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I i;

I C A N N icann icann ;
        also see : www ;

(icons, menus, pointers, windows) ... ; 2D (i.e. two dimension) GUI without z-distribution; 3D (i.e. three dimension) GUI with z-distribution;


I E IE , one of the brunch -
able keyword s in Cloud Computing ... ;    
,       56366295 ,
I E , Internet Explorer i.e. Browser e.g. noCOOKIE ;

"Tectonic Thrust" in Pacific ocean (our Earth),
no more earthquake in Japan, no more tsunami in Japan,
to do so: Nama For Humanoid,
8 imaginary hyper space crafts, using Rainbow Method (directional gravity spots);
on full moon day, and on no moon day,
form (8 imaginary hyper space crafts) 1,000 km (distance in length) away each other,
using Lo Shu Magic Square (i.e. Network Topology),
doko WHERE the location is above the "Tectonic Thrust" in Pacific ocean,
And Then, using Rainbow Method, 90 degree to incoming parallel DEE at the "Tectonic Thrust" in Pacific ocean;
for better understanding of HOW, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2,
(e.g. 1 right triangle 's hypotenuse obeys SQRT2, (13 = 8 + 5), (60, 72) omni directional, (360 = 45 x 8)) ... ;
this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather (no more earthquake in Japan, no more tsunami in Japan) ... ;

Remark: regarding (WORMHOLE (Parameter (45, 60, 72))), imaginary hyper space system architect should est. approx. time period (incoming parallel DEE) e.g. 2 times tidal waves of our earth, e.g. specific time period of parallel DEE (e.g. green gravity spots' parallel time period on yellow background) regarding 1 way DEE and BF2 (2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space) ... ;


    in ;          

IN, Infrastructure Node; IN-CSE entity; Also see: IoT; resource;

this character must be in left side; Radical37, also see: Radicals;

i n i ( e.g. * . ini ) ;
      initialization of system ;      
      INI ;        



        turn the radio on ;

IFF 3 domains (Triangulation System) in the Internet initialized (e.g. me, that, them, these, they, this, those, us, we, you) ... , in NIPPON: ima nan desu ka? (in EN: WHAT time is it now ? ); in NIPPON: doko desu ka? (in EN: WHERE is it? ); also see: Network Topology; and then, ACTION e.g. (active, passive), (dynamic, static), (lock, unlock), (negative, positive), (offline, online), (plus, minus), (yes, no), ... ; ;

notice that this DOMAIN has been applied ( Time . Space . Action ) oriental concept ... ; if you're system analyst, architect, designer, developer, engineer, ... , you should do Triangulation System yourself ... ; think that your Triangulation System is somewhere in the Internet and then kuru kuru WHILE ... ; do good Karma (ACTION), good results will ... ; Cold Boot . ini file is located at this DOMAIN 's root, for initialization purpose, and SQRT2 with SQRT3 design model is DEF。

world's 1st triangulation system, designed & developed by Rakhine (ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar) ... ;

        instrumentation ;      
get line assembly , table i.e. load
content from memory ; add
line assembly , Also see : operator ;
put line table , assembly i.e. store
to ; increase program counter e.g. instruction
CE IPv6 ;            

interconnect e.g. (adapter, connector, contact, Custom Die, environment, Frequency Range, harsh, Interface, jack, jumper, PCB, plug, Standard, Support), also see: electronic;

(International Telecommunication Union) ITU;

island ;    

this DOMAIN , using DEE modulation , for each human beings livable moon ;
this DOMAIN , using Moon Wave roaming ;
land , surround ed by water is called island