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Radical244; Radical955; musen Radio;

as of 2015/2559, alias name (2.4, 5.0) wireless can be both 2.4GHz (a.k.a. 2.4 (10^9) c/s) without wire, and 5.0GHz (a.k.a. 5.0 (10^9) c/s) without wire; doko WHERE blue is data, green is feedback (feedback is designed for Synchronization: e.g. 1st SYNC to red as fiber optic, 2nd SYNC to green as feedback so that can verify, 3rd data constraint to hardware's ... ) to you as home phone (a.k.a. line phone); if red , i.e. fiber optic line; if software (e.g. browser based computing), red is reserved for live streaming;

basic understanding of HOW 24mm string with 1mm hole, if log2, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, e.g. idea ♯ 186, sequence 5; e.g. idea ♯ 188, ...88...88... ; regarding zero (refer to five point zero), also see: Numerological0; Remark: 2.4GHz can be approx. 80 miles radius as range; 5.0GHz can be more than 100 miles radius as range;

3G, 3GS, ... , in 2009, 5 bars mean wireless signal is very strong, so devices such as cell phone, i Phone, W A P, wireless router, ... are ready for connecting, Internet access, Roaming, ... ; "light rate" technology, therefore very high bandwidth gains ... ; Signal strength symbol, via signal travel time to 2,3 dimensional planets ... ;

4G WORLD, also see: Conference; 4S;

5GHz S i G e, 2002 model;    60 GHz band [NEC's usage], unlicensed frequency;

12GHz R F <> coaxial, ACT1 level via TC-6 ;

26 alphanumeric characters is a password to connect to a Wireless G router; also see: 32 alphanumeric characters is a S S I D a.k.a. Network Name; Also see: 2.01;

this DOMAIN              
802 . 11 a / b / g / n
/ ac /              
  antenna ;            

802.11 n, in 2008: 2,3 dimensional antennas and / or 3*3*3*3 T x/Rx, x is "something network" in oriental thought, similar to GPS SYN but diff Xtal?; 100 Mbps wireless network possible; Card Bus / Express Card connectible;  Channels are standard 20 MHz and / or wide 40 MHz; Compatible with 802.11 a b g backwardly; Dual band 2.4 GHz OR 5 GHz; MIMO, by spatial multiplexing; POE, Power Over Ethernet 802.3* [to understand 3, also see: 108 configuration in ACT2 stage ... ];  W i - F i; 802.11 ac, in 2014, with 5 GHz;

900 MHz ISM band, 900 MHz wireless transceiver peer-to-peer module, D i g i Connect E M & Connect W i - EM wireless to-and-from coax, i W i F i Sec serial socket for 802.11 b / g W LAN, 802.15.4 Z i g Bee compatible X Bee Pro R F stream, W i Port 802.11 b / g W LAN server module, are available at www.mouser.com;

868-MHz (R&TTE) frequencies, also see: Starter Kit;

315-MHz (FCC) frequencies, also see: Starter Kit;

2009 Toshiba Bluetooth v2.1+EDR USB N a n o Adapter, powered by ; connecting with 7 Bluetooth devices; size 1cm x 1.9 cm x 0.4 cm; including Toshiba Bluetooth stack; ... ;

2012/2556, Built-in Wireless (i.e. a, b, g, Wi-Fi, n) ... e.g. (SONY) Blu-ray Disc / DVD Player with home network and the Internet, e.g. (c i s c o) Linksys E2500 Advanced Dual-Band N600 Router, ... ;


AM, Amplitude Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ;   Antenna;   AP;   (AP / W LAN (( P H Y) (MAC))); A V L S, also see: Radio; Audio;

@ At first time, in common, between 2 nodes, W LAN configurations handshake either by RJ45 connection, or by USB 2 connection;

Battery, Chemical in Physics;   Bandwidth dependent vs. bandwidth independent;    Bluetooth v.2 E D R, 10 meters wireless distance connectivity, in 2007 pocket PC;     Bluetooth v.2 Profiles are A2DP, H F P, and O P P, their standard is +4 dB m, and SONY standard is 2.4GHz band within 2.4000~2.4835 GHz; B W A;

Bluetooth, also see: 1bComputer; Bluetooth ; a wireless technology to communicate among computers, headsets, P D A s, phones, ... by deploying 2.4GHz within 10 meters, in 2009, SONY standard Bluetooth profiles are Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio / Video Remote Control Profile (A V R C P), Basic Imaging Profile (B I P), Dial-Up Networking Profile (DUN), Fax Profile (FAX), File Transfer Profile (FTP), Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profile (G A V D P), Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile (H C R P), Head Set Profile (H S P), Human Interface Device Profile (HID), LAN Access Profile (LAP), Object Push Profile (O P P), Personal Area Networking Profile (PAN), and Serial Port Profile (S P P);

b ; g ; n ; W i F i ;  
ichi ( R - - L )
              jack s ;
ni ( ) jack ;    
san component video ( Y , P B
      , P R ) jack s ;
yon digital out ( coaxial ) jack ;  
go H D M I J AC K ;    
roku LAN ( hyaku ) terminal ;    
nana USB jack ;          
IFF ( 2.01 , 2.09 , 2.19 , 2.50
, 3.0 , 3.1 ) U D F ... ;    
/ / / /
b / g / n / s / a c
, also see : router ' s connection ;  

as of 2015/2559, b/g/n/s/ac, also see: router's connection; IFF ac, also see: Electricity Power Plug;

Cable;   C D M A ... ;   C D M A 2000 1x E V D O at 800 MHz, Samsung's 2006 model wireless mobile multimedia smart-phones;  C L I by G S M;   community;   C P R I;

dBm;   DMZ [Firewall option]; (Duplexer (Dielectric duplexer (ANT) (RX) (TX) (...)) (SAW duplexer) (...)); (DC-HSDPA; EDGE; GSM; LTE; HSPA+; UMTS; 。。。);

E - W C D M A, European W C D M A;   (Encryption (W E P) (W P A));   E S N;  

EDGE, Enhanced Data for Global Evolution, also see: G S M;

FM, Frequency Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ;   F O M A [NTT D o C o M o 3G Mobile];   (for location) accuracy, Wi-Fi, Wide Fidelity;   frequency band (e.g. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, .GHz W i - F i, CDMA800 Band Class 0, CDMA1900 Band Class 1, EGSM900, GSM850, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTSI2100, UMTSII1900, UMTSV850, UMTSVII900, ... ) ... ;

G, Generation: 1G, 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, 7G [i.e. 7G T F T LCD], ... ; (1G (AMPS) (C D P D) (T A C S)); (2G (C D M A) (EMS) (G S M) (I D E N) (PCS) (S M S) (T D M A)); (2.5G (G P R S) (H S C S D) (I-MODE) (MMS) (W A P)); (3G (CDMA2000) (EDGE) (M I M) (TD-S C D M A) (U M T S) (W - C D M A)); G S M / G P R S + EDGE; GSM, also see: 3gComputer;

H S C S D;   H S D P A;   H S U P A; HUAWEI, Chinese multinational telecommunication company (Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.) also see: www.huawei.com;

I-Mode =  4 Kbps [In 2004] + c HTML [HTML's subset] + Internet E-mail + Game + Internet Chat + Internet browser + W A P + W - C D M A + W M L + etc. ;   (Internet (TCP / IP) (...));   ISM band is a radio bandwidth [Cisco router usage];  

_ IFF radio wireless (audio) ... , also see: Wireless Radio ;
_ IFF wireless radio (audio) ... , also see: Radio Wireless ;

JIT, Just In Time; JIT system;

KDDI mobile (e.g. global roaming, smart phone, telecommunication, ... ); Keyboard (Dimension ♯x♯x♯mm, Frequency band ♯ c/s, Interface device, Key ♯, Model ♯, Operating humidity ♯%, Operating temperature ♯°, Power requirement Operating, Power requirement Sleeping, RF distance ♯m, RF output power dBm, Storage temperature minus°, Storage temperature plus°, Weight g) ... ; Also see: Toshiba Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo User's Manual, 2012/2555;

Linux based, also see: www.nec.co.jp/press/en/0411/1801.html; LTE, also see: 1lComputer;

*Mail*: I M A P for incoming; MIME for encoding; POP3 for incoming; SMTP for outgoing;   Material, Material to transistor to logic gate;   *Message*: [2G G S M 's S M S] to [EMS by 2G G S M with C D M A] to [MMS by 2.5G W A P] to [3G M I M by EDGE with W - C D M A]       3G G S M;   IM, Instant Messaging while chatting at chat-room; MIN = Cell Authentication + Area Code + Phone Number;  MTLM, Multi Time Lines Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ;   M T S;   M T S O;

Network Topology;   N I C alike wireless adapters;   NTSC, National Television Standard Committee, a.k.a. Nippon standard a.k.a. Japan standard;

Optical mouse (Acceleration ♯g, Buttons left, Button right, Button scroll wheel, Dimensions ♯x♯x♯mm, Frequency band ♯ c/s, Interface device, Model ♯, Operating humidity ♯%, Operating temperature ♯°, Optical sensor ♯ times/sec, Power requirements Operating, Power requirement Sleeping, Power requirement Stand-By, Resolution ♯ DPI, RF distance ♯m, RF output power plus dBm, RF output power minus ♯ dBm, Storage temperature minus°, Storage temperature plus°, Velocity ♯, Wave length ♯nm, Weight g) ... ; Also see: Toshiba Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo User's Manual, 2012/2555; Oxygen absorption which cause wireless frequency attenuation;  

PAL, Phase Alternating Line;   PDA to Pocket PC;   Plasma cluster Ion Technology [Sharp];   P o C;   PTT evolves to P T V [Real time 3G multimedia mobile];  

Q o S in dB: Also see: Nominal attenuation;   QUALCOMM 3G CDMA;

RADAR, radio detection and ranging ... ; radar;   Radio, in 2007, USB plug and play FM radio in Windows Platform for PC such as FM receiver / FM transmitter / FM transceiver / AM FM receiver in 1 S o C, can be tested / developed / compiled USB standard 8051 native C51 C compiler, available by 8 big companies, they are Dun field, Hi-Tech, I A R, K e i l, R a i s o n a n c e, S D C C, Silicon Labs, Tasking, also see: 3 S S I D; FM MODE;   R B M; RF, Radio Frequency; RFRF IC [P L L in RF IC provides high-accurate digital mobile] [communication/calibration system]; RF transmission power ♯ m W;   R S S I green color from 802.11b, R S S I orange color from 802.11g;   R T T in ms;   RTU;  


(SAW its characteristics are measured in dB attenuation AND MHz f (Conventional SAW) (Ladder SAW) (...));   SAW filter = R F filter;   Security;  Service Set: BSS Basic Service Set, E S S I D Extended S S I D, and S S I D [*ID] are W LAN's identifiers for identification;   S M S related protocols are CIMD2, S e m a O I S, S M P P, U C P, ... especially for handhelds and mobile devices;   Soft Bank, Japanese telecommunications company, also see: www.softbank.jp;

sonar; Spatial diversity schemes [NEC's dual receiver configuration usage] if time and frequency can constraint, spatial paths to different receivers can prompt cause of signals' distortion, attenuation, noise, and etc.;   (Spread Spectrum (D S S S W i - F i) (F H S S) (...));  

tablet personal computer (tablet PC); Topology, also see: Network Topology; Toshiba's RF & Microwave technology and engineering, high gain C-, X-, Ku band micro wave (s) by G a A s F E T, used in satellite wireless communication;    Transceiver = Transmitter + Receiver;   tweeter (audio equipment);

Troubleshooting wireless network access to Internet: Device Manager >> Network Adapter >> highlight wireless adapter, and then uninstall >> reboot the computer, let self plug-and-play installation of driver; IFF system does not install driver automatically, and then download the driver file from manufacturer web site, and then install ... ;

UHF radio;   U M T S (UMTS HSPA+ (Bands 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 19) GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, LTE (Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20, 26, 28, 29, 32, 38, 39, 40, 41) Wireless LAN ( WLAN), 2.4G/5G, NFC) also see: usamyanmar; USB W i - F i connections finder / scanner [ www.trendnet.com ]; u s a m y a n m a r .net's i Phone♯8892943X3NP;

VHF radio;   Video; In (NTSC; PAL; ... ); Out (NTSC; PAL; ... );

W A P gateway server name, and its port number must exist to do pocket PC wireless Internet, otherwise, ask ISP server phone number + user name + password, provided by mobile phone service providers, in 2007;    WCS, Wireless Charging System (i.e. from specific vibration to electricity power) ... ;   Wireless Antenna;   W i - F i (WiMAX); Wireless ICS (NAT);   Wireless to Ethernet;   Wireless video transmission (HDTV (ASK) (...));   W LANW LAN's AP Modes;   W S P to and fro ISP: (W S P (N L O S)) (Cable (C M T S) (DSL (ADSL) (D S L A M)) (H F C = Fiber optic + Coaxial) (...)) (N O C Satellite) (ISP (L O S));   W P A N;   W U G;  

Wireless keyboard, also see: HID; wireless mouse, also see: HID; MOUSE; WSNs, Wireless Sensor Networks;

Name Distance Remark
Bluetooth N point distance <10 meters
Infrared 2 point distance Devices must line up to exchange info; Also see: copy file by beam document; IFF modem, Generic IrDA, and/or Native I R:
i Phone Roaming=♯;
Region=ACT3 
Since July 15, 2009, this DOMAIN 's multi-functional system has been tested its Internet connect, Region, Roaming, Satellite, Wireless, ... ;

Also see: x m .INF.xm; the 1 and only file with global characters AI ... ;

RF FM Regional Also see: USB plug & play FM SoC, by C51 native C compiler;
W A P 15 m indoor

30 m outdoor

802.11 a; Also see: Distance based eccentric W A P topology;
W A P 45 m indoor

90 m outdoor

802.11   b g n;

W A P configuration note: ARP resolves N .N .N .N to MAC address; Those MAC address (e s) can be prompted by i p con fig /all, and noted / written down, and then type those noted / written MAC address (e s) into W A P web interface, a.k.a. W A P MAC address enabling; 802.11 ac, in 2014, no more 2.4 GHz;

... N point distance under water, in 2007, prototype ready;

WLAN, Wireless Local Area Network, also see: 5wComputer;

For Asimo level engineering only: Find overlapped dB / m in omni-direction and solve location [Global maxima ] of being twisted along with vertical E M and horizontal E M; And, develop distance based computing ... ;  Also see: Sound-beam;

XM, Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ;