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background; e.g.

background;     background;     background;     background     background;

back ground image
back ground image ;    
      background image ;      
          background image ;  
B G M , Back Ground Music ; desk top
image ; image ; job ; print i n g
; process ; process group ; reflect an c e
; sound ; static image ; wallpaper ;    

Backus-Naur form, B N F;

 IFF 2,3 dimensional ... ;  bacteria, (e.g. a c t i n o m y c e t e s is hole/ring alike, a s p e r g i l l u s o r y z a e is mushroom alike, bacillus is rod/stick alike, p e n i c i l l i u m is brunching factor>BF3 alike, ... ) ... ; also see: membrane; layer tissue;

band     band     band;

        band ;      
      base band ;        
      broad band ;        
      clear band ;        
      dual band ;        
      guard band ;        
      mach band ;        
      narrow band ;        
        band 4 ;    

band ; band; clear band; dual band; guard band; mach band; frequency band      frequency band; *band (e.g. broad band, multi band, narrow band, ... ) i.e. artificial intelligence ( AI) band;

bank     bank;

bar     bar;

menu bar;

scroll bar;

barometer (i.e. ♯ h P a / m b) ... , also see: digital sensor; using GPS ... ;   (i.e. weather) 5928 ... ;

IFF artificial intelligence ( Barrier) also see: reusable Barrier; [also read: 2012 August, IEEE, Computer, Vol.44, No.8, GPGPU];

kichi Base              
IFF number + OR -      
  IFF Base ( CALCULATOR ) calculator - base d
    IFF Base ( DICTIONARY ) dictionary -based OR
IFF Base ( GPS ) location -based OR  
  IFF Base ( browser ) browser -based    
    IFF ( organizer ) 669 5138
... ; ( organiser )   for each
. . . ;            
IFF computer ( gravity ) light _ rate dimension  
  IFF Base ( SWITCH ) flow -based    
IFF DATA ; database OR standard s -based  
  IFF Distribution ( Cable ) wire - rate  
IFF  system ( Legacy ) role - base d ;
binary i.e. base d 2 ;        

basic Logic 1, basic Logic 2, basic Logic 3, basic Logic 4, basic Logic 5, basic Logic 6, basic Logic 7, also see: Schematic Symbol;

space satellite; basic infrastructure; national security;

 ( Battery _Check, Battery _Default, Battery Full Charge, Battery 10% Remaining, Battery 20% Remaining, Battery 30% Remaining, Battery 40% Remaining, Battery 50% Remaining, Battery 60% Remaining, Battery 70% Remaining, Battery 80% Remaining, Battery 90% Remaining, Charging _Battery) ... ; Also see: Battery; Electricity Power Plug; Physics Law 179; structural Battery;

      battery ;        
auxiliary ; back up ; ( battery ) ; gauge
battery - power ed calculator ;        
battery 1 , battery 2 , battery
3 , also see : Schematic Symbol ; on battery ,
power ... ; also see : color yellow
; lithium - ion ; lithium polymer ; low ;
main s ; NiCad , nickel - cadmium ; nickel
metal hydride ; ( Ni M H battery ) Nickel
- Metal Hydride battery ; pack ; - power ed
; second ;            

battery + Pos - N e g, also see: Schematic Symbol; battery analyzer, IFF measure, using specific (color) e.g. amber, green, red, yellow, ... ; C Sequence Number (BF2 structure) with background (red) for +, background (black) for -, WHERE the DEE as a surface, WHILE 4 gravity spots corners as a edge (i.e. to elevate the surface with kan Weight), ... ; After finding your own structured e.g. Natural Light Momentum, and then, so called a new kind of battery with (dimensional & directional) surface ... ; Artificial Intelligence (Gravity Dimension Computer) with battery ... ;

IFF detail keyword (documents) Bcc, Bcc addresses, Beats-per-minute, Billing information, Birthday, Bit depth, Bit rate, Broadcast date, Business address, Business city, Business country, Business fax, Business home page, Business P.O. box, Business phone, Business postal code, Business province, Business region, Business state, Business street, busy status, By location, ... ;

B D    
b l u - ray Disc , BD    

BD, CD, DVD, ... , also see: disc;

BE, Back End, server side; In database terms, BE means table only, the rests are all FE; WHEN you split database into BE and FE, BE goes to server, FE goes to each workstation or client; e.g. every time you put or you insert data through FE forms, data goes directly to server side, WHICH is BE;

i - beam    
1 beam ; I - beam pointer  ;    
calligraphic display device ;  direct ed beam display device ;
penetration C R T ;          
  M B E , molecular  beam e pi tax
y ; molecular  beam e p i t a x y ; laser printer ; laser
beam printer ;              


MSDN (Behavior (Allow Drop; Auto Ellipsis; Auto Validate; Context Menu Strip; Dialog Result; Double Buffered; Enabled; I m e Mode; Size Mode; Tab Index; Tab Stop; Use Compatible Text Rendering; Visible)) ... ;

Beings _in _very _distance _away, also see: Schematic Symbol;

bell     bell     bell;

benzene _ring _meta, benzene _ring _o r t h o, benzene _ring _p a r a, also see: Schematic Symbol;

world time, using World Time Mode (City Code Table) B E R (time zone) ... ;

IFF east, A T H;

IFF west, P A R;

B E R, bit error rate;

B E T A , e.g.  
Β , β ;            

alpha; beta; gamma; delta; epsilon; zeta; e t a; theta; iota; kappa; l a m d a; m u; n u; xi; omicron; pi; r h o; sigma; t a u; upsilon; phi; chi; p s i; omega; iota with d i a l y t i k a; upsilon with d i a l y t i k a; alpha with t o n o s; epsilon with t o n o s; e t a with t o n o s; iota with t o n o s; upsilon with d i a l y t i k a and t o n o s;

(multi time lines) artificial intelligence patterns (e.g. , , , ♯) (code pages) using translator ... ;

BF2, Brunching Factor 2 (i.e. structure C Sequence Number) ... ;

B G M, background music;

a b g W i F i n i.e. wireless ;

bias , system can be either 2.00, or 2.01, or 2.09, or 2.19, or ... ; system 3.00, in addition to 3D TV, 3D PC(noCOOKIE IE) ... also; e.g. ...

+ IFF THIS system Using (SQRT2.00) FLOATING POINT, and then, system Using (SQRT2.01) bias 26 THIS system ... ;
THIS system Using (SQRT2.01) FLOATING POINT, and then, system Using (SQRT2.09) bias 26 THIS system ... ;
THIS system Using (SQRT2.09) FLOATING POINT, and then, system Using (SQRT2.19) bias 26 THIS system ... ;
THIS system Using (SQRT2.19) FLOATING POINT, and then, system Using (SQRT3.00) bias 26 THIS system ... ;
... ;
1 Satellite designer will decide, e.g. 108, 10710, 51085, ... with 108 configuration;

B I C     B I C;

Billing information;

("shell : Recycle Bin Folder"), also see: sCharacterExtension1;

binary (system) , base2 system;



bi stable trigger circuit flip - flop
;         flip-flop      


bit ;        
depth ; locker ; rate ;  
bit - map p ed display ;      

Bit; Bit rate, also see: variable; bit-pattern;

world time, using World Time Mode (City Code Table) B K K (time zone) ... ;

IFF east, H K G;

IFF west, R G N; Y G N;

black; Radical241, also see: Radicals;

black     black;

block chain network;

IFF artificial intelligence ( Blocking Queue) also see: reusable Blocking Queue;

blue     blue;

a.k.a. green;

blue gravity , also see: iroColourWaveForm;

    Blue Gray Internet . . .  
    Blue Green Internet . . .  

Blue Screen 10, Blue Screen 11, Bluetooth, also see: Schematic Symbol;

BT     BT (Blue Tooth) a.k.a. Bluetooth;

What time is it now ? (Bluetooth, Hidden Network, NFC ( IoT) device, Wi-Fi), ... ; IFF OEM, would you like to inform your ??????88... ;

b Manmade Global Weather;

B N F, Backus-Naur notation;

board     board     board;

B O D, Bandwidth Demand ;

body group
body part      

IFF *book e.g. ultra book, note book, net book, ... also see: Computers ... ;

B O M, byte-order mark; WHEN saving 11 Unicode ... ;

( B O M, B O M, B O M, B O M, B O M), n i t o t t e For (coloring AI FONT) e.g. 🌐  ... ;

    book ;          
      book ;        
        book ;      
          book ;    
            book ;  

( book; cell; formula; name; sheet; value; ... );

(action; center; clock; indicator; input; network; power; volume; ... );

bookmark (95 web browser)

booklist bookmark file;

any type (b o o l e a n s: false, true; characters; integers: e.g. -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, ... ; natural numbers: e.g. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, ... ; rational s: i.e. x/y WHERE x is integer, y is integer, and y is not zero; real s; set of ... , e.g. addition, infinite, multiplication; ) any type;

at boot time a.k.a. 12 boot time    
  Cold Boot              
      boot load        
        boot strap      
warm boot ( ( Ctrl AND Alt ) AND
Del )            
green light AND
Cold Boot 5928  
green light          

10 dimensional DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) boot, also see: boot; WHY do we need ten dimensional boot? because each layer in Z must be defined ... ;

IFF BOOTMGR is missing; IFF \$LDR$, boot error; IFF \ntldr, boot error;

  B O S , bound ed  
B O S , bounded object set      

IFF artificial intelligence ( Bounded Buffer) also see: reusable Bounded Buffer;

b o t (autonomous computer program, ... 1 network);

both e.g. both arms, both countries, both days, both ends, both eyes, both feet, both parties, both persons, both sides, both things, both wings; and also, both ... and, as well as;

bottom, also see: positioning;

branch: branch; division; field; realm; ;

        box ;      

B P a a S, Business process as a service (i.e. cloud) ... ;

B P F; EMI; L P F; H P F;

brain brain     brain; Micro Multi Media Encoding; protein; sound; Also see: Nama For Humanoid;

IFF royal family member, do scan around, mark and get nama report as surface in the Internet; get approval permit from Shakya (also see: Swastika) king, and accordance with the Shakya King's approval permit, do protection, do support, do ... ; i.e. universally, via bird (e.g. animaloid) report ... ; apply highest priority to each royal family member; for Reforming Myanmar, count flags from royal families in Asia before decision (agenda) ... ;

(brain development, digestion, heart function, maintenance of bones, muscle function), e.g. Thyroxine ( T4), also see: 3tComputer; t G T S U;

branding pane;

breadth , also see, 3D; breadth first search;

B R I, basic rate interface;

bridge, is for hardware (s); Also see: gateway;

bridge _mode _antenna, Bridge Rectifier, also see: Schematic Symbol;

bring forward, also see: positioning; classification system;

broad; boundless; vast; wide;

broad band  
_ IFF system ( ) broadband 11  
B - ISDN ; Broad band Integrate d Service s
Digital Net work ; broad classification system ; broad band
LAN ; broad band net work ; broad band router
; broad band transmission ;    
broad band

Broadcast date;

(broadcast) multi time lines with multi-destination delivery; artificial intelligence, IFF 2,3 dimensional (i.e. globally); IFF 2,3 dimensional AND 3,4 dimensional (i.e. universally); A Myanmar's imaginary hyper space crafts ... ;

Yellow Brown Antenna, also see: Wireless Antenna;

artificial intelligence (computer AND network) browse for folder ... ; also see: add;

e . g . noCOOKIE I E      
        IPv6   browser ;
e . g . 56366295 . E X E ;
        internet ;      
      noCOOKIE ;        
        browser ;      

buffer; memory; spool; doko WHERE method (buffer is more likely to be defined by variable by software, memory is more likely to be defined by hardware, spool is more likely to be defined to output) ... ;

buffering     buffering;

IFF bug or error, 1st to read Clouds' log error page, 2nd to use AI to correct Assembly, 3rd to do Anti Virus; the Internet;

Burma, video, audio, data, 95;

Burma (i.e. Myanmar);

(Sanyo World Clock) MYANMAR: Yangon ... ; (world time);

SONY time zone (GMT+6:30) Yangon  ... ; IFF Even Time Horizontal DEE, iroColourWaveForm ( Internet) e.g. Green Blue Internet, Green Gray Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, ... universally; (Time Zone) ... ;

burst ( y ) traffic      

Bus, also see: Apple; (bus) route; bus; active bus; address bus; bus clock; bus error; bus master; bus mouse; bus network; bus width; C Bus; data bus; local bus; system bus; token bus; VL -bus; Bus; Universal Serial Bus (i.e. USB);

669 (For), 154 (And), 562 (Not), 232 (But), 69 (Or), 752 (Yet), 16 (So), a.k.a. 6152671, ... ; For, And, Not, But, Or, Yet, So, a.k.a. FAN BOYS, because, easy to remember as FAN BOYS, using comma to combine sentences ... ;

(book) using dictionary, artificial intelligence (i.e. knowledge, 5W1H, method, ... );

button, also see: load a.k.a. eject button;

button; bullets and numbering; bright; break e.g. (broken block, page break); break; box; border e.g. (left border, right border, top border); border; bar; back;

by force ;        

IFF calculator, Byte (variable numbers) are 0000     0000     ~     1111     1111; Word; D word; Q word;

1 Giga Byte (GB) is 1073741824 bytes; non-numerological  number (1073741824) AND its internal address is; OR approx. 22 seconds; IFF numerological, also see: numbers of floating point (e.g. 17); kuru kuru ... ;

this DOMAIN ' s Satellite systems shoot down ICBM ;
SYSTEMS demolish illegal ICBM ,
using pun Minute +  
  niji Rainbow ( Procedure , Method , Technique
) ; Also see : Calendar . Earth . Space . War        

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