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nav i.e. navigation;

    DEE , Dark Energy Engineering :  
    dark - gray ; Radical249 ;  
    golden - yellow ; Radical200 ;  
    green - blue ; Radical206 ;  
    innocence - white ; Radical135 ;  
    maroon - red ; Radical188 ;  

unmanned aerial vehicle ...

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence . INDEX .X HTML ;
jinko chino Artificial Intelligence . Unmanned Aerial Vehicle .S HTML ;

( dark-gray Satellite, golden-yellow Satellite, green-blue Satellite, innocence-white Satellite, maroon-red Satellite, ... ), also see: kadosei Mobility; Network Topology; Satellite; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle; Wireless;

Remark: world's 1st "a Tarzan" Rakhine American's imaginary hyper space crafts (e.g. u a v, U A V, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) ... , designed, engineered, modeled, ... by DEE, Dark Enginery Engineering, i.e. the most advance, advanced, the highest technology, up-to-date worldwide, ... , and beyond SPL Pattern (s) e.g. Origin of Sound; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is designed & modeled for avoiding bad weather conditions worldwide ... ;

Radical244; Radical955; musen Radio;

2023; ( 10G Network, 10G Network, 10G Network, 10G Network), designed && modeled by SONY worldwide (our earth only) ... (e.g. Name: X f i n i t y; Universal; C o m c a s t) ... ;

2564; ( , , ) since year 2000, Remote ID License Plate (Drone) is required to operate drone Automotive;
Also see: Automotive; ID;

( BluetoothFor99PTP, Bluetooth For 99 Percent Transparency Plastic), blue ZCS (s) are tooth alike, lower blue ZCS (s) must obey upper blue ZCS (s); (Red (234), Green (234), Blue (234)) i.e. approx. 99% transparency; in common, patented trademark "blue tooth" is look alike, because, naturally whenever 1 blue ZCS (1 teeth) exists, 2 arms (think of left arm and right arm) exist, and think of a triangle is 1/2 of a square, so that we've 2 triangles and 2 strings (2 arms) in 1 directional; And Then, try to understand "Bluetooth For 99 P T P" ... ;  

Blue Gray Internet;

Blue Green Internet;

Blue Screen10;

Blue Screen11;

moon wave Wireless Antenna;

contactless; contactless; contactless; contactless; Contactless;

well trained kids! reply: can you explain WHY moon wave Wireless Antenna look like that "T" shape sir ?

i , me , me write: Umm! you need to understand distance and resistance calculation of Yagi antenna 1st., after understanding distance and resistance calculation, by using OR gate for each Yagi antenna's joint, i.e. "T" shape 2nd., and then applying DEE refreshes on one of the human beings livable moons' DEE pattern because we're between carbon nano wall (5,6,7) with 1 way DEE, and parallel moon waves 3rd., of course, moonwave Wireless Antenna ... ;

Remote Modulator Timing, also see: Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol; Remark: 2020/2563 design model Remote Modulator Timing is beyond ( 2, 3) nodes based radio receiver, radio transmitter;

as of 2015/2559, alias name (2.4, 5.0) wireless can be both 2.4GHz (a.k.a. 2.4 (10^9) c/s) without wire, and 5.0GHz (a.k.a. 5.0 (10^9) c/s) without wire; doko WHERE blue is data, green is feedback (feedback is designed for Synchronization: e.g. 1st SYNC to red as fiber optic, 2nd SYNC to green as feedback so that can verify, 3rd data constraint to hardware's ... ) to you as home phone (a.k.a. line phone); if red , i.e. fiber optic line; if software (e.g. browser based computing), red is reserved for live streaming;

basic understanding of HOW 24mm string with 1mm hole, if log2, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, e.g. idea ♯ 186, sequence 5; e.g. idea ♯ 188, ...88...88... ; regarding zero (refer to five point zero), also see: Numerological0; Remark: 2.4GHz can be approx. 80 miles radius as range; 5.0GHz can be more than 100 miles radius as range;

3G, 3GS, ... , in 2009, 5 bars mean wireless signal is very strong, so devices such as cell phone, i Phone, W A P, wireless router, ... are ready for connecting, Internet access, Roaming, ... ; "light rate" technology, therefore very high bandwidth gains ... ; Signal strength symbol, via signal travel time to 2,3 dimensional planets ... ;

4G WORLD, also see: Conference; 4S;

5GHz S i G e, 2002 model;    60 GHz band [NEC's usage], unlicensed frequency;

12GHz R F <> coaxial, ACT1 level via TC-6 ;

26 alphanumeric characters is a password to connect to a Wireless G router; also see: 32 alphanumeric characters is a S S I D a.k.a. Network Name; Also see: 2.01;

this DOMAIN              
802 . 11 a / b / g / n
/ ac /              
  antenna ;            

802.11 n, in 2008: 2,3 dimensional antennas and / or 3*3*3*3 T x/Rx, x is "something network" in oriental thought, similar to GPS SYN but diff Xtal?; 100 Mbps wireless network possible; Card Bus / Express Card connectible;  Channels are standard 20 MHz and / or wide 40 MHz; Compatible with 802.11 a b g backwardly; Dual band 2.4 GHz OR 5 GHz; MIMO, by spatial multiplexing; POE, Power Over Ethernet 802.3* [to understand 3, also see: 108 configuration in ACT2 stage ... ];  W i - F i; 802.11 ac, in 2014, with 5 GHz;

900 MHz ISM band, 900 MHz wireless transceiver peer-to-peer module, D i g i Connect E M & Connect W i - EM wireless to-and-from coax, i W i F i Sec serial socket for 802.11 b / g W LAN, 802.15.4 Z i g Bee compatible X Bee Pro R F stream, W i Port 802.11 b / g W LAN server module, are available at www.mouser.com;

868-MHz (R&TTE) frequencies, also see: Starter Kit;

315-MHz (FCC) frequencies, also see: Starter Kit;

2009 Toshiba Bluetooth v2.1+EDR USB N a n o Adapter, powered by ; connecting with 7 Bluetooth devices; size 1cm x 1.9 cm x 0.4 cm; including Toshiba Bluetooth stack; ... ;

2012/2556, Built-in Wireless (i.e. a, b, g, Wi-Fi, n) ... e.g. (SONY) Blu-ray Disc / DVD Player with home network and the Internet, e.g. (c i s c o) Linksys E2500 Advanced Dual-Band N600 Router, ... ;


APPLE: https://www.apple.com;

AM, Amplitude Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ;   Antenna;   AP;   (AP / W LAN (( P H Y) (MAC))); A V L S, also see: Radio; Audio;

@ At first time, in common, between 2 nodes, W LAN configurations handshake either by RJ45 connection, or by USB 2 connection;

Battery, Chemical in Physics;   Bandwidth dependent vs. bandwidth independent;    Bluetooth v.2 E D R, 10 meters wireless distance connectivity, in 2007 pocket PC;     Bluetooth v.2 Profiles are A2DP, H F P, and O P P, their standard is +4 dB m, and SONY standard is 2.4GHz band within 2.4000~2.4835 GHz; B W A;

Bluetooth, also see: 1bComputer; Bluetooth ; a wireless technology to communicate among computers, headsets, P D A s, phones, ... by deploying 2.4GHz within 10 meters, in 2009, SONY standard Bluetooth profiles are Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio / Video Remote Control Profile (A V R C P), Basic Imaging Profile (B I P), Dial-Up Networking Profile (DUN), Fax Profile (FAX), File Transfer Profile (FTP), Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profile (G A V D P), Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile (H C R P), Head Set Profile (H S P), Human Interface Device Profile (HID), LAN Access Profile (LAP), Object Push Profile (O P P), Personal Area Networking Profile (PAN), and Serial Port Profile (S P P);

BT; BT (Blue Tooth) a.k.a. Bluetooth; Also see: b Computer;

b ; g ; n ; W i F i ;  
ichi ( R - - L )
              jack s ;
ni ( ) jack ;    
san component video ( Y , P B
      , P R ) jack s ;
yon digital out ( coaxial ) jack ;  
go H D M I J AC K ;    
roku LAN ( hyaku ) terminal ;    
nana USB jack ;          
IFF ( 2.01 , 2.09 , 2.19 , 2.50
, 3.0 , 3.1 ) U D F ... ;    
/ / / /
b / g / n / s / a c
, also see : router ' s connection ;  

as of 2015/2559, b/g/n/s/ac, also see: router's connection; IFF ac, also see: Electricity Power Plug;

Cable;   C D M A ... ;   C D M A 2000 1x E V D O at 800 MHz, Samsung's 2006 model wireless mobile multimedia smart-phones;  C L I by G S M;   community;   C P R I;

( C D M A, G S M, H S P A, L T E) ... , also see: Network Topology; Wireless; Wireless Antenna;

dBm;   ( distance, range) ... ;   DMZ [Firewall option];   (Duplexer (Dielectric duplexer (ANT) (RX) (TX) (...)) (SAW duplexer) (...)); (DC-HSDPA; EDGE; GSM; LTE; HSPA+; UMTS; 。。。);

E - W C D M A, European W C D M A;   (Encryption (W E P) (W P A));   E S N;  

EDGE, Enhanced Data for Global Evolution, also see: G S M;

FM, Frequency Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ;   F O M A [NTT D o C o M o 3G Mobile];   (for location) accuracy, Wi-Fi, Wide Fidelity;   frequency band (e.g. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, .GHz W i - F i, CDMA800 Band Class 0, CDMA1900 Band Class 1, EGSM900, GSM850, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTSI2100, UMTSII1900, UMTSV850, UMTSVII900, ... ) ... ;

( GSM, GSM, GSM), Global System for Mobile;

G, Generation: 1G, 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, 7G [i.e. 7G T F T LCD], ... ; (1G (AMPS) (C D P D) (T A C S)); (2G (C D M A) (EMS) (G S M) (I D E N) (PCS) (S M S) (T D M A)); (2.5G (G P R S) (H S C S D) (I-MODE) (MMS) (W A P)); (3G (CDMA2000) (EDGE) (M I M) (TD-S C D M A) (U M T S) (W - C D M A)); G S M / G P R S + EDGE; GSM, also see: 3gComputer;

HUAWEI: https://www.huawei.com;

H S C S D;   H S D P A;   H S U P A; HUAWEI, Chinese multinational telecommunication company (Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.);

I-Mode =  4 Kbps [In 2004] + c HTML [HTML's subset] + Internet E-mail + Game + Internet Chat + Internet browser + W A P + W - C D M A + W M L + etc. ;   (Internet (TCP / IP) (...));   ISM band is a radio bandwidth [Cisco router usage];  

_ IFF radio wireless (audio) ... , also see: Wireless Radio ;
_ IFF wireless radio (audio) ... , also see: Radio Wireless ;

JIT, Just In Time; JIT system;

KDDI mobile (e.g. global roaming, smart phone, telecommunication, ... ); Keyboard (Dimension ♯x♯x♯mm, Frequency band ♯ c/s, Interface device, Key ♯, Model ♯, Operating humidity ♯%, Operating temperature ♯°, Power requirement Operating, Power requirement Sleeping, RF distance ♯m, RF output power dBm, Storage temperature minus°, Storage temperature plus°, Weight g) ... ; Also see: Toshiba Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo User's Manual, 2012/2555;

Linux based, also see: www.nec.co.jp/press/en/0411/1801.html; LTE, also see: 1lComputer;

*Mail*: I M A P for incoming; MIME for encoding; POP3 for incoming; SMTP for outgoing;   Material, Material to transistor to logic gate;   *Message*: [2G G S M 's S M S] to [EMS by 2G G S M with C D M A] to [MMS by 2.5G W A P] to [3G M I M by EDGE with W - C D M A]       3G G S M;   IM, Instant Messaging while chatting at chat-room; MIN = Cell Authentication + Area Code + Phone Number;  MTLM, Multi Time Lines Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ;   M T S;   M T S O;

Network Topology; NFC3; NFC2; NFC1; NFC, Near Field Communication; N I C alike wireless adapters; NTSC, National Television Standard Committee, a.k.a. Nippon standard a.k.a. Japan standard;

( NFR, NFR, NFR, NFR), Near Field Radio ... ; Also see: IoT; PHYSICS; r Character; Wireless;

OPPO: https://www.oppo.com;

Optical mouse (Acceleration ♯g, Buttons left, Button right, Button scroll wheel, Dimensions ♯x♯x♯mm, Frequency band ♯ c/s, Interface device, Model ♯, Operating humidity ♯%, Operating temperature ♯°, Optical sensor ♯ times/sec, Power requirements Operating, Power requirement Sleeping, Power requirement Stand-By, Resolution ♯ DPI, RF distance ♯m, RF output power plus dBm, RF output power minus ♯ dBm, Storage temperature minus°, Storage temperature plus°, Velocity ♯, Wave length ♯nm, Weight g) ... ; Also see: Toshiba Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo User's Manual, 2012/2555; Oxygen absorption which cause wireless frequency attenuation;  

PAL, Phase Alternating Line;   PDA to Pocket PC;   Plasma cluster Ion Technology [Sharp];   P o C;   PTT evolves to P T V [Real time 3G multimedia mobile];  

Qi wireless; Q o S in dB: Also see: Nominal attenuation;   QUALCOMM 3G CDMA;

radar; radar; RADAR, radio detection and ranging ... ; radar;   Radio, in 2007, USB plug and play FM radio in Windows Platform for PC such as FM receiver / FM transmitter / FM transceiver / AM FM receiver in 1 S o C, can be tested / developed / compiled USB standard 8051 native C51 C compiler, available by 8 big companies, they are Dun field, Hi-Tech, I A R, K e i l, R a i s o n a n c e, S D C C, Silicon Labs, Tasking, also see: 3 S S I D; FM MODE;   R B M; RF, Radio Frequency; RFRF IC [P L L in RF IC provides high-accurate digital mobile] [communication/calibration system]; RF transmission power ♯ m W;   R S S I green color from 802.11b, R S S I orange color from 802.11g;   R T T in ms;   RTU;  


SAMSUNG: https://www.samsung.com;

(SAW its characteristics are measured in dB attenuation AND MHz f (Conventional SAW) (Ladder SAW) (...));   SAW filter = R F filter;   Security;  Service Set: BSS Basic Service Set, E S S I D Extended S S I D, and S S I D [*ID] are W LAN's identifiers for identification;   S M S related protocols are CIMD2, S e m a O I S, S M P P, U C P, ... especially for handhelds and mobile devices;   Soft Bank, Japanese telecommunications company, also see: www.softbank.jp;

sonar; sonar; sonar; Spatial diversity schemes [NEC's dual receiver configuration usage] if time and frequency can constraint, spatial paths to different receivers can prompt cause of signals' distortion, attenuation, noise, and etc.;   (Spread Spectrum (D S S S W i - F i) (F H S S) (...)); For Asimo level engineering only: Find overlapped dB / m in omni-direction and solve location [Global maxima ] of being twisted along with vertical E M and horizontal E M; And, develop distance based computing ... ;  Also see: Sound-beam;

span; range; extend over;

tablet personal computer (tablet PC); Topology, also see: Network Topology; Toshiba's RF & Microwave technology and engineering, high gain C-, X-, Ku band micro wave (s) by G a A s F E T, used in satellite wireless communication;    Transceiver = Transmitter + Receiver;   tweeter (audio equipment);

Troubleshooting wireless network access to Internet: Device Manager >> Network Adapter >> highlight wireless adapter, and then uninstall >> reboot the computer, let self plug-and-play installation of driver; IFF system does not install driver automatically, and then download the driver file from manufacturer web site, and then install ... ;

UHF radio;   U M T S (UMTS HSPA+ (Bands 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 19) GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, LTE (Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20, 26, 28, 29, 32, 38, 39, 40, 41) Wireless LAN ( WLAN), 2.4G/5G, NFC) also see: usamyanmar; USB W i - F i connections finder / scanner [ www.trendnet.com ]; u s a m y a n m a r .net's i Phone♯8892943X3NP;

VHF radio;   Video; In (NTSC; PAL; ... ); Out (NTSC; PAL; ... );

W A P gateway server name, and its port number must exist to do pocket PC wireless Internet, otherwise, ask ISP server phone number + user name + password, provided by mobile phone service providers, in 2007;    WCS, Wireless Charging System (i.e. from specific vibration to electricity power) ...

Wind Factored Antenna;

Wireless Antenna;   W i - F i (WiMAX); Wireless ICS (NAT);   Wireless to Ethernet;   Wireless video transmission (HDTV (ASK) (...));   W LANW LAN's AP Modes;   W S P to and fro ISP: (W S P (N L O S)) (Cable (C M T S) (DSL (ADSL) (D S L A M)) (H F C = Fiber optic + Coaxial) (...)) (N O C Satellite) (ISP (L O S));   W P A N;   W U G;  

Wireless keyboard, also see: HID; wireless mouse, also see: HID; MOUSE; WSNs, Wireless Sensor Networks;

(Wireless, Network Topology) : Data usage e.g. ♯ MB; ♯ GB; ♯ TB; ... ;
(Wireless, Network Topology) : Data usage; Hotspot & tethering; Mobile network; Wi-Fi; ... ;
(Wireless, Network Topology) : Connected; Saved; ... ;
(Wireless, Network Topology) : Data Saver; Saved networks; Tethering; ... ;

Name Distance Remark

( 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, ... ) ... ;

Bluetooth N point distance <10 meters
Infrared 2 point distance Devices must line up to exchange info; Also see: copy file by beam document; IFF modem, Generic IrDA, and/or Native I R:
i Phone Roaming=♯;
Region=ACT3 
Since July 15, 2009, this DOMAIN 's multi-functional system has been tested its Internet connect, Region, Roaming, Satellite, Wireless, ... ;

Also see: x m .INF.xm; the 1 and only file with global characters AI ... ;

RF FM Regional Also see: USB plug & play FM SoC, by C51 native C compiler;
W A P 15 m indoor

30 m outdoor

802.11 a; Also see: Distance based eccentric W A P topology;
W A P 45 m indoor

90 m outdoor

802.11   b g n;

W A P configuration note: ARP resolves N .N .N .N to MAC address; Those MAC address (e s) can be prompted by i p con fig /all, and noted / written down, and then type those noted / written MAC address (e s) into W A P web interface, a.k.a. W A P MAC address enabling; 802.11 ac, in 2014, no more 2.4 GHz;

... N point distance under water, in 2007, prototype ready;

W LAN, Wireless Local Area Network, also see: 5wComputer;

X I A O M I: https://www.mi.com;

XM, Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ;