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Radical57; also see: Radicals;

I a a S, Infrastructure as a service (i.e. cloud) ... ; Also see: Cloud; service;

I A N A     I A N A ;

I B M , company ;
International Business Machine , i.e. IBM computer

In year 2012/2556, IBM Super computer (i.e. Sequoia) world's fastest super computer, 15 times faster than IBM Super Computer (i.e. Blue Gene / P), and faster than Fujitsu K computer; NHK News 2012/6/18;

IC     IC     IC;

i c a n n     i c a n n;     Also see: internet;

this DOMAIN ' s Satellite systems shoot down ICBM ;
SYSTEMS demolish illegal ICBM ,
using pun Minute +  
  niji Rainbow ( Procedure , Method , Technique
) ; Also see : Calendar . Earth . Space . War        


graphic image doko WHERE fore-color AND back-color; in common, its width x height in pixels are written as 16x16, 32x32, ..., ... ; also see: Icon;

Iconic     Iconic     Iconic;

ID     ID     ID;

IDE, Integrated Debugging Environment, Integrated Design Environment, Integrated Development Environment, ... ; also see: running the285 program in95 the285 IDE; CALCULATOR (IDE) ... ; DICTIONARY (     IDE); I D E should not be dictionary based;

_ IFF 285 IDE Navigator, 26 export (save) OR import (load) ... ;

(e.g. SYNC .TXT) i f n d e f ... define, also see: any; IF DEF ... ; TYPE DEF ... ;

IFF idea processor ( object, noting, WHAT is known): these 3 points are key; i.e. naturally way ... ; In the early 21st century, human beings' high tech reach humanoids nama programming WHICH is beyond 50 IFF SQRT2 design within 5 sections of mantissa points (a.k.a. 4K) ... ; 50 is GPS level, and location awareness begins (i.e. any computer can be pinpointed universally, therefore, use computers naturally and peacefully, and do not hack); At 50, national info e.g. smart grid topology, at (2 * 50), faster national info ... ;

IE, one of the brunch-able keywords in Cloud Computing;     IE a.k.a. Internet Explorer;


        IFF ;      

IIS Internet Information Server IIS;


I K A R O S        
        I K A R O S ;      
I K A R O S , i.e. I K A R O S ;

artificial intelligence (gravity dimension computer) UPS (Universal Positioning System) using ... ;

from 2,3 dimensional to 3,4 dimensional, i.e. outward of our solar system;
from 3,4 dimensional to 2,3 dimensional, i.e. inward to our solar system;

  3D ; back ground ; character ; cod ed
  ; color ; comic strip - orient ed ;
  dynamic ; fore ground ; glyph ; high resolution
  ( 66 15 image ) ; buffer ; card
; com press ion ; com press ion technology ;
data ; editor ; information ;     quality  
; response ; scanner ; size ; 95 line ;
  picture quality ; raster image processor , RIP  
; source ; static ; text ;      
process i n g ;          

imaginary (math) complex number (math) imaginary number

IFF detail keyword (documents) IM addresses, Importance, Incomplete, Initial key, Initials, Is attachment, Is completed, Is deleted, Is online, Is recurring, ISO speed, Item type, ... ;

i Manmade Global Weather;

Imbibe; e.g.

( Imbibe, inhale, sip, suck);

I M E; IFF right click on the box ... , Open I M E OR Close I M E;

IFF Windows 8, (Window + Space) i.e. I M E;

I m e i          
      I M E I number , using G S M network

( impact, impact, impact, impact) ... ;



(centimeter, centimeters); (inch, inches); (pixel, pixels); (point, points);

inches, also see: (ruler AND grid) ... ;

include ;      
; include    
include ;      
include ;  
include ;      

inclusion ; inclusion set; also see: exclusion set;


incorporate ; ;

increment ; ;


        index ;      
address i n g ; buffer ; bundle ; citation
; color ; data item ; full - text ;
hole ; list ; - name ; register ; track
; view ;              

busy; clip; facet; file position; indexed sequential data ; indexed sequential data set; indicator light; level; LI, Length Indicator; message; operating voltage; R E C indicator; role; stack; stack - pointer; ...

indicate location 66 action ( formal literary form
of " de " ) ; 12 ; 95 ;


i n f o ;
  ;           AND

databases (e.g. IBM DB2, Informix, MS SQL Server, My SQL, N e t e z z a, Oracle, Sybase, Vector wise) also see: Cloud;

infrared     infrared;

infrastructure ; G I I; information infrastructure; infrastructure mode; network infrastructure; N I I; structure;

_ IFF infrastructure ( solar tree) topology ... ;

infrastructure as a service (I a a S) cloud ... ; platform 11 1 service (P a a S) cloud ... ; software 11 1 service (S a a S) cloud ... ;

for each Location, do Anti Virus (e.g. Infrastructure) ... ;

innate immunity (antigen) THAT (attacks, fights) foreign cells; Also see: immune _cell; immunological;

insectoid reports to animaloid reports to humanoids ... ;

install     install; Also see: Command;

optical frequencies, doko WHERE (instances, magnetic properties, mediums) ... ; Also see: Optics;

instruction ; instruction set; instruction set architecture;

integer a.k.a. whole number     integer     Also see: suuji Number; kazu Number;

IFF programming e.g. ( dynamic, goal, integer, linear, multi level, multi objective, nonlinear, toward uncertain) ... ; also see: Numerical values in numerology; Numerological Dimensional Tree Structure Topology;

Intel , processor ... ;  
        Intel ;      

cause; circumstances; consequently; especially; happenstance; intentionally; reason; the late, therefore;

inter-activity defined context ; inter-activity defined context set;

1   R   ɟ       1
M T I , multi touch inter face ;  

interface, also see: all 285 user interface elements () the form ... ;

285 Internet    
IFF Power ( 285 Internet ) AND DS  
IFF DS ( 285 Internet ) AND US  
IFF US ( 285 Internet ) AND Link  
IFF Link ( 285 Internet ) AND Telephone ♯ 
IFF Telephone 1 ( 285 Internet ) AND 2
IFF Telephone 2 ( 285 Internet ) AND Battery
IFF Battery ( 285 Internet )        
the Internet  
_ IFF App Data ( Publisher )        

(the internet) of things e.g. objects with IPv6 addresses ... ;

Internet Data Exchange ( I D X) system ... ;

Anonymous Internet Requests; Client Name; Interface; Internet NAT Redirection; IP Address; MAC Address; Multicast; Status;

invitation card      also see: complimentary ticket;


cipher ; code ; password ; e.g. IO (Input, Output) interactive ... ; IO;


p H ( measure of acidity
) ion s ; concentration of hydrogen ions ;  
p H a.k.a. ions ;
IFF forming atom ( + OR - ) electron
, IFF + , positive ion s ;    
  IFF - , negative ion s ;    

i OS;

OS, Operating System;

i o t; IoT; IOT; e.g.

IoT IoT ;          
66 285 66 s , IoT , Internet
of Thing s ... ;          
  thing s a.k.a. item s ;      
  thing s a.k.a. object s ;      







also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 200; IoT Directions;

e.g. Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth tethered devices, Roaming data devices, USB tethered devices, Wi-Fi devices, WAP devices, ... ;

   ( g Computer, l Computer, m Computer, r Computer, u Computer)   regarding SQRT2 design Model (Engineering Notation) ... ;

IoT     IoT     IoT;

Anonymous Internet Requests; Client Name; Interface; Internet NAT Redirection; IP Address; MAC Address; Multicast; Status;

V P N (IP Sec, L2TP, P P T P) ... ; pass; through;

Internet Protocol        
Internet Protocol        
IP v 4 S P I fire wall    
v 6 S P I firewall V P N ;        
          line ;      

2555; i Phone OS (Property) Objective-C; using AI;

i Pod OR i Phone       Apple
Docking 15 i Pod OR i Phone    
  Playing 15 i Pod OR i Phone  
i Pad OR i Tune s     Macintosh

i p s Cell     i p s Cell;

IPv6; IPv4; e.g.

IPv6     IPv6;

i ;            
p ;            
v ;            
r o k u              
6 ;        
              IPv6 ;

IPv4; IPv4;

IPv4 T o S bits, i.e. system (open flow) ... ; Also see: HYBRID ... ;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ((ability to cope; Radical86), ♯.♯.♯.♯ ) And Then, ... ;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (i r a.k.a. iris)), also see: C p h T Root Words, ... ;

iroColourWaveForm, also see: Schematic Symbol;

Is attachment; Is completed; Is deleted; Is online; Is recurring;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence : Gene Therapy System to cure brain strokes e.g.

therapeutic Ischemic Stroke Left;

therapeutic Ischemic Stroke Right;


isosceles e.g. ((of a triangle), having 2 sides of equal length); isosceles; inside e.g. (inside border, inside horizontal, inside vertical); inside; insert e.g. (insert cell, insert chart, insert hyperlink, insert or, insert picture from file, insert pivot table, insert sheet column, insert sheet row); insert; import; image e.g. (active x, active x control); image;

( Isotopes, Isotopes, Isotopes, Isotopes) ... ; isotopes: Elements . Atom (same Number of ( P, Protons), diff Number of ( N, Neutrons)) . variable   weigh ( kan Weight); Also see: Antiviral Schematic; i Character; i G T S U; Physics Law 145;

Remark: Using Blue Screen, And Then, ("C") must be attached naturally at 4 diff (corners, edges), since (in this case (antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA), we don't need "Silver Color" ones, next to "Green Color") SO, this DOMAIN defines Highlight ((none {E3,E3,E3} Color), (none Gray Color), (none Silver Color), (none White Color)) to its Isotopes, i.e. HOW antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA;

( isotype, isotype, isotype), also see: a G T S U; d G T S U; e G T S U; g G T S U; m G T S U;

ISP     ISP;

inhabit symmetric swapping, I S S ... ; I S S, International Space Station;

Remark: following table is for 2,3 dimensional IT

IT , information technology
this DOMAIN         / IT /  
IT , information technology ;       system
;         , i.e. Information Technology
IT , one of the brunch - able keyword
s in Cloud Computing ; IT a.k.a. Information Technology ;

ITEM, item identifier, item name, item selection; article, course, dish, item; case, (c t r), item, matter; component, element (in array); factor; item (in list); member (data structure); control data item; (data) item, entry; data item; elementary item; facts, item, matter; filter item; group item; event, item of business; external data item; I (me), the action of the speaker, or the current topic; index data item; internal data item; menu item; new, newly purchased item; non contiguous item; non numeric item; numeric item; pop-up item; printable item; recording item; search item; source item; test item name; the action of the listener, or something on their mind; variable occurrence data item; working item ; 

name of country , , ,
, ;         AI OS ;
              dimensional gravity  
      domain model
        I T U , International Telecommunication s
Union ;       I T U ;    
I T U - T ;    
I T U - T S ;  

Also see: GPS; International Domains; Satellite; IFF 2,3 dimensional, our system is 10; IFF 3,4 dimensional, another universe is 7; artificial intelligence, using dimensional gravity computer to do teleportation ... ;

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