ .i n i} where $ is a part of %SHARE%; * .i n i is file system's file extension; %XYZ% is a system variable; IFF XYZ$ is machine dependent, and then Tag, and Version must be defined;


Remark: by default, after configuration of Share a Folder Wizard, in Win2003 >> Manage Your Server >> File server, Share path: = \\Computer Name\Public and Folder path: = $ p $ g:\2007Sept\Docs\Public WHERE Share name:= Public;

For P M E, Pressure Machine Engine programmers only: Assume that system variables %sys A%, %sys B%, %sys C%, and %sys D% exist in a system; %sys A% is called 10 times, %sys B% is called 20 times, %sys C% is called 30 times, and %sys D% is called 40 times; Scheduling algorithm [Also see: Momentum of universe] distributes equally to each system defined variable; Calculate a possible risk of delay-time between energy mapped circuit and non-energy mapped circuit; On the other hand in sea-level products, assume that in a real time, *.bat files are run/executed: system variables %sys A%, %sys B%, %sys C%, and %sys D% are called, and in a run time, set parameters among the system variables are approximately 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, and so on, and calculate a system's behavior by comparing real time : run time; Pin numbers, Lesser pin count design, Larger pin count design, Pin variation, ... ; Time slices and scheduling algorithms;

Also see: Inductance;

variable DEE pattern, also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index;