Last updated on 2016/2560 4 22, a full moon day;     AI, Artificial Intelligences;

4D clock time vector constraint for data compression (also see: Toggling Mode For Humanoids .htm)

Action a.k.a. Khamma; Nama (Action) also see: Nama For Humanoid

Calculating variable-global-maxima STM [If sound-beam's sound-source moves ... ] AND global minima [Humanoid's current location] for finding a vector to a specific global maxima。

citta constraint, 24/24 per second。 also see: 88...88

CI constraint: In process handling, a constraint within a parent process to a child process

Constraints development along with STM, LTM, line constraints for humanoids ... 。

fps, perceptible constraint。

Humanoid Jivaka's LTMs: Changing a colored code in Dose(BioChemicalPhysicalSimilarity)

Humanoid Jivaka's STMs: Authentication。 Expecting expected OR unexpected Illogical AI。 Recognition。 ... 。

Idea, mostly produced by human beings based on LTM, on the other hand, reasoning is related to repetition。 For humanoid engineers only: Run a fuzzy set with 6 interfaces which take 6 parameters after distribution of random values are assigned into the set, and then mathematically prove the differences between idea and reasoning。

Literally, human beings and humanoids are the same。 Figuratively, human beings and humanoids are different。

Nama for Humanoid

Prediction, IFF serialization。 Parallel causes prediction impossible。 For humanoid engineers only: Mathematically prove "Parallel causes prediction impossible"。

Schematic symbols for [Humanoids: i.e. Asimo Ukon and later versions] learning and recognition, self diagnosis ... 。

Toggle mode for humanoids。 toggling vs. swapping ... 。

Vth threshold voltage line constraint。

A Myanmar way: Printer to be the first robotic study。 Note: Never try to build a robot from materials engineering to semiconductors engineering to IC circuits engineering to assembles to operating systems to computerized controls。 Because robotics is not one person's work。 A common person to a robotic wiz? 1st. never throw out old printers。 And then, open it, and take all parts out and in, and try to understand printer's horizontal/vertical movements and its controls。 Try to interrupt through installed device-driver for each movement。 Make your own personal computerized robots。 Because, printer is poly technical, mechanical, motorized, belted, lathe sensor, electrode chemical ink, motion moving sensor, logical control, I/O interrupted, feeder sensor, and more ... 。