; ; ; ; Updated in 2565: on 2021 : 8 : 19 : File Systems ; approx. 59+ systems available to read;

  S P L ;      
  length of  the  hash  e.g. 256  Byte s
    length of  the  hash  e.g. 128  Byte s
  length of  the  hash  e.g. 64  Byte s
  length of  the  hash  e.g. 32 Byte s
  length of  the  hash  e.g. 16 Byte s
  hash function  e.g.  S H A 2-256
  en code ed data indicate HOW  itself 
  Version Number ( F S ... 
  base version  CODEC  Multi- HASH ...

well trained kids! replied: would you please explain WHY Light Sheet Storage As Background sir?

I wrote: "Light Sheet Storage" isn't intended for our earth, but I'll explain a little bit e.g. kuru kuru WHILE, it has its own USB (Universal Serial Bus) length (Aqua Color ones), and total of 4 kuru kuru WHILE can be e.g. 1 outer as either Gray Color or Silver Color, 3 inner as (Green Color, Lime Color), so that total of 4 kuru kuru WHILE (either Normal, or Mobile) ... ; its dimension is 108x108, and it is very simple, and easy to understand as usual ... ; if you apply (R G B), to rounding 4 "ro" regions (kuru kuru WHILE), you'll have unlimited ones for sure ... ;

well trained kids! replied: 1 "kuru kuru" should be considered as 1 counter's lap, And Then, while rounding toward top either clockwise or counter-clockwise would be plus one sir; Remark: computer systems architecture;

I wrote: mochiron of course; ( I, I, I, I) must obey the Shakya King's Time Flags, because (Global Security, Local Security, National Security, Regional Security) e.g. if GPS, NOT to allow 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting ... ; Remark: "Light Sheet Storage" is only for human beings livable moons in our universes, not for our earth; I'm NOT able to (build, establish, found) my own computer "laptop" company globally because beings an ethnic tribe means lack of opportunity ... ;

I wrote: regarding "its own USB (Universal Serial Bus) length" WHAT kind of measurement would you like to use?

well trained kids! replied: very very easy sir, i.e. from the edge to the core, diagonally (45), i.e. very common in H D M I Display, a.k.a. Yellow Color string ... ; Remark: we still don't know whether Motor Way or Wormhole Way sir ;

I wrote: go for both ways, so 2 is very very unique in many ways ... ; I've realized & understood THAT level 5 SPL patterns based FS (File System) begins, processes, starts, ... with (audio, sound, tone) patterns ... i.e. the most advance ones, and beyond THAT would be yellowish variations And Then reversed yellowish variations, ... ; regarding (3 dots, 3 latches, 3 rounds), "right" should be your systems' chip-set Keyword, i.e. 2000s modeled ones; regarding (Global Security, Local Security, National Security, Regional Security), I'll keep mouth shut-up, sorry can't explain anymore;

Also see: Memory and Storage; Processor; Security;

File System


in some systems, platform can be classified into desktop, notebook, server, ...




local OR, or AND remote;

According to time t, FS may vary ... ;

  Microsoft RT operating system 9.3 mm 2012/2556; depth; TABLET;

Detail Info (e.g. scale its system weight) in gravity dimension with gravitational spots, not available to public;

... ... ... ... According to Japanese corporations' decision, IFF concerning disc, HDTV was closed, Blue Ray will be continued ... ;   also see: ACT2 natural blue;

     After year 2000, USB becomes in common; IC is embedded, therefore N numbers of tracks of info can be 1 IC ... ; Notice that File System, OS, and Platform are no longer essential to be in functional ... ;

Notice that there is no DVDFS; CDFS has been since 1995 till ... ;



In 2008, DVD's dual voltage can be tested as: 1st to take 1 pin off , and then by using the same software, burn a CD and notice that CD Compact Disc works, and burn a DVD ... ; 2nd by adjusting voltage(s) on the pin ... ; Also see: Signal system: NTSC; TDK DVD-R;

Data, Audio, Video, ... in diff channels ... ;

  Asia Linux: Asianux v.1   Miracle Linux and Red Flag Linux joint version; 2004;
    Linux: Caldera OpenLinux   eDesktop client / eServer server; RPM format; www.calderasystems.com/support/security/
    Linux: Debian   www.debian.org/security/;
    Linux: Fedora    
    Linux: HP Linux    
    Linux: IBM Linux   http://www-1.ibm.com/linux/
    Linux: Mandrake Linux    
    Linux: Miracle Linux   http://www.miraclelinux.com/english/products/ se21/install_en.html
    Linux: Novell Linux    
    Linux: Red Flag Linux   http://www.redflag-linux.com/;
    Linux: Red Hat Linux    
    Linux: Sun Linux    
    Linux: SuSE Linux   http://www.suse.de/de/index.html; www.suse.de/de/support/security/ ;
    Linux: Turbolinux   www.turbolinux.com/security;
    Linux: United Linux v.1   2004;
    Linux: Xandros Linux    
  Dell Ubuntu 8.04   2008; Linux-based OS; DELL Inspiron Mini 9, 2.3lb notebook = 512MB memory + 4GB drive + 8.9" LCD + g WLAN + Intel Atom N270 processor + Ubuntu 8.04 OS + ... ;
  Lenovo LEOS   LEOS operating system = PC + electrical appliance; Also see: Lenovo;
    Microsoft Vista   2006 ~ ; For migration, also see: Altiris;
    Sun Solaris    
  NTT DoCoMo Symbian OS FOMA 3G Wireless;
  Palm Pre   2009; WebOS operating system; Sprint EvDO Rev A 3G network <> 802.11 b OR g <> Wi-Fi; Calendar, contact list, e-mail, ... via Exchange Facebook OR Google services OR POP3/IMAP;
  Microsoft Mobile Mobile 5.0 GSM; CDMA GSM/GPRS + EDGE; CDMA 2000 1x EVDO; In 2006, Samsung's multimedia mobile devices can perform AAC, AAC+, AAC+e, Bluetooth BT Stereo, MP3, MPEG4 H.263, OGG, USB 2, WAV, WMA, ... ;



Windows 2000 >


Active Directory/NTFS: No HPFS support; But, FAT32 native-support



Almost all OS


Compact Disc File System: Macintosh volume and share can be created only on CDFS volume, or NTFS partition / dynamic disks;

Notice that there is no DVDFS;

CIFS Sun     In 2005, Sun's high-end CIS can serve 800MB/sec on CIFS or NTFS platform; COMMON INTERNET FILE SYSTEM;
DCF Panasonic   .JPEG IFF *.jpeg, DCF version 1 can be displayed;
DivX     MB in Minute Format; Video; (DivX (Home Theater) (Portable));



NT 4, Windows 2000


Distributed File System: DFS tree provides easier and better system administration; DFS Action, also see: New Root... , Show Root..., Customize... ;

DV     MB in Minute Format; Video;



Windows 2000


ENCRYPTION FILE SYSTEM: NTFS files and folders only; i.e. c:\cipher /A /D /E /F /H /I /Q /S  d:\data\file-name.txt <enter> ; Win2003 support DFS and EFS;



MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, 9.x, ME, NT, 2000


File Allocation Table: FAT16;  FAT32;

Can be checked by running chkdsk;


FreeBSD Unix      










HIGH PERFORMANCE FILE SYSTEM: OS/2 version 1.2 and higher

LFS Live File   Bus


Live File System, OS prior to XP might not be readable; UDF Version: 1.5, 2.0, 2.01 default, 2.5; UDF 2.01, XP and later OS compatible;
Linux Linux Linux   Mr. Linux Torvalds; Ext2 partition / PowerQuest PartitionMagic; Linux file system can be on Ext2;






MPEG     MB in Minute Format; Video; (MPEG (4 Best quality) (4 Extended Play) (2 Best quality) (2 Extended Play)); (MPEG ( 1~2 (VCD) (SVCD) (DVD)));


Sun Microsystems



NETWORK FILE SYSTEM: Remotely, Windows NT and UNIX users are allowed to access NFS; At transport layer, NFS uses UDP to communicate;



NT >



Can be checked by chkntfs;

OCFS V.1 Oracle Linux, and others   Oracle 10g, Oracle9i; In 10g/Linux, Direct I/O to FS with ASM;
OCFS V.2 Oracle Linux, and others   In 2004, Linux: Red Hat Enterprise v.3, OR SuSE Linux Enterprise service pack 3 / server 9; RAC/Linux;
Solaris Sun     Sun OS;
TDK DVD-R 16x 4.7GB Live File System - OR Mastered - Windows Vista Windows XP or later versions only Live File System - is USB flash drive alike, files can be added/copied/erased/... ;

Mastered - is WRITE ONCE, afterwards, files cannot be erased, CD/DVD readable ... ;



Windows 95


Virtual FAT: 32-bit, MS-DOS Compatibility


In 2011/2/3, this DOMAIN, using the font MS Pゴシック; Because inside a domain system, AI character i.e. \ is very helpful, and \ is also very useful; Because, THIS character prompts not only Windows' back slash character aka directory aka .. 2 dots, but also Unix's slash character aka directory aka .. 2 dots, so \ character can be both ... ; Concerning keyboard, language can also be by 101/102, 106/109, ... ; Regarding keyword, system becomes more intelligence than using only 1 language, because multi- languages means already using translator stage ... ;  If you are using 1 language, you might be in calculator stage at all time ... ; Burn a Disc, Live File System vs. Mastered

Before burning a CD-R, Windows prompt user to choose whether Live File System or Mastered; Live File System is USB flash drive alike, might not be readable OS before XP, can add, delete, ... files later; Mastered is WRITE once, and then cannot add, delete, ... files later;

File Systems in Numerological Dimension:

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    -   +   128 64 32 16
  FS-     FS+        
    cell _ path   16 32 64 128
  _ Brower OR task bar any      
  IFF 5928 Brower FS - OR +    
  IFF 5928 task bar FS - OR +  
  2.01 aka Live File System        
  File System aka FS . encoding    
  FS - . SYS OR FS + . SYS
  any IDE CD DVD USB        
  USB or HD M I ;  

tablet personal computer (tablet PC) ... ;

File Systems: Old Design 2

File Systems: Old Design 1

File system vs. File extension

File system and file extension are syntax vs. semantics alike. The following concept should be applied to understand file system vs. file extension.

All men are human. All women are human. All human beings are not men.

File system interface vs. I/O interface

Basically, OS internal functionality can be categorized into interfaces such as file system interface, I/O interface, and etc.

FAT, NTFS file system compression vs. conversion

Files compression can be done by compact; Also see: compression ratio;  i.e. %PATH%\compact /? <enter>; Compressing file, file + dir, does not concern volume, but conversion [also see: converter] does i.e. %PATH%\convert /? <enter>; Text converter vs. File converter; Microsoft cabinet maker is makecab, diantz, ... ; convert is one of the parameters of diskpart in Win XP;

Extended partition disk region, Free space disk region, Logical drive disk region, Mirrored volume disk region, RAID_5 volume disk region, Spanned volume disk region, Simple volume disk region, Striped volume disk region, Unallocated disk region, and Primary partition disk region can be set in FS; Also see: MMC Console Mode;

Functionality such as FAT XP OS cannot deploy CD-R Recording parameter to NTFS Vista OS, for example, connect SimpleTech USB portable drive to a notebook with FAT XP OS, and also connect SONY USB portable DVD /CD-ROM drive aka DVD CD burner to the notebook, and then Explorer >> right click on the USB portable DVD /CD-ROM drive >> Properties >> General|AutoPlay|Hardware|Sharing|Recording, and click on the Recording, set parameterized value to USB portable drive [for example: SimpleTech (F:) ], and notice that OS with FAT cannot deploy such parameterized value because FS diff, because FAT cannot WRITE to NTFS;

File Permission:  UNIX related OS, Operating Systems' web directories

3 types: Group = Security group, WHERE users are classified / separated / divided / ... ; Other = world / anyone / everyone / any connectivity; User = owner of file;

4 = r = READ; 2 = w = WRITE; 1 = x = EXECUTE; Basically, 7 = read + write + execute, 5 = read + write, and so on ... ; If NOT read OR write OR execute, No permission; If neither read NOR write NOR execute, NO permission;

MSB Base2: 23222120 Base10 Opcode LSB
  0100 4 READ  
0010 2 WRITE
0001 1 EXECUTE

IFF User   Group   World are configured as rwx   rwx   rwx WHICH represents 777 permission, and can also command as: chmod 777 filename <enter> ; i.e. assume that a web developer has been configured as: a User permission rwx, Group permission rwx, and World permission rwx, on the other hand, people WHO browse the web have been configured as: User permission r-x, Group permission r-x, and World permission r-x, because people WHO browse the web do not need WRITE = w = opcode;

@ mutual exclusion algorithm becomes very very important among client and/or server WHILE set { ... } is TRUE;

File system constraints: (Label (Joliet) (ISO9660 (Volume _label) (System _identifier) (Volume _set) (Publisher) (Data _preparer) (Application) (Copyright _file) (Abstract _file) (Bibliographic _file) (ISO9660_text_for_Joliet)))  (Dates (Volume _date (Volume _creation) (Volume _modification) (Volume _effective) (Volume _expiration) ) (File _date (Original _stamp) (Current _system_stamp) (User _defined _stamp)) ) (Miscellaneous (Cache _file_from_drive) (Cache _file_size) ) (Drive (Speed) (Simulation _mode) (Write) (CD ROM) (Write _speed) (Write _method) (...) ) (ISO (Length _of_file_and_directory (ISO_level_1  11B) (ISO_level_2  31B)) (Format _mode (Mode1) (Mode2/X A)) (Character _set (ASCII) (DOS) (ISO9660) ) (Joliet (Unicoded_2nd_volume_descriptor_and_directories) ) (ISO _restriction (Directory _pathdepth  >8 ) (Maximum _character_of_path  255 ) (ISO _file_version_extension_char  ';1' ) ) ) (Multi session (Start _multisession) (Continue _multisession) (No _multisession) (Option (Compilation (Archive _bit_set) (File _date_stamp_changed OR File _length_changed) (File _content_changed) (Always _replace_file_in_compilation)) (Remove _deleted_file_from_compilation) (Add _new_file_to_compilation) (Refresh _compilation_prompt) ) ) ; Note: Constraints are commonly in parameterized, therefore constraints are either reference or value. But, file open, file close, file manipulation methods may vary depending on programming language compilers.

SMS formats are 7 bit ASCII, 8 bit, EMS, Flash SMS, Groups, Logos, Picture messages, Ring tones, Smart messages, Unicode, ... , mostly deployed in wireless handheld mobile devices [Component Source; www.componentsource.com ; 2007]; In 2000, in Singapore, SMS wireless transaction [including banking, telecommunicating, networking, ... ] development began in several brunches ... ; Also see: Derdack SMSC connectivity SDK v.2 2007; For .NET framework, also see: Resco;

File System Packaging: nowadays file systems are inside disc i.e. CD, DVD, BD, ... ; also see: Folding Paper;

Hard disk: also see: this DOMAIN 's Think Pad compatibility Fujitsu 2008;

Universal Serial Bus ... ;

USB 2.0 Flash Drive:   approx. 2000/2544 ~ present

- plug and play, so it is portable, so it is also embedded
- reusable storage, so copy | delete | write | ... data
- OS IFF Windows, ME | 2000 | XP | Vista | Windows♯ | ...
- OS IFF Mac, 9.0 or later ...
- OS IFF Linux, Kernel 2.4 or later ...
- data capacity MB, GB, TB, ...
- IFF Windows ... startup should be Normal; If startup is Diagnostic or Selective, USB 2.0 Flash Drive might NOT be functional; Also see: msconfig;

USB 3.0 Flash Drive:   approx. 2010/2554 ~ present

_ plug and play, so it is portable, so it is also embedded
_ reusable storage, so copy | delete | write | ... data
_ OS IFF Windows, Vista | Windows♯ | ...
_ OS IFF Mac, ♯.♯ or later ...
_ OS IFF Linux, Kernel ♯.♯ or later ...
_ data capacity GB, TB, ...

... ;

... 。