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        radius ;      

Also see: Eccentric circles;

factor; proportion; rate; ratio; Radical300;

real car, real object, real world (knowledge, simulation, units), also see: Automotive; decimal;

1 reality;

record of page visitor s ,
in social network i n g site s ;  
B R , boot record ;    
D R , data record ;    
L P , long - play in g
M B R , master boot record
    R S , record separator ;
record ;      
          log - heuristic ;
  add it ion a l ; alternate record key
; area ; back up ; bill i n g
; boundary character ; change ; - commit ; current
; - damage ; data descriptor ; description ; dummy
; end - of record mark ; external data ;
  file ; fix ed length ; header ; inter
- record gap ; intra - record data structure ;
  key ; library ; logged in ; logical ;
  login name ; logoff URL ; - name ;
  next number ; out put ; physical record address
; prime record key ; prompt ; - ready ;
  record and play back ; record description entry ;
  record length , record size ; record of update
  s ; relative record number ; report writer logical
; script ; shell ; sound record i n g
  s library ; start ; undefined ; update history
; variable length ;            


red ;          

iroColourWaveForm ( red Diode) ... ; Also see: LED;

Red Gravity ( red Directional Gravity) for capacitance's value, for OS, also see: Schematic Symbols;

Monbusho level knowledge enhancement; idea ♯ 174; Directional Gravity; physics, defining 5 iroColour ... ;

(Silver, Red, Blue), also see: Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;

structural Battery Red Pink, also see: structural Battery;

redolence; Also see: rGTSU;

Reducing Earthquake & Tsunami in Ocean; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 223, Reducing Earthquake & Tsunami in Ocean;

(lapsed time, remaining time), also see: Time;

resolve problem;

Re- ; restore; resume; return; revert;

        resume ;      
resume . . ;

resume ( Curriculum Vitae) sample, also see: Ace Jaw; Resume must be submitted via both e-mail and mail to HR, Employer (if urgent, walk-in to HR offices, because sometime e-mail and phone are blocked by unknown reasons ... ); Seeking employment (to be employee) means requesting 1/10 of employer's (e.g. revenue / total numbers of employees), and then try to be a partner of the employer within 5 years of time period (approx. 3/10 of employer's ... ), and then owner of the company (approx. 5/10 of employer's ... e.g. stock options, dividends, pensions & benefits, ... ); Notice that MAX to any employee is limited to 5/10 (i.e. max) and every company (organization) save the rest 5/10 to do another infrastructure developments (e.g. updating equipments cost 188 million USD), another investments (e.g. building a new hospital cost approx. 288 million USD); Remember: HR, Employer will offer salary or payment depending upon your credit score e.g. if you apply for director position, you should have 789 or higher, if you apply for technician position, you should have 567 or higher; You financial status cannot be cheated or being fraud, and HR Employer will know exactly from Credit Report companies ... ; According to USA's Labor Dept's data, more than 90% of employment seekers (in USA) get their job by knowing WHO 's been working there already, therefore, community and social connection is very important factor to be employed ... ;

Every running system knows its warm boot; therefore, the system's internal command (e.g. resume) is able to restart each application with previously running associated icon with numbers ... ; In common, after power failure, ... , system resume, otherwise cold boot or reset;

RFC; e.g.

RFC, Request For Comment; RFC, Request For Comment;

using Artificial Intelligence to handle (airway traffic, commuting traffic, fluid flow traffic, gas traffic, manufacturing logistic flow traffic, network traffic, NFC (IoT) traffic, power line traffic, public parking traffic, public walking traffic, production logistic flow traffic, RFC protocol traffic, roadway traffic, train track way traffic, waterway traffic, ... ) ... ;

start of right-to-left override, RLO ... ;

Taiwan, a.k.a. Republic of China (R.O.C.); Domain Name (.tw) also see: International Domains;

idea ♯ 246; River; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2;

roger that; roger this; Radical10, also see: Radicals;

AI Gravity Dimension (LF, LR, RF, RR) also see: Automotive; Distribution;

RTBSD (Right To Be Stability DEE), also see: Schematic Dimensional;

  Z - Distribution ruler      
ruler ruler ;      

oracle (RVWR, Recovery Writer); Also see: Flashback Logs, Flashback Thread; PGA; SGA;

RWCS (Report Writer Control System), also see: report;