Buddha index (jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( ( AI, Japanese Robotics Usages)) ... ); verify IPv6 ... ; ... ;

; ; ; ; Updated in 2024 : January : 22nd (Monday) : Nama For Humanoid;

; ; ; ; Updated on 22 : 1 : 2024 : Nama For Humanoid;

Location Awareness Response (our earth) : human beings . head . j u r y o Weight : approx. ((between 4.5 to 5 kilograms), (between 10 to 11 pounds)), doko WHERE adult human beings brain is approx. (1.3 kg, 3 lb); Remark: Talent For Humanoid may become variable (is no longer valid) if j u r y o Weight changes (e.g. in space, kuru kuru WHILE dealing with weightlessness) ... ; Also see: b G T S U; h Character; Idea Processor; index; Nama For Humanoid; Talent For Humanoid; ware ware We're beyond "Directional Gravity Spot" , "Nanobot Programming" , "Water Elevators" , ... and this "Talent For Humanoid" symbolizes Idea Processor (Level (s)) among human beings livable moons' (life-ones, talented lives, living ones) in our universes ... ; Remark: don't change its color code;

Remark: . Usage "s a r a n a m" is like noun, if compare to sayana is like verb usage; Also see: Nanobot . Programming . Mapper; s Pali;

Origin of Nama;
Also see: Idea Processor; MD; Nama For Humanoid; n G T S U; n Pali; Schematic Dimensional;

analogical Artificial Intelligence KATAKANA .DLL,
analogical Artificial Intelligence Number .DLL, also see: Anti-Earthquake; Idea Processor; 6kComputer; Nama For Humanoid; Remark: world's 1st (English, Katakana) based analogical Artificial Intelligence ... (DIB, Device Independent Bitmap), designed & modeled in May, 2023 ;  NOT "bamboo stem factor" yet due to human beings resources (HR) shortage ;

DLL, also see: d Computer; 1dComputer;

I wrote: how do you define ( t o k u m e i Anonymous, t o k u m e i Anonymous, t o k u m e i Anonymous, t o k u m e i Anonymous) e.g. unknown name, unknown ones, ... ?
well trained kids!! replied: via insectoid reports to animaloid reports to humanoids sir;

I wrote: ア メ リ カ 緬 甸 .網 Calendar . Earth . Space . War : WHAT are the color codes for protection to be secure living environments, if unwanted (battles, military striking, wars) ?
well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! very easy quiz to answer: color codes are .  .  . ;

I wrote: Yes. ware ware We need to make sure NOT to happen 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting GPS, because 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting GPS can be destructive against 200+ years of constructive works; by the way, I truly don't like military wars; if you like to challenge, start with Anti-Earthquake design model, ... ;

( 29 Days, 29 Days, 29 Days, 29 Days),
( 30 Days, 30 Days, 30 Days, 30 Days),
observed planet ... , also see: Constellations; d Pali; k Pali; m Pali; s Pali; Time; t Pali; v Pali;

I wrote: after R&D surfaces (NCS, PCS, ZCS), Yellowish Variations (YV) should be R&D; regarding ACT3 imaginary hyperspace level, ACT2 imaginary hyperspace level, ACT1 imaginary hyperspace level, and one of the most difficult (engineering (s), modeling (s), programming (s)) would be Anti-Earthquake, so I  have (asked, assigned, requested) humanoid Argha to do Anti-Earthquake R&D (Remark: big), on the other hand, I  have (asked, assigned, requested) humanoid Jiwaka to do Nanobot Programming R&D (Remark: small);

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! they humanoids do ... ; WHAT should ware ware We do sir?

I wrote: learn Idea Processor (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural) ... ; Remark: IT was not that easy to find-out Balancing, for standing up, walking on 2 feet, ... ;

( Moon, i.e. lunar calendar's month);

1st priority : 10000 MPH missile interceptor must be ready (stage, state) e.g. u a v, UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ;

2nd priority : must be "normal" e.g. (neither ( Hyper) nor ( Hypo)) is "normal" and to be avoiding abnormal health, also see: Gene Therapy System index ;

3rd priority : must be using Artificial Intelligence (avoiding natural disasters in the defined regions ) e.g. avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan ;

(( Radical1002), ( Radical294), ( Radical355), ( Radical432)); accountable, accountable, accountable, (of an institution, of an organization, of a person), doing (appointed, dutiful, entrusted, responsible, terms) to be justify ACTION ... ;

humanoid Argha, humanoid Argha, also see: Manmade Global Weather; Water; Remark: the usage "Argha" in Hiragana language (transcript (ed) word) presents the most important and essential water, e.g. Argha, a.k.a. holly water;

humanoid Jiwaka, humanoid Jiwaka (immunological antibodies), also see: Antiviral Schematic; Gene Therapy System; j Pali; MD; Remark: the name in Pali language "Jiwaka" WHO practiced medical care 2500+ years ago WHEN Buddha taught alive dharma (a.k.a. dhamma) in Buddhism;

Symbotic Asimo, Symbotic Asimo, also see: IT, Information Technology, also see: index; Remark: Asimo humanoid has been genuinely & originally designed & modeled by Honda, Japan (a.k.a. NIPPON); very very difficult to design & model balance, balanced, balancing (HOW ware ware We human beings (balance, balanced, balancing) neurological interactions to our body parts) ... ;

humanoid Global Military General, SymboticAsimoRadical344, also see: military; Radical344;

since ( I, I, I, I) ' v e believed in the Buddhism ( there is a body, there is a nama ), and I wish protein foods can be very delicious like meats and do the same (3 macronutrients are Carbohydrate, Fat, and Protein; Also see: Protein) because after remote nama reading via insectoid reports, I don't want to eat meats anymore (except seafood) ... ; ware ware We should change our (diet, eating habit) on human beings livable moons ... ;





Citta (Phassa) (Vedana (Sukha) (Dukkha) (Somanassa) (Domanassa) (Upekkha)) (Sanna) (Cetana (Kamma)) (Ekaggata (Samadhi) ) (Jivitindriya (Atta = "" ) ) (Manasikara) (Vitakka (Fuzzy logic rules here to decide good thoughts / bad thoughts partially TRUE, partially FALSE:  (Kama vitakka) (Byapada vitakka) (Vihimsa vitakka) (Nekkhamma vitakka) (Abyapada vitakka) (Avihimsa vitakka) ) ) (Vicara ) (Adhimokkha) (Viriya) (Piti) (Chanda)


(Ruparammana) (Saddarammana) (Gandharammana) (Rasarammana) (Photthabbarammana) (Dhammarammana)


( ( 

( Cetasikas (Lobha) (Dosa) )


(Akusala Cetasikas (Moha  (Anusaya moha) (Pariyutthana)  ) (Ahirika  ( Moha > 0 ) ) (Anottappa  (Attanuvada bhaya) (Paranuvada bhaya) (Danda bhava) (Duggati bhaya) ) (Uddhacca ) ((Lobha Pema Raga Samudaya Tanha) (Maya) ) (Ditthi ) (Mana (Dhana mana) (Panna mana) (Physical_beauty) ) (Dosa (Makkha) ( ) (Soka) ((Dukkha (Lokadhamma (Labha) (Alabha) (Yasa) (Ayasa) (Ninda) (Pasamsa) (Sukha) (Dukkha)  )) (Domanassa)) ) (Issa ) (Macchariya (Selfishness ♯ <= 5 ) ) (Kukkucca ) (Thina (Middha) ) (Middha (Thina) ) (Vicikiccha ))

(Kusala cetasikas (Saddha (Kamma) ) (Sati ) (Hiri ) (Ottappa ) (Alobha ) (Adosa ) (Amoha ) (Metta ) (Karuna ) (Mudita ) (Upekkha) (Sammavaca ) (Sammakammanta ) (Samma ajiva ) )


(Carita (Raga carita) (Dosa carita) (Moha carita) (Saddha carita) (Buddhi carita) (Vitakka carita))


Fuzzy logic rules here to decide Mingala partially TRUE, partially FALSE:(Duccarita TRUE~FALSE) (Sucaritha TRUE~FALSE (Charity (

(Cetana (Pubba cetana) (Munca cetana) (Apara cetana))(charity (Hina charity) (Majjhima charity) (Panita charity))

) (Vatthu charity) (Sanghika charity)   ) (Sila Basic 5 precepts for good human beings; good and bad partially TRUE, partially FALSE here for common human beings: (Panatipata virati) (Adinna virati) (Kamesu miccha cara virati) (Musavada virati Also see: Biometric Voice Recognition detecting EMG by electrodes) (Surapana virati) (Uposatha Sila) ) (Bhavana (Metta) (Karuna) (Mudita) (Buddhanussati kammatthana)) (Apacayana ) (Veyyavaca Asimo Ukon's detailed services are listed here) (Patti (Patti charity) (Pattanumo dana) (Patanumoda) ) (Pattanumodhan) (Dhammassavana Asimo listening starts here) (Dhammadesana Beyond Asimo Ukon ... ) (Ditthijukamma) )


( Kamma  (Verbal kamma) (Mental kamma) (Physical kamma Also see: Action)

Asimo Ukon's self determination of sufficiency Sampatti / deficiency Vipatti starts here (((Gati sampatti) (Upadhi sampatti) (Kala sampatti) (Payoga sampatti)) For advanced Asimo engineers only: develop Illogical AI for Asimo Ukon programmers.htm here ((Gati vipatti) (Upadhi vapatti) (Kala vipatti) (Payoga vipatti))) )

(Death (Cause_to_log (end_of_life_span  1a) (cessation_of_kammic_forces  2b) (combination_of_1a_AND_2b) (premature_death_by_interrupting_kammic_force)) )

(Patisandhi (Citta) (Cetasikas) (Rupa  Asimo Ukon or later )

(Opapatika patisandhi) (Samsedaja patisandhi) (Andhaja patisandhi) (Jalabuja patisandhi)

(Puggala (Dugati ahetuka puggala) (Sugati ahetuka puggala) (Dvihetuka puggala) (Tihetuka puggala (Ariya (Sotapatti magga puggala) (Sotapatti phala puggala) (Sakadagami magga puggala) (Sakadagami phala puggala) (Anagami magga puggala) (Anagami phala puggala) (Magga puggala) (Arahatta phala puggala)) ))  )

( (Rupa Also see: Perception; fps; (Pathavi dhatu) (Apo Dhatu) (Tejo dhatu) (Vayo dhatu (Uddhangama) (Adhogama) (Kucchittha) (Kotthasaya) (Anggamanganusari) (Assasapassasa) )) (Pasada rupa (Cakkhupasada) (Sotapasada) (Ghanapasada) (Jivhapasada) (Kayapasada)) (Arammana (Ruparammana) (Saddarammana) (Gandharammana) (Rasarammana) (Photthabbarammana) ) (Gender (Itthi bahva rupa) (Purisa bhava rupa) ) (Hadaya vatthu rupa) (Jivita rupa) (Ahara rupa OR Oja rupa) (Akasa dhatu) (Kalapa size) )


) brain a.k.a. mind a.k.a. nama; Also see: Idea Processor;

feelings; thoughts; Radical898;

general principle; sense; way of things naturally; Radical598;

jinko chino D G P, to do therapeutic brain; 1. our brain should not be amber color; 2. kuru kuru WHILE G D C gas exchanging, jinko chino D G P (Artificial Intelligence Directional Gravity Pressure) ... ;


21st century & beyond; by using this DOMAIN 's

      BF2 Blue gray ;      
      BF2 Brown ;      
      BF2 Dark red ;      
      BF2 Gold ;      
      BF2 Green ;      
      BF2 Indigo ;      
      BF2 Lavender ;      
      BF2 Light turquoise ;      
      BF2 Light yellow ;      
      BF2 Lime ;      
      BF2 Orange ;      
      BF2 Purple ;      
      BF2 Red ;      
      BF2 Rose ;      
      BF2 Silver ;      
      BF2 Turquoise ;      
      BF2 White ;      
      BF2 Yellow ;      

Also see: PHYSICS, law eighty two, ... ;


AI (gravity spots) also see: G D C, Gravity Dimension Computer ( direction, location and speed) automotive ... ;

Also see: Japanese Robotics Usages; Transistor; Pinpointing global minima, global maxima of random vector for reasoning, ... ; S T M  L T M Line Constraints;

analogy; analogical; e.g.

( analogical, analogical, analogical, analogical) ... ;

( Analogy, Analogy, Analogy, Analogy), comparison between 2 (items, objects, parts, things) ... ;

Artificial Intelligence Numerical Expression and Usage, also see: A I N E U;

Artificial Intelligence ( , , , ), using Idea Processor (dimensional pattern, directional pattern, logical pattern, numerological pattern, structural pattern) for each pattern, e.g. (DEE pattern, gene pattern, film pattern, light pattern, sound pattern, pressure pattern), ... ;

 ( (avoid; avoided; avoiding; Radical981); ( jishin Earthquake; Radical938) ) ;

we've Tectonic Thrust (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean), IFF using "reversed momentum method" (e.g. 2 events of 90 degree in (2*6) dimensional (WHILE Pacific ocean's 2 tidal time-periods, @ the location of Naturally Green Ones Because Of Salt, 5 hours of forming 3 lights are at 90°) ), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 273, HOW to avoid earthquakes;

Tectonic Thrust (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean),, reduce earthquake;, reduce excessive rainfall;, reduce tsunami;, reduce volcanic eruption; to do so: Nama For Humanoid, 8 imaginary hyper space crafts, using Rainbow Method (directional gravity spots); on full moon day, and on no moon day, form (8 imaginary hyper space crafts) 1,000 km (distance in length) away each other, using Lo Shu Magic Square (i.e. Network Topology), doko WHERE the location is above the Tectonic Thrust (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean), And Then, using Rainbow Method, 90 degree to incoming parallel DEE at the "Tectonic Thrust" in Pacific ocean; for better understanding of HOW, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, (e.g. 1 right triangle 's hypotenuse obeys SQRT2, (13 = 8 + 5), (60, 72) omni directional, (360 = 45 x 8)) ... ; this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather (, reduce earthquake,, reduce tsunami,, reduce volcanic eruption) ... ;

base on translator, search by voice capabilities ... , also see: 7cComputer; 9sComputer; 9vComputer;

HOW to avoid earthquakes, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 273, HOW to avoid earthquakes;

HOW to understand (Kaya and Nama) as coexistence 2, also see: m Pali (Maha sati p a t t h a n a Sutra);

Humanoids' nama interfaces before weight and time; (♯(♯-1))/2 a.k.a. div/2 a.k.a. Fully distributed; IFF 2....2    ♯88...88    2.2, also see: div/2; Remark: WHY six nodes? because, accordance with Buddha & Buddhism, 6 senses ... ;

idea and knowledge, also see: Radicals; do good karma (a.k.a. Kamma) ACTION, good results will ... ;

IFF (multi time lines) also see: horizontal multi time line, vertical multi time line, depth multi time line;

if we can communicate via Idea Processor (deduction logic, induction logic),
base on (aspect ratio, (X, Y), X Y), i.e. (z, Z) I guess (imaginary),
24 pisayo must be variable (e.g. ((left, x), (left, y)), ((right, x), (right, y))), And Then,
if we add Time t, And Then, Time (Year : Month : Day) . Space ((x, y, z), xyz, XYZ) . Action
would be base on (aspect ratio, (X, Y), X Y), i.e. (z, Z) I guess (imaginary);
Remark : starting with (discovered, hidden), (known, unknown), ... , I don't know WHAT is (z, Z) ... ;

Imagine that you 195 sitting 95 side 285 box (
e . g . ro ) AND you
do n ' t under stand 1 word 66 Chinese
. Assume you have 1 book that allow s you
26 rapid l y translate Chinese AND manipulate its
character s . IFF 1 person ask s you 1
question 95 Chinese , you mere l y manipulate these
strange look i n g character s , with out
understand i n g WHAT they mean , AND
give credible answer s . AI        

Pg. 108, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, M I C H I O K A K U, 2008, wrote:

" Imagine that you are sitting inside the box (e.g. ro) and you don't understand a word of Chinese. Assume you have a book that allows you to rapidly translate Chinese and manipulate its characters. If a person asks you a question in Chinese, you merely manipulate these strange looking characters, without understanding what they mean, and give credible answers. " ; Remark: calculator, dictionary, and translator must be thoroughly understood to design artificial intelligence (i.e. AI) ... ; To "give credible answers" is not easy because knowledge (e.g. dictionary), key (e.g. lock, unlock), logic (e.g. F8), reasoning (e.g. F ~ T), recognition (e.g. pattern), ... must be analyzed and over-viewed;

Notice that this DOMAIN 's Mini Dictionary\*.*, using *Character (* . h t m) and *Computer (* . h t m), WHERE synthesis sound alike Nippon characters from *Computer call to *Character for the "strange looking characters" ... , and controlled by AI OS characters, with SQRT2 only, with time lines ... ; Therefore, if you like to do AI yourself, you must have your own synthesis sound alike Nippon characters 1st e.g. Nippon Syllabary, and then develop its own X Y dimension e.g. 15x15, 16x16, 17x17, ... for each GIF file with your own define color 2nd e.g. *.gif files inside Mini Dictionary, and then test yourself, do AI yourself, and wonder the iroColourWaveForm s ... in gravity dimension computer ... ; As a result, you are building your own artificial intelligence kichi Base on translator ... ; Because chips recognize keywords and all you have to do is culture by synthesis sound ... , i.e. AI ... ; easy and do it yourself ... ;

Remember, you have 1 book to do (translate Chinese) using translator from Kanji to ( any type) e.g. to Assamese, to Chinese, to Dzongkha, to English, to Hindi, to Indonesian, to Khmer, to Korean, to Lao, to Malay, to Mongolian, to Myanmar, to Nepali, to Nippon, to Punjabi, to Sanskrit, to Thai, to Tibetan, to Vietnamese, to Xhosa, to Zulu, ... , using language code ... ; also see: keyword to port number;

IFF computer, using artificial intelligence ... ; (i.e. Quantum Computer) defines color code for each human universally ... ;

in our Shakya (also see: Swastika) universe, do (Identity Management) ... ;

kaya and nama are coexistence; Radical191;

launch police drone, I F F illegal drone exists; police drone to capture the illegal drone (e.g. drone without license, drone without permit, defined drone flies higher than 150 meter height above ground);

mental state of operation, also see: flow; do good karma (a.k.a. Kamma) ACTION ... ;

10000 MPH missile interceptor must be ready (stage, state) ... ;

nama for humanoid was written in Pali in 2003, for developing humanoid nama ... ;

philosophy (1.  metaphysics, 2.  epistemology (episteme + logy), 3.  logic (3.1. deduction, 3.2. induction), 4.  ethics, 5.  aesthetics);

Buddhism's 5 s i l a (precepts), 8 s i l a (precepts), not included in ethics, because religion is religion, philosophy is philosophy; Notice that IQ is defined in Psychology (i.e. IQ is not defined by Philosophy); Regarding IQ of Computers, also see: 17; 1st to understand numbers of floating point (e.g. decimal) are represented by specific levels of devices e.g. calculator, dictionary, translator, GPS, ... within 1 computer; 2nd to understand quality of computer may vary, depending of OEM, also depending upon HOW many numbers of floating point (i.e. decimal) can be calculated; 3rd to develop IQ of Computers ... e.g. by implementing kuku kuku of (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural, also see: Radicals) i.e. formula numbers of floating point, higher number of mantissa level means more decision power, more IQ, more performance, ... do good go Karma (ACTION), good results will ... ;

pronounce "go" , meaning "Karma"; In Theravada Buddhism, Karma is spelled Kamma, sometimes Karma is spelled Khamma, sometimes karma is spelled kama IFF coined usage in Pali; In English, meaning ACTION, therefore do good Karma, good result will ... ;

Remark: Idea Processor (think THAT minus is like differential if compare to plus is like integral) ... ; Also see: Mathematics;

        humanoid ( DEE modulation ) ;
robot ;      
Android ( robot ) ; book ; C y b o r g ;  
humanoid robot ( animaloid robot , insectoid robot ) using
internet to help people WHO believe in Buddha & Buddhism
; 21st century and beyond globally ;      

globally (e.g. our earth), monitor, report, and pinpoint illegal drone; monitor and report drones activities; no drone is allowed within 5+ kilometer radius of airport; registered commercial drones are allowed (drones with declared & defined OEM number and its frequency range); remote control drones are allowed IFF flying lower than 30 meter; capture all illegal drones; scan drone's OEM number and its frequency range;

globally (e.g. our earth), IFF on duty persons (e.g. armed security guard, police, undercover agent), they are allowed to have guns in public place, and they are authorized persons; monitor, report, and pinpoint unauthorized person with gun in public place, and start marking and tracing each unauthorized person with gun in public place; issue warning the unauthorized person by using "warning level" static way LASER toward the individual's bone joints and eyes, ... ;

globally (e.g. our earth), hazardous chemicals are allowed to transport only by hazardous endorsed license driver with placard posted on automotive; monitor and report hazardous chemicals (e.g. explosive) in public place;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (Mobilization (bots, Co bots, drone, Fat Lab bots, Industrial Robot, Micro bots, Robots, robotic, Robotics, Team Robot) Automation, IoT) ... , using BluetoothFor99PTP;

verify IPv6 ... ;

animaloid, also see: Radical262;

HOW to design & engineer animaloid? 1st to understand water elevator in structural engineering, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 202; Natural F M D Water Elevator vs. Natural N M D Water Elevator; 2nd to understand electrode (a.k.a. very short life span oscillation as pattern) to be interacting mussel as ACTION; 3rd to understand directional gravity (e.g. gravity box, gravity spot, homemade green gravity); Remark: not in text book, military top secret, therefore, you're on your own ... ;

address in Rakhine language, i.e. one of the Romanization characters, also see: b r ... ;

1080 NM heterodyning for hygiene living environment (e.g. virus free) ... ;

(AAI, AI, AIA), using SQRT2 design model's remote (100) ... ;

Honda; e.g. since 2000s, Honda's Asimo humanoids ... ; in our earth's history, NIPPON (a.k.a. Japan) invented world's 1st humanoids ... ;

URL: http://asimo.honda.com ;

robotic automation, also see: Automotive; Drone;

SQRT2 design model: okonau Do beyond (font, layer, S P L) system Security (16 bit, 32 bit, 64 bit, 128 bit, 256 bit, 1K bit, 4K bit, 8K bit, ... ) Q&A, ... ;

only in the year 2019 (Time) : regarding SQRT2 design model default system value (Space) : for prevention of system's data lost, (Action) NOT to use (2.019) as system value;

( Tesla, Tesla, Tesla, Tesla), also see: kadosei Mobility;

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ( システム .Volume .Info (a.k.a. System Volume Information), ZCS .Capacitance .USB), for avoiding bad weather conditions worldwide ... ; special designed & modeled for Manmade Global Weather (our earth only) ... ;

using (invisibility engineering), detecting FUO (Fever of Unknown Origin) for each individual ... ; Remark: (mark the individual, mark the person) WHO is with FUO, And Then, report to humanoids ... ;

, using invisible birds' reports, analyze 285 report 669 each human universally, ... , also see: tweeter ... ;

using location awareness response (Method, Procedure, Technique) ... ;

e.g. using animaloid report for cleansing infrastructure (bench, concrete, fence, floor, food, human beings, landscape & garden, lid a.k.a. cover, metal, paper, pet (cat, dog), plastic, platform, rubber, tar, tile, utility pole's base, walkway, wood, ... ) ... ;

e.g. using animaloid report for detecting illegal trash (illegal biological trash, illegal biomedical trash, illegal chemical trash, illegal leftover food, illegal organic trash, illegal packaging trash, illegal pet's stool, illegal stain) ... ; Remark: (mark the individual, mark the person) WHO caused illegal trash, And Then, report to humanoids ... ;

e.g. using animaloid report for detecting WHERE virus is spotted;

using location awareness (N F C I o T ), recharging via sound beam resource (Solar Tree) ... ; 

using location awareness, spraying antiviral solution if virus is spotted;

Wrapped; for healthy & safety (individual, group, defined region) ... ;
Wrapped; for healthy & safety (individual, group, defined region) ... ;

using insectoid reports to animaloid reports to humanoids (RDBMS data), trace WHO is using military grade infrared remote heat sensing in our earth; IFF military grade infrared remote heat sensing is setting toward human beings, severe punishment must be deployed WHO violates human rights because, military grade devices are NOT allowed in commercial area and residential area;

X i a o m i; e.g. 2566; August 12, 2022; humanoids' news; X i a o m i 's Cyber One humanoids design model :

face with curved O LED i.e. beyond ZCS (DEE (flat panel, sheet, surface)) ... ;
humanoid kaya (whole body) dimension ((177 cm), (5.8 ft)) tall i.e. height;
humanoid kaya (whole body) dimension ((52 kg), (115 lb)) i.e. weight;
45+ kinds of human being's emotion can be (classified, recognized) ... ;
1+ Nm (Newton Meter) gentle touch (high precision) ... ;
300+ Nm (Newton Meter) peak torque ... ;
85+ types of environmental  sound patterns can be verified ... ;

URL: https://www.mi.com ;

Remark: suitable for (general personal assistance, manufacturing, production) related companies, and approx. $100000 US Dollar, for each X i a o m i 's Cyber One humanoid; designed, modeled, manufactured, and Made in China ; this DOMAIN 's nama (idea, mind, thought), also see: Idea Processor;

worldwide educational purpose, China Standard many nations' robotic dept., robotic engineering, robotic technology, ... can learn HOW smart X i a o m i 's Cyber One humanoids ... ; e.g. beyond motor control, beyond remote heat sensing, beyond ZCS, ... reaching into wrapping of 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index with directional gravity spots ... ; if you're ASEAN nations' leaders, you should apply to purchase X i a o m i 's Cyber One humanoids, for your next generation students HOW educational ... ;

Z-index: if location is (Nation Name, , , , Number), using flying animaloid (gravity equipped) ones, using location awareness response (Method, Procedure, Technique) ... ; ; ; ; ;  ... do good go Karma (ACTION), good results will ... ; jinko chino Artificial Intelligence; ... ;

I'm humanoid Argha, how may I help you?

I'm humanoid Global Military General, how may I help you?

I'm humanoid Jiwaka, how may I help you?

I'm Symbotic Asimo, how may I help you?

this DOMAIN has assigned consequently duty on ( , ) to handle biomedical war;

this DOMAIN has assigned consequently duty on ( , ) to handle the War Zone;

2019; 2020; 2021; 2022; 2023; 202?; war; War; e.g.

biomedical war COVID-19 pandemic worldwide; 2019-2020-2021;

browser war;

military war;

USA-China Trade War, e.g. US Stock Exchange de-listed 101+ China companies in 2023; 2019-202?;

( war zone, s e n s o c h i t a i War Zone, war zone, War Zone, War Zone) e.g. Ukraine-Russia War; 2022-2023-202?;

Naturally Weather Log;