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Something is absolute. Nothingness is absolute. s u n y a t a a.k.a. absolute, in Mahayana Buddhism, similar to anatta dhamma in Theravada Buddhism; some people confuse and misunderstand such "nothingness"; syntax vs. semantic can be applied WHILE existence of , so understand impermanency anatta ... ; such anatta dhamma can also be applied scientifically in ACT2 stage as 2,3 dimensional, ACT3 stage as 3,4 dimensional, ... in ACT2 stage, 1st to understand 24mm natural time based solar powered kinetic energy a.k.a. kinetic energy in 2,3 dimensional ... ;

All women are human. All men are human. All human beings are not men;

All computing numbers are in data-types, however all data types are not numbers;

All throughputs and bandwidths are communication, nevertheless only throughputs as performance;

All workgroups are in users, but all users are not neither in a group nor all groups;

All number 9 are as syntax in numerology, somehow other numbers such as 3 behaves as semantic;


Notice that ancient people applied religious anatta, so that numbers become in base10;




Same logical understanding can be applied between syntax and semantics

Example 1, in Windows system environmental variable script, in the control . i n f file, on Windows 9x platform, notice the 4th parameter system time is Syntax, but different time formats are Semantics;   


IFF handle, Radial86, also see: Radicals;

Example 2, Microsoft's J++ and Sun's Java share common syntax in their foundational libraries such as math, networking, strings, utilities, ... , however diff syntax in libraries such as remote access objects, graphics, user interfaces, ... ;  To compete Sun's Java runtime environment, Microsoft created C# with diff virtual machine in addition to J++;  

idea ♯ 196; integrated picture with accurate true size; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1; e.g. camera behaves syntax alike, if compare to layers behave semantics alike;

IFF lights vary WHEN gravity is applied, WHERE light exists DEE also exists, ... ; Also see: Fusion;

Pins vs. Buttons, also see: server analysis; 123456789;

Semantic Zoom, NEC's resolution function; Numbers in Computing and Data Types of Programming Languages; Toggling mode for humanoids; Keyword;

THIS syntax vs. semantics logic comparison is just a thought for novice programmers, and it does not provide forward / reverse structural thinking, and looping / jumping / brunching are not included in this basic logic, and it does not support algorithmic flows;