Updated in 2563 : on 2020 : 1 : 7 : Script ;

1st, to do Anti Virus;

2nd, to understand HOW systems are configured by scripts;

3rd, to develop functional duo-binary scripts, using AI; common OS script Keywords and Commands are: Boolean; delay; do; end proc; get ip; go to; halt; if; integer; proc; set ip add r; set port; set screen keyboard; string; then; transmit; wait for; while; ... ;

screenplay a.k.a. script a.k.a. scenario;

using AI (e.g. shiso Idea ) to correct all scripts (a.k.a. keyword AND command) ... ; e.g. implementation of system by IT self WHICH decides self and knowing doko WHERE good way to be ... ; for example: our universe is very tranquil because of moons (we human beings can live on the moons, and many moons exist with lives, mountains, water, ... but yellowish variations e.g. 5mm yellowish variation, 10mm yellowish variation, 20mm yellowish variation, ... )' 2,3 dimensional dwelling to Constellation, on the other hand i.e. other side of constellation (a.k.a. 1/2 of fish alike), very dangerous a.k.a. non-orbital, and therefore, 2 is very very unique ( YIN and YANG alike) in many ways ... ;

2000 Sun Microsystems's Forte for Java, v.1;

.ini: ABCDEFG$.INI, initialization;

Anti virus installation: .000; .bat; Also see: *.000; *.bat;

Copy list: Copy list DOS .txt; Copy list NT .txt;

Duo-binary Code Module: Draft;


Instruction Segment;

Java inside HTML compatible CFML: SQL select transaction with Process ID i.e. //../application_ server/ sample .cfm IFF serialization failure occurs, the script will prompt which process in session layer ... ;

Logoff: Duo-binary logoff is in a draft ... ;

PERL logon: .pl; Also see: PERL; *.pl;

Pictographic Dongba scripts & Dongba pictogram; Time . Space = China . Yunnan;

Redirect, also see: R10.htm, must click on its file name inside explorer \IT\Note\R10.htm ... ; R5.htm; This technique is not recommended in reduce design, because overloading can cause bugs, because platform dependent, because & q u o t keyword and once only, because path complexity becomes higher, ... ;

Replication: .bat; .htm; Also see: *.bat;

Scripts, for ACT 2, 3, ... : Cao Shu = Cursive script; Kaishu = Regular script; Lishu = Clerical script; Simplified script = Peasant script; Xingshu = Running script = Semi cursive script; Zhuanshu = Sealed script;

SQL; i.e. SELECT; Also see: SQL Note;


Update logon: .000; Anti virus update logon .000;

User logon: Single_ domain user logon .005 .004, .003, .002, .001, .bat;

Variable: defined; predefined; redefined; undefined;

Also see: Code shortcuts; after year 2000, binary systems have been developed/engineered into duo-binary systems (basic understanding of duo-binary system would be SQRT2 with SQRT3 IFF floating points, and with numerology), [also see: f1 . f2 . f3], therefore O S I layers based binary systems must be developed/engineered into Duo-binary OSI systems;